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  • beguines
    18.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    Like Williams, JoAnne Marie Terrell also understands the cross through the lens of the slavery experience of African Americans and also concludes that violence should never be sanctioned. Unlike Williams, however, Terrell seeks to find a meaning in suffering. In her book Power in the Blood? she insists that the relationship between suffering and redemption should be more closely investigated. She reexamines the meaning of Jesus' atoning suffering. For Terrell, the blood of Jesus is not completely of violent character and is thus not to be dismissed altogether, but "there is something of God in the blood of the cross." What is this something? It is the loving mercy of God who is unwilling to "trivialize the blood/ life/loss of any creature." Thus, the cross consummately reveals God's love for all humanity. Both the crucifix and empty cross point to God's love, in the sense that we find God's compassionate suffering through a crucifix, which is a "supreme reminder of God's with-us-ness," or at-one-ness (atonement), and the hope for resurrection in an empty cross is "a symbol of God's continuous empowerment."
    For Terrell, the cross is both oppressive and promising. Terrell's interpretation of the cross is a reconstruction of the moral influence theory of Abelard that emphasizes God's love. Yet, the unique experience of African Americans is woven into the atonement narrative in her understanding that Jesus' crucifixion "prefigured" the suffering of African Americans. In this sense, the collective experience of all suffering people may be found in the cross of Jesus, similar to Jon Sobrino's idea of the "crucified people."
    Can we reach the same conclusion for comfort women survivors—that Jesus prefigured their suffering? Such a concept may give deeper meaning to comfort women's suffering, but I wonder if the process is actually reversed: the suffering women reinterpret the meaning of the cross over and over again.

    Hwa-Young Chong, In Search of God's Power in Broken Bodies: A Theology of Maum

    #hwa-young chong #in search of god's power in broken bodies #feminist theology #joanne marie terrell #theology
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  • kirari-hikari
    18.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Young Animal 2021 No.05 Angela Mei – Nekota Ashu M-25.4

    Jumlah eposter Mei: 10 Jumlah eposter Ashu: 8 Total halaman: 381

    Harga: Rp 51.500,-

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  • kirari-hikari
    18.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Young Animal 2021 No.04 Momotsuki Nashiko – Araya Himeka M-25.3

    Jumlah eposter Nashiko: 11 Jumlah eposter Himeka: 8 Total halaman: 351

    Harga: Rp 51.500,-

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  • houston-asstros
    18.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    All I see is pitch darkness in my house while dancing queen is blasting in the kitchen what is this

    #You are the DANCING QUEEN #YOUNG AND SWEET #ONLY SEVENTEEN #dude im rambling
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  • stanforderadean
    18.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    i’ve been watching the nanny and fucking charles shaughnessy is so stupid good at constantly looking besotted despite himself i cannot get enough of it

    #the last time i watched the nanny i was very young like probably before middle school #and watching it now i'm like holy shit one it holds up #two i'm in LOVE with these two #and max looking surprised that he's really happy and thinks fran is funny and cool and hot is so good #he constantly looks surprised that he likes her so much and he makes it so endearing i can't handle myself !!!!!! #em.txt
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  • liteyam
    18.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    MOLAESYMR MENTION i feel so validated

    #cr spoilers#critical role#critrole #tell me it wasnt a young daleth that found the aeor relic #tell me it wasmt
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  • robmesheehan
    18.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #rob at his most beautiful #the hottest rob #just a few I’ve collected along the way #not even remotely all the hottest robs #robert sheehan#rob sheehan#rozzymikes#rozzy mikes #rob at taormina #nathan young#nikolai#simon lewis#lowland fell #mark lowland fell #the song of sway lake
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  • gretavanfleetlove
    18.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Young Josh ☺️

    #greta van fleet #gvf#jake kiszka#danny wagner#josh kiszka#sammy kiszka#young Joshy #this is so cute #idk who this girl is tho
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  • kum-mer
    18.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Young Adam | David Mackenzie | 2003

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  • kum-mer
    18.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Young Adam | David Mackenzie | 2003

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  • drinkforindigestion
    18.06.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    pops bringing dowoonie taehoon feels back to the dash

    #im. #Sad #thats some real shit right there #honestly i dont know how it feels to lose someone of my age who im kinda acquainted with #feels bad #especially so young too #theyre just kids man #:(
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  • iamcadelinha
    18.06.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    A mesmerizing sight:

    Big fucking bicep that can easily snap your neck.

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  • thunderstormscave
    18.06.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Uncle Thorin and little Fili

    He must have thought of Frerin as he looked at Fili.

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  • one-real-imonkey
    18.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #star wars #Star Wars fanfiction #jango fett#obi-wan kenobi #to tame a mandalorian #kamino #baby obi wan #young jango fett #evil kaminoans#true mandalorians#mandalorians
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  • beguines
    18.06.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    Delores Williams approaches atonement from the experiences of black female slaves. In particular, she finds the uniqueness of black women's oppression in the surrogacy experience in which black female slaves substituted for various roles: taking care of children for the slave owner's wife as nannies, fulfilling the sexual desires of white men in place of white women as mistresses, or doing the work that required brute strength as field workers in place of white male workers. In all their surrogate roles, black women received respect for "neither their bodies, their dignity, their labor, nor their motherhood except as it was put to the service of securing the well-being of ruling class white families." She criticizes that the theology in mainline Christian churches often finds the "ultimate surrogate figure" in Jesus Christ, for "Jesus died on the cross in the place of humans, thereby taking human sins upon himself," and questions if "the image of a surrogate-God has salvific power for black women." Her conclusion is that far from being the power of salvation, the violent image of surrogacy in Jesus rather supports the oppressive structure that black women have suffered. As an alternative, she proposes that theologies and churches must point to the hope of the new life that God provides, instead of the seemingly unintelligible idea of death bringing salvation. Thus, the cross is the revelation of human sin, not of God’s love, and "the image of Jesus on the cross is the image of human sin in its most desecrated form."

    Hwa-Young Chong, In Search of God's Power in Broken Bodies: A Theology of Maum

    #hwa-young chong #in search of god's power in broken bodies #delores williams#theology
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  • transgender-er
    18.06.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Heroes of Galeia characters

    (Ft. Mystery character's first design reveal)


    #heroes of galeia #sir auden flannan heike alvine #deorwine aldway younge #lady aldora levina yorke #prince lawson ailéan down #mystery character
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  • newskarnataka
    18.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    J&K Lt Gov lauds 2 Kashmiri mountaineers who scaled Everest


    #Srinagar #Two young mountaineer
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  • lauralestrange7
    18.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    Oliver Wood x Slytherin!reader

    This is my second Oliver Wood x reader, Please comment below your thoughts on my attempt. This in particular is a Slytherin female reader story. My requests are open 🌸 🌻🌼 @mais-e


    Oliver sighed looking at the door to the library and back out a window looking endearingly at the empty quidditch pitch. “Ugh I need to do this,” he said to himself in a tone of frustration, and with another glance at the barren grounds he shook his head before walking inside the doors. It was a sunny Saturday morning and he also had a perfect practice session planned, but during dinner last night Mcgonagall had asked to have a word with him. Which turned out to be far worse than he had expected, she had told him how his OWLs were just in the matter of a few months and that he had not been doing so well in a few subjects. And that she could not have that, “Wood I appreciate your effort and enthusiasm in Quidditch, but if you fail in another assignment I will be forced to take you off the team.” 

    So of course here he was, as much as he would like to be otherwise, even though the quidditch pitch seemed to be calling him. Here he was in the library with a bunch of students with their noses in their books. He started walking towards the shelves that would help him with his Divination homework. And as he was making his way there he tripped; on a leg? that belonged to- he looked up and there standing with her arms crossed, wearing her face in a smirk was Y/n L/n. Oliver rolled his eyes “Cut it out L/n” he said trying to walk past him, he was not up for this right now. Y/n was his first friend at Hogwarts, she was also his first best friend they had first met on the Hogwarts Express in their first year at Hogwarts. But the two of them were sorted in different house, Oliver in Gryffindor and Y/n in Slytherin. They still used to hang out together until their third year as Oliver’s quidditch obsession and their house rivalries started to get in the way of their friendship. So now the only way the two have any conversation was when one of them was trying to get under the other’s skin. 

    “So did you loose your broom in library Woody?” Y/n said following Oliver as he tried to choose which books would be helpful. “Ha ha” he faked a laugh “No seriously what are you doing in here?” Y/n asked raising her eyebrows, Oliver sighed looking at her. He hadn’t told anyone about what Mcgonagall had said to him last night, not even Percy, who had asked him rather curiously when he came back to his dorm. “I-” he started but then stopped thinking ‘Is it worth telling her?’ but then again he had to get it out. “Er Mcgonagall told me if I don’t get better grades, I’ll have be taken off the team.” He finished looking down at his feet. Of course he was embarrassed but there was also a feeling of contentment after all, she was his best friend. They used to share everything with each other, he was expecting some sort of rude remark but he got nothing. “Well I’ll help you, if you are want” she said softly “What?” Oliver said he was so not expecting this “I said if it doesn’t hurt your ego too much, I’m willing to help you with your grades.” 

                                                  Time Skip 

    And so here he was with nine O.W.Ls he couldn’t believe it, his parents were both very pleased, and he couldn’t stop smiling all day. So when he returned for his next term at Hogwarts he knew he had to thank someone, he walked inside the Great Hall with his friends. They were all excited for the new term school year and also the journey from King’s Cross station had been tiring. Everyone was waiting for the welcoming feast to start. Oliver looked over to the Slytherin Table, he spotted Y/n and then stood up from his sat and walked over to her. Marcus Flint and his team mates were glaring at him as he did so. “Uh hey”  he said taking the seat across Y/n, she looked at him “Hello” she said a small smile peeking from the corner of her lip. “Well I owe you,” he said looking at her “You don’t owe me nothing” she said a slightly annoyed look on her face, ‘of course’ she thought ‘Why else would he come over to talk?’. “I do,” he said “I got nine O.W.Ls, I don’t think I would’ve managed five if you hadn’t help.” he stated with a slight chuckle. “But you-” Y/n started protesting however Oliver cut her off “No I’m not hearing any of it, I owe you therefore I’d like to take you out next hogsmeade weekend.” he said a smile playing on his lips. “What.?” Y/n asked absolutely not have been expecting this Oliver rolled his eyes standing up “You heard me.” he said before winking at her and walking off.


    Comment, reblog and follow for second part. Have a good day!

    #bellatrix lestrange#gryffindor#slytherin#hufflepuff#ravenclaw#evan rosier#severus snape #young remus lupin #timothee chalamet#andrew garfield #young remus x reader #remus lupin #regulus black x reader #regulus black #nsirius orion black #aaron taylor johnson #pietro maximoff#ben barnes #shadow and bone #prince caspian#general kirigan#sean biggerstaff #oliver wood x reader #oliver wood #young james potter #jily #james x lily #young james potter x reader #sirius black x reader #sirius black x slytherin reader
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  • nightshadeowl
    18.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    Writing Douglas and Leo is an "I take the hammer, I fix the canon" vibe.

    #@douglas SIR. YOU ARE NOT GETTING AWAY WITH REFUSING TO PROCESS YOUR EMOTIONS. #@leo you're doing so great sweetie. disney did you so dirty but you're a handsome young man who deserves more respect and also #a teenager who should be allowed to feel what he's feeling without being ridiculed #lab rats stuff #elite force stuff
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  • wishfin
    18.06.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #Aviva Young Scholar Secure Plan #Investment Plans
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