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  • violapinkbaby
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    2021 vs. 2016

    ‘Still creating magic’✨

    Via - @yeiworld Insta post

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  • violapinkbaby
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Omar’s interview with KING magazine 👑

    Article link here

    Translations - yours truely 🤭

    (Ok I tried with the translations. I tried to fix the grammar but there’s only so much I can fix with out changing context )

    #I tried guys I know some parts are still eh with the translations buttttt yea #you get what you get from me #also they kept saying the clothes where from young royals? #idk what that’s about but anywaysssssss #young royals#omar rudberg#edvin ryding #young royals netflix #wilhelm x simon #omar and edvin #prince wilhelm #simon x wilhelm #wilmon#netflix#omar updates
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  • toomanyfandomsstuff
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Me after finishing young royals: I NEEEDS to learn Swedish

    #sweedish#yr netflix#young royals #netflix young royals #young royals netflix
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  • the-prince-and-the-socialist
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Young Royals Fav Fanfic Recs pt.2


    1. in this kiss, i'll change your bore for my bliss by wyoheartsmusic <@prince-simon>

    i ask nothing of you (T, 43900 words, post canon fix-it fic, oh my god they were roomates, kinda)

    Five months after the sex tape scandal, the Hillerska rowing team is going on an away trip for the Nationals. When they get to their hotel, it turns out there’s been a mix-up with the rooms and Simon didn’t get assigned a room. Despite things still being awkward between them, Wilhelm offers that Simon stay in his room with him.

    that's my opportunity to feel brave (WIP) (T, 4203 words, 1/3 chapters, wille be like oh so this is what its like to have friends, which is adorably hilarious and a little sad at the same time)

    After Wilhelm's coming out, he learns what it means to have people in his life who support him unconditionally 2. as the years fly by by but_atleast_i_have_an_iced_coffee

    thirty eight (T, 2474 words, pre-canon, canon, and post-canon erik always knew fic + doesn't die. i adore it)

    A ten year old Erik watches as Wilhelm cries.

    Their nanny telling him that it’s not fair to eat the carrots but not the broccoli is the source of his tears. To a ten year old crown prince who is being raised to carry a nation, he thinks it’s a stupid thing to be upset over.

    Sometimes things are unfair, that’s why you try to make it better.

    It’s what he tells himself, anyway. It makes the idea of being king just a little bit better.

    But when he watches Wilhelm’s small hands clench into fists as he sniffles, trying to get his eyes to dry, Erik decides that maybe little Wille doesn’t need to be so strong.

    heaven (T, 2795 words, re-write of thirty eight from wille's pov)

    Wilhelm is sixteen and confused.

    So fucking confused.

    He’s not gay.

    He’s not gay.

    home (T, 1941 words, you know the taylor swift lyric that goes like 'and he feels like home' from long story short? that.)

    Simon is sixteen when he meets Wilhelm.

    If he’s being honest, he first thinks that he’s a privileged asshole.

    But as time goes on, he slowly peels the masks off of Wilhelm.

    Royalty. Spare prince. Student. Son. Brother. Until it’s just Wilhelm left.

    And Wilhelm does the same to him.

    3. ✨Prince Simon Cinematic Universe ✨ by TheBoyWhoWalksInTheLight , wyoheartsmusic <@aro-of-artemis> <@prince-simon>

    i don't feel like our love is brand new (WIP) (E, 112815 words, 6/10 chapters, oh my god prince simon what more could you want from life)

    “Your Royal Highness, it’s nice to meet you.” Being addressed in Swedish by a melodious voice suddenly startled Wilhelm’s brain into awareness. The first thing that Wilhelm noticed about the man in front of him were the sharp cheekbones and beautiful bronze skin. Then he met deep brown eyes filled with mirth. Crown Prince Simon of Spain, his brain helpfully supplied when usually, it was embarrassingly shit when it came to names. But this name- well, of course he’d remember the world’s first out and proud gay Crown Prince. Or: Wilhelm is a queer mess and Simon is a little shit who's ready to win the Swedish prince's heart.

    And the fire bright (let it blaze alright) (T, 1941 words, missing scene from the main fic)

    Wille's memory of the night of Erik's wedding is hazy. All he knows is that Simon got him safely to bed.

    4. Firsts (Erik Lives Universe) by cmere <@omgcmere>

    Keep Me Company (T, 2741 words, pure floof. Agnes-worthy floof. we love it.)

    The halls are silent, only the ghosts of Wille's forefathers left to judge him.

    And let them fucking judge him.

    He wants this, so badly it feels like his heart might crack open from it. He's been looking for this—the same feeling that had him trying to get lost in the woods with Erik as a kid, trying to find a connection with someone unfamiliar in the public school, trying to drown himself in a bottle until he forgot who he was. Instead he found it here, the one place he never wanted to be. In a chapel, in a boy, in a song.

    Where He Belongs (T, 6010 words, wille : 'babe my parents aren't home come over' except his home is the fucking palace lmao)

    It's always like this between them—despite all the complex pressures Wille's facing that only shed layers of different but related pressures onto Simon, it feels so easy when it's just the two of them, when they can exhale fully and say everything that's on their minds. Simon has seen Wille bound up tight with anxiety, biting his lips and rubbing his collarbone; he's held him more than once as Wille tried to gasp out words and struggled for air. The contrast now is stark, his limbs loose and his laughs coming easy.

    Wilhelm invites Simon to spend the night alone with him at the royal palace for New Year's Eve.

    5. It's Like A Multicolored Snapshot (stuck in my brain) by isnt_that_wizard

    When I Said I Wanted You to Get Along (this isn't what i meant) (T, 27344 words, 7 chapters, Erik Lives era, 5+1 fic)

    After hearing that their parents weren't bothering to show up for Parents' Day, Erik comes in their place. The following results are that he never gets in the car crash, August doesn't stay at school that weekend, and Wille gets absolutely tortured as his brother and boyfriend decide to become best friends.

    Throw the Script Out the Window (let's start something new) (T, 4417 words, Erik Lives era, Coming Out fic)

    Wille had practiced the statement so many times it was engraved in his brain. He had stayed up hours into the night writing it with Erik, meeting with every single public relations staff member, and repeated it to himself under his breath at any given moment. It was entirely memorized.

    He had barely said a single word of it.

    Maybe a few sentences.

    Wille was sure that the press secretary was somewhere in another room, crying and turning in her resignation.

    Life Was Stringing Me Along (then you came) (T, 5321 words, Erik Lives era, Simon meets the parents who happen to be fucking the Queen and Prince Consort)

    "Are you okay?" Wille whispered, quietly so that Erik wouldn't be able to hear him from where the Crown Prince was sitting in an overly ornate chair.

    Simon smiled a little bit at the question, then gave a slow, hesitant nod.

    Wille gave a little- and absolutely not adorable, shut up- snort, and said, "Liar."

    Simon rolled his eyes, but his smile grew a bit wider. "Oh, shut it, Wille. Like you weren't a nervous wreck the first time you came over to my house for dinner."

    Wille laughed, "I never said I wasn't."

    Baby, You're The Cure (so let me close to you) (T, 8069 words, 5+1 fic, sick simon omg my heart)

    When Simon shows up sick to school one day, Wilhelm discovers that not only is his boyfriend completely terrible at admitting that he's sick, but he also craves physical touch and cuddles like no one's business. Wille is more than willing to provide said affections, but life would be a hell of a lot easier if Simon would just accept the fact that he was ill.


    Five Times Simon Clung to Wille While He's Sick, and One Time Wille Does The Same Thing

    6. Red, White and Young Royal Blue by toffeelemon <@toffeelemon>

    blood is thicker than water (G, 3114 words, pre-canon)

    Crown Prince Erik has always known his baby brother is a bit different. He would take on the world before he lets hurt get to Wille.

    royal pains (G, 12625 words, Henry and Wilhelm talk about boys <3 )

    ‘Hey cousin, I know this is super out of the blue, but now that Erik is gone, I literally have no one else to talk to. Is it a wild idea if I come visit you in England for Christmas? I could use a vacation’

    Wilhelm visits his cousin Prince Henry in England for Christmas for gay guidance. That's it.

    worst kept secret in history (G, 9970 words, getting back together fic ft. simon taking care of himself we love that)

    They have a nice thing going on, ever since school resumed in the new year. Wilhelm had gone up to Simon in the middle of the corridor on the first day back, held his hand in front of everyone, and it all went from there. Simon doesn’t want to be a secret, so Wilhelm bites down on his anxiety and just lets things happen, onlookers or not. He is terrible at keeping secrets anyway.

    or, Wilhelm is a chaotic anxious queer who just wants to win his boy back

    Alex, ¡ayúdame! (M, 14087 words, Wille gets the talk from the FSOTUS)

    Alex Claremont-Diaz did say Wilhelm could go to him for anything.

    Until Wilhelm momentarily wishes he lived in a universe where he was straight and didn’t have to have in depth discussions about anal sex with the First Son of the United States, who weirdly is one of the queer men that Wilhelm trusts the most.

    or, how Alex Claremont-Diaz became Wilhelm and Simon’s agony aunt

    take my heart and hit the back (M, 6062 words, alt. title: the FSOTUS knows way too much about his cousin-in-law's sex life)

    Simon has a weird relationship dynamic with Alex Claremont-Diaz. They met in real life once during New Year’s, two months ago, when the First Son of the United States extended Wilhelm’s invite to the White House to Simon, and now Alex likes to interact with Simon’s Instagram posts and stories, like telling him how his hickey is way too obvious from his Instagram story. Since Alex is already so invested in Simon and Wilhelm's sex life, Simon might as well ask - 'So, are you a top? Do you have any tips?'

    or; Simon tops for the first time

    The Life of Simon and Wilhelm, the Most Famous Gay Couple in Sweden (G, 29092 words, 8 chapters, future fic)

    Simon Vasquez (LGBTQ activist and charity-gig-pop-star-extraordinaire), and his boyfriend, Wilhelm (formerly 'of Sweden'), are known for their fiercely protected private life - whilst being firmly in Generation Z and generously flaunting their relationship on Wilhelm's public Instagram account, the young couple has never appeared in media engagements, where they are not in control of the portrayal of their own image.

    On a groundbreaking occasion, Simon and Wilhelm are sharing a week of their life, unfiltered, in a filmed extended interview, revealing many previously unknown opinions and details about their lives. Curiously, the host of such a groundbreaking interview is an unknown amateur journalist - a teenager in high school in Stockholm, whose biggest credit to her name is representing the Queer Straight Alliance of her school.

    7. Missing Moments by embracedthevoid <@ungaroyals> (Varying rating, 29K+ words, 15+ works, all brilliant)

    A collection of beautifully written and thought out missing moments from the series, AND the author takes requests for the series as well. Dare I say YR fic god?

    ---> If the authors are seeing this, thank you for writing awesome fic !! <---

    - love, nick (@autumn_has_rusty_people_skills over on ao3)

    #it was way too long #so i split it into three #will be added as more fics come up #young royals fanfic #wilhelm#prince wilhelm #crown prince wilhelm #young royals fic recs #wilhelm young royals #wilhelm and simon #simon eriksson #madison young royals #young royals#felice#august#sara eriksson #crown prince erik #wilmon #simon x wille #wille x simon #simon x wilhelm #yr netflix #young royals netflix #lmk authors if i missed out ur tumblr #i'll add it #pt.3 ie multichaptered standalones coming soon #i did this instead of paying attention in chem #and also got distracted by toffeelemon's wlw yr fic #its amazing btw toffee if ur reading this ily
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  • ladyauroraborealis
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    via @/yeiworld on instagram

    Still Creating Magic!

    2nd Pic from 2016 😅😅

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  • fighting-god-69
    21.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    If the casting call is for a new love interest for Wille or Simon I'm fighting someone

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  • dn4lwt
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    anyone wanna be mutuals? i usually talk about louis tomlinson, harry styles, lorde, clairo, supernatural, the 100, young royals and b99 but I also like maneskin, niall horan, zayn malik and taylor swift and the neighborhood.

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  • prince-simon
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    for no reason at all...

    is there anything you'd want to tell prince simon? 👀

    #young royals #prince simon au #GIVE THE BOY SOME LOVEEEE #send me an ask or reply to this post #i'd love to hear how he inspires you #and what he means to you
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  • levok
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • ladyauroraborealis
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I don't know if any of you even care 😅 but Elias will be releasing a new album on oct 29. I have been obsessed with this guys music since hearing revolution on yr, so much that he's already my 2nd most listened to artist of all time on spotify 😳

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  • levok
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #ask #young royals netflix
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  • levok
    21.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • levok
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The casting call

    I feel like elaborating on the whole casting call thingy/why my theory lands on a character associated with Alex, even though I touched the topic multiple times in my asks yesterday. 

    This is just my thoughts and theories, only based on my logic. And you're very welcome to believe im wrong - I might be. I just like to analyze. 

    So the thing is, even though YR has a pretty diverse cast, the cast’s ethnicity is not what defines the character they are playing. I think Lisa wants a diverse cast, but she didn't write a role for a black girl or an asian boy etc. she just wrote good characters, and didn't let them be defined by their skin color or ethnicity. She just chose the actor/actress who fitted the role. I don't think she defined Alex character by being east asian or Nils as being south asian (I haven't seen the original casting call, so I don’t know how they actually searched for actors). The reason I think that, is that nothing about their ethnicity is relevant to their story or character. Lisa just picked the actors who fitted the roles.

    When Omar talks about the casting, he also never mentions that they were looking for a latin/spanish actor, because they didn't. They just looked for the perfect Simon, which happened to be Omar.

    And that is the reason I think the casting has something to do with Alex. Because they are extra interested in an actor with same ethnicity. If they just wanted a diverse cast the frase all ethnicities are welcome would be just fine. And the reason the character doesn't have to be East Asian (if another actor just fits better), could be that Alex is supposed to be adopted, so his sibling doesn't have to be bio related.

    I know this was quite long. I just had to get it out there. And I'm probably totally wrong. lol.

    #young royals#casting call #I'm done talking about it now
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  • swedishyr
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ...revolution starts playing 🎶

    #young royals#edvin ryding #also now I want future queen estelle to marry a princess so bad omg #well it's amazing to know she'll at least have the option #hopefully more countries will follow these statements from the netherlands and sweden #it's long overdue
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  • swedishyr
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #young royals #young royals season 2 #ask #and for the love of god don't go harassing Lisa or any of the other writers #trust them they know what they're doing
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  • spookykittendetective
    21.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    So one thing that Young Royals probably done is to bring out the question about same-sex marriage within royalty.

    And apparently, His Majesty's Marshal of the Realm of Sweden has felt the need to clarify to the public the following:

    The Crown Princess is allowed to marry whoever she'd like, regardless of gender, and doesn't need to worry about losing her throne. There is nothing in the Succession Act that says otherwise.

    So really, the Wilhelm, go get your Simon. Your mum is just being an incompetent queen and terrible mother.

    (regarding the question of heirs, really, you'd think they'd know their own history because the current Swedish Royal Family come from an adoption themselves. 1818, the Swedish king had no heir and adopted Charles XIV John of Sweden from the House of Bernadotte. Our current king's ancestor).

    #Young royals#lgbtqia+#text #this post was brought by some general musing and googling after reading the news #wilhelm x simon #royalty#sweden #i love history lol #wilmon
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  • randomlyverbosemar
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    i'm rewatching yr and i'd just really love to see wille (and the other main characters tbh) talk to a therapist in season 2 

    #maybe that's how he meets this new character we're getting #and they become friends #so he'll end up with a bigger support system than just erik (who he no longer has) and simon (who he no longer has) and occasionally felice #plus therapy would help him be his own support system as well #i just want him to be happy #young royals#season 2
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  • spaghett-shitposts
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #young royals memes #young royals#yr meme#yr netflix#willhelm #willhelm x simon #wilmon
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  • spaghett-shitposts
    21.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • myyoungroyalsblog
    21.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Me at Lisa and the whole team

    #the quality is going to be just as good as season 1 #leave then alone #i really cant understand how people can threathen them like wtf is wrong with you #im just happy were getting a season 2😌 #young royals#mine#lisa ambjorn
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