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    #im so glad u enjoyed it! #like u a latte is one of my fluffier fics #I’ve got another fluffy!yoongi req coming up soon! #fic: like you a latte #mail.💌 #anon ♡
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    That's The Way lf It

    Chapter Four - Frances Awakens

    "Where the fuck is she??!!" A man screams into the now-destroyed bedroom. The man had just ransacked the room, even flipping the mattress for any sign of Frances or her leaving. "Boss! I swear to you, she was right here the last time I looked in. She hadn't moved!" The irate man rounded on the quivering lackey, grabbed his shirt collar and started screaming into his face. "She was right here? SHE WAS RIGHT HERE?! WELL SHE'S NOT FUCKING RIGHT HERE NOW IS SHE YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!" The man pushes his lackey backwards and the lackey falls to his knees, sweat breaking out across his forehead. "B-boss, we will find her! She hasn't been gone too long. She can't get away too far in this snow, she will probably die before she finds someone to help her!" The man squinted his eyes and roved them over his lackeys shaking form. "She will probably die?" The man asks quietly. The lackey gulps and feels more sweat starting to pool. The lackey knows that look on his boss' face and he knows that it isn't good. "How about this," the man begins, "I will send out more QUALIFIED men to find Frances and you.... you can take her place." The lackey eyes the man in panick, "Boss, I swear I can find her...I sw-" BOOM! The lackey's head snaps back when a single bullet flys through the center of his forehead. The man lowers his arm and turns his eyes to his other employees. "Clean this shit up. And whatever you do, FIND HER!"


    "How is she doctor? Will she be okay?" 'Whose voice is that?' Frances' sluggish mind struggled to place it. She was unable to open her eyes and so she laid there, drifting in and out of consciousness. Only catching snippets of the conversations being held around her.

    "She seems to have several cracked ribs, a severely twisted ankle and she's running a fever. I'm going to give her a shot of antibiotics, other than that, keep her warm until she wakes up and we will go from there." 'Is he talking about me?'


    Frances felt a hand touch her cheek gently as someone sat on the bed beside her.

    "How is she doing?"

    "... the same I guess.... Do you think she's going to be okay?"

    Someone sighed into the room, "I hope she will be. The doctor seemed optimistic earlier."

    There was a pause before Frances heard the first voice say, "...Yeah... that's true. Sorry Joon, I'm just worried."

    "I know Jk, I know. It's okay."

    'JK.... his was the voice that I remember from earlier."


    An entire night and day passed by while Frances slept deeply, only coming in and out of consciousness for a short amount of time. During that time several voices came in and out sometimes a hand was placed on her forehead, sometimes it was a wet cloth. Throught the process though, Frances would slip back into the dreamless sleep quickly and there she would stay until the next time that she was roused by a sound or a touch.

    Frances felt herself finally coming out of the fog. At first she laid still, keeping her eyes closed and just listened to the sounds around her. She could hear someone slightly snoring but that's all she could make out. She slowly opened her eyes, blinking them rapidly to clear her cloudy vision. The room slowly came into focus and she realized that she did not recognize anything.

    Frances struggled to sit up, hissing through the pain in her ribs, her hand clutching her side. Managing to scoot herself back against the headboard, she slowly looks around the room in confusion. 'Where am i??'

    Her gaze passed a reading chair by the window of the room and she discovered a man asleep in it. He had dark brown hair, a row of earing on the earlobe that she could see and a sleeve of tattoos on one of his arms. She looked at him in confusion, her teeth catching her bottom lip and she ran her tongue over the healing split. 'Why don't I know who he is?' Frances' brow furrowed as severe pain shot through her head when she tried to recall the events that had taken place. She grasped her head in her hands and her vision started swimming and nausea hit her in waves. "Oh God, I'm going to be sick!' She took a few breaths as deeply as her ribs would let her and she pushed back the covers that were on top of her. With a few grunts and some teeth grinding, she was able to turn her body to the side and slide forward to the edge of the bed. Keeping one weary eye on the man in the chair she used the bedside table to help herself stand. She carefully and slowly walked towards the bedroom door, only pausing when the man in the chair shifted in his position, his head falling back and loud snores emitting from his now open mouth. She grimaced again at the pain in her head and crept out of the room.

    It didn't take Frances long to find the door to the bathroom and she was very thankful for that. She didn't know how long it had been since she had peed last but she knew her bladder was about to explode. Pushing down her pants to sit on the toilet she made the discovery that was not in her own clothes. At least, not any clothes that she remembered owning. She was in gray sweat pants and an overly large black t-shirt. She fingered the edge of the t-shirt while she finished peeing, trying to come up with answers. Stepping to the sink to wash her hands, she looked into a mirror and let out such a horrified gasp that her ribs barked at her in distress. Her reflection was downright frightening. A swollen and bruised face looked back at her. A dark bruise had formed along her right cheekbone and a yellow bruising had started all along that side of her facw, her lips were split and swollen in different parts, she had a cut down her left cheek, there was bruising all along her neck and her collar bone. Her hair was matted in places with what looked like dried blood and there were huge dark circles under eyes making her look almost dead. Her throat clenched as the nausea came back and hit her full force. She leaned over the trash can, heaving, but nothing come up except bile. With shaking hands she rinsed her mouth out in the sink and splashed water over her aching face. Drying her face off of the hand towel she suddenly remembered the man that was sleeping in the chair and her heart clenched. 'Is he the one that did this to me?' Her breathing started becoming shallow and she tried to force herself to remember. The more she tried, the worse her headache became. Soon she was gasping for her and her vision started to go dark around the edges. 'No! Not again!' That was the last thought she had before the darkness overtook her again and her body collapsed onto the floor of the bathroom.

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    “Don’t worry, I’m not going to steal your girlfriend.”

    yoongi x reader (oc) (feat. oc friend- it’s peaches) genre: fluff word count: 2.9K

    a/n: Hi lovelies! As many of you know, kid and peaches have a big fat crush on each other but how did these two girlies meet? Well, I finally wrote it!! Here’s how reader/kid and peaches meet, and yoongi is adorably annoyed and fond throughout. I hope you all enjoy and thanks for reading! :)) 

    “Peachy Keen, I’m not trying to be rude, but don’t you have places to be?” Yoongi asked over his shoulder, directing a glare at the nuisance girl sitting on his studio couch. For once, she actually wasn’t being obnoxious. But Yoongi had to leave and he didn’t really want the girl to know where he was off to.

    “No,” she said simply, shooting him a smirk. Letting out a sigh, Yoongi turned back to face his computer monitor.

    Checking his phone, he tapped his foot quickly, trying to figure out how to get the girl out of his studio before him. Three minutes. Three minutes until you were supposed to meet him outside.

    The girl watched Yoongi as he sat at his desk, his hands hovering over the keyboard but not making any moves to tap any of the keys. He actually hadn’t touched a key or clicked on the mouse in several minutes, all of his movement instead coming from the anxious gesture of his shaking foot. “Are you even working anymore?” The girl suddenly asked him, sitting up straight on the couch as she cocked her head at him.

    Yoongi chose to ignore her, pretending to click on a few things to make it seem as though, yes, he was still working, and he was very immersed in it.

    “Yoongles,” she called out through an obvious smile. “Why are you so nervous?”

    “I’m not nervous.”

    “Hmm,” she hummed in doubt. “The way you're tapping your foot suggests otherwise.”

    “Are you here with Taehyungie or something? I didn’t think he was here tonight,” Yoongi asked, spinning his chair to face the girl.

    “Actually, I’m here waiting for Jungkook to get done. Tae blew me off tonight for his other friends,” she playfully rolled her eyes. Gasping to play along, Yoongi held back a smile. “I know, can you believe he has other friends? Damn that Park Woo Shik.”

    “So why aren’t you hanging with Jungkook as he records?” Yoongi questioned. “Why am I the one who has to suffer through your company?”

    “Because you’re my favorite and you love me,” she shot him an overly sweet grin. “And because Namjoon kicked me out. Something about how I distract Kookie or whatever,” she waved her hands as if dismissing the accusation. “Anyways, lucky you.”

    Letting out an amused huff, Yoongi nodded. “Yeah, well, you’re going to have to find some place else to hang out.” Cocking her head to the side in question, she looked at him questioningly. “I’m leaving in a minute.”

    “It’s like,” she looked at her phone, finding the time. “Seven. At night. You never leave this early.”

    When a message came through his phone, stealing his attention, the girl watched him carefully. There on the screen displayed your message letting your boyfriend know you were out front. Yoongi sighed. Fuck it, he thought. “I’m meeting my girlfriend outside. I have a date.” The comment was immediately met with a gasp, and he already regretted letting her in on this part of his life.

    “The girlfriend?” She exclaimed. “She’s coming here?”

    “Don’t,” he said. Neither of them were even sure what he was protesting other than a dramatic reaction from the girl. “And she’s not coming here, she’s here.”

    “Right now?”

    “Right now.”

    “Why haven’t I met this girlfriend yet? I’m your best friend.” She wasn’t. In the vicinity, but best friend may have been a stretch.

    “You’re not my best friend,” he said bluntly, though a smile was toying on both their lips.

    “Close enough, you let me hang out in your studio.”

    “Because you’re annoying and stubborn. I don’t invite you here,” he reminded her, the girl ignoring the comment.

    “Do you invite her here?” The girl asked, her eyebrows raised in anticipation and glee. Yoongi was particular about his studio. Despite complaining about the girl’s presence in the space, it was actually a big deal he let her hang out in there, though he’d never admit that. Choosing to ignore her once again, he instead started packing up his stuff as he prepared to depart the studio for the night. “Yoongles,” she called for his attention, demanding an answer.

    “Once,” he said simply. “She’s been here once so far.”

    “Oh my god, Yoongi,” the girl cooed. “So far,” she emphasized his word choice. “This is like, massive.”

    “Stop it,” he complained, a small pout on his lips as he stood and gestured for the girl to follow him.

    “Are you in love?” She asked in a sweet voice, already on the verge of cooing.

    “Ok, enough, let’s go. Get out of my studio.” Giggling at the way he held back a gummy grin as he started toward the door of his studio, she followed behind him.

    “You know I’m just happy for you, right?” She asked, her tone more serious as they walked side by side down the hallway, making their way out of the building.

    “I know,” he hummed. And then as though he just realized she was still next to him, he halted his steps which allowed the girl to get a few steps ahead of him before she looked back in confusion. “Why are you coming with me? Jungkook is back there,” he nodded down the hallway in the opposite direction.

    “Yoongi,” she snorted. “You know I’m gonna go meet this girl.”

    “Uh, no. No you’re not,” he stared at her.

    “Ok, sure, I’m just going to head outside for some fresh air, your studio can be so stuffy,” she nodded to herself, making her way toward the exit doors. “And if a pretty girl who seems totally out of your league is out there, I may just introduce myself.”

    “You’re such a nuisance,” he pouted, walking once again. “I really hate you right now.”

    “No you don’t,” she smiled.

    “Don’t introduce yourself as my best friend. Don’t lie to my girlfriend.”

    “Please, I’m introducing myself as her future girlfriend. I’m single after all, Yoongles.”

    “Hate you,” he muttered.

    “Mhmm, I know,” she beamed just as they both stepped out the doors. Yoongi instantly spotted your car, immediately making a beeline to you. The speed at which he was walking took you by surprise. You didn’t know he could move that fast. Also, why is he walking that fast? Who’s that girl?

    It took the girl a minute to realize Yoongi was leaving her behind as she looked around the street. As soon as she noticed him zooming toward you, she yelled out his name and chased after him.

    “Is that her?” She called out, pointing at your car. Literally who in the fuck is this girl?

    Stepping out of your car, you timidly waved in their direction.

    “Kid, get back in the car,” Yoongi groaned. Your eyes bounced between your seemingly annoyed but somewhat amused boyfriend and the wide-eyed girl whose gaze was glued to you.

    “Hi,” you greeted in confusion, nodding your head at her.

    “Hi,” she shyly nodded back. Yoongi let out a semblance of a snort at her shy greeting but you weren’t concerned with him at the moment. You and the girl simply stared at each other, taking in each other’s appearance. She was cute. Really cute. And she had a certain charm about her, and maybe even a confidence that sat just below the shy demeanor she wore. The longer you looked at her, the more you appreciated her soft yet somehow still striking features. Wow. She’s stunning. How did Yoongi know this girl? Should you be jealous right now?

    “Uh,” Yoongi looked between you both, making you and the girl break your focus on each other and turn it to him instead. “Kid, this is Peachy Keen,” he told you, just before telling you her real name. “She’s Tae’s best friend.”

    Oh! Ohhhh. “Peachy Keen,” you said in realization. “So your best friend, too,” you teased him, a small smile curving on the girl’s lips as she smacked his shoulder.

    “See, I am your best friend,” she smirked.

    “No,” Yoongi bluntly remarked. You could tell they were close with the way she laughed in amusement rather than taking the comment to heart. “This is my girlfriend,” he then told the girl, telling her your name.

    “The girlfriend,” she whispered.

    “The?” You questioned, the girl’s wide eyes bouncing to you. And just like that, the cheeky confidence was replaced with timidness once again.

    “Uh, yeah, he uh mentions you quite a bit. Just in small subtle ways. It’s really cute, he’s smitten,” she smiled fondly.

    “Oh he does, does he?” You beamed, looking at Yoongi who evaded your gaze by looking off into the distant sky. He played with his teeth using his tongue as he held back a smile. “He’s actually mentioned you a bit too,” you informed the girl. “Usually in a ‘she’s such a nuisance,’ way but I can tell he’s fond.”

    “Aww, thanks, bestie,” she directed at him, giggling when he rolled his eyes.

    “Anyways, you met,” he told the girl. “Go away now.”

    “Ok, ok,” she smiled. “Have fun on your date,” she said suggestively, making you chuckle as you watched Yoongi tentatively step forward, not yet leaving the girl behind. As though he was waiting for a comment from her. Perhaps her thoughts. “It was nice to meet you,” she told you politely, and you damn near cooed at the formality of it.

    “Yeah, you too,” you smiled sincerely. “I’ll see you again, I’m sure.”

    “That would be great,” she smiled. As you opened your car door, you averted your gaze from the two people standing on the opposite side of the vehicle, giving them a moment to speak to each other in private. However, you could still hear the mumbled comment from the girl.

    “She’s so pretty,” she whisper-shouted to him.

    “I know,” he agreed, as though she wasn’t telling him anything he didn’t already know.

    “Like, really pretty. She’s so cute, oh my god,” she gushed, a small smile curving on your lips in response to the outpouring of sweet compliments. “I love her.”

    Yoongi gave her a skeptical look, studying her face. “Back off.”

    “I’m just saying,” she held up her hands in feigned innocence.

    When the song playing from your phone changed from a quiet slow indie track to a more vibrant fun song, the girl looked at the car in surprise. “I love that song,” she told you, focusing on the music that poured out onto the street.

    Looking into the car, you listened carefully to hear that it was Prince and the Revolution’s Raspberry Beret. “Oh? You do?”

    “It’s one of my favorites,” she smiled shyly. “Taehyung always tells me it sounds like me,” she giggled. “I don’t know why I just told you that.”

    “I’m glad you did,” you smiled fondly. Did you mention she was cute? Because yeah. She’s cute. “From this day on, I will be associating this song with you, Peachy Keen.”

    “Are you flirting with her?” Yoongi suddenly cut in, looking at you in shock.

    Smiling, you rolled your eyes playfully, though you didn’t deny the accusation. Were you flirting? Maybe. “Yoongi, we both like Prince and Raspberry Beret,” you pointed out to him. “That’s like, twin flame shit.”

    “Everyone likes Prince,” he rebutted.

    “Whatever, that’s not the point. The point is, I think we just became best friends,” you told him, your eyes finding the girl once again to find her smiling in amusement.

    “No you didn’t,” Yoongi interjected.

    “Aw, Yoongles, are you afraid of losing me as your bestie to your girlfriend?” She teased him, your smile widening at the comment.

    “Not exactly,” he mumbled.

    The girl tossed her head back in laughter, looking youthful and adorable. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to steal your girlfriend.”

    “You’re not?” You playfully pouted, making the girl give you a bashful smile through an embarrassed giggle as she ducked her head.

    “That’s enough,” Yoongi sighed, nodding to the car. “Let’s go.”

    “Fine, grumpy,” you pouted. “It really was nice to meet you, bestie,” you directed to the girl. You couldn’t help but appreciate the way she smiled shyly at you.

    “You too,” she agreed sweetly. Nodding to your boyfriend, you silently told him to stay with the girl for a moment to say goodbye just before you ducked into the car and shut the door. You watched the interaction, wondering what they were saying, knowing it was about you.

    Yoongi stared at the girl standing on the platform outside his work’s building, awaiting her commentary on the meeting while you sat in the car. “Well,” the girl started with a smile. “She’s really great,” she told Yoongi.

    “Yeah. She is,” he said softly, a glimpse of a grin apparent on his lips.

    “You two seem smitten,” she pouted. “Makes me feel very single.”

    “Didn’t you just go on a date last night?” He chuckled.

    “Yeah. I did,” she smiled. “Doesn’t mean I’m not single, though. I don’t have that.” Yoongi watched her carefully for a moment, searching for the meaning hidden between the words you were saying. “Have fun tonight, Yoongles.”

    “Yeah, you too,” he said quietly, still studying her features. “You know you do kind of have that.” When she pulled her eyebrows together in question, Yoongi sighed. “With Tae.”

    “Oh. Yeah, but that’s different,” she negated, waving it off with a gesture of her hand.

    “Is it?” Yoongi asked, raising his eyebrows skeptically.

    “Yes,” she held back a smile. “Take care of her. Or I will steal her.”

    “Don’t even think about it,” he warned, stepping away from her. “Go interrupt Namjoon and Jungkook. They need a break.”

    “Will do!” She called out, heading back toward the building to do just that.

    You watched as Yoongi closed the rest of the space to your car, dragging his feet slightly. He wore a shy smile as he looked down at the concrete. Ok fine, he’s cute too. He got in the car quietly, without a word, strapping his seat belt before straightening in his seat and looking forward, all while you watched him with a massive beam.

    “That was,” he trailed off.

    “Good. It was really good,” you finished for him. “She’s sweet,” you pouted.

    “You just think that because she has a crush on you,” he teased, turning to look at you.

    “Hey, the feeling is mutual, just to make that clear,” you messed with him.

    “Hey,” he warned with a smile. “No, but she is sweet. She’s annoying and a nuisance but she’s a good person. And she loves you already,” he chuckled. “She has good taste.”

    “You’re cute,” you told him softly. “So she just hangs out in your studio sometimes?”

    “Yeah, occasionally. She was just waiting for Jungkook tonight,” Yoongi told you nonchalantly. “She invites herself though,” he told you, his tone a bit more urgent. “You’re still the only one I’ve ever actually invited there.”

    “I wasn’t jealous,” you giggled.

    “I know. But I’m just making that clear,” he flashed his gummy grin.

    “I’m flattered,” you told him. “Hi, by the way. I missed you.”

    Leaning over the console, he waited for you to close the rest of the gap, pressing your lips softly to his. “I missed you too,” he assured you in a whisper against your mouth.

    Humming at his confession, you smiled just before kissing him once more. “I won’t actually leave you for her.”

    Chuckling against your lips, he pulled away shaking his head. “You better not.”

    Rolling your eyes playfully, you pulled out onto the street. “Ready for dinner?”

    “I’m starving,” he lightly chuckled, embarrassed by the way his stomach damn near growled at the word ‘dinner’. “Where are you taking me?”

    Gasping at him, you shook your head. “Honey boy, it’s a surprise.” Groaning, he turned so his back was slightly directed to the car door, allowing him to face you a little better through the restraints of the seatbelt. Resting the back of his head against the window, he watched you as you drove. “What?”

    “Peachy Keen is right,” he hummed. Glancing at him, you silently asked him to elaborate. “You’re so pretty.”

    Lifting your eyebrows, you tried but failed to bite back your growing grin. You didn’t think you’d ever get used to Yoongi casually dropping compliments on you just because he wanted you to always know how he saw you. It wasn’t always easy for him to give such compliments, but he always managed for you. In an attempt to hide your flustered and bashful state, you asked, “She said that?”

    “Oh shut up,” he remarked with a gummy smile, making you giggle.

    “I’m kidding,” you teased him, your tone full of amusement. “But can I just get her number from you?”


    “Right, sorry, I’ll- you know what, I’ll check back later,” you teased. Out of the corner of your eye you could see his shoulders shaking slightly in silent laughter. Cute. “Thanks, by the way. For the compliment. You’re pretty too.”

    “Stop,” he whined and you couldn’t help but pull your eyes off the road to look at him once again, refusing to miss out on seeing the pout.

    “You better eat lots tonight, pretty boy.”

    Meeting your term of endearment with a sigh, he then simply brushed it off, ignoring the way it heated his cheeks. “Only if you do.”


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    #if you look up dilf yoongi on google spoiled brat comes up so i guess its official 😌🤙🏼 #asks #fic: spoiled brat
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    yOoNmIn iN bED –

    Jimin - ( smiles ) why open your legs when you can open the Bible?
    yoongi - why open your mouth when you can clearly open your legs
    Jin - ( from the closet ) i was spying and the rumour that you both are dating ain't close to anywhere lying
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    Anyone knows a fic on AO3 where Jimin breaks up with Yoongi because he got pregnant. And then years later Yoongi gets a wedding invitation to his sister Yoongi's wedding (she's marrying Taehying) where he finds out Jimin has a kid.

    In the fic, I think the kid is Jungkook and he's mute because his grandmother died and he was traumatized. Yoongi's parents also babysit Kookie and Yoongi finds it weird...I think Yoongi taught him how to play basketball and he bought him a bike....

    Yoongi is also Agust D in the fic.

    If anyone knows it, please help me find it. I've been searching forever to find this fic.

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    Love Again {4}: Wound in Salt

    Previous: Selfish, I Know

    Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

    Genre: Angst

    Rating: R

    Warnings: Swearing! Talk of Sex! Confrontation!

    Word Count: 5.1K

    Summary: Namjoon’s been waiting for your call – and waiting and waiting. With patience running thing, he’s beginning to realize that his last declaration hasn’t pushed you towards giving him a second chance… but has maybe pushed you away. Are you doing so great without him? Why can’t he do that? He doesn’t get it but he’s hoping, over confrontational cocktails, that you’ll enlighten him.

    Notes: Be the One Sequel!

    Master List

    Master List: Be the One

    Listening: good 4 u, Olivia Rodrigo

    Tag List 

    Tag List: @teamtardis-notdead​, @knjkitten​, @mochikeyds​, @ot7nem​

    Beginning of November

               Namjoon wasn’t an idiot. He also wasn’t a coward, or a liar, or a charlatan. He also wasn’t going to allow himself to think he fucking stood a chance when you left to spend a week or whatever fucking Seokjin on some island where the main export was tropical fruit and human trafficking. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew showing up on your doorstep, asking, begging, willing you to take him back was a shot in the dark. The likelihood you took him back, gave him a second chance… slim.

               But, he held out hope. What else could he do? You said you’d call when you came back, and he had to trust that.

               “Hey,” Yoongi stepped into Namjoon’s classroom. They had the same planning period, which, if anyone asked, was a coincidence. But one that Yoongi had worked out when staring at the master planning schedule for the academic year. This time was meant for collaboration, which a large chunk of the time it was, but it was also a designated time five days a week for them to shoot the shit.

              Yoongi sat on an empty desk in the front row, arms crossed over his chest.

               “Hey,” Namjoon set his whiteboard marker down and stared at his friend. “What’s up?”

               “I just wanted to see how you’re doing,” Yoongi said.

               Namjoon stared at him, gaging his intention quickly. “Me?”


               “She told you?” He sat down, a heavy sigh accompanying the setting of his glasses on his closed laptop.

               “All she said is that you stopped by, and that she’d call when she came back,” Yoongi was quick to dispel information, easing Namjoon’s obvious embarrassment.  

               “That’s all she said?”

               “You can trust Y/N, her word is gold,” He shrugged.

               Namjoon put his glasses back on. “Alright.”

               “How are you?” He asked again.

               “I don’t know. I feel completely out of my league, she’s controlling my heart and I’m the one who fucked up first.”

               “How did you fuck up?” Yoongi asked. He knew what happened – but not from Namjoon’s side. He’d kept to himself so much, Yoongi was totally out of it when Jungkook forced you to share.

               “I told her I didn’t want to be with her, that we were better off as friends.”

               “But obviously you don’t feel that way?”

               Namjoon was more frustrated with himself than with Yoongi, but it wasn’t coming out that way. “No, I didn’t feel that way when I said it.”

               “You still said it though?”

               “I did, and it was a mistake,” Namjoon confirmed.

               “So, you owned up to it, and apologized,” Yoongi said. “What’s embarrassing about that?”

               “I wish I hadn’t said it in the first place.”

               Yoongi paused. “Hindsight?”

              “Something like that.”

              “And now you’re what, waiting for her?”

              “I -  

              Namjoon stared at him, hard, not sure what to say next. Because isn’t that exactly what he’s doing? Stewing in his frustration while you, move on?

              “What did you do in the weeks you weren’t seeing Y/N?”

               “Are you asking if I slept around?”

               “No, I’m asking what you did. I mean, I saw you and you said nothing. But I didn’t know why,” Yoongi trailed off. “I was surprised when she told me what happened. And surprised it’s been what, a month, and you still haven’t said anything to me about it, or her.”  

               Namjoon ignored the end of Yoongi’s sentence, focusing on the part that mattered. “She told you?”

               “Well, that’s complicated.”

               “Complicated how?”

               “A friend told me, and then she copped to it and shared it with Hoseok and me. But she didn’t tell me initially, at all,” Yoongi was choosing his words carefully, making sure to keep himself innocence and not place blame on either you or Namjoon… or to make it seem like he had been avoiding Joon in the wake of the breakup and your return from vacation. Because he had been avoiding him, a little, putting distance so Joon didn’t ask if you were back, if you were okay, if Jin was your boyfriend. He let Namjoon sulk in his own assumptions.

               “Huh,” Namjoon felt a little relieved, a little hope, that you had kept it between the two of you. “Did Jin tell you?”

               “I don’t think Jin knows at all.”

               “It was someone else?”

               “It seems that way.”


               “Namjoon, it isn’t for me to say. That’s between you and Y/N.”

               “That’s fair.”

               “Tell me though, why you didn’t tell me?” Yoongi asked. “Why have you been avoiding me?”

               “You’ve been avoiding me too,” Namjoon pointed out.

               “I’m trying not to be in the middle of it.”

               Namjoon hummed his agreement. “I didn’t say anything because I was too embarrassed. I didn’t, Yoongi she’s your best friend.”

               “I know that,” Yoongi agreed.

               “And I thought if I told you what I did, how I treated her… I didn’t want our friendship to crumble because I fucked up.”

              Yoongi understood and made a mental note to tell Hoseok that he had been right. “Joon, my relationship with Y/N is different than my relationship with you. And unlike the government, church and state can exist separately in my mind.”  

              “Yes, but you two have this epic friendship that spans years and chance meetings in college and best friends falling in love with best friends. It’s expansive and meaningful.”

              “Doesn’t negate our friendship, though. You two not being together and you and me retaining our friendship are on different pages in totally different books.”

              “I know, but I couldn’t risk it?” Namjoon asked.

              “What is it with people being afraid to risk it? I risked it,” Yoongi was proud of himself – it was one of few items where he had moral superiority, or rather a daring streak no one else seemed to see in him. He could be bold and daring and unpredictable. He did risk it all, you, Hoseok… but he fucking won, didn’t he?

              “You and Hoseok aren’t the same-

              “But they’re similar, risking friendship for a romantic relationship? I lived with her for years, I knew of Hoseok, and when he came around… I could’ve lost them both,” Yoongi shrugged, his shoulder slightly tweaked from a rogue tennis match Hoseok had wanted to play, and not a sex thing, which you didn’t believe.

              “You didn’t though,” Namjoon argued.

              “And after this summer, too. It’s been tough.”

              “Has it?”

              Namjoon was beginning to realize that he maybe hadn’t seen the whole picture, or realized the parts he himself had a hand in… Maybe he was far too removed or had at least kept himself removed. If he didn’t think about Yoongi, you and Yoongi, maybe his behavior was excusable. That was cowardly, he realized.

              “Yeah, yeah, she and I…” Yoongi stopped, not wanting to discuss your relationship. “You don’t have anything to be embarrassed by.”

              “I was a coward Yoongi,” Namjoon said. “I let an amazing girl go because I was a fucking twat about it. And I’ve spent this entire month wondering if she’s forgotten I fucking exist.”

              “Whoa, language,” Yoongi feigned shock, knowing full well Namjoon had heard him curse and swear up and down the English and Korean language many times.

              “I just, I feel like a damn fool who has wasted time on someone who doesn’t want me.”

              “For what it’s worth, she’s gone through a shit ton this summer and fall. But if you two are meant to be, you’ll find a way.”

              “You think – you think I still have a chance?” Namjoon let hope seep into his question.

              “I can’t answer that,” Yoongi said.

              Namjoon sighed but agreed. Yoongi couldn’t ever answer that, particularly if he was remaining neutral. Perhaps Yoongi didn’t even know if you were dating anyone, or if being with Jin had pushed you to stop seeing everyone. Maybe you were single after all.

              “The fact that you give sound relationship advice still shocks me,” Namjoon told him.

              “The fact that I come in here to talk to you at all, shocks me.”

              Yoongi stood and retreated to his classroom, somewhat across the second floor from Namjoon’s. The history department shared space with psychology and many AP courses. Namjoon’s beloved English department shared part of the first and second floors of the high school, freshman and sophomores on the first floor, juniors, seniors and a variety of AP classes on the second. Last year, Yoongi had taught on the first floor because of a stupid fluke, and quietly complained so much that he was moved back to his home on the second.

              Namjoon, left alone again with his thoughts, was forced to answer Yoongi’s question.

              What had he done in the weeks you didn’t see each other?

              Well, for starters, Namjoon had increased his time at the gym from an hour a day to an hour and a half, then two hours. He finished a large chunk of his dissertation before sending it to his mentor for edits, then he dove into his teaching load. He wasn’t teaching anything more than last year, but he definitely had a few rough sections of students. AP British Lit wasn’t for the faint of heart, and a few students had signed up with the hopes of taking an AP without realizing the work it required. Meaning he needed to include a few more scaffolds and little assignments that would boost them up, not throw them into the deep end. And of course, a few bright students came in ready to go, only to realize they really needed to take AP Comp instead, dropping his class and changing the dynamics of students that were in the class. The bright spot – AP US Lit was going swimmingly.

              It was exhausting, the new academic year always knocked him out. On top of it, heartache. Namjoon could suppose he came to your apartment out of desperation, or that he missed you and wanted to keep seeing you… but really, his mother had snapped at him. Absolutely fuming after he returned home to drop the keys to the cabin. She didn’t raise him that way, didn’t raise him to treat women the way he did.

              She was so angry, voice raised, eyes bulging.

              Why can’t you find a nice girl? Why aren’t you married? Why are you always single? Are you gay? You can be gay, we don’t have one in the family, we could use one. Are you sure you aren’t gay? You can be gay but don’t tell grandma, okay? I want grandchildren, Namjoon! Why can’t I have grandchildren? Your studies aren’t going to take care of you when you’re my age!

              He had left his parents’ house, his father giving him a “I know she’s overreacting, but she has points, son.”

              And he was left driving to his apartment asking himself: What had I just done?

              Which led quickly to: Could I fix it?

              You were funny and smart and creative and interesting… and the sex! He almost blew a load thinking about the sex, thinking about how tightly you wrapped around him, how you bossed him around and asked him to try new things. Why was he so willing to give that up?  If he begged enough, could he take it all back? Would you take him back?

              He didn’t know – all he knew is that he had to try. So, he tucked his tail between his legs and went to your apartment, his mother’s voice in his ear and knocked on your door.

              Namjoon wasn’t sure what to expect, but your demeanor and brutal honesty had only ticked him off. How embarrassing, to come groveling back to you. You were fucking more guys than he knew, that was a fact, and he was sitting at home, wondering how he measured up or if he stood a chance against whoever else you were dating. It was awful, and not because he really didn’t know you… because he didn’t. What did you ever talk about? What did he really know about you, as a human being? Knowing you in bed was one thing, being able to make you come in minutes, knowing what certain sounds meant and how you liked to be spoken to only accounted for a fraction of who you were. Did he know anything at all?

              And did you?

              Why hadn’t he cared, until he was being scolded by his mother, about the depths of this relationship? Fuck him – could it even be considered a relationship?

              “Oh my god,” Namjoon thought, as his next class filtered in. “What even happened this summer?”

              Taking his phone out of his pocket, he decided to text you.

    Joon Thee Stallion: Free for a drink?

    Y/N: Yeah! I meant to text you when I got back – sorry it’s been hectic at work

    Joon Thee Stallion: Yeah, I wondered about that

    Y/N: I’m sorry, that’s totally on me. Drinks tonight?

    Joon Thee Stallion: Yeah – place we had our first date?

    Y/N: Perfect 8PM?

    Joon Thee Stallion: See you then

              “Mr. Kim?” A curly haired teen named Lincoln asked, approaching his desk.

              “Yes Lincoln, what’s up?” Namjoon set his phone down and glanced at the clock.

              “Uh, class started a minute ago and you’re just… staring.”

              Namjoon sat up in his chair, eyes moving around the room to his class of AP students. They weren’t particularly thrilled to find themselves in his class, particularly after their abysmal grades from their rough draft of their first timed write came in. “Right! Alright, who can tell me where we left off yesterday?”

              “You were yelling at us because our essays sucked,” Audra said from her row in the back.

              “I wasn’t yelling – I don’t yell,” He teased, standing and turning to the smart board. He turned it on and his presentation from his last class stared them all in the face.

              “You were mad though,”

              “That is true, not mad, disappointed,” He clarified. “Timed writes are notoriously difficult, they are a special skill that we’re going to work on all year so that when you have to take your SATs and ACTs, and eventually GREs or whatever grad level entrance exam, you’ll be prepared. It’s like learning how to multiply – first you had to learn to add and subtract.”

              “Ugh, I’m already getting a B- in calculus, do we have to talk math?” Harry asked from the second row.

              “Oh my god – that test last week was brutal!” Georgie called out.

              “Okay – let’s not get too sidetracked with calculus.”

              “Mr. Kim,” Fallon raised her hand.

              “Yes Fallon?”

              “When do we start Beowulf? And are we going to do a virtual tour of the British Museum’s exhibit?”

              Namjoon doesn’t think he hates students. He doesn’t. At all. If he did, he wouldn’t be teaching high school English with no plans to move to college despite his dissertation and impending PhD. He doesn’t hate students.

              But Fallon Cooper drove him absolutely batshit. She was a know it all, a person who demanded attention not just from her perfect grades but her waspy upbringing. Her parents had already emailed him twice, once to inquire about his syllabus and once to commend him on his academic studies. In a public school, where donations can make a difference, the Cooper’s lived in a level of control even Marissa’s parents didn’t attempt. The new gym, half the library, redoing the wing of the science department…. All came from the Coopers and a few of their pals.

              Which, by nature, made Fallon a bit pretentious, and a little bit of a pain in the ass all the time.

              “Yes Fallon, we will be taking a look and doing a virtual tour. There will also be extra credit,” Namjoon said, knowing full well she was going to ask.


              He watched ten students roll their eyes and smirked, at least he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t stand her.

               After work, Namjoon treated himself to a brief but intensive work out before showering and getting ready. He shaved the little fuzz off his chin and upper lip, put some very expensive and very moldable hair wax into his dark hair, and picked out a crisp but casual shirt. He wanted to look good, muscles present under his cardigan, glasses perched on his slender bridge, assuming and large but not too intimidating. You’d seen him naked, had his cock in your mouth and your pussy had clung to him more times than he wanted to admit. Because for two people who dated for three months, or whatever it was, you’d fucked so many times, in so many different positions it was hard to keep track of. All worth it – but had he fucked you instead of getting to know you?

               You arrived at the restaurant early, waiting patiently for a table and then for Namjoon. You were early, largely out of nerves and anticipation. You had fucked up, not intentionally, but coming back from Turks & Caicos, coupled with dealing with Seokjin and repairing your friendship with Yoongi, had made the entire month of October go by in a blur of emotions. So many tears, so many nights curled up against Hoseok, hand intertwined with Yoongi’s. Nights you stayed with them and days you avoided going to work… It was easier to say things were okay with you and Jin than to actually have them be. That would take time, and a little distance. But it hurt, still, ending things with him, and then making up with Yoongi. Making up with Yoongi was the most important part, and the one that demanded so much of your emotional energy.

               Which isn’t an excuse to not following through with Namjoon, but it kind of was. At least, you were going to play it off like it was to avoid the guilt.

               Namjoon promised himself he’d be levelheaded, he’d be calm and collected, not angry, not resentful, not hurt.

               But then, he saw you: tight jeans hugging your thighs, ankle boots, a cropped sweater that highlighted your cleavage and damnit.

               He was angry.

              All the frustration brewing deep within him was starting to bubble up. Your tan was fading, so of course you’ve been back for a while. You smiled at him like you hadn’t blatantly ignored him for what, a month? You were back in the city and unlike your promise to text him, you didn’t.

              “Hey!” You stood up, wrapping arms around him in a friendly embrace before sitting back down.

              “Hey,” He said curtly.

              “How are you? Yoongi’s given me a little insight to the start of the year. How are you holding up?”

              “I’m fine, you know, teenagers are teenagers.”

              “Very true. Are you teaching your usual course load?”

              You were trying to banter with him, trying to bridge the divide that both of you had created, but he was unmoving in your attempt. Why couldn’t he just move a little, concede an inch? What happened to the pieces of your heart you had offered him, and he you? Gone when you slammed his car door and walked into your apartment to cry.

              “Yeah, I am.”

              “Cool,” You weren’t sure where to go.

              “How was vacation?”

              You clicked your jaw, squaring off against him. This is what tonight was going to be about and be like. A battle – atmosphere heavy and weighty with judgments and unsaid jabs. It was going to be glares and Childish Gambino lyrics and hurtful comments neither of you were ever going to apologize for, despite knowing you will have to see each other for years to come. Tonight, will be the night everything fucking ignites and you don’t know if you’re ready for that at all.

    Now Playing: Namjoon vs You vs Whoever You’re Dating, but won’t tell anyone.

               “Say what you want to, Namjoon. It doesn’t do either of us anything to hide behind snide comments and judgmental glares,” You weren’t going to back down, or lessen yourself for him. Part of this was his fault, and it was also yours. But he should know by now, that you were never going to back down from him or this confrontation.

               The waiter, who had been tersely watching your interaction, came up to your table.

               “Drinks?” He asked.

               You both ordered – alcohol, lots of it.

               Deciding not to run away from your blunt delivery and mini-monologue, Namjoon exhaled in an attempt to calm his escalating anger.

               “I think it’s shitty that you didn’t text me when you came back from your sex-cation with Jin.”

               “First, it wasn’t a sex-cation,” You corrected. “And second, I am sorry about that. I know I said I would contact you when I got back. I didn’t do that, and I am sorry. That was really fucking shitty of me, and you deserved a call or text or both.”

               Namjoon shook his head, dismissing your apology. “Are you though?”

               “Did you forget that you ended this first?” You asked. Your own anger was flaring, indignation in the ice in your eyes. “You broke up with me, after a weekend together where we hit a few road bumps and you decided that we didn’t fit together.”

               “Tell me, did you ever think we fit together? Aside from sex.”

               “I – how do you mean? Our personalities?”

               “Yeah, did you like talking to me, or did you just like the banter that led to sex?”

               “Joon, I tried to get to know you. That weekend at your family’s cabin was the first time we ever really talked about real shit.”

              “I didn’t know you ever wanted to,” He shrugged, acting like a child instead of the adult he knew he was.

              You scoffed. “That’s not just on me.”

               “I already apologized for dumping you,” He was quick to say.  

               “You apologized for being a coward and not talking to me.”

               “And you said you’d call.”

               “I’ve been going through a lot, and I’m sorry that contacting a guy who broke up with me then waited weeks to apologize wasn’t high on my list of priorities,” Your retort was true, and it didn’t really matter if Namjoon believed you. You knew the truth. Sipping your drink, you waited in annoyance for him to respond.  

               “Oh, don’t demean me like that.”

               “I’m not demeaning you, Joon. But there was and is more going on in my life that takes precedence over keeping up with someone who hurt me so easily.”

               “You keep Jin around, seems like he hurt you plenty.” This was, in his opinion, the first strike against him. Maybe the second, him stepping one foot across the line.

               “That’s not fair and you know it.”

               “I just hope you’re happy with him.”

               “Why are you making assumptions about my relationships? You don’t even know what happened during the summer or the end of it!”

               “You fucked a lot of people,” He muttered, lips folding over his tumbler of alcohol.  

               “I – who are you to judge me?”

               Namjoon had fully crossed the line at that point, and he knew it. Both feet over it, he could only look back at where he was and wonder who he had become that he thought his comments were ever appropriate. This wasn’t him. How had you gone from giving him butterflies too bringing out the worst in him? Namjoon was shaming you because you weren’t his, and that was misogynistic and disgusting.

              “I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.”

               “Thank you,” But you didn’t mean it, tears forming, sorrow weighing your shoulders down. This is why you didn’t want to date him – he was so quick to hurt you. Snap decisions based on what, you didn’t know, led him to make a move that always hurt you. Breaking up with you, how he reacted to conflict… This wasn’t the same guy you flirted with at Juneteenth. Or the guy who made you blueberry pancakes and hoped you’d stay the night. This wasn’t the guy who asked you to give him a second chance.

               But people show you who they are when they don’t get their way. And he wasn’t getting his way and hadn’t been since August. At least not when it came to you.

               “You just seem so fucking unaffected by it all,” Namjoon spoke, hating the silence between you.  

               “Can you be more specific?” You asked.

               “The summer. Us. Jin, your new boyfriend.”

               “I,” You took a sip of your drink, grateful the waiter had the bartender put another pour of tequila in your glass. “This feels like it’s moving desperately towards Nixon territory and I’m not sure I have answers to when I knew and how did I know.”

               Namjoon laughed, genuinely, at your quip.

               “I mean, if you don’t have answers, don’t perjure yourself to tell me something you think I want to hear.”

               “Isn’t that what you’re asking me to do?”

               He was caught by it, eyebrows raised. “No, not at all.”

               “Then what are you trying to get at? I understand that you’re mad at me, and angry with how I handled the last month, but I don’t know if that’s warranted after you broke up with me.”

               His anger flared again, his jaw clicking to match yours.

               “You moved on so easily, how?”

               “We weren’t serious, Namjoon. We weren’t exclusive,” You began.

               “So, because I didn’t ask you to be serious, you felt that you could just move on without telling me?” Namjoon asked. It sounded so pathetic when it left his lips.

               “It’s not my problem or fault you’ve been biding your time until I came back. I told you I’d think about it,” You gritted your teeth, shoulders again squaring off with his.

               “And did you? Or did Jin declare his unyielding love and now you’re running off together?”

               “It’s not fucking Jin!” Your voice raised, exasperated and angry. This had been a total mistake, a complete and total blunder you wished you hadn’t agreed to.


               “I don’t know what you want from me. Do you want me to say I forgive you and want to try again? That you haven’t hurt my feelings, or shown me who you are? Do you want me to say fuck it, let’s be exclusive? I don’t know what you want!” You let a tear drop fall, only one… maybe two, before hastily wiping them away.  

               “I – no. No, I had a feeling you weren’t going to give us a second chance when you came back from vacation and didn’t call or text me for four weeks,” Namjoon’s voice had softened, this was part of his problem, wasn’t it? He couldn’t see past himself, to see the whole picture?

               You stared at him. “I apologized for that, Namjoon.”

               “You moved on so fucking easily, Y/N. Like what we had meant nothing to you.”

               “I moved on easily? You ended things because we have a few different opinions! Things we could’ve talked about, or worked through, and if we had wanted to be a serious couple we would have had to talk about them all. But you cut us off at the knee and we never had a chance!” Your voice rose progressively with your sentiments. How angry could he make you in the span of thirty seconds? How desperately did he want to burn this to the ground, and did he realize he wasn’t holding the match, but pouring the kerosene?

               “You want to know why I waited?” Namjoon asked.

               “Which time?” You asked callously.

               “While you went on vacation?” He specified.

               “Sure, why have you been waiting the last month and a half?” You spat back.

               “Because I thought we had something special. Some witty repartee, incredible sexual chemistry, we had fun. I fucked up, and I thought you would be gracious, and kind, and would consider trying again.”

               “So you waited for me to call you? How did that turn out?”

               He shook his head. “You said you weren’t willing to stop seeing other people.”

               “Yes, I did.”

               “Did you stop seeing other people for him?”

               “Who?” You inquired, though you knew who he was referring to.


               “How many times do I have to tell you? It isn’t Jin.”

               Namjoon rolled his eyes, so obviously unconvinced. “Fine, whoever he is.”

               You stared back at him, blinking slowly and intentionally, and he knew, from the way you licked your bottom lip, this was it.

              “He didn’t have to ask.”

               He had been right. Your words had hit Namjoon like an 18-wheeler going 60 down a steep downgrade. Whoever this mystery man was, he didn’t have to ask you to stop seeing whoever was in your roster. Either because he didn’t know, or because you were, all on your own, ending things with every guy. You had found someone you wanted to be exclusive with – someone special, someone specific.

               And it wasn’t him.

               “Wow,” He answered. He picked up his glass and tipped it back, downing what was left in two large gulps.

               You did the same, finishing yours in a few more sips, and waited for him to say something.

               “It seems to me that you’re getting everything you want,” Namjoon muttered.

               “I’m not. And if I am, it isn’t without pain and hurt and a lot of tears.”

               “It doesn’t make me feel sorry for you,” Namjoon said.

               “Screw you. I don’t need you to feel anything towards me except maybe indifference.”

               The waiter approached, having watched the shift in the conversation, and brings two separate checks, which you both pay respectively. Standing and slipping your coat back on, Namjoon leads you both out of the restaurant and to the street.

               “Goodnight,” You said, staring at him blankly. You weren’t going to hug him, or smile, or offer any well wishes. You really didn’t feel any of those things, and why on earth would you give him more of yourself?

               “Yeah, thanks for doing this.”


               “Look –

               “Namjoon, you’ve said your piece. You really don’t have to say anything else. I hope your dissertation goes well, and I’m sure we’ll see each other at Yoongi’s from time to time. But we’re done, this, this is over.”

               Of course, you wanted to have the last word.

               “Yeah, sure. We can be cordial,” His jaw clicked again.

               “Great, goodnight.”

               “Goodnight, Y/N.”

               Namjoon watched you leave, your apathy and indifference to him stinging like a wound in salt. How could you continue to be so unaffected, so listless? Just living your life like – no. He wasn’t going to give you more head space.

               You were seemingly happy, and healthy without him.

               As he walked to his car and began the drive home, the only phrase that echoed in his mind, on a loop was this:

               Good for fucking you. 

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    💕 (fluff) 💋 (smut) 🌧️ (angst) 🎭 (humor)

    📖 (series) 📄 (one shot) ✏️ (drabble)

    Iron Stomach (PG)(WIP) 💕, 🎭, 📄

    They say the best way to a man’s heart was his stomach; too bad you couldn’t cook to save your life.

    Smart Mouth (M)(WIP) 💋, 📄

    Jin was tired of seeing you have the guys wrapped around your little finger, traipsing around the dorm and acting like you owned the place. After a not so little incident, he has enough and makes sure to put you in your place.

    Sleep is for the Weak (M)(WIP) 🌧️, 💋, 💕, 📖

    Insomnia was a rotten, fucking bitch that deprived you of a normal sleep schedule like the rest of society. Turns out your neighbor shared that same sentiment, leading to an unexpected yet fulfilling bond.

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower (M)(WIP) 💋 , 📄

    Yoongi hated house parties with a passion, especially when his friends drag him to one and ditch him. But within the grinding bodies and weed smoke, he finds someone to make this hell a little more bearable.

    Drink Champagne in My Airplane (M) 💋, 🎭, 📄


    Your friend Hoseok decided to use his excessive wealth for good and take the both of you on a much-needed vacation. The flight was meant to be relaxing until he broke out one of his most expensive bottles of champagne.

    Let’s Dance the Night Away (PG)(WIP) 💕 , 🎭, 📄

    Parents nagging your life choices? Friends blowing you off? Missed your bus by a few seconds? Need a dose of serotonin? Just come down to J-Hope’s dance class!

    Untitled (M)(WIP) 💋, 📄

    There was only two days left to memorize the answers for your final exam but you couldn’t retain them for more than a day. Here comes your boyfriend to the rescue.

    Untitled (PG)(WIP) 💕 , 🎭 , 📄

    Damn Kim Namjoon and his sexy brain.

    If I Were You, I’d Do Me Too (M)(WIP) 💋, 📄


    Park Jimin had to be one of the most narcissistic men you had ever had the displeasure of meeting. And yet, you kept finding yourself at his door in the middle of the night like clockwork.

    Picture Perfect (M) 💋, 💕,📄

    All you wanted to do was take pictures of yourself in this cute lingerie you bought but you just can’t seem to get any of the shots to look right. Now you’ll have to get someone to do it for you but the only person you can think of is your friend/budding photographer/crush Kim Taehyung.

    Sorry Not Sorry (M) 💋, 🌧️, ✏️

    Time and time again, you found your boyfriend in the arms of another woman; so why the hell should you feel sorry when you decide to indulge in your own fun?

    Partition (M)(WIP) 💋, 📄

    It took you forty-five minutes to get dressed up but your boyfriend was about to ruin it in twenty.

    Untitled (PG)(WIP) 💕, 🎭, 📄

    Somehow you got your hands on your friend’s tattoo gun and you were itching to mark someone up. You convince your boyfriend Jungkook to let you draw on him; what’s one more little tattoo?

    Center of Attention (M) 💋, 📄


    It was supposed to just be you and your boyfriend tonight but your friends decided to come over for an impromptu slumber party. Of course, he’s not happy about it but he’ll get the attention he wants, one way or another.

    On Wednesdays We Wear Purple (PG-13)(WIP) 🎭, 📖

    Namjoon is out of his element when he returns to Korea after living abroad most of his life, finding the high school life difficult for a self-described nerd like him. But maybe the three most popular boys in the school can make it a little easier if he plays by their rules.

    ©bangtanintotheroom, 2022.

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    Error - BTS OT7 CEO AU Bonus chapter 13.5

    *Bonus chapter - Flashback alert* This takes place before chapter 1 (and after chapter 8.5 ‘envy’). There’s a lot of negative emotions in this one so proceed with caution 💜 ~ 3K words

    Prev / Next

    “There’s an error,” Yoongi says, frowning at you from his desk in his private office. It ticks your nerves, you don’t have time for his usual bickering today.

    “No I didn’t,” you snap, turning away with a roll to your eyes but he grabs your hand gently, coming to stand next to you as he leans you against the desk as if that would brace you somehow.

    “The margins are 1.5, for pink and pink they have to be 1.25,” he tries to lighten the mood by scrunching his nose similar to the maknae and while you found it adorable the implication of his words had you reeling.

    “I made a mistake?” Your voice is small but Yoongi can hear the sinking feeling in your chest through it. You skimmed the formatting instructions for this company very briefly, a jaded feeling running through your veins when you were given the project, images of Jungkook and Jin with the Pink and Pink CEO running through your mind. But that was no excuse for not doing your job properly.

    Yoongi frowns as he watches your face fall, as if your soul was burying itself deeper and deeper into your body to hide away from the world, an eerie blankness in your eyes as you only focused on your thoughts. Knowing you were such a perfectionist, he could only guess where your mind was at, and how harshly you were probably berating yourself.

    “It’s a tiny stupid thing, why are you letting it get to you?” he sighs.

    You inhale sharply, a flood of tears trying to wet your eyes but you pushed them back as much as you could, you weren’t going to cry over this, no way, not something as stupid as this. You made mistakes before, bigger ones and you always corrected them and moved on, you learnt from them, you never made them again. So why was it so difficult to walk away from this one?

    You had been so tense, so wound up and stressed from all the projects and the workload. When was the last time you took a day off? Or didn’t stay late? This tiny detail was the straw on the camel's back and right now your silence was the only thing holding the dam from breaking.

    “Are you okay?” He asks gently, taking your shoulders tentatively in the hold of his palms as he watches you go void of all emotion.

    You nod and swallow down the bitterness rising in your throat. Pushing him away as you walked out of the office without a word. His presence was bringing you to the brink of a breakdown and you just couldn’t do that in front of anyone.

    He looks stunned as he watches you leave, regretting ever mentioning the error in the first place.


    “Sunshine,” Hobi’s voice breaks you out of your frozen trance, his call for you catching you by surprise. He frowns as he takes in your expression.

    He approached your desk when he noticed you staring blankly at the computer screen, your hand still on the mouse, but your thoughts a thousand miles away. His sunshine was being overcast by a gloomy cloud and he didn’t like it.

    You sighed to yourself, you had so much to do, you couldn’t afford to zone out. You don’t say a word in response to your boss, staring at him silently, still trapped under the avalanche of negativity you were bringing down on yourself. He’s about to ask you what was wrong when another employee interrupts.

    “Jung Depyunim,” your colleague Suran calls for his attention as she walks over to your desk, wide grin on her face that doesn’t meet her eyes as she side glances down at you. It pissed you off, already having felt on edge without her presence. “If you have time, would you mind going through the B.A.P files with me? There’s a lot on here that doesn’t seem to add up.”

    His gaze is torn away from you, hesitating to smile back at his employee when you were looking so lifeless. The second he looks at her you feel this unnatural ugly combustion in your chest, like acid burning out of a battery, rotting your surrounding organs.

    “Just a moment Miss…?”

    “Suran,” she replies happily, ready to make an impression but annoyed he didn’t know her name like he knew yours, knuckles gripping at the files in her hands.

    “I’ll be with you in a second Miss Suran,” he smiles back at her politely, the name already leaving his memory as she walked away begrudgingly.

    “Sunshine?” he calls out for you quietly, aware of the eyes gravitating towards you both, but you ignore him, already turned back to your computer as you click away at nothing.

    His frown deepens as you fail to respond.

    “Y/n is something wrong?” he asks, feeling concerned about your despondency but feeling frustrated with your attitude. He hated being ignored, who didn’t? But you ignoring him was like a knife to the chest, and so out of character, he couldn’t stop the worry from manifesting itself as he studied you.

    You shake your head in answer, you didn’t want to speak, did he not understand that? You wanted to be anywhere other than here today, you loved your job but today you hated everything.

    Plus he had no problem turning to Suran when you were feeling this way, your petty thoughts surface making you angrier and closer to erupting, the vein on your forehead ready to pop as you clenched your jaw. He cares about you as an employee, he doesn't care the way you want him to.

    “Are you sure?” he presses, observing you cautiously.

    You feel moisture gather with each blink you take, cruelly reminded of the fact of the relationship between you both. As much as you craved to find solace in him and the other CEO, you would never allow yourself to, because their reaction to you may hurt you more than what you were suffering now. Their rejection would hurt, their professionalism, their distance, because despite what you believed about being special to their hearts, you were merely another number their company wrote paychecks for. They might’ve played with your attention during work hours but once they walked out you were sure, they had lives you could never touch, lovers you could never hope to be, you bet you barely ever crossed their thoughts outside of these office walls.

    “I’m fine,” you snap back, not wanting to be near him at that moment when you could feel your vulnerability trying to reach out for him. You stand, collecting your papers, turning away from him. “Suran is waiting for you.”

    With that, you walk away.


    Maybe the staff room wasn’t the best place to be when you were feeling like this. You haven’t taken a bite of your lunch, fifteen minutes in and all you had done was play with it with your fork, moving it around in your tupperware.

    “Angel settle this for us,” you don’t visibly react to the new presence in the room, even as they pull chairs to your table with grins. “Yoongi hyung is all bark and no bite right?”

    “He’s soft on us,” Jungkook scoffs. “He’ll never admit it but he is, doesn’t mean he isn’t terrifying, right Bunny?”

    Three heads turn to you expectedly but you don’t look up from your food. All you wanted was a second of peace and quiet, you sigh.


    Suffocated, you felt suffocated, and even though it was your own thoughts causing you to be this way, you blamed the people around you for adding to the sensation.

    “I don’t have time for this,” you mutter, standing up abruptly to their shock and throwing your uneaten lunch in the trash. You barely manage a few steps before a hand wraps itself around your wrist, effectively stopping you in your tracks. You turn back to the perpetrator, a flare of anger seen in your eyes.

    “What happened?” His low deep voice asks you, uncaring of the attention he was bringing your way. Great.

    “Let. Go. Of. My. Hand,” you punctuate each word with venom as they come out through gritted teeth, a look of hurt flashing across his eyes as he stares at you. The grip loosens, and you snatch your wrist out of his hold. Almost stomping away as you try to do the same to the guilt his expression brewed in your chest. The tears now finally making their ascent to the corner of your eyes as you tried desperately to push them back down with a shaky breath.

    The three maknaes are left speechless, mouths agape even in your absence.

    “Did she look like she was about to cry?” They heard an employee whisper to another, staring at Taehyung as if he had hurt her in some way and then to the other two still at the table.

    “I think she was.”


    How was the day not over yet? You could feel anxiety clawing its way under your skin and through your body, trying to quell it down as well as your thoughts. You just needed to finish this page of your report and hand it in to Jin and then that would be it.

    But what if you made another mistake? What if Jin points it out like Yoongi did earlier? You don’t think you’d be able to handle it. You reread the report ten times, editing bits and changing it repeatedly before you give up, sighing harshly in anger at your limitations. You don’t realise time ticking away, making you late to hand it in.

    It's only when glance up at the clock you curse, stumbling as you almost run to the office, pausing at the door before your fist met the surface. Images of the maknaes and Hobi present themselves, their downcast expressions to your mood today playing on your mind. You breath out through your nose like a bull about to charge, you seriously didn’t have time to think about this, you had a job to do, you couldn’t ponder on your shortcomings and imperfections all day for fuck sake.

    Maybe this would make them realise how inadequate you were to their company… The thought has you reeling, another wave of tears fighting their way up your throat as you swallow them down, determined to not cry. In and out, that’s all you had to do. You knock on the door firmly, opening it when you hear the call to come in, you bow low to the CEOs inside, not making eye contact with anyone as you make your way to Jin’s desk.

    “I apologise for it being late Kim depyunim,” you mumble, eyes still down cast as the file is placed on the wood. Your tone has him frowning, not to mention how you’ve addressed him. He quickly turned to Namjoon in question. Something was so obviously very very wrong, your body language had him panicked.


    It's as if Namjoon’s voice causes the storm inside to start swelling, closer and closer to letting the rain pour. You can’t say a word, you feel choked from the inside, so instead you shake your head and quickly make your exit.

    “Y/n!” They shuffle from their desks, hastily trying to run after you but when they enter the corridor, they can’t see you anywhere.


    Everywhere you turn you can see CEOs searching for you in desperation as you hide away, but they were closing in, and sooner or later they were going to find you.

    “Does anyone know what happened?” Namjoon asks the maknaes desperately, as they reply urgently all at once, voices overlapping.

    “She made a really small stupid mistake on one of the projects and then looked like a corpse,” Yoongi sighs, joining the conversation as they gathered together, having failed in trying to find you. “But even before she walked in she was on edge.”

    “When was the last time she had a day off?” Hoseok voices his thoughts out loud as he wonders.

    They all come to the realisation that they’d seen you everyday they were here, even on the weekends when Namjoon or Yoongi came in for a few hours to catch up.

    “Jackson!” Jin calls their secretary who comes running across the work floor.

    “Depyunim?” he asks breathlessly.

    “How many days has Y/n been working in a row?” Jin asks with a serious expression.

    “14, I think,” Jackson replies with a contemplative look, thinking back to the payroll information he inputted for the month so far.

    The CEOs look at each other knowingly and sigh, more worried than they were before.

    “Thank you Jackson,” Namjoon dismisses the confused looking man as he runs his hand through his hair before it rests on his hip under his unbuttoned blazer. He knew how stubborn you could be, how prideful, he knew you wouldn’t want them to see how vulnerable or overwhelmed you were feeling but that hurt him, it hurt all of them. Namjoon was the same with his own pride and weakness, but he always turned to you during those moments, always kept the door wide, ready to find comfort in your smile and reassurance. He just wished you let them do the same for you.

    The maknaes look downtrodden, never having felt your rejection quite that harshly before. It stung. There were moments in the past when you pushed them back, but you always managed to do it softly or firmly until they listened, never like this. Taehyung can’t get the look of your piercing stare out from his head, he felt so small. Your words only served as a reminder, you weren’t theirs, they weren’t your boyfriends, they were merely your employers, and you reminded them of the distance that existed between you all despite the way they had happily pretended it wasn’t there.

    Jungkook tried your mobile again, ready to crush his phone in his hand as it didn’t even ring and skipped to voicemail for the hundredth time. Jimin had tried to coerce your colleagues with his charm into confessing where you were, but they pushed the subject aside for their own agenda and his attention. Vultures, he thought with a disgusted look on his face, you were absent from his presence a day and they were ready to jump in your grave.

    “Maybe we should give her some space,” Hoseok sighs in defeat. “Let her come out of this spiral and she’ll seek us out when she's ready.”

    “I don’t think I can continue with the day until I see she’s okay with my own two eyes Hoseok,” Jin grumbles, still looking around the office floor like a meerkat for a glimpse of you.

    “If she has any sense, hopefully she’s gone home,” Yoongi says to them. I just wish she wasn’t alone.


    You watch from your hiding space in the corridor, watching through the glass wall to the office floor but hidden where it met the brick one you had your back pressed against. You needed to be alone without any eyes on you.

    “Are you playing hide and seek?” A voice scoffs, pulling you out of your thoughts, you turn towards it, finding Suran with her arms crossed as she rolls her eyes. “You really do like vying for their attention don’t you?”

    Her words burn through your chest as you swallow back the bite you so wanted to inflict on her. You push past her, walking away as she hurled insults your way. That was going to become a problem for you, but not one you wanted to think about just yet, you couldn’t handle it.

    You walk absentmindedly until you come to the door to the room that set this whole spiral off, realising if Yoongi was searching for you with the others, he wouldn’t be in his private office, and hopefully he wouldn’t mind you hiding in it. You enter hastily, back pressed against the door as it shuts and the second you hear the click of the latch your body finally releases the gates. It starts with a shuddering breath, but as much as you wanted to hold it back, you could no longer do so. Instead you cover your mouth as you try and control the volume of your wails. You cry like a wounded animal, trying to bury yourself away in your hands as the flood didn’t come to an end.

    You groan in frustration, you hated crying, fists now forming by your sides as you walk away from the door to try and breathe and calm down. But it doesn’t work, the pause in your tears lasts a second before they’re back, whimpers pouring out of your mouth.

    To your horror, the office door opens, and you’re met with a shocked Min Yoongi. It takes a moment for the scene in front of him to sink in before he shuts the door. Wide rushed steps are taken to your crying form and without words he does something he’s never done before, taking you into his arms, unable to stand the sight of your tears. His embrace makes you freeze, your face buried in his chest, and as if your body realises it's in a safe place, you sob harder than you had before, clutching on to the fabric of his suit as you soiled it with your tears.

    You worried the shit out of us Kitten, he thinks but doesn’t say it out loud, he imagined you had enough to deal with without him adding to the guilt. He rests his cheek against the top of your head soothingly, letting you shake and tremble against him.

    You’re glad he doesn’t say a word, his silence almost a permission to be this vulnerable in his hold, a promise that this was a safe place. You don’t know how long passes before you take a shuddering breath without a new onslaught of tears, sniffing, as your fists in his shirt relaxed. Words are caught in your throat, what were you meant to say or do now? Thank him? That felt awkward, and odd.

    “I’m okay,” you say instead, sounding hoarse from the crying, pushing away from him softly. He only moved far enough to see your face, his hands still holding onto you.

    “You sure?” he searches your eyes as if you were still hiding away from him.

    You nod, a small smile forming from his concern, although guilt tries to squash you. You made him worry, you made them all worry, seven busy CEOs with a whole company on their shoulders. Your heart fluttered at the thought that they cared but a part of you wished they just carried on with their work, it was far far more important than you were.

    “I’m sorr-”

    He hushes you straight away, not even letting you complete your apology.

    “But I-”

    He makes the same disapproving shushing sound again this time looking at you more sternly.

    “You’re taking the day off tomorrow,” he informs you, more like commands you. You open your mouth to argue but a finger to your lips silences you once more, a strict expression on his face for a moment until he saw you were not going to argue with him, and then it melted away to a pleased smile.

    “You’re always so mean to me, why are you being nice?” You say with a playful pout, though the drying tears on your face, not really meaning your words, your tone teasing as an attempt to make light of the situation.

    “Wow, I thought my kitty was clever,” he chuckles lightly, hand brushing through your hair as you looked up at him with big trusting eyes.

    He gulps, finding himself entranced by your gaze, admitting to himself openly, he would do anything for you when you looked at him like that, whatever you wanted.


    taglist: @nlost21 @pb-n-juju @needyomnivore @lvpersona @marvelfamily3000 @love2lovesworld @halesandy @dreamamubarak @luvtaeha @deepseavibez @mangminnie @yzkyzkuniverse @fangirl125reader @yukiehyukie @joyfullyobsessed @hunnibxbe @ghostinglygood @motivatedprocastinator @kiwuki @casnextdoor @potaetopic @iloverubberduckiez-blog @galaxyflab @callmejimmeo @tinyoonsblog @little7bitchh @mageprincess7 @christiandosworld @justanothersmartandcrazyfangirl @everythangggoes @hannahantonette17 @kookstempo @enchantingbrowneyedgirl @yeslifeofateen @bjoriis @dahliasbouqet @maryamskmen @maravmin @toriluvsfics

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    hooking up

    — you’re barreling into his life when he least expects it, stealing all his attention until the nights spent studying are replaced with rolling around the sheets. he’s hopelessly romantic and you’re in it for the fun, but no one told you it would ruin your life.

    ⥖ masterlist ⥓

    ⇝ taglist: @agustdef​ @yoon2k​ @jaiuneamesolitaiire​ @amour-quinn​ @dee-ehn​ @gldnrecs​ @hopeworldjimin​ @preciouschimine​ @diminieshoe​ @silentlyimpractical​ @btsbangtanbois​ @agustneeds​ @redluvletmain​ @tae165​ @joontopia​ @dionysusrage​ @hellotherehoneybee​ @certifiedcrazycatlady​ @morseszn​ @yoooonie​ @peachy-tata​ @lochness-butmakeitsexy​ @rikisnotforsale​ @v3nti​ @namjoonsillegaldimple​ @hobiismyhopeu​ @ggukkieland​ @telepathylftv​ @kxdrawhl​ @morndas​ @prdshobi​ @codeinebelle​ @rageyoudamnednerd​ @jiminshibaby​ @lil-sracha​ @arya-di-angelo​ @todorokiskitten​ @ayyyocee​ @salty-for-suga​ @stepheboo​ @bloomtilweache​ @taefect94​ @jooniesbanoonies​ @bluewhale52​ @stcrwhiz​ @sweeneyblue1​ @onlythehobi​ @minesuga​ @butterflylion​ @veronawrites​

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