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    05.12.2021 - 57 minutes ago

    Kinktober Day 31 - OT7/Pregnancy? (conception)

    Warnings: Y/N goes into active labour, there is a warning and a break in the text if you want to skip this section. Everything else is pretty vanilla

    Part 1 / Part 2/ Part 3

    By the time Jimin finds you the next day, it’s late.

    The sun is long gone, and you’ve finally recovered from the jelly legs the sadistic line had left you with.

    “How are your legs today, angel?” He asks, leaning over your shoulder as you work from your desk.

    The whole house had heard you screaming as Tae and Hobi pushed you to your limits the night before.

    Jin had made sure there was extra breakfast brought to you.

    Joonie had checked in on you at least 4 times.

    Yoongi and Jungkook kept texting to check you didn’t need anything.

    And Taehyung and Hoseok must’ve sent more than a dozen bouquets from different florists across the city.

    “They are finally sitting still, why do have a feeling you’re here to change that?”

    He mocks being shot, dramatically back bending over onto your desk.

    “You wound me, my love.” He says falling to his knees.

    He rests his face against your thigh, fingers coming up to walk along in front of his face.

    “I just wanted to check on how you were feeling, because I love you, and I care, and I”

    “Am horny?” You finish for him, reaching out to stroke his cheek.

    He turns his head to kiss your palm.

    “Is it so wrong to see my beautiful girlfriend, whom I have not been allowed to make love to in almost three weeks, and want to make long and passionate love to her?”

    “Of course not Chimmy-bear.” You squish his cheeks between your fingers, and he grumbles at you.

    This spurs him out of teasing and into action.

    He stands and pushes your office chair across the room towards the bed.

    He then sits in front of you and pulls you on top of him.

    It’s far from graceful but that doesn’t seem to be one of his main concerns at the moment.

    You wriggle over his crotch, trying to balance yourself despite his rush.

    He is already pulling your shirt over your head.

    With your top out of the way, he shuffles to take his off and then pulls you close so your chest lays against his.

    “We are going to make this so easy baby; I just want you to relax and go your speed.” He says littering your face with kisses in between actual pecks.

    “Is that just your way of telling me you don’t want to be on top today?” You raise an eyebrow.

    “It might be, but only because you look so good from down here, and it feels amazing.” You roll your eyes at the pouting dancer.

    “I thought the whole idea of this week was for me to be worshipped and pampered.”

    “Yes, but being last, I’m fairly certain I’ve already lost. This is my consolation prize.” He states matter of factly, thrusting his clothed erection into you.

    Even after the week you’ve had, your pussy still throbs at the thought of him inside you.

    You relent on the teasing and stand above him on the bed to remove your bottoms as he does the same.

    His hands run up your legs, grabbing you at the knees to make you fall back into his lap.

    You manage to stop yourself just shy of landing directly on his dick and breaking him in half.

    “You are going to need to be far more careful if you actually want to get some tonight.” You tut, leaning forward to bite his pouty lip.

    His hands run along your thighs, settling where they meet your tummy.

    He uses the leverage to push you back, making your wet pussy rub against his hard member.

    He uses you to lube up his dick.

    Deciding he is ready and that you can’t wait any longer to have your remaining boyfriend after so long, you line him up and settle down on him slowly.

    He groans as each inch sinks inside of your heat.

    You grind against him as you get used to the feeling of him inside.

    Your clit rubs along his pubic mound providing just enough pleasure to get you started.

    You moan in his ear as you lean forward, purposefully riling him up.

    As much as he claims he wants to be lazy, Jimin is looking for any excuse to take over and fuck into you from below.

    You begin to bounce in shallow motions.

    It drives him nuts.

    You can see the strain in his face as he waits for you to go faster, harder, deeper.

    He needs more friction than you are willing to give him right away.

    “You know…” You tease sitting all the way back, drawing lazy patterns on his chest as you pretend to think about something. “I think my legs are just too tired for this Jiminie.”

    His hip jolt underneath you.

    “Lean forward again.” He growls, not giving you much of a choice as he pulls you down by your biceps.

    He thrusts hard upwards hitting right against your g-spot.

    You arch your back, so your clit rubs against him every so often adding just a little extra to your pleasure.

    His high comes much faster than yours.

    His thrusts get sloppy and his rhythm falters.

    He pushes hard up into you as he cums and you lean back so he can put his hips flat on the bed.

    You start to finish yourself off.

    You reach to rub at your clit while you can feel him softening inside of you.

    But he practically slaps your hand out of the way.

    He replaces it with his own, rubbing fast little circles that he knows will get you off every time.

    You unravel into him is a matter of minutes.

    “We should get cleaned up.” He says brushing your hair away from your face.”

    “Don’t you want to sit here and make sure it sticks like the others did?” You ask genuinely confused.

    “Nah at this point if it stuck it stuck. And if we stay like this for much longer we will be stuck.” He laughs.

    ------ Under this point, Y/N is in labour

    9(10) Months Later

    “I need to know who the father is!” You scream halfway through labour

    “I thought we agreed we didn’t want to know.” Namjoon tried to reason.

    “I need to know who I need to kick in the nuts for putting me through this.” You force through gritted teeth. The other six men in the room crossed their legs at your announcement. Namjoon squeezed your hand harder.

    “We can talk about this after baby, focus on pushing for now. As soon as this is over you can kick every one of us if you need to.” Yoongi soothes, reaching around Namjoon to stroke your sweaty hair from your face. You breathe and push through another contraction.

    “Okay baby number one is crowning.” The doctor calls from between your legs. That had seemed like a wonderful surprise at the time. Twins. Two beautiful little babies to love. Now it seemed like absolute hell. “This next push is going to be the worst as the shoulders come through.” You groan and dig your nails into Namjoon’s skin. The poor rapper was going to need to get that seen to when this was through. But there was no way he was letting you go now.

    The entire labour last 19 hours from start to finish. The twins were born 24 minutes apart and they were both beautiful. A little curled up and smushed as newborns tend to be, but gorgeous nonetheless. The nurses took them to be checked over as you settled back into the hospital bed. The doctor didn’t walk away yet though. You still had to get through the afterbirth, and lucky you that meant two placenta’s. You could’ve cried as you watched the bloody masses get pulled away and put in a dish. Taehyung nearly threw up, he had to cuddle into Jin just so he could stay in the room. He was too tempted to keep watching the horror show unfolding before them.

    Jungkook mopped your head with a cool towel as the Namjoon disappeared to get his hand checked. He had been surprisingly steady throughout the birth, although you had your suspicions that he was now sitting on the bed with you because he had to and not only because he wanted to.

    ------ Y/N is out of active labour

    The others bickered around you. A noise most might find annoying, but you find it comforting.

    “He definitely has my nose.” Jimin proclaimed proudly.

    “No! Did you see the shape of her eyes? That baby girl has WWH written all over her!” Jin shoots back.

    “His smile was too boxy to be related to any of yours,” Taehyung stated as if it was an already proven fact.

    “You are joking if you don’t think her pout wasn’t the perfect little heart,” Hobi adds to the discourse.

    “I really don’t think it matters guys.” Yoongi tries to mediate. “Y/N? Do you still want to know?” You shake your head sleepily.

    “No, maybe another time. We have to put Kookie as the father for the public anyway.” You shrug. Jungkook puffs up excitedly next to you and you elbow him. “This isn’t favouritism Kook.” You remind him.

    “Whatever you say, we all know the truth.” There are multiple eye rolls throughout the room. Just then Namjoon walks back in with his hand bandaged and the room goes quiet.

    “Where are our babies then? I need a cuddle.” He announces looking around the hospital room.

    “They are here.” The doctor says re-entering the room.

    “Is everything okay Doctor?” You ask getting more and more anxious the longer your babies are out of your arms.

    “Perfectly healthy, you’ve got two strong little ones there.

    “Now about the paternity…” He starts.

    “Thanks, doctor but we don’t want to know right now.”

    “That’s fine I just need to tell you. As your twins are fraternal, and we have taken their DNA to test… their results came back as half-siblings. They have different fathers. It’s actually incredibly rare for this to happen. I’ve never seen it in my career, well not until now at least” The doctor explains as the nurse lay your twins back in your arms.

    The entire room is silent, you could hear pin drop. The doctor excuses himself to give you all some time. Jin is the first one to break the silence

    “I was joking when I said I was going to fuck you so hard I’d change Jungkook’s baby to mine…” He looks genuinely shocked like he is so sure that’s what must‘ve happened. Yoongi slaps him around the head and then walks over to take one of the babies from you. He takes your little girl and cuddles her close.

    “I don’t know about you guys, but I really don’t care if this is biological, this is my daughter and that is my son,” Yoongi says unable to look away from the baby in his arms.

    There are murmurs of agreement through the room as the boys crowd in closer to get a good look at the newest additions to your family.

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    05.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the Little Fox Ch. 13

    “The idea of being free was a foreign concept. Being free meant having choices, having opportunities. Being a hybrid meant never being free.”

    Summary: Just as you escaped the Little Fox, a bidding house, you find yourself at war with your thoughts, not wanting to go to another shelter. You didn’t expect yourself to find a home anywhere, especially not with the men who found you, and their pack.

    Pairing: eventual polyBTS x hybrid reader

    Genre: hybrid au!, fluff, angst, poly, mentions of abo, slowburn, eventual smut

    Status: Ongoing

    Word count: 5.8k

    Warnings: insecurities, anxiety, past abuse, past sexual abuse, mentions of rape/noncon, some violence, mentions of violence, smut.

    Warnings for this Chapter: insecurities, second thoughts, teasing, smut, mating, marking, 

    Masterlist // Chapter 12 // Chapter 14


    Taehyung was absolutely mesmerized by you. He was entranced by the way your skin glowed in the morning sunlight flittering in by your window. He couldn’t help but stare, his hand slowly moving forward to trace your features. You looked so at peace, like nothing was wrong in the world.

    He giggled at the sight of you scrunching your nose at his touch, sleep still covering you in a blanket. Warm vanilla encompassed the room, completely ridding the room of the previous burnt scent. Taehyung had woken up to your whimpers, a nightmare taking over you as you tossed and turned in your sleep.

    However, in his arms, you had slept peacefully. Your nightmares ended almost as soon as they begun. His presence seeming to scare off any danger, including subconscious threats.

    It had been a couple of days since you had come back from the police station, the fear and terror a bitter stench that didn’t seem to disappear fully, always lingering in the background as everyone moved throughout the house. Their instincts to protect almost trumped by their fear of you being taken from them, making their instincts go crazy.

    You had begun to cling to them, seeking out their presence and warmth almost instinctually, seeking the comfort you desperately needed form your mates. Yoongi was almost always your frequent target, his stationary presence meant that you knew he wouldn’t deny you the chance to cuddle, even ‘secretly’ enjoying it, holding your body close. One hand cradling your head while the other holding you tight around your lower back, anchoring your body to his.

    The boys had also begun to notice the questioning look in your gaze, stopping yourself from going further in your actions. You would move to kiss them, or scent them, and the back away, a glazed look coming over your face, eyes distant as you moved away. Taehyung didn’t know if you were unsure of yourself, or them, but they could tell you were close to cracking. He almost regretted agreeing to wait, wanting to shower you in love the way he does with his other mates.

    His arms wrapped tighter against your back, pulling you even deeper into his arms, tucking your head under his chin. He knew that you were overthinking everything, wondering if they would return the affection and love you wanted to give. Taehyung didn’t want to push you, but he also knew that if one of them didn’t give you some kind of nudge, everyone would be skirting past each other forever, too unsure of themselves to start anything.

    Warmth was the first thing you felt, sweet chocolate surrounding you like a warm cocoon. You moved closer, trying to chase the source of the chocolate only to hear laughter coming from the source. The sound was almost too loud for your sensitive ears as your heater decided to move, pulling you on top of him, his head moving along yours, mixing your scents together.

    You groan at the sudden movement, sleep still reigning over your conscious as you relax again into your pillow. You felt your pillow vibrate as small chuffs made their way into the room.

    “Good morning baby.” Hands make their way to your hair, moving it out of your face and smoothing it down your back. You finally open your eyes to see Taehyung, a small smile on his face as he watches you.

    You bring your hands to rub the sleep out of your eyes only to hear a small protest, his large hands pulling your own away. He takes his time, his hands dancing across your faces as he smooths everything out, sometimes bopping your nose, causing a smile to break out on your face. You don’t think you would ever get tired of waking up like this. There is something so sweet and intimate about waking up in the arms of the person you loved and multiply that by seven…you don’t know how you ended up so blessed.

    “...morning.” you barely respond, words mumbled as  sleep still tugged at your tired form. You place your head back onto his chest, nuzzling into his skin as he laughs, holding you even closer and resuming his scenting, randomly placing kisses on the skin available to him. You lay like that for a substantial amount of time, just relaxing into each other’s hold when a knock is heard from outside your door.

    “Well good morning my loves! Breakfast is ready and on the table.” Jin peaks his head in and sees you two entangled within each other’s embrace, soft smiles, warm glances visible on your faces. The comfort on your face makes him want to crawl into your nest and lay with you forever, scaring away all your demons as you look at him with such love.

    Jin was happy seeing you so relaxed. It had been a while since he had seen you so content with one of them, no thoughts, just moving on instinct as you let Taehyung scent you. He could see your eyes glazed over, your body and mind close to an omega drop as your body melts into Taehyung’s form.

    You turn to look at Jin, your head still resting on Taehyung’s chest as you smile at your eldest mate, his shirtless form peering in through the crack in the door. It is rare to see Jin anything less than composed, usually taking a lot of time and care into his appearance. So, to see him so looking so relaxed, you heart fluttered in your chest.

    “Taehyung, don’t you dare go back to sleep!” Jin points his finger towards Taehyung, who at his mates’ earlier words, pretends to fall back asleep as he lays his head on your own. You move your head and look at Taehyung, a mischievous smile on his face at making his hyung annoyed.

    Jin is about to leave the room before he turns back around, his words making you jump off of Taehyung, almost falling over your nest and onto the floor, and racing down the stairs to the dining room.

    “I made pancakes.”


    It was decided that Jin and Hobi would take a leave from work to stay home, none of the pack knowing if Red would go as far as to show up at their work. Namjoon didn’t want to take any chances when it came to his packs safety and well-being. None of them minded, given that they were now getting herded into a large nest created by you in the living room.

    Your instincts were going haywire, wanting to keep your mates safe form Red, but also wanting to mate with them and finish the bonding. Nesting was the only thing you could think of where you were able to be surrounded by your mates and feel as though everyone was safe at the same time.

    Snuggled in between Jungkook and Namjoon, you almost couldn’t help the soft purring sounds coming from your chest as you listened to the boys talk about the tv show that was playing. Namjoon’s arms wrap themselves tighter around you, bringing your body impossibly closer as he begins to whisper in your ear.

    “Is my pretty omega purring? Baby just loves being with her mates in the nest she made so nice for everyone. My pretty girl just wanted to be close with her mates, huh?” He questions, his voice raspy as he begins to sense your arousal at his words. His teasing doesn’t go unnoticed by the others as they turn their focus and attention to the scene unfolding in front of them.

    You want to answer him, want to seek out is affection and appraisal but your thoughts stop you. You didn’t think your nest was the best, especially when you know Jimin could have done a way better job. You didn’t deserve to be praised or receive the affection you wanted when you could barely look them in the eye or kiss them without fear of rejections.

    Taehyung, sensing the impending change in atmosphere, moves towards Jungkook, whispering softly into his ear his plan. He knew his younger mate would agree with his plan, both noticing your lack of confidence when it comes to anything intimate with them. Jungkook nods quickly to Taehyung, before turning back to you and moving closer to you.

    “Our pretty baby.” Jungkook places softs kisses on your neck and shoulder, making your breath catch in your throat. Your eyelids flutter softly, the feeling of his lips on your skin different to every other time. The atmosphere slowly changes, everyone sensing how aroused you were, and all seemingly coming to the unanimous decision that you needed a soft push.

    “Look at our pretty ‘mega. You love when Jungkook kisses your neck don’t you?” Jin questions, his tone low as he watches Jungkook kiss down your neck and Namjoon rub the skin at your thigh. You nod at his prodding, a small whine building in your throat aa Namjoon’s hand moves higher, his hand dragging your large shirt up to reveal the spandex shorts you were wearing underneath.

    Slowly, however, the atmosphere returns to normal, the show on tv once again capturing everyone’s attention. Jungkook now scenting you as Namjoon brought his arm around you, resting his hand on your stomach. You couldn’t believe what was going on. What was going on? They have never been that forward before, it almost makes you wonder if they did want to mate with you. The way they looked at you, pupils blown and almost completely black, made you question everything.

    You had a hard time not looking at them the rest of the day. Your head so filled with different thoughts that you didn’t realize you were completely staring at them. You were frustrated with yourself for not being able to work up the courage to be intimate with them, but also because they wouldn’t stop teasing you. 

    The boys also noticed your new behavior and were actually having fun teasing you and watching your face scrunch up in annoyance when they would stop teasing you. You wanted their soft touches and looks to become longer. Taehyung and Jungkook were especially annoying with their lingering touches and whispers. You almost couldn’t help but get mad at them.

    The next two days was filled with their teases. You had walked into a room and had seen your mates kissing multiple times already, none of them stopping their actions as they have before. It seemed that they weren’t holding back anything anymore around you. Their touch was also becoming more intimate with you, kisses lasting longer and becoming more passionate. You could sense your own arousal growing along with your desire.

    Making your way to your room, tired of Taehyung’s teasing, you stop as you hear something fall to the ground inside Jin’s room. Laughter soon follows as you move closer to the door, trying to see if anyone else was in there with him.

    “Babe, I said break me, not my vase!” Jin’s voice was raspy as he chided whoever was in their with him. A thud and a groan quickly followed Jin’s voice, making you even more curious.

    “Don’t worry baby.” Namjoon’s voice was hurried, almost sounding as raspy as Jin’s. You slowly move to open the door, creating a crack in the opening as you peak into the room.

    Namjoon was on top of Jin, his back taught as he rocked into Jin, one hand wrapped around Jin’s neck as his other was in Jin’s hip. You were mesmerized by the sight, never having seen something so intimate before.

    You couldn’t tear your eyes away from them, watching as Namjoon pounded in and out of Jin, their moans mingling as they both chased their highs. Namjoon manhandled Jin, pushing his face into the bed as he moved faster, the sound of their skin slapping together now taking over the room.

    You couldn’t help but imagine how it would feel to be in between them, feeling their bodies cover your own as you made love. Wonder if they would let their instincts take over, commanding and maneuvering your body as they saw fit. You couldn’t help but want to join, present yourself to both of them.

    Loud groans snapped you out of your daydream, your breath catching as you watched Namjoon pull out of Jin and maneuver him into a different position, his eyes catching with your own. His eyes widen before a smirk crosses against his lips. He pulls Namjoon down to his lips, a moan leaving his as Namjoon absolutely devours him. You quickly close the door behind you, walking as fast as you can to your room and burrowing yourself under your blankets as your try to steady your heart rate. You couldn’t look at either of them the rest of the night, not even noticing the large smirk Jin held on his lips the entire time you avoided his stare.

    Right now, you were in the kitchen making a snack to take back to Hobi when arms wrapped around your waist, a small kiss placed to the back of your neck.

    “Stop doing that Tae! If you aren’t going to actually do anything, then leave me alone!” You snap, placing the plate onto the counter and turning around only to come face to face with Yoongi. You physically pale as you lean back away from the panther hybrid, your tail coming to wrap around your thigh.

    “I’m sorry Yoongi, I thought you were—” He cuts you off.

    “You thought I was Taehyung?” You slowly nod your head, not liking the look on his face, his eyebrow raised as if daring you to do something. He moves in, caging you in to the counter with his arms.

    He brings his head back to your neck, slowly kissing up the curve of your neck to your jaw, staying there for a few seconds before moving to place a kiss on your nose. When his lips finally meet yours, pulling you into a chaste kiss, he pulls back almost too quickly. Annoyance once again building in your system as he moves away.

    “Have we left our baby hanging?” He asks, moving his hands to your neck and grasping some of the hair going down your back. Your heart almost stops as he looks down at you, his eyes blown wide, desire and hunger take over his normal stoic expression. You don’t reply, unsure if he even wants you to answer.

    “I bet Taehyung and Jungkook have been leaving you flustered, hmm? What did you want them to finish? Was it something like this?” He moves back to your lips, his touch warm as he cups your cheek. His lips were almost impatient as they moved against yours, his tongue licking your lips before pulling away again.

    You could almost feel your heart in your throat, your hands tights as your fingers grasp onto his shirt, but not even that could manage to keep you upright, settling with leaning your weight against the counter as you start to go pliant in his arms.

    “Oh baby, you are already so soft when I’ve barely even touched you yet. Are you sure you want me to keep going? Because I always finish what I’ve started.” He whispers in your ear, tone raspy as he bites into your ear, dragging his teeth down. A shudder racks through your body as he moves.

    You can’t help but rapidly nod your head, hoping he doesn’t walk away like the others have. You were beyond past the point of annoyed and frustrated now. All these months of wanting to be with them and be their mate has driven you desperate. You didn’t think you could handle it if he wasn’t going to do anything. You whined at the thought, eyes wide as they pleaded with him.

    “Please Yoongi. Please…I need…” You couldn’t get the words out, not knowing exactly what you needed other than his touch. You remember the way Namjoon held Jin, his hands wrapped around Jin’s neck as he moved his body against his mates.

    “You need what baby?” He all but cooed at you, pleased with how riled up and flustered you were getting.  His panther was pleased at how easily you submitted to him, wanting him, no, needing him to please you.

    “Use your words, darling.” You shook your head, trying and failing to put your thoughts into words. He was patient with you, waiting for you to gather your wits and finally tell him.

    “I need you.” Were the only words you were able to say, too caught up in everything you were feeling, hoping he would be able to understand your words.

    Yoongi’s eyes became even darker at your words, a small slit appearing in his pupil showing his panther was now at the surface. A small growl escaped his lips as he picked you up, his hands cupping your ass as he moved swiftly, making his way towards his room. His lips were firmly attached to your neck, sucking deeply at your scent gland.

    You couldn’t help but moan lightly at the feeling of his teeth biting into your neck, knowing that later on, his mating mark would finally be on your skin, proof of your bond.

    “Yoongi” you whined, trying to move in his hold, to feel more of him. The build of up months of tension was finally rearing its head, your patience now nonexistent as your move your arms to the bottom of his shirt, trying to remove it despite the obvious difficulties in movement, his arms impossibly tight around your body to try and control his own desires.

    “Patience little one. You will have all of me in a second.” Yoongi spoke calmly, masking his own wish to have you against the wall. He moved his leg faster, pushing you both to his door, opening it easily enough with you in his arms. Kicking the door behind him, he makes his way to his bed, placing you in the middle and crawling his way on top of you, his tail swaying behind him as he stalks forward.

    You clench your thighs together, your arousal thick in the air as you watch Yoongi move up your body, small kisses placed anywhere he can as he takes his time. Yoongi had waited for this moment since he first saw you, the way too large t-shirt hanging off your shoulders, your large eyes looking up at them with confusion.

    He finally looks up at you, eyes narrowed as your legs clench tighter together. He tuts, moving his large hand down to your knee, pulling the limbs apart and placing himself in between.

    “Keep these open for me baby.” He mutters, his hands on your hips as he rubs his thumbs into the small sliver of skin showing, your shirt up to your stomach from the way he put you in the bed. His hands slowly move towards your stomach, exploring the expanse of your skin.

    His touch leaves you craving for more, reaching for him, you try to move him closer to you. He just ignores your whines, his eyes locked on your body, adoration visible.

    “All art must be thoroughly examined to be fully appreciated.” His words make you blush, your thighs try to clench around his body as he places soft kisses up your stomach to your face. He pulls back after placing a soft kiss on your lips, his eyes roaming over your face, searching for any sign of reluctance.

    “Are you sure, baby? I don’t want to push you into anything. We can just lay here and cuddle if you want to.” His words reassure you even more of your love for them. The love you see in his eyes, despite the position you were in along with his need to make sure you were okay and check in with you, solidified your decision.

    You move your hands to his cheeks, cupping them and rubbing soft circles into his skin. You place a soft kiss to his lips, the soft scent of vanilla and mint coating the room as your scents mix as one.

    “I’ve never been more sure of something in my life. I love you Yoongi. I love all of you and I will never understand how I got so lucky to be your mate.” You whisper, eyes locked with his, trying to get him to realize how much you want him, want them. A chuff sounds from his chest, his expression quickly changing from one of love and adoration to one of hunger.

    You gasp as his mouth captures your own, Yoongi biting at your bottom lip, pleading for you to let him in. His hands move to cup your ass, fingers folding themselves to grab at the edge of your shorts and tug them down your legs. His tongue quickly dominates your own, your small fight over as he groans, his hands exploring the newly exposed skin and moving to the edge of your large shirt. Your own hands were already tugging at his shirt, his body still clothed while you were swiftly losing your own.

    Yoongi pulls away, almost ripping his shirt off as he tries to rid himself of the garment. His hybrid was desperate to please you, not wanting to take his hands off his omega. You laughed a little as he had trouble, moving up on your knees to help him take off his shirt, Yoongi’s hands moving to his sweats instead, tugging them down his hips.

    You move to take you own shirt off, laying back down on the bed as he nudges you back down. He moves to cover your body with his own, his lips tugging on your own as he tries to control himself. He wants your first time with them as mates to be loving and passionate, but his instincts were telling him to claim his mate. To claim his omega.

    He kisses your skin as he moves down your body, biting and marking a trail down to your hips. He looks up at you as he bites into the hem of your underwear, using his teeth to drag them down your hips and thighs. Finally ripping them off your body, he sits back on his feet.

    His eyes were making you nervous, self-conscious of the way he looked at your bare skin, your pussy on full display. You move to close your legs, only for him to growl and hold your knees apart with his hands. 

    “Don’t hide yourself from me, ‘mega. You are mine.” His words send shivers down your spine. You could feel the slick leaving your body and pooling onto his sheets.

    “Mine to love.” He adjusts himself in between your legs, his head now centimeters away from your core. His breath making you flinch at the heat. You can’t help but breath in when he brings his finger to pull apart your lips, getting a better look at his meal.

    “Mine to adore.” His fingers reached your clit, your heart now racing at his touch, foreign and entirely new to you as he moves his finer along the area surrounding your clit, not touching the sensitive bud despite your whines and whimpers for him.

    “Mine to protect.” He stops his touch all together, moving his hands to wrap around your thighs and bringing you to the edge of the bed, a slight growl in his voice as speaks, the vibrations making your pussy pulse.

    “Mine to devour.” Without any warning, his lips are on your clit, a harsh drag of his teeth as he moves, taking his time in making you come undone.

    You don’t even know what to do, his lips sucking harshly at your core as he brings his tongue to lick up the slick moving out of your center and onto the sheets. His groan brings even more slick out of you, the vibrations making you moan as your body prepares itself to mate. You can feel one of his hands moving closer to your entrance as he moves back up to your clit, the sensitive but pulsating at his touch.

    Another moan, louder this time, leaves your mouth as he adds a finger into your entrance, moving it slowly at first before picking up speed. The feeling of his fingers is so different than Reds, Yoongi completely erasing his touch from your body with his own.

    Another finger is added, and another as his tongue works in tandem. You feel this pressure building in your stomach, your toes curling in response to the over stimulation.

    “Yoongi…I’m gonna..” You force out.

    “Cum for me baby.” He growls out, moving his fingers harder to bring you to your tipping point. Your hands grasp onto his hair, trying to hold him closer as you finally reach your release, stars floating in your vision. Euphoria. The only word you could think of to describe your feelings right now.

    Hands on your thighs, rubbing soft circles into your skin as you come back down form your high. Words of encouragement and praise reach your ears as Yoongi helps you relax onto the bed, your body still a little tense from your release.

    “That’s my omega. Did so good listening to her alpha. Such a good baby.” His words make you preen, glad that you could please him. You feel as he moves back up your body, soft murmurs of praise still leaving his lips as he places soft kisses on the expanse of your neck and chest.

    Lucid again, you feel his hand positioning himself at your entrance, soft kisses on your temple to soothe you.

    “I love you baby.” He whispers in your ear as he pushes himself in slowly. He was bigger than you imagined, gasping once he pushes in all the way, your slick and previous orgasm helping him to move easily. You wrap your legs around his waist, trying to tie yourself to him even more as he moves, a steady pace built up. He entangles your fingers together, resting them above your head as he thrusts.

    Your moans and whimpers echo around the room, mint and vanilla coexisting and combining as one.

    “Yoongi, please.” You whimper to your mate, not even knowing what you want.

    “Don’t worry baby. Alpha will take care of you.”

    He pulls out, despite your numerous protests and manhandles you to present yourself for him, your chest now resting against the bed as he pushes himself back in, reaching places you haven’t felt before.

    Your eyes roll in the back of your head as his thrusts gain power, his hands on your hips for leverage as he watches himself move in and out of you. He groans at the sight, moving to rest his head on your spine. Yoongi could feel himself becoming close, his teeth elongating to mark you.

    He grasps your hands again, holding onto them and laying his body against yours, covering you from the world and all the dangers within. Moving one hand to your core, he helps bring you to your own release, perfectly timed with his knot expanding, keeping his seed form escaping.

    Pain quickly turns to pleasure as his teeth sink into your neck, sealing his bond with you and marking you as his. A tear escapes your eyes as you feel him, his soul merging with your own. He removes his teeth from your neck, licking the wound and cleaning it of the small trail of blood leaking out. Wrapping his arms around you, he slowly maneuvers the both of you onto your sides, his know still at full size as his cum continues to pump into you, filling you up with his seed.

    His hand rests on your stomach, rubbing soft circles into the slowly expanding flesh. The warmth his body provides doesn’t come close to the feeling of your bond being complete. You can only imagine what it will feel like when you have bonded with all seven of your mates. A kiss to your mate mark brings you out of your thoughts.

    “How are you feeling baby? I’m sorry if I went to rough.” He questions, wanting to make sure you were okay. You smile at his words, content in his arms.

    “I feel amazing Yoongi. Everything was perfect.” You whisper, turning your head to look at him, watch as a gummy smile appears on his face. You move your head closer, placing a soft kiss on his lips before turning back around, holding his arms close to your chest.

    Exhaustion starts to hit you as you feel his knot becoming smaller, some cum leaking out of your entrance. Once back to normal size, Yoongi moves out of you, moving to his bathroom. You can hear him start the bath before moving over to you, his gummy smile still resting on his face as he looks down at you, all cuddled up in his blankets.

    “Come here baby. Let’s get you in the bath, hmm.” His words barely reach your ears as he picks you up, one arm around your back as the other holds you under your thighs, holding you to his chest. Bringing you to the bath, the scent of lavender and chamomile reaches your nose as he sits down in the bath, your body resting against his, head on his chest.

    Yoongi spends the next hour with you basking under the new bond, your body never leaving his own as he runs the soap down your body, rubbing some oil onto your back and hips. The warm water soothing your skin as you listen to his voice. Once he deems you ready, he helps you out of the bath, drying your body before his own, and rubbing some of Jin’s lotion into your skin.

    Yoongi helps you into one of his shirts, resting you in his reclining chair before he moves to clean the bed, removing the sheets and comforter before making the bed with his spare set. Once done, he turns back to you, finding you asleep, curled up in his chair.

    “This girl…” He whispers, smile never leaving his faces as he brings you into his arms, laying down with you on the bed, his arms holding you close.

    You wake up to Yoongi scenting you, your scent gland swollen as he nips and licks the sensitive skin. You groan a little at the feeling, his arm holding you to his chest while his leg is resting over your hip, his body almost covering your own.

    “Good morning kitten.” He whispers, his mouth by your ear as he continues scenting you, his ears flickering around, searching for any sign of someone approaching his room. His instincts were on overdrive, the new mate bond making him want to do anything to keep you in his arms, where he knew you would be safe.

    “Good morning.” You manage to whisper back, sleep still tugging at your conscious, your hybrid comfy and content in the arms of her panther. You wiggle around, moving to face him as you relax back into his arms.

    “You look good in my clothes little one.” His words make you blush, hiding your head in his chest. A laugh sounds from deep in his chest, ringing off the walls as he holds you tighter to him.

    “That makes you blush but not what we did last night?” He laughs even more, your ears now almost completely red. Bringing his chin to rest on top of your head, he sighs, loving the feeling of you in his arms.

    “I love you baby.”

    “I love you too, Yoongi.”

    A knock on the door brings you both out of your reverie, Yoongi moving to cover your body with his own, a small growl building in his chest at the thought of someone coming to take you away. You manage to get a glimpse of the door over Yoongi’s shoulder, a pair of warm, brown eyes peeking through the small crack in the door.

    “Don’t worry Alpha, I won’t take your mate from you.” The voice, you recognize as Hobi’s, speaks lowly, trying not to aggravate the alpha. New bonds usually leave the dominant in the pairs to be more animal than human, their hybrids becoming more protective and possessive over their new mates. Even within mated groups, the newly mated alpha will see anyone else, even their own mates, as a threat to their new bond.

    “Alpha, we have breakfast on the table. Don’t you think your mate would like some food. She must be hungry after you took such good care of her.” Hobi speaks, trying to reason with Yoongi, his instinct to provide tugging at his soul. You both watch as Yoongi nods, moving to shield you from Hobi, adjusting your shirt to cover you as Hobi leaves, closing the door behind him.

    Yoongi gets up, moving to his dresser to grab you some sweats to wear, wanting you to be covered in his scent. Moving back to you, he moves you to lay back down on the bed, slowly moving the sweats up your legs to rest on your hips, tying the string so the bottoms would stay on you. That didn’t really do much, given he was much taller than you, the sweats being too long for your legs and causing you to trip over them as you tried to get off the bed.

    Arms immediately pick you up, helping you off of the ground and into their arms. Yoongi holds you close, your face almost being shoved into his shoulder as he moves to the door, deciding to hold you instead of letting you walk.

    “Yoongi…I can walk on my own.” You reply, your voice slightly muffled as his hand cradles your head into his shoulder.

     “I know.”

    Making your way into the kitchen, Yoongi doesn’t seem too aggressive towards the others, his alpha might be calming down then, recognizing the others as his mates, you think. He sits down in one of the open chairs, adjusting you on his lap so you were now facing the others, smiles on their faces as they catch sight of your mating mark.

    What surprised you the most, was that no one made any comments on it. You had been sure that at least Jimin would have something to say, some kind of teasing remark. But warm smiles and discussions of plans for the day were the only thing to be heard. You were grateful for that, not sure if you would be able to handle the teasing. You almost wonder if they were too scared to be snapped at by Yoongi, the panther ready to lunge for Taehyung who tried to hold your hand at breakfast.

    You were wrong, Yoongi’s alpha was not calming down yet.

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  • itsallabouthedetails
    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    release (yoongi x reader)

    Summary: Just two people who realize that between them is more than just the benefits.

    Pairing: Yoongi x female reader

    Genre: nonidol!AU, fwb, friends to lovers, fluffy smut

    Warnings: 18+, some dirty words

    Word count: 3.2k



    There's something uncomfortably raw about those moments when realization hits and you're trying to adjust.

    Moments where you wish you could turn back time and do things differently. Moments when you have not yet arrived at gratitude for the lesson, but are still swimming in regret. That's what you're at while you're on your way to Yoongi. You feel sore, vulnerable, small. Still, you walk with long strides, shoulders broad, powerful steps, no one would suspect that you are just pretending. Your black clothes are your armour, your boots could easily take you through war. No one bothers you when you look like that. It probably also helps that you are taller than average.

    You knock swiftly before you type in the pin code and enter Yoongi’s apartment. You haven’t asked if he is home before deciding you need him to distract you from your relentless mind. You don’t have to ask him any more.

    You shut his door and he is already in the hallway, leaning at the wall, eyebrow raised in amusement.

    “You couldn’t wait two more days, huh?” he teases, voice deeper than usual. He wears black, just as you. That’s what brought you together back then. Being the only people dressed like that on a party filled with buckets of colour.

    He waits until you got rid of your shoes and long coat, before he strolls towards you.

    He is just a fingerbreadth taller than you, so you pretty much stand eye to eye, when he reaches you. His hands sneak around your waist, but it’s you that leans forward and bite his lower lip lightly. You always envied him for a mouth like that. It is a stark contrast to his character, perhaps nature's intention to balance his sharpness with some softness. You are crazy about that mouth of his, no matter where it meets your body. You bite him again, still playfully, but he moans quietly, pulling you closer. Biting turns into sucking, his tongue dipping against your lips, begging for entry. You let him in and the sensation pulls a moan from your throat as well. It doesn’t take much from him to light your fire, his hands and mouth are enough. Speaking of hands, big hot palms have worked their way up to your breasts, kneading the flesh devotedly. He's as crazy about your tits as you are about his lips.

    He has you topless in no time and your hands are in his hair, running through the silky strands. His hair is a gift from nature too, some women would kill for hair like that. And don't even get started on his eyelashes. Come to think of it, there are some more things about him, people would probably kill for. But right now, all of that belongs to you and is putty in your hands. He has you backed against the wall, playing you skillfully, but he responds to your hands just as much, sighing and whispering, groaning under his breath. Your lips are swollen by now but you can’t get enough of him, tongue dancing with his, diving deep, nibbling and teasing.

    “God, I could kiss your forever,” he sighs, nibbling along your jaw towards your neck, where he sucks a hickey before you can react. It’s the first time he marks you and for some reason it makes you angry. Your groping gets a little rougher and his shirt joins yours on the floor, fingernails scraping on the newly exposed skin. He is much paler than you and you love the contrast when your hands are on him. He also blushes much more than you and you are determined to get him to do just that.

    “No foreplay today, just fucking,” you whisper into his ear, before lowering your lips to one of his nipples, making him moan. But he does not blush, but grips tighter, scrapes and kneads.

    “I can do that,” he brags smugly, and you get even more impatient. “Where do you want it? Right here, against the wall? Or do you prefer the bed? The dresser in the living room works fine too. Perfect height.” While he recounts the options, his hands opened the buttons of your jeans and pushed them down your thighs, brushing the front of your panties. You take his hand and put it where you want him and he chuckles lowly, slipping under the fabric to where you are hot and ready.

    “So desperate for me, hm?”

    You just hum in response, busy nibbling at his bare shoulders, while your hands grab his butt, which is still way too covered for your liking. You slide your hands past his sweatpants and boxers and cover his butt cheeks again, worshiping the firm flesh.

    “Rough day?”

    Yoongi knows you show up uninvited mostly when you feel like crap. He is used to make you feel better by making you come several times in a row. Somehow sex is what works best for you, and he doesn’t offer anything else, you aren’t close like that.

    Sometimes he wonders if close is even the right word to describe anything between you. You never met without sleeping with each other so far and usually your ways part shortly afterwards. Even if he intended to just talk, he found himself between your legs sooner or later. Your body was magnetic and why fight it when you obviously have no problem with the way things are. Still sometimes Yoongi wishes for more, a promise or agreement, a certainty, something beyond being just loose fuck buddies.

    You never talked about being exclusive, but he is, he stopped sleeping with others the first time he slept with you, back then after you met at that party.

    Now you are melting under his touches again, but he can tell it’s not enough today, you are fidgety, longing for more.

    He also didn’t fail to notice that you ignored his question, and he repeats it, earning an indifferent growl from you.

    You are still in the hallway, both naked by now, your clothes covering the floor. Two of his long fingers are knuckles deep inside you, while you are pumping his length, moans filling the air.

    “I would like to propose a change of place once again,” Yoongi pants and you consider for a second before dragging him some steps into the living room, towards the dresser, where you hop up without further ado and spread your legs for him. His fingers have only left you for one or two breaths, but you miss him already, putting his hand back to your soaking heat. He stands in front of you, staring, eyes big and dark, pupils blown, lips parted, his hair brushing his cheeks. The most beautiful man you’ve ever seen.

    All you can think of is finally feeling him thrust into you, until your mind goes blank. He is most reliable when it comes to fuck your brains out and since you met him, you never looked at another man again. The first time with him was literally cathartic, you remember laying next to him afterwards, spent and completely out of your mind, so satisfied like you’ve never been before.

    The second time he blew you away was when he immediately replied to your text, agreeing to meet again the next day. You came over to his apartment, and it took barely half an hour before he had you under him on the couch, pounding into you fiercely, after eating you out expertly for what felt like an eternity.

    “Yoongi please, “ you whine desperately as he continues to stand motionless between your knees, eyes roaming your face. The sound snaps him out of his trance, and he captures your lips with his again, cupping your breasts, lining his hip up with yours.

    When it turned out that your encounters with Yoongi were regular, you gifted yourself an IUD because it meant you didn't have to keep condoms handy all the time. When you told him about it, something in his eyes flickered but it was gone so quickly, you couldn’t make out what it was and before you could ask, he was all over you, ridding you of all thoughts. That day it almost felt like making love. He was gentler than usual, taking you in missionary, looking down at you with hooded eyes, until you melted under him with a deep groan of relief and relaxation

    That was months ago. And it still feels different since then. Closer.

    Yoongi’s dick entering you achingly slowly interrupts your thinking. Releasing a guttural moan, you bury your face in the crook of his neck, while he lets you get used to the fullness.

    It doesn’t take long until you need more friction, and you whimper, wrapping your legs around his hips, pulling him against you firmly.

    “Didn't you say you just want to be fucked, “ he murmurs and you nod sighing, eyes closed in pleasure. He picks up pace, thrusting with strength and you welcome him willingly, trying to meet him halfway. You cling to him, spur him on, begging for more and he grunts as his thrusts push the dresser against the wall over and over again. He soon starts to sweat, his body in your arms turning slippery and you grab tighter, now more or less wrapped around him instead of sitting on the dresser. He pushes inside you, met by your moans and curses and you praise him, endless strings of soft words, that tell him how good he makes you feel. One hand is up on the back of your neck, while his other is holding onto your waist and all you notice is how close he is, the slickness and heat and the muscles playing underneath your hands, clutching to him for dear life.

    “Feeling good?“ Yoongi asks despite your praises, out of breath, a low growl next to your ear, sending shivers through your tingling body. You are so close already, just a little bit-

    “Yes, so good, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” you pant, sounding so desperate, Yoongi’s heart bursts, causing him to lose his rhythm shortly.

    And then the wave crashes and you tumble over the edge, legs cramping around his hips, uttering curses under your breaths, while he helps you through your high.

    “Gosh, I love to see you coming apart like that, “ Yoongi grumbles, sucking another mark on your neck. You don’t mind, you feel wonderfully empty and peaceful, and you float in his arms, while he holds you tight.

    “One more, baby?”

    “Later,” you reply lazily, and he chuckles, changing towards a different pace to reach his own peak, but you stop him soon as an idea forms in your mind.


    “Can I be on top for a while? I want to feel like I’m the one who makes you come.”

    He leans away from you to meet your eyes, curiosity and fondness all over his face. He steps back and you hop down from the dresser, knees still weak from the ride and you take his hand and pull him along to the bedroom, where you kiss him before pushing him gently on the bed, straddling him quickly. You aren’t on top very often, usually you let him do his thing, enjoy being handled, fucked, satisfied properly but today you want to return the favour.

    You sink down on his slick throbbing dick, carefully watching him while you do it, eager to please him. He groans quietly, jaw clenched, eyes squeezed shut. You ride him slowly, feeling another climax approaching as he gasps and squirms beneath you. It’s different like this, you in charge of his pleasure and it moves you weirdly to see him trust you with his body. You lean down, brushing your lips against his and he moans, slipping his tongue into your mouth, searching for yours. You forget about moving your hips while you kiss, humming and sighing, enjoying the sensation on your sore skin. You love his taste, you tell him quietly and he opens his eyes quickly, staring up at you, irises black due to the dimness in the bedroom. His lashes wet with sweat, perfectly curved, framing his eyes, sucking in your attention. You stare back and time stops.

    “Hi,” you whisper inaudibly, and his eyes smile back at you.

    “Hi,” he replies quietly, swallowing hard.

    You break into a smile yourself, mirroring his, your hips still motionless around his thickness.

    He reaches up, cupping your cheeks with his delicate hands, pulling you down for a soft kiss, stirring a million butterflies inside your belly. A disbelieving laugh finds its way out of you, and you lean back, your eyes never leaving Yoongi’s.

    His smile widens at that, turning into a smug grin, setting stars into the night sky that are his eyes.

    “Don’t fight it baby,” he says grinning, hands falling to your hips.

    “Don’t behave as if you know what’s going on in my head, lover boy,” you counter, only half joking.

    “As for the rest of the time, I totally agree with you, but I think at this moment I have a pretty good idea. And I don’t think it’s your head where things happen right now, either.”

    You laugh again, unable to help it. You are dizzy with feelings. You are filled to the brim with them. And the way Yoongi stares at you, reveals that he knows he's right. And he doesn't mind at all.

    His dick twitches inside you, as if it wants to remind you of its existence. You slowly move up and sink down again, caressing it with your moist walls.

    “You feel so damn good, “ Yoongi sighs, shutting his eyes briefly, enjoying the pleasure. You wonder if he is flooded with feelings as much as you are right now, but you don't have to think about it for long, because he keeps talking, pressed and low winded, making your core clench around him with lust.

    "Please don't leave today when we're done," he pleads, "please stay the night, I don't want you to go home today."

    Realizing that his words might be misleading, he wets his lips, adding "I don't mean today in the sense of just today. I mean it in general. Don't go away. Don't disappear again. Let me be a part of your life. A part of you."

    “How can you be such a poet right now, “ you breathe, riding him without haste, despite the coil inside you getting tighter.

    He snorts softly, not able to say much more, as he is quickly getting closer to coming with each of your movements. His fingernails sink into the flesh of your hips, probably bruising you, but you don’t care.

    You come first, head tilted backwards, moaning, pressing yourself down on him with a grunt. Yoongi watches you coming apart once more before sitting up and turning you with one swift motion until he has you under him again, thrusting into you much faster, striving for his own orgasm. It doesn’t take long for him to lose himself in you. He is all over the place, nibbling at your lips, puffing shaky exhales against your mouth, before sucking a third mark on your neck. And then he bursts, cursing, whining, bucking into you. You feel his cum deep and hot inside you and you pull him closer, holding him tight, suddenly keen on feeling as much of him as possible, as if he could just fly away now that he is finished. But he doesn’t. He carefully sinks down on you, crawls deeper into your arms, pressing his perfect lips to your temple, hot air fanning your skin.

    Both of you are quiet, while you dwell in the sensation. After a while he fumbles around and drags a blanket over your tangled bodies. He is still buried in you, when he props himself up on his elbow, looking down at you with smiling eyes.

    “If you tried to fuck the romantic thoughts out of me, you failed,” he informs you dryly.

    You snort, feelings still buzzing inside you. The past minutes have started something that you aren’t able to stop. If you're honest, it didn't just start a few minutes ago. It was buried inside you for a while already, but you ignored it.

    It took the awful moment of realization this morning to tear down the walls around your heart that normally shield you from your feelings. It took a moment of raw vulnerability for your feelings to crawl to the surface and spread until they were too big to ever be stuffed back into the dark again.

    Yoongi doesn’t take his eyes off you, while you get lost in your thoughts. He tucks a strand of hair behind your ear with his free hand, waiting patiently.

    “It’s a little mean to have this talk while you are still inside and on top of me, don’t you think?” you try, but he is not having it.

    “I figure it’s all that works to make you stay for the time being.”

    “It’s not that bad.”

    “Oh, it is.” He grins down at you, fingertips trailing randomly over your face. Eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips.

    “Well then, I’ll stay,” you huff, turning his grin into a full smile, exposing all his tiny teeth.

    You didn’t notice his dick has gotten hard again, until he moves slightly, and is rubbing against the sweet spot inside you.

    Your eyes grow big, and he raises an eyebrow at you. He rolls his hips a second time, making it hard for you to breathe properly.

    “So, I take it we're going to have sex all night?"

    Yoongi chuckles and your heart jumps. “I don't think so, but I'm in for a second round.” He places a quick kiss on your lips. "Don't think you're off the hook, baby, we still have a lot to talk about."

    “Yeah, I guess,” you sigh, already squirming under his touches. “I can’t believe you are one for talking.”

    “I am. Sometimes. Definitely when it comes to you. Prepare for questions like what’s your favourite colour and shit.”


    “Yeah, all I know about you is how to make you sigh my name.” As if to prove his point, he pulls out and reaches down between your bodies, slipping his fingers through your folds, circling your clit. You gasp, before releasing a whimper, arching towards his hand.


    “I hate you,” you press out but he only laughs.

    “No, you don’t. Now be a good girl and come for me again, we got plenty of time tonight and I’m determined to use every second of it.”

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  • kookiemon97
    05.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Chapter 2:Taxi Intruder

    Taehyung continued to look at you through the cafe window, which endlessly unnerved you. You kept trying to get Allie to leave but she was dead set on trying more food. Feeling the unwavering eyes on you was really making your heart shake. Unable to take it anymore you got up and told Allie you were going back to the hotel to take a nap. She barely acknowledged your leaving, too busy jotting down ideas.

    You walked back to the main road but the side walls were too crowded and you saw a group of paparazzi looking around trying to find something. Or someone. Exhaustion was hitting you like a truck so you hailed a taxi for the short 2 block drive.

    In your peripheral hearing , you heard a fan girl scream closely followed by the opening and slamming of your taxi door. Shocked, you whipped your head to the right to find the face of the smirking man from the cafe, Taehyung.

    “Unmyeong Circle, please” he spoke in a crooning voice. You wanted to tell him it was impolite to barge into someone’s taxi but you couldn’t find the words to say it in Korean. Without looking back the driver started driving in the opposite direction of where you wanted to go. You side eyed Taehyung and scoffed. He turned his head to you and gave you an apologetic smile.

    “Sorry for shocking you, not everyday a stranger jumps in next to you and steals your taxi I’m sure! But we’ve seen each other before haven’t we.” He spoke in perfect English.

    The next words that came out of your mouth, made Taehyung 10x more shocked than you had been when he jumped into you taxi.

    “You fucking bastard!” You hissed.

    His eyes went wide and his smirk fell into a straight line.

    Semi Taehyung’s POV

    The girl’s words shocked him and mesmerized him at the same time. She has immediately caught his attention as soon as she walked into the cafe but he was the last person she noticed. He got the feeling that his state was intimidating her and as he stared back in confusion, he could tell she didn’t know who he was and just just generally confused why he was looking at her. Nevertheless he couldn’t look away no matter how hard he tried. Vernon and Jay kept talking to him, with Taehyun occasionally looking up,but what they were saying was going in one ear and out the other. Suddenly you go up from your table outside and he watched as you friend bore you goodbye curtly. He knew he had to talk to you. He didn’t know why. Not even bidding goodbye to Baek,Jay,Vernon and Taehyun he got up and ran out the door, pulling his hat lower and mask up to avoid being recognized.

    As soon as you walked onto the main road, he lost sight of you. Trying to spot your tan sweater in the the crowd, he forgot to look out for paps. He saw a pack of them lurking around. Somebody must have tipped them off about him being in the area.

    Not looking ahead of him in an effort to keep an eye on the camera clickers, he ran right into a girl who had been staring at him wide eyed since he arrived on the main road.

    “Your Highness, AHHHH! Everybody it’s the-“ she shouted at the top of her lungs.

    Crap, Taehyung thought and jumped into the nearest cab thinking it was empty and immediately told the driver to head toward the palace area. He even left his security behind but he didn’t care. His phone was buzzing every 2 seconds with calls. No doubt from security.

    Finally letting out a deep breath, he took off his leather jacket and noticed a presence to his left… it was her. He had found her. He found himself thanking the crazed girl who had caused him to jump into this taxi. He put his signature smirk back on his face and spoke in English as that is what he had heard you speaking with your friend earlier.

    Semi nervous to actually talk to you, he tried to smooth and level his voice, “sorry for shocking you, not everyday a stranger jumps in next to you and steals your taxi I’m sure! But we’ve met before haven’t we?” He chuckled but a hint of unease broke through.

    The look on your face made him want to burst out laughing and curl up in a little ball at the same time. Before he could spit out a proper apology you growled and spoke in an aggravated tone.

    “You fucking bastard” she hissed.

    He was shocked but not suprised. You looked like you had a sharp wit. Taehyung couldn’t suppress the laughing that came out of him.

    “Sorry,sorry” he breathed out between chuckles when he noticed your flabbergasted look.

    “I left to get away from you, not for you to follow me into my taxi. What are you some stalker!?” She rambled off.

    “This is a complete misunderstanding, I thought this taxi was empty because the driver didn’t have the occupied light on!” He exclaimed, he didn’t want you to think he was some perv or something.

    “Oh well that doesn’t explain why you were staring at me so intensely at the cafe!” She shook her head in frustration “ now we are going in the opposite direction of my hotel! I just wanted to take a nap!! I’m jet lagged.”

    Taehyung smiled at you warmly “I was staring because usually people who hear Baekhyun’s conversations shake their heads like he’s crazy. Which he is but that’s not the point. You looked intrigued and amused which caught my eye. Plus you’re beautiful. He breathed out,catching your wavering eyes and rosier cheeks. “As for your cab I am so sorry and for the jet lag I have the remedy. If you would allow me to make up for my being an annoyance to you, I could give you a quick tour of the palace area and kill your jet lag at the same time! What do you think?” He said hopefully.

    He could see your head trying to figure out what to do. You looked back in the direction of your hotel and rubbed your brow closing your eyes.

    “I did want to see Seoul at night eventually. Might as well get a tour from a native rather than s pamphlet.” You smiled at him and laughed lightheartedly “but can you buy me some fried chicken and soju first?”

    “Well miss, you read my mind as that was exactly my prescription for your jet lag.” He silenced his phone that has been buzzing. Crap,security must have called Namjoon. He would deal with him later. He didn’t want to be interrupted or distracted when he was with you.

    “Driver, change the stop to 1270 Sonyeondan Avenue, Gangnam-gu please. I’m taking this lady for a night on the town.” He used his body smile on you.

    The driver looked in his rear view mirror and his eyes went wide. As you blushed you looked down and played with you hands, being affected by his boxy smile. Taehyung made eye contact with the driver and brought his index finger to his lips and mouthed shhh.

    The driver shook himself out of his trance. After all it is not everyday the Crown Prince of Korea is in your taxi.

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  • sopebubbles
    05.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Twenty-four: just two casual friends

    21st century girl

    A/n: I am so fucking sorry for the heinous monstrosity that is the last panel but I was desperate to fit it all in 😬

    A/n 2: I made a booboo with my taglist so if you've asked to be added recently and you got left off please let me know so I can fix it. 💜

    Synopsis: Campus activist Yn was only looking for a one night stand with campus fuckboy Namjoon, but they're both in for more than they bargained for, with many lessons for both to learn along the way.

    Taglist: @halesandy @burningupp-replies @lilacdreams-00 @yoongiofmine @yonkimint @wholockian1 @lyra0cassiopeia @hobizi @babycoffeefire @theatren3rd @bri-mal @purpletaecup @secretlycrazyhummingbird @infiresyg93 @sweetjellyfishland @lovely-joon @little-dark-empress @iknowyoualwaystae @lostbitvh @xianav @friendlywraith @preciouschimine @ambersaesthetics @hwayne2294 @mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @amarillyis @vaseratineb @casspirit0705 @theestrangeddreamer @90s-belladonna @joyfullyobsessed @lochness-butmakeitsexy @lovelytaes-blog @blushingatyou @proflyndo @shegotboreddsoo @dalamjisung @kaislinging-slasher01 @armytwist @abc-abc1234-a @moonixverse @piecesofapril11 @bloomtilweache @kissme-ornot @cursedcursives @fanvergent-chick @rjsmochii @jooniesbanoonies @jaiuneamesolitaiire @incognitovok

    #bts social media au #bts smau #bts fake texts #bts fanfic #bts fan fiction #bts fic #bts fuckboy au #bts au#bts scenarios#bts smut #bts x reader #namjoon x reader #namjoon smau#namjoon smut#namjoon au#namjoon scenarios #bts college au #bts yoongi#bts jin#bts jungkook#bts jimin#bts taehyung#bts hoseok #21st century girl #sopebubbles
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  • serein-jimin
    05.12.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Late Night (M) ~OT7 drabble~

    Pairing: OT7 x (f. reader)

    Genre: Smut

    Summary: Basically your pussy gets eaten out by your idol!boyfriend;(Whomever you chose).

    Warning(s): I mean it's a smut so what do you expect-

    Wc: 600+

    A/n: I got the idea randomly from FSOG haha. I couldn't place what member I'd wanted to go for, so I just left it up for my readers to use their imaginations. As always, enjoy!


    Slight sounds of squishing noises fills the air enveloping your presence, while a few fuck-inducing playlists roams the room. You muscles clench around the head that had been between your legs for the past five minutes. Tongue lapping circles all around your pulsing walls. Moans press against your throbbing core, sending vibrations up all around your insides.

    "Fuck, baby" A muffled groans leaves his chest. Lifting his head to meet with your eyes. Swollen, infilled lips fall slightly apart, a few beads from your essence trails down the corner from his mouth. His tongue pushes out partially, swiping once against the pad. The sweet, salty tasting substance lingers around his senses. "God, y/n." he cries out, hovering back over your trembling form. Eyes blown, baby hairs sticking to your forehead from the amount of times he's edged you just in the last few minutes.

    "I could eat this beautifully cunt out forever, you know that?" The words falling upon deaf ears, sinfully dragging back and forth from left to right. Up and down spins your head, mind fogged with thick clouds of lust. A hand snakes around under your thigh, pulling you sternly to meet his body length. His toned form hovers just barely over yours. Breathy lines drag across the surface of your skin. Gentle kisses cement their way all around your breasts, leaving no cell untouched by the warmth of his mouth. Your head rolls back against the pillow that had been neatly placed under minutes before. Knuckles grasping clumps of fabric tightly wounded up between your palms, back arching upwards to meet his stilled figure.

    "Look at yourself, darling." He chimes, finally having moved his hand down towards your aching bud. He presses harshly, quickening the fast circles bared against your palpitating clitoris. Backing never have left it's arched position, too caught up in the pure elation of the moment.

    "What a dirty little girl" He coos, his digits coming up to catch your hair in a tight make-shift ponytail, earning a desperate cry of pleasure from yourself. "Go on darling-" he takes the ends of your long hair, wrapping it counter-clockwise around your neck, forming a make-shift leash coiled oh so harshly against your burning skin. He yanks on the ends, pulling your top half up to press his. "My dirty little girl. You want to cum, baby?" You nod desperately, trying to chase your harrowingly difficult high. His hand yanks you forwards a bit more, closing the space between your flushed bodies. His lips catch your own, as he takes in your tongue, harshly sucking against the quivering muscle. He releases the grip he'd previously had over your mouth, still aching to be held once again. Eyes pierced yours, the tip of his erect kissing the flesh of your folds ever so gently.

    Pushing a little further in, only to be rudely pulled back. His teasing dreads across your expression, clearly frustrated. A chuckle heaves his chest. Flipping you two selves around, still held firmly around the coiled hair on your neck, silently announcing that he had every inch of your under his control. He perches on his knees, your head now having been lightly forced down to hover his dripping cock. His grip on the make-shift leash never leaves your mind. A small smirk presses his mouth, while gently asserting your lips to press the head of his length ever so lightly. Staggered breaths heaves close to your bum that'd been placed up in the air. Chills are sent down your back, as pulls your chin down, opening your mouth partially for his liking.

    "You're gunna have to earn it, little one."

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  • caught-in-a-seesaw-stigma
    05.12.2021 - 18 hours ago



    Pairings: OT7 x reader; Taehyung x Jimin, Jungkook x reader, Yoongi x reader

    Series Summary: An unfortunate accident leaves Kim Namjoon with amnesia, and Big Hit, BTS, ARMY, and the entire world are desperate to help him regain his memories and knowledge. Fortunately, a new genetics company has successfully created a system to alter our brains into human databases which can help someone regain knowledge and memories through a simple input/output exchange. Can this new invention give us back our beloved leader?

    Genre: Angst, Fluff, some Smut

    Warnings: cursing/vulgar language, sexual innuendos, bisexual behavior, mxm shenanigans...among other things to be added later as I finish the chapter

    The television screen was filtering through endless Netflix screensavers advertising possible shows or movies to watch. Jimin lifted his head and blinked lazily at the bright lights before groaning into the comforter. He tried to adjust his position on the bed, but Taehyung's ironclad grip on his body didn't allow for much movement.

    "Tae," Jimin whispered. "Move over, you're crushing me."

    Taehyung huffed out a whine and nuzzled further into Jimin's hair with his nose inhaling his soulmate's delicate fragrance. Jimin's combination of skincare products, lotions, and perfumes left him with a permanent intoxicating scent that was equal parts floral and sweet. Taehyung burrowed his face into Jimin's neck, his lips finding a soft patch of skin to suckle.

    "No, Tae," Jimin hissed. "Not here."

    "Mmm?" Taehyung grumbled. "Why not?"

    "They're still asleep," Jimin pointed out. "We don't have any space here and I don't want to wake them up."

    Taehyung sighed while grinding Jimin's hips against his hardening length, earning him a clipped moan from Jimin's pursed lips.

    "Then let's go back to our room then," Taehyung suggested with a smirk. "I'll give you all the space you need on my bed, Jiminie."

    Jimin feigned annoyance with a long dramatic sigh, but the smile creeping on his face spoke of playfulness and amusement. Using his position to his advantage, Jimin deftly rolled his ass back into Taehyung's crotch, prompting a low growl to rumble against his back. Taehyung's fingers curled into Jimin's shirt and he pulled at the fabric to maneuver Jimin beneath him.

    "Let's go already," Taehyung whispered into Jimin's ear seductively. "I want a little late night snack."

    With stifled giggles, the two of them extracted themselves from the confines of the comforter. After haphazardly putting some clothes on, Jimin and Taehyung silently bid adieu to the sleeping pair entangled in the sheets. They could barely contain their wandering hands until they were safely back in their room.

    Jimin pulled on Taehyung's shirt and shoved him against the closing door with impressive force. Taehyung whimpered slightly at Jimin's aggressive manhandling, but it soon morphed into delighted humming when their lips connected in a passionate kiss.

    "Wait," Taehyung mumbled in between kisses. "Shouldn't we talk first?"

    "Do you want me to stop?" Jimin replied while rubbing his palm over Taehyung's partial erection. "Because I can stop right now and we can talk. Up to you, Tae."

    "Gods, no," Taehyung groaned while reaching for the lock on the door. "Fuck it, we can talk after."

    Once the lock was turned and the lights were off, the only sounds in the room were light groans, airy moans, and sweet sighs replete with blooming arousal.

    Author's Note: With work being insane, I have not had much time at all to work on this like I wanted. I promise I am making small bouts of progress every day - if I'm lucky - and I hope to have it done soon. It's about halfway done right now, it's outlined, and I am getting closer to our holiday break. Here's to hoping for more time to write (fingers crossed)



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  • cherryhobiluvr
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Under The Sea [F & S] - part two

    pairing: sope proofread update word count & hashtags

    trigger warnings: smut, switch sope, mild degradation, hair pulling, finger sucking, edging, mermaid hs's cock has a knot (plz dont ask why i did that i have no idea), unprotected sex, creampie

    word count: 5.1k

    summary: beginner surfer yoongi goes surfing alone for the first time and almost drowns, waking up on a rock in the middle of the ocean with a pretty boy next to him. oh and that boy has a tail.

    an: also um the anatomy of this fics mermaids is weird so like just roll with it???

    link to part one!

    © copyright 2021 cherryhobiluvr

    “so hair isn’t supposed to be this texture?” hoseok asked as they walked into the apartment.

    he expected yoongi to answer the question as he always did, what hoseok didn’t expect was for yoongi to push him against the door and start kissing along the column of his neck. “shut up baby.” yoongi growled, a noise he’s never made in front of hoseok, but he liked how it sounded.

    yoongi kissed up hoseok’s neck and to his lips and kissed him eagerly, hoseok being breathless as yoongi had taken him by surprise and basically swallowed all his air.

    “wait wait.” yoongi panted forcing himself to pull away from hoseok. “is this ok? are you ok?” he asked, making absolutely sure he wasn’t making hoseok uncomfortable. yoongi had never been so aggressive like this before.

    hoseok was wide eyed but his cheeks were blushing as he took a second to process the question he was being. “mhm. i’m ok.” he smiled giving yoongi all the permission he needed. but hoseok didn’t have time to interject with a question before yoongi was dragging him into the bathroom.

    “remember what we talked about a few weeks ago?” yoongi asked, his breathing was labored and his hair looked frazzled as he yanked his own shirt off. hoseok had learned so much these past few weeks that he couldn’t remember what exactly yoongi was going on about.

    “sex, baby. our talk about sex.” yoongi reminded, attaching himself to hoseok again, kissing his neck and face again.

    “yes i do.”

    yoongi pulled off hoseok’s shirt, hands slowly going down his toned torso admiring him. “fuck me in the bathtub.”

    “but that doesn’t seem comfortable.” hoseok commented, watching yoongi push his pants and underwear down, blushing when he saw his cock standing straight out, red and angry looking.

    “i want mermaid hoseok to fuck me.” yoongi whispered in hoseok’s ear, hooking his fingers into the waistband of hoseok’s shorts.

    “don’t you love my human form?” hoseok whimpered, he assumed yoongi preferred his human form over his mermaid one because he never really talked about hoseok’s mermaid self anymore.

    “i love both, but i miss my baby mermaid. your tail and fins and cute little webbed fingers are what i fell in love with.” yoongi whispered, kissing hoseok gently, trying to reassure him. “is that ok with you?” yoongi asked, before he took hoseok’s pants off and shoved him into the tub.

    “y-yeah but i don’t think my mermaid form has a cock.” hoseok blushed, watching yoongi push his pants down and smirk.

    “i bet you do baby.” yoongi smiled, his fingers lingering near hoseok’s cock. “can i?” he asked again, chuckling a little when hoseok eagerly nodded.

    yoongi gently stroked his cock, fingers wrapping around the length easily, not getting a reaction of hoseok until he flicked his wrist around the head of his cock, watching him blush bright red and whimper.

    he pulled hoseok close to the tub and pushed him in gently, making sure he didn’t like hurt himself or anything of course and watched. hoseok saw the glow of the pendant dim, felt his fins and webbing grow back onto his hands and forearms, felt his legs return to his original tail.

    but something was different this time, the normal slit in his tail that hoseok assumed was his crotch, had a cock sticking out of it, to his shock and yoongi’s excitement.

    “fuck i can’t wait til that’s inside me.” yoongi groaned, climbing into the tub with hoseok.

    yoongi loved it the second he saw it, almost a combination of his two forms, the length of a tentacle and the shape of a human cock with a knot at the base. yoongi couldn’t wait til he was inside him, the bumps and ridges along hoseok’s shaft will feel wonderful.

    “i love you.” yoongi smiled, rutting their cocks together, hoseok’s length making yoongi’s look like a tiny thing, not that yoongi cared.

    “i love you too. ah~.” hoseok panted, feeling yoongi press their heads together gently, lazy kisses being exchanged between them.

    “is it ok if i prep myself on your cock?” yoongi asked, reaching for something that was behind hoseok’s head.

    “yeah go ahead hyung.” hoseok wasn’t sure what yoongi was about to do but he knew he was gonna like it regardless.

    yoongi pumped some sort of liquid onto his hand from a bottle and slathered it on his cock, watching hoseok pant and whimper at the feeling of yoongi stroking him so eagerly. “h-hyung..” hoseok moaned, his mouth staying in that little ‘o’ shape as yoongi jacked him off.

    “feel good baby?” yoongi asked, his free hand gently rubbing up and down on hoseok’s upper tail, trying to still his shaking flipper.

    “yeah....like your hands.” hoseok muttered, already too far gone to think straight, just lost in the feeling of yoongi and his hands on his length.

    “you sure you wanna do this baby?” yoongi asked one last time before he sank down onto hoseok’s cock.

    “will this make us official forever?” hoseok asked with hopeful eyes, he could see him and yoongi together forever.

    “forever baby. my one and only merbaby.” yoongi chuckled, kissing hoseok’s lips as he sank down onto his cock.

    “a-ah~” yoongi winced as if he was in pain, making hoseok worry immediately, he didn’t want him to hurt, he wanted it to feel good.

    “are you ok?” hoseok whimpered, seeing yoongi’s eyes shut tightly as his nails started to curl into his flesh.

    “shhh give me a second.” yoongi groaned out, moving his body up off hoseok‘s shaft slowly and then sinking back down onto it with a blissful sigh.

    “i’m ok baby. just give me a bit ok?” yoongi reassured a very worry looking hoseok as he wiggled himself farther down onto his cock, feeling the ridges in his length rub his walls just right. yoongi took his time as he slowly took hoseok’s length in, the ridges along his shaft making him gasp and writhe, his nails digging into the flesh where hoseok’s human skin and scales meet.

    hoseok waited patiently, despite how much he instinctively wanted to buck his hips and fuck yoongi senseless, he’d never had sex before but something inside him wanted to ruin yoongi.

    “fuck i can’t get over your knot.” yoongi whimpered, frustrated that he couldn’t take hoseok fully, he wanted to be one with him, be joined with him; as dumb as that may sound. tears started falling down yoongi’s cheeks, instantly breaking hoseok’s heart.

    “we can do this while im in human form...” hoseok suggested, not wanting to see yoongi in pain, he wanted his boyfriend to enjoy this, not be crying in pain.

    but yoongi wasn’t crying in pain, he was frustrated, he wanted to take hoseok’s knot, wanted to be filled, it’s all he’s been thinking about for weeks.

    he had done research into what mermaid anatomy was supposedly like, all results were more rumors because ‘mermaids’ didn’t exist.

    “no!” yoongi cried, the sobs making him hiccup and he struggled to contain them, he wasn’t sure why he was crying so hard. his enormous love for hoseok, his frustration of not being able to fit him? he didn’t know “i wanna be able to take you in your true form....” yoongi sniffled, wiping his eyes with one hand as the other was holding him up. “the one that saved me, the one that i fell in love with.” yoongi’s arms shook as he sobbed, forehead almost touching hoseok’s as he was unstable.

    “i love you.” hoseok whispered, kissing yoongi’s lips gently, holding onto his arms to steady him. “you don’t need to take all of me, feels amazing just like this.”

    yoongi sniffled, looking at hoseok with desperate eyes, his cock was angry and red, craving something. “sure?” yoongi asked, shifting his hips back and feeling hoseok’s cock start to come out of him.

    “y-yeah.” hoseok stuttered, his cheeks flaring up a bright red as he felt yoongi’s walls clench around his length, squeezing him perfectly.

    “love you.” yoongi muttered, kissing hoseok lazily again, rocking his hips back and forth quicker, building up a steady pace as he got more into it.

    “love you too.” hoseok panted, his hands going to grip the edges of the porcelain bathtub, not able to get a decent grip because how slick everything was.

    yoongi shifted so he was able to ride hoseok’s shaft, feet unsteadily planted to the bathtub floor, hands gripping the edges of the tub tightly, not even caring if he fell; he was just chasing his high now. “fuck seokie~.” yoongi groaned, his moans and whines getting louder the close he got, his head nuzzled in the crook of hoseok’s neck, kissing along the gills he’s never noticed on his neck.

    hoseok was an absolute mess, his head was leaned back against the bathtub’s edge, his mouth was open in a constant ‘o’ shape as he quietly moaned, his hips moving on their own to fuck into yoongi steadily, hands eventually wandering to the older’s hips, helping to move yoongi faster.

    they repeated ‘love you’ and ‘so good’ to each other over and over their hips moving as one, winding each other up, hands blindly roaming the other’s bodies as they moved, kissing lazily as they went.

    “close baby.” yoongi whimpered, his hand going to jerk his cock off, needing just a little push over the edge. he wasn’t expecting hoseok to push his hands away and buck his hips up into him harder.

    “a~ah!” yoongi screamed, hoseok’s cock abusing his prostate repeatedly, feeling his tip leak precum as hoseok started to rail into him.

    his tail was smacking against the side of the tub as hoseok moved drowning out the slick noise of hoseok’s cock disappearing inside yoongi and the sounds of their moans and grunts.

    hoseok wasn’t sure what the fire in his belly was, but it made him lose control and fuck yoongi into abandon, wanting to just have his length sheathed inside his lover.

    “cum inside me.” yoongi panted as he started to cum, white painting hoseok’s teal scales and human flesh on his torso.

    yoongi let hoseok keep fucking him recklessly, kissing hoseok deeply when he felt his length spasm inside him. “y-yoongi...” hoseok gasped, throwing his head back with a slight bang against the tub as his cock pulsated as he released inside yoongi.

    yoongi started leaking all over again feeling hoseok’s cum fill him completely and spill out of his hole. “fuck..” yoongi panted, his hand laying against hoseok’s chest to keep himself propped up barely. “i love you.” yoongi muttered kissing hoseok again.

    “i love you too.” hoseok was out of breath as well, he wasn’t 100% sure what his body just did, he was sure yoongi mentioned it in their sex talk but he couldn’t even remember right now.

    they stayed like that for a few minutes, letting their heartbeats steady and their breathing stabilize before they even attempted to clean up.

    “hey...you got my knot in you.” hoseok mentioned, noticing yoongi was flush against his hips, watching the older look down and grin to himself.

    “hell yes!” yoongi chuckled, pressing yet another gentle kiss to hoseok’s lips.

    “but as much as i would like to cockwarm you forever. we can’t and im sticky.” yoongi complained, using another word hoseok knew he was gonna have to ask about later.

    “how am i gonna get out of here?” hoseok asked as yoongi stood, whimpering slightly when his length slipped out of him.

    “gonna drain the tub and dry you off, duh.” yoongi deadpanned, giggling again when he saw the imaginary light bulb go off above hoseok’s head.

    “hey.” hoseok stopped yoongi as he was toweling himself off.

    “hmm?” yoongi hummed, not bothering to look back him because he was listening.

    “i love you.” hoseok smiled, putting his pendant back on and watching yoongi pull the drain plug.

    “i love you too my merbaby.”


    “do you miss the ocean?” yoongi asked as he rubbed hoseok’s shampoo bar between his wet hands to lather it up.

    “yes, why?” hoseok had been quiet lately, he seemed sad, it worried yoongi.

    “because i know you miss it.” yoongi started, massaging hoseok’s scalp gently, trying to relieve his stress of his new job and the homesickness he had been feeling for a long time.

    “i do, but i’m happy here.” hoseok smiled slightly, he could bare human life as long as yoongi was here.

    “what if i could be a mermaid?” yoongi suggested.

    “i don’t see how, beside what about your family and friends?” hoseok was starting to brush the subject off like he always did. he didn’t want to talk about his home because it only made him miss it more.

    “my family and i had a falling out, you know that. also i don’t have friends, only acquaintances and coworkers and i never hang out with them anymore.” yoongi was quick to remind him that he didn’t have anything tying him to the human world, only his job.

    “don’t you enjoy human life?” hoseok asked, he didn’t really think so as he very much knew yoongi hated his job, came home almost every day complaining, and he listened and petted his head the whole time.

    “you know i don’t baby. why do you think i started surfing?” yoongi reminded his baby of how they met in the first place many months ago.

    “true...are you sure you just want to up and leave?” hoseok asked, turning back to face yoongi, struggling because he can’t bend that way with his tail out.

    “as long as you want to yes. just want you happy and home and to be with you.” yoongi whispered, gently kissing hoseok a few time, lingering as he pressed his forehead to his, cupping hoseok’s cheek and smiling as they pulled away.

    “ok we can go back to my home tomorrow and i can talk to my dad about it.” hoseok smiled, leaning back into the tub and letting yoongi rinse his hair out gently.


    “can you hold my clothes while im gone?” hoseok asked, stripping out of his human clothes and handing them to a blushing yoongi.

    “yeah..” yoongi muttered trying his best not to stare at hoseok’s ass and kind of failing, a lot. hoseok jumped in the water and tossed the necklace to yoongi as well, not needing it for the time being and diving under the water, waving bye to yoongi for now with his tail.

    the swim to his home was quick, not much had changed since he left. “dad!” hoseok shouted out to his father, hearing the sandstone door slam open and his father barreling out of the coral house, swimming faster than hoseok had ever seen him swim before.

    “my son!” his father yelled happily, pulling a chuckling hoseok into a tight hug. they spent awhile catching up and talking about hoseok’s human life and human partner.

    “there’s a reason i came back dad...” hoseok sighed, wondering how to explain this. “yoongi wants to become one of us, wants to be down here with me.”

    “he wants to give up his human legs? are you sure?” his father was skeptical, this boy must have had a family and friends that would miss him.

    “yes, he loves me. i love him.” hoseok smiled, thinking of his human back on the beach waiting for him to return. “is there anyway he can be one of us?” hoseok asked, praying his father would say yes, maybe even have another necklace to make it happen.

    his father sighed, that’s not good. “well the necklace can give him the ability to be one of us, but since he’s not half human half mermaid like you there’s a chance that once he puts it on he will never get his human legs back, he could be stuck like that forever.” he explained. “it’s why your mom left us, she didn’t want to give up her human life.” hoseok gasped, he never knew the whole story, only knew his mom left and that she was human.

    his father pushed back tears at the memory of her, he still loved hoseok’s mother. “but if he is willing to give that up for you son, don’t let him go.” he smiled truly happy for his son. “and you two are welcome to stay here until you get on your tails again.” he added, wanting his son to know he’d be there for him.

    “thank you dad.” hoseok smiled, hugging him tightly. “i’ll be back in a little while.”


    yoongi was drawing in the sand when hoseok returned, smiling at his boyfriend immediately.

    “what’d he say?” yoongi was excited, he hoped hoseok’s father knew of a way to make him a mermaid.

    “well he said my necklace can give you a tail.” hoseok started, stopping yoongi before he put the necklace around his neck. “but you may become a mermaid forever and lose your human body.” hoseok was a little worried a thought in the back of his mind that would be a deal breaker, leave him on the spot. but yoongi just shrugged and put on the necklace anyway, watching the same glow that encircles hoseok when he changes surround him.

    yoongi expected his scale color to be darker, maybe his favorite color, but no. it was fucking pink. “you’re so cute!” hoseok squealed, rubbing the tip of yoongi’s tail happily, thinking their colors fit well together.

    yoongi scooted toward the water and flopped in, almost immediately sinking and panicking because his natural instinct was to breathe air. “calm down!” hoseok held yoongi up, smiling when he wrapped his arms around his neck. “you’re ok, you can breathe water now.”

    “right right.” yoongi nodded, trying to flip his tail like hoseok did, struggling with the muscles that control it. “now you know what i went through with my legs.” hoseok laughed, watching yoongi smile and use his arms to keep himself afloat.

    “so we just leave?” hoseok asked. “won’t people get worried about us?” he kinda of knew their coworkers would get concerned, maybe.

    “to be honest i don’t care.” yoongi shrugged once more. “i have you.” he kissed hoseok gently, smiling against his lips.

    “lets go home.” hoseok smiled, intertwining their hands and leading yoongi into the ocean depths.


    yoongi adjusted quickly, gaining full control of his tail in less than a week. he was relieved because of that, also because hoseok’s father loved him, always said how he was perfect for his precious son.

    what yoongi hadn’t adjusted to however was not being able to hide his hard-ons when hoseok did something even remotely sexy. the younger knew how to push his buttons and get him wound up.

    “ya know one thing i miss about human life?” hoseok mentioned one afternoon as they were snuggled in bed watching some sort of ocean drama together.

    “hmm?” yoongi hummed, smoothing his hands down hoseok’s back, feeling his row of scales along his spine.

    “lingerie.” hoseok sighed, slightly smirking to himself when he felt yoongi’s hand still. “i felt so pretty when you got me that one set. loved when you ripped it off me when you got home.” hoseok was whispering now, looking up at yoongi innocently, but he had a gleam of lust in them as well.

    “fuck i need to get you more. even more pretty now.” yoongi groaned, feeling hoseok rut his tail against his.

    “yeah? wanna dress your baby up all pretty again?” hoseok smiled, adjusting his body so he was on top of yoongi, he couldn’t straddle him because he didn’t have legs so he made it work.

    “yeah i loved seeing you with lace and little bows on your thighs.” yoongi muttered against hoseok’s lips, feeling his cock start to grow out of its slit.

    “already getting hard hyung?” hoseok smirked, grinding his own slit against yoongi’s cock, feeling his own length starting to bloom out his slit.

    “you’re one to talk.” yoongi retorted, bucking his hips to rub their cocks together, groaning quietly at the friction of it.

    “yeah?” hoseok giggled, a brilliant idea popping into his head. “guess you don’t wanna talk about fucking me this time?” hoseok had thought about it for a while, he wanted to know what it felt like to be fucked, he always topped yoongi.

    yoongi always looked so pretty when he got railed, tears in his eyes and his little plump lips falling apart just enough that hoseok could shove his tongue inside his mouth and swallow yoongi’s moans.

    “wait really?” yoongi was kinda shocked, hoseok has never expressed any kind of an interest in being a bottom before.

    “yeah...would you like that?” hoseok asked, his hands moving down yoongi’s chest. hoseok was always eager to please yoongi, something that drove the elder insane.

    “so fucking much. i think about fucking you a lot.” yoongi admitted, a small blush appearing on his cheeks.

    “yeah? what would you think if i told you i’ve been stretching myself with your toys?” hoseok grinned, his fingers curling around yoongi’s cock, slowly moving his hand up and down his shaft.

    “shit...” yoongi moaned, his back arching off the bed, feeling hoseok grip the tip of his cock and twist his fingers roughly around it. “fuck!” yoongi was gasping at the action.

    hoseok giggled. “i knew you would love that. so sensitive.” his hand moved faster, the squelch of precum getting louder. for being a virgin when they met, hoseok sure did catch on to sexual moves quite quickly.

    “shut up...a-ah!~” yoongi moaned, his hand going to cover his mouth quickly, not wanting hoseok’s dad to possibly overhear this. god he'd be mortified if such a thing happened.

    “quiet baby you don’t want my dad to hear you. only i can hear how pretty you sound.” hoseok whispered, focusing his motions at the head of yoongi’s cock. yoongi whimpered, hardly any sound escaping his mouth, and he started to squirm in hoseok’s grip as he felt his orgasm build inside him.

    “ohhh so close already?” hoseok taunted, his other hand going to jerk off the rest of yoongi’s shaft. yoongi only replied with a mess of moans and whimpers, desperately trying to swat his boyfriends hands away so he didn’t cum so quickly.

    hoseok giggled, letting going of yoongi’s cock, looking at the slick on his hand. “have you ever tasted your pre cum hyung?” hoseok asked, pressing his the substance between his fingers, studying it.

    “no i haven’t.” yoongi panted, watching hoseok through half open eyes, trying to catch his breath. hoseok smirked, licking up the palm of his hand to the tips of his fingers, swallowing yoongi’s precum with a smile.

    “fucking hell.” yoongi groaned, his dick getting even harder somehow and he bucked his hips up, trying to get some form of touch back on him.

    “i’m still stretched from yesterday want me to just lay down? it’s hard to ride you in this position.” hoseok pouted, getting off of yoongi as he sat up.

    “you sure you can just take me like that baby?” yoongi asked he positioned himself behind hoseok.

    “mhm please just fuck me hyung.” hoseok whined, pushing his ass back towards yoongi, hearing him groan at the site of his hole clenching around nothing.

    “shit ok.” yoongi huffed, positioning just length up to hoseok’s hole, his tip brushing against his rim. yoongi slowly pushed into hoseok, groaning quietly when his walls clamped down around his shaft, making each movement more intense.

    hoseok went wide eyed at the feeling of yoongi stretching him open, his cock became much bigger than his when he turned into a mermaid, something he sure wasn’t going to complain about now. it filled him so good.

    “f-full...” hoseok croaked out, his hands grasping at the sheets desperately, biting into the pillow below him to keep himself quiet now.

    “now who’s making too much noise baby.” yoongi smirked shoving the rest of his cock inside hoseok, hearing his loud cry of a moan be muffled by the pillow.

    “so noisy baby boy. don’t want your dad to know how good i fuck you, do you?” yoongi felt hoseok shuddered him, he was affected by his words, much more than yoongi expected.

    “n-nuu...” hoseok slurred, his jaw going slack and the pillow falling out his mouth as yoongi started moving slowly in and out of him.

    “oh baby can’t even speak properly.” yoongi mocked him, they’ve never really discussed humiliation prior, but hoseok was very much into it, and if hoseok wanted him to stop all he had to do was say so and he would. yoongi never wanted to hoseok past his comfort zone.

    “baby like this, me making fun of him?” yoongi asked, yanking hoseok back his hair, hearing a semi quiet yelp escape his lips.

    “y-yes...hyung more.” hoseok begged, the build up of drool from biting the pool was sliding down his neck and onto his torso, slicking his body up obscenely.

    “baby wants more?” yoongi cooed, thrusting his hips harder, his tail smacking against hoseok’s as he tried setting up a faster rhythm, the sound of their tails and skin slapping becoming more and more obvious.

    “h-hyung...” hoseok looked wrecked now, his hair tussled in between yoongi’s fingers, drool dripping out of his mouth because he couldn’t keep it closed, hands scrambling around the bed trying to grip anything he could find.

    “shhhh baby.” yoongi whispered, his free hand going to shove his fingers into hoseok’s mouth, immediately getting slicked up with saliva, feeling hoseok moan around the digits. hoseok was close, yoongi could tell because his baby was shaking.

    “jerk yourself off baby. come on you can do it.” yoongi encouraged, his own thrusts getting sloppy and uncoordinated as he got closer, feeling hoseok’s walls clench harder in his shaft. hoseok wrapped his fingers around his cock, shakingly tugging on his tip to get himself closer, feeling the heat in his stomach build, every thrust of yoongi’s cock inside him feeling more and more intense.

    “a-ah~!” hoseok gurgled around yoongi’s fingers, saliva and the digits almost choking him, something he was gonna have to discuss with yoongi after cause he really liked it.

    “baby’s so close already? hyung hasn’t even had his fun.” yoongi taunted, feeling hoseok clench around his cock, making him let out a quiet groan. yoongi let up and pulled his fingers out of hoseok’s mouth, the string of saliva connecting them still.

    “h-hyung slow...” that was all hoseok could get out, but yoongi slowed his thrusts for a second, letting his baby catch his breath.

    “you ok baby?” yoongi asked, smoothing his hand down hoseok’s back, feeling the bumps of his scales against his fingertips.

    hoseok nodded against the pillow. “don’t wanna cum yet hyungie.” he whined, making yoongi smile at how adorable his baby was.

    “yeah?” yoongi petted hoseok’s head gently, grinning when he nuzzled into his touch. “want hyung to edge you?” he asked, seeing the slight confusion on hoseok’s face when he did.

    “where i fuck you til you feel like cumming and then stop, letting you calm down and then do it all over again.” yoongi explained, seeing hoseok shiver at the idea of it. “want me to?” he asked again, he was perfectly fine not edging hoseok, if he wanted to cum he’d let him, but he kind of wanted to utterly wreck his baby.

    “hyung gonna be edged to?” hoseok asked, it’s obviously to yoongi he had slipped into some sort of sub space, so he decided to be a little more gentle.

    “i can cum in you more than once, but i can if baby wants me to.” yoongi replied, slowly thrusting in and out of hoseok, almost at a snails pace.

    “yeah...fill me up hyung.” hoseok whined, reaching back to try to grab yoongi’s hand, looking satisfied when he held his hand. yoongi pushed hoseok to brink of orgasming at least six times, watching him shake more and more every time.

    hoseok was a whiny mess, writhing on the sheets below yoongi, panting out of breath while he slowly thrusted in and out.

    “baby im close again.” yoongi panted, his cock aching from the constant friction of hoseok’s walls. “wanna cum now?” he asked, grinning when hoseok nodded quickly.

    yoongi had already cum inside hoseok twice now, his cum acting as lube and making everything much more lewd and messy sounding.

    yoongi slowly thrusted again, his pace slow and sloppy, making hoseok gasp and whine every time his cock hit his prostate.

    “harder hyung.” hoseok begged, his hands going to grab the pillow in front of him to brace himself, having learned just how hard yoongi goes.

    “fuck ok.” yoongi was tired, his muscles aching from the constant straining and moving.

    hoseok let out a strangled yelp, yoongi was fucking him hard, harder than before, making their bed shake and creak at their movements. yoongi was hitting his prostate heading on, stirring his orgasm up further and further.

    “c-close!” hoseok whimpered, his walls clenching around yoongi’s shaft, making the elder moan.

    “fuck me too.” yoongi replied, tangling his fingers into hoseok’s hair, gripping onto it and pulling hoseok flush against his chest.

    yoongi’s thrusts continued at the same speed, but became erratic and uncoordinated, his other hand letting go of hoseok’s to wrap around his baby’s cock, fingers working the tip of his shaft quickly. hoseok was so overstimulated he started to cry, his pent up orgasm finally overflowing onto yoongi’s hand, dirtying his skin and the water around them.

    yoongi’s hips stuttered, releasing his third and final load into hoseok, pressing gentle kisses to his shoulder. they stayed like that for a few minutes, catching their breaths and exchanging lazy kisses.

    “i love you.” yoongi whispered as he pulled out, seeing his cum float out of hoseok.

    hoseok sunk to the bed panting. “i love you too.” he mumbled, snuggling into their sheets.

    “baby how do we clean the cum up?” yoongi asked, realizing that towels wouldn’t work underwater, it was the first time they’ve had sex as mermaids.

    “we don’t. it’ll wash away.” hoseok was already nuzzled in bed, reaching out for yoongi to come to bed.

    "oh ok.” yoongi shrugged, he was too tired to give a damn to be honest.

    they snuggled into bed and exchanged lazy kisses and ‘i love you’s'.

    “hyung?” hoseok asked a few hours later out of the blue.

    “yeah baby?”

    “are you glad you got swept up by the current what like eight months ago?” hoseok asked, trying to remember exactly how long it’s been they met.

    “so glad i almost drowned.” yoongi chuckled making hoseok crack up in a fit of giggles, something yoongi was looking forward to hearing forever.

    #sope#sope au#sope smut#sope oneshot#sope fluff#sope fic #hoseok x yoongi #hoseok x yoongi oneshot #hoseok x yoongi fic #hoseok x yoongi smut #hoseok x yoongi au #hoseok x yoongi fluff #bts smut#bts au#bts fluff#bts fic#kpop smut#kpop fanfic#kpop fluff #bts member x member
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  • mrcleanheichou
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Wolves are (NOT) Scary Chapter 3

    Pairing: Werewolf!BTS X Female human reader

    Genre: Fluff and smut

    Warnings: Blow job

    Word count: 2,806

    Summary: All Y/N wants to do is find her creativity and motivation but she finds 7 werewolves instead.

    Author note: Hi again! I've been working tons of overtime since we've been slammed at work. But the good news is I found a cafe that I enjoy writing in and I discovered the magic that is lofi beats to focus on writing and stop being lazy. Although it feels weird writing smut in public lol. If you find the subtle concert reference you get a gold star sticker :D

    Taglist: @lovelyseokjinnie @dustyinkpages @sinceritythatcouldntbedelivered @momoriki @iistrangers @openup-yourmind @thedarkwinterrose @thickemadame @moonlitehunter

    Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2

    ~3 years ago~

    Maybe it was wishful thinking to expect your creativity to come back as soon as you moved. Its been a whole week without writing or drawing anything. Laying in the grass staring up at the sky has been way more appealing than working. Throwing an arm over your eyes and sighing you try to clear the thoughts of failure and of your boss being disappointed in your lack of production. You could always just quit and find a different publishing company for your books but this one is the best at distributing all over Korea.

    One thing you’ve noticed during your daily procrastination time in the grass is all of the animals that are your neighbors and how not scared of you they are. Yeji’s grandparents must have been feeding them or something.

    The song birds are here this morning singing their little hearts out and the small band of female deer that have been stopping by to munch on your grass, eliminating the need for a lawn mower. You coo when you notice all four of the Deer have babies, one of them even has twins. Babies of any species have always made you happy that’s why you went into writing children’s books.

    While the little ones were playing the adult deer all suddenly freeze, one of them stares off towards the woods and stamps her hoof while snorting causing them all to run off into the woods.

    Frowning you went to get up and go inside when you see it. A dog, a very large dog, sitting where the deer just were on the edge of your yard. Using your limited knowledge of the canine species you deduced that it had to be the size of a great dane. It was a reddish brown with white on it’s chest going towards it’s belly and what almost looks like ‘socks’ on it’s paws. Its striking golden eyes seemingly staring straight into your soul.

    Maybe it was stupidity but you weren’t scared of the large beast at all. Throwing away what little common sense that would tell you not to approach unknown animals lest you get bit, you get up and approach the dog holding your hand out for it to sniff.

    “Hi puppy, are you lost?”

    Letting out a huff the canine leans forward giving your hand a lick. You push your luck and out to pet it when it suddenly whipped its head around cocking its head to the side seemingly hearing something. It looks back at you whining before it takes off running back into the woods.

    Disappointment floods you at your new friend leaving you alone. You sigh and head off to your bathroom to take a shower so you could hurry up and head to town before it gets too crowded. You needed to go to the grocery store still, surviving off ramyeon cups hasn’t been healthy.

    You reach town with every intention of going to the grocery store but as you pass all the little shops you find yourself oddly compelled to park in the parking spot right in front a certain bakery again. With a grumbling stomach you put your car in park and head inside. Expecting to see Jungkook or Jimin again you are a little surprised to see a new face. Which you really shouldn’t be since its literally only your second time here and obviously they have more than two workers.

    The new man has blonde hair and what you would describe as a “Resting Bitch Face” as he looks up at you. You can feel his eyes on you as you look at all of the pastries in the glass case to the side of check out counter. There’s so many to choose from that you almost don’t know what to get. You stand the perplexed for a good 5 minutes until you hear the sound of a clearing throat. Looking up you meet the gaze of the man, his name tag on his black apron says ‘Yoongi’ on it, you notice.

    “What kind of things do you like? Sweet, savory, fruity, chocolaty? Maybe I can help you since you seem a bit lost.”

    “Umm I like fruit filled things,” you say feeling a bit embarrassed. Yoongi nods his head and opens the case.

    “You like cream cheese?” You nod. “Then try this, Its a peach cream puff. Peaches are in season right now and we got some in from the farmers market this morning so they’re fresh.”

    You grab the pastry from him and take a small bite. Your taste buds are immediately assaulted by the amazing taste. The actual pastry is somehow crispy and soft at the same time. The filling is creamy and slightly sweet without being overwhelming. The peach slices are soft and ooey gooey in the perfect way.

    You moan in an embarrassingly loud way immediately feeling your face get warm when you look up and see the man smile at you. “That good?”


    “I’ll have to tell Jin then. He’ll be happy to hear his food makes pretty girls swoon.” Yoongi quirks his eyebrow leaning on the counter. You avoid his overt gaze as you reach into your pocket to grab money. “ Don’t worry about it. It’s on the house.”

    At that a tall brunette male wearing black rimmed glasses, a red sweater and jeans walks in from the back, “Hyung, why are you giving away free food?” Stopping in his tracks after seeing you his eyes go wide before darting his eyes to the shorter man. It seems as if they are having a silent conversation between themselves while you stand there awkwardly. Before you can interrupt them to offer to pay again, the door chime goes off behind you.

    “Don’t you growl at me you mutt. It’s your fault for not bringing clothes!”

    Turning your head at the odd statement, you see Jimin holding open the door and waiting for someone but you don’t see another person through the big storefront window. Suddenly a big dog trots through the door, seeing you it heads your way wagging its tail. Staring at the furry creature, realization spreads across your face. It looked just like the dog from this morning. You take the opportunity to scratch behind it’s ears and you giggle when it licks your arm in return. Staying in your own world with the dog you miss the way all of the men are sharing glances with each other.

    “Looks like he likes you,” Jimin’s words bring you back from your little trance. “His name is Tae.”

    “He’s beautiful!” Tae seemed to bask in the praise and flops onto his back asking for a belly rub. Scratching the large canine’s chest and laughing at the sound of his tail thumping on the tiled floor as you call him a good boy.

    “Hey Y/N,” looking up and pausing your scratching earns you a loud whine from Tae. “Are you sticking around town today?”

    “I’m just headed to the grocery store today.”

    Jimin’s face lit up hearing your answer, “I know this is a lot to ask of you when we don’t know each other well… but we all have to go to out today and I can’t leave Tae in the shop because he’s naughty and will eat every thing in sight.” Sensing your apprehension he quickly chimes in “I’ll give you money to go to the restaurant down the street. They have an outdoor patio and they let dogs sit in there if they behave.”

    Thinking it over you were going to decline because you kinda just want to go home but then your stomach decided to do a great rendition of a dying wale protesting the fact that you didn’t eat breakfast. Plus who’d say no to free food? “Ok, how long will you be gone?”

    “For around 2 hours. If you finish eating before then you can take him with you to the store. He’ll stick around outside. He’s good at staying put.”


    ~Present Day~

    “Ya! That’s too much vanilla, I have a recipe book right there! Why don’t you use it?”

    “I know it must be shocking to you but I know how to bake too. Just because you’re a fancy schmancy professional doesn’t mean you’re better than me!”

    “No, hyung is right that’s way too much,” Taehyung added sitting at the kitchen island watching the amusing show of you and Jin trying not to kill each other in the kitchen. It always happens because he’s a perfectionist when it comes to baking and you’re stubborn. The rest of the pack has given up trying to separate you when an argument breaks out unless food starts flying. There was an incident that involved flour that isn’t allowed to be brought again. Namjoon locked you both in Jin’s room and said to you couldn’t come out until you both started acting like adults. One thing lead to another and you ended up having amazing make up sex that left you, as Ariana Grande eloquently put it, ‘walking from side to side.’ The other guys wouldn’t start laughing about it especially when Jimin started saying he should throw flour at Jin too if that’s what you got out of it.

    Shooting him your best glare with your hands on your hips you quip back “I don’t remember asking you for your opinion.”

    While you were busy snapping at the younger wolf, Jin took the opportunity to grab all the ingredients and start working on a different batch of buttercream frosting. You gasp at his audacity.

    “What do you think you’re doing?”

    “I’m saving Yoongi’s birthday cake from your awful frosting.”

    To say your feelings were hurt would be an understatement. Probably sensing the impending argument, Taehyung hoisted you over his shoulder taking you to the living room.

    “Put me down you jerk!”

    “Ok,” he said before dropping you unceremoniously onto the couch. As soon as you hit the couch he transformed and jumped on top of you, flopping all 150 pounds of himself down.

    “Get off me you fleabag!” You struggle under him, which caused Tae to snuggle onto you even harder. His gigantic head resting over your shoulder. At least he still kinda smelled like his cologne and not like a dog otherwise you’d really be mad. After a few minutes you come up with an escape plan. Grinning to yourself you grab one of his ears and pull, not hard enough to hurt him but not gentle enough to be comfortable, “I have to pee.”

    Sitting up he looks at you inquisitively trying to gauge whether or not you’re lying. After a few seconds he huffs and finally gets off the couch setting you free. Where you take your chance to take off running to the stairs in the complete opposite way from the downstairs bathroom. You knew it was a feeble attempt especially when he was in his wolf form. He catches up to you quickly, going back to his human form and grabbing you around your waist and picking you up. After multiple attempts of yelling for help you finally hear Yoongi scold you from where he was cuddling with a snoring Hoseok in the reading room. “Quit making so much noise, some of us are trying to nap.”

    “Sorry hyung,” Tae says before taking you back to the couch and setting you on it gently. He sits on the couch next to you staring at the ceiling quietly before looking at you. “You know you don’t have to be good at baking, right? Namjoon hyung can’t even be in the kitchen without something catching on fire.” You chuckle thinking about the big tough alpha looking absolutely lost anytime he attempts any sort of cooking.

    Grabbing you chin and turning your head towards him he leans in and places a tender kiss on your lips. Pulling back to look into your eyes “Sometimes we should realize what we’re good at and not feel sad at not being good at other things.”

    You didn’t know whether you wanted to cry or kiss him again, he always has a way of comforting you whenever you feel down. He’s contributed a lot to your books and even helped you branch out into writing young adult books on top of children’s books. You don’t have a favorite mate but he is the wolf you are drawn to the most, just like Yoongi and Hoseok are the drawn to each other.

    “I love you,” you say sincerely before getting up to sit in his lap.

    “Hmm, you want to do this in the living room?” Tae asks giving you a knowing grin. Nodding you press your weight down onto his crotch where his isn’t hard yet. Since you’re all mates and sometimes engage in sex all together these activities in in shared spaces isn’t looked down upon. Sometimes others will join or even just watch.

    Hands gripping your hips Taehyung helps you move at a slow pace. As much as you’d love to have him make love to you, you’re still sore from the punishment you received from Namjoon. Your alpha absolutely wrecked you last night. You push off of him and he gave you a confused face before it morphed into realization as you drop to your knees. Spreading his legs, Taehyung made room and you immediately go for the waist band of his basketball shorts urging him to lift up his butt to pull them down and his boxers down. Hand reaching to squeeze his balls the way you know he likes.

    Having seven different men to please you had to take note all of their likes and dislikes. No one knows about the spreadsheet you have that helps keep track of that. If you weren’t so adamant that no one touch your laptop after Namjoon almost deleted a ten thousand word rough draft that was due to be sent to your boss the next day, they’d learn your secret.

    Hearing a low groan of your name encourages you to take his length in your other hand and gently pull back his foreskin and give kitten licks to the tip. Salty precum was already coming out showing his excitement. If this was Jungkook there’d be a puddle of it by now.

    You’ve never deep throated Tae because he was massive. He has the biggest and thickest dick out of all your mates. He understands your limits and never pushes it. If he really wants it he goes to Jimin, that boy can swallow anything like an anaconda. So you stick to jerking him off and sucking his large balls. Licking the sensitive flesh makes you feel powerful, you have all the control in this situation. You take one testicle into your mouth, being extremely careful of your teeth, and suck on it. Letting it fall out with a faint pop sound you smile up at him.

    “Oh shit,” He moans meeting your gaze. “Wait, let go.”

    You let go of his cock and use that hand to massage the ball you’re not working on. Alternating between them and licking everywhere in between. Taehyung stroked himself so you’d give your full attention to his sac. His pace was fast and you knew his end was approaching quickly as his knot starts to swell. Grabbing the base of his cock you apply a good amount of pressure and pull slightly to simulate him being stuck inside you.

    “Fuck fuck fuck fuck,” he cries out bucking his hips up and finally cumming all over your hand. As much as you’d love to lick your hand for Taehyung’s enjoyment you weren’t really in the mood to taste cum today. Getting up you leave a quick kiss on your spent mate’s forehead and run to the kitchen to wash your hands.

    “Here try this” Jin holds out a spoon with frosting as you’re about to turn on the water. Begrudgingly you admit that it tastes good, way better than yours was gonna end up being. “I’m sorry for taking over when you were doing things. I know you’re trying but it’s hard for me to relinquish control when it’s something I excel at. I’ll try to stop.”

    “It’s ok I forgive you.”

    Jin being the hugger that he is pulls you in for a big bear hug then immediately pulls back making a face when he feels a wetness on his back where your right hand is. “That better not be what I think it is.”

    The tirade that follows you sheepishly smiling at him was so loud it would be quoted for years after that. Needless to sayc you made Taehyung take you to town to buy him a new sweater.

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  • yoongificsrecs
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Historic au

    Gwanghae Flow

    Summary: The queen receives a forbidden visitor in the middle of the night.


    Summary: Court was just a game of politics after all. And you intended to win


    Summary: When an engagement locks you, the 8th and forgotten princess, to the duke infamous for his cruelty, you find yourself counting the days until your inevitable death. It’s terrifying to think of your end, but when you arrive at his territory, you realize there’s a more morbid reason behind your marriage, and that the duke is much worse than the rumors have painted him out to be.


    Summary: King Min Yoongi is an evil tyrant who bows and bends to no one. Except to his queen.

    To Love an Empress

    SUMMARY: Despite the acrimonious beginning to your relationship, Yoongi is drawn to you.

    #yoongi fic recs #fic recs #yoongi one shot #yoongi smut #yoongi x reader #min yoongi#bts yoongi#yoongi angst #min yoongi fanfic #bts#yoongi fic #min yoongi x reader #yoongi fanfic #yoongi x you
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  • cherryhobiluvr
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Under The Sea [F] - part one

    pairing: sope

    trigger warnings : ocean, mermaids, mentions of drowning, near death experience, climate change / global warming / plastic in the ocean

    word count: 6k

    summary: beginner surfer yoongi goes surfing alone for the first time and almost drowns, waking up on a rock seemingly in the middle of the ocean with a pretty boy next to him. oh and that boy has a tail.

    an: this was written a couple years ago but I wanted to post it ! also it’s purely inspired by these pics (which didn’t fit with my moodboard in part two but I needed to include them)

    link to part two!

    © copyright 2021 cherryhobiluvr

    yoongi sat in the water, his legs dangling off his board as he waited for a small swell to approach.

    yoongi sat in the water, his legs dangling off his board as he waited for a small swell to approach.

    even if the waiting for a wave was boring, he enjoyed it, the faint noises of birds in the distance and the occasional fish brushing against his leg, and smelling the saltiness of the water happily.

    it relaxed him from his boring life.

    he got so relaxed he didn’t notice the skies turning gray, the water getting choppier and the other surfers and beach goers abandoning the water, all heading to their cars to leave.

    yoongi had his eyes closed, just listening to the static noises around him and mostly hearing the waves.

    that’s when he realized, he could only hear the water, the birds were gone, the screaming of happy children had disappeared, so he opened his eyes.

    yoongi turned on his board and he gasped looking up at the massive swell above him, he didn't even have time to turn around and try to frantically paddle to shore before the wave was crashing down upon him and pulling him out to sea.

    yoongi tried to fight the current, tried to breach the surface but everything was fighting against him, he began to wonder if he was about to die.

    he almost made it to the surface when another current pushed his board toward him, smacking him right upside the head, knocking him out.

    hoseok had been on a swim, visiting the neighbor dolphins and fish, but as he headed home he noticed something.

    a human...in the water....

    hoseok knew humans came into the ocean sometimes, knew they liked to swim like mermaids did, but couldn’t breathe water, they’d die if they were under too long.

    that’s why he went to this humans rescue. his green scaled tail moving quickly as he went to grab onto the unconscious man.

    hoseok didn’t have time to ogle over how pretty the human was just yet, needed to get him to the surface. hoseok was glad his mother was full blooded human and his father was full blooded mermaid, he can breathe air too this way.

    hoseok laid the human on the rocky beach as best as he could, struggling because he didn’t have legs, kind of flopping around on the ground like a fish out of water, oh wait he was.

    he got the humans head placed gently into his lap, brushing the hair out of his eyes.

    hoseok looked at him fully, he was really pretty, probably the prettiest creature he’s ever seen. hoseok stayed there, petting the humans head gently as the hours passed, watching the sun start to set.

    finally he heard the human make some noise.

    “ugh what happened?” hoseok heard the man groan, watching him sit up and rub his head.

    “i think you got swept up by a current and hit your head, but i pulled you ashore.” hoseok explained, placing his hand on the humans back to steady him as he sat up.

    “ohmygod!” the human screamed as he turned to face him, backing away from hoseok almost in fear, which kind of hurt hoseok’s feelings. “you’re a...” he started.

    “i’m a what?” hoseok asked smiling at the human to hopefully calm his nerves and moving his tail to splash a little in the water.

    yoongi stared at the...fish? human? what is he? why is he so pretty? where is he? what happened? the questions made yoongi’s head hurt. “a...mermaid?” yoongi asked, because mermaids aren’t real, are they? i mean he’s heard the internet theories of them but he thought it wasn’t true, just a bunch of bullshit and childhood fairy tales.

    “um yeah.” hoseok replied, his eyebrow raising at the humans statement. didn’t humans know about mermaids?

    yoongi scooted closer to the mermaid, studying his tail, admiring the way the sunlight shone off his scales. he was utterly fascinated by the creature, could yoongi call him a creature? what does he qualify as?

    “you’ve never seen a mermaid before have you?” hoseok giggled, noticing the human staring at him with wide eyes and curiosity swirling in his head.

    “um no i haven’t.” yoongi admitted, his cheeks blushing over, because of course he has to meet the prettiest mermaid ever. just his luck.

    “i’m hoseok.” hoseok introduced himself, putting his webbed hand out to shake yoongi’s, he heard that was a human custom, hopefully it was a friendly one.

    “oh! um yoongi.” he replied, shaking hoseok’s hand, noticing the little fins along the mermaids forearm, the same gorgeous green scales adorning his skin.

    “you have questions don’t you?” hoseok giggled again, covering his mouth to hide his little smile. humans really were as curious as he was told they are.

    “yeah kinda.” yoongi nodded, hoping the questions wouldn’t annoy the mermaid, who he now knew as hoseok.

    that’s how they spent that night, asking each other questions about themselves, their culture, their lives, what they like and don’t like. everything.

    and at the end hoseok helped yoongi swim back to the shore, the younger making yoongi promise him they would see each other again.


    the next day, after a good nights sleep and a bit of research on mermaids, yoongi returned to the beach where hoseok dropped him off.

    yoongi decided to bring hoseok a small gift, but he was kind of clueless as to what mermaids eat, so he got fish flakes. he’s a fish technically right?

    hoseok was already swimming around the small secluded beach, waiting for yoongi, they didn’t have anyway to talk when they weren’t together so he just kinda waited all day for him.

    “yoongi!” hoseok shouted, his hand splashing back into the water when he finished waving at yoongi.

    “hey hoseok!” yoongi grinned, sitting down at the waters edge, hiding the bag of food from the pet store behind his back.

    “what’s in the bag? please tell me it’s not a plastic bag my friend had to get one surgically removed after swallowing a piece of one once and I’ve hated them ever since.” hoseok rambled and yoongi immediately decided to never use plastic bags ever again.

    “it is but i won’t use them ever again ok? but i got you a treat!” yoongi grinned, he was proud that he even thought of that.

    “oh really? is it a human treat?” hoseok asked, struggling to get himself onto the shore closer to yoongi. hoseok groaned, flopping onto the sand, wiggling his tail back and forth to inch himself onto the beach. “ugh legs would be really handy right now.” he complained.

    “i can come in the water hoseok, you don’t need to come to the shore.” yoongi replied, tugging his shirt off, watching hoseok’s cheeks turn a bright pink. was he checking him out?

    “s-sure.” hoseok stuttered, pushing himself back into the ocean, feeling relaxed again as his body hit the water. “what did you get me hyung?” hoseok asked, looking up at yoongi with bright eyes.

    “um i don’t know what mermaids eat so i kind of winged it. here.” yoongi mumbled, his hands starting to shake as he hand the bottle of fish flakes to hoseok.

    “what are fish flakes?” hoseok looked confused, reading the bottles contents and trying to understand it. some of these words looked like pure gibberish to him.

    “it’s food for fish....i kind of figured since you’re part fish, i think, that it might be good to you?” yoongi was praying hoseok might actually like them and not laugh in his face.

    hoseok giggled. “i am part fish, but i’m also part human. i’ll try them though,” he smiled. “would that make you happy?” he asked, that adorable almost puppy dog look in his eyes appearing.

    something yoongi noticed about hoseok was that he more blunt than most humans, maybe it was just a mermaid thing, them being more upfront with each other; but it was something that threw yoongi off guard every once in awhile.

    “yeah it would actually. if you don’t like them i can always find something else you may like.” yoongi smiled, relieved he was even trying it.

    hoseok opened the bottle, placing the lid on the waters surface, making sure it didn’t float away before looking away. he grabbed a few flakes between his fingertips and popped them in his mouth.

    it was so sour, it made hoseok’s face twist up in disgust. “i’m very sorry hyung. i don’t like it, it’s very sour.” hoseok apologized, closing the bottle and handing it back to the human.

    “that’s alright.” yoongi smiled, it was a little disappointing hoseok didn’t like it but he would find something he did, he was sure of it.

    “do they sell seaweed in um....” hoseok started thinking, he knew humans shopped for their food in some sort of building that only had food, but he couldn’t remember the name for it.

    “the grocery store?” yoongi asked, hoping that was what hoseok was talking about.

    “oh yes! those!” hoseok grinned, finally remembering the word now that yoongi refreshed his memory.

    “yes they sell like seaweed jerky and stuff. do you like that? i can bring some next time we meet.” yoongi was kind of rambling now, but hoseok was stuck on a word yoongi said, the word ‘jerky’, he knows seaweed can’t talk so why would it be a jerk?

    “um hyung what’s jerky?” hoseok asked, stopping yoongi’s vocal thoughts in its tracks.

    “oh it’s like meat or seaweed in this case dried with salt to dry and preserve it. so it’s kind of like dried seaweed that’s salty.” yoongi explained, hoping that sounded good to hoseok.

    “oh that sounds delicious!” hoseok grinned, watching yoongi finally slide into the water with him.

    “i’ll bring you some next time ok?”

    “that sounds really good!” hoseok grinned, swimming toward yoongi quickly and hugging him tightly, then pulling away so their faces were inches from one another.

    yoongi knew he had some type of feelings for hoseok, not because he saved his life, but because he was just utterly perfect to him.

    hoseok wasn’t sure what he felt toward yoongi, he’s never felt love before, except to his friends, but that was different. they didn’t make his heart speed up and his tail squish happily.

    only yoongi did that.

    yoongi wanted to kiss hoseok, but he wasn’t sure if that’s something mermaids even did, hell he didn’t even see any reproductive organs on hoseok.

    “hyung...” hoseok whispered, he remembers his friends describing a kiss they saw two humans exchange, then how they became obsessed with the action, telling hoseok how good it felt.

    “have you ever kissed anyone?” he asked, his vision flickering from looking at yoongi’s eyes to his lips.

    yoongi had pretty lips, a beautiful shade of pink, plump but not too plump, he wanted to gently rub the flesh between his webbed fingers for some reason, maybe he just wanted to touch yoongi in general.

    “yeah i have.” yoongi whispered back, wondering where hoseok was going to take this, he hoped it was going to lead to them kissing, but he never knew with hoseok.

    “have you ever kissed a mermaid?” hoseok continued, asking question after question, he was a curious man, wanting to know everything about yoongi and human life overall.

    “no i haven’t.” yoongi replied, hoping hoseok’s next question was the one he was currently thinking he was gonna ask.

    “do you wanna kiss me?” hoseok asked, his eyes shining bright, just as they did yesterday, his green scales around his face glistening in the sunlight.

    “would you be mad if i said yes?”

    hoseok giggled, few strands of his wet hair falling in front of his eyes. “no of course not. i want you to kiss me.” he smiled, leaning closer to yoongi.

    “do you want to kiss me?” yoongi asked, not wanting hoseok to kiss him just because yoongi wanted him to kiss him, but because hoseok wants to kiss yoongi.

    “yeah i do. i’ve been thinking about how pretty you are since yesterday.” hoseok blushed a deep pink, the first time his cheeks have turned this pink in front of yoongi. “it’s not often a human as pretty and handsome as you are drifts that far out to sea.” hoseok giggled, smiling wide when yoongi showed off his gummy smile.

    “i think you’re prettier.” yoongi whispered, watching hoseok press his torso against his, leaning closer to his face. “prettiest mermaid i’ve ever seen.” he added, feeling hoseok’s lips press ever so lightly against his.

    hoseok grinned, yoongi was so sweet to him. “i’m the only mermaid you’ve seen hyung.” he mentioned, but yoongi didn’t care.

    “don’t care, still the prettiest.” yoongi breathed, feeling his lips brush against hoseok’s as he spoke.

    “kiss me already.” hoseok chuckled, closing his eyes as he felt yoongi’s hands tangle into his hair and begin to kiss him gently. it was a deeper kiss than either of them expected, their lips moving together slowly, as if it was going to be the last time they ever kissed.

    hoseok gripped yoongi’s forearms gently, thrown off a little by the lack of fins there, giggling when yoongi nipped at his lower lip playfully.

    when they pulled away they were both all smiled and giggles. both in complete ecstasy.

    “never thought a human would be my first kiss.” hoseok stated, watching yoongi pull himself onto shore, admiring his long legs, silently wishing he was human too, maybe he and yoongi could be together more often.

    yoongi smiled, brushing his fingers through hoseok’s long damp hair, wishing he was a mermaid, so he could be with hoseok more. no one else has brought him such happiness.

    “i wish you could stay here forever.” hoseok mumbled against yoongi’s skin his hands gently rubbing on his legs, his eyes losing that bright shine to them as he got sad.

    “i wish i could too baby.” yoongi sighed, he hated seeing hoseok upset, he knew he was starting to fall in love with hoseok. he didn’t care he had only known the man a day, it felt like they’ve known each other for years, mere minutes giving them both the emotional attachment to each other that others only gain in a year or more.

    “when can i see you again?” hoseok asked, watching yoongi pull his shirt back on, tossing the undesired fish flakes back in the bag he got it from.

    yoongi sighed, wishing his life wasn’t about to get so busy and hectic. “i don’t know....i have a lot of work this week baby.” he explained, watching hoseok immediately look sad.

    “oh...ok...i can wait.” hoseok replied, wishing so much he was human, so he could get out of the water and come with yoongi.

    “i wish i was like you baby. i wouldn’t have to leave that way.” yoongi sighed again, bending down to gently caress hoseok’s cheek, not even noticing the pet name slip from his lips.

    “what if i could become human? what if i could be like you?” hoseok asked, looking up at yoongi desperately hoping that was a solution.

    “i’m not going to ask you to give up your beautiful tail and fins, just so i can see you more.” yoongi sighed again, loving the thought of hoseok being with him more, but he wasn’t going to ask him to do such a thing.

    “what if i want to?” hoseok kept going.

    “baby...” yoongi started to pull away and hoseok was quick to try to get close to him. “you’re not going to give up your entire life just for me. ok?”

    “what if we -“ hoseok started again, only to be silenced by a kiss to his lips by yoongi. it was the only thing he could think of to stop hoseok in his tracks.

    “wait baby. i’ll come back tomorrow ok?” yoongi promised, kissing hoseok again when he nodded.

    “promise?” hoseok asked with bright eyes appearing again just thinking of tomorrow when he could see yoongi again.

    “i promise.” hoseok stayed at the beach for a few hours after yoongi left, drawing lazily in the sand, mostly different combinations of their names put together or cartoon drawings of the two of them kissing and hugging.

    he swam home late, ignoring his father asking him just where hoseok had been all day and why he looked sad, well he tried to ignore him at least.

    “kiddo, what’s wrong?” he asked him, pulling him in for a hug, he was concerned of course. hoseok was always happy and lively, but now he looks drained and sad.

    “i can’t tell you.” hoseok mumbled, he knew how other mermaids felt about humans, even if his father fell for a human himself, he wasn’t sure how he’d react.

    “oh yes you can. come here.” he guided hoseok over to their braided seaweed couch and sat hoseok down next to him. “now what’s going on?” his father pestered and hoseok wanted to give in, tell him how in love he was with his human, yoongi wasn’t his yet but he was his human.

    “i met someone.” hoseok began, looking down at his fingers and smiling at the thought of yoongi. the mere thought of him made him smile.

    “a girl? is it the girl down the current who’s been pretty much in love with you since we moved in here?” his father asked, just guessing at who it could be. hoseok has never actually shown an interest in anyone til now.

    “no it’s not her. it’s a boy.” hoseok blushed, to be honest, he didn’t know how his father would react to him being not straight, it wasn’t something that bothered him, he’s just never met anyone who peaked his interest like yoongi has.

    “oh well son i kind of knew you were at least not straight for awhile now.” his father chuckled, it didn’t bother him, he just wanted his son happy. “what’s his name? does he live near here?” his father continued asking question after question.

    “yoongi is his name and he doesn’t live near here....” hoseok sighed, hoping his dad would just understand so he didn’t have to say it.

    “does he live in another current?” he asked, starting to wonder if hoseok had somehow met a human.

    “no...he’s a human....” hoseok sniffled, he didn’t want to disappoint his father, he knew his mother was human herself but he’s never really met her. his father had told him he really shouldn’t date a human, that it was hard and that his human had left him after she gave birth to hoseok.

    “oh son...” his father sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose between his fingers. “being with a human is hard.” he started his lecture.

    “i think i love him.” hoseok blurted, wanting to stop his father in his tracks and just tell him how much yoongi meant to him.

    “you wanna become human don’t you?” his dad stopped his lecture, knowing how headstrong and loving his son is.

    “i want to be both. i want to be with him but i want to be able to come see you when i want.” hoseok explained, he loved his father, he wasn’t about to abandon him.

    “are you sure you want to be with him?” his father sighed, swimming over to a locked shell he never let hoseok touch as a child, or now really.


    “are you sure he wants to be with you?” his dad continued, he wasn’t about to give his son the power to leave him if he wasn’t absolutely sure this boy loves his son.

    “i think so.” hoseok replied, watching his father pull a small box out of the shell, unlocking it with another key, pulling out a necklace.

    “this is what i used to go see your mother.” his father began, swimming back over to hoseok to show him the necklace. “on a full blooded mermaid it only works as long as you don’t get too far from the ocean. on a half blooded mermaid, your connection to the ocean isn’t as strong, therefore you can travel farther from here than i could.” his dad continued, placing the small glowing tear drop pendant in his hand. hoseok was transfixed by how pretty it was, almost as pretty as yoongi he thought to himself.

    “as long as you don’t get wet and stay close enough to the ocean, the pendant will gives you human legs.” his father explained, tilting hoseok’s head up so they were making eye contact “but once you remove the necklace, even if you’re completely dry, your tail will return. so keep it on always when you’re away from the ocean.” he finished watching hoseok nod quickly.

    “thank you dad.” hoseok whispered, swimming closer to his father and hugging him tightly. the magical pendant clutched tightly in his hand.


    the next day hoseok went back to the beach to meet yoongi like they discussed, getting some seaweed on the way to weave himself some shorts once he put the pendant on.

    hoseok struggled getting onto the sand, having to stop and rest a couple times, wondering if walking upright was going to be this difficult as well.

    but once he did get out of the water and far enough away so it wouldn’t touch him, he put the pendant on, watching a glow encircle him, moving down his body, the fins on his arms leaving, his webbing between his fingers disappearing and his tail becoming two human legs.

    hoseok blushed seeing a human cock for the first time, even if it was his, and quickly pulling his handmade shorts up and onto his body.

    his seaweed shorts weren’t all that comfortable or stylish but they worked to keep him covered until yoongi came.

    hoseok waited for hours, eventually gathering the courage to attempt to stand, holding onto to a rock wall and pushing himself to his feet.

    that’s when yoongi arrived.

    “hey baby i got you some - holy shit!” yoongi cursed, dropping his reusable shopping bag on the sand and covering his mouth in utter shock. what the hell has hoseok done?

    “yoongi!” hoseok grinned, losing his balance and falling to the sand as well. “dammit.” hoseok pouted, feeling embarrassed for falling in front of his human.

    “what did you do hoseok?” yoongi was immediately by his side helping him sit up, he told hoseok not to give up his tail for him and he went and did it anyway.

    “my dad gave me this!” hoseok was so excited, showing yoongi the magical necklace that gave him the power to be with yoongi all the time.

    “is your tail gone forever?” yoongi asked, brushing hoseok’s now dry hair out of his eyes, it was quite crunchy feeling, maybe from the saltwater?

    “no of course not!” hoseok grinned and yoongi let out a sigh of relief, to be honest he had a thing for hoseok’s tail. “the necklace let’s me be human as long as i don’t get wet or get too far from the ocean.” hoseok explained, pulling himself closer to yoongi.

    “wow...” yoongi was kind of speechless now, no one has ever done this much to be with him. “baby ....i.” yoongi was stuttering over his words now and hoseok thought it was so endearingly adorable.

    “yoongi can i tell you something?” hoseok asked feeling yoongi pull him close and nuzzle his head into the crook of his neck.

    “of course my love.” yoongi smiled, just now noticing hoseok’s handmade seaweed shorts and giggling at the thought of hoseok sitting there struggling to make them.

    “i love you.” hoseok whispered, praying yoongi wouldn’t push him away and leave, he can’t chase after him because he can’t figure out how to use his freaking legs yet. and hoseok knew this declaration was extremely soon into whatever they had but hoseok genuinely felt love for yoongi.

    “i love you too.” yoongi smiled, kissing hoseok gently, hearing the younger whine and push against him again, wanting to be closer. hoseok wanted to be close to yoongi always, and he found it extremely adorable.

    “baby..” yoongi gently pushed hoseok away, hearing him whine louder at not being able to get more kisses.

    “do you wanna come back to my place?” yoongi asked, hoping he wasn’t pushing a boundary by basically saying ‘let’s go fuck at my place’, even if they didn’t fuck that what it sounds like yoongi wants to do.

    “yes please.” hoseok’s eyes lit up at the thought of going to yoongi’s home, he wondered what it would look like, what it would smell like, would he have any pets, etc.

    “here baby let me help you up.” yoongi stood, putting hoseok’s arm around his shoulder and putting his own around the youngers waist, pulling hoseok to a standing position.

    “thank you hyung.” hoseok smiled, feeling his skin tingle wherever yoongi was touching him. everything about yoongi made him tingle for some reason.

    they slowly made their way to yoongi’s car, ignoring the stares from others who were wondering what the hell they were doing.

    the whole drive to yoongi’s apartment, which was relatively short, hoseok was staring out of the car window, looking at all the shops and humans and wondering how their lives worked.

    “you ok?” yoongi asked as he was turning a corner into the parking lot of his complex. hoseok had been oddly quiet the whole ride there, which wasn’t like him, he was constantly asking questions.

    “mhm! it’s just kind of weird, not being in the ocean.” hoseok explained, a small smile on his face as he spoke, he was fascinated with the human world, but in the back of his head he wondered if that was the last time he’d go in the ocean.

    “you know i’ll take you back whenever you want to right? you aren’t stuck with me forever.” yoongi explained and hoseok felt relieved at that, he wanted to be able to go visit when he wanted to.

    “thank you.” hoseok whispered, blushing bright red when yoongi leaned over the car’s console and kissed him gently.

    “you’re still gorgeous as a human too i hope you know that, i just kind of had a thing for your pretty fins and tail.” yoongi blushed himself explaining hoseok’s unanswered and unasked question of why was he so against him leaving the ocean.

    yoongi helped hoseok into his apartment, gently sitting him down on his couch and covering his bare legs with a blanket for modesty, he just wanted hoseok comfortable is all.

    “i’ll get you a change of clothes ok?” yoongi told hoseok, watching him nod before heading into his bedroom to grab a change of clothes for hoseok, he made sure to choose something that was big on him so it would fit hoseok, who was slightly larger in stature than yoongi.

    “do you want me to help you or do you want to change yourself?” yoongi asked, watching hoseok shift on couch and move the blanket off his legs.

    “can you help me? i don’t understand human clothes yet.” hoseok asked innocently, not realizing yoongi was going to have to see him naked to help him change clothes, or rather take his seaweed shorts off and put on actual clothing. yoongi blushed and quickly nodded, moving hoseok’s body so he could somewhat easily pull the shirt on him.

    “it smells like you.” hoseok commented, holding a section of t-shirt to his nose and sniffing. he was comforted by the scent of his human, wasn’t sure why but he was. “cause i wear it to bed silly, so it smells like me.” yoongi explained, knowing hoseok would ask a lot of questions about human life.

    “oh. i like how you smell.” hoseok said, watching yoongi giggle at his statement as he kneeled down in front of him to continue helping him change.

    “i’m gonna have to take your shorts off baby.” yoongi explained, his fingers slipping under the seaweed fabric to rub at hoseok’s thigh.

    “but i don’t have anything on under it hyung.” hoseok replied, a small blush creeping up on his face.

    “you can change yourself if you want.” yoongi held out the shorts to hoseok, watching the younger think for a second.

    “i trust you. if you wanna help me.” hoseok blushed, seeing yoongi smile and rub his thighs gently.

    “you ok with me seeing you naked?” yoongi asked, watching hoseok nod quickly, he wanted to make sure he had consent from him for everything.

    “ok baby.” yoongi smiled, the perverted side of him wanted to see hoseok naked, wanted to fuck him silly, but he was also a gentlemen of course.

    “i’m gonna pull them down now.” yoongi made sure hoseok knew what he was doing before he did it. he slipped his fingers under the band of the seaweed, feeling the slime of the plant stick to his fingers and gently pulled them off.

    “oh baby you’re covered in the seaweed slime. let me get a towel.” yoongi sighed, getting off his knees and going to the bathroom to grab one, returning to a blushing hoseok who was covering himself.

    “i’ll clean your legs and thighs and you can clean your dick ok?” yoongi told him and he heard hoseok make a noise and looked up.

    “my what?” hoseok looked confused, he knew his privates had like a name but he had never heard the word dick before.

    “your cock.” yoongi tried again and saw the lightbulb go off in hoseok’s head.

    “ohh! ok i understand now.” hoseok replied with a little smile, blushing again as he felt yoongi rub the towel higher on his legs, spreading them apart to dry him completely.

    yoongi tried his hardest not to pounce on hoseok when he got the slightly glimpse at his pink hole, ignoring the slight moan that came from hoseok’s mouth when he wiped it down. “hyung? that felt good.” jesus christ yoongi was going to have a heart attack.

    yoongi didn’t know how to reply to that so he just finished toweling him off.

    “can you do that again sometime yoongi? i liked it.” hoseok stated, not noticing that yoongi’s face had turned fire engine red at his comment, and began to wipe his own cock dry.

    yoongi used all his willpower not to look at hoseok before he was ready, only looking back when hoseok had pulled the shorts on.

    “do you want anything to eat?” yoongi asked, quickly changing the subject so hoseok’s cock wasn’t the only thing he was thinking about.

    “you got me those seaweed treats?” hoseok asked, his eyes shining bright off the dim light in the room.

    “oh yeah!” yoongi remembered them finally, digging through the bag of treats he bought. “here ya go baby.” yoongi smiled at hoseok, handing him the bag of seaweed jerky, he admits he got almost every bag they had in all the flavors cause he wanted to cover all the bases. he didn’t want a repeat of the fish flakes.

    “um how do i get to it?” hoseok looked down at the packaging confused, it looked familiar, maybe he had seen one like it floating in the ocean once, he couldn’t really remember.

    “like this.” yoongi explained, pinching two parts of the packaging and pulling them in opposite directions, only tearing the package slightly so hoseok could do it the rest of the way.

    “ohhhhh! ok i understand now. we don’t use packaging in the ocean.” hoseok said, doing as yoongi showed him and opening the seaweed.

    “why is it so dry?” he asked, watching yoongi open a box that was off the ground and pull out another thing of packaging. yoongi chuckled knowing that night was going to be full of questions from hoseok, which he was more than happy to answer.


    over the following weeks they got closer, hoseok started to understand human life more and finally got used to having legs.

    yoongi was so proud of hoseok when he finally learned how to use his human legs.

    yoongi learned more about hoseok as well, that he likes pasta, tummy kisses, the smell of yoongi, likes cats, etc. he also learned hoseok’s biggest pet peeve...plastic.

    since hoseok had basically moved in with yoongi, all the plastic has disappeared, or what hoseok could get his boyfriend to get rid of, also they’re officially dating. but yoongi got all new reusable bags for grocery shopping, they only go to farmers markets, shop with eco friendly companies, etc.

    sure sometimes hoseok and his hatred of plastic was a bit annoying but he understood where his baby came from, saw the effects of climate change firsthand. so that’s why he decided to surprise hoseok.

    by taking him to lush.

    “where are we going?” hoseok whined, being dragged through a shopping mall full of stores he hated, he had actually caught on to a lot of human politics.

    “someplace I know you’ll love.” yoongi grinned, he was so glad he thought of this, it was genius truly.

    yoongi pulled a confused hoseok into lush, immediately being bombarded by the barrage of scents because all the products don’t have any packaging. “what’s that smell? what are these things?” hoseok asked, now this isn’t something he had seen before.

    “it’s a plastic free shop.” yoongi grinned, praying hoseok would like it, watching his baby’s eyes lit up.

    “what do they sell?” hoseok asked, hand still intertwined with yoongi’s as he guided him through the store.

    “mostly bath and shower stuff.” yoongi explained, seeing the slight fear in hoseok’s eyes.

    “i told you earlier that you can take baths in the tub.” yoongi knew it wasn’t a substitute for the ocean, he knew hoseok missed it, missed being able to swim, and yoongi wasn’t keeping hoseok there, he stayed.

    “i know...” hoseok sighed, picking up a bath bomb and sniffing it, smelled somewhat like yoongi, maybe he shopped here and he didn’t know. “i just don’t know how to get out of the tub on my own once I change.” hoseok blushed and yoongi full on laughed.

    “oh baby that’s why you won’t take baths with me?” yoongi asks, cupping hoseok’s cheek gently, ignoring the few passerby’s staring at them.

    “that and i always feel weird when i see you naked.” hoseok admitted, he didn’t know why that happened, or why his cock got like stiff and stuff when he saw yoongi naked or even shirtless.

    that’s when it clicked in yoongi’s head, it turned hoseok on when he saw him naked.

    “how about this baby?” yoongi whispered in hoseok’s ear, hugging him close, speaking so softly that only the younger could hear him.

    hoseok hummed in reply, just enjoying his yoongi hug.

    “pick out a couple bath things and i’ll show you why baths with me are so great, hmm?” yoongi suggested, his voice going deeper, smirking when he felt hoseok’s body shiver against his.

    “o-ok.” hoseok’s face was bright red, picking up the bath bomb that smelled similar to yoongi, another that smelled like the ocean. wandering over to the soap he grabbed one that smelled of honey and vanilla, grabbing a matching massage bar, he’d have to ask yoongi what ‘massage’ means later.

    “why don’t we get you some shampoo and conditioner? the salt dried your pretty hair out.” yoongi mentioned, going over to the haircare section and picking up two bars that supposedly helped with dry hair and put them in the little basket he was holding.

    hoseok brought his hand up to his hair, rubbing it between his fingers and hearing it scratch together, was that normal for humans? he tilted his head and reached out, rubbing a strand of yoongi’s hair between his fingers, not hearing the scratch noise and it felt softer than his.

    yoongi chuckled at his baby, trying not to have anymore images of what he was planning for when they got home.

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    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    liberosis — myg;

    liberosis; the desire to care less about things.

    pairings: lawyer!min yoongi x trophy wife!reader
    extra characters: kim taehyung and tanaz (enouement), kim seokjin and inaya (aphotic), jeon jeongguk and aeira (kaiho), park jimin and rei (nodus tollens), jung hoseok (psychomachy) (avengers, assemble!)
    genre: angst, smut, contractual marriage!au, age-gap!au (10 years)
    words: 31.390
    warnings: tsundere!min yoongi, toxic relationship, talks of corruption, morally corrupt!min yoongi, morally corrupt!bts, minor/unnamed character deaths, yoongi is a chain-smoker (most lawyers smoke, believe me on this one), cold and distant behaviour, scenes with alcohol consumption, face-sitting, pussy-eating, consensual and unprotected sex, doggy-style, orgasms (f / m), mental abuse, mental breakdown / meltdown, hurtful words, mentally abusive, explicit display of controlling behaviour, extreme paranoia, irrationality, yoongi exhibits signs of pyromania (he sets ‘some’ things on fire), mentions of cheating, exhibitionism.
    part of: tatemae; 建前 — a bts series.
    a/n: let me warn you all, well in advance, that the legal depictions portrayed in this piece of work, specifically about ‘spousal privilege’ is not how the actual rule of law works and is a bit different (also can differ based on personal laws around the world). i took the liberty to alter some details to suit this piece of work better, so please take note of them with a grain of salt. your understanding is appreciated!
    August 2020:

    you turned off the water tap after using the facilities. at the very least, hospital restrooms are squeaky clean and hygienic. funny how a clean washroom is the highlight of your week.

    the past week has been a ride to hell and back. watching your father fight death, suffering to take even the next breath, all because your family cannot afford the best cancer treatment. chemotherapy can drastically increase his survival rate, but it costs a fortune in addition to his daily treatment requirements.

    your mother had passed away when you were around two years old, and since then, it has always been your father and you. 

    your father, a low-grade government employee, did not earn much. it was enough to get by, a low-key life with the proper necessities. you never had a want in life, but adversely, there were no funds in any bank for emergencies like hospital bills. your father retired around three years ago, his pension being 75% of his salary, causing a stretch in daily life. you have had part-time jobs since you were fifteen (15), but wages from part-time jobs hardly account for pocket money; it cannot possibly run a household.

    you shook off the water droplets lacing your hands before standing in front of the hand dryer. there were some sounds of footsteps outside, almost like someone was pacing the length of the restroom entrance while talking on the phone.

    you were too busy drying your hands when the dryer sensor went off for a few seconds.

    “jeon, i need you here. there is a body, and i need it taken care of... what do you mean you are busy? i am fucking busy too... taehyung, that idiot called me instead of you... yeah? well, i don’t fucking care whether you two get along or not. i came thinking it’s an emergency because mighty kim seokjin told me. then i discovered that it’s beyond my concern,” the male, who now stood right outside the blurry glass panel of the restroom door, took a drag of his cigarette before continuing, “no, no, it’s not about hoseok. it’s seokjin’s business. some poor chap got stuck in the crosshairs.”

    you heard the part of the conversation clear as day before the dryer started again. hearing the dryer's sound, the voice outside the door ceased at once. the realization did not take long to hit that you just listened to a conversation that you were clearly not supposed to. you tried to stop the dryer, but it was sensor-enabled and had a time lag before turning on and off. you tore your hands away from where they were lying under the machine, but by the time it stopped whirring, the restroom door opened with one smooth push of a hand.

    “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” the male groaned before putting out the cigarette in his hands and flicking it towards the trash can.

    you stared in absolute shock at the male; he was dressed in a suit, made of lush expensive fabric, polished shoes. his tie was tucked inside the sweater he was adorning over his shirt and underneath his suit blazer. initially, you thought it would be a gangster, but the look of the sophisticated person standing in front of you caused you to do a double-take. 

    “what did you hear?” he took steps towards you, the automated restroom door closing behind him.

    “what..?” your eyebrows scrunched together at the sudden interrogative tone.

    “are you deaf? i asked, what did you hear?”

    “nothing,” you replied sternly this time, holding your head high as you tried to walk away, but the male barred your pathway.

    he looked at you, creating the illusion of towering over you although he is of average height and not that taller compared to you. he had a sombre look; the man meant business only.

    “don’t make me repeat myself. i am not having the best day.”

    “of course, guess hiding dead bodies is not your forte,” you blurted out unintentionally. your passive aggression is going to sign your death warrant someday soon.

    an unmistakable smirk appeared on the male’s face, his eyes never breaking contact with yours, maintaining the upper hand, “so you did hear it.”

    “well, you were not exactly being subtle,” you sighed and replied honestly, now that the cat is out of the bag.

    “oh yeah? my bad, my first slip up and at what cost. humour me, what all did you hear?”

    “listen, i don’t care who you are, who you work for or with, i won’t tell anyone anything. i promise,” you spoke softly, just wanting to leave, but he kept glaring at you till you finally gave up, “i heard you telling someone to take care of a body. i heard four names. i don’t know any of them, i promise.”

    “you heard the names too?” he asked, almost in disbelief because that is circumstantial evidence. you nodded at the rhetoric inquiry causing the male to massage his temple with his forefinger and thumb, “what do i do with you now?” he mumbled to himself.

    “don’t kill me please, i need to take care of my dad,” you spoke out, impatient to get back to your father.

    “oh, little one. how do i believe that? you could rat me out anytime.”

    “no, i won’t! i don’t even know your name! see, there’s the loophole.”

    a dark chuckle left his thinly shaped lips, “do you take me for an idiot? i know a self-righteous person when i see one,” a reminder tone played on his phone, causing him to check it.

    “i am serious, mister. this is none of my business. i heard things i shouldn’t have, and i am more than happy to forget about the whole incident.”

    min yoongi, obviously, did not trust a word that left your mouth but decided to indulge you as he was running late for a hearing. this way, he can also understand your intentions better, “i don’t believe that, but for the time being, i am going to let it go and forget this ever happened.”

    you nodded at that and meant to walk away, but the man caught you by your elbow. the grip was firm, forceful even.

    “don’t think i will hesitate even for a second before ruining your life if you choose to open your trap anywhere.”

    you wrested out of his grip, “i am not an idiot either. you won’t see me again,” you replied briskly before exiting the restroom. letting a sigh of relief on escaping the situation, you walked back to your father’s room.


    it did not take more than three days for the universe to make you eat your words as you found yourself walking towards the police station.

    ‘he is going to kill me, surely,’ you sighed, your hands clutching on the straps of the crossbody bag hanging from your shoulder. you stopped in your tracks around 200 metres away from the precinct entrance and turned back.

    ‘i need to be alive for dad,’ you thought as you started walking in the opposite direction. 

    ‘but i should report it. they got someone killed,’ you groaned, stopping in your tracks. turning back, your eyes traced the precinct building while in the other direction, at a considerable distance, was the hospital where you came from.

    confronted by your thoughts, you sat down on the pavement, covering your face. the dilemma was giving you a headache. you need to stay alive to help your father heal, but you cannot just not report a serious crime like murder. 

    it was sunny out, the rays of sunlight almost burning off the top part of your head, but you kept sitting with your face bowed down, trying to decide what to do.

    “ma’am, are you alright?” a voice caused you to break out from your train of thoughts and look up.

    “i am alright,” you croaked out after clearing the lump in your throat.

    “you look out of sorts. is everything alright? i am a cop,” he showed you his badge, which read ‘detective jung minjun, violent crimes squad,’ “maybe i can get you a cab home.”

    your eyes almost lit up at the sight of his badge.

    ‘is this a sign from the universe?’

    you kept staring at him for a while before finally speaking up, “actually, i want to report a crime, but i am afraid i will risk my safety.”

    “ma’am, we can help you with that. why don’t you come with me to the precinct and talk to my senior?” he urged you.

    you were already leaning more on the ‘should report it’ side, and now coupled with his reassurance, you stood up to your feet.

    i mean, what is the worst that could happen?

    “alright. but i am still not sure.”

    “i can understand,” minjun offered you an understanding smile before walking towards the precinct with you on his toes.

    “sir?” minjun spoke up once inside the precinct, standing in front of the largest desk. the man sitting on the other end of the desk looked up from his desktop screen and urged minjun to go on.

    you watched quietly from behind minjun’s figure, almost like you had taken shelter behind him.

    “ma’am here wants to report a crime,” minjun moved aside and left, so now you were left face-to-face with the senior detective. 

    ‘senior detective jeon jeongguk’ read the name plaque kept on top of his desk.

    “yes, miss, go ahead,” jeon jeongguk stood up and walked to you, pulling out a chair for you, “you look anxious. here, have some water,” he moved a glass of water towards you.

    you sat down, your body almost reclusing into yourself in the presence of the detective. compared to minjun, jeongguk had a heavier presence. his war-core attire screamed superiority in power. he was trying his best to be gentle, but there was a certain crassness in his tone. guess that comes from dealing with notorious criminals all day. you extended your shaky hand to take the glass of water he was holding out for you.

    “it’s alright, don’t be afraid. we are all here to protect you,” jeongguk smiled before walking back to his chair and taking a seat, “now, tell me what happened?”

    “i am not sure if i want to make an official statement,” you mentioned after taking a sip of the water.

    “sure. whatever makes you feel comfortable.”

    you nodded and narrated the whole incident to him down to the T, not leaving a detail out.

    “four names you said, a john, taehyung, kim seokjin and hoseok, right?”

    “yeah! you got them right.”

    “do you want to make an official statement and report the crime?”

    “i wasn’t so sure about it, but now that i am here, might as well go ahead with it.” you sighed.

    jeongguk nodded and turned to minjun, who took the cue and recorded your statement. jeongguk stood up from his seat, grabbed his phone and mumbled a soft ‘excuse me’ before walking out of the precinct.

    “your witness is here,” jeongguk spoke through the receiver of his phone.

    yoongi, on the other side of the call, sighed, “i knew it. did you take her statement?”

    “had to. i am not the sole person who works here, everyone in the squad heard what she had to say, and she wanted to report the crime, so yeah, she is getting her statement recorded right now.”

    “fuck. i swear i can’t go one day without seokjin’s stupid issues blowing up in my ass. hold her there, i am on my way.”

    “cool. it’s almost lunchtime, so i will make sure it’s just her, and i left in the precinct.”

    “got it.”

    jeongguk completed his call before walking back in.

    “can i leave now?” you asked as the detective made his way back to his desk where you were sitting.

    “did they record your statement?”

    “yeah, sir. they did,” you smiled, preparing to stand up.

    “can you hold on for a while? i have some additional documents i need you to sign.”

    “oh? alright,” you let your weight rest back on your seated legs.

    “yeah, yoon-” jeongguk turned around and faked being surprised with the realisation that everyone had left for lunch, “i am afraid you will have to wait, ma’am. form 15-B is maintained by yoona, and everyone is gone for lunch.”

    you nodded, thinking nothing much of it and took out your phone to pass the time.

    jeongguk offered you a small smile before going back to the case file he was registering onto the system after giving yoongi the affirmation that you two were left alone now.

    it took ten minutes for yoongi to arrive from his office to the precinct. he sauntered in, as soft as a cat, not letting you any time to suspect that someone was standing right behind you.

    you did notice something was amiss when you could smell a familiar cologne. you turned back in a flash only to discover that your hunch was correct. the cologne belonged to that very man, and now he was standing right behind you.

    “you are a sanctimonious little prick, aren’t you?” yoongi smiled as he noted the look of dismay on your face.

    you turned to jeongguk, “sir, this is the guy! he was the one talking about the dead body.”

    jeongguk leaned back into his chair, “i know, miss. i know.”

    “you... know?” your eyebrows scrunched together in disbelief. reports of police corruption are rampant worldwide, but it is indisputable that we trust the cops to protect us at the end of the day. when it happens to you, it feels surreal. you felt so helpless because you had nowhere else to turn to. also, you do not know what will happen to you now.

    “so it wasn’t john but a jeon?” you asked after putting the pieces together.

    jeongguk laughed, “well, they both have the same pronunciation, but yes, i spell it as j-e-o-n.”

    you went to reply, but yoongi’s voice brought your attention back to him.

    “you are big on words, little one. i must say, you even promised me by yourself that you would forget about everything.”

    “i tried, okay! i tried, but you assholes killed a person.”

    yoongi let a chuckle before getting a hold of your elbow, “get up.”

    “wher-where are we going?” you kept looking between jeongguk and the male, scared for your dear life.

    “to have the talk, little one. since you have chosen this path, let me show you your options now. it’s only fair,” he tugged on your hand again.

    you stood up and followed him out to his car. it was a black rolls royce wraith. the male opened the right side back door and pushed you in like neither you nor the car meant anything. he got in after you, shortly.

    you regained your balance and sat properly on the seat, “why are you doing this?”

    “are you serious? i should be the one asking you that!” he reached inside his blazer pocket and brought out a sealed packet of imported Marlboro Vintage.

    you scoffed, “well, it’s too late. i already made an official statement.”

    “yes, that you did,” the male held the butt of the cigarette between his lips before lighting it up, “but you have to appear in court and testify in front of a judge.”

    “and i will if that is not evident enough by now.”

    the male scoffed this time, dragging in a long puff before breathing it out, “i was hoping you would say that. unfortunately, i, for a fact, know that you would not be able to make it to court. i am given to believe that your father is in critical condition, and chemotherapy can greatly help his treatment for renal cancer.”

    “how do you know that?”

    “i know everything about you, y/l/n y/n. everything. i have your school records in my office. top As but never joined college cause of high fees.”

    “none of that has anything to do with you or this situation,” you looked around, trying to locate the car door. drawing in another breath was becoming impossible.

    “just ask, and you shall receive,” the male shook his head before cracking the window open, letting the smoke move out as fresh air poured in, “my name is min yoongi. remember that cause you will be hearing soon from my assistant about the cheque. so, why don’t you be a good daughter and take care of your dad? go ahead and get a new kidney even!” he leaned in, a sick grin playing on his lips. the stench of cigarettes wafting through your nostrils as you only leaned back.

    yoongi advanced a hand, causing you to clutch your hands tightly near your chest, but he unlocked your side of the door to push it open, “get lost. you will get your money soon. keep your trap shut.”

    you peeked your eyes open, and after noticing that he opened the door, you got to your feet and left as fast as your wobbly feet could take you.

    one month later. September 2020:

    you came back from work and took off your jacket while listening to pending voicemails. most of them were just from your friends, but the last one was from the hospital. your father’s primary doctor had left a voicemail stating that they have found a kidney transplant match for your father. you played the voicemail over and over again, happy that your father can get better now. for the past month, you have held on to yoongi’s cheque, unsure if you should accept it, but what could possibly come before your father’s health? you walked to your room and pulled out the slightly tattered cheque from under the mattress. you looked at it with the same expression of disbelief as you have over the past four weeks. how can someone just hand over five hundred million korean won ($500,000) just like that? keeping it back in the safe place, you took a quick shower before heading over to the hospital to be with your father. he would probably rip out the kidney with his own two hands if he ever comes to know where the money came from, but you will just think of a lie when the time comes.

    come next morning, you headed back to your place from the hospital to freshen up and head to work when a sealed official mail lying in front of your door caught your eye. the symbol of justice was unmistakable as you leaned down to pick it up. it was a court summons, and just like that, it was almost as if the earth stopped spinning, your surroundings blurred out as you read the letter. you are expected to appear in court next week thursday to testify. all five of your senses felt numb and hot at the same time as you made a run for your room to retrieve the cheque. you changed quickly, and instead of clocking in for work, you headed over to min specter firm. over the past month, you have gathered some intel on him. from the internet, you gathered that yoongi is a bigshot criminal lawyer who runs one of the most successful law firms in the country. he has completed his education from the top universities worldwide and charged a fortune for a single appearance in court. 

    however, there was not much information available about any other aspects of his life.


    fifteen minutes later, you were standing in front of the trust tower in seocho-gu. the board on the front side of the building read “min specter legal firm” in bold.

    you struggled to take another step forward because refusing his money is not the problem. the issue is what he will do with you next. he is not the type to just let you walk free after you inform him that you intend to testify in court, after all.

    “hey, y/n. eonnie, is that you?” a familiar voice broke you from your trance.

    you turned to your left when you recognized the owner of the voice. your favourite junior-classman from high school; rei.

    “yeah, it’s me. rei, oh my god, i am seeing you after graduation?”

    “yes!” rei smiled before leaning in to hug you.

    you stood there for mere seconds, your hands lying limp by your side before you eventually hugged her back. you closed your eyes after resting your chin on her shoulder, feeling less stressed as your tensed form relaxed under her reassuring taps on your back.

    “what are you doing here?” rei asked upon pulling back from the hug.

    “uh, i am here to meet min yoongi.”

    “you are? is everything alright? are you in trouble?” she inquired as you both headed inside the building.

    “h-how do you know?” you turned to her, visibly shocked.

    “well, you don’t meet up with min sir, if you don’t have a business to discuss.”

    “oh yeah, that. right. what about you?”

    “oh, i work here.”

    you both walked to the elevator as rei clicked on the floor button.

    “you are an advocate?”

    “yes, ma’am. i just graduated a few months ago, so i am fairly a newbie.”

    you nodded, “can you show me which way his office is?”

    “of course,” rei smiled at you, but it turned to a frown when you kept staring ahead, pointlessly, at the closed elevator doors.

    rei extended her hand and kept it on your closed fist, giving it a squeeze, “don’t be nervous. i know sir does not take on a lot of cases, but even if he refuses you, i am here for you. let me know if i can help you.”

    you looked at her with a smile on your face this time as the doors opened, “i will keep that in mind.”

    rei flashed you a smile before showing you off to yoongi’s chamber. you bid goodbye to her before giving your name to yoongi’s assistant sat outside in the lobby.

    you were called to his chamber within five minutes. timidly, you walked through the large oak double doors after knocking.

    “what is it?” yoongi leaned back in his chair, his eyes trained lazily at you.

    “i can’t do it,” you brought out the cheque from your trackpants pocket and kept it on the edge of his enormous oak table.

    “what, do you want more money? is that it?” yoongi asked, crumpling up the cheque and tossing it in the bin.

    you shook your head, “i can’t take a penny from you. it’s blood money.”

    “your dad is literally on the verge of death. are you sure that argument matters?”

    “i don’t know what matters or doesn’t. i will admit, i was blinded by the money, by the thought of seeing my father healthy again, but i got the court summons today, and it did help me snap out of that superficial happiness. my dad raised me better.”

    “yes, and this is how you are repaying him by choosing death for him. literally.”

    “exactly. this is how i am repaying him, to this extent.”

    yoongi shook his head, “i have a murder trial hearing in two hours. my junior is supposed to come to brief me in maybe another twenty minutes or so. give me one reason why i shouldn’t just get rid of you and be done with this whole business once and for all.”

    “i am trying, but i just can’t take that money. you can’t stop me from showing up at court next week.”

    “are you sure? i can make a phone call, and you will end up the same way as the guy over whom you are holding this candle of morality.”

    “please, don’t kill me. much like everybody else, i do not want to die.”

    “i have no intention of having you killed, or i would have made that phone call quite some time ago. getting someone killed is easier said than done, little one. it will only cause me more issues. on the other hand, making your life difficult can be easily arranged.”

    “then, i guess we have reached an impasse.”

    “not yet.” yoongi tapped a button on the telephone, “jungha, can you summon that park rei kid for me? thanks.”

    “why are you calling rei?” worry graced your features.

    “oh, you know rei?”

    “yeah, she was my junior in school.”

    “wow, this is only getting better and better.” an evil smile appeared on his face, “so listen carefully, when she comes here, i am going to make an offer with her as a witness. and if you refute it, i will fire her, and i will make your life hell, including your dying dad’s.”

    before you could reject or agree with the notion, there was a knock at the door as rei walked in.

    “oh, i am sorry, sir. i was unaware that you were with a client. i can come back later?”

    yoongi shook his hand and pointed to the empty chair beside you, “she is no client. she is my fiancée.”

    rei’s head turned to you in a flash. you are sure she must have gotten whiplash from it.

    “you guys are engaged?” her eyes fleeted between her boss and you, in quite the frenzied manner.

    you kept quiet, unsure where yoongi was taking this. was he trying to test you in some way?

    “yeah. i asked you here for another issue, however. can you tell me what is the validity of testimony in criminal cases if spousal privilege is invoked?”

    “oh, it would be inadmissible because the other spouse can just refuse to disclose any conversation as part of the confidential marital communications.”

    “right,” yoongi turned to you, the same evil smile on his face, “are you free this monday, miss park?”

    so this is where marriage comes up. he would be basically buying off your witness testimony.

    rei nodded, “yes, sir, i am.”

    “good. can you come over to the registrars' office on monday morning? y/n would need a witness for the marriage, but her dad is sick and cannot attend.”

    “me?” rei turned to you again.

    you finally looked at her. either you agree with yoongi, or you would be dragging rei along with your father in this mess. you have known rei from middle school through high school. while you had lost your mother at a young age, rei had lost both her parents. when you passed high school while rei still had a year left, she cried her heart out on the graduation day because you were one of the only few people who ever cared for her. you have always empathized with her, and dragging her down with you seemed downright cruel.

    “yes, rei. i would like that,” you faked a smile.

    “i would be honoured to, eonnie.” rei stated before leaving you alone with yoongi again.

    “so, you can use your head after all,” yoongi commented after the doors closed behind rei.

    “i don’t see the point of making her suffer.”

    “aw, i almost forgot about your self-righteous meter. it has far surpassed the skies. anyways, i will see you on monday. if you have any boyfriend or whatever, hope three days are enough to break up and wrap up any other business.”

    “please, think about it again. can’t we take another option? you don’t even know me! nor do i, you.”

    “don’t care. i don’t date, i don’t have time for any of this bullshit, and i already did give you other options. this is the last bit of rope i am willing to throw you at having a life and watching your loved ones living their lives happily,” yoongi stood up, his fair veiny hands buttoning his blazer buttons, “see yourself out. i have to do the briefing for a case. see you later, little one,” yoongi pat the top of your head in the most patronizing manner before walking out, leaving you alone in his office, all alone with nothing but your conflicting thoughts.


    “isn’t this your senior prom dress?” rei asked as she tried to do an up-do on your hair. you already told her that it is alright, but she insisted you look the best on your special day. it made you almost snort in derision, your best day.



    “thought you wanted to wear your mother’s dress at your wedding.”

    you almost stopped breathing on hearing that. yes, that is what you had always dreamt of doing, of walking down the aisle in your mom’s beautiful wedding dress. you still keep her picture adorning the beautiful dress over your dresser. she looked so graceful, a genuine smile on her face. that is what you had always visualized your special day to be and not this, definitely not this. with a stranger, in the registrar’s office, without the presence of your father, all because you refuse to cower down to the way of this unfair world.

    “yeah, uh, it got torn during a move and is non-restorable,” you lied straight through your teeth.

    “really? that’s too bad. okay, here, look,” she turned the front camera on her phone before handing it to you, “hope you like it.”

    you took the phone and stared at your face on the screen. It was just a reminder of what reality has turned into and what you are about to walk into. handing back the phone to her, you faked a smile, “i love it.”

    rei just stared at you, seeing right through your fake smile, “why don’t i believe that?”

    “no, seriously. you have done a good job, love!”

    “no, i mean. can i ask you something?” she continued after you gave her a nod, “are you really sure about sir? i don’t mean to sound too rude, but you two look like you have never even been in each other’s presence before.”

    “i guess that’s just how we are,” you shrugged and watched yoongi walk towards you both. he was dressed in one of his usual suits.

    “we are next,” he announced with his arrival and turned to rei, “did you get the next date for that theft case?”

    “yes, i did,” the pair continued talking about the details of some case when rei stopped and turned to you, “sir, it’s your wedding day. let’s not talk about work.”

    “yeah. that. right. totally slipped my mind,” yoongi mumbled, “thanks for, uh, taking care of,” his eyes turned to your face as he tried to remember your name, “my, um, bride.”

    you stared at him in sheer disbelief and with disdain. did he just stutter while remembering your name? so now he cannot even remember your name?

    after yoongi’s witness, kim seokjin and his wife inaya came over, the group of you headed inside the registrar’s office.

    yoongi was the first to sign the documents before turning the marriage register and prenuptial document towards you.

    your gaze was strictly trained at him, your hands shaking as they got the hold of the pen from his hand. your eyes still pleading him to not take such a drastic step. you knew he was not going to budge, yet you tried that one last time before finally signing both the documents, sealing your fate with his.

    the registrar attested the document, and after all the formalities were over, the group headed outside.

    “you know, we met because of you,” yoongi started in a sarcastic tone, addressing seokjin.

    “ah, yoongi-ah, you don’t have to thank me,” seokjin laughed, knowing very well what yoongi was hinting at, but he could not miss the opportunity to tease the younger man.

    “no, hyung, i am so grateful to you,” yoongi gritted further. his tone was in complete contrast with his jovial expressions, “i can never thank you enough.”

    seokjin tried to stop his laughter but failed tragically, “cheer up yoongi. you were the only bachelor in our group, and i was sad to see you so lonely.”

    “oh! you were concerned about me???” yoongi’s voice almost went up an octave in absolute exaggeration.

    “of course! we all were!” seokjin turned to you, “we are kind of a big group, y/n. would you like to have us over some time so we can all get to know you better? i only want to see yoongi happy. you know, put a smile on that stoic face.”

    you were caught off-guard when seokjin addressed you. after rei left, you were stood quietly beside yoongi while the two men talked. you did not fail to note the sarcastic tone of your newly-wed husband while he spoke about you. well, the feeling is mutual. you are not ecstatic about him, either.

    you almost wanted to curse seokjin out. yoongi is correct, this whole thing is happening because of him, but inaya was there, who clearly looked like she was unaware of the situation, so you chose not to lash out publicly, “of course, mr kim. that would be lovely.”

    “it would be so nice to spend time with you, and rei too, she was nice,” inaya spoke up, smiling at you.

    you smiled back, “i would like that very much. i will have rei over as well.”

    “well, the girls have decided then.”

    yoongi fought off the urge to roll his eyes as the couple took their leave.

    “i have to go to court,” he spoke after taking a glance at his wristwatch, “my driver will take you to my place.”

    “alright. i will be gone to the hospital till late.”

    yoongi shrugged, “hardly matters to me. i am home mostly after ten in the night.”

    “oh. okay,” you replied before getting in the car, and the driver first dropped off yoongi at the court before taking you to his place. 

    you stepped out of the car, your eyes stuck at the beautiful architectural monument in front of you. while the driver unloaded your luggage from the vehicle, your eyes fell on a lady dressed in a black dress with a white apron, stood at the front door. she resembled one of those maids from the eighty’s movies. her hair was prim and proper, her posture — the epitome of vintage high ladies.

    “this way, ma’am,” the driver spoke up as he carried your luggage towards the entrance.

    you followed him quietly till you saw the lady approaching you. she had the kindest smile you have ever encountered. although her skin was riddled with wrinkles, her features were sharp, nonetheless. she reminded you a lot of your own dead mother.

    “i am juyun, ma’am, and i have been at mr min’s service for more than a decade. i am his family housekeeper. it’s so great to meet you.”

    “please call me y/n, and it’s great to meet you, as well.”

    “oh, i can never, ma’am. that would be inappropriate. if you kindly will, this way,” she twisted open the handle on the front door to usher you inside.

    you walked inside the house as prompted by the kind maid. the driver brought your luggage and placed it in yoongi’s bedroom. early in the morning, yoongi had picked you up from your place along with your stuff. first, you headed to the registrar’s office and now here you are. within a matter of a few hours, your address, your marital status and your fate changed.

    you looked around the house, which was nothing less than a palace.

    “would you like to take a look around?” the kind maid, juyun, spoke up when you kept looking at the expensive paintings mounted on the wall.

    “no, thank you. i have to go meet my father.”

    “would you like me to draw a bath for you, instead?”

    “yes, that would be nice,” you turned to her after finishing your short eye-tour.

    juyun nodded and walked to yoongi’s room with you on her tow. one look around the room, and you knew it was yoongi’s bedroom. neatly organized and a hundred per cent devoid of any kind of personal memento, almost like it is specifically designed to be devoid of any personal touch.

    “can you set up my room in the guest room, please?”

    “as you say, ma’am.” juyun agreed at once like it was nothing odd. well, considering she has been in yoongi’s service for more than a decade, she clearly knew him better. 


    later in the night, you were already asleep by the time yoongi came back home.

    around one in the night, you woke up from a thudding noise on the window pane. you turned the bed lamp on and tried looking out the window but could see nothing other than a couple of branches of the maple tree on the porch. due to the night breeze, the branches might have been crashing against the window. turning the light off, you laid back down, but in the moonlight, the shadow of the branches on the opposite wall looked like a hunched over man in a dark overcoat.

    you are not one to get scared, but the unrhythmic thudding of the branches against the glass pane in the dead of night, inside a strange new house and empty room gave you the chills. juyun had informed you that she leaves the household premises before nightfall, so you knew, yoongi and you were the only people left in the house.

    not thinking much of it, you went to sleep that night only to find yourself in the exact same situation the very next night. you held the comforter close to your chest, the darkness around you leaving room for an eerie aura to envelope the air. additionally, the shapeless shadows formed by the tree's branches were nothing less than scary.

    that night as you slept, you had the worst nightmare. you dreamt of being chased by a shapeless form who wanted nothing but to hurt you — hurt you bad. it was malicious and evil. it made no sense because you have never had nightmares like these.

    you woke up to your ringtone blaring loudly. it was an unknown number, and you hesitated to answer it, but right before the call would finish ringing completely, you picked it up. it was the state prosecutor’s office asking you to come over so they can prep you for the trial tomorrow. right. you still have to appear in court. given how sly and resourceful yoongi is, you already had the feeling that even appearing in court would not really amount to anything. nonetheless, you were going to exhaust all your options at helping out the dead fellow.

    thursday came in a blurry, and you were up all night thinking about all the possible outcomes. last night when yoongi came back home, he had come up to your room to ask you if you were still planning to show up at court. when you replied in the affirmative, he just laughed. there was an air of smugness surrounding him like he had already planned ahead, at least, five moves. 

    at the first rays of sunlight illuminating your room, you left the bed and started searching up courtroom etiquettes online. you have never been more nervous in life, it felt like the most significant examination of your life and you, so badly, wanted to pass.

    you rummaged through your luggage to pull out your only formal skirt. tucking the white dress shirt inside the skirt, you stood in front of the mirror in the washroom to look for any creases. sighing, you grabbed the comb and neatly gathered every strand of hair to tie it in a ponytail before walking out in a pair of heels.

    yoongi was having his breakfast while reading the newspaper. he took one look at you before turning the page to the finance section, “someone knows how to clean up.”

    you kept quiet and headed towards the door.

    “i can drop you off, i mean i am going to court as well. courtesy of you.”

    “i can go there myself, thank you,” you replied before exiting the house. the bus takes half an hour to reach the trial court compound, and you did not want to risk arriving late.

    reaching the court compound, you found your way around and sat in the spectator stand, your hands sweating from feeling extremely anxious and nervous. you kept memorising how to refer the judge, ‘your honour, my name is y/n.’ ‘your highness?’ ‘no, your honour’ ‘or is it your lord/ladyship?’

    “top of the morning to you, little one,” your husband whispered when he walked past you to the attorney table and sat on the left side. he was accompanied by another sharp-looking man dressed in a fine suit.

    you rolled your eyes at that but kept sitting quietly. the stand filled up soon to about half of its capacity, and everyone rose to their feet once the judge entered the courtroom. the trial started within moments, and you watched the sharp-looking man, introduced as the defence counsel, mr harvey specter, skilfully refute every piece of evidence that the prosecution had built a case on. you were expecting your husband to fight the case, but he had his firm partner representing him. the whole exchange between the defence and prosecution went by in a flash. you tried to keep up with the arguments till you heard the prosecutor calling your name.

    “your honour, i would like to call to the witness box prosecution’s last witness, y/n,” the public prosecutor said after presenting all the facts.

    “permission granted,” presiding judge marly replied.

    prompted by the prosecutor, you stood up and walked to the witness box. it was surreal and nothing like how it is usually portrayed on television.

    “state your name for the record and relation to the case,” the judge asked once you were done repeating the words of affirmation.

    “your honour, my name is y/n..” you trailed off.

    “are you sure, dear? you sound unsure of it,” marly J. commented, her dominant hand scribbling away.

    your eyes followed her hand, your own shaking a bit. you turned forward to notice that everyone in the courtroom had their eyes on you. mainly, that unmistakable predatory gaze of min yoongi, who looked like this was all a piece of cake for him.

    “miss, can you state your name for the record and relation to the case,” the prosecutor repeated the judge’s words when you kept sitting quietly.

    “i-i’m sorry. my name is y/n, and i heard a conversation regarding the murder.”

    “can you tell the court what you heard? verbatim, if you will,” the prosecutor asked of you next.

    you nodded and duly obliged, narrating the exact words of the conversation that you had heard that day.

    “do you swear that this is a true and accurate statement?” the judge asked.

    you nodded, “yes, your honour.”

    “do you recognize that man,” the prosecutor pointed at yoongi, “as the one who had that particular phone call conversation?”

    you followed the prosecutor’s hand and looked at yoongi, who winked at you. the gall of this man.

    “yes, sir. that’s him.”

    “let the record reflect that the witness has identified the defendant. no further questions, your honour,” the prosecutor walked to the attorney table and sat down.

    mr specter stood up once the state prosecutor sat down. he fixed his blazer, buttoning it up as he walked to the stand and stood in front of you.

    “miss, can you state your full name for the record? the name that you have taken over since your marriage,” he started.

    “min y/n.”

    “married to?”

    “min yoongi,” your eyes boring holes into yoongi’s, who smirked a little at your tone.

    “can you please tell the court what this is?” mr. specter brought over a piece of paper and handed it to you. 

    you took the paper and glanced at it quickly, “it’s the marriage certificate of mr min and i.”

    “very well, can you tell me when is it dated?”

    “16th August...” you read out the date, and at the realization, your voice died down. it was back-dated. you married him two days ago, not one month ago but the date on the marriage certificate said otherwise. clearly attested by the government ordained registrar.

    mr specter turned, “let the record show that the prime witness of the case is the wife of one of the named defendants, and the conversation took place after they were married.”

    “objection your honour,” the prosecutor stood up, “relevancy.”

    the judge turned to mr specter for his reasoning.

    “your honour, the relevancy of this established fact will be shown to the courtroom very soon. in order to do that, i would like to call the defendant, min yoongi, to the stand.”

    “very well. please proceed.”

    you stood up and walked down, giving space for yoongi to take the seat. you were feeling airy headed since you knew precisely what yoongi was going to do. truth be told, you showed up at court today solely on that last morsel of hope that maybe your testimony can amount to anything, something, but yoongi was going to tear it all down to nothing.

    “mr min, do you recognise this woman as your wife?” mr specter asked.

    before yoongi could answer, however, the prosecutor spoke up.

    “objection, your honour. already asked and answered. counsel is wasting the court's time.”

    mr specter did not wait for the judge to rebuke him and started, “seems like my learned friend is in a hurry, so allow me to rephrase. do you recall having the conversation with or in front of your wife, min y/n?”

    “no, your honour,” yoongi lied through his teeth, “i do not recall having that conversation even in the slightest. additionally, anything between my wife and i is protected under spousal privilege.”

    “counsellors, approach the bench. you too, mr min,” marly J. commanded before walking to the attached judge’s room.

    the prosecutor, mr specter and yoongi walked to the judge's room.

    marly J. was sitting in her chair and had a distasteful scowl on her face, “mr min. my courtroom deals with criminal cases, not family issues.”

    “i am well aware, your honour,” yoongi replied.

    the judge turned to the prosecutor, “i believe your entire case was based on her testimony, but i cannot allow it.”

    “your honour, please reconsider. this is the first time any witness has willingly testified against kim seokjin.”

    “i cannot deny a citizen their right to the privileges they enjoy granted by the law. everyone is equal in front of the law. i cannot allow it. if there is nothing further that you can produce to stand your case, i am disposing of it.”


    when the opposing counsels, along with your husband, had gone to talk to the judge personally, you could already guess the outcome of this whole stunt. defeated, you did not wait for the judge to pass the order and left for the hospital to be with your father.

    that night, you were scared to fall asleep. counting sheep was not helping, neither was watching anything on the phone. your eyes drooped with sleep, but just as sleep started to seep in, you woke yourself up. but there is only so long till you can keep yourself up forcefully. soon you fell into a deep slumber and almost like a lucid dream as you saw the exact same nightmare. only this time — the figure had caught up and was about to hurt you, but you managed to wake yourself up just in time. now you know, the faceless figure is the dead man over whom you have, so far, risked and ruined your entire future. you have done your part. you cannot possibly fight a system alone when the corruption is at every micro-level.

    on the fourth night, you seriously debated what to do about this situation. during all this time, you have had absolutely zero interaction with your so-called husband. he left for work around nine and came back around eleven, had his meals alone as you had a different daily routine. juyun took care of everything around the house, so it was not like your presence was required anywhere. you kept yourself limited in the four walls of the guest room while you were in the place, the rest of the time you spent with your father, who was getting the treatment he needed. amidst the quiet of the night, as your mind raced through all these thoughts, a car horn from the main road caused you to flinch.

    “fuck it,” you mumbled before getting out of bed. grabbing a t-shirt, you put it on over your racer-back tank and headed out into the doorway. you do not know exactly remember which way was yoongi’s room and amidst the dimly lit hallways, all the corners looked the same, but you kept walking forward till you came upon a door, wherefrom under the small gap at the bottom, a faint light was coming out causing you to knock at it.

    there was a shuffle of sheets, and the door opened to reveal yoongi in his pyjamas. he was wearing a t-shirt with a pair of joggers, not much different than your attire.

    “what?” he asked, rubbing his eyes.

    “i can’t sleep,” you admitted shyly.

    “i don’t know any lullabies,” he walked in, leaving the door open. you walked in too, closing the door behind you.

    “no. i mean, can i sleep here tonight? i’ll sleep on the couch.”

    “whatever,” yoongi replied before sitting on the bed with his laptop as he resumed typing something.

    you sauntered to the couch and sat on it first, watching yoongi work. he was not lying. he really did not care and continued typing whatever he was working on.

    you took off your slippers and pulled your bent legs on the couch, letting your head rest on one of the armrests. your eyes were trained at him, your arms crossed over your chest in a fight or flight mode.

    sleep took over soon, but it was uncomfortable to lie in that awkward position. you kept repositioning your head or your legs in the sleep, not being able to drift into a deeper sleep that your tired body needed.

    yoongi finished his draft in about two hours. he turned off his laptop and looked up to see you still curled up in that uncomfortable position. for the past two hours, he has not failed to note that you could not sleep properly. he stood up, keeping away his laptop on his desk before walking to you. he let a kick on one of the legs of the couch, causing a vibration.

    “get up.”

    by the third kick, you woke up, squinting your eyes open. yoongi was standing in front of you, hands in his pocket, “what?”

    “get on the bed.”

    you sat up at once, alarmed at his words. 

    “whoa, whoa, i am not trying to jump you. it’s three in the morning, little one. i finished a draft, and i only want to sleep now. so just get on the bed. you are clearly uncomfortable.”

    “promise you won’t touch me?” you asked, massaging the back of your aching neck.

    he nodded tiredly, “go ahead. you can sleep on the right side. the left is mine,” he said before heading to the washroom.

    you walked to his bed and crawled on the right side of the extra comfortable king-sized bed. by the time you settled under the warm covers, yoongi came out of the washroom and joined you. he turned off the lights and turned his back to you after getting inside the covers.

    November 2020:

    over the past two months of your early married days, your interaction with your husband has been questionably none. some nights, you overcome your fears and sleep in the guest room, other nights when they overcome your conscience, you end up sleeping with yoongi again, in his bed, against his warmth but that is about it. there is never much talk.

    some days it feels like he is intentionally ignoring you or avoiding to talk to you but with time you have concluded that he is a busy person in general and is not exactly putting up a front to ignore you.

    some other days, it feels like he is just putting up a show but he has other intentions. like when he shifts in his sleep and his hand sometimes falls on your chest, his fingers almost moulding to the shape of your breast causing you to glare at him but his soft snores are evidence enough that he is clearly asleep and the movement is unconscious.

    either ways, he is a not a man of a lot of words. or maybe he is, considering he is an advocate. you don’t really know, and he never leaves space for you to know him any better. your marriage is a sham and will never pick up pace, so you turn your focus to the one constant in your life; your father.

    after receiving the best cancer treatment (curtesy of your generous husband), your father did get better last month but after a few weeks, he started deteriorating again. the doctor has already informed you that there is no hope and you know too, that look in his eyes is unmistakable. more or less, you have accepted it but that has not brought any break in your daily routine.

    every morning you wake up alone in the bed as yoongi wakes up before you, take a quick shower, finish your morning routine and breakfast and then head over to the hospital to spend time with your father. most days you read to him, while on others, he reminisces about his past and tells you more stories about your mother than you have ever heard since your childhood.

    you were flipping through the pages of wuthering heights, trying to look for the last line that you read when your father’s eyes fell on your wedding ring.

    “what’s that?” he asked, his eyes stuck at your ring finger.

    “hm?” you softly hummed, very much invested in finding the bookmark till you followed his gaze and gulped. you must have forgotten to take it off before walking in his room a few hours ago, “it’s a ring.”

    “for what?”

    “fashion, dad. it’s just a ring,” you shrugged it off confidently, turning your gaze back to the book.

    your father sighed. he knows you, he knows no matter how hard he is going to try, he will not be receiving a straight reply from you, “i still don’t understand how you can afford this CCU room. i asked a nurse and the per-day cost is more than our monthly rent.”

    “i have told you, dad, just let me handle it the best way that i can,” you mumbled before finding the pencil mark and started to read again;

    “i’m wearying to escape into that glorious world, and to be always there: not seeing it dimly through tears, and yearning for it through the walls of an aching heart: but really with it, and in —.”

    “y/n, is there something you are hiding from me?” your father cut you off in the middle.

    you sighed, putting down the book on your lap, your index finger keeping the book from closing, “not really. everything is fine, as always. i have handled everything, as always.”

    your father turned his gaze back to the ceiling above his head, the same ceiling that he has been staring at for over a month now, “you know... your mother loved this book. her favourite line was honest people don't hide their deeds, and she truly lived by those words.”

    “i am not hiding anyth—”

    your father cut you off again. he overlooked your words as he was speaking in a flow, “i will forever regret that i couldn’t send you off to a good university. you were always the best in your class, always at a higher reading level than your current grade, and yet because of our family condition, you could not attend a university. like you deserved to.”

    your hands closed the book shut, eyes now stuck to the graphic design of the cover as your father continued.

    “and now i won’t be there to walk you down the aisle when you meet your prince charming.”

    you unconsciously played with the wedding ring till you took it off and pocketed it.

    “forgive me, y/n. turns out i am not the father that i should have been to you. i couldn’t support you financially, and i won’t be there for the rest of your life either. please forgive me.”

    your vision turned blurry as tears welled up in your eyes, “stop saying that.”

    “it’s the truth! you’re a good kid, baby. the best i could ever imagine having. all i can wish for till my last breath now is that you get the prince you deserve. a good guy who will take care of you better than i ever could.”

    “stop saying that!” your enraged voice went up, unintentionally, “no can ever take care of me better than you did as a single dad. so just stop saying that. i will come again tomorrow,” keeping your head bowed down, you walked out of the room swiftly before your father could further protest.

    sniffling in the hallway, you speed-walked to the restroom to bawl your eyes out. the moment your eyes met the mirror, the tears fell like an incessant waterfall. it took you around fifteen minutes to calm down, till your tears turned to a bitter chuckle as you laughed at the irony of your life. freshening up, you were drying your hands when you remembered that this is the exact place where your downfall started. the universe indeed has a wicked way to rub your face in it.

    composing yourself, you left the hospital building to make your way back to the place you have been calling ‘home’ for the last two months. it did not feel like home. even the walls were unwelcoming. you had nothing to do. your status was nothing more than a piece of wall furniture, not even a fancy one at that. probably the cheapest one that your husband owns.

    there were no visitors, no family, just the maid who leaves every evening after preparing dinner. everything around the house is always taken care of. visiting your father every day was the only sort of routine you had in place, but that would come to an end soon, as well, just like everything does in your life.

    “you are back early today, miss,” juyun spoke up when you walked into the living room. she was in the process of dusting the window panes.

    “yeah...” you trailed off, meaning to walk away but stood your place, “i remember on my first day, you had mentioned that you are yoongi’s family housekeeper.”

    juyun straightened up with pride at the mention of her employment history, “yes. i have served the min family diligently, ma’am and wish to do so till my bones cannot take it anymore.”

    “so what about his family? where are they now?”

    juyun’s proud smile vanished within seconds at your question. oh, you don’t know.

    “i thought you knew, miss.”

    “what do you mean?” your eyebrows furrowed with confusion as yoongi had never mentioned his family. he hardly speaks two-three words to you, let alone talk about his family.

    “around five years ago mr and mrs min died in a car crash.”

    “i’m sorry,” your blood turned cold at the revelation. your fate must be so tainted that you do not even have in-laws to call a family.

    “they were murdered, miss,” juyun continued, tears streaming down her face, “your husband was still making his name in the legal world, and he had put an evil man in jail. a gang-man who had killed many, and then one day, mr and mrs min were hit by a truck when they were on their way back home. it was clear as day that the gang-man was behind this. then yoongi sir met with seokjin sir and soon founded his firm.”

    “is the gang member still behind bars?”

    “oh no, miss. he is dead. he was murdered in his own cell. police suspected some gang rivalry.”

    juyun’s tone was sincere as she narrated the story to you, but it did not take you a moment to connect the dots. your father used to call you miss holmes due to how quickly you can see the bigger picture even with incomplete facts, half stories or wrong clues. honestly, you are the one who finds it annoying when people cannot see through the truth, it is always glaring them straight in the face, but they choose not to see it.

    yoongi must be behind the death of the gang member, he must have taken help from seokjin, and then jeongguk must have taken care of the police. it was clear as the day really, the affiliations are apparent enough. after all, you are another victim of the same affiliations, only.

    “where’s your ring, miss?” juyun asked, her hands touching your bare finger.

    “oh, i took it off to wash my hands,” you brought the ring out of your dress pocket and wore it, “there.”

    “it’s gold, dear. you don’t have to take it off when touching the water.”

    “right. will keep it in mind next time,” you smiled before making your way to your room.

    when yoongi came to bed after finishing work that night, he was surprised to find you awake. you are usually asleep by the time he comes.

    during the first month, he would walk to the washroom to change, but he has stopped bothering. your face is usually turned towards the wall near the bed, so these days, he just changes in the room itself.

    “can’t sleep?” he asked, changing out of his dress pants and into a fresh pair of sweats.

    “no, was just lost in thoughts,” you turned back unbeknownst that his upper body was bare as he just took off his shirt, “i-i’m sorry,” you closed your eyes shut.

    yoongi snickered noiselessly on noting that you did not close your eyes immediately, but after taking a good look at his body, “ahha,” he hummed after putting on the t-shirt and walking to the washroom to freshen up.

    “can i ask you something?”

    yoongi stepped out of the washroom and made his way to the bed, “go ahead,” he raised the covers and got inside them.

    “what happened to your parents?”

    you rushed it. you asked the main question way too early before laying down any groundwork. he was in a good mood, but his expression turned into a scowl on hearing your question.

    “i don’t wish to discuss my parents. ever. if you wish to gossip, feel free to leave because i need to sleep,” he turned his back to you.

    see, this is what you do not get. why do you have to lay the groundwork for someone? why do you have to walk on eggshells around someone? why can’t you just ask min yoongi something ever and actually get a proper answer. are you not a receptive person? do you not deserve to be talked to? it is always the same with your husband. he never wants to talk, never wants to give you even the slightest glimpse of his life. all you want, all you need, all you wish — to just talk to someone, maybe tell them about how you are feeling internally, about your father, about this complicated fate that you have found yourself tangled in, about your future, what lays ahead — all you want is to talk. you are always making sure that you do not take too much space, trying to never bother anyone as everyone is doing their own work, always spending your time alone knowing that it is not anyone’s job to entertain you or hang out with you. no one has time for you. even life does not have time for you. you, on the other hand, have all the time in this world, always free, just laying around on the bed, eyes either stuck to the ceiling or out the window, watching couples, friends, family walking by, having fun, spending time with each other.

    life must be colourful for them, unlike the black and white permanent filter veiling on yours.


    yoongi came back one day around seven in the evening, very much to your surprise. he sat down on the wingback chair placed adjacent to the sofa set on which you were sitting, watching a movie on television.

    “don’t do that,” you rolled your eyes upon noticing through the peripheral vision that yoongi had brought out a cigarette and was about to light it up.

    “i am not having a good day,” yoongi drawled out lazily before lighting up the cigarette.

    you sighed, “well, i can’t really help much if you don’t share stuff with me.”

    yoongi allowed his body to rest back against the plush upholstery of the wingback chair, his one leg resting over the other, “what do you want to know?”

    you almost brushed over the reply till it hit you that he was actually giving you a chance to ask him what you wanted to know. your eyes went wide at the realization as you put the television on mute and turned to him, “are you serious?”

    “don’t push your luck, little one. ask me what you want before i change my mind.”

    you parted your lips intending to say something but shut yourself up. it is early days, and you cannot spook him off yet. going in slow would be the best option. he will let you in eventually, but you have to be patient. nodding to yourself, you turned to him, “did something happen at work? you’re back early.”

    “not really,” there was an uncomfortable silence; the smoke from his lit up cigarette, held tightly between his long fingers, formed a cloud before he brought it up to his lips and took a drag, “a dumb cop filed the wrong charge-sheet against a client of mine and then my junior had the absolute audacity to let his phone ring inside the courtroom. kids these days are fucking embarrassing.”

    you nodded, not to anyone in particular, acknowledging what he talked about. it did not seem that big of a deal, but you guessed it was one to yoongi. 

    you started thinking again before asking the second question. the last thing you want is for him to shut off as usual, “is there something that i can help you with?”

    you were not expecting him to reply in the affirmative, but it made your ears perk up when he did. you can be of some use to someone? anyone? wow, what a day.

    “yes, actually. thanks for reminding me. seokjin hyung is eating my head off about the gathering. he wants to call the boys and their wives to meet you. i swear if hyung and jeongguk text me one more time about this, i will block them.”

    “we can have them over. i don’t mind. it would be nice to have people over, i guess. i mean, i would love to look over the arrangements and meet them.”

    “you sure? they can be a handful. they are basically adults on steroids.”

    you giggled softly at the comparison, “can’t be that bad.”

    “fine. don’t say i did not warn you in advance.”

    you went to add something more, but his phone started ringing.

    “guess time’s up,” your husband put out the cigarette before making his way towards his study. he stopped in his tracks and turned to pat your head, “good talk.”

    you watched him leaving just as smoothly as he had arrived, “condescending, cold bastard,” rolling your eyes, you went back to watching the movie.


    jung hoseok was the first one to arrive. as informed by your deeply cherished husband, you know that he manages the biggest chain of hotels in south asia and has been a loyal client of yoongi’s for almost six years now.

    “hello, mr. jung,” you smiled politely as he was let inside the living room by juyun.

    “oh hey, you must be y/n. it’s great to finally meet you,” he smiled back with the same fervour.

    “and your wife...?” you trailed off, unsure. as far as you remember, yoongi did mention that all his friends were married.

    “ah, dany is at home with our son. he is only five months old, so she doesn’t really leave the house much.”

    “oh! congratulations on the baby boy.”

    “yeah,” hoseok nodded awkwardly as the conversation turned silent, “well, i hope you don’t mind that i am here early. i came here directly from work. had i gone back home, i would have just fallen asleep.”

    you nodded at that, but before you could reply, yoongi came down from his bedroom. juyun must have informed him that hoseok was here.

    “i’ll take it from here,” yoongi’s hand brushed against the small of your back as he smiled at hoseok, “let’s talk in my study till the rest of the party arrives.”

    hoseok nodded, and both the men left for yoongi’s study room. you kept standing there, thinking about the way he left, but his touch lingered on your skin through the fabric of your black a-line dress. it burned through your being, and you craved it more, just like you do every night when he scoots a little bit too close. 

    you must have been standing there for a few minutes because the next thing you heard was the honk of a car pulling up in the driveaway.

    yes, more guests. your hands instinctively straightened your wrinkle-free dress to greet the guests.

    “ah, you,” your lips broke into a rhetoric smile when your eyes spotted jeon jeongguk.

    jeongguk shrugged, smiling back, “hello, miss.”

    “do you guys know each other?” a soft female voice from behind him caused you to crane your neck sideways till the figure came out in front.

    jeongguk turned to his wife, “know? yoongi hyung met her cause of me! it’s a shame they did not call me to the wedding.”

    “really? that’s nice,” the girl turned to you, a smile on her face, “i am aeira, jeongguk’s wife.”

    “where’s hyung?” jeongguk asked after taking a look around.

    “he’s in the study with mr. jung,” you informed him.

    “sweet. i believe you ladies would certainly find something to talk about,” he smiled at his wife before walking away.

    you just stared at aeira, not knowing what to say or do. you have spent most of your adult life working, taking care of your father and then locking yourself up in your room. that was your ‘me’ time. socialising, going out, having friends is not something you are good at, even by a tiny bit.

    “can.. we sit?” aeira asked, gesturing at the couch.

    “a-o-of course! sorry, my bad. i didn’t ask you to even sit.”

    “it’s fine. happens to the best of us, don’t worry. you’ve got this,” aeira smiled, grabbing your hand as she walked to the couch and sat down with you beside her.

    you felt relieved. you are not an anti-social person. you just need the proper nudge to open up and talk.

    aeira almost had the opposite personality as you. she was charming, bubbly and knew her way around words. it almost seems like a cruel joke that her husband is jeon jeongguk. well, she seemed clearly ignorant of the exploits of his corruption. that much was clear.

    “oh and then tanaz and i we- wait, do you know tanaz?” aeira asked in the middle of telling you about her university life.

    you shook your head a no, “i’m afraid not.”

    “don’t worry! you’ll know when they come over. she’s my best friend. we’ve known each other since we were kids.”

    your fingers softly played with each other, your clasped hands lying in your lap, “that must be nice.”

    “yeah, it is. you must already know inaya, at least?”

    “i have met her, but we haven’t talked much, really.”

    “oh...” aeira sighed. she could easily sense that this was all new to you, and she has been trying to make you loosen up, but so far, it has not worked well, “is there anyone coming tonight that you know?”

    “yeah! rei is coming, she’s my friend. not exactly my friend, more like my little sister, but i’ve known her since school!” you beamed almost, happy that you also have someone in your life that you have known for a while. life is not that bad. you have some aspects like most normal people, as well. and knowing that, just that fact gave you satisfaction at the moment.

    aeira grinned at your enthusiasm. yes, it finally worked!

    around twenty minutes later, rei finally came, and so did inaya and seokjin.

    “you’re late, miss,” you huffed as rei walked to you, giving you a brief hug.

    “i know, i know, i wanted to get something for you, but nothing just seemed right.”

    “what? no! you didn’t have to.”

    “psst, not taking a no. here,” she handed you a gift-wrapped packet.

    “i’ll check it later.”

    “no! open it now. i want to see if you like it,” she urged you till you finally gave in and took off the wrapping paper to reveal a picture frame. it contained an old picture of you with rei, back from high school. the photo was taken on sports day, dressed in matching uniforms and cute braided pigtails. you were pinching rei’s cheeks, who was trying to escape your hold.

    “i think i am the only one who has a copy. so, i want you to have it,” rei smiled eagerly, waiting for your reaction, but you kept staring at the picture, your eyes turning glassy.

    “i love it. thank you. thank you so much,” you sniffled once, soaking your tears back in before putting up the frame on top of the fireplace, “and this is...?” you gestured towards the male who had accompanied rei and was now talking with seokjin. the two men had struck up quite a conversation.

    “that’s um, jimin-ssi,” rei turned towards the jimin-person who noticed you both staring at him, so he flashed you both a toothy smile causing you to smile back in return.

    “boyfriend?” you grinned, turning back to rei.

    “uhh, we got married last month.”

    “wait a second, you got married? what?”

    “it’s a long story,” rei mumbled, her gaze towards aeira, “i’ll tell you later.”

    you followed her gaze and nodded, “right. come here, this is aeira, and you surely remember inaya.”

    rei nodded before joining the girls. another five-six minutes and taehyung and his wife, tanaz, arrived. the men came out to the living room as well, and yoongi introduced you to all of them one by one while you introduced jimin to them.

    late into the party after concluding dinner, you turned around yourself. everyone seemed to be having a good time. it made you genuinely smile. after months, you had something to do, arrange a party you had never done before. one-night yoongi came back and informed you that the party was going to be on friday night. that was on a wednesday, so basically you had two days to arrange everything. juyun was glad to help, but she offered you took the lead and asked you to manage everything before asking for her help. at first, it terrified you because you did not want to screw up, not at your first gathering, but it was thrilling, too. you went shopping for hours, took hours to finalise the dishes, the drinks, the décor, everything. and to see it all come together nicely, your smile only grew fonder.

    “so, why do i get a vibe that you guys don’t like jeongguk?” aeira asked suddenly, making all of you quiet down.

    the men were sitting separately on the other side of the room, drinking and smoking. they had a completely different conversation going on, more like they were in their own world.

    tanaz was the one who broke the silence, “’cause he’s an asshole.”

    “hey, that’s rude!” aeira smacked tanaz’s arm lightly in mock retaliation.

    while they laughed it out, inaya and you just exchanged the ‘who’s gonna tell her’ look between each other. seems like no one really liked jeongguk.

    “what? he’s a jerk, and so is dr taehyung,” tanaz scoffed, finishing her wine in a gulp. there was a certain tinge of anger laced with her voice when she enunciated the doctor.

    inaya cringed at it, “aria eonnie is testimony to that.”

    tanaz chuckled, “she sure is.”

    aeira kept quiet at the comment, choosing not to go into further details. you certainly did not know any of them enough to contribute to the conversation. while rei quietly observed the girls, her gaze moving back and forth between them like a bobblehead.

    tanaz stood up to refill her glass, “rei is awfully quiet tonight,” she poured some more of the red fluid into her wineglass.

    “oh, this is all new to me. i am still processing it in,” rei smiled sheepishly, “you guys seem very close, i mean from the way you are bitching about your husbands.”

    “bitching? if only,” aeira let a bitter laugh.

    rei turned to you first, to which you only gave a shrug, so she continued, “am i missing something?”

    “oh no, you are fine, darling. ignore us,” tanaz tutted back to resume her place, “tell us about yourself. what do you do?”

    “i am an advocate. i work in yoongi sir’s firm.”

    “that’s amazing! where did you meet that charming devil?” aeira asked, her eyes gesturing to where jimin was sitting, talking with jeongguk.

    “at work..” rei trailed off.

    “really? i thought you said he was a dance teacher?” you inquired further.

    “he is. he is a choreographer and works mainly in the k-industry, but we met at work. it’s a long story really,” rei dismissed your queries and chugged down her wine.

    “if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you? you look quite young,” aeira asked after rei refilled her glass.

    rei turned to her, “i can say the same, really. you hardly look older than me. if you don’t mind my asking, how old are you?”

    aeira laughed at rei’s defensive tone, “wah, forgot you are a lawyer for a second. it’s not an interrogation. we are all friends only.”

    rei joined her and laughed too, “i’m just kidding. i’m twenty-two.”

    “oh,” tanaz paused and turned to inaya, “turns out we have another member joining the maknae club.”

    “welcome to the club,” inaya clinked her wine-glass against rei’s at that but kept the glass away, not taking a sip.

    “tell us about your married life,” tanaz asked further. rei was a new target, and the girls indeed loved hassling her. it was fun to watch rei getting flustered, so you allowed yourself to indulge as well instead of saving her, like rei wanted, evident from her pleading eyes every time she looked at you. she was indeed not the extrovert of the bunch.

    “it’s certainly a new experience,” rei let a soft sigh.

    “yes, the honeymoon phase. it’ll fade away soon, believe me. ask inaya, she’s been doing this for four years,” aeira was the one to reply this time.

    inaya did not register the statement as her eyes were stuck at her husband’s figure.

    “inaya?” aeira touched inaya’s hand, causing the latter to flinch as she was brought out of her thoughts.

    “i’m sorry. what’d i miss?” her eyes travelled between all of you ladies.

    “nothing. tell us what’s going on with you,” this time, it was tanaz again who spoke.

    “the usual, really,” inaya exhaled. it was more a mumble. her wine-glass went untouched, and when you brought that up, inaya seemed visibly dishevelled, “i can-can’t drink.”

    “is everything alright?” you turned to her, worried this time.

    inaya’s gaze moved towards her husband first, then to tanaz, who was quick to her rescue.

    “she can’t drink cause of a medical condition.”

    although the hesitancy in their voices indicated something more, it was not your place to pry further, so you left the topic alone.

    the night grew, and the clock struck half-past ten. it was aeira who stood up first and made her way to her husband. 

    she tapped on his shoulder, “we should get going. you’ve duty in the morning.”

    jeongguk sighed, taking one last drag from the cigar before handing it over to hoseok, “yes, baby,” he turned to the men, standing up, “unlike you rich pricks, i have work in the morning.”

    “mm, officer. thank you for your service,” seokjin mocked, gaining a laugh from the rest of them.

    jeongguk chuckled, wearing his jacket, the right sleeve of which he kept getting wrong till aeira held it up for him to slide his right arm in.

    you watched the couples quietly, as one by one, all of them took their leave after bidding you and your husband a goodnight. rei had stayed back to help you clean up till you literally had to scold her that you could handle it.

    “she never takes no for an answer,” jimin spoke, his first words to you that night.

    “yeah, she’s always been like that. take good care of her. she only has you.”

    “oh my god, that’s so embarrassing,” rei groaned, rolling her eyes.

    it felt like you guys were back in high school, making you giggle at her tone as you hit her head, “shut up. i have lived one year more than you. that’s 365 days more. eonnie knows better.”

    rei was leaning against jimin’s figure, holding on to his arm, tired from the long day, but she straightened her back the moment yoongi walked in after seeing off the guests and stood by your side, “thank you for having us, sir.”

    “not at all, rei. thanks for coming over. you too, mr. park.”

    jimin nodded, shaking his hand before they set on their way as well.

    you watched from the front door as jimin and rei got in their car and drove out of the porch. you walked back inside, closing and locking the door behind you.


    rei kept staring at jimin, who drove carefully, he was not drunk out of his senses but enough to make him tipsy.

    jimin caught her constant stare, “what?”

    “you smoked. i have never seen you smoke.”

    “i don’t. that was just a cigar,” he shrugged.

    “fine. did you have a good time?”

    jimin nodded, changing gears after the signal turned green.

    “see! and you thought you would be bored alone.”

    “i was able to make friends, luckily that’s all. oh, by the way, i will be going out with jeongguk tomorrow for some drinks.”

    “really? of all the people, you chose to be friends with that guy?”

    “what do you mean?”

    “i don’t like his vibe, i don’t know. there was also a weird tension between the ladies regarding jeongguk and taehyung,” rei shrugged, “it was all peculiar.”

    “doll, you are overthinking. i will also be meeting with seokjin hyung about some work.”

    rei let a soft sigh in reply before turning her gaze out the window, watching the tall buildings fly by in a blurry haze. 


    it has been a while since the couples left. you retired to your room after cleaning up. a knock came and the door opened while you were in the middle of changing out of your dress.

    “hey, just wanted to than- fuck, i am sorry,” yoongi closed his eyes, halfway inside the room.

    “did something happen?” you asked, your hands pulling up your shorts in a second. you were clad in a t-shirt.

    “no, i came to thank you.”

    “you can look. it’s fine.”

    yoongi peeped one eye open before blinking both of them open, “thanks for arranging the party. everyone had a good time.”

    you nodded, noticing his stumbling gait, “you’re going to trip over that corner,” you grabbed his hand in a plea to sit him on the bed.

    under the spell of alcohol, yoongi lost his balance and held on to your arms. you both stayed frozen at the moment. yoongi sitting at the edge of the bed, and you standing between his legs, his hands holding your arms. it did not matter how it happened, but the only thing your mind registered was yoongi’s lips on yours. you could taste the alcohol and cigar on his tongue, but it did not really matter, not when this was the first time kissing your husband. your arms lying by your side bent at the joints and raised up to touch his hair. his hands let you as you run your fingers through his hair.

    yoongi pulled away and touched the side of your face with his slightly raised hand, “i wanna see your tits,” he mused lazily.

    you batted your eyelashes, oh so lustily, before lifting your arms over your head to swiftly get rid of your t-shirt, which you had just adorned a few moments ago. your breasts hung inside one of your standard bralettes, and you saw yoongi’s hand extending towards your chest before it stopped mid-way, abruptly.

    “how old are you, again?” he blinked before focusing his gaze back at your face.

    “twenty-three,” you replied, your fingers playing with themselves enclosed within your clasped hands resting at the small of your back.

    “fuck,” yoongi muttered a curse before retracting from your figure, “you are a fucking kid. do you know old i am? i am thirty-three. this is wrong,” he shook his head as if trying to break his daze from the alcoholic riddle.

    before you could complain, he removed himself from your room at once and stumbled his way to his bedroom.

    your hands unclasped and rattled with the sipper bottle placed on the nightstand for a countable few moments before you tipped it over in annoyance. this is okay. you can get past this. breathing sharply, you gathered the discarded t-shirt from the floor and made your way to the bed, sitting down with the fabric in your lap. 

    maybe it is not okay, after all. how dare this atrocious and scandalous man marry you in a frenzy and then keep you locked away without so much as a bit of sexual relief. all these months, he would not even look at you, and now that he has, he sees you as a literal child. so he is a bit older than you? he should have thought of that beforehand. you did not ask for any of this, and he does not get to deny you anymore, not after the way he literally runs his devilish tongue over his lips. he can run them over yours. it is not really that difficult, not when you are entirely willing to hold your panties out of the way to give him better leverage.

    balling up the t-shirt, you threw it at the couch before setting out towards your lawfully-wedded husband’s bedroom. you opened the door with a single push of your hand in the most dramatic way possible. upon entering, you noticed yoongi splayed out on the bed, still clad in his work clothes, the back of his dominant hand resting over his closed eyes, obscuring his vision. he did not bother to look up as he knew it was probably just you coming over to sleep on his bed. 

    he is used to it now, but what he is not used to at all is the feeling of your unfamiliar lower figure settling around his crotch area. tearing away the hand from his eyes, he looked at you in shock only to find you making yourself comfortable on his reclined lap.

    “the fuck is this, now?” he asked in apparent distaste.

    too bad cause you are not going to have any of it, “i am not a minor, you know, and i am way over the legal age to drink alcohol even.”

    “doesn’t change anything. i can’t do it—” his words were snatched right out of his mouth when he felt your hips moving, causing lewd friction between your heat and his crotch, “no no no,” he placed his hands on your hips in a plea to stop your movements, but you continued on. your eyes not breaking contact for a single moment, not even to blink.

    “go ahead, stop me,” you shrugged nonchalantly, your heat hanging on to the zipper of his trousers, your hips still moving in a rhythm.

    yoongi’s breathing went back to its average pace as he allowed himself to lay back down in the fortress of pillows, his eyes maintaining the contact that yours have established.

    your hands lying by your side, now rested flat atop his chest, feeling every breath of his rumble inside the rib cage.

    due to the lack of much-needed friction, you pushed aside the triangular patch of your shorts that barely covered the swell of your ass and placed your bare heat on top of his fully-clothed groin, soiling it a tad bit with your pre-lubrication.

    “no panties, huh? did you want me to come and fuck you into the mattress?” yoongi finally asked when he felt your arousal forming a patch on the fabric of his trousers.

    you shrugged, “i practically sleep naked every night. not that you would know—”

    “i know,” he seethed this time, getting a hold of your wrists resting on his chest, “when you grind that sinful ass against my fucking dick in your sleep, i know, little one. i know.”

    you did not mean to blush at his words, but you were practically gushing, glowing red all over when yoongi’s hands beckoned you closer to him.

    “you don’t get to be shy. not now,” he tutted softly, his hands letting go of your wrists and grabbing onto each of your breasts. oh, how yoongi has restrained himself night after night from touching you, but he knew you were sleeping, and he did not want to risk doing the wrong thing, not when he did not know if you wanted it.

    he kneaded your breasts from over the bralette that you were still adorning, “get rid of it.”

    it was barely a whisper, but he did not need to repeat himself as you sprinted to action and completely unclothed your upper body.

    yoongi’s hands now latched onto the globes of flesh, finally touching the soft skin. his touch was careful, needy, but gentle.

    very unlike you, who was growing visibly impatient. you needed to have something stuffed deep inside you, preferably his dick, or else you would have to resort to touching yourself.

    however, the extreme measures did not need to be acted upon as yoongi let go of your breasts and tapped on the side of your thigh, “c’mere.”

    “what do you mean?” you shot him a confused look.

    yoongi chose to keep quiet and, instead, locked his arms around your thighs, pulling your figure forwards.

    you crawled up his chest hesitantly until your heat was, for all intents and purposes, right over his face.

    “let it down,” yoongi tapped your thigh again.

    you still held onto your weight and kept biting your lip, unsure.

    “i won’t keep waiting forever, little one. i am trying to give you the release that you need, but if you hold back, there’s not much i can help with,” your husband spoke in his usual tone this time, his breath sending chills right up your spine.

    you were slowly letting go of your weight, but yoongi fast-tracked the process by yanking your waist down till your heat was within the range of his tongue. his fingers manoeuvred the fabric of the shorts out of his way, his eyes stuck at your hardened nub. 

    a squeal left your lips when his tongue darted out and touched your lower lips. the soft muscle was warm, but it felt ice-cold compared to your heat, causing you to shiver. the pointed tip of his tongue was not as gentle as his hands were as it prodded inside, inching past the outer lips of your labia. your hands rested against the headboard of the bed to support your figure as his tongue flicked the hardened nub. it did not take long to feel the moistened muscle lick your inner lips.

    “oh—” you verbally let an exhale at the sensation, feeling short bursts of electricity in your pelvic region.

    your intimate smell masked the air paired with the priceless view at your crotch from yoongi’s angle — the way your fleshy lips invited him in, the tender skin of your thighs, the way your arousal coated his tongue. he licked it all up and finally dived in to enjoy his five-star main course meal. yoongi tried his best to not use his hands and entice you with his tongue alone, but he had to use his fingers to hold your pussy lips apart. the further apart he held them, the deeper his tongue went, filling up your entrance. the further up his tongue reached, the closer he got to tasting your arousal. he brought his free hand over your clit, getting a hold of your sensitive nub. allowing his fingernails to graze against your skin, resulting in you squirming with each graze before he circled his thumb around the nub, applying pressure and gently massaging it in a circular motion. all the while, his tongue was lapping up your arousal. not letting you one moment breathe.

    your hands clutched the headboard, the calf muscles straining from desperately trying to stay still but failing as they started shaking when his lips wrapped themselves around your labia and sucked on your slit.

    yoongi let a slight slap on your inner thigh, “stay still, little one,” his voice was a mumble against your clit.

    you whimpered at the vibration, your thighs inching closer towards his mouth, wanting to restore the earlier contact. yoongi softly chuckled at your actions before thrusting his tongue up your slit, holding your thighs apart. his tongue went in and out of your slit, licking a stripe up each time. the muscle circled the perimeter of the inner lips and started sucking relentlessly.

    with the amount of pleasure and electricity pulsing through your veins, you did not even feel your orgasm ripping through. your juices had hardly even made their way out before yoongi’s tongue lapped them up and licked it all up. even that last drop which had slithered out onto your outer labia lips.

    his tongue had you singing all sorts of songs — first, you started out with cursing out to your heart’s content when he nipped around your clit, giving you butterflies, then all that left your lips were soundless gasps and moans. only air escaped your lips while yoongi’s tongue thrust in and out of you. by the time you came, and he started licking clean every surface, your airy moans had reduced to downright whimpers similar to a mewling cat. your legs were shaking, one of your hands gripping the headboard while the other grabbing firmly onto his hair, your head resting against the wall — face first.

    after yoongi made sure that he had not left out a single drop of your love juice, he finally let go of your thighs that he had locked between his arms to stop you from squirming away. the skin of your thighs where he held you down stretched after being released, and as the fresh air from the air conditioner touched the skin, it felt tickly even. his fingers imprints were growing clearly visible on your skin, including the mark from the metal of his wedding band. in a plea to catch your breath and reduce the strain of your calf muscles, you rested your legs carefully against the mattress, allowing your lower body to sit down, slow hands massaging the knees when the mattress behind you shifted.

    yoongi had sat up, and while you recovered, he got rid of his suit blazer. The matching trousers followed next. his knees delved into the mattress as he unbuttoned his shirt when you turned back to him. grinning as your eyes took in the new expanse of untouched skin, you advanced towards him. your sneaky fingers pushing down the bands on either side of his underwear to unsheathe his hard length.

    “i would like to return the favour,” you mused, palming his length and opening your mouth to take him in, but yoongi stopped you, and his hands pulled you up.

    “i can see through your tactics,” there was a smug smile on his lips, “i know you are trying to rest up while sucking my dick, but there’s no time for that. i am nothing if not a man of his word so let me fuck your cute cunt into the mattress.”

    his skilful hands wrestled you around. the moment you gained some stability in the new position, he yanked your hips closer towards his figure, lining up the tip of his length with your entrance.

    “wait, wait, let me at least catch my brea —” your words turned into a low growl as his length dipped inside after catching onto some of your residual arousal.

    there you go putting your all-time chartbuster songs on repeat. the sacrilegious litany of curses, the airy moans, the whimpers. yoongi really had you dicked down deep into the mattress, singing songs for him.

    the stutter in his thrusts as he neared his high was unmistakable. his hips drawled out his plunges, forcing the intrusive length even deeper inside you with full force and boy, did you feel that. your head hit the pillow lying against the headboard with each of his drawn-out thrusts, his hands on your hips remained the only constraint keeping you firmly planted around his length.

    “i’ll come again if you keep doing that,” your voice got muffled as your face rested on the pillow, your body impatiently waiting for his next thrust.

    you felt yoongi lowering himself, his lips sneaking up near your left ear, his breath making even the micro-hair strands on the back of your ear stand up, “and who stopped you, little one?” 

    his hips snapped forward, sending your bundle of nerves into overdrive, extricating the loudest moan from you that the four walls have been witness to this night insofar.

    “nggh —” you came for the second time, your hot cavern sucking in his length, the constricting walls taking the shape of his length.

    yoongi stood straight on his knees, watching your juices coat his length as they leaked out. he pulled his length out a bit, watching the string of cum stuck to his tip only to drive it in you again. a cry left your lips, your walls closing in against his length, pushing him closer to his high. one last thrust inside your deep walls and yoongi came undone on your lower back.


    after wiping away his cum from your back, yoongi tossed the soiled tissue into the trash can before lying down on the bed with a long exhale. you gathered your hair to the side and carefully laid your head down on yoongi’s chest, testing the water before getting comfortable. he did not object, so you snuggled closer, watching his chest rise up with each breath. coming down from your high, the air felt colder, and you wanted yoongi to wrap his arm around you, but he did not. Instead, he brought out a cigarette from the packet. holding the butt between his lips, his hands traced for the lighter till he realized it was placed on the nightstand.

    yoongi raised his upper body while in the process of removing your head from his chest as he reached over the bed to grab the black lighter. it had a red dragon engraved on the side with some phrases written in japanese. he flicked the lighter on and lit up his cigarette, but his phone rang before he could lay back down. after receiving the call, he started talking, releasing deep clouds of smoke into the air, his head resting on the headboard.

    “i am sorry for calling so late, sir. i left messages on your cell, but there was no reply, and i need to talk about tomorrow’s case.”

    “yeah, i was busy. which judge is presiding over the matter?” yoongi asked, putting the phone on speaker and keeping it on his chest as he reached over the bed again to dust off the residual ash from the cigarette into the ashtray.

    “judge chwe,” a male voice replied from the other side.

    you quietly watched the whole ordeal, and it did not fail to catch your eye that he was not paying you any attention all over again. as if the pair of you did not just have sex. you let your finger draw lazy figures on his chest, not minding the conversation.

    “fuck, really? he rejects all anti-bail pleas.”

    “i know.”

    “we have to bring up other points then. the interim period for arrest is over. guy’s been in jail for too long.”

    “i have been working on the draft.”

    “good, mail it to me,” yoongi replied and went to take another drag from the cigarette when his eyes went wide as you clicked on the red button on the screen, “what the fuck? why did you cut the call?”

    you were taken aback by the change in his voice; it was laced with annoyance and pure anger than his previous nonchalant one, “i-i am sorry. you, um, wanna do it again?” you asked, trying to dissipate the air, your hand slowly travelling down towards his length but he stopped you.

    “later. i have work,” yoongi replied monotonously, pushing the blanket over as he got out of bed. he put on a pair of boxers before redialling the number, making his way out of the bedroom. 

    prior to the bedroom door closing behind, he peeked behind once, “get some sleep. i’ll be late.” and he was gone, just like that. while you lay in the bed like a discarded one-night stand. he might as well have left you a tip and called you a prostitute.

    tears pricked at your lower eyelids. Unbeknownst, you were tearing up. you hid your face in the pillow in an attempt to stop yourself from crying. he did promise you a loveless marriage — expecting anything more is naivety on your part. accepting that this is the closest he will come to showing you any intimate decency, you quietly went to sleep.


    the following day, your eyes fluttered open to your husband’s face mere inches from yours. his lips were slightly parted, his upper body was bare, and you guessed just as much for his lower body while you were stark naked, as well, under the modesty of the covers.

    you let out a breathe you did not quite realize you were holding, your chest slowly heaving down. you let your fingers crawl up to the section of hair that had fallen forwards and was now shadowing his left eye. sweeping it away, you combed it gently with your fingers, setting it back with the rest of his hair.

    now that you think about it, this is probably the first time you are seeing your husband from this close up. he looked different; he did not look so cold, so distant. he looked — normal. a living, breathing human just like everybody else. his eyes did not seem so cruel. Instead, they looked peaceful, the brow line on his forehead; relaxed. he was sleeping on his stomach, his head resting sideways on the pillow — facing you.

    you must have been deep in sleep when he came back to bed because you did not feel him crawling into bed beside you. just like every morning, you did not expect to find him beside you, much less sleeping beside you.

    watching him, in the rawest version of himself, weirdly felt wrong. as if it was a crime to see through the layers he puts up. it felt illegal, yet you kept staring at him, breathing in his features.

    there was a certain air of intimacy masking the situation. you both laid naked under the covers after a night of fervour love-making. he certainly knew how to please a woman, yet you have never caught him staring at anyone. his eyes feel dull at times, too burdened by his workload, constantly under stress. yet when he looked at you last night, his eyes were anything but dull. there was a spark that came and went with the beginning and conclusion of the physical act.

    you wanted the moment to last forever, but soon yoongi’s eyes opened. his hands felt around the bed till it located his phone, which he brought in front of his face. his eyes squinted as the brightness through the screen increased to let the face recognition run. his phone unlocked, and yoongi swiftly went through the notifications before keeping his phone down. at his wordless series of actions, you had reclused into yourself, your hands clutching the edge of the covers close to your chest. holding on to the last piece of modesty, although you were not so shy the previous night. it must have been something in the wine, you are not this outright, or maybe it was something in your quiet husband that prompted you to take the drastic step, to bare your body to him.

    “don’t do that. makes me feel like a pervert,” yoongi grumbled in his morning voice, causing you to establish eye contact with him.

    “stop thinking like that.”

    “i’m trying, but the situation keeps feeling wrong. you’re too young.”

    your expressions turned into a scowl. what the hell is that supposed to mean now?

    “as far as i remember, you claimed to know everything about me. you are the one that proposed the marriage contract. did it not strike you then?”

    yoongi sighed, “you remember the circumstances leading to that very well.”

    “so what? what am i supposed to do now? i sit around this house all day, alone, with nothing to do.”

    yoongi sat up, stretching his rested muscles, “we will have this talk later on. i need to leave for work now.”

    “you always do,” you did not mean to blurt that out, yet they left your lips like thorns aimed at him. you sat up too.

    yoongi chose not to reply and got out of bed. he sauntered to the attached washroom, smearing a blob of toothpaste on the bristles of the toothbrush before walking out. his one hand laid inside the pocket of his boxer shorts while the other guided the brush against his teeth.

    the air was warm. it smelled like last night’s sex amidst yoongi’s cologne. it had a powerful domestic feeling attached to it, and you hated it. you hated it with your whole being because you know yoongi would snatch it away any moment when he deems fit. he has done it countless times before, and he would do it again. he is cold, distant, and that is the truth. 

    annoyed, you moved towards the edge of the bed, “hand me my bra.”

    “i literally saw you naked last night,” yoongi mentioned before leaning down and grabbing the piece of fabric lying unceremoniously on the floor before handing it to you.

    “turn around,” you kept holding the covers near your chest till he indulged you and turned around. you wore the bralette and grabbed your shorts, adorning them right after.

    yoongi went to spit out the foam in the washbasin. by the time he came back to the room after freshening up, you had left.

    you did not mean to leave that way or fight with him first thing in the morning, but he never refutes your action, never stops you or even says anything to make you feel like he cares. the warmth his physical body offers falls short in front of the icy emotional show he puts up. he could have come after you, right? he could have talked to you further, maybe help dispel whatever hesitations you had, help you see him in a better light, but he did not. he did not even pay it another mind as he continued with his morning routine.


    that night, you slept in the guest room. after the morning tiff, you had no further interactions with yoongi. he was gone for the day, and you had retired to the guest room by the time you heard his car pulling up on the porch. you checked the clock when your sleep was interrupted by the vibrations of his car wheels on the pathway. it was almost midnight. you kept lying in the dark, listening to the car door opening and then closing shortly, indicating yoongi’s descend from the vehicle. there was the jingle of the keys, and the front door opened and closed after yoongi walked in. you could hear his soft footsteps till he entered his room. of course, how dare you expect that he would come to talk to you or even want to see you. disappointed by your own expectations, you went back to sleep.

    yoongi frowned when he walked into his room because it was empty. it was cold like every other night when you do not sleep in his room. it was a long and tiring day. he could really do with some cuddling or just your warmth against him. he stepped out of his shoes, took off his blazer and directly went to bed.

    sniffing around the pillow cover, he noted the lingering fruity smell. yoongi moved back and realized he was sleeping on your pillow. it smelled like you, your shampoo, your scent. juyun must have kept it on his side after fixing the bed after leaving for work like she does every morning. however, he could not complain as he fell asleep holding it close.


    yoongi woke up right in the middle of deep sleep. it felt like he was forced awake, his consciousness grabbing at that he was just in his room, lying in his bed. something felt like it was poking at his thigh. he touched his pocket, his phone was still inside, and given the awkward position, its metal was poking uncomfortably. yoongi woke up fully on remembering that he slept in his work clothes, no wonder he woke up halfway through the minimum hours of sleep he gets. changing into his pyjamas, he tried to fall back asleep but failed. after forty-five minutes of fruitless efforts, he gave up. the clock read five thirty-five when his stomach made a loud grumble, the hunger clawing against the walls of his stomach lining, making its existence known.

    right. he went to sleep without dinner. throwing on a warm pullover, yoongi made his way downstairs to the kitchen. he found eggs in the fridge and noticed some packets of ramyeon lying around the kitchen counter. juyun does not buy readymade food, so it must have been your doing. initially, yoongi thought of making some toast and eggs. still, the red colour of the shin ramyeon packet just pulled him in closer till he found himself cutting it open, pouring the contents of the flavour sachets into a pot of boiling water.

    it has probably been a decade since he last cooked ramyeon, and the last time must have been when he was doing his bachelors and used to live in a dorm with his roommate yoo kihyun. he should probably call kihyun sometime. it has been so long.

    it hardly took ten minutes to cook ramyeon with the vegetables, meat and eggs just like he likes it. turning the stove off, yoongi opened one of the cabinets to grab a bowl when, due to the slip of a hand, another piece of utensil fell on the floor.

    you know that feeling when you drop a utensil in the middle of the night, and it just would not stop bouncing against the floor, making the loudest possible noise all along? yeah, that is precisely what happened to yoongi at the moment.

    grabbing the utensil, he put it back from where it fell, but it was too late. you were already awake and had made your way downstairs to the kitchen, thinking someone had broken in.

    “yoongi?” you rubbed your sleepy eyes, your hair messy and awry.

    “yeah, it’s just me. sorry about that. i was hungry,” yoongi watched you.

    “what’s the time? are you in a hurry for work?” you asked, still confused. why is he cooking? where is juyun? why hasn’t she prepared breakfast yet?

    “it’s five-fifty on a sunday morning, little one. no work,” he informed you, pouring the content of the pot into two bowls.

    “oh, okay. enjoy,” you yawned and meant to walk away.

    “do you want some ramyeon? i accidentally made too much,” yoongi’s voice caused you to stop in your tracks as he placed the pair of bowls on the countertop.

    you gazed at his face first. Is this your husband, min yoongi, or did some burglar break-in? but why would a burglar cook ramyeon in the kitchen?

    you hesitantly walked to the countertop, pulling out a barstool and sitting atop it, “it surely smells enticing. looks like you cooked all the four packets.”

    “yeah, i did not realize it until pouring in the last packet. back in college, i was in charge of cooking ramyeon, and kihyun and i had quite the appetite.”

    “kihyun?” you questioned, grabbing a pair of the chopsticks.

    “my dorm roommate,” yoongi replied, taking the first bite.

    “oh. must be nice,” you took a bite too, almost stopping to admire the unique taste.

    “yeah, we used to sneak out all the time,” he chuckled softly, his eyes sparkly from reminiscing some scene as you both continued eating.

    “what else did you guys used to do?”

    “all sorts of things, really. sneaking out, causing trouble, blasting fireworks right outside the dean’s office, playing as each other’s wingman in clubs, sneaking in alcohol and cigarettes.”

    “he is a lawyer, too?”

    “no, he was a business major. he won the young entrepreneur award, too.”

    “are you guys not friends anymore?”

    “mm, we are. just not much in contact. i went to the UK for my masters, he stayed back to build his empire. when i came back, i was too focussed on establishing a career. never really took a break.”

    “do you want to?”

    “what?” yoongi slurped on his noodles.

    “do you want to take a break?” you reiterated before grabbing a spoon to drink the soup.

    “i don’t know. i might. do you want me to take a break?”

    you almost choked at his words, “wh-why does it matter what i want?”

    “itmatterstome,” yoongi spoke too swiftly, but you caught each word. 

    you kept staring at him, dumbfounded. if this is not a burglar, are you perhaps dreaming by any chance?

    “c’mere,” yoongi motioned for you to come closer, and your body moved towards him just as his words beckoned as if moving along the sound of a pied piper.

    you walked to him, stopping in between his legs which closed around you. his hands snaked around your waist before he raised a hand to smoothen down your hair, “you look so sleepy.”

    “right? i must be dreaming!” you replied when you felt his lips on yours. you kissed back, thinking it was definitely a dream.

    soon enough, there was a gasp causing you both to pull back at the sudden noise.

    juyun trained her eyes at her feet, quick to apologise for the interruption, “i am sorry, sir. i was not expecting you here.” it was six-thirty. like routine clockwork every morning, juyun came to the main compound to start the breakfast preparations like she has over the past decade. she seriously did not expect to see her master and mistress kissing in the kitchen, of all places.

    a shy blush appeared on the apple of your cheeks, your fingers resting against his pullover clutched onto the fabric. it was real, he talked to you, and he kissed you.

    “it’s alright. we’ll let you get to work,” yoongi said before getting off the barstool, his hand grabbing yours as he walked out with you on his tow. you let him lead the way; you would let him lead you to hell itself if it meant he would talk to you, treat you like a human being, treat you like a husband treats his wife.

    february, 2021:

    it surprises you — how much yoongi and you have progressed as a couple. he is still cold, prioritises work over you, and hardly gives you any time, but it is genuine, honest when he does. at night when he comes to bed to you, he is yours. if you try slyly, you sometimes can extricate details about his life. his exterior is still just as hard, but when he enters the bed, that piece of furniture becomes a pure and sacred shrine where only you and he exist. it sounds more romantic than it actually is in reality. there is no pillow talk with him, no stolen glances, no soft gazes, just the raw version of him. he is not a man of a lot of words, even less so during sex, but he maintains the eye contact, and you know his eyes are earnest, at the very least.

    more often than not, you have to try in various ways to know more about him because he can always call your bluff. well, that is what he does for a living, and he is good at it. he finds it fascinating that you always put in so much effort to get to know him better when he is nothing but a stranger that forced you to marry him on a whim. he had promised you a loveless marriage, and he has kept his end of the bargain, but he admires your rigour for not giving up on him.

    unbeknownst to him, you only take an interest in his life because there is not much going on for you. you are not in love with the man you gladly sleep with, far from it. you still harbour the same feelings of disdain that had arisen during the whole testimony business. he is willingly protecting his friends who are openly indulging in criminal activities. How do you love a person like that? sure you allow yourself to submit in the physicality of it, allow him to touch your body, every crook and crevice, allow him to show you stars when he has you cumming just with his tongue, but that is it. you treat the bed as the shrine as well. Whatever happens between you two stays there.

    you had duly noted that yoongi only talked about his life before his parents passed away. he never touches upon the topic, nor does anything ever slip from his mouth. he carefully chooses his words and thinks things through before letting you in. so far, he has told you about his high school, college and then his UK experience. he talks about his family but only in traces. you do not mind it, as long as he talks to you and not just treats you like a wallflower.

    life has been slow-moving, quiet, calm and primarily low-key, but then came the news that you had been dreading so far. one fine morning, your father passed away. his passing was peaceful at the very least, and all you did was stand quietly throughout the entirety of the funeral. the girls had offered to provide you with some moral support, but you refused them all. you only allowed rei to be there and the pastor who performed the last rites. you kept staring at the distance while the pastor narrated some verses about repentance and salvation — you could not care less.

    “hey, do you have anything for the eulogy?” rei touched your arm to catch your attention.

    you flinched at the touch and turned to her, “no,” shaking your head, you turned back to stare into the distance, albeit pointlessly.

    the ceremony concluded within an hour, and yoongi was the one who took care of all technical details, and the rest was handled by rei.

    “can you take her home? i need to take care of some final details,” yoongi asked rei, who nodded at once and escorted you to the vehicle, which took you both home.

    “come here. you need to eat,” rei dragged your autopilot self inside the house by the elbow.

    “um, ma’am, can eonnie have something to eat?” rei asked juyun.

    “of course, miss,” juyun was quick to bring out food to the dining table.

    prompted by rei, you sat down but refused to eat anything.

    “don’t bother. thanks for helping, i will be fine.”

    “you want me to leave you alone?” rei turned to you after pouring out a glass of water.

    “if you don’t mind, yes.”

    “i’ll get out of your hair. just take care of yourself. alright?”

    you nodded as rei gathered her keys and wallet before leaving you alone.

    once you heard the front door closing behind her, you left the dining hall and headed straight for the guest room, although, these days, you stay in yoongi’s bedroom.

    about an hour later, the door to the guest room opened, “what are you doing here, little one?” yoongi’s voice was the softest that you have ever heard.

    “thank you for taking care of everything,” you spoke up without missing a beat.

    “you look guilty, more than upset.”

    “i am,” you affirmed.

    “why? you couldn’t have saved your father, you know that, right?”

    “it’s not about that. it’s about the lies i told him. every day, i went to meet him. everyday i read him books and sang lies to him when he asked me how i could afford the treatment, the expensive medicine, the transplant, the CCU room. i never told him about you — us. not a word. i used to take off my ring before entering his room to not ask about it. i only ever told him that i took care of everything and thought it would be enough, but it never was enough. it used to eat me alive. i only used to sit and read through pages of books but never talked to him about life. he used to try his best to engage me in conversation — telling me more stories about my dead mother than he ever had even when i used to ask him as a kid. he wanted me to talk to him, to open up to him and maybe tell him what was bothering me b-because he could tell that something was bothering me, but i said nothing. i only read through fucking pages of books that don’t matter to the dead anyway! i could have put his conscience at ease by telling him the truth, by letting him know that i would not be so lost without him like he feared till his last breath. yet, — i” you lost your voice as your words turned to hiccups, “i only lied to him,” you managed to finish your sentence, a high-pitched cry tearing through the confines of your throat.

    yoongi noiselessly approached you, and although you tried your best to resist his touch and wriggle away from his grip, he kept holding you till the fight in you died down, and you let him hold you. your limbs never reciprocated, but you allow him to hold you, let him rub your back, let him brush your awry strands back into place, let him wipe your tears every once in a while, till the flow of salty water through your eyelids blurred your vision too much. none of that really mattered. you just cried and cried.

    you must have passed out because when your eyes opened next, they fell on the wall in front of you — an arm hanging by your lower waist, you could feel the warmth of your husband’s body from behind you. he was holding you close, his heartbeat reverberating against your back.

    “awake?” yoongi asked when he felt your body squirming lightly.


    “are you feeling better?”

    “yeah, thanks for that,” you mumbled, “how do you deal with death? i know i lost my mother years ago, but i don’t think i have ever actively dealt with the loss, just the consequences.”

    “i’m probably the last person who is equipped to give advice in this area, little one. i am rude, i hold grudges, and i tend to remember the negative traits in people. i don’t think i have ever processed the passing away of my own parents.”

    your breathing slowed down at the mention as you did not expect yoongi to be talking about his parents, “how did you deal with it?”

    “i don’t. i am always annoyed and frustrated. annoyed because i don’t have them in my life anymore. frustrated because i couldn’t protect them, as a good son would’ve.”

    you turned to now lie on your back, your face turned towards him, “you couldn’t have known, yoongi,” a raised hand touched the side of his cheek.

    “you couldn’t have saved your father either, but you still feel guilty.”

    “because of other reasons!”

    yoongi grabbed your hand and removed it from his face, “i got my parents killed y/n. yes, i should’ve known. i should’ve protected them.”

    “do you really believe that?”

    “why won’t i? my actions directly led to their untimely demise. nothing else by my actions.”

    “you put a bad man in jail! your parents certainly would have been proud of that.”

    yoongi chuckled at that, “yeah, right. little one, no matter how many bad guys you send behind bars, there are always two others to fill up that place. the world is unfair like that, and these days, ‘doing the right thing’ means nothing to me.”

    “is that why you are protecting mr seokjin?”

    “not really. it is my job as a defence lawyer to protect my clients. i am just doing my job.”

    “b-but it’s wrong….”

    “being a defence lawyer is all about exploring the grey area of the statutes. we all do wrongs things in life.”

    you went to say something further but stopped turned your back to him, continuing the previous snuggled-up position, “can you hold me?”

    “i will always hold you, little one,” yoongi’s lips attached to the back of your earlobe to leave a chaste kiss before wrapping his arms around you in a warm hug.


    your stance regarding morality and justice has always contrasted with yoongi’s, and at times, he does not appreciate it, but he has come to admire you for not being swayed by way of the world. you still have the same stance you did when he first met you. the situations between you two have drastically changed – he threw you in the middle of a whirlwind, forced you to be his bride on a whim just because he wanted to check how the legal stance of spousal privilege upholds in a real-life courtroom situation, and yet here you are in bed with him.

    the feelings he harbours towards you do not love, he is sure of it, but he likes you. he has come to adore your antics and at times even finds you endearing, but he will never admit it publicly, lest his body shall go up in flames.

    initially, he regretted marrying you because he forgot that marriage entails more than signing a bunch of legal documents, and it is a whole human being in your house, in your face at all times. still, he has grown accustomed to your non-imposing presence, where you have grown to become a part of his day-to-day routine. and min yoongi is nothing if not a man of habit.

    he was not always such a closed-off individual, but his parents' death hit him too hard, and he continued carrying those painful wounds around by never addressing his mental health. he drowned himself in work, quit his position as the public prosecutor, and had only one thing on his mind ‘revenge’. had it not been for kim seokjin, yoongi would have ruined himself completely instead, here he is. a reputed lawyer, founder of the top law firm in the city while also achieving the revenge he wanted. yoongi has also grown quite fond of the group of boys, they are not related to his personal life or his previous life when his parents were still alive, and that gives him a safe place to just be – he does not feel the need to open up to anyone about his feelings, he just wants to be. breathe, have a couple of whiskies, and just be.


    all this talk of losing family makes yoongi want a family. he knows that what you and he have does constitute a family, albeit a dysfunctional one, but it would not hurt to have a family of his own? you would probably agree too now that you have lost your own family. he is not trying to prey on you at your weakest moment but instead, have a rational discussion with his wife about it. life is full of surprises, and we never know what the future holds.

    well, while yoongi was just casually sitting in his chambers, thinking of how to bring up the topic of having kids with you, what the actual future held was definitely not the surprise that he would have ever expected.

    one minute it was all fine, like any other ordinary day, and then the next thing he knows, his secretary rushes in to ask him to turn up the television. startled at the unusual request, he turned the tv on after sensing the urgency in her voice. the default news channel took up the place on the blank screen of the monitor, and yoongi finally saw it.

    ‘BREAKING NEWS: fourteen-year-old son of reputed lawyer harvey specter was shot by gangmen in broad daylight.’

    the reporter went on to broadcast the murder scene, which was painted in blood, and there was even some scripting on the wall where the dead boy lay in his pool of blood, written in his own blood. before the camera could zoom in, however, yoongi pulled the plug on the electronic device, causing the commotion and other noises in his chamber to die down within seconds.

    yoongi refuses to watch the scene, just like he had refused to visit the accident site of his parents. his secretary left shortly to give him space as yoongi sat down on his chair, with a visibly dishevelled look marring over his features.

    around fifteen minutes later, yoongi finally picked himself up again. mind you, he had no sentiment attached to the specter boy, hell he does not even know the boy’s name, but just because he does not care about someone does not automatically imply that he wishes death upon them. plus, he has worked with harvey for the past five years. they make quite the intimidating duo, and harvey has always been there for him whenever he needed it. now that it is on yoongi’s shoulder, he does not know how to be there for him. how do you console someone who had his teenage child murdered in broad daylight? hell, he does not even know about harvey’s whereabouts or what is exactly happening in the real world outside. he reached inside for his packet of cigarettes to bring one out, but his eyes took note of the way his hands shook. his gaze bore holes on the back of his shaking hand. this is precisely like five years ago all over again. he is just sitting in his chamber, locked behind a stack of files when other people could really use his help, or at least really appreciate if he can just be there for them, but here he is, locked away in a high-security prison of his own thoughts.

    he is not exactly sure why he is dialling your number, but your name is what his phone is displaying on the screen. it rang and rang and rang, and there was no answer from the other side. wait for a second, are you alright? are you in danger?

    worried, next he dialled the number of his housekeeper who kindly informed him that you had gone out. well then, why are you not taking his calls? this is the fifth time he is calling, and if you do not pick up now, he will be filing a missing person report at once. luckily, you picked up just in time. yoongi meant to ask you where you are and why exactly it took you so long to pick up his calls, but the babbling of children in the background caused his words to get caught up in his throat and slowly die down.

    “what is that?”

    “what? yoongi, you mean ‘who’, and it’s just hyuk and moon playing.”

    “where are you?”

    “remember i told you that dany had called us over.”

    “and she is?”

    “mr jung’s wife.”


    “are you okay? you sound off.”

    “mm,” yoongi hummed before cutting the call. he knows you are safe and having fun, so he should probably tell you the news later. he is not one to rain on someone’s parade.


    unable to stay cooped up in his chamber, yoongi came back home, but you were not home yet. although he had missed breakfast when he left for work, he refused to eat a morsel overlooking juyun’s persuasive talks about health and all that yada yada yada.

    it is weird because yoongi is feeling exactly like he felt when he received the news of his parent’s accident. he feels helpless. He feels like a coward for being so weak and incapable of doing anything worthwhile to not put anyone’s life in danger. the specter boy did not die because of his direct actions, but it is related to their work. in this world, you always piss someone off, and there is always someone waiting to watch you suffer.

    this is probably related to the yakuza clients of the firm. around seven months ago, there was a gang war between the yakuza and some local korean gangs, and specter and yoongi had been able to get their clients free of charge. while the leader of the korean gang got convicted on two counts of murder. on the day the judgement was pronounced, the other members of the korean gang had openly threatened specter. it was even aired on television as the brawl took place right outside the courtroom in front of a fleet of paparazzi.

    yoongi and probably the rest of the world already know who is responsible for the death of the specter boy but what about it now? putting them behind bars would not bring the innocent child back. It would not make it hurt any less to the child’s parents. a life is lost, and nothing can get it back. justice is hardly a substitute for this deep hurt.

    a life for a life does not work either as have been tried and tested by yoongi – he got his parents’ murderer killed, but it did not bring him even one iota of ease. he still felt guilty, even more so because he dirtied his hands to get someone killed but most importantly, it did not bring back his parents. his childhood home was still empty, his parents' room covered in dust and spider webs.

    yoongi was onto his fourth glass of whiskey when you walked in the bedroom after coming back from your short get together.

    “hey,” you smiled, but it turned upside down on noticing the thick smog of smoke enveloping the room. it reeked of alcohol and burnt out cigarettes.

    yoongi turned his gaze to you and nodded before turning his head back to the fireplace in front of the couch set. the flames from the logs burned in the blacks of his irises, “had fun?”

    “yeah, it was nice. the kids are so sweet,” you replied while emptying your bag and came across a baby sock of hyuk. it must have accidentally fallen in your bag, “oh my god. look at this, isn’t it adorable!!” you grinned, taking the cute little sock to yoongi’s figure.

    “what is it?” yoongi’s gaze did not falter from watching the show put up by the blazing flames.

    “hyuk’s sock!! it’s so small, so adorable, just like his cute little baby feet,” you advanced the sock towards yoongi.

    yoongi kept his glass away before taking the piece of fabric in his hands. it smelt like baby powder, baby formula, and everything baby. it was baby yellow in colour and extremely small like you had been gushing about. your husband took a sigh, his fingers feeling the fabric before he threw it in the fireplace.

    “wha-what the fuck!” you yelled before pulling out the burning sock by grabbing it at the edge with your nails. you can be blindly impulsive at times.

    “why the fuck would you do that?!” you yelled again, grabbing some ice cubes from the ice bucket to cool down your burned finger.

    yoongi finally turned his gaze away from the flames and looked you dead in the eyes, “we will never have kids.”


    “don’t huh me. you were getting there with all the gushing and baby handling, so get this drilled through your thick skull – you and i will never have kids.”

    “what is the meaning of all this? are you drunk?”

    “certainly not enough,” he refilled his glass again, emptying more than half the canister, “next time you go out, let me know in advance and always have the driver accompany you.”

    “yoongi, what is happening? why are you talking like this?”

    “leave me alone,” he gritted his teeth.

    you tried to approach him, but he dismissed you with a show of hand, “just leave. and i should never hear baby talk around this house ever again.”

    confused, humiliated, and feeling somewhat afraid by his erratic behaviour, you walked away wordlessly.


    a week passed by without a word from yoongi. he refused to look you in the eye or lay in the same bed as you. although you felt like the one intruding, he never asked you to leave the room and instead slept in the guest room himself. you did not see much of him either. he would return from work in the wee hours of the night and then leave early in the morning. when he was home, he would keep himself locked in his study. typically, you would at least be able to hear his voice while he is talking to some junior or client through the phone, but in the past week, you did not even hear a sigh leaving his lips. the house had gone into a permanent state of silence, filled only by your soft sighs, mutterings and short conversations between juyun and yourself. visitors have never known the min house to be home, so there is not another life around other than yours, yoongi’s, juyun’s and the driver’s.

    bored out of your mind, you finally decided to go out for some fresh air. you have never been much of a homebody. owing to having part-time jobs since fifteen, you are pretty much accustomed to going out and spending your day outdoors. it feels nice, the sun on your face, and its rays always rejuvenate your energy. staying indoors is a far difficult task for you than you thought it would be. and to top it off, yoongi is not talking to you.

    you were changing to some beige shorts paired with a cute top when the doorbell went off. juyun usually answers the door, so you were not bothered by the bell and went on to inserting the belt strap through the hoops when the bell went off again. odd, juyun never slacks off. she must be using the facilities or is extremely busy dealing with something else. fastening the belt, you walked downstairs and opened the door just as the bell went off for the third time.


    “is mr min home?” a bald guy stood on the other side of the door, dressed in a white tank and a black leather jacket. you could tell he had a tattooed arm, and there were small tattoos on his face as well. he had a rough exterior but also had a classy aura around him. he looked like a man who held a lot of power and was in a respectable position. certainly not someone to mess with.

    “no, he is at court.”

    the man nodded and turned his back to leave but turned again with a fake smile, “can i bother you for a glass of water?”

    you debated internally about letting a dangerous-looking man in, but he knew yoongi and looked like a wealthy client, so there was probably not much to worry about.


    reluctantly nodding, you let space for the man to enter, who sauntered in and sat down on the couch without a care in the world. you walked to the kitchen but still did not notice juyun anywhere around. sighing, you brought out a tumbler from one of the cabinets and poured water in it.

    upon walking out with the glass of water, you saw the man now sitting with his phone in his hand, “here.”

    “thank you, miss,” the man smiled before taking the glass of water and finishing the contents of it in one gulp, “i talked to mr min. he said he was on his way home.”

    “oh? alright then, please make yourself comfortable,” you mumbled before leaving the living hall space to escape to the bedroom – not wanting to be in the presence of the man anymore.

    yoongi was in his car, headed from the court to his chambers, when his phone dinged with a new mail. he did not want to check it but saw that it was from the yakuza boss. upon opening it, yoongi’s eyes went wide to the very brim when he noticed what he was staring at. the mail had a video attached to it – the camera lens was pointed downwards, but yoongi can clearly make out your bare legs walking into the living room from the direction of the kitchen and handing something to the boss, who thanked you for it in return. what the fuck is that guy doing at his place? why the fuck did you let him in?

    yoongi did not waste a minute before directing his driver to take him home at once.

    “is it urgent, sir? there is some traffic jam on the 46th,” the driver asked.

    “just take a u-turn and take the flyover.”

    “well, you are the lawman, sir,” the driver nodded before taking a sharp u-turn on the one-way and taking the flyover, which took yoongi home within seven minutes.

    he walked out of the car in haste while it was still slowing down on the porch and directly headed towards the door before smashing the doorbell.

    you answered the door again to see your husband boiling in anger. if only looks could kill. yoongi walked past you and addressed the yakuza boss.

    “my driver will take you to my office. i will meet you there.”

    “fine thought we could just talk here like old times,” the man shrugged before standing up.

    “at the moment, that won’t be possible,” yoongi gritted out.

    the man smirked a little before leaving the two of you alone.

    “what were you fucking thinking? why did you let that asshole in!” yoongi’s yell boomed inside the empty confines of the house, the sound echoing off the walls.

    “who is he?”

    “he runs the biggest mafia organization in incheon. that’s who he is. where is juyun?”

    “i don’t know. she did not answer the door, so i did. he told me that he had talked to you, and you had asked him to wait at here.”

    “well, he fucking lied!”

    “why are you angry at me? what should i have done instead? refuse him? i could clearly see his gun sticking out from under his jacket!”

    yoongi groaned in frustration this time because you were right. these people do not precisely have a morality meter and could have easily hurt you if you had not extended the hospitality, “you are such a fucking liability. five years i have been a defence lawyer with zero issues, and the moment you walked into my life, you have been nothing but a liability.”

    “stop calling me that! i am a human,” you rebutted, equally angry.

    “shut the fuck up,” he turned around, looking for juyun and yelled for her. by the second time, she finally came out in a soiled apron filled with dust.

    “yes, mr min? i was cleaning in the outhouse.”

    “why did you leave her alone?” yoongi spoke in the same loud, angered tone.

    “i-i am sorry, but what happened?”

    “next time you leave her alone, i will fucking fire your incompetent ass.”

    you flinched at his tone. he was being unreasonably mean and talking very rudely to the old lady, “please, don’t scold her for my mistakes.”

    “shut up, y/n. i don’t want to hear a word from you. i have heard enough all these months, and i have done my best to accommodate you in this new life, but i am done now. i am done fixing every havoc you wreck in my life,” yoongi turned to you after dismissing juyun, who scurried to her feet and left you both alone immediately.

    “what are you on about? i have never intruded in your work life or any life for the matter. i stay in this house like a piece of furniture and just keep to myself.”

    “well, that’s too bad because from now on, you ain’t stepping a foot outside without juyun, the driver or me accompanying you.”

    “but that way, i won’t have my freedom at all!”

    “little one, probably the most oppressive lie ever uttered was the song of freedom. for nearly every living thing, choice breeds shame and uncertainty and regret. there’s a fork in every road, yet the wrong path is always taken.”

    “i had warned you beforehand that you would regret marrying me, and yet here we are. you cannot just imprison me like this yoongi!”

    “do you really want to test me? are you sure?” yoongi growled and advanced towards you.

    his chest almost met yours when you suddenly felt a burning sensation and took a step back with a yelp, “ouch, what the hell?”

    yoongi stared at your hand. it had a burn mark from his lit up cigarette in his hand, which must have accidentally brushed and touched the back of your hand.

    “see, you are nothing but a liability.”

    “and you are a fucking asshole,” you whimpered and rushed to the guest room to lock yourself in.


    that was the last you saw of yoongi for an entire month and a half. for six whole weeks, your husband ignored you, strayed away from you and downright avoided you – a part of it came from his guilt for unintentionally hurting you.

    at night, when he comes back after a rough day at work, he unceremoniously barges in the guest room where you have chosen to reside these days, and he just lays down beside you – holding you snuggly in his arms and falls asleep in his work clothes, reeking of cigarettes and bourbon. you lay there perfectly still, aware of his every movement, woken by his crass door-opening. you allow him to hold you to sleep, but in exchange, you sacrifice your own sleep as the overwhelming smell blinds your senses. however, you have come to enjoy these times as it feels nice to be held – he could have gone to any woman he wants – he is rich, handsome, successful. clearly, in an unhappy relationship with his wife and yet, at the end of the day, he comes to the same wife — not to talk to her but to hold her close.

    you are often left confused between feeling patronized or relaxed under his touch, but there are not many things left to enjoy, so you enjoy this embrace he gives you. his soft snores are rhythmic. midway through the night, he often pulls up his leg on top of yours and crushes you under his weight – your face in the pillow. you just sigh, close your eyes and rest.


    the quiet and silence were not for naught. it was the calm before the storm, and boy did the cloud burst on your head with the loudest bang.

    towards the start of the seventh week, you received your father’s ashes. he wanted his ashes to be distributed on han river – his favourite picnic spot for a still middle schooler you. he would make those cute little bento boxes with the adorable designs, and the pair of you would enjoy them by the shore.

    you decided to not waste time and distribute the ashes on the very day. however, the flaw in your plan was what your husband had ruled for you. you are not allowed to step outside the threshold without juyun or the driver accompanying you, but this is something personal. you wanted to be alone for this one and hence decided to sneak out.

    isn’t it amazing when your plans just bust open and come to bite you in the ass? well, it did not take a long time for your sneaky plans to come to bite you in the ass. juyun found out that you were missing from the house after the courier with your father’s ashes arrived. like a loyal servant, she immediately informed her master, who was very displeased to learn of the unsavoury news. what are you trying to do? trying to get killed? yoongi is desperately trying to keep you safe, keep you from getting killed just like everyone he cares about, but you cannot clap with one hand – he needs you to cooperate with him as well. living in luxury, catered to by servants and enjoying the best life in exchange for freedom – what is the problem with that? he earns in millions and has put every luxury at your feet, yet you choose to defy him when he is just trying to keep you safe. how difficult is that to understand? yoongi has no choice left but to take the matter into his hands – like always.

    one phone call to your favourite detective jeongguk, and yoongi had your location by tracking your cell. if you are going to defy his express concerns and sneak out, then at least make it difficult for him to find you.


    han river is a mere twenty-minute drive from his office, and lo and behold, twenty minutes passed, and his driver parked the car outside hangang park. yoongi sauntered in, and within a few minutes, he was able to locate you among the sea of visitors as you stood by the shore barefoot. the hem of your dress flowed with the soft breeze from the river. you were staring out in the distance, the urn held securely in your hand as the peaceful ebb and flow of the waves crashed against your feet, immersing your ankles.

    he admired the view but snapped himself out of it – this is not the time to be basking in your beauty. you have willingly put your life in danger, and for what? to distribute your dead father’s ashes? anyone could have done that. you could have just asked the driver. getting angrier and angrier with the intruding thoughts, yoongi marched right over to where you stood and grabbed you by the elbow.

    it caught you off-guard, and you almost dropped the urn but regained your stability and turned to fight back the assaulter only to face your husband. oh fuck, here comes the angry stare and the unkind words. well, that is all he usually does, so you are not too scared of the outcome now that you have been caught. and let me tell you, you have never been more wrong in your life.

    “i told you not to go out alone!” yoongi’s grip around your elbow only tightened as he came closer to your figure.

    “yoongi, this is between my father and i. couldn’t just bring someone else for such an intimate see-off. i have to do this alone. please try to understand my plight.”

    “oh yeah? your dead father wanted his ashes distributed? fine! i’ll be a good son-in-law and do it,” yoongi proceeded to snatch the urn from your hands – uncapping it and emptied the contents on the sand away from the shoreline – near the area where the river wave was not strong enough to drown it out with it, “there. it’s done. let’s go.”

    you watched him frozen. your limbs fell cold as the blood circulation slowed down, much like your breathing had. you are not sure if you felt anger, remorse, regret, disdain, shock, and many other emotions and honestly struggled on how to react to this blasphemy. you tried to get away from his grip, but he dragged you towards the exit. you saw people watching you being carried away. they just assumed that it was none of their business and did not even bother butting in to help you or even to make sure if you were okay – if you were being taken away against your will but guess the world just revolves around the rich men. as long as it is a rich man, in a fine suit doing it, they can get away with everything and the world will not bat an eyelash.

    tears rolled down your face as yoongi shoved you in the backseat of the car, slamming the door shut behind you. soon after, he got in as well through the other door.

    “did you think i was joking when i told you, explicitly, to not leave the house without company? do you have any fucking idea how dangerous it is outside? they killed specter’s son, and they will kill you if that pleases them. stop flaunting yourself around like you are no one. you are mrs min yoongi – the wife of a defence lawyer. do you have any fucking idea how many goddamn enemies i have?! everything is a joke to your pretty little head, isn’t it?” he jerked you once to get a response out of you, but you kept crying, refusing to even look at him.

    enraged, yoongi grabbed your chin in a tight grip and turned your gaze towards him, “cat got your tongue?”

    after all your attempts to get away from him failed, you gave up and looked him right in the eyes, “how could you do that? i thought you knew better. haven’t you lost your own parents?”

    yoongi’s grip loosened at the mention of his parents. well, isn’t he doing all of this cause of what happened to them? scoffing, he let go your chin and looked away when your gaze did not falter – something in him could not meet your eyes. what was he becoming? he would like to call himself paranoid, but that does not even cut half of it, not when people are really out there to hurt them.

    upon reaching home, you ran right towards the guest room, completely ignoring juyun, who asked in a worried tone why you were crying.

    you locked yourself in and cried to your heart’s content. all you wanted, the only thing you wanted was to keep your father’s last wish, and it got taken from you like your will means nothing to anyone. you just want to mean something to someone, the last person to whom you meant anything is dead and just got his ashes emptied on the sand, on fucking sand where the water does not even reach over to drown it away.

    it must have been hours till yoongi came to you. although you take the unnecessary care to lock the room, he walks right in with his keys.

    “stop crying,” his voice had mellowed out and held a tinge of remorse. you kept crying, not paying any mind till you felt the delve of the bed behind you and tried to get away from him when he sat down, but he pulled you right back and had you sit down on his lap.

    “let go of me!” you yelled in anger, your shriek booming in the confines of the wall, but yoongi did not loosen his grip. he held you down till you stopped resisting his hold, till you stopped resisting his presence in the same room as you, till you stopped fighting him.

    “i am sorry little one. i am really so-”

    you cut him right off. he had no right to speak after the stunt he just pulled, “i lied to my father when he was dying, yoongi. i lied to him till his last breath, i lied to him about every single happening in my life, and now you just took away that last chance i had to do anything right by him! one thing, one last single fucking thing i had, and you took it away because what? because you are paranoid!?!?! why do you even care if i drop dead someday? i sure do hope i do, so i don’t have to be imprisoned by you anymore!” you blurted it all in one breath, even though you knew he would get angry – it just did not matter anymore. you have nothing to lose.

    “don’t say that, please just don’t say that. fight with me all you want but don’t say that. i am doing everything in my ability to keep you safe, to keep you from their reach so they cannot hurt you. i have grown fond of you, y/n, i think i might be in love with you, but above all that, i just wish to protect you. i don’t expect you to love me back, but please, don’t wish for that. i can-can’t lose one more person from my life.”

    and that is probably the only time you have ever heard your husband’s voice falter than his usual nonchalant and casual one.

    it would have been different in other circumstances. at the moment, it did not matter what he said. it was all the same to you – sweet nothings.

    “good for you ‘cause i will never love you back, min yoongi.”

    yoongi’s hold on you loosened at those words, which really drove a wedge through his heart – he accepts it. he has hurt you beyond words, but he can live with it. he can live with just watching you living and breathing in the safety of his house and his arms. he has survived all these years without the love of a partner, so what are another few decades?

    he kept holding you for the rest of the night, securely in his lap, and you just sat there – exhausted from crying, from fighting him and his irrational ideologies – he could do whatever he wanted to you for all you cared, but he just held you.


    “eonnie, i am very sick. can you please get me some aspirin? i have a nasty migraine attack,” rei spoke through the phone when you picked her call one fine summer afternoon in may.

    “can’t jimin get it for you?” you asked since you did not want to break the rules again. since the whole incident with your father’s ashes, you have not stepped foot outside this house – out of pure hatred and pettiness more than anger. life has somewhat returned to how it used to be, some nights would end in (consensual) sex, but all nights would definitely end in snuggles and cuddles. you never reciprocated his actions and let him do whatever he wanted – he was bound to be bored by a rag-doll.

    “he is gone to the states for some dance competition,” rei replied with a blocked nasally tone.

    “can you try and order online, maybe?” you really wished to avoid going out, but you felt guiltyfor refusing as well.

    “i tried, but it would take more than two hours because the app says that none of the delivery boyss are in my area. eonnie, please, jimin-ssi has been gone for a week. it would be nice if i get to see someone for a change.”

    you let a deep sigh. well, it would be nice if you also could see someone other than your husband and maid for a change, “alright. i will come over but only to drop off the meds, i won’t stay for long.”

    “works for me! you’re the best!!” rei gushed before cutting the call.

    a small smile appeared on your face after what felt like weeks on hearing rei’s voice and her childish shenanigans. after a quick shower, you got dressed and headed downstairs to find juyun. since obviously you cannot go alone, might as well take your alleged bodyguard with you. upon entering the kitchen, however, all you found was a note stuck to the refrigerator.

    “i will be gone to get the monthly groceries. i will be back around 6pm.”

    the clock on the kitchen wall showed that it was only around four. you were left with no option but to go out alone as the driver was gone with yoongi. sighing, you set out alone after locking the doors. it would take a total of forty-five minutes to rei’s house and back home, five minutes to buy the aspirin from some pharmacy on the way and maybe a ten minutes talk with rei, and still, you would be back before juyun. finalising your plan, you took a cab and headed to rei’s place.


    around fifteen minutes past five, you left rei’s place even though she begged you to stay a while longer, wanting to hang out more with you, and although it broke your heart to refuse her so sternly, you had to. it took you twenty minutes to get back home, and you walked in unsuspecting till you noticed juyun and yoongi standing in the living room staring as you walked in.

    “h-hi?” you exhaled sharply.

    yoongi came back earlier because he wanted to take you out for a night out, whereas juyun had finished shopping and came back by five. she usually finishes all her work before the set-out time, so this was everyday routine work for her.

    it just the absolute worst day of your life though, why did yoongi think of taking you out on this particular day? why is juyun so prompt and diligent? can fate cut you any slack at all?

    “where were you gone?” yoongi crossed his arms over his chest.

    “to um, rei’s. she’s sick, and her husband is away. she needed me.”

    “right. wonder if she will still need you when you are lying by the street in a pool of your blood with a bullet wound in your forehead.”

    you rolled your eyes at the clearly exaggerated paranoid thought, “you are overexaggerating.”

    “i-? i am the one who is overexaggerating? wow. the fucking nerve you have! and here i was, leaving back work to take you out thinking you would be so bored at home.”

    “just because you thought to do one single decent act for me does not mean you own my freedom as well. i can go anywhere i wish to. it's a free world.”

    “right. it’s a free world, and that applies for the criminals too.”

    “you can’t always shield me, yoongi. this is madness!”

    “spare me your moral pep talks. and that rei? i am going to fire that bitch.”

    “hey, don’t talk about her like that!” you raised your voice at the sudden provocation, “i am all she has, and lately, the vice versa also stands very much true.”

    juyun watched from the background as the two of you fought back and forth. she clearly would not want to be a party to her employer’s personal matters, but yoongi had asked her to stay back, so she is standing her ground.

    yoongi chuckled at your words, “oh yeah? she is your only family? because of what, this stupid picture that she gave you?” he pointed at the picture frame mounted over the living room fireplace before walking over to it and grabbing it.

    “it might be just a frame, but a rich snob like you will never understand the sentimental value of it,” you were in no mood to bite down today, which was clearly evident from your passive-aggressive words.

    “really? fine, then what’s the point of keeping it in MY house when i am an unemotional asshole,” he broke upon the glass of the frame by smashing it against the wooden frame of the fireplace and brought out the picture. with his free hand, he retrieved the lighter from his trouser pocket.

    “n-no no-no, don’t do that, please,” compared to your earlier harsh tone, your voice now come out as a feeble plea.

    “oh, little one, you have no idea what all i can do and more,” yoongi grinned before flicking the lighter open. he placed one of the pointy edges of the picture on the flame, and the material went up in flames faster than your reaction speed.

    by the time you walked to him and snatched the burning picture from him, the fire had engulfed most of it, and your fingers let go of the charred end that was left of it, only to let the fire turn the entirety of it to ashes.

    “wh-why! why are you doing this! i was good! i listened to you and kept my word.”

    “clearly, you were not good enough,” yoongi turned to juyun, “get that gift i had prepared for your mistress.”

    juyun nodded slowly, unsure what her employer was planning and went inside to retrieve a gift-wrapped box. yoongi got a hold of it and brought out a white wedding dress from the box.

    “where did you get that?” you tried to take the dress from his hand upon recognizing that it was your mother’s treasured wedding dress.

    “juyun found it one day while she was cleaning. i saw that it had some tears, so i had it restored to exactly how it was. i wanted to surprise you, but hey, it’s not like you ever want my love, right?”

    and the next thing you know, your mother’s beautiful dress was up in flames. dumped on the floor, the flame engulfed inch by inch of the luscious fabric. you tried to get a hold of it in an unsuccessful yet desperate plea to save it from the fire, but you were only hurting yourself. juyun held you back while you kept thrashing against her. voiceless cries and whimpers left your throat as tears blurred your vision.

    “dear, please get a hold of yourself. you know master min loves you and only wants the best of you,” juyun wiped your tears after you calmed down by her side and had slid down to a kneeling position on the floor.

    you pushed her hands away, “how can you say that! how dare you even think that he loves me and cares for me after seeing what he did with your own two eyes! what kind of love is this?”

    “shh,” the kind maid finished wiping your tears and tucked your awry hair behind, “go to him.”

    “for what? so he can hurt me more?” your eyes fixated on the third-degree burns on your palms and fingers. they weren’t many, but they were proof of just what he did.

    “just let me take care of this mess and go to him, alright?” juyun walked you to yoongi’s bedroom before ushering you in and closing the door gently behind you. a minor quarrel is usual between husband and wife, and talking can solve a lot of things, at least that is what juyun is hoping for cause what she witnessed first-hand has really shaken her, too.

    you kept standing near the doorstep, your head hung low. just when you had thought that you had nothing left to lose, you lost even more things – things you never feared you would lose, and the way you lost them really opened gates to another level of emotional trauma.

    “strip,” came yoongi’s voice after what felt like an eternity of just standing there with tears dripping down on the carpet. he finished the cigarette he was smoking and smashed it in the ashtray kept on the nightstand.

    you looked up at him in disbelief – you were also surprised that you could feel any emotion at all after the preceding traumatizing turn of events, “what?”

    “i asked you to strip, which you heard correctly the very first time,” yoongi was still angry from the act of defiance and wanted to punish you more but could not think of how. he did ask you to strip but, in his mind, it was all blank – he would never put a hand on your dignity without consent. still, a part of him revelled in that terrorised look in your eyes.

    “no,” you shook your head and took a step back when yoongi stood up at your defiant answer. your back came in contact with the closed-door as yoongi stood right in front of you.

    “you are not making this any easier,” he brought a finger to your figure, tracing your arms.

    you shivered from the touch out of disgust and complied wordlessly. you don’t think you have anything left to lose, but you cannot take a chance, not anymore.

    content by your actions, yoongi walked back to resume his seat on the bed and watched with hawk eyes as you stripped off your clothes.

    his hard exterior tore apart as each piece of clothing came off. he cannot do this. not to you or any human being. you stood in your lingerie, hugging yourself in shame and fear.

    yoongi felt bile rising up to his throat at sight – what is he doing?

    “c’mere,” he patted his lap with a frown. he is supposed to protect you. why is he hurting you? this is not supposed to happen.

    reluctantly, you walked to him before sitting on his lap but not letting your guard down.

    he put his work blazer over your shoulders before snaking his arms around your waist, but they never strayed towards your intimate region. his hold was secure around your waist, and his head came to rest against your back, “little one, don’t defy me like this. believe me when i say i know better and only want the best for you. please, forgive me for hurting you. it is never my intention. i am so so so sorry.”

    and there we go, we have come a complete never-ending circle finished off by his sweet nothings.

    July, 2021:

    valentina walked in with a cup of coffee to your room, “here, you go, miss. what you reading there?”

    you looked up from your book, “shakespeare’s king lear,” you smiled, taking the cup of coffee, “thank you.”

    “is it a love story about some king?” she smiled enthusiastically.

    “not really. it’s a tragedy about a king who relinquishes his power and land to his two daughters and then becomes destitute.”

    valentina’s smile vanished, “oh… you read a lot of tragedies.”

    “mhm, now that you mentioned it, i do that. guess we look comfort from our real-life in storybooks,” you shrugged, taking a sip of the coffee.

    “but you live in such a huge mansion with such a handsome husband, you don’t have to lift a finger, and every work around the house gets done routinel-” she stopped upon noticing the quirked eyebrow on your forehead as you watched her talk, she might be crossing some lines, “i am sorry, i just don’t see the tragedy.”

    “it’s poetic,” you sighed on noting that she was still confused, “don’t think much about it. i am just a pessimistic person.”

    “oh no, ma’am, i meant no disrespect!”

    you nodded and went back to your book, prompting valentina to take her leave as well.

    valentina is the newest addition to the min house staff, and she was hired personally by yoongi because he claimed that you needed a friend, someone your age in whom you could confide in and feel comfortable around. ironic how he pretends that he actually cares or gives a shit. you have not stepped foot outside by yourself since the day yoongi burned your mother’s dress along with the picture that rei had gifted you. you go out with juyun when and absolutely required. other times, you refuse any chance to go out and choose to stay in. you do not want to set off that arsonist maniac anymore. you have had enough of his rough handling your life like a piece of paper that he gets to crumple and straighten out whenever he feels like it.

    valentina is one chirpy bird. Sse is always so happy even if you ask her to do some extra work. she does everything in her capacity to get you talking or even going out with her as instructed by your husband, but you know better. you know that behind those honey-laced words and batting eyelashes lay a pair of greedy eyes that are eyeing up your position as the mistress of this house.

    the way she subtly flirts with yoongi is so evident to you. although you have yet to find it in you to be jealous, what annoys you is how oblivious yoongi is to her shenanigans. juyun too, who is usually very strict about the household chores and always scolds valentina if she misses a spot, gladly turns a blind eye to her shameless flirting. makes you wonder how maybe yoongi’s staff do not really approve of you as his wife because you are not affectionate towards him. well, how can you possibly be? you can never fall for a person like that. it’s beyond your wildest imaginations – he can speak his sweet nothings about love and safety all he wants, but you are not going to fall for that.

    for all you care, yoongi can go ahead and cheat on you. the contract you had signed on the day of marriage did not have it written anywhere that you have to love him. it just had been a means to buy your testimony, and it has fulfilled that purpose well. if he cheats on you, maybe you can bring that up as a ground for divorce? although taking the help of law against a lawyer is a losing situation, but, might as well try it out.

    that is precisely how you found yourself outside of yoongi’s study late at night. you had fallen asleep but woke up to the sound of something falling on the kitchen floor. you came downstairs to check the ruckus and saw valentina making a cup of black coffee. only yoongi drinks black coffee in the household, but what was she doing here? both juyun and valentina are supposed to leave the household premises by nightfall, and yet at half-past twelve, you see the conniving little bitch in your kitchen brewing coffee for your asshole husband. maybe they are sneaking out behind your back, after all.

    fine, all you have to do is catch them in the act.

    you watched from the shadows as valentina finished the coffee and walked towards yoongi’s study, where he was cooped up working on a high-profile case. there was a particular sway in valentina’s hips tonight that did not escape your hawk eyes. rolling your eyes, you followed her and watched her walk in after she knocked. yoongi must have been too engrossed in his files to just blindly give permission so late at night, or he might have thought it was you. wait, why are you making excuses for him already? you are here to catch him red-handed.

    you walked to the door and pushed it slightly to let a crack at the door through which you could see them.

    “yes, little on-” yoongi turned up from his files and looked visibly confused on noticing that it’s not you but his new maid. what was her name, again? yeah, valentina. right, “what are you doing here? you are not supposed to be in the main house after nightfall.”

    “yes, i know you work nights, so i thought of making you some coffee since miss goes to sleep,” valentina smiled, advancing the coffee towards him.

    “did she ask you to be here?”

    “miss? no-no! she does not even know i am here. i don’t think she cares enough.”

    “excuse me? what did you just say?” it did not take more than seconds for yoongi’s expressions to turn into a scowl.

    ‘you are one good actor, min yoongi. as if you care if someone speaks bad behind my back,’ you thought, watching the scene unfold.

    valentina walked to his side, placing her hand carefully on his arm, “you work so hard, but miss never looks after you. i can look after you, mr min, i will take good care of you!”

    yoongi slapped her hand away, “what are you on about!”

    “she wants to fuck you, asshole,” frustrated by his obliviousness, you exclaimed out too loudly. oh fuck.

    “y/n?” yoongi called.

    “ugh,” groaning, you walked in, “can’t you see it? she is flirting with you. she wants to be the next mrs. min,” you crossed your arms.

    “next? but i already have a mrs min,” yoongi’s scowl turned to a smirk, he has dearly missed this feisty side of yours.

    “divorce me and live happily with her. like she said, she will take good care of you. right, miss valentina?” you gritted, turning your head towards valentina.

    the new maid, who was a couple of years older than you, cowered in fear under your judgmental gaze, “miss, i am sorry, please.”

    “god, you look so fucking hot right now,” yoongi smacked his lips.

    your eyes went wide at the vile words, is he seriously flirting with the maid right in front of you! “are you for real right no-” you turned to him, ready to tear him a new one, but your words died in your throat when you noticed that his gaze was only fixated on you. he was calling you hot, “-oh.”

    you started playing with your fingers again, as has been your habit whenever you get nervous or shy. the blush on your cheeks was unmistakable, and yoongi could clearly feel the heat they radiated.

    he grabbed your hand, pulling you towards him, “is little one blushing for me?”

    “n-no!” you huffed as yoongi placed you right in front of him, between his legs. you both stood behind the oak table whereas valentina was by the door, looking for a chance to leave the mess she had caused.

    yoongi let a soft chuckle watching you getting flustered. he guided your hips to sit upon the edge of the table, “you,” he turned to valentina, who had just opened the door to walk out, “close that door and don’t you dare leave.”

    and it was at that moment, valentina realized that she had fucked up royally.

    yoongi turned his undivided attention back to you, “my feisty little wife, were you jealous?”

    you made a disgusted face at that, “not even by a bit. why should i be jealous?”

    “is that so? so you would be totally fine if i cheated on you?” yoongi pulled up your t-shirt, and you wordlessly raised your arms to facilitate the motion.

    “i dare you to try and cheat me,” you grabbed his collar, pulling him close to you.

    yoongi grinned, “thought you wanted to divorce me.”

    “i will find other grounds, but i refuse to be disrespected like that,” cupping his face, you kissed him, probably the first time in months. although the two of you have sex on and off, you deny him any kisses from you. it was supposed to be some punishment, but to hell with all that. your husband did not miss a beat to kiss you right back.

    valentina, on the other hand, watched with wide eyes as the scene unfolded in front of her.

    yoongi’s hands are always very skilful when it comes to taking your clothes off, his hands always know how to unhook your bra, and he rarely has to worry about panties because you never wear them to bed, and tonight, as well you did not. he yanked the shorts off you.

    given the positioning of the table, valentina could not see you naked. only your back was to her.

    yoongi leaned down to his knees and situated his head between your thighs, the intimate smell from your sex greeting his senses. his thumb massaged the outer walls slowly while his index finger aided to push your walls wide open. the hot craven calling to yoongi like the sound of a pied piper. he licked his lips once before delving in and doing what he does best – having you by the toes with his tongue. you gasped at the sensation of his tongue between your lush walls. your hand grabbed onto one of your breasts, squeezing it in an attempt to muffle down your cries. you refuse to give him the satisfaction — that his tongue always sends you on the edge from the very start. for instance, he has barely started, yet you are already wet, your arousal coating yoongi’s tongue like a forbidden elixir. you equipped your free hand to keep you stable on the table as it gripped the edge tightly, your nails scratching the expensive wood polish.

    “you never learn,” yoongi tsk’ed when he felt you trying to close your legs together.

    “guess, i never do,” you mumbled, raising one of your legs up to now rest over his shoulder blade. who is this new confident y/n?

    “that’s more like it,” the devil’s advocate grinned his gummy smile before resuming his rightful position between your walls. his tongue reaching up at an angle while his fingers pumped inside you smoothly, aided by your generous lubrication. his fingers bent upwards and thrummed against the upper wall with the force that had your toes curling up.

    “fuck-” you moaned loud enough for your voice to reverberate in the room, your hand now grabbing onto his hair for support.

    yoongi alternated between sucking on your hollow walls to pumping his fingers at a supersonic speed. the closer he got to your orgasm, the more lubrication your sex created. he was ready to taste your cum, he was eager and excited even, but you pulled his head away.

    “i want your dick,” you leaned down to kiss him.

    “you will get it. have some patience, little one,” he said in between the kiss. his tongue, dutifully, transferring your taste to your very tongue.

    “now! i can’t wait,” your fingers brought out his semi-hard dick from underneath his underwear and started pumping it – from the base to the tip with the same fervour that yoongi had shown you.

    “whoa, someone is eager to get dicked down,” he chuckled, letting you work around his length.

    “maybe because you don’t dick me down enough,” you shrugged and collected a ball of spit before dropping it on the bulbous tip.

    yoongi inhaled sharply at the cold sensation of the saliva, “then maybe you should,” he took hold of his length and gave it a few pumps before entering you, earning a delicious moan from you, “speak up more.”

    “never,” your fingers grabbed onto the hair on the back of his head, pulling it backwards to bring his eyes to yours.

    “feisty,” he drove his length in, past the initial discomfort, and you felt your body going through physical hiccups at the slow and drawn out thrusts. he was enjoying the view, how enticing you looked, how out of wits miss holmes looked at the feeling of his dick inside her.

    halfway through getting railed, you looked behind to check if valentina was watching. the moment you made eye contact with her, you smirked at her and sent a playful wink which had her staring at her feet out of sheer embarrassment and shame.

    “thought i would make you come once with my tongue before dicking you down,” yoongi spit at the junction where his dick disappeared into you before collecting it on his thumb to rub circles on your nub.

    “mm, we don’t always get what we want. are you afraid you can’t make me cum with your dick?”

    the look that he gave you next was one that made you genuinely regret the words that you just spewed as he sped up his thrusts, accompanied with his skilled finger stimulating your sex to no ends. you grew closer to your orgasm, but yoongi had other plans – he pulled away and brought you to your feet to turn you over. his hand on your back traced downwards along your spine and pushed you down on the table – all the while, his dick poking at your inner thigh like a warning. you lowered your upper body on the table and felt yoongi’s hand holding your head down amidst the case files he was working on. your eyes fell on a familiar name, ‘kim seokjin’ and on the second line, you could clearly make out the words ‘innocent of murder charges’. you tried to raise your head up to read more, but yoongi’s hand kept you pinned down while his length impaled you again.

    “mm,” you exhaled as the tip felt like it tore through your walls in this position – with your pelvis strictly bent over the edge of the table in a painful position.

    you stood corrected as yoongi brought you to your orgasm, all the detective thoughts in your pretty little head getting washed over by the wave of pleasure. he kept holding you, thrusting into you at the same speed to ride out your high and chase his own. you could tell he was closer when his grip on your body loosened up. a few more thrusts in, and yoongi emptied his balls on the small of your back.


    “can you imagine i almost came inside? you always rile me up so well,” yoongi mused after cleaning your back.

    “mhm, the no-kids clause. how can i forget,” you offered him a close-lipped smile, putting on his work shirt and buttoning it.

    yoongi put on his underwear and wore his trousers. his hand advanced towards you to tuck your hair behind, but you dodged it and walked to valentina, holding the door open.

    “i never want to see you again. leave before i drag you out by your hair.”

    you did not need to repeat yourself as she made a run for the door to never come back to the min mansion.

    after she made her exit, you walked out too, closing the door behind you, but before the doors could close completely, you heard yoongi again.

    “by the way, i fired rei today.”

    of course, yoongi had other reasons to fire her, which he tactfully did not let you on in.

    it only felt like another thing that you did not know you could lose but just did to your paranoid husband.


    a/n: our hon’ble judge marly is none other than my bb @teakwoods-ghost​ !!

    feedback is deeply appreciated.✨

    masterlist | bangtan masterlist | rules | ask box

    - jaimie.

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    three: no idea

    ↜ masterlist ↝

    🌷synopsis: "you’re a bratty idol with a temper. he’s a silent trained and skilled bodyguard who can’t speak his mind. you don’t get along, but you both can’t seem to get one another off each other’s mind.”

    ⇆a/n: if you want to be added to the taglist, send me an ask - (if you aren’t being tagged. turn notifications on)

    taglist: @ggukkieland @pjmriri @sereni-soo @avke @nikkiordonez12 @ntaetae @liza179 @sxtaep @lovelytaes-blog @youmistme @theclawofaraven @zxlla @lostbitvh @youngbloodslut @hqtetsurou @90s-belladonna @calumsfringe @niviwu @lolob @tae165

    #taehyung#kim taehyung #taehyung x reader #taehyung smut #taehyung sm au #bts x you #bts x reader #bts groupchat#bts fanfic#bts fanfiction #bts fake chats #bts smut #bts social media au #bts#bts smau#bts au #bts social au #bts seokjin#bts yoongi#bts hoseok#bts namjoon#bts jimin#bts taehyung#bts jungkook #taehyung sm au 🌷 #taehyung smau
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    Gwanghae Flow

    Buzzer Beater

    Not Around

    Kitten’s Little Flame

    The Mark Of Yun-Ki

    Finding Home

    The Landlord


    Something To Hold On To

    Performance Evaluation

    The Guardian

    Cooking Class

    Cold Shoulder


    Maybe I’m A Little Dangerous


    This Summer

    Tournńe Du Chat Noir


    At Your Service

    Baby, You Can Drive My Car

    Basketball Captain

    Maybe, She Can Drive His Car

    Fury Of The Scales

    Little Monsters

    Cream And Suga

    Predator And Prey

    Not Even A Mouse


    Take Me Home

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    Seesaw Game - SUGA

    "Isn't it funny, Y/N"

    "What? What's funny about any of this?!"

    "All the problems we have... We're constantly having ups and downs like a seesaw, ironically we meet up at a playground, sitting on a seesaw."


    Genre: fanfic, angst, teenage romance, crushes from afar, slow burn, eventual smut

    Pairing: musician!yoongi x artist/musician!Fem Reader

    Word Count: 687

    Warning: jimin appearance, flirty jimin, crushing Y/N, lots of dialogue.

    Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03


    Sunlight can be beautiful, trust me, I know but god I wish I had black-out curtains. Sunlight was leaking into my room. Waking me up ever so rudely. What the fuck dude? It’s friday. I had work… Lots and lots of work.

    Current time; seven am, time I need to get to work; nine am. Okay, I should get up.

    So I did, I showered, washed my face and body, took my medication and pill. I was good to go.

    I was personally leaving a dream, because I work at the local bookshop in the shopping centre. Meaning pay is low, but i also work at a McDonald’s in the same centre. Today I worked at both. First, book stores from nine to one. Second, McDonalds from three to eight. So you know. Fifteen working roughly nine hours. Good money though. I liked getting the money.

    Luckily, the book store doesn’t need a uniform. I dress cutely. Dark academia. A plain white button up blouse, a thrifted grey sweater vest with white stripes on the outlines of the holes, semi-tucked on the side into my pleated skirt a darker grey than the vest to show my waist. With simple black oxfords with grey thigh high socks with two white stripes matching the ones on my vest.

    I look fuckable, i would fuck me. Time to seduce some nerdy guys and girls.

    Shoving my McDonald’s uniform, phone, keys and lip balm into my tote bag. I rush out the door. To walk to work. Which was about twenty-five minutes.

    It was work, but I loved it. Moving books around like a main character, reading books while the store was empty, the people out side the store talking as a nice background noise as the soft music of my choice plays. Soft lofi-hip hop that was soothing but did not play as distraction as I read the book of your desire.

    Being honest, I spend the whole shift thinking about Suga. He was so much different than I originally expected, He looked cold, like he didn't care about anything. As if his favourite band had just broken up. As if he had countless dogs run over. He looked grunge. He was always decorated with those silver hoops, two on each ear. those two chains, one thing, one thicker. With hair that changed colour every month. I had accepted his friend request on Instagram, looking through his public account. His page consisted of a mix of mostly his dog, himself, the occasional friend of family member for a birthday post, him playing instruments and maybe an outfit sprinkled in. His two story highlights were honestly expected, one was of his dog, who by the name of the highlights was named Holly, I noticed he was speaking a foreign language to his dog. Most likely Korean. His other story was music recommendations. His song were a good mix of many genres. Mostly R&B and Hip hop, mixing in those genres with K-pop.

    He was cuter on his social medias. He smiled with his brother, his dog. Random ugly photos, of not so ugly people for their birthdays. I'll admit I scrolled a lot. His music was alluring, I found a birthday post almost a year old. A random photo of him and some boy when he was little, no older than five, the boy looked around 3. The caption was in Korean like most of them were. Unlucky for me, translate was not every good at translating. I clicked on the boy who was tagged. His at was kim.tae95. But everything else was in a language I did not understand. He also had a public account, with mostly his friends, one of Suga that was posted on March 9th, guessing that was his birthday. It was also the two boy at those same ages, playing on a play ground.

    I basically spent the whole shift thing about him. He was new friend, I wanted to know him more.

    My shift of moving books is over now. I had two hours to burn. I work at a shopping centre. So I’m just gonna shop.

    I saw him, Suga, he was with a friend. A guy a little taller than him. Jet black hair, honey tan skin, a blue jumper and black sweat-shorts, joggers that look like they have a two inch platform on them. I’ve never seen the guy before. I accepted Suga’s friend request on Instagram randomly during my walk to work. I was kinda shocked to see him today. So I walked away in the store we were located in. He was with a friend anyway.

    I made a mistake though, because I bumped into his friend. If the clique fall to the ground, a simple knock wouldn't go unnoticed. “Oh, um I’m sorry sir.”

    “Sir? I’m younger than you Bee.” What? Looking up at him to see he was smiling down at me. Why isn’t he mad? How does he know my name? “I like your jewellery silver suits you, and your socks are cute too.”

    “Oh, um… thanks I guess.” That came off as a question. Y/N stop with the awkwardness. “I like your earrings too, we’re kind of matching you know? Multiple hoops. I mean I have three on each ear and you have two.” I was clearly uncomfortable, he was so extroverted and calm.

    “I’m Jimin! Is my English okay? I’m visiting Yoongi-hyung for Christmas.” Oh, that explains why I've never seen him before. I smiled at him, he does have good english skills.


    “That’s my birth name Y/N. Yoongi is, hyung is a respectful term for guys to older guys.” I nodded as he explained, awkwardly waving at him because we didn’t say hi. He turned to Jimin, clearly speaking Korean to him as Jimin smiled. “What brings you here?”

    “Oh um I finished work at the book shop so i’m looking around before i start work at maccas… What about you two?”

    “Just looking, Jimin wants to get present for his family and our friends back in Korea.” He said with a smile. It’s clear he and Jimin were close, I mean going across the world just to meet for a week. Suga was clearly happier. “We should get going to the souvenir shop, do you wanna come with us Y/N?” He asked, then muttering something to his friend.

    "Oh, um are you sure? That could be a bother for you." I was hesitate, not knowing what that would be like. Getting to know two boys, one of which didn't understand of what I'm saying. Both boys nodded though. Suga paying for a pair of sunglasses, black chunky frames with orange tinted lenses. It honestly could match his outfit now. The all black fit. A loose short sleeve shirt that went down to his elbows and past his hips, a pair of loose cargo pants, and a pair of vans, his silver accessories dangling of his ears, neck and wrists. He had a chunky ring on his right pointer finger, sliver with a skull on it.

    "Let's go!" Jimin squeals in excitement, grabbing onto my hand as I get pulled along with them. Jimin's other hand was already laced with Suga's. I notice that their pinkies were linked the whole time, now the hands are fully connected as Jimin blindly tries to find where the store was located. You'd never seen Suga so happy, he never held hands with his school friends. Maybe Jimin wasn't just his friend...

    Am I third wheeling right now?

    Probably, Suga looked so happy with Jimin. I had only just meant Jimin but I can tell he's very flirty. I was getting dragged by a friendly male stranger who might possibly be dating the guy you got flustered from.

    Suga ends up taking lead of us, hand locked with Jimin as we walked through the souvenir shop. I personally liked this one necklace, it was a bronze bead-like chain with a gold circular pendant, a butterfly cut out, I ran my fingers along the old gold necklace, moving the design to reveal the magnifine glass behind it with a gold outline. It was truly beautiful, It reminded me of my late mother. She wore vintage gold jewellery, matching pearls with me. We had the same pearl necklace and she gave me the gold ring with a pearl in it, outlined with rhinestones. It was the engagement ring my father gave her, I wore it to her funeral, and every time I visit her.

    "That's gorgeous." A voice whispered behind you, admiring the vintage necklace you're holding. I turn to see Suga smiling at me. "You should get it, Y/N. I bet gold suits you just as much as silver."

    "Oh, only in summer. I think I will get it. My mum would like it." Picking up the necklace ready to spend the few hundred on it. "Where's Jimin?"

    Suga smiled, "He's buying some vintage demin jacket for our friend back in Korea. It's got the US flag on it or sometime. I don't know, I really like your socks by the way."

    He looks over at his friend who was talking to the lady who owns the sign. I mutter a simple 'thank you'. I looked at my phone. I had five minutes till work, I spent one whole hour looking at books and this necklace. "I need to go! I have work. Bye, tell Jimin I enjoyed meeting him." I say, putting the necklace back. Rushing out the other side of the centre to where my job was located. Definitely a bad impression.

    Kinda just mad I didn't buy the necklace.

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  • bts-trash-blog
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    Best Of Us

    Chapter 14: Never Leave

    Summary: Being an Omega is hard, it could be so lonely. The hardships that you would sometimes feel seemed to much, always expected of things you could never fully reach. Always seen as a piece of meat to some, seen as weak and stupid. So you worked your ass off to finally work your dream job. And the world all changed when you met one of the bosses. And couldn't help but end up falling.

    Paring: Rap Line X Fem!Chubby OmegaReader

    Warning: A/O/B!VERS, mentions of sexual harassment, heats, ruts, knotting, breeding, angst, possessive behavior, more warnings will be added as needed.

    An: Well I posted, after like two months and then Tumblr when I went to edits slightly it decided to delete my post when it glitched on my ass. Anywhoo here is chapter 13 once again. I hope you enjoy it.


    Your fingers were running through Namjoons hair, the sound of some kdrama you and Namjoon had put on as background noise as the two of you were drifting off as the sun was slowly going down. It was peaceful, the feeling of Namjoons weight completely on you, his hips between your legs, arms wrapped practically around your sides. His fingers occasionally draw circles into your sides, sometimes hitting a ticklish spot making you jump and giggle.

    You remember the moments like this between your parents, sneaking, looking to see around the corner of the wall, your fathers nuzzling closely to your mother as you watched your mother draw patterns into his back. The memory of her tracing her name softly into his back as they swayed in the kitchen had you taking a small breath as you let one of your hands fall from his hair down to the nape of his neck, tapping down like you were playing piano keys down his back as you felt him giggle softly against your skin. The tip of your finger drawing hearts and circles had him chirping as you felt his body jut up, trying to move further up against your chest. As you were starting to trace your name along his back the sound of the front door had you jump. Though the weight of Namjoons head stayed on you kept you in place, your eyes opened, blinking rapidly as you see Hoseok's head peek over the couch arm, his bright smile had you smiling back as he chuckled softly at the two of you.

    The sweet minty smell had the Omega on your chest humming as you feel him rubbing his head against your chest, warm breath huffing against the fabric of one of Yoongi's collage sweaters that he had thrown over you after noticing your slightly shivering but refusing his offer to turn the heat on. Your hand ran down from his hair to his back as you felt a purr rumble from Namjoon. Looking down you see his eyes already on the Alpha above the two of you, and the look on his face had your heart skipping a beat.

    The sparkle in them had your heart aching in a way that made you want to reach out and coo’ at him, a hand ruffling his ash brown hair making you look to see the same look in Hoseok's eyes. A toothy smile on his face as he leans over, a black chain was suddenly dangling in your face, making your heart speed up as you watch the two men kiss. The black metal music note was hanging on a long black chain, one you had also seen on Namjoons neck, a courting gift between the two, maybe between all three. It had you smiling softly at the small little thing that connected them, a connection that held a deep memory of the men. Though the smile fell quickly and changed into a look of pain as the note that had been hanging right at your chin was suddenly hitting you in the nose as Hoseok moved back making you yelp as Hoseok suddenly is cradling your head over the arm of the couch.

    “Oh my god, pup I'm so sorry.” His voice was soft as he was suddenly pressing kisses across your face as you felt Namjoon giggling as he nuzzled into your neck. Hoseok almost had you in a chokehold with the angle he was holding your head making you let out a wheezed whine as he giggled against your skin. “You okay pup?”

    “I wasn't expecting metal to whack me in the nose as a welcome greeting.” You grumble, hand moving to rub against your face as you pout at the two men making Namjoon coo and Hoseok sighed and moved to stand. His body moved to sit on the floor in front of the two of you as his fingers moved to grab one of your hands and start to play with your fingers. You start to sniff around, looking at the smell of a pine tree and free wood. It has the two men chuckle slightly as you look at Hoseok, your hand falling back into Namjooons hair as your lips part. “Where's Yoongi?”

    “He got stuck with Jin, let's just say someone royally fucked up, brought you into it to, so Yoongi sent my ass home though I feel like it should’ve been the other way around.” Panic filled your chest as you slightly sat up, Hoseok picking up on your panic with in an instant calming you down by leaning forward and pressing his forehead to you. “Not you, some Beta fucked up his analitics and was trying to put a blame on someone else for his faults.” His words make you nod as he presses a quick kiss to your lips as you move to lay back down, Namjoon moving up to nuzzle into your neck as you take a deep breath in.

    “He's gonna be in a mood when he gets home.” Namjoon whines against your skin and Hoseok nods as you finally get a good look at him. His dark brown hair that was styled back was falling slightly after a long day, his tie was loosened and his top three buttons of his white top was undone. His hand was still laced with yours, sleeves rolled up showing veins as you see his other hand scrolling through his phone. You felt your heart pump blood to your head as you took a deep breath in, eyes watching his lips part as his nose flared as he rolled his eyes. Just dropping his phone into his lap as he squeezes your hand and lets his other arms fall behind him to keep him up right, closing his eyes as he takes a deep breath in.


    Blinking rapidly you look to see Namjoon staring at you, a teasing smile on his face as you stare at him with wide eyes, your hand that was in his hair moving away to pull the hoodie over your head as you drop Hoseok's hand and pull the hoodie to completely cover your face. Already knowing the teasing words that were gonna pass his lips with the look in his eyes, a dimple smile already imprinted in your mind as you hear a confused noise pass Hoseok's lips.

    “She was checking you out.” Namjoon teased, it had your head reaching forward, slapping his shoulder, moving to get him off of you as you felt cold from his body leaving your chest.  The statement must've surprised Hoseok because of the noise he made, it had you peeking to see genuine surprise on his face as Namjoon was nose next to the alpha, a large smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around Hoseoks neck. “She thinks you fucking sexy.”  You watched as Namjoon gave his neck teasing nip at a mark making Hoseok jump as a blush flushed to his cheeks, curling back into yourself you whine.

    “Anyway..”Hoseok clears his throat, suddenly launching himself off of the food as you hear his body slightly crack at the sudden movement. “I'm gonna go shower.”  You sit up quickly, slightly hurt and disappointed that ,that, was the reaction you had gotten from being caught almost drooling over him.  You look to see even a slight look of surprise written on namjoons face as you let your shoulders drop as you clear your throat.

    “Uh...so what is your guy's address?” You mumble blinking back the tears building in your eyes as you grab your phone from the top part of the couch, already opening up your chat with your mom as you hear Namjoon mumbling it as you type it out and then the impending question had your eyes snapping up.

    “Why?” You see worry watches in his eyes, his body that was upright on his knees falling as you slightly shrug and take a deep breath. You slowly blink as you see your mom calling, making you answer as you give him an awkward smile his way.

    “Hey mama.” You mumble as you watch Namjoon awkwardly mess with the strings of his sweatpants.

    “You’ve been radio silent all day and you just sent me an address on the rich side of town, what the hell.” Her voice was slightly teasing as you closed your eyes and nodded.

    “Yeah I know, I just sent it for when I'm ready to go home so they don't have to drive me home.” Your mumble, your eyes look over to see a wide-eyed Namjoon. Confusion on his face as he quickly crawls back onto the couch and sits next to you. You were still propped up on your knees as your hand moved to mess with the slightly tight sweater. Though you were much wider then all of the males, they all seem to like bagger sweaters, hoodies and just lazy tops. Maybe it was for comfort, or maybe it's because their omega was much wider in the shoulders than the two of them and it made it easier for him to wear their clothing. But with you, their tops almost fit you perfectly. They were tight in the arms but luckily not horribly but almost uncomfortably, but the  fabric was so worn that it stretched with your body instead of against it.

    “Well, do they want you to go? I feel like I'm not gonna see you till you need your works clothes.” your mothers words caught your thoughts, making you blink as you looked back up to Namjoons face, his eyes were looking down at his hand, hoodie over his head as his hair fell over his forehead slightly. The feeling of his discomfort as the slight twinge of sour

    “Who knows.”

    “They're gonna take my baby from me.” Her fake cries had you snorting as you felt a Namjoons finger poke your thigh making you look up and see his eyes on you. “I bet you that omega already has you helping him set up their den.” Her words had your eyes bleeding as you giggled slightly, Namjoon moved forward slightly to hear. “Also if I get grandpups before I turn fourt-five I might actually murder you.” At that Namjoon starts to cough back a laugh as you swat at his shoulder, his head falling into your chest as your hand stays at your side making him poute up at you. “Im being dead serious. Anyway my Japchae is almost done, and I'm starving. You have, but no to fun. Also tell those three boys they are welcome here anytime.” Her words had you smiling softly as you felt namjoon running his nose up your neck the alonge your jaw. You gave him a pointed look, your hand automatically  wrapping around his neck to playfully push him back, yet it made the omega gasp as you look at him with a head tilt as you smell the sticky sweet smell of his slick.

    “Okay mama, I love you.”

    “Love you to be safe. Also don't forget about your paper due wednesday. Bye!” Her final words had your groaning yet you had to do a double take as you saw a completely flushed look on his face.

    “Namjoon?” You mumble, raising your eyebrow slightly as he takes a deep breath in, closing his eyes as he looks down and patts his own thighs. “What? Do you like being choked or something?” You teased your see his eyes snap open as you see his lips part as you move forward, hand moving up to wrap around his neck again making him slightly pant against your lips.

    “Not fair.” he whined as you pulled away just as fast as you had put your hand around his neck. It had him taking a deep breath as he looked at you with wide eyes that suddenly turned into a pout. He watched you sit back as you crossed your arms over your chest, the hoodie falling into your vision as you heard bare feet padding against wooden stairs.

    “Uh what happened?” Hoseok's voice had you looking up, he was in black basketball shorts and a white shirt, his hair still damp and a towel around his neck. Your omega had you moving to sit so he could end up between your legs to dry his hair as Namjoon stayed flustered on the other end of the couch as you gave Hoseok an evil smile.


    “Just finding out new things.” You said together it had Namjoon growing even more red as you look at Hoseok between your legs, making the Alpha smile as he moved to sit between your legs. Your hands grabbed the towel as you began to dry his hair, running it through his hair similarly to what Namjoon had done to you in the morning.

    “Such as?” Hoseok mumbled making namjoon huff as you looked to see him in a very similar possession that you were in not long ago. It had you laughing as you gave him a teasing smile as he let out a groan.

    “Such as Namjoon likes to be choked.” Your words came out without even a second thought, it had Hoseok spitting out a laugh as you watch Namjoon roll over away from the two of you groaning as you lean forward and look at Hoseok who was still laughing, his hand covering his mouth. Your eyes just stay on him as he looks at you and slowly stops, his eyes already on you as he takes in a breath and smiles at you.

    “Checking me out again?”

    “Is that a problem?” You mumble, worry etched on your face as Hoseok squints at you, his body turning as his hands move to run up your thighs.

    “Why wouldn’t it be...I feel like it would be more of a problem if you weren’t checking me out.” His words were mumbled as he looked at you then to Namjoon as you nodded, moving the towl to rubbed at the front of his head slowly as he moved his hand under your chin and made you look him in the eye. “Why are you acting all worried? It's not like you didn't have your hand around my omegas neck not even five minutes ago.” He teased making you and Namjoon gasp at the same time as you push Hoseoks playfully away as he shakes his head and rests his chin against your thigh and looks up at you. “But seriously, pup, you checking me out...just…” he trails off as you feel Namjoon shift next to you Namjoons chin resting on your shoulder making you look over at him as he gives you a testing smile.

    “He got flustered, he doesn't like getting flustered.” Namjoon mumbles, making you nod slowly as you feel Hoseok's nose nuzzle against your thigh as your hand falls into his still somewhat damp hair.

    “Besides the beta, how was work?” Your words had Hoseok letting out a loud puff of air as he closed his eyes and shook his head.

    “Yoongi's left shoe sole decided it wanted to separate again meaning we're gonna have to go get it fixed again which is just wonderful. Then JYP is being an asshole trying to save themselves.” he pauses as he looks at you as your hand runs through his hair, running through the tangles. “They're pissed you caught all the problems that have been skipped over the last year or so.” “First off I'm just that good.” You giggle, feeling Namjoon smile against on your shoulder as you look at Hoseok. “Secondly why doesn't he just get new shoes.” Your words were met with Namjoon snorting as Hoseok groaned.

    “We’ve tried, he wears other shoes to like events but to work it has to be thoses fucking ugly things. He bought them with his first ever paycheck when he was an intern at a company like eight years ago and he just won’t let them go. He says they helped him walk to where he is some bullshit like that.” He mumbles against your thigh as you chuckle slightly as you nod slowly as you see the dark circles forming under his eyes. He catches your hand and brings it to his lips as he takes a breath and smiles. “We’re taking tomorrow off, we need it.” His words had Namjoons head lifting off of your shoulder as he let out a cute noise that had you and Hoseok looking at him with smiles.

    “Home? All three of you home?”

    “Yeah, if Y/n wants to be here of course.”

    “I mean I need to grab cloth-”

    “Wear mine.” Both men say at the same time making your eyes widen as you take a deep breath and chuckle at the two of them.

    “None of your pants will fit.” Your words had both men pouting as Hoseok crossed his arms with a huff.

    “You have to leave clothes here so we don't have to go back and forth..maybe your mom and dad can pack you some more clothes and Yoongi can pick it up on the way home?” Hoseok mumbled, head tilting as you shrugged.

    “Next time.” Your words had both of the men deflating as you sigh, and give them both smiles. “I have clothes for one more night. I'll just need to be home tomorrow night to get work clothes.”

    “Or they can take you home Monday morning to change.” You hear Hoseok send what you believe to be a bit of a warning growl at Namjoon making the Omega look down and sigh. “If you..if you want to stay of course.”

    “I’ll think about it...okay..just a step at a time okay Joonie.” You mumble the nickname making him pine as he nuzzles at your shoulder, hearing a sigh you look to see a look of foundeness on Hoseok's face. “I bet you're hungry, let me attempt to cook for you guys?”

    “Attempt?” Namjoon mumbled, making you roll your eyes as you nod, as you smile at the two.

    “I have to snoop and see what I can make with what's in your house and go from there.”

    Takeout ended up on the table.

    No from the lack of trying but from the simple lack of actual food in the house. They had snacks coming out of their ears, ramen got it hell they even had boxed mac and cheese but stuff to make real food was nowhere to be found. It had you letting out whines and whimpers wanting to prove you could provide something to the table by cooking a meal for your courting pack. Yet you couldn't even do that.

    Hoseok had immediately held you to his chest when you started to freak out, Namjoon grabbed takeout menus for you to choses from and now you were here, somehow squished between the two as they both fed you. Purrs falling from their lips as they watch you chew, which would be odd if you did have the same feeling when you had shoved some pork into Hoseok's mouth and you watched him chew and hum with his eyes on you. It had your heart fluttering as a purr pasted your lips.

    Namjoons comment kinda made sense now.

    The door opened, and shoes were kicked at a wall it had you jumping as car keys were slammed into a bowl as you look to see yoongi his suit jacket already balled up in his hand, tie gone and shirt pretty much completely undone as he stormed passed the three of you one the couch. Namjoon instantly got up as you held back as you watched the omega trail after the fuming Alpha. The smell of pure frustration rolling off of him, it had your stomach twisting. The feeling of Hoseoks wrapping his arm around you had you flinching slightly as you looked to see him giving you a grimince of a smile.

    “He's in a mood.” his hand squeezed as you heard slamming and growling up the stairs  and Namjoon soft words. It has you rapidly blinking as the strong aroma of a burning forest fills the apartment. “I'm gonna help Joon calm him down okay? Just stay here.”

    “Would he..would he hu-” Without hesitation Hoseok kneels in front of you, his hands taking the food out of your lap and placing it on the table behind him. He shakes his head as he takes his hands in his.

    “God no..he just..he gets really snappy and rude..can I explain more later? I promise I will Y/n.” His words claim you as you nod, he lets go of your hand as he stands, his hands tucking some of your loose hair behind your ears as he quickly rushes up the stairs. The feeling of confusion in your chest twists as you grab your phone trying to distract yourself from the snaps and growls from upstairs, at one point you were coninved they were going to have sex to help him get his frustrations out but at last no smell of it wonders down the halls to you.

    Forty minutes later you were dozing off and Yoongi was the first one to wander down the stairs. He had clearly showered, his clothes almost looked exact to Hoseok's except he wore an olive green tank top, his music notes necklace out on show it had a small smile lifting at the edges of your lips. He froze when you made eye contact, you lifted your upper body up with your elbows as he moved towards the couch, his body falling into you. You gasped slightly as you felt his nose sliding against your scent gland, your arms moving to wrap around him as you felt his body tense, so tense he almost felt like a brick.

    “Look good in my clothes, ‘mega.” he growled, it had you letting out a hum as you ran your hand through his hair, his hands finding their way around you as he moved your bodys so you were on your sides. His legs, which you now notice were very thin compared to your, laced with yours. His lips pressing against your skin had you shuttering as you slightly pulled at the ends of his hair. It had him letting out a rumble as he pulled back and looked at you, his dark eyes staring up at you with parted lips and slightly flushed cheeks. “Smell good to..smell like home.” His voice was slightly broken up as he spoke, he was in a drop or coming out of one at least. You moved a hand to cup his cheek as you gave him a bright smile, feeding into his praise for him, it had him smiling back just as brightly.

    “Are you hungry?” You mumble as you move the hand on his cheek up and through his hair making him close his eyes as he nodded slowly. “Okay, wanna let me warm up some take out for you?”

    “Come with you.” he mumbled, making you blink at the demand that passed his lips, his hands moving down your arm to your hip as you nod, moving to stand as he followed behind you quickly.

    “Hoseok bought you your favorit and we put it in the fridge for you.” You mumble making him nod as he places his hand in yours as the two of you walk into the kitchen. When you got to the fridge he went behind you and wrapped his arms around your waist, his nose snuggling into the back of your neck, making you smile as you felt his grip tighten around you. Though when you look down you notice he could really collapse his fingers with his arms around you.


    It is not the time to get upset about that, Yoongi is trusting you.

    Sighing you move around the kitchen with a sleepy half dropped Yoongi clinging to your back. Something when you first met him in the elevator door way you'd never see. Let alone be a part of.  Yet here you were, with three amazing men who are working at your pace the best they could, and though Yoongi was scenting the shit out of you and your knees felt like jelly your only thought was to make sure before he went to sleep he had food on his belly. It had your feeling slightly panicked how fast you were moving with them, yet you wanted to.

    “Feed me?” Yoongi mumbled as you took the contranor out of the microwave, it had you chuckling as you turned around him, backing away as he had you moving to sit on the counter. He placed it next to you as he stood between our legs and looked at you. His hands landed softly on your thighs as you grabbed some food and held it above your hand blowing to cool it off as you offered it to Yoongi. He looks at you, his dark eyes lightening slightly as he opens his mouth and takes the food from the chopsticks. His eyes closing as he chews, his breath puffing from his nose as he looks up at you. His eyes were once again on the darker side as he opened his empty mouth making you repeat the process once again. “Never leave us.” His words make you glups as he takes the chopsticks and places them down, his head pressing against your chest as he nuzzles into your breast making you slowly wrap your arms around his neck. “Never leave us, ever. You take such good care of us already.” He continued against your skin, feeling his teeth skim across the front of your neck had you sucking in as he tightened his grip around you. “Never leave.”

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