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    16.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    yoo taeyang - move

    #hi everyone! #after a long long hiatus i am back :D!!!! #i really missed posting on here but i now have a better program to make gifs so i feel motivated to make them again #i hope everyone is doing well #yoo taeyang #yoo taeyang move #taeyang#taeby#sf9 taeyang#sf9#sf9 move#move#taemin#kingdom#gif#my gifs#gifset#mine
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    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    ♡Yoo Taeyang as your boyfriend♡

    Warning- I think I cursed

    Genre- Fluffier than the clouds

    Let's get into it besties

    When you first started dating he'd be a shy baby

    Now this man is just a confident bean

    Back hugs!!

    Takes you out for bike rides

    He would always have to hold your hand when you are out in public

    Shares his jacket on cold days!

    Movie nights every Saturday!

    Karaoke nights!

    When he gets home from practice he'd cuddle you and tell you how much you mean to him I'm fucking soft

    This cute lil motherfucker would look at you if you are staring out a window and compliment you

    He'd take you out on afternoon walks

    Now this soft motherfucker would sing into your ear(Most likely Paris in the rain by Lauv but you didn't hear that from me) to wake you up

    Let me not curse again


    If you are having a stressful day this soft boy(see I didn't say motherfucker oh wait I just did, you know what forget it) Anyhow, he'd prepare a warm bath for you with a bath bomb that has those little flower things in there aren't they called petals I don't even fucking know, I only got 4 hours of sleep y'all


    Get ya self a Yoo Taeyang

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  • biasbeingbiased
    15.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    [15062021] SF9 FINAL Rehearsal Behind Photo👑

    Yoo Taeyang 🌞 x Hwiyoung 🔝

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  • emokpopstan
    14.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Taeyang has pretty hands


    Yes I said.

    Do I regret it


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  • emokpopstan
    14.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I'm in a YooTae mood today

    Drop in my ask box so we can talk about this beautiful man

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  • ithinkilikeit-reactions
    13.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    Yoo Taeyang - SF9 Center Prologue

    #tayeang#yoo taeyang#sf9#my gifs#fnc entertainment #he's been bias wrecking me majorly #they all have tbh #but like taeyang hits different
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  • divinefireangel
    13.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    What Type of Yandere SF9 are

    Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. If this piece of fan fiction is offensive to any celebrity, fandom or culture please let me know so I can take it down. Also note that this is my version of a character or celeb, which will vary from person to person.
    Author's Note: After a freakin eternity, she finally posts about Yan SF9. Depending on the success(?) of the post and how many people like the idea, I will see it I want to continue. Because when I asked I got a very positive feedback, but I know it's easy to change your mind. I won't feel bad or anything dw. Kissys 😘
    Copyright: Please note that this is my work and if you want to publish this on any other platform, take my permission before doing so. Taking an author's work and posting it somewhere else without any intimation is just disrespectful. I readily welcome suggestions and criticisms. That being said, Happy reading! 🤍
    Warnings: 16+ ages and all readers (nothing specified with respect to gender, appearance, etc of reader). Honestly content warning. This is a yandere headcanon where I am literally describing shit. Mentions of kidnapping, manipulating, degrading, etc. Just dark stuff man. But lmk if there is something in particular I need to add. Also this is not smut. There is nothing sex related in this post whatsoever. Doesn't mean I won't do it in the future.



    Everything under the cut!


    Reverent Yandere

    You are his whole world

    And he better be yours too

    He will do anything to make you happy

    At times though, what he does can make you upset

    But he will sweet talk you with his reasons and justifications

    So much so you forget why you were upset

    His main goal in life is to give you your best life possible

    With him

    He may be the only Yan who feels guilty when he does something that upset you like talking bad about other people you 'care' about, for example

    Although why he did that would be so you can see that you are very better off without that person

    Manipulates you to thinking that he is the only person you need


    Manipulative Yandere

    Classic, smart and very intelligent.

    If he sets a goal, he will do anything to pursue it

    Doing immoral things won't be a problem because he wants to achieve this goal

    He won't be hesitant to put barriers and rules on you to keep you in check

    These can be very subtle or extremely obvious

    He'll make you question yourself, but he has plans set behind each thing he says to you

    He knows what to say to make you think what he wants you to think, twisting your thought process to his liking

    This not only works on you but also on the people close to you, managing to make them second guess when it comes to you and also isolating you from them if necessary

    His true goal is to make you believe that he is the only person who truly cares about you and your well being

    He will mess with your surroundings, your job, your relations with others anything to keep you "safe"

    Whether it's genuine or selfish, it depends on how you'd see it


    Strict Yandere

    Has internal rules set for you to follow, no matter what

    Won't always say them out loud, so you have to pick them up overtime

    This can range from not wanting you to do certain things to expecting you to behave in certain ways

    Most likely to kidnap you, Stockholm Syndrome type situation

    If he doesn't, then he will suffocate you, not literally, to the point that it feels like you are trapped

    Micromanages every second of your life, every aspect

    If you don't obey his "rules" he will feel betrayed and goes mad with rage

    So punishments are an often occurance, but depending on your "betrayal", he will choose if he has to be cruel or reverent

    The reason why he'd be so strict is to either protect you from everything and/or to keep you all to himself


    Honest Yandere

    As the names says, he won't lie to you

    He sees no point in beating around the bush

    He loves you, so he wants to possess you, be of importance to you

    Doesn't play games with you, deems them unnecessary because they only delay him from getting what he wants

    May not be capable of manipulating or just doesn't want to waste his efforts in it

    Also may feel guilty if he manipulates you to do something he wants

    Very transparent, most of the time to make it easier for him to control you

    Why he chooses to be so, is mainly on him

    But one if the reasons could be because he doesn't see himself worthy of you or your love

    If he's too shy to talk to you, he go all stalker

    Making sure you are safe and happy and content from a distance, even if his main goal isn't to obtain your affection

    A lot of self destructive behaviour may sprout, but it is just for the sake of keeping you content


    Cruel Yandere

    Yan RW thinks too highly of himself

    Which inevitably tends to belittling his darling

    The man can do everything

    Why can't you?

    If you can't do something he can, then be prepared to be degraded to extent of crying

    But don't worry, he still loves you

    Even when you can't do all that he can

    But he is obsessed with you

    Obsessed with everything you do

    Obsessed with every mistake you make so he can punish you for it

    So he'll keep you around for entertainment

    But he will also buy you gifts and spoil you

    Like a cute lil baby


    Aware Yandere

    First of all he will try to make you genuinely like him or become romantically interested in him

    If it works, aka you actually start to love him, he will think that he doesn't deserve your love

    Treats you like a god/goddess

    Thanks you a lot for loving him cause he deems himself unworthy of your love due to his past actions

    Part of the reason why he sees himself unworthy for you is because of what he has done for you, to make sure you are happy and with him

    No matter how much he tries, he can't fool himself into thinking he deserves you

    He feels bad for fooling you into loving him

    Be as much as it hurts him, he will have to accept the fact that you are under his spell

    ☝️☝️one of the top 3 reasons for guilt btw

    Yoo Taeyang

    Delusional Yandere



    Believes that you live him even if you tell him crystal clearly that you don't

    Because deep down in his heart he just knows that you love him

    Always takes the simplest human acts as requited love

    Twists everything you do for him as evidence to prove to you that you love him

    And to validate his delusion of your affection

    He twists your hatred for him in his favour, to protect himself from the reality that you hate him

    "There's no possible way they hate me. There must be some itger reason fir their behaviour. "

    This is how he'd think, a defence mechanism because he couldn't bear the thought of you not liking him

    Always defends everything he does for you

    Cause it's for you, the person he loves more than himself.


    Lenient Yandere

    A rare and chill kind of Yan

    This can be due to the confidence he has in you, knowing you can't do much about him

    Which means that even if you are allowed to live your life in peace, he knows that you would choose to be with him

    His chill nature makes you question why he is the way he is, it's intriguing so you find yourself coming back to him

    Doesn't feel the urge to kidnap you or lock you up, doesn't have to

    The max he can go to is just wanting you to act in certain ways at certain times, but you can still have a life aside from the time you spend with him

    That or they want to have a more "natural" relationship

    He controls you in super subtle ways that you won't be able to notice them at all

    Will never take away your freedom


    Another Aware Yandere

    He is different from Juho though

    Simply does not care if you don't love him

    He wants you and that is the end of it

    What you think of what he does is irrelevant to him

    Kind of like a cruel Yan

    Monopolizes you aka becomes overtly posessive of you

    His pride is the power he holds over you

    It's not like he won't feel bad at all if you don't love him, I mean he is a Yandere after all

    He will feel bad but he takes it as a challenge to try and do things you like so you love him back

    Even if it's just a little

    It's a fine line between not caring at all to caring too much for him

    He will try his best to take things as far as possible just to see you break and cry

    So very cruel minded

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  • inseongsfoxybae
    13.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    9:21 a.m

    Pairing: Optional bias (H/N) + Female Reader
    Genre: the fluffiest Smut you’ve ever read
    Warnings: Reader giving her first handjob, implicated idea of penetrative sex in the end
    Words: +2,4k

    Author’s message: Hey, foxies! The following fic came up after a quick conversation with @fantasywritings and @lost-inthedream. Hope you like it and send me a lot of feedbacks. Also, I really liked this story, so, if you want a part 2, please, let me know. Foxy kisses 😘

    P.S: As english is not my mother language, it may contain misspelled. Also, sorry for any other mistakes :)

    You and H/N are dating for a couple of months and tonight is your first time sleeping with him at his place. Before it actually happen, you thought you’d be nervous about sharing a bed with your boyfriend. But now that’s really happening, you realize how comfortable and relaxed you feel around him and you trust him with your whole life.

    After watching a movie on the couch, he took your hands and guided you to his bedroom. You had been in his room before, but now it’s different. It feels kinda cozier and you feel like you were in your own space, with plenty of cute pics of you scattered around his wall and his scent softly filling the air. 

    Even his bed looks more inviting, the clean white sheets calling you to lay on their softness. Your eyes scan over his comfy bedroom, paying attention to every little detail of his more intimate place, a soft smile gracing your lips at the thought of H/N occasionally willing to share it with you from now on.

    “What are you thinking about, babygirl?”, he whispers into your ear while hugging you from behind. 

    “I am thinking of a way to borrow one of your shirts”, you say, intertwining your fingers with his that rested around your waist. 

    “Did you forget your pajamas?”, he asks, resting his chin on your shoulder.

    “No, but I love your smell and I want to feel it on myself”, you shyly answer, feeling your cheeks heating. 

    “You’re going to have me holding you all night. Isn't it enough?”, he teases you, but you can feel how his heart races after your answer. 

    You turn around in his embrace and snake your arms around his waist, mumbling a soft “no” before pecking his lips. 

    You know H/N can’t resist you and you’re sure you won when his cheeks get pink and a shy smile forms on his lips. He lets go of you to grab one of his favorite shirts, handing it to you before pushing you to the bathroom so you can change and both of you can finally tuck in beneath his warm blanket.

    Quickly pulling away your dress, you put on his oversized shirt and some comfortable sleeping cotton shorts. Once you stepped out the bathroom, H/N’s eyes immediately glared at you from top to toe, a light blush coloring his cheeks again. 

    “What? Am I not cute enough?”, you playfully ask him.

    “You’re the cutest girl in the whole wide world”, he softly says, his brilliant eyes stuck on your bare thighs half covered by his giant shirt. 

    You stare at his still fully dressed tall figure, wondering when he is going to change. Your eyes meet for a moment and you realize he seems a bit nervous, so you get closer to him and reach for his cheeks, giving him a sweet smile. 

    “Tell me the truth, baby. How do you usually sleep?”, you ask, eyes locked with his.

    “Only in some pajama boxers”, he shyly whispers like it was a top secret, suddenly looking away from you.

    “H/N, you’re in your home, you must feel comfortable here. I don’t want you to change ordinary things because of me. Do what you’re used to, baby”, you reassure him, giving his burning cheeks a soft kiss. 

    A few minutes later, H/N approaches you wearing his usual sleeping outfit and you almost drool at the sight of your sweet boyfriend shirtless. You had already seen his bare chest before, but it looks much more intimate this time, being only you and him in a closed space.

    Your eyes meet and you both smile. H/N takes your hands in his and gently pulls you to his bed, totally relaxing when he wraps his arms around your tiny body and you snuggle closer to him. You inhale his natural sweet scent on his bare chest, feeling safe and loved as never before. 

    He lifts your head by your chin and smiles fondly at you, before embracing your lips together in tender kisses. H/N also kisses your cheeks, nose, forehead and hair as you get closer and closer to his half-naked body. When he stops and you look at his eyes again, a sudden thought runs through your mind.

    “Baby”, you call him, waiting for his hum to continue. “I need to tell you something important. 

    “What’s it, baby?”, he asks, a little concerned.

    “I know men sometimes wake up, you know, hard”, you take a deep breath, watching his eyes widening in front of you. “I wanna tell you that you don’t have to be embarrassed or hide it from me when it happens to you, right? I know it’s normal and it’s super okay if you wake up with a hard on. You can trust me, just like I trust you”.

    H/N was nervous because he knows you never had sex before - tough you really had a lot of fun by yourself and with your friendly vibrator - and he didn’t want you to feel pressured because of him.  

    But your sweet words make his heart melt and everything he can do is smile as he thanks you with small pecks on your forehead again. After your statement and his soft caresses, you both are able to cuddle to sleep in each other’s arms for the very first time. 


    In the next morning, H/N wakes up first, slowly fluttering his eyes open, making out the sunlight mischievously invading his bedroom even with the curtains closed. Ignoring it for a moment, his gaze turns to the cute girl sleeping by his side with her mouth slightly open, one arm tossed over his chest, both legs tangled with one of his own. 

    He chuckles at your cuteness, softly tightening his grip around you as he leaves a sweet trail of butterfly kisses from your forehead to your jaw. You stir and unconsciously move one of your legs up, stopping right next to his crotch. That’s when H/N feels an uncomfortable pressure between his legs, a low groan falling from his throat. 

    He tries to forget it, not believing he has a morning wood right just when you spent the night together for the first time. Poor H/N takes some deep breaths, giving his best to not move too much and wake you up when he’s struggling so much to keep control of his own body. 

    Unfortunately, luck is not by his side (or maybe it is). The next time he glances at you, your eyes are slowly opening and adjusting to the light of the new day. Once your sleepy mind processes where you are, you look up and smile at H/N, ignoring morning breaths and anything else and lazily kissing his lips. 

    “Morning, my love”, you mumble against his lips.

    “Morning, babe”, he sighs with a soft smile. 

    Tenderly, your lips travel over his jaw and neck as your fingers draw random patterns on the soft skin of his bare chest. You feel his heart race really fast under his ribcage and his breath hitch on his throat and, when your eyes look for his again, you find them shut closed as he desperately bites his bottom lip, fists clenched the shirt you’re wearing.

    “H/N, are you okay?”, you ask, trying to read his contorted expression. “Hey, baby, breathe”. 

    H/N does as you said and looks at you with doe eyes when he calms down a little. 

    “You told me it would be okay, baby”, he shyly says, desperate eyes indicating some spot by your feet. 

    You follow his gaze and get a bit surprised when you see a tent under the thick blanket and between your boyfriend’s legs, a small “oh” escaping from your parted lips.

    Curious, you carefully pull the comforter away from your bodies, revealing the shape of his hard dick on his loose boxers. You keep staring at his prominent member, lost in an inner conflict about how it could get this big and what you have to do now.

    “Y/N”, H/N’s low voice wakes you from your trance. 

    “That’s so beautiful”, you automatically mumble, still mesmerized by the sight before your eyes. 

    You hear him chuckle beside you, one of his hands reaching for your chin to bring your face back to him. “I guess you’re the only girl that finds a hard dick beautiful”.

    “I wonder how more beautiful it can be out of your clothes”, you simply say, watching a flash of light cross his eyes. “Can I touch you?”, you ask, fingers playing with the elastic of his boxers.

    “Baby, you don’t have to. I can take care of it by myself”, he tries to discuss. 

    “H/N, I’m your girlfriend and I’m right here”, you argue back, eyes locked with his. “Let me help you”. 

    “Are you sure?”.

    “Yes”, you confidently affirm and, for the first time since you started to date, his kind eyes change to a more serious ones, like he could see through your soul with his intense dark gaze, as he almost imperceptibly nods. 

    You kiss him before doing anything else, as deep as you can, a kiss so intense that both of you are breathless when you finally part. Staring at his dizzy eyes, your hand travels down his body, fingers barely touching his hips, hesitantly going lower and lower. 

    Looking at his beautiful tent, you place your palm over his rock-hard erection, a surprising gasp falling from your throat at the same time H/N heavily sighs. 

    “It’s my first time doing this. Tell me how you like it or if I hurt you”, your eyes meet his once again and he gives you a smile in response. “Can I take your boxers off?”.

    “Please”, he says in a hoarse low tone.

    H/N thought you would just pull it down a bit to expose his dick. But, then, here you are tugging it all the way down his legs and off of his bed. 

    Your eyes get stuck on his red hard cock, amazed by how it looks free of its hold, fully erect into the cool air of the room. 

    “It’s really amazing, baby”, you rushly comment, feeling an unexplainable heat run through your body. 

    H/N chuckles, softly kissing your hair, a “touch it, babygirl” sweetly pronounced. 

    Your small hand slowly reaches for his member, gently rubbing his swollen tip. The weak moan that falls from his parted lips is the most beautiful sound you’ve ever heard. 

    Naturally, you wrap your hand around his cock, carefully pumping it up and down, observing how he’s reacting and how his blissful sounds and heavy breaths increasingly fill the room.  

    “Massage my balls too, babe”, he breathlessly instructs through gritted teeth, releasing a loud moan when your other hand gently grabs his balls, stroking them at the same pace as his dick. 

    “Does it feel good?”, you ask, genuinely curious about how you’re making him feel.

    “So good, bae. Please, don’t stop”, he struggles to say as you pick a quicker pace. 

    You watch some liquid leaking from his tip, making it easier for you to stroke him. His body starts to shiver under your palms as his hands take a strong hold of the bedsheets beside him, his grunts getting louder and more frequent by every second. 

    “Faster, babe”, he breathes quickly, a high-pitched sound crossing his throat as you push him closer to his release.

    Suddenly, H/N holds onto your shoulders, pulling you tight against him as a low and lewd moan explodes into the lit room. You feel his dick twitching a last time between your fingers before hot shots of white cum paint his stomach, his whole body shivering when his orgasm hits him strongly.

    His breath is uneven and his heart is pounding like a hammer into his chest, his eyes are shut closed and his lips are parted as he struggles to calm down from his high. H/N looses his grip around you as his head falls to the side to rest on top of yours, releasing a long sigh of relief. 

    You carefully clean him up with some tissues you found in his drawer, eyes observing every small detail of his expressions, mesmerized by how more gorgeous your man is after an orgasm. You feel proud of yourself for being able to make him feel this way and you just fell in love with him a lot more. 

    Feeling your gaze on him, still with closed eyes, H/N shots you a bright fucked out smile.

    “What are you looking at?”, he mumbles, slowly showing you his sweet eyes again.

    “How ethereal you look right now”, you answer, your lips immediately capturing his in a lovely kiss. 

    H/N smiles wide and deepens the kiss, pushing you down so your back meets the sheets as his naked body cages you under him. You don’t try to stop him, you don’t want him to stop. You love the feeling of his lips on yours and his tongue softly exploring your mouth as you grant him free access. 

    He reluctantly pulls away and rests his forehead on yours, giving you both time to regain your breaths. 

    “Thank you so much, baby”, H/N murmurs against your lips.

    “Did I make this right?”, you ask, still a bit dizzy from the kiss. 

    “Definitely”, he chuckles and pecks your lips once more. “Do you want a reward?”.

    Your eyes meet and get lost in each other for a moment as his question hangs in the air between you. You scan his beautiful face so close to yours, you can feel part of his weight pressing you down the mattress and his soft breath on your lips, and all of this feels just right. 

    You cup his cheeks on your hands and pull him to rest his forehead on yours again, closing your eyes. A small sigh falls from your lips as you gently brush the soft skin of his face, trying to organize everything you’ve planned to tell him when the time comes.

    “I love you, H/N”, you whisper, opening your eyes to find him staring down at you.

    “I love you, Y/N”, he whispers back. “More than I can show”. 

    “I love you”, you peck his lips once. “I trust you”, you peck his lips twice. “And I want you”, you give him a long kiss this time, pulling him closer by his neck, totally surrendering to your feelings. 

    After making sure you’re 100% okay and ready, H/N softly makes love to you for the very first time, with so much kindness and caring that you feel like you’d never be able to do this with someone else. 

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    13.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    SF9 Masterlist

    Series = 💐 / AU = 🍀 / Reaction = 🍁 / Timestamp = 🌱 / Drabble = 🌼 / Social Media = 🍄 / Male Reader = 🌾 / Fluff = 🌸 / Angst = 🌺 / Suggestive = 🥀 / Music Fic = 🌹 / Prompt Fic = 🌻 / Word Fic = 🌷 / Unusual = 🏵 / Favorite = 🐝


    Brother Series

    Kim Youngbin:

    Kim Inseong:

    Lee Jaeyoon:

    Lee Sanghyuk:

    Baek Juho:

    Kim Seokwoo:

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Kim Youngkyen:

    Kang Chanhee:

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  • divinefireangel
    12.06.2021 - 4 days ago
    #sf9#yoo taeyang#anon ask #yoo taeyang smut
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  • divinefireangel
    12.06.2021 - 4 days ago


    SF9 Yoo Taeyang x F! Reader Smut.

    He does things to me I would not like to share 🤐🤤

    Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. If this piece of fan fiction is offensive to any celebrity, fandom or culture please let me know so I can take it down. Also note that this is my version of a character or celeb, which will vary from person to person.
    Author's Note: OMFG this idea is so hot. But writing this was a challenge and I loved it! Thank you anon for giving me this challenge hehe 🥰. Umm as for the other stories, I will be updating them slowly from now on because I want to improve on my writing and give the fandom my best. 🥺💙 Hope you all understand. P. S. Thanks Rosie for choosing a Tae smut out of my list 😂
    Copyright: Please note that this is my work and if you want to publish this on any other platform, take my permission before doing so. Taking an author's work and posting it somewhere else without any intimation is just disrespectful. I readily welcome suggestions and criticisms. That being said, Happy reading! 🤍
    Warnings: 18+ ages and female anatomy (nothing specified with respect to appearance, etc of reader). Sexy YooTae. A fair warning. Sex on a chair, basically. Tbh in real life this shit may be risky as hell so please be careful. Dry humping. Marking, a lot. Biting. Scratching. Like 1 spank. A bit of exhibitionism. Riding Tae ;). Unprotected sex, let's assume reader is on birth control. I don't think I've missed any, but lmk if I need to add more.
    Requested: Yes. By a very creative anon 🤭
    Hii! Can you write a smut on YooTaeyang where they have chair sex?? 🥵🥵 OMG EVEN AT THE THOUGHT OF IT MAKES ME GO AKSHSKJDKDJD 🥵🥵
    Me too anon. Me too. Hope you like it!
    1.6k Words

    You sat on the sofa situated at the side of the mostly empty practice room, scrolling through your phone mindlessly. The reason for you being there was so you could spend quality time with your boyfriend, Yoo Taeyang, who was trying to choreograph a new routine for his 'All by TY' series.

    In all honesty, you thought quality time would have meant just the two of you in your bed, naked, wrapped up in sheets, feeling skin on skin and the only sounds heard would be skin slapping and your pleading moans. But instead you got, you on your phone and Taeyang in front of you, trying to come up with a new move using the armless chair with music blasting from the speakers.

    Huffing you close your phone and throw it on the sofa, proceeding to run your hands through your hair. Looking in front, you saw Taeyang's well sculpted side profile, his strong jaw being the highlight. Your eyes fall to his visible collarbones. That tank top did nothing to hide his body, not that you were complaining right now. You observed the way his body moved with the beat of the song, getting hooked on every movement he made, every twist of his arm, every stretch his neck made. What made you lose the air from your lungs though, was the way he thrusted his hips up in the air, biceps flexing, bearing the weight of his body.

    Chewing on the corner of your lip, you get up on your feet taking long strides towards Taeyang and stopping when you're next to him. Noticing you approaching him so suddenly he stops mid step, staring at you with curious eyes. Sitting down properly on the chair, Taeyang's right hand encloses around your left wrist, pulling you to stand in front of him.

    "What's wrong? Are you bored? " caressing the back of your palm, he questions feeling a little guilty to be using your together time all for himself.

    "A little. But I have a solution." Grabbing a hold of his shoulders for stability, you life your right leg first and move it beside his left hip. Next you life your left leg and put it on the opposite side of his lap, finally lowering down to sit on his lap. Sliding your hands up his hair you turn your heads to the side, closing your eyes as your lips connect in a breathless kiss.

    Wrapping his arms protectively around your body he pulls you close enough to feel his chest on yours. Groaning in your mouth one of his hands moves to your hair, pulling you in for a deeper kiss. Threading his luscious locks that he's been growing out in between your fingers you roll your hips against his. Breaking the kiss at your action Taeyang sighs satisfactorily while mimicking your movements, realising how much he needs you.

    You throw your head back after a particularly hard hump, gasping at the sensation of his semi hard cock on your clothed core. Pulling at his hair when he attaches his lips to the exposed skin of your neck you arch your back pressing into his body. Mouth falling open as you breathe in through it, feeling drugged as his lips placed love filled kisses from your neck to the central dip of your collarbones, finally giving you the attention you deserve.

    Tugging at your top, Taeyang detaches his lips from your skin. "What about people? " you gasp out as he tries to remove your top. Nodding his head, he moves you to stand up so he can go to the door. Opening it slightly, he checks to see if anyone is too close to the room. Happy to find no one around, he closes the door, latching it secure. Removing his tank top he turns to face you. Dropping it on the ground he finds himself getting intoxicated looking at your naked figure, for you had removed your clothes as he was making sure you won't get caught.

    "What if someone was near the door? Hmm? " He asks pressing his naked front to yours. Wrapping his arms tightly around your waist, he bends down to kiss your lips harshly and sloppily, tasting your mouth all over again, savouring your kiss. His hands freely wander on you, pulling you closer, grabbing your hair and pinching your thighs. Slapping your ass with one hand he undoes his pants in the other, discarding it off somewhere in the room.

    "I want you Tae. So bad. " Desperately you press your palms to his cheeks, pulling him down for a kiss again, feeling him melt under your touch hearing him breathe loudly. Slowly he starts to walk the two of you back so he can use the wall as support to fuck you right, but you stop him for walking you back further away from the chair.

    "Sit on the chair. Please. " You request softly, placing your hand on his abs as the song playing in the background becomes more noticeable the second time it repeats. His stares down at you, making your heart skip a beat. Smirking he sits on the chair, motioning you to come to him with his fingers.

    Biting your lip shyly, you obey him, fully aware of the intense look he's giving you making your cheeks and core hot. Grasping your hands he guides to sit on his lap, taking your previous position. Only difference is that now you'll be sitting not just on his lap, but also on his hard cock, that's ready to fuck you however you'd like.

    Placing your legs on either side of his hips, hands automatically holding his tighter, you moan shuddering as he slowly makes you sit on his hard length. His full length slides easily into your entrance, stretching you out for him. Pressing your foreheads together, your breathing falters as you try to adjust to the feeling of his cock filling your wet hole to the brim.

    "Baby you gotta stop squeezing me already or I'm gonna cum even before we start.... Fuck... "

    Digging your nails into his shoulders, you try your best to unclench around him, mewling when his fingers find your nipples and twist them with his index and thumb.

    After finally adjusting to the fulfilling feeling of him being inside you, you make your feet touch the ground and slowly you lift yourself up off him a few times beginning to ride him at a slow pace. His lips find your neck, sucking and nibbling on the skin making sure to leave marks. Satisfied with his work, Taeyang licks a stripe up from the freshly made hickie to your ear, biting the lobe when he reaches it. This action adds the extra needed stimulation to ride him faster, slipping off his dick almost completely and sitiing on it again till the head touches your g-spot, your ass hitting his thighs again and again, the sound echoing with the music playing. Attaching your lips together again you moan loudly into his mouth with him moaning with you, silencing your sounds a little so as to not get caught.

    Gripping your hips roughly wanting to reach your climaxes sooner, Taeyang starts to bounce you on his cock. Lifting you up and down by your thighs he makes sure to thrust into you every time he brings you down on his length. Moaning a high pitched moan you close your walls around him at the sudden action, making him jerk in response.

    Your head falls onto his shoulder, letting him take over as you try to silence the screams coming out your mouth whenever he rams his dick balls deep into you. Scratching his back you hear him groan out your name, encouraging you to mark him more. At this green light you bite his neck and shoulder, easily leaving bite marks on his porcelain skin but also quitening your cries.

    Moving a hand to your clit, you start to rub your stimulated bud, sending shocks through your body accompanied by the shockwaves Taeyang's giving you. "Tae I'm close. Make me cum. Please please please" You beg as your pussy starts to feel numb from the pleasure, the only sensations you feel are from you clit and Taeyang hitting your g-spot repeatedly.

    "Fuck baby. Rub your clit faster. Make yourself cum on my cock. Squeeze all the cum out of me. I know you're close, so close. I can feel you dripping on my thighs babygirl. You're making such a mess." He grins as he throws his head back, stilling all his movements when you close your walls so impossibly tight around his cock, closing your thighs around his hips with your hand still pressing your clit as you reach your orgasm chanting his name, frantically shaking against his body.

    Falling limp on him you shiver when you feel him spill his hot cum in you, mixing your juices together. Catching your breath slowly you move your arms to wrap around his broad shoulders, his big hands coming to head and waist, hugging you as you both calm down from your highs.

    "What'd gotten into you? " He giggles out massaging your hair.

    "I just wanted you. Is all. " You smile tiredly at him, looking lovingly into his brown orbs.

    Both your eyes widen when you hear loud repeated knocking on the door.

    "You know the rooms have cameras right?! " Youngbin shouted from the other side of the door. Looking at each other with shocked expressions you get off him, hissing at the empty feeling. Scurrying you try to put on your clothes as fast as you can given how your legs felt weak, knowing damn well that you both are gonna get screwed by Youngbin the moment you open the door.

    But don't worry, a different screwing awaits when you get home.

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    Waiting Up

    SF9 Extra Member AU

    Summary: Dawon and Zuho wait up for Miyoung to come home from practice.

    Warnings: swearing

    Taglist: @hyunmijung​ @galacticstxrdust​ @many-gay-magpies​ @precious-seungwooya​ @helladead-hellaradical​ @boss-baby-jongho​ @kimonmars​ @chagi-nana​ @wooya1224​ @poutypoutybin​ @sunflower-0180​ @frankenstein852​ @jenseok17​ @keijikunn​ 

    Let me know if you like to be added or removed from a taglist.

    A/N: Hope you enjoy!

    Requests are closed.

    Miyoung walked into the dorm and took off her sneakers. The lights in the living room were off, so she stayed quiet just in case the others were asleep. She had had to stay late with the girls, seeing as they had a few setbacks during the finalizing of the recording. Miyoung and Bao were also already falling behind with the choreo, so Yoori, Ollie, and Sara had to help them out.

    “Mimi?” Sanghyuk called out from his spot on the couch. Juho sat next to him.

    “Oh, hey guys. I didn’t think anyone was still up,” Miyoung said as she placed her bag on the couch.

    Juho got up and gave Miyoung a quick pat on the head. “We were waiting for you. You hungry?” he asked her as he began to walk towards the kitchen.

    “What? No! You guys didn’t have to wait for me,” Miyoung pouted, taking a look at the clock on the wall and seeing that it was past midnight.

    “We were watching a movie, but when it ended and you still weren’t home, we figured we’d wait. We weren’t really tired,” Sanghyuk shrugged, grabbing hold of Miyoung and pulling her towards him. He latched onto her, nuzzling his face into her neck.

    Miyoung giggled, despite herself. “I still hate it when you guys wait up for me.”

    “You always wait up for us, or even come and get us,” Juho said, as he popped his head out of the kitchen. “I know it’s late, but how does ramen sound?”

    “Perfect,” Miyoung smiled, “And me waiting up for you guys is different.”

    “How the hell is it different? It’s literally the same thing,” Sanghyuk rolled his eyes, jabbing her side.

    “Yah!” Miyoung squirmed, swatting his hands away. “Cuddles only. I’m too tired for tickles.”

    “Fine,” Sanghyuk huffed. He leaned back on the couch, pulling Miyoung with him.

    She smiled as she curled up in his lap. Other than the fact that every member was insanely taller than her, Sanghyuk was just larger. Miyoung always felt small and safe in his arms.

    “How’s the song coming along?” Juho asked as he walked in with a pot of ramen and some chopsticks. He placed it on the coffee table on top of the hot pad that was previously placed there. The boys must have had ramen as well earlier.

    Miyoung slipped out of Sanghyuk’s lap and smiled as he whined. “It’s going great,” she answered, sitting in front of the pot. “We ran into some problems here and there, but everyone was able to step in and help.”

    “Yeah?” Sanghyuk asked, laying on his side, facing Miyoung. He propped his cheek in his hand, smiling as she ate.

    Miyoung hummed. “Bao and Ollie are amazing producers. The song is so good! And then Sara and Yoori are monsters when it comes to dancing, though Sara definitely is the more intimidating one,” she said as she thought about the dance practice they just had.

    “Does that mean we’re gonna get a major dance break?” Juho asked.

    Miyoung shook her head. “Not really. Bao and I just suck at dancing,” she chuckled, reaching for some of the kimchi that Juho had brought out as well.

    “Can you give us a hint of what you girls are doing?” Sanghyuk asked.

    “Can you guys give us a hint of what you’re doing?” Miyoung turned to him, raising a brow. She smirked when he didn’t answer. “Exactly.”

    “Judging by the fact that you have Ollie and Bao on your team, I’m guessing you guys are coming up with an original song,” Juho said.

    “Yep. Original everything. Everyone is definitely going to see something they’ve never seen us do before. But that’s all I’m at liberty to say,” Miyoung said, zipping her lips.

    She was dying to tell the guys what they were working on exactly, but she wanted to surprise them. Miyoung knew that the other girls were also struggling with keeping their performance a secret. They all had nosy members and some people (Ollie and Yoori) tended to talk a bit too much.

    Miyoung needed to remember to send a warning text to those two. Though by the time she’d do it, they may have already said too much.

    “You seem happy about the whole thing, so I know for a fact that it’s going to be great,” Juho smiled, getting up and grabbing the empty dishes to clean them.

    “Yeah, I can’t wait to see what you guys have planned,” Sanghyuk agreed. He got up and placed his hands underneath Miyoung’s armpits, lifting her up in one go.

    “I can’t wait either,” Miyoung smiled.

    “Go shower and get ready for bed. You must be beat,” Sanghyuk said, leading Miyoung towards the bathroom.

    “I like the sound of that,” Miyoung hummed as she made her way down the hall.

    Some time later, Miyoung was washed and dressed, and doing her nightly skincare routine when Sanghyuk walked in. He made his way to her bed and laid down.

    “Where’s Juho?” Miyoung asked as she finished up.

    “Went to bed,” the older answered.

    “And what are you doing?” Miyoung asked, smiling.

    “Sleeping over,” Sanghyuk answered, rolling over to face the wall. “Hurry up and turn the lights off so we can sleep.”

    Miyoung giggled, but did as she was told. She curled up into his back and relaxed. She hadn’t realized how tired she was until then.

    “Rest up Mimi. We’ve all been really busy lately, and we still have a long way to go,” Sanghyuk said. Miyoung smiled as she could hear the sleep in his voice.

    “You too, Oppa,” Miyoung said. He hummed and soon the two fell asleep.

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    Taeyang + leather jacket = I’m die

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    Hwiyoung, it's time to take revenge on Taeyang

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    [11062021] FAN CAFE ☕️

    Yoo Taeyang 🌞

    #yoo taeyang #sf9 yoo taeyang #sf9
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    Mafia!SF9's reaction: dying (?) when saving

    A/N: Amazing huh, as always, thank you for this request
    Read more here~~


    You and him trained at the same time as one another, displaying hardiness, endurance, team work, sacrifice and other traits judged to be essential for leadership

    You spared on many occasions but never spoke apart from giving each other feedback and honest criticism

    Such a good pairing that your superiors considered letting you two work together but the plan never made it through, they had already had other plans for you

    Far into the future, the two of you have already settled into leading your groups when you stumble onto Youngbin in a civilian area

    You have been living there for quite some time, having shifted only recently but Youngbin's apparently been here to for some weeks and to trail someone.

    You meet him in an open store, lined with books, magazines for travel and snacks, in the dead heat of the summer and the owner moving around.

    The next time you meet him, he accidentally bumps into your shoulder sending your stuff to the ground which when you pick up, he uses one to disarm the person who is following him

    Moments later, you trace back your steps to find your missing item and out of pure curiosity do you find yourself witnessing the mysterious figure about to commit a violent action.

    Youngbin has this look on his face, alerting you that he is not the same, scared and ready-to-plead person that he used to be at the academy

    When you save him, the both of you fend off the attacker and send him packing to your superiors, in turn you receive benefits for his hard work and your last minute effort to save him

    He takes you to this place he found out about earlier, it's completely nature, untouched by humans because of how it is sealed from the outside world, people are only allowed to marvel at it. He shows it to you as a sign of his gratitude.


    Initially the person that none of your superiors thought would not make the cut but his display of determination, endurance to grow and willingness to change to be the best changed their mind which is why he eventually joins your team.

    His readiness to ease tough situations and have fun with others makes him the perfect candidate to be a friend with, he's not the type to easily give comfort though.

    This is because he's a kind soul but doesn't necessarily know how to properly express it which is why the members go with him to have fun because he knows how to lift a mood.

    His advice is all hay-wire with random mumbles but his actions dictate what he's been trying to say all this time.

    Secretly vibes to girl group songs during your breaks, what a guy~

    When he's in danger, he reacts quickly because he's trained too but the individuals agility and strength throws him off, along with other people that have ganged up on him.

    He keeps his cool, fighting with the agenda to get out of this place as quickly as possible and he almost succeeds, if he isn't brutally dragged back inside.

    You and the rest of you team members help him and take what you need

    He's injured, not life-threatening and you are impressed, he thanks you as he sits on the hospital bed but you reject his thanks by saying that it was all him, he managed to save himself all the way.


    Unsure of what he's supposed to do at first, you have to delegate tasks, responsibilities and he messes up but he is good at adapting to situations so he's quick on his feet and is able to think of solutions.

    This makes him reliable and dependable since he is also great at comforting the others, his sweet nature allows people to easily warm up to him and share their troubles. A great listener and excellent contributor to the team, you appreciate him a lot because of it

    A team player so his lack of ambition thwarts his concern for the members, he is completely fine with unsuccessfully completing a mission as long as the members are safe. Unlike the other SF9 members, he sees it as two options and will choose either one whereas the others will try and achieve both.

    Supposed to meet the escape team on the other side, an external factor causes you to stay behind with him although he insists that he will be fine, you know that he fears the idea of being solitary.

    He makes jokes to lighten the atmosphere and when it is time to move, he follows your orders as he has always trusted your instincts as team leader

    He is immediately the best the person to be stuck with because of his variety of specialised skills that will contribute to any situation.

    When you save him, he does the same for you too, not out of favour but as a responsibility that the two of you have to look out for one another as team members and also because of the situation you are in.

    He'll show you physical affections as a way of saying sorry that he was not careful enough and that you could have almost died as you saved him, an example would be a short hug and when you are running, he'll hold your hand and tug your along

    Dawon I Lee Sanghyuk:

    He was the last person to join the group and although shy at first, he's grateful for the others since they managed to bring him out of his shell

    Is playful and teasing when off duty and makes it a point to tease you, is the main reason why the trauma is less significant as a group, responsibility may be equally divided but his light-hearted spirit ensures that you can complete the mission with the same characteristic.

    Is very serious during missions and his ability to lead the team through tough situations- with his instillation of hope and strategical tactics, is the reason why you would choose him to be the leader in your place.

    One thing that unnerves you about him is how he falters when he's shocked, he stills when on a mission but the dangerous environment leaves him at great risk.

    You realise it's full play when you're tipped off and send Sanghyuk alone to the hotel room but he freezes upon seeing the long-past wounded individual, despite your team's best efforts to bring him out of his trance-like state, nothing changes.

    That's when you run up flights of stairs to save him, you get there moments before he's about to pass away from strangulation as the stranger behind him makes extreme effort to achieve his goal of secrecy.

    After that, you make sure to train his response by sending to training lessons again but this time, his heart rate is going to be normal no matter who or what he encounters.


    Your personal assistant, can and will fight if and when required.

    Very talented in the field but switched to assisting after a traumatic event with his previous group, they all survived but he could not compartmentalise what had happened so he left

    Praised for his immense talent and often had the responsibilities of scouring targets and/or engaging with them in order to gather information

    Is actually much more awkward than his first impression, mainly because everyone's first impression of him is based off his looks

    His persuasiveness helped him encounter and secure targets making him ideal

    Is the cook of the group when they were stuck somewhere, did it automatically and was not afraid to put anyone in their place if a fight broke out but never mixed the two

    Spoke to his members and confided in their worries so that by soothing theirs, he would also soothe his.

    Was ambitious to complete missions, looks out for himself a little more than he does for others which his superiors like and encourage but you have mixed feelings about it.

    When you save him, he reconsiders his priorities during missions but you know that he had every right to look out for himself in a situation as dangerous as this so he has no obligation to change.

    Is visibly shaken even after, you can see the fear in his eyes hidden with the idea that he is still alive and won't be encountering these situations as easily because of his current job as your assistant.

    Is reprimanded and almost suspended by your superiors because had he almost failed his job, neither of you would be alive, strives to change after that


    Reliable as a team member but insists that he should work alone and after convincing your superiors, they allow him to work in a remote, rural part of a country.

    Your team is also stationed there but is working on a different mission, you knew that there would someone working alone towards one goal that your superiors need to achieve

    You bought up the obvious considerable risks associated with a mission assigned in such a way, including whether the individual would pull through with their results

    You choose not to doubt though, meeting him just before the dense forests that have been reconstructed to accommodate the growing population

    He's immediately more interested in the suffering of the animals, telling you that they don't have sufficient water, food and space to live and you nod, preoccupied.

    You ask him to take a look and he has to put this little animal that he's petting for the last twenty-five minutes down to start concentrating when he sees the absolute chaos

    Fights with vengeance, he's angry that they have taken away the animal's nature and you sigh when you have to save him

    He's overwhelmed with pain, the struggle of fighting multiple figures and not running into some big cat to become it's next meal

    You help, are also wounded in the process so he helps you patch it up and carries your limping self to the medics. Comes back to check up on you and give his thanks.

    You get just a little bit closer and from then on, it's just luck whether he's assigned to your team or not

    Yoo Taeyang:

    He's capable, tolerant of other people and does not easily lose his temper as compared to the initial reviews you received from his pervious superiors. However, he does easily misunderstand.

    That is why he sometimes look as if he is forever annoyed with his furrowed eyebrows or pursed lips

    Fun-loving guy, somewhat introverted so it takes time for him to get to properly know the team. Is also objective to your leadership even if everyone else seems to follow along exactly what you say and this is something you appreciate because you like the engagement.

    When he trusts you enough, he won't question your orders but will ask for elaboration if any is needed, also the person you ask to sum up everything you have said, his memory is amazing like that

    He's got exceptional fighting skills and the talent to predict the opponent's moves, was the same reason he earned a promotion despite his slight inability to work with others.

    Very rarely comes to you with problems, often comes when he has the solution as well, similar to a report

    Never lies so you can expect to hear the only and complete truth from him, says things as they are not as they should be so is reliable and dependant.

    Usually the two of you spar, so if the opportunity arises in the field, you are able to fight together and once, you prevent his torso from being slashed.

    He is surprised but quickly recovers and expresses his gratitude after it.

    It's just work after all

    Hwiyoung I Kim Youngkyun:

    Puts in that little extra effort to make sure that the team's spirit is uplifted, like the the mood maker

    Is easy to speak too and seek comfort from, when you were just a new group and you told him the truth about how you felt being the leader, he gave you some advice but feeling that it may have been too much, he ended it with, ''Just go for it.''.

    A real sweet guy, for example, opens the door and lets people by, basically operates by the principle that you should people how you want to be treated, also goes for showing care or displaying kindness.

    He's wounded in the leg, he's clutching it to try and stop the bleeding but he's down, the pain is so overwhelming that he's thinking how anyone could get up and run away and for a second, he even contemplates that this could be the end.

    It's when you save him from the situation, let him lean on you till you find the medics, stay with him in the hospital and check up on him that he's going to put in all the effort he can to watch your back.

    You tell to ease up and that's it is no big deal, because in line with his personality, you know that he would do the same

    The two of you grow much, much closer after that

    He no longer feels awkward to confide in his team leader and that's how you spend the end of your mission together after he almost dies, drinking beer and watching the stars in the night


    Chani panics, freezes as a result of the fear that had almost instigated his worst nightmares.

    He's close to breaking down but rather than something simple like a single emotion or characteristics, he is conflicted. He knows that you are safe but his mind can not comprehend what you just did for him.

    He's thinking that the your actions are multiple, behaviour complex, feeling safe amongst the unsafe environment because he knows that he can go home.

    He's in shock, he's laying on the ground, kicked there, propping himself on his elbows after experiencing such massive fear that he would die.

    You walk towards him, he wants to cry, for you to comfort him and tell him that you've got him but he doesn't say anything, he keeps this guard that when he stops along the way, he holds your hand and tells you thank you.

    ''There's nothing- I mean, I don't... What just happened was, thank you'' he says, fumbling for the correct words, wanting to attribute the success of his living to you.

    But that was when he was a novice and you were teaching him the tricks of the trade.

    Now he is much more confident, he knows how to compartmentalise and is frequently remarked as one of the best soldiers on and off duty.

    He even saves you once, save is a stretch because he played a part and when you thanked him, he said that it was nothing compared to what you once did.

    He was so cool about it that you teased him all the way till you dropped him to his house.

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