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    Two of my fav people

    #i still don’t have a bias for nct i probably never will but taeyong has a special in my heart #and yoongi is my ult #i love them so much #about me#mine
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    ♡ [cr. dwellingsouls]

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    07.05.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    BTS MTL Date Someone 5+ Years Older

    Requested By - Anon










    Jungkook has stated in the past that he likes older women and younger girls that have an older vibe/caring nature. This leads me to believe he’d be the most comfortable with dating someone 5 or more years older than him.

    Jimin and Tae have mentioned they like both older and younger and I truly believe they’d be comfortable with anyone. I see Jimin being more comfortable out of the two of them when it comes to dating someone older though.

    Hobi and Namjoon would probably prefer someone closer to their age however, they’re both quite mature and would easily get along with someone older. I see Namjoon being a bigger fan of the idea since the thought of an older/more experienced partner would be attractive to him.

    Yoongi and Jin placed at the bottom of the list although, I think Yoongi would tie with Namjoon and Hobi since he’s quite mature and would appreciate someone with a similar mature vibe. Jin has stated he likes girls a lot younger than him so I placed him at the bottom but I think he’d also really like someone who has a lot of knowledge and life skills that someone older might have?

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

    A/N - Yay my first BTS MTL! I enjoyed making this and I really would love to do more so feel free to send in some ideas! any genre is welcome but please check my rules for requesting by clicking ‘MASTERLIST’ in my bio! Thanks for reading :3

    Tag List - @simphwa @yunhospuppy @yunhoiseyecandy @multidreams-and-desires @224-12 @runaway-fics @jonghoisbabie @ateezinmymind @potatothatsit

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  • ikpopwriting
    07.05.2021 - 39 minutes ago


    Series Masterlist

    Chapter One: Letters

    You change the filter of the photo currently on your computer screen, sighing when something is still wrong about it. The lighting is perfect, at least, but something about the tone of the photo just seems...off. You scroll through the filter options, looking for a specific one, and pause when your eyes land on another. Maybe...

    “Doesn’t hurt you try,” you tell yourself, clicking on the filter and adjusting the settings. It takes you several minutes, but finally, the image comes to life like you had hoped. “Well...thank God for that.”

    “Looks good,” your boss, Mr. Hughs, says, coming to stand behind you. “I had my doubts about these being salvageable, but you’ve done it again, sweetheart.” He places his hand on the back of your chair, and you go through the finished photos with him quickly, showing him side-by-side before and afters. “Amazing. I really thought Trevor had screwed us over, but you’ve managed to save the whole spread. Too bad you weren’t available yourself to take the shots.”

    “Yes, sir,” you agree, though you honestly doubt your boss would have let his personal assistant fly to London for two weeks. You don’t know how the man functions without you. He’s slowly let your photography skills be used throughout the office on different local jobs, and has always offered up your editing skills, but you highly doubt he’d let you out of his sight for so long. Especially with the photographer opening available.

    “I have a meeting at 12:30, but I shouldn’t need your assistance the rest of the day so I’ve told Margarette you’ll be available to help her get some shots for her piece on graffiti artists around the city. Should she need you tomorrow, since it’s the weekend, I’ll leave that up to you,” he says, placing his hand on your bare shoulder and giving it a light squeeze.

    Mr. Hughs has never been the most subtle about his more than professional intentions towards you, but you’ve politely brushed them off over the last two years since coming to the magazine. He’s nearly fifteen years your senior, and has many qualities you find...lacking, to be polite, not the least his obvious feelings that you belong to him professionally.

    “Yes, sir. Thank you.” You turn your head in his direction, giving him a polite smile. He nods his head, removing his hand after another moment and returning to his inner office. You shake your head, returning to your computer screen, and move onto the next photo, groaning internally when even the lighting can’t be justified. Honestly, where did this company find these photographers?


    “Thank you so much for agreeing to help me!” Margarette Johnson, one of the best local writers, says the moment you climb into her Tahoe. You smile, buckling your seatbelt and glancing in the backseat at your camera bag. Since you’re not an official company photographer, you supplied your own equipment, which was fine with you. You know your camera better than you know yourself, honestly. “I hope we have enough daylight to get all the art I want, and the right shots, of course. I’ll leave that up to you, though. If you think the lighting is all wrong, we can definitely try again tomorrow or Sunday, if you’re free.”

    You turn back to Margarette as she pulls out of the parking garage, nodding. “I’m free all weekend, and I intend on only giving you the best quality.”

    She laughs, heading towards the south side of town first. “Oh, I know. That’s why I requested you! You’re hands down the best photographer we have! It’s a shame you’re not official, and that old Hughs is keeping you to himself.” She pouts, and you find yourself laughing. She’s definitely a personality. “You should definitely apply for the photographer opening! You’d definitely get it; we all think so!”

    “We?” you ask, shocked.

    “Yes, we. Everyone I’ve talked to has mentioned that they hope you apply. We love working with you, and hate that you’re not officially available for use. You would be booked up, flying all around the world on projects! There’s even been a couple of higher-ups talking about selecting you as their official photographer, if you apply that is. We’re all very confident you would get the job.” She glances at you. “You’re honestly too good to be working for a magazine.”

    You blink at her, absorbing the information. You had no idea so many people in the company thought so much of your skills; especially top editors. It leaves you with a lot to think about the rest of the drive, and you’re even more conflicted by the time you reach your first destination.

    “It’s been touched up since the last time I was here. Good, I had worried about fading,” Margarette muses, taking in the wall of art. You take a few practice shots, forgoing your tripod. It wouldn’t give you the right feel to your photos, you decide. “Try to get them as vibrant and alive as you can—what am I saying! This is you! Just—do you, and I’ll hush!”

    You smile, looking over your practice shots and deciding on the best angle for lighting. You crouch down, snapping a few shots, before moving for a different angle. You lose yourself in the camera lens; in the subject in front of you; in bringing to life the moment and object you capture for anyone who views your work. Eventually, you decide you’ve gotten all the shots you need, and turn to Margarette to let her know, only to stop short. “What?”

    She’s smiling fondly at you, leaning against the opposite wall. “You’re really in your element there, aren’t you?” She straightens, not letting you answer, and heads back towards her car. “Come on, on to the next one!”


    The last stop of the day is on a rooftop overlooking the city, the sun setting to the left of the wall the graffiti art is on. It makes for a perfect shot, the colors blending together nicely, and you use it to your advantage. You take several shots, and wait for the sun to sink a little lower, before adjusting your position and resuming. Margarette is patient with you, allowing you to take as long as you need on this one. By the time you’re done, the sun has sank below the skyscrapers, illuminating them in a way that pulls at you. You snap a couple of pictures for yourself, debating on whether the new background works for the art, and take a couple anyway. You can always scrap them later, during editing.

    “Okay, I think that’s all for today. Unless you have a site in mind that’s lit up at night?” You quirk a brow at Margarette, and watch as she thinks for a moment. She pouts, shaking her head.

    “That would have been a great shot, though. Maybe I should do some research for tomorrow night...” she trails off, turning to look back at the city. “I’m sure there’s something out there that’s perfect.”

    You nod, looking down at your camera, before raising it and taking a quick snapshot of Margarette, silhouetted against the cityscape below. She doesn’t notice, and you smile to yourself. You’ll have to surprise her with the photo sometime, you decide.

    “Well, I guess we better go. I’ll take you home, unless you have a reason to return to the office?” You shake your head, packing your camera bag up. You push your sleeves up to your elbows out of habit.

    “Those are interesting...what language is that?”

    You look down at your left arm, noticing for the first time the new writings there, and smile. “It’s Korean. I wasn’t aware they were there, I’m sorry.” You go to tug your sleeve down, but she stops you.

    “Don’t ever apologize for your soulmate writings, dear. They’re treasures.” She smiles at you, before looking down at the sprawling script. “I remember those days, before I met my Paulo. It’s a wonderful feeling.” She shows you her wrist, where her permanent soulmate mark is, and traces over it with her fingertip. “Can you read them?”

    You run your finger over the neatly written characters:

    나를 생각하니, 나의 천사?

    You shake your head sadly. “I can speak the language quite fluently, but unfortunately my understanding of the written words is very...lacking. I take pictures of each new appearance, though, so maybe someday I can look back and decipher them someday. Whenever I find the time to take up my studies again, that is.”

    She nods. “I was the same way with Italian, but I pushed myself. You’ll get there, don’t worry. It’ll all be worth it when you meet them, too.”

    You finish gathering your things in silence, lost in your own thoughts, before watching the last colors of sunset disappear from the sky as the night sets in fully.

    “What time works for you tomorrow? I can be ready whenever,” you say, pulling the strap of your bag up onto your shoulder as the two of you make your way to the stairway.

    “Well, if I hadn’t started with the sites I had today, I’d say before sunrise, but none of the other sites really offer the view. Unless you need the lighting?” You think for a moment, then shake your head. “Then how about 7:00? We can grab breakfast before getting to work—my treat. I owe you for this, anyway.”

    “That’s not-“

    “I’m feeding you one way or another.”

    “-okay. 7:00 works for me, then,” you sigh, smiling slightly.

    Margarette drops you off at your apartment building after giving you her number and waving goodbye. You can’t help smiling as you make your way up the steps and into the lobby, nodding to the doorman and pulling your keys out of your pocket as you head to the elevator. You live in a relatively more upscale apartment building than you can actually afford, all thanks to your roommate, Skyler Hansen. Her dad owns the building, and she allows you to live with her, rent free. You buy the groceries and necessities, of course, though she insists you don’t have to.

    You get out on the third floor, stopping in front of your door just as it swings open, startling you.

    “Finally!” Skyler cries out, pulling you inside, slamming the door behind you. “Where have you been! You got off work hours ago!” She crosses her arms across her chest, foot tapping against the hardwood floor.

    You blink at her, confused. Neither of you really care about the other’s schedule, coming and going as you please, so this encounter is odd to say the least. “I was taking photos for a spread about local graffiti artists...is everything okay, Sky?”

    She holds out her hand, and you notice for the first time she’s holding an envelope. You look at her questioningly, and she flips it over. It’s addressed to you, but it’s the return address that’s got your eyebrows raising nearly into your hairline.

    It’s from the office of the CEO of the magazine company you work for.

    “I have been itching since getting that out of the mailbox to know what’s inside,” Skyler says, taking your arm and leading you to sit at the dining table. “Open it!”

    Your hands shake slightly, wondering what the envelope could hold. You tear open the fold, pulling out the letter, and quickly skim the contents, your eyes widening the whole time. You reread it, thinking there must be a mistake, and your breath catches.

    “Well?” Skyler asks, leg bouncing next to yours beneath the table. You glance her way before handing her the letter, clasping your hands together on the table in front of you when she practically rips it from your hands. “What the—no fucking way!” She looks back at you. “Babe!”

    You exhale shakily, eyes tearing up, and she grabs you in a crushing hug. “They want me to take the photographer opening—the CEO himself is offering me the job, without an application!” The tears start to fall, and you laugh at the feelings bursting in your chest.

    Skyler pulls back, fixing you with one of her looks. “You’re going to accept, of course.” Her tone leaves no room for argument, and you hurriedly nod. “Good, because, babe, this is a sign if I’ve ever seen one. You’re going places!”

    You wipe at your tears, looking down at the letter on your table. The fact that he had sent you a letter, instead of a simple email, shows how serious he is about this decision and offer. You smile to yourself, thinking back to what Margarette had said earlier. Things were finally looking up for you.


    “What do you mean, you’ve accepted the job offer?”

    You wince at the loudness of Mr. Hughs’ voice, and his tone, but stand firm. You’re standing in front of his desk, having just pointed out your buried resignation letter to him. “I mean just that, Mr. Hughs. I’ve accepted Mr. Singh’s offer to be a company photographer, starting immediately.”

    He looks at you with incredulousness. “You didn’t even consult with me! I didn’t even know you had applied!”

    You sigh, clasping your hands in front of you. “I don’t need your permission, sir. It’s my decision, and I’ve made it.” You pause. “I didn’t send in an application, either. Mr. Singh requested me for the job, personally.” His mouth opens and closes, and you smooth down your skirt. “If that is all, I’ll take my leave. My replacement has already been brought up to speed on how you like things done, and is proficient in her duties. It’s been a privilege to work for you, Mr. Hughs.”

    You turn on your heel, leaving him sitting in shock at his desk, and let the smile fall into place on your face. You honestly don’t know how this has come as such a shock—you’ve spent the last two weeks training your replacement right in front of the man, after all.

    You say goodbye to the new personal assistant in the outer office, picking up your box of things and your bag and walking out the door, into the main area of the floor. You look over the cluster of sectioned desks and milling people, before making your way to the elevator, and your new office on the seventh floor.

    When the doors to the elevator open, all heads turn in your direction. You pause, one foot forward, but lift your head and proceed. People smile at you, congratulating you on landing the job, on your skills as a photo editor and photographer, and say they can’t wait to work with you. You smile, tension easing from your shoulders as you make your way to your office cubical, setting your box of belongs down.

    “Hey, new girl,” a voice calls, and you turn to see Margarette walking towards you, a smile on her face. “Glad to see you in your rightful place, finally.”

    “Glad to be here,” you respond. “How did you like the photos?”

    “They were perfect, of course! I’m having a hard time narrowing the selection down for the spread, actually.” She sighs, but the smile doesn’t leave her face. “So, have you gotten your first assignment yet?”


    “There you are.”

    You both turn, watching as a man walks towards you. You recognize him immediately as one of the top writers of the company’s entertainment magazine, Mason Floyd. You assume he’s addressing Margarette, so it surprises you to realize his eyes are on you.

    “Mr. Floyd-“

    “Mason, please.” He holds his hand out to you, and you shake it with a firm grip. “I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to get my hands on you. Hughs definitely kept you under lock and key, didn’t he?”

    “He sure did,” Margarette agrees. “I’ll catch up with you later. See ya!” You watch as she walks off, before returning your attention to Mason.

    He smiles at you, leaning against the wall of your cubical. “I was hoping to catch you before anyone else did—I have a job for you.”

    “You do?” You ask, surprised.

    He nods, smiling. “How do you feel about international travel?”

    To be honest, you’ve never traveled outside of the United States, not for lack of wanting. “I’m entirely open to the idea, sir.”

    “Good. What about extended stays? Say, a month?” Your eyes widen, but you nod. “Excellent. Last question...what do you know about K-Pop sensation BTS?”

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    Seokjin: he likes warm cola

    Yoongi: oh, my, God

    Seokjin: he says nothing tastes like cola but it stings his soft palette when it’s cold, so he prefers it warm

    Yoongi: I don’t know why but warm cola sounds nauseating

    Seokjin: it’s his favourite drink. Just hush and get it from the microwave

    Yoongi: okay...blegh

    Seokjin: Yoongi

    Yoongi: sorry, sor—blegh

    Seokjin: *throws up*

    #warm cola doesn’t sound so bad #bts #bts min yoongi #bts min suga #bts yoongi#bts suga #bts kim seokjin #bts seokjin#bts jin#bts v #bts kim taehyung #bts taehyung#Coca-Cola#coke #bts incorrect chats #bts incorrect texts #bts incorrect subs #bts incorrect quotes #incorrect bts texts #incorrect bts quotes #incorrect bts subs #incorrect bts chats #bangtan boys#bangtan #incorrect kpop texts #kpop incorrect quotes
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    𝖻𝗍𝗌 𝗂𝖼𝗈𝗇𝗌 ⊹
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    Min Yoongi | Suga & Jung Hoseok | J-Hope; Jeon Jungkook/Min Yoongi | Suga

    It’s gross, sure, sticky and hard to ignore but cola smells nice in his hair. He’s reached a fork in the road, watching himself in the mirror while trying to decide whether or not to wash his hair. Even though he has white hair and the brown drink has stained it off-white, Yoongi doesn’t think the colour looks too bad on him. “This is terrible,” he tells himself. “You have cola in your hair. Wash it out.” He plants his hands on the sink, tilting his chin in thought. “But it really isn’t an issue. I’m not bothered.” His gaze drops from his reflection. “Yoongi, normal people don’t dwell this long on whether or not they should wash cola out of their hair. Yeah, well, I’m not everyone.” There’s a slam somewhere; a door closes and resounding footsteps follow. They vibrate along the walls in the common room, down the hallway and all his roommates’ doors before stopping in front of the bathroom. The handle turns, and Hoseok’s red hair pops through.

    “Oh. Yo.”

    “You’re back.”

    “I am,” says Hoseok, opening the door wider, a question. Yoongi hesitates where he is. “What’s, your hair?” Hoseok squints at him. Now, Yoongi feels embarrassed for a reason he can’t fathom. He was alright with the drink in his hair a while ago.

    “Someone poured their cola on me.”

    “Dude,” begins Hoseok in an to be sympathetic. “That sucks.” Yoongi shrugs and Hoseok drops the act, about as quick as a water drop falls from Yoongi’s hair. “But free drink I guess.” A nod. “Well then you should wash it out. I just gotta pee.”

    “Sure.” Yoongi steps into the shower cubicle, drawing the curtain closed as Hoseok shuts the door. He turns on the water to drown out the not-so-pleasing sound of urine hitting the toilet bowl. “I wasn’t going to wash it out,” Yoongi calls. Hoseok is washing his hands now.

    “What?” Sliding the curtain aside and stepping out soaked, Yoongi shuts off the water.

    “I wasn’t going to wash it out.” Regardless, clear water drips off his colourless hair strands. Hoseok turns around, one eyebrow raised.

    “What? You were just going to leave coke in your hair?”

    Yoongi shrugs, diverting his eyes from Hoseok’s red ones. “I wasn’t bothered.”

    “Buddy, you can’t just leave coke in your hair. It’ll dry all sticky and would probably stink.”

    “It doesn’t smell that bad.”

    “What’s your deal?” He’s looking at Yoongi oddly now, leaning against the ceramic and frowning. It’s only a second until he raises his dainty fingers to Yoongi’s face and starts listing reasons why Yoongi shouldn’t be upset. But Yoongi isn’t upset. Someone dumped cola on his hair, and he’s accepted it. It wasn’t even in public and it doesn’t matter. Neither the smell that Yoongi can’t seem to ignore nor the itchiness he now feels on his scalp. His finger twitches. Nothing matters.

    “Jeongguk did it.” Nothing matters except the person who did it.

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    mother tongue ; bts

    or he hears you speak your mother language for the first time

    genre: fluff fluffy fluff the fluffiest of fluffs that ever existed

    reader: neutral

    warnings: none

    a/n: i’m writing so much fluff, i might be lovesick also this is a tribute to my people who speak another language <3



    falls in love immediately with your way with words

    doesn’t have to know what you’re saying to simply feel it

    loves how different it is to korean

    asks you to tell him about your culture, your traditions, your home, etc.

    ends up loving everything about your country and asks if he could meet your hometown one day

    of course you say yes and you’re as happy to know that he feels a passion for your culture like you do

    he truly loves you for you


    is shocked tbh, he didn’t expect to feel so much

    asks you to teach him some common phrases in your native language

    he doesn’t care if he sucks at it, he feels way more connected to you this way

    proud of himself when he gets the basics right and gets to say “i love you” to you

    is such a beautiful moment it might bring tears to your eyes

    writes some lyrics with his new learned words

    you feel so moved by him, it makes you feel like you found the one


    immediately is like “WHATDIDYOUSAYWHATDIDYOUSAY”

    pays attention like you’re giving him a class about your culture, country, etc.

    manages to bring you gifts and things so you feel like you’re home

    even asks seokjin if he could make some recipes that are just like the food you had at home

    he makes it feel like the home is 50% hoseok and 50% you, which is beautiful

    wants to add a touch of you to everything

    educates himself on the do’s and don’ts of your home country


    would tell you to do it more when he’s around

    even if he doesn’t understand a thing

    he would want to feel like he’s in your own home, wants you to feel that close to him

    is lowkey proud when you’re confident like that with him

    wants to learn but is kind of shy about it since he doesn’t want to make any mistakes in his pronunciation or spelling

    would be curious if you missed your own country

    would get tickets without you knowing to visit soon ;)


    shy puppy would be like !??!?!

    he loved the sound of your accent

    falls in love immediately with your mother language and is destined to learn more & more (no don’t i know you want to but don’t)

    learns by himself and also investigates about your culture

    next thing you know there’s food waiting for you, gifts that looked like things you wanted to buy when you were younger, your typical clothes were there

    it was like a dream come true and you loved every minute

    he loved this clash of cultures so much and realized he was falling more & more fore you (no not again pls i got twice syndrome)


    like hoseok he would want to know what you said asap

    he was determined to learn more but he would ask you first about everything

    he would also ask you to speak more of it with him so he could learn the pronunciation

    he would struggle like he did with english but he would always get back up and try again

    he would love to meet your family even if they couldn’t understand each other

    he would feel like it’s a big step but he was excited about it

    you realized that he would take all the big steps for you in no time and that made your heart beat faster with love for him


    he would be lowkey excited i would say

    so curious about all the little & big things that represent you

    it would be so new & different to him that he felt like he was learning a lot by just your words

    would tell namjoon to practice with him so he could impress you with his knowledge

    he would appear and know how to say “hi i love you” and that was more than enough for you

    loved the way he could understand at some point what you were saying

    he would ask in korean and you would answer in your mother tongue and that was somehow the most beautiful thing to him

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    one shots

    social media au



    one shots

    social media au



    one shots

    social media au



    social media au

    one shot



    social media au

    one shot



    social media au

    one shot



    social media au

    one shot

    #the rest is coming #aka the maknae line #masterlist#bts #bts one shot #bts series#bts fanfic#bts fanfiction#bts smau #bts social media au #jung hoseok#kim namjoon#kim seokjin#min yoongi #kim seokjin fanfics #kim seokjin x reader #kim seokjin fluff #kim seokjin smut #kim seokjin fanfic #min yoongi x reader #min yoongi fanfic #min yoongi fluff #min yoongi smut #kim seokjin masterlist #min yoongi masterlist #jhope fanfic#jhope masterlist#jhope fluff#jhope smut #jhope x reader
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    i keep staring at this

    #yoongi#btsgif#dailybts#dailybangtan#suga#mygifs#myposts #idk he was just cute here #ill make more after i tutor and do my history hw i promise #so like in 3 hours ;-; #idk if i should tag this runbts or something new
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    #bts icons#bts layouts#bts headers #bts messy icons #bts messy layouts #bts messy headers #bts#yoongi headers#yoongi icons #yoongi messy headers #yoongi messy icons #min yoongi#yoongi layouts #yoongi messy layouts
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    Tiplere bak hele tiplere

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    okay so, i want to be more active and i thought that accepting requests would be a good way to do just that (and also maybe help my writers blocks)

    nothing is off limits but please make sure to read the request rules before doing it

    ❤Rules❤ ❊ Please don’t expect your request to be done in the next hour or something, I’ll try to get it out as fast as I can. Please keep in mind that my mental health can go from 0 to 100 at a snap of a finger and I’ll need time to better myself. ❊ I JUST do x reader/oc ships. ❊ I normally just do female readers. I’ve never did male or gender neutral - please keep this in mind if you request. ❊ I don’t mind very specific requests, I actually encourage it as it will help me fulfill it better. ❊ NSFW and SFW are accepted. ❊ I’m not comfortable writting about rape, incest, etc. However, I don’t have a problem writting yandere Hope you understand and that you have a wonderful day wherever you are!❤

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