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    18.01.2022 - 41 minutes ago

    Yosano: You have this weirdly sincere humility. Atsushi: I prefer the term "self-loathing", actually.

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    18.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    darkest traits [Yandere! Armed Detective Agency]

    Atsushi Nakajima: possessive, touchy, insecure

    This boy was abused for almost of his life, he have no self-confidence until he meet his darling

    Whenever his darling was having fun with other people and if they shown interest on him, he will start doubting himself. Because, he's afraid to lose you— can't you see? The tears of his fear of love one— he loves you so much, give him all the love he deserves.

    Prove your worth on him, don't ever try to break his heart.

    Akiko Yosano: strict, possessive, comanding

    This lady is much to Kouyou Ozaki, she expects her darling to behave, you can't say no to this woman, you're an idiot if you ever do.

    When she tells you to wear the dress she brought for you, wear it. Know your place, she can torture you by beating the half of you to dead and revive you again by her ability. She doesn't wanted to use it because she loves you so much, but if you're being stubborn, she have no choice.

    Don't push her limits, she's not merciless like Mori Ougai, unless you want to see hell on your eyes.

    Osamu Dazai: obsessed, possessive, touchy, manipulative

    Whenever on Port Mafia or Armed Detective Agency, Dazai have his old habits from his old and past life, however, he's much lighter as a detective, unless his darling was disobedient, his old habits will come back to claim what belongs to him.

    Dazai is not afraid to manipulate your mind, he's the type who will flirt to other women in your front, to make you jealous— you're denying his love? He will use any kinds of methods to explode you, your heart and soul and for you to accept that you love him like he do to you.

    He's not sure either if he wants to commit double suicide with you or you to be his reason to live. Now, do you see who you are now? Don't ever try to escape from him, his touches, his eyes on you, you belong to him now and forever, you have no choice but to obey and love him.

    Ranpo Edogawa: manipulative, touchy, possessive

    The greatest detective in the world as your lover? You must be something special, a genius at least like his late parents.

    Ranpo will manipulate you, he's childish on you, hug him, touch him, gentle touches from your delicate hands. He also fear losing you because of his past, fear not, the greatest detective in the world will protect you from any harm, he won't let the past be repeated.

    Junichiro Tanizaki: possessive

    Junichiro is less strict yandere compared at his co-workers but don't let your guard down.

    As a detective, when someone dared to go after you life, that's the fatal mistake of his enemies.

    He will protect you on any harm, he will gladly to kill anyone, burn down the world, just for you. He loves you so much, it's natural for him to protect you, right?

    Don't ever try to leave him too, he will chase you anywhere even in hell to bring you back in his arms, the place where you're only safe.

    Yukichi Fukuzawa: strict, possessive

    Fukuzawa, as a man who's spend time as an assassin— the Silver Wolf. He believes in equality, if you're disobedient, he's not afraid to point his own blade on you to yeah you a lesson.

    Fukuzawa expects you to behave, he has a lot of enemies, you're much stuck on his house, be a woman with a dignity, a housewife material.

    If you ever go outside, one of his colleagues was always with you, reporting everything what's happening. You cannot escape him.

    Be a good darling and this Silver Wolf won't tear you into pieces until you obey him.

    Note: I didn't add Kunikida, because it's difficult to write for him as a yandere. I apologize about that!.

    Tag and inspiration from: @yandere-romanticaa, their version, here.

    #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bsd headcanons #bsd x reader #bungo stray dogs x reader #bsd scenarios #yandere bungo stray dogs #yandere bungou stray dogs #yandere x reader #yandere osamu dazai #yandere atsushi nakajima #osamu dazai x reader #atsushi nakajima x reader #yandere junichiro tanizaki #junichiro tanizaki x reader #yandere akiko yosano #akiko yosano x reader #ranpo edogawa x reader #yandere ranpo edogawa #yandere yukichi fukuzawa #yukichi fukuzawa x reader #yandere aesthetic
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    17.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Yosano Akiko❤️‍🩹

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    16.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Drunk Compliments

    Type: Drabble, because this is too short in my opinion to be a proper oneshot. 😅

    Word count: 1K

    Warnings: None.

    It was past 1am when Dazai decided you should be getting home. Mostly because he didn't want to help in the cleaning up, but that's a secret he only shares with Ranpo, knowing the others won't ever catch on when they use such believable excuses to take their leave.

    So he wraps up his conversation with Atsushi and makes his way over to where he knew you'd be. Exactly like he predicted, there you were by the drinks in all your drunken glory, downing one shot after the other with Yosano accompanying you in your grand feat. Ranpo watched you two on the seat beside Yosano with an amused face, knowing that he'd be the one dragging Yosano back to her apartment. Dazai stood next to the detective, hands stuffed in the pocket of his beige coat, his lips twitching into a smile as he watched the two of you pick up more tiny cups and swallow their contents in one go. Your actions were already slow and you had to try three times before you actually managed to grab another shot. He shook his head in amusement. "We should stop them." Ranpo hummed and took another sip of his drink. "We should, but Yosano would kill me if I took her home without her at least passing out from the drinks." He chuckled and took his hands out of his pockets. "Fair enough, I wish you good luck dealing with her in the morning then. I'll be taking Y/N home now, or she'll kill me if she found out I let her go on for so long." With that, the two detectices nodded each other goodnight and Dazai walked over to his girlfriend who had by now downed four more shots and was slumped against Yosano in exhaustion. He almost cooed at the sight. He placed his hands on your shoulders gently, shaking you until you opened your eyes. "Hey love, come on let's go home."

    You peaked out from under your eyelashes, your head still resting on Yosano's shoulder. A few seconds later, your eyes widened as you drunk in the sight of person standing in front of you and offering you to let him take you home.

    You pushed yourself off Yosano and stared at him with wide eyes, running a hand through your hair in bewilderment. "Wow..."

    Dazai furrowed his eyebrows, removing his hands from your shoulders and placing them back in his pockets, now that he was sure you could sit upright without falling over like a baby.

    "Are you my boyfriend?" You slurred, eyes still blown wide, taking your own sweet time in shamlessly trailing your eyes down his frame.

    He chuckled. "Yes, yes I am."

    "Are you sure? Damn, how did I do that..."

    He smiled and slid an arm around your waist, helping you up off the seat. You dramatically swung your arms waved goodbye to Yosano and Ranpo and followed Dazai out the door of the Detective Agency.

    He quietly led you to your apartment, enjoying the cold breeze of the night biting his skin. You shivered and huddled closer to him. He was about to offer you his coat but before he could do that, you began to sob.

    "What's wrong love?" He asked, alarmed.

    You sniffled and shook your head. "I-I love you so much Dazai," you croaked and roughly wiped the tears off your face with your sleeve. You hadn't worn anything fancy to the party, nobody did. They came in their usual work attire, so you did too.

    He sighed, shoulder slacking before tucking your hair behind your ear and continued to guide you home. "I love you too belladonna."

    "No!" You sobbed. "You don't understand! I love you so much it's actually weird!"

    He merely quirked an eyebrow in amusement. "Really?"

    You nodded. "I love your hair," you began, tears still streaming down your cold cheeks but you ignored them and lifted a hand up to his hair to pat him lazily on the head. "It's so soft I want to play with it all day. I love your eyes too!" Your sad sobbing had now turned into excited gushing.

    He smiled tiredly, but kept his gaze forward at the road ahead. He knew you were extremely bipolar when you were drunk, but you must've had much more than he initially thought if you were this bad.

    He glanced sideways to see you gazing up at him with the most dreamy expression he's ever seen directed at him - he almost blushed. Pure adoration sparkled in your tired eyes, and though he saw the sliver of drunkenness in your eyes he knew you spoke the complete truth.

    "And your smile is beautiful and- and you have the most amazing laugh. I want to make you laugh and smile forever because it's the nicest thing I've ever seen." He let you ramble on about your obsessions with him, a smile creeping onto his face.

    "Is that so?"

    "Yeah! And I love your brain." You paused then giggled. Your giggled soon turned into cackles of loud laughter, piercing through the dark streets or the night. Dazai laughed quietly along with you, happy to see you enjoying yourself so much.

    "My brain."

    "Yeah," you snorted. "You're so smart, it's so cool. You literally always know what I'm going to do next, it actually gets weird sometimes."

    "I'll keep that in mind."

    "You do that!" You nodded cheerfully.

    Dazai couldn't help but grin at how sweet you were being. You usually don't compliment him so much, but he guessed it had something to do with "not inflating his already sky high ego", in your own words - when you were perfectly sober.

    "Dazai," you mumbled, all of a sudden tired from your blast of energy when you were complimenting your boyfriend.


    "I really, really love you. A lot. Way too much."

    He chuckled. "Okay, belladonna. I love you too."

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    yosano akiko moodboard with themes of flowers for anon!!

    reblog/like if saving <3

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    Yosano Supremacy

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    oh my gosh she’s so beautiful

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    #bsd dazai#bsd chūya#bsd aktugawa#bsd atsushi#bsd kyouka#bsd yosano#bsd lucy#port mafia #bungo stray dogs #bungou stray dogs #bsd #incorrect bungo stray dogs #dazai osamu#chuuya nakahara#yosano akiko#kyouka izumi#atsushi nakajima#akutagawa ryunosuke #lucy maud montgomery #bsd atsushi nakajima #bsd akutagawa ryunosuke #bsd kyouka izumi #bsd yosano akiko #bsd chuuya nakahara #bsd dazai omasu #bsd season 4 #bsd memes #armed detective agency #dead apple #port mafia hold hands with each other guys c’mon they fruity as fuck
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    | 吉 |  AKIKO YOSANO ICONS . . . ⤸


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                                                                    ʚ₍ᐢ. .ᐢ₎ɞ

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    yosano akiko | bungou stray dogs

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    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    ADA Members as Teachers

    Type: Headcannons

    Words: 1K

    Notes: My teacher was half an hour late into class and all of a sudden I just imagined Dazai walking into the room and telling us to go home because he manipulated the staff into letting us out.

    Weird, I know. But then I just had this idea of the ADA members as teachers and decided to write it.


    - I'm going to start with what's cannon.

    - Kunikida would most definitely be a maths and physics teacher.

    - As in, you know those super strict teachers that are really scary and give you lots of homework but in the end that leads you to getting good grades??

    - Yeah that's him.

    - He's also one of those teachers that are always early to class. Like the bell rings and he's out the door for his next class.

    - But if you have a question and come up to him ay the end of class, he won't hesitate to help you.

    - Low key one of the best teachers out there who's very devoted to his students and always brings the best out of them. ❤


    - Hands down, no doubt a biology teacher.

    - You know those science teachers that act like they own the lab even though so many other teachers use it?? As in, she spends most of her time in the bio lab or the prep room.

    - I think she'd make a pretty good teacher tbh. As a doctor in cannon, she obviously has a lot of knowledge in biology and anatomy to be a doctor, regardless of her ability.

    You don't get called a doctor for nothing.

    - I feel like she'd always keep her lab coat on for some reason. For the entire school day.

    - And you know those glasses she wore when herself and Ranpo were stuck in Poe's book? Yeah, I imagine she wears them too.

    - Like that's the perfect bio teacher look for her. Lab coat and cool glasses - perfection.


    - UM... I dunno?!

    - I think he'd teach English. He just... seems the most likely to teach English. Idk why but he seems like he'd make a good English teacher.

    - He'd never give homework, but if he does then it's to do a full page assignment on a poem etc.

    - I wouldn't say he'd be the best English teacher but yeah, he's okay. He teaches, students understand, but mostly enjoy classes because he won't stop cracking jokes or complaining about Kunikida.

    - He'd also worry his students by his constant mentions of suicide and him rambling about the latest suicide method he found. Not to kids under 14, though. He knows they're too young.

    - Very irresponsible. He's one of those teachers that don't give tests because they're so much work to make and then correct, it's just - too much for him.


    - Ooh um... would you believe me if I said he'd be a good maths teacher???

    - Obviously not as devoted and driven as Kunikida (nobody is) but he is a good maths teacher because he's good at finding mistakes in calculations.

    - Literally walks into class and plops into his seat with his feet up on the table and then proceeds proceeds stuff candy in his mouth.

    - Ad for how he teaches... I have no idea. I don't think he's the type to write on the board but there's literally no other way to teach maths??

    - If not maths, he'd definitely one of those extra teachers that teach modules. He will make sure forensic science is a module that he, and only he, teaches. Please make this a reality in my school Ranpo 😭 My modules are so shit, they're literally religion, personal development and cyber safety.


    - Is not a teacher, but a student.

    - The sweetest person in the entire year, like boy has no evil in him. He's like one of those people while playing Monopoly who refuse to buy things as they go around because he thinks it's too mean.

    - Always ready to share his homework unless it's Akutagawa and help you when you don't understand something.

    - I'd expect him to get good grades really. Around 70-90% - that's his normal, but he studies really hard so he deserves getting odd 90-100%.

    - He has a lot of friends, but not many best friends. That title is reserved for Kyouka and Kenji. He's a social butterfly that gets along with everybody but Akutagawa.


    - He is a student isn't he? He and Naomi work part time at the ADA right? Or is that just Naomi?

    - Anywho, he's quite like Atsushi. Really sweet and nice. But unlike Atsushi, he doesn't have many friends but a handful of close friends.

    - I'd expect him to get good grades too, he studies hard so he deserves it.

    - He's the quiet kid at the back of class that doesn't talk but is really nice once you get to know them.



    - Always helps his teachers, always ready to do jobs for everyone with that sweet, adorable smile of his.

    - Kinda laid back about his studies because he had so many other jobs to do on the farm.

    - Literally brought a cow into school on pet day when he was small, but no one gave out to him because he's too sweet.

    - WILL share his homework with you and try to help you even if he has no clue how to do it.


    - She's actually pretty cool when she's not eith her brother. She's really friendly and easy to chat with.

    - Hmm, she seems like a popular girl, but not quite. As in, she has an outgoing personality and is well known but she isn't a bitch. She's popular but very nice, and they're my favorite type.

    - Will help you with whatever I guess, but probably doesn't know how to do it herself. If so, then she'll just ask someone else to explain it to the both of you.


    - Teacher? Mr. Father Figure is the principal of the school and I know you all think the same.

    - He's very responsible and takes his job seriously.

    - Has lots of little gifts and statues of cats around his office and desk from students. Also had newspaper articles stuck around his walls if any of his students got mentioned in the papers.

    - He enjoys interacting with his students and staff, so he spends a lot of time talking to them and asking them about their wellbeing and how they think the school is fairing.

    - Is an overall wonderful principal who always tries to look for the best things for his school.

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    15.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    bungou stray dogs as surreal memes

    dazai when he found akutagawa :

    dazai pranking chuuya once a month :

    margaret when she activates her ability:

    dazai high on mushrooms :

    yosano after atsushi got his leg chopped off (again)

    poe being friends with rampo after putting him in the book :

    kouyou with kyouka and chuuya :

    lovecraft :

    fyodor and his rat gang :

    #bungou stray dogs #bungou gay dogs #surreal memes#dazai osamu#akutagawa ryuunosuke#chuuya nakahara#margaret mitchell #margaret mitchell bsd #yosano akiko#nakajima atsushi #edgar allan poe #edgar allan poe bsd #rampo edogawa#ozaki kouyou#kyouka izumi #howard phillps lovecraft #howard phillps lovecraft bsd #fyodor dostoevsky #fyodor dostoevsky bsd #rats in the house of the dead #decay of the angels
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    14.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    En el baño… como un lirio al fondo de una fuente ¡qué hermoso este cuerpo de veinte veranos!


    Tentando mis senos desvelo el misterio con un puntapié: florece aquí abajo el más vivo rojo.


    Tras bañarme en las caldas, este paño, áspero en la piel como el mundo.


    Yosano Akiko

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    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    “Redflags in their room/home” trend ft BSD characters

    (bc I’m bored and finally found an ideal answer for my own lol)

    Ranpo Edogawa ; the only edible things you can find are snacks and energy drinks/sodas. Also his own photos and portraits hung up on the walls (which was actually done after a joke. he positioned the images to be on the corners he sees least. also a hidden cabinet of little trinkets he has hoarded collected over the years, a pile of laundry that should've been taken care of 2 weeks ago.

    Kunikida Doppo ; if the ocd/virgo stereotypes came to life, that’s how they’d decorate a place- at least, that’s what people think. Every corner and item is measured to fit the perfect placement. You could probably lick honey off the floor, but he’d yell at you for getting the place sticky in the first place. Also a huge bookcase dedicated just for math and the history of it (and any other topic everyone would find beyond boring/comprehension)

    Yosano Akiko ; similar to Ranpo’s. Cabinets of wine and wine and alcohol, drink-specific glasses and equipment to create any drink/cocktail combination you can think of. a room reserved just for knives, medical equipment and any sharp object you can think of. also a cabinet of wet specimen, no one even dares to ask about that.

    Nakahara Chuuya ; rooms look like theyre straight out of commercials/magazines, like those soulless ones that seem nice on the surface but as if no one lives there. On his defense, he spends so little time there and usually falls asleep as soon as he steps inside.

    Fukuzawa Yukichi ; nothing<3 (jk he probably has food, toys, boxes and litter purchased for a cat he might adopt/take in one day but for the last 10 years that day has not come...)

    Tachihara Michizou ; that one patrick bateman music stereo/collection scene (from american psycho)? that but with an impressively large collection of shoegaze... empty bottles and bottles of alcohol shoved to a cabinet in the far back. probably one bento he forgot about and has molded to the point of gaining sentinence, he steers clear from it and sideeyes whenever he sleeps.

    Dazai Osamu ; himself

    #tbh i cant think of many characters to do for this so have this draft asdfsdgh #bungou stray dogs #bsd#headcanons#dazai osamu#yosano akiko#tachihara michizou#kunikida doppo#nakahara chuuya#fukuzawa yukichi#ranpo edogawa #i hope a certain bit in kunikida's doesnt come off as rude or insensitive. pls lmk if it does though #dazai headcanons#yosano headcanons#kunikida headcanons#ranpo headcanons#tachihara headcanons#chuuya headcanons#fukuzawa headcanons
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  • koiblossom5
    13.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    chuuya: met a dumbass today. awful.

    yosano: you looked in a mirror?

    chuuya: someday you will have to answer for your actions and God may not be so merciful

    #mlm and wlw hostility #bsd #bungo stray dogs #bsd incorrect quotes #bungo stray dogs incorrect quotes #bsd chuuya#chuuya nakahara#bsd yosano#yosano akiko
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    12.01.2022 - 6 days ago
    #[🪐]nxtsnw#bsd #bungou stray dogs #YOSANO <3 #she's such a queen #yosano akiko #yosano x reader
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    12.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Some purple Akiko Yosano Tumblr layouts with assorted themes just for fun <3

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    12.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Between the among us posts, I give you the Fukuzawa kids teasing Kunikida (by taking all of their dad's attention)

    Individuals below:

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  • snowe-zolynn-rogers
    12.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Pairings: Pre-ChuuRanPoe (Ranpo caught feelings), Pre-Kousano (Yosano likes Kouyou), Stocraft

    Word Count: 1,266 Words

    Summary: The aftermath of Bram’s death reveal.

    Warnings: Death Mention (Mention Only),Yelling Mention, Screaming Mention, Near Death Mention (Mention Only), Injury Mention, Beheading Mention, let me know if I should tag anything else.

    How Poe Stumped Ranpo: Chapter 25

    "You killed him!?" Lovecraft was indeed held back by Gin, Kenji, and Twain like he'd assumed he would be and he was grateful for it because Fyodor looked terrified of him.

    "I need to leave." He growled, dragging Twain along with him out the door to calm himself down, taking deep breaths.

    "I didn't know you could get angry. Are you okay?" Mark asked.

    "Bram has been my partner for over seven centuries. He is the love of my life, my best friend, and the only one who understood how it feels to live like this. Losing him is like losing a piece of myself."

    Twain looked soft at that and Howard felt the loss finally hit, he wouldn't be able to say he was happily married anymore, no more feeding stray kittens with his love laughing at the small animals climbing over him, no more of Bram's smile when the two were cuddled up together watching movies or hiding against him during the jump-scares.

    "Howard, it'll be okay eventually." Twain assured him.

    "It hurts."

    "It will, probably for a while if you two were together over seven centuries, but it'll be okay someday." It sure didn't feel like it, it felt like the world was falling apart and he wanted to set it on fire amongst its ruins. He had to tell the other nonhumans of their friend's death.

    "I need to tell our friends he died." He sighed.

    "You should take some time to grieve before you go about doing things." Mark told him.

    "I will be grieving his loss for the rest of my immortal lifetime. I should tell them before that."

    "Yeah, true."

    "I should also apologize to Dostoyevsky. I never even allowed him nor Gogol to explain."

    "You also kinda woke up the whole infirmary." Twain cringed.

    "And I will also apologize for that." He got Twain back up there as well, guiding him to move by the hand on his upper back, a habit he'd picked up from Bram and his habit of helping children back to their parents.

    "Lovecraft." Yosano greeted.

    "Miss Yosano." He nodded to her.

    "Scary." Fyodor whispered to her and it hurt to see but also sparked fire into his chest. Bram's death was ultimately for nothing. His 'merciful death' hadn't even been of use to the other three Decay of the Angel members.

    "Fyodor, I'm sorry I scared you. I was angry and it wasn't right since you're not at fault." Howard explained to him.

    "Won't get mad again?" He asked.

    "No, not at you. At someone else, but not you." He would blame Fukuchi if he couldn't blame Dostoyevsky, Fukuchi deserved more than enough of the blame, taking his love away to Japan and forcing his participation in some horrible criminal group.

    "Won't yell?" Fyodor asked.

    "I won't yell again." He assured.

    "Okay, apology accepted." Fyodor accepted and he felt a slight weight release from his shoulders.

    "As for you, I never let you explain. I'm sorry for that." He apologized to Gogol, who looked rather unphased.

    "Oh please, Sigma yells at me scarier than that." Nikolai assured.

    "I do not." Sigma raised an eyebrow.

    "Oh yeah? A little birdie screamed at me last time I almost fell from the Sky Casino. Certainly scarier than nearly dying." Nikolai taunted.

    "Keep it up, everyone's awake, I can yell at you without feeling bad about waking someone up." Sigma teased back.

    "I'm still sorry." He interrupted.

    "Apology accepted." Nikolai smiled brightly.

    "And as for the rest of you, I'm sorry for the outburst, it was quite uncalled for." He didn't like the eyes on him, usually Bram was the one in their relationship that dealt with other people and spoke to them without issue.

    What he wouldn't give for that smug smile to appear during an apology after a fight again with the tips of his fangs peeking from his mouth and the hair that fell in his eyes constantly being brushed back during the apology so they could look at each other properly.

    It felt like his heart was aching without it there to greet him, without red eyes to close happily and his smile to get wider and happier as Lovecraft would inevitably receive a hug. But he could mourn him later.

    "It's okay, Howard, it's a rather okay hour to wake up, though it was rather sudden." Poe assured him.

    "Can I explain, by the way?" Nikolai asked.

    "Yes, sorry again for my interruption." He sat back on the end of Nikolai's bed and intently waited for the albino to gather his thoughts.

    "Well, I don't know the whole story, but Bram told me parts that didn't hurt to remember as much. Fukuchi took him prisoner during the Great War. Basically beheaded him and put a special sword, a Holy Sword he called it, in him to keep him alive." Rage filled him toward Fukuchi.

    "He put him in a coffin to carry him around without sunlight getting him so he could bury him and find him later too. Bram pretty much slept for seven years altogether. He was too busy with me harassing him for the last year to sleep. He seemed happy someone was around to bother him though, always complained when I didn't since 'I'm a court jester, it's entertaining to watch a jester make jokes'." That reminded him more of the Bram he remembered.

    "Don't forget you getting stuck in the bottom half of his coffin because you wanted to see if Fukuchi would notice the difference in weight." Sigma reminded.

    "Yeah, he didn't notice so I got buried with your husband for about a good five hours. He's rather talkative when you're stuck together." Nikolai laughed. "He told me about you two being married, made sure I knew that you two lovebirds had friends that I should contact."

    "Did you ever contact them?" Howard asked softly.

    "I called Mary, Algernon, and Clive but I never got the chance to with the others. I told them he was in Yokohama and stuff, but I told them I was making sure he was okay, let him talk to them too. He seemed pretty happy with that."

    "Algernon is his best friend. Was." He corrected.

    "Yeah, he mentioned that. Wanted me to ask him to visit, I never got the chance to call him, though. I never got the chance to tell any of them that he died either." So he would be the one telling them still.

    "I will, it should be me, we've all known each other long enough that they'll believe me." Lovecraft told him.

    "Okay, well, just tell me if you need someone with you." Nikolai told him and Lovecraft nodded, allowing a comfortable silence to fall onto the infirmary.

    "Oh, good news, while everyone's awake." Yosano caught everyone's attention. "Tomorrow, Junichiro, Jouno, and Akutagawa can go home."

    "Told you." Jun'ichiro told them.

    "English? You're back to English and Fyodor's speaking Russian now. What's happening while I'm not here?" She asked.

    "Fyodor spoke Russian on the first night me, Twain, and Steinbeck were here." Lovecraft told her.

    "Yeah, he said he was afraid in Russian. Totally unprompted. Well, he had a nightmare, so that prompted it but still." Twain churned out his long response.

    "So he really is gaining things back slowly. I just worry about how much he'll remember, he could still have lost things. Some things might never come back or it could all come back if you remind him." Yosano sighed.

    "We can all work with slow, we don't mind slow." Nikolai assured her.

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