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  • lost-inthedream
    23.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    SF9 Christmas with their own family

    requested by @inseongsfoxybae

    Characters: Husband! sf9 + female reader (though other than the word mother there is nothing that restricts the gender of the reader) + their children💟

    c/n = your child's name

    Author's note: Merry early Christmas you all. I wanted to post it before December 24th so it can warm you already.

    There is no reference to weather because, you know, different people celebrate Christmas all around the world.

    Even though the imagines are short, I wrote them with love.

    There is pure fluffy right under the cut


    He starts with his favorite Christmas activities pretty early. Both because he is eager to enjoy such a season with his family as well as because he wants you all to relish it to the fullest together.

    Once you and he have some time you go shopping without thinking twice. You do not have a very tight list of items to take home for the decoration. Anyways Binnie has already mentioned Christmas-themed clothes to dress your little sunshine with as you count the days to go until Christmas. You two make sure to show your kid the advent calendar every morning, they are still learning the numbers. "Look, we're almost there!"


    You know he is in his Christmas mood when he wakes you up with songs of the season. That together with his bright smile surely means he is possessed by the Christmas spirit.

    Your child is still a baby but Seongie can imagine them getting older and looking at the pages of a beautiful family album. Of course, you find an average-sized present under the Christmas tree, wrapped with candy-colored paper and having your child's name written on it. A brand new, special album to fulfill with the current and the numerous Christmas photos you all will celebrate together.


    Jae gets all about decoration. Your child's eyes glittering to capture everything is his favorite part. Your husband wants Christmas signs everywhere inside and out of your house. You catch him asking for your baby's opinions so many times. It is really enjoyable to you because sometimes Jaeyoon does change his mind thanks to the way that little being looks at him. "I got it, C/N. I'm gonna place it here instead."

    Once you all are done, you sit to admire your nice job and rest. Your child does not take long to drift off on his lap and you jest "look, they're more exhausted than us!" Jaeyoon strokes their round cheek and voices softly "of course they are"


    As soon as your child can understand stories and gets fascinated by Santa and Christmas myths, Dawon sits with them to write a proper letter (in his own words). "Don't you think we should say we're sending warm hugs? It's really cold there on the north pole".

    Of course, your child is as energetic as your husband, thus your little one makes mistakes numerous times throughout December, such as breaking glasses or kicking a ball at your neighbor's flowers. So they get truly worried that they will be on the list of naughty children. You and Dawon always make sure to reassure them nevertheless "Honey, I know you've got a precious heart"


    Ju has just slipped a Santa hat your on your child head, now both you and your husband admire as that smiley little being caresses the white fur around it. You are not only looking actually, your cellphone is in hand to record the happy scene unrolling in front of you.

    Your baby cannot walk yet so it was easy to settle them on the couch next to a bunch of Christmas items. You are done filming so Juho gets on his knees to take perfect pictures. Your little girl/boy loses interest in the red hat and directs it to something else, which is the plushie wearing a Santa set that Juho's parents have sent. "Your grandparents will love these pictures!"


    Your husband gets back home and you can see he is in a rush when he quickly lays a peck on your lips. "Hold on Seokwoo. what's happening?" He then holds back and looks into your eyes with kindness. "I'm sorry. I just passed by the park downtown and they already decorated it for Christmas. C/N will love to see it". You immediately forgive him but not without joking. "I see. But what about me?"

    In no time you all are inside the car on your way to the park and your child keeps asking his dad to say how big the Christmas tree is. "Don't you wanna see with your own eyes, bunny??"

    Yoo Taeyang:

    The majority of cookies you prepared together in the morning are shaped like pines and snowflakes. However, your husband made a few hearts while you and your kid worked together. "Why hearts?" your child asks without a clue. "Because I love you and mommy, boo"

    When it is time to eat your sweet masterpieces, you all sit together and your little one has fun feeding mommy and daddy. A lovely Christmas animation is playing on TV but sometimes you do not pay much attention because your kid has something important to say. They are precious!!


    Youngkyun loves to lie down and cuddle with you and your sunshine child to watch Christmas movies or read stories. The fact that Children believe in magic without any doubt gets him smiling like an idiot. You all have a hard time putting your child to sleep on Christmas Eve "I wanna see Santa's reindeers"

    "What about Santa himself?" your husband chuckles rubbing their belly covered by a blanket. After a while, you and Hwiyoung are staring at your asleep child with fond eyes, too amazed to get up and bring the present to under the tree.


    Waking up on Christmas day gets the love of your life in a lazy yet cheerful mood. Your baby was complaining in their own language inside their crib and Chani rescued them so you can be all together in bed. You smile at the sight of the two most precious people in your life wearing matching Christmas pajamas. Then you remember you are wearing one too.

    "I thought they were hungry but I guess they just missed us" Chani deduces almost whispering. His voice is still failing to say anything. He carefully lies the baby between both of you and watches them snuggle onto you.


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  • milkybonya
    12.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    lazy lips

    warnings: deep/sensual kisses :o but otherwise just fluff!!

    summary: pretty much just another morning of (gn)reader waking up next to boyfriend!Rowoon :")

    word count: 1k

    listen to this album while reading :")

    [a/n]: i've fallen for sf9 recently <3_<3 and uh i've been appreciating the members one by one :") rn i'm in my Rowoon feels i guess heh so enjoy this~

    you wake up next to your boyfriend, Rowoon, who has his back turned to you. when you go to wrap an arm around his waist and pull him closer, he takes hold of your hand and presses it to his lips all while still having his back turned.

    "youre awake?!" you ask, and you can feel his lips smiling against the skin of the back of your hand.

    "mm-hmm," he hums in a deep tone.

    he then turns around to face you, cupping one of your cheeks in his hand and stroking it gently with his thumb. sleepily, he smiles at you while mumbling something.

    "what was that?" you ask.

    "i love you, y/n. i think i'm the luckiest person alive in the world right now for having you in my life."

    you take hold of his hand that was against your face just moments ago and press it to your lips this time. Rowoon smiles dreamily at you. he then shifts so he's on his back, pulling you on top of him so your head lays on his chest. with one arm wrapped around your shoulders, he uses his other free hand to hold one of yours.

    a few moments pass with the two of you in that position, talking about this and that. Rowoon's raspy voice makes your heart flutter, and you roll over onto your tummy to feel his soft lips with one of your fingers as he talks. it tickles and makes you laugh, and Rowoon sleepily smiles at you.

    "having fun?" he asks, speaking in-between your finger that's still glued to his lips.

    when you nod, he puckers his lips, kissing your fingertip and you squeal quietly from both the ticklish sensation and the butterflies that stir within you.

    Rowoon laughs, pulling you on top of him completely. you lean in to kiss him but he moves his head to the side, frowning. a whine escapes your lips--you were this close to feeling his plump lips against yours.

    "are you wearing my shirt?" he asks, eyeing the grey material that hangs off your shoulders.

    you nod and Rowoon's expression breaks into a smile.

    "who let you wear my clothes, hm?!" he grunts, tackling you in a bear hug while you're still on top of him.

    you squeal into the crook of his neck as he continues to tightly hug you.

    "who let you wear my clothes and look even better wearing them than when i do?!"

    when you finally wriggle free of his strong grip, you jump off your shared bed and run around your apartment, being chased by Rowoon who follows closely behind you.

    your laughter echoes in his ears, making him smile so hard that his eyes crease. the sight of you in nothing but his shirt and a pair of shorts, running around your shared apartment, makes his heart flutter. he kind of doesn't want to ever catch up to you, because watching you run while laughing so brightly is a sight he wants to see forever.

    eventually, though, he traps you on one side of the coffee table while he's on the other, racing towards you after you make the slightest move. he wraps his arms around you from behind, pressing your back against his chest and showering the back of your exposed neck with soft, warm kisses.

    "let me go!" you squeal, wriggling against his strong arms.

    he chuckles, saying, "i'll only let you go if you explain why you're wearing my shirt."

    you know he's not actually mad at you for wearing the shirt, but is just teasing you. nonetheless, you turn around in his arms, facing him before you give an answer.

    "i was too lazy to search through my own clothes last night for what i wanted to wear to sleep, so when i saw your shirt laying on the bed, i couldn't resist. it smells just like you..." you trail off, entranced by the memory of falling asleep with Rowoon's scent all around you last night.

    "are you that in love with me?" he teases, not able to hold back his smile.

    you shamelessly nod and Rowoon presses a long, deep kiss to your lips while his arms are still around your waist. you squeeze your eyes shut as your heart flutters about a thousand times.

    when you pull away first, breathless, your eyes meet Rowoon's dazed ones. he's so in love with you that every second he spends with you feels like a dream.

    "can we go back to bed?" you whine, starting to feel cold.

    Rowoon nods with a smile, letting go of your waist and holding your hand instead, guiding you to the warmth of your covers.

    he tucks you in while laying beside you, and you watch him while laying on your side. when he's done, he looks at you while also laying on his side, facing you.



    "i love you."

    "you're so silly, you already told me that just a few minutes ago!" you say, booping Rowoon's nose as he scrunches it up. "but i'm glad you told me again, because it gives me the chance to say i love you, too."

    Rowoon silently looks at you after you speak, his eyes flitting from your eyes, to your lips, back to your eyes again. you lift your head, wondering why he's looking at you that way, but then he cups your cheek in his hand again, shuffling closer.

    "can i... kiss you?" he asks in a low voice.

    you nod with a smile, already closing your eyes.

    they're so cute... preparing for me to kiss them before i've even done anything, Rowoon thinks to himself.

    he leans in, then, kissing you so deeply that you're grateful he's holding you close, or else you would've somehow rolled off the bed. his lips feel so warm and soft against yours, matching every move you make. he only pulls away a few times to catch his breath, smiling at you before he leans in again.

    when he pulls away for the last time, he buries his face in your chest, letting out a muffled squeal. you laugh at him and pat his back.

    "do you wanna sit up and watch a movie together?" he asks, once his heart has stopped beating so fast and he's regained his senses.

    you nod and you both sit up, Rowoon's back resting against the headboard and you sitting in-between his legs, your own back leaning against his chest. you can feel every breath he takes; you can hear his heartbeat.

    he wraps his arms around you and kisses the top of your head from time to time, earning him a kiss on the cheek from you.

    "do you think it's fine if we don't leave this bed for the rest of the day?" you ask.

    "well, we should leave at least twice to eat, but other than that... let's just stay here," Rowoon says, burying his head into your shoulder.

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  • mirisss
    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    I Wanna Be Us Youngbin x reader bad boy!AU

    (photo edited by me) 

    Youngbin x female! reader

    Bad boy AU, College/University AU

    Warnings: A bit cliche, some violence, curse words, jealousy, possessive themes, threats, motorcycles, (if there are any others that I’ve missed please let me know

    *(y/n), I’m outside. Hurry or we’ll be late, unless you want me to risk getting a speeding ticket* 

    *I’m coming, Binnie. And no way. I’d rather be late than sitting on your motorcycle as you’re speeding. You know I’m afraid when you drive legally.* 

    *I know, I’m just kidding. But hurry up, otherwise you’re gonna be sad all week because you were late with one minute* 


    (y/n) ran out through the door after she had grabbed her bag, she locked the door and jogged over to Youngbin, her boyfriend, who was waiting by his motorcycle. “Hey babe” Youngbin gave her a kiss and although he wanted to give her a longer one she backed away and reached for the helmet he held in his hand. “Morning. Sorry that I was a little late today. I was up late studying for my exam this afternoon,” Youngbin helped his girlfriend put on the helmet before he put on his own and mounted the bike, waiting for her to do the same. “Well, hurry now. Or you’ll be late,” (y/n) quickly mounted the bike and put her arms around Youngbin tightly. Youngbin steadily accelerated away towards their college. 

    Now you might be wondering how come these two are dating? Who even are they? Let me tell you. 

    First of all, who are they? 

    Kim Youngbin, infamous bad boy ever since High School, now he’s a senior in college. He has a couple tattoos, he’s always wearing leather jackets and you know the usual bad boy style, he drives a motorcycle and he’s dating (l/n) (y/n). 

    (l/n) (y/n), introverted good girl, junior in college. The one who’s always studying, is the teacher’s favorite, always having a book in her hands. And, now she’s dating the bad boy. 

    So, how did that happen? How come they began dating? 

    It happened during (y/n)’s first year in college. She didn’t know anyone there, had some trouble finding her way and she ended up running into a guy. Now you might think, ah Youngbin. Nope. You’re wrong. It was a guy called Rowoon, he was nice and helped her find her way. What she didn’t know was that Rowoon was a very popular guy, so him being friendly with her caused a lot of problems. Some girls decided that (y/n) was a threat because she had spoken with Rowoon and therefore she needed to be punished. The day (y/n) met Rowoon was on Monday, the day that the girls took their revenge was on Friday. After lunch, (y/n) was on her way to her last lesson of the day and the week. The group of girls had prepared to embarrass her by ripping at her clothes and then spreading rumours about her. A petty way to go about it, but it was the only way they saw fit. As (y/n) almost passed the door into one of the classrooms, one of the girls opened the door and called out to her. “Hey! Can you come in here? We need some help,” She made sure to sound stressed and she did a good job as (y/n) bought it and went into the classroom with the girl. Once inside, another girl blocked the door so that no one else would be able to come inside. Two girls grabbed onto her shoulders and pushed her down on the floor as the leader walked towards (y/n) with a scissor in her hand. “Hey, what are you doing? Please don’t hurt me. I haven’t done anything wrong!” (y/n) began shaking as she was scared. “Nothing wrong, huh? You’ve done something very wrong. Maybe this will teach you to stay away from Rowoon,” The leader began cutting at (y/n)’s shirt and at her pants, all while (y/n) was struggling in the hold of the other two girls. She decided to try screaming, hoping anyone would come save her. 

    Youngbin, our infamous bad boy, had just walked into school at this time. He was in quite a bad mood as someone had messed with his bike. The only reason he had come in that day was to find the culprit. But as he was walking past a dark classroom, he heard a muffled scream of ‘help me’ from inside. Although he didn’t hear it clearly, he could still make out the words and conclude that it was a female voice. He was already pent up from the bike thing so he thought, ‘what better way to let some steam than by beating someone up? So if it’s a guy doing some weird shit I’ll take some anger out on him’. Now, Youngbin is a pretty buff guy, even if he doesn’t look like it, he is really strong. So, he pushed the door open fairly easily even with the two girls trying to keep it closed. He was a bit surprised to see a group of 5 girls bullying a sixth girl, though he quickly found his anger as he saw the tears falling down the sixth girl’s face and as he saw her cut clothing. Youngbin has an older sister and he remembers seeing her coming home one day as they were younger crying because some other girls had bullied her. So after that, Youngbin created a habit out of breaking up events like these. It is part of why he became known as a bad boy. Ironic, I know. A bad boy who actually protects the weak, those who stand alone. Seeing the tears fall down from this girl’s face reminded him so much of his sister that he was outraged at this situation. 

    (y/n) found her breath again as the door swung open revealing a boy, she thought that she was saved. But then it dawned on her that maybe he knew these girls and would help them. He didn’t look like a knight in shining armor, he was handsome. Really handsome but he had that typical bad boy look, not really resembling someone that would help her in this scenario but she was happy to be proven wrong. 

    “You have 2 seconds to let her go and apologize, after that you are going to the principal to explain what you did and if I don’t see you being suspended… then I can’t promise that you’ll survive the rest of the year in this school. Do you understand me?” The five girls all looked terrified after Youngbin came into the classroom. They all knew exactly who he was, which also meant that they knew he was not a person you wanted to mess with. And he was even being nice to them by giving them a choice. The two girls who had been holding (y/n) down instantly let her go and the leader who still held the scissor in her hand threw it down, hitting (y/n) on the leg with it, before she turned towards (y/n) and stuttered out a shaky ‘I’m sorry’ and then immediately rushing out through the door followed by the other girls. 

    (y/n) was still crying, shaking and struggling to breathe a little as she was panicking. She looked up at the guy, only to find that he was gone. ‘So much for being a knight in shining armor, or a knight in a shining leather jacket’. She stayed there on the floor, trying to calm down. She was also trying to figure out how she would walk out, her clothes were all cut and thorn. It wouldn’t cover anything, she was sure the rumours would already be bad and if she walked out like this, they would be horrendous. After 3 minutes since Youngbin left, he came back. (y/n) was shocked to see him back, especially since he was holding a first aid kit. “Hey, is it okay if I come closer? I understand that it might be a little uncomfortable for you,” (y/n) must admit, when he spoke, threatened, to the other girls he seemed really scary and she as well became afraid. But now, his voice was kind and warm. Maybe you shouldn’t judge someone by their appearance, or simply by your first impression. “It’s okay, thank you,” (y/n) managed to let out a low whisper and give him a tiny nod. At her confirmation, Youngbin stepped closer and sat down in front of her. He saw that her clothes were completely ruined, ‘she must be so embarrassed right now, I almost wish those other girl’s mess up so I can scare them some more’.  “I’m Youngbin, btw. What’s your name?” He wanted to try and calm her down a little before trying to treat some of the few cuts the girls had made to her skin. “(y/n),” She was a little shy, Youngbin was handsome from a distance but up close he was like a god. Rowoon was handsome, she must admit but Youngbin was handsome in a different way. “Are you new around here? I might not be the best student at attending school but I don’t think I’ve seen you before. And, could you give me your hand? So I can clean the cut they made on it” He gave (y/n) a charming smile that made her heart skip a beat. Although she knew that it might be a bad idea to trust a stranger, especially one with tattoos on his neck and one who threatened some other girls, she still lifted her hand and put it out in front of Youngbin. “Yeah, I’m a freshman. My first day was Monday this week. What year are you in? I haven’t seen you around either,” “As I said, I’m not good at attending my classes. I have a reputation to keep up you know, I’m a bad boy so this soft me has to stay a secret okay? And, I’m a sophomore so I’m a year above you,” His comment about having a reputation made (y/n) let out a little laugh. She doesn’t know when it happened, but sometime during this interaction she stopped crying. “Got it. I swear, I won’t tell anyone. It’s not like I have anyone to tell either way. The only person I know, well not counting you then, is a guy called Rowoon but that’s what got me into this mess today,” “Ah, so those girls were Rowoon fans. Unfortunately, we have many ‘clubs’ like that here. Girls who admire a handsome guy form so called clubs and make up stupid rules about no one but them being allowed to speak to this guy. But, I assure you. After today, they won’t dare to mess with you. I have to warn you though -” “What? Do you also have some crazy fans?” “Haha, not really. People are too scared to make it known at least. But, if those girls spread that I saved you there are some guys who might give you trouble as they don’t really like me and they’ll think that they can get to me if they do something to you,” This information made (y/n) scared, people might come after her in order to get to him? A guy she doesn’t even know? “So, I’m just dead no matter what happens? That’s what you’re saying right?” “No, no. I’m saying. Don’t trust just anyone, they won’t really do anything against you like these girls did. Rather they might try and harass you by saying some nasty comments in the hall, which isn’t right either but maybe that’s better than this,” “I think so too. Hey, Youngbin, do you have any idea how I’m going to be able to leave this classroom without losing my entire pride? Cause right now I feel like my clothes are covering less than a bikini would,” Youngbin let out a laugh at her comment, he took of his jacket and gave it to her. “This should be big enough to cover most of the places they cut and then you can just walk behind as I walk you out of the school. I would offer you a ride home but some guy messed with my bike so I can’t drive it, but hey wait. Let me just call a friend, I think he’s here today and if he is I can borrow his car.” “You don’t have to. Thank you for your help, you’ve done more than most would. If you’ll just help me out of school then I’ll handle the rest on my own,” “If I let you walk home, dressed like that even with my jacket there are terrible people who’ll take advantage of the situation and I don’t want to let that happen, if I can’t borrow his car then I’ll walk you home. Okay? I’m not letting you do it on your own, it’s too dangerous. Now listen to your elder, okay?” Even as he gave her a stern look, his eyes remained kind and (y/n) could see the concern bubbling around in them. “Alright, I’ll just wait here until you’ve made the call,” “Great, I’ll be right outside the door.” Youngbin walked out as he brought out his phone from his back pocket. 

    “Hey, Jaeyoon. Are you in school right now?” “Youngbin, yeah I am. Why? Need some help with the guys who messed with your bike?” “No, I have another problem. I’ll explain later but could I borrow your car? I just need it for like, an hour or so,” “Sure, I’m in the cafeteria so you can come get the key. I’m gonna take that test so I’ll be busy for the coming 2 to 3 hours either way,” “Thanks man, you’re the best!” 

    “Hey, (y/n). I’m just gonna run over to the cafeteria and get the keys to my friend’s car,” She perked up at that, he would drive her home. Damn, for being a bad boy he sure was kind. “Okay, well I’ll stay here,” She gave him a genuine smile and Youngbin decided at that moment that he wanted to see her smile again but not with a face dried with tears or with thorn clothes. He rushed over to the cafeteria and met up with Jaeyoon who handed Youngbin the keys to the car. “Thanks man! I’ll explain later, I promise,” “It’s cool, good luck with whatever you’re doing” They did a quick handshake before Youngbin jogged back to the classroom where (y/n) was waiting. “Hey, I’m back. I got the keys to my friend’s car so we can get out of here and get you home,” Youngbin approached (y/n) and reached out his hand once he stood in front of her. She reached her own arm out and grabbed a hold of it to stand up. “Okay, thank you Youngbin. You really don’t have to do this, I can figure something out on my own” “Stop”, Youngbin gave (y/n) a stern look and used his ‘scary’ voice. “Stop, saying that you don’t need help. You obviously do, besides there is no one telling me I have to do this but I’m doing it because I want to. So just accept the help now,” (y/n) had to admit she was a bit frightened by his tone along with his appearance but she can’t help but also see that he is there helping her, a mean person wouldn’t do that. So maybe it was worth accepting his bad boy exterior because of the kind man behind it. “Sorry, I’m just not used to people being nice like this. So, it feels weird,” “Better get used to it then, at least for now cause I ain’t leaving until you are safe inside your home” Youngbin finally pulled her up from the floor and then they quickly moved out from the classroom into the hall where, luckily, no students were hanging around. They hurried through the hall out into the parking lot, (y/n) wondered how on earth Youngbin was gonna find his friend’s car in the big parking lot filled with cars. Youngbin, however, did not share this concern of hers as he simply walked to the second row, the 5 slot and boom. Jaeyoon’s car.  “How did you know his car was going to be parked here? I mean there’s probably like 150 cars here,” Youngbin turned around and gave (y/n) a smirk. “This slot basically belongs to him, half of this row belongs to me and my friends. No one dares take these places as we are always parked here. This first slot over there, the one that’s empty. That’s my slot, the one beside that belongs to my friend Inseong, after that it’s your buddy Rowoon’s one, after that is Dawon’s, here’s Jaeyoon’s, the next is Zuho’s, after it’s Taeyang’s, then comes Hwiyoung’s, and lastly we have Chani’s one. So it’s not that hard to find our gang’s vehicles,” (y/n) gawked at him as if he was crazy, for two reasons. Number 1, He’s friends with Rowoon?!?! Number 2. Those 9 guys all belong to the same group? But they are so different! oh, reason number 3. HE’S FRIENDS WITH ROWOON??? “Why didn’t you say anything earlier? About being friends with Rowoon, you know as I told you why those girls did this to me?” “Because people always make such a big deal out of it and honestly it makes me kind of mad. So what if we’re different? We can still be friends,” “Oh, okay. Sorry, it just felt like you wanted to hide that for some other reason. Sorry,” “You don’t have to apologize for everything you know, you just asked and I understand what you mean. I probably should have said something earlier. But let’s go, Jae’s not gonna be happy if I don’t have his car back in time” The two got in the car after Youngbin unlocked it, (y/n) gave him directions to her apartment and he drove them there. After he dropped her off and made sure she got in safely, he drove back to the school and arrived just in time for Jaeyoon to walk out of the entrance. “Hey dude, tell me. tell me. tell me. what happened?” Youngbin still sat in the driver’s seat so Jaeyoon got in on the passenger side, curious as ever he couldn’t hold himself back from asking as soon as he got in the car. “Chill man, I’ll tell you. So here’s the deal-” Youngbin told the story of everything that happened. “Okay, wait. Hold up, you’re a good guy(pun intended) and all but I haven’t seen you act like this with anyone that isn’t one of us or your sister. So, why did you react like this with her?” “I’m not sure. Initially, I felt like it was a similar thing as what happened to my sister. But the longer the interaction went on, it felt different,” “You might be crushing on this girl, you know. It’s not impossible, a love at first sight kinda thing” “You’re crazy dude, love at first sight doesn’t exist” “We’ll just have to wait and see, then”

    The next week, Monday

    Youngbin, resident bad boy, usually doesn’t show up for school but today he was on time for his lessons and he attended them all. Even the teachers were scared. Something was wrong about this situation. The gang had spent the entire weekend, joking around with Youngbin about (y/n) and his ‘feelings’ for her. Rowoon being the only one who held back a little, as he felt guilty for the whole situation. The boys weren’t surprised to see him at school as they all knew, he was looking for you. 

    Youngbin however, was a little surprised to not have run into (y/n) or even seen her throughout the Monday but he thought that possibly their schedules were just different that day. 

    Come Thursday and he still hasn’t caught even a glimpse of her. He concluded that she must be avoiding him. (y/n) hates him. He probably scared her off and now she’s doing everything she can to avoid him. You idiot Youngbin! You find one girl that you actually like, stupid Jaeyoon and his ‘love at first sight’ blabber, and you scare her away. Great job, you fool. 

    At Youngbin’s place

    “Guys, why is she avoiding me? Did I really do something weird? Did I do something wrong?” The other guys had never seen their, well, leader like this before. So miserable over a girl, they’ve seen him be miserable when he broke his leg and couldn’t ride his bike or dance for a long time. But never like this. Over a person. “Have you thought about the possibility that your schedules just are different?” “Or that she might have caught a cold so she’s home for that reason?” “Or that someone told her to stay away from you?” The guys came with some suggestions as to why she would or would not be avoiding him. “I checked her schedule and all these days we have lunch at the same time and a free period at the same time on Mondays and Wednesdays, so it’s not because of that. I heard some others talking about how great her presentation was for one of her classes so I don’t think she’s ill. So, if anything is likely to have happened it’s your suggestion Chani. Someone has told her to stay away,” “One question, hyung. Didn’t you drive her home?” Taeyang asked, looking a bit confused. “Yeah, I did. Why?” “Well, if you’re so worried about her, why don’t you just drive to her apartment and talk with her?” “Because she will think I’m weird just showing up like that” “Didn’t you give her your jacket? Can’t you show up and ask for it back? It’s a good reason to show up and then you can talk with her about not being able to see her!” Dawon, a man who focuses on the details of things. “Dawon, I have never heard you say anything so intelligent before that wasn’t a joke or concerningly creepy!”  Youngbin shot up from his seat on the sofa and jogged over to his helmet, he put it on and grabbed his keys. “Don’t trash the place while I’m gone. Rowoon, you’re in charge of keeping them from killing each other!” He gave them a quick wave before he was shutting the door closed again and running to his bike. He quickly mounted it and drove off towards (y/n)’s home. 

    At (y/n)’s

    (y/n) was sitting in the kitchen reading a book, while she waited for the stew she was making to be done. As she was just about to start another chapter she heard a loud roaring noise outside, one that could not be mistaken for anything other than a motorcycle. (y/n) didn’t recognize the sound of this motorcycle though, another guy who lives a couple houses down from her does have one but it is not at all as loud as this one was. And that guy drives fairly slowly, this sounds like it’s going fast. The sound keeps coming closer and getting louder until it stops. (y/n)’s problem with this though was that the sound stopped right outside her home. She was a bit worried as she doesn’t know anyone who owns a motorcycle. She forgot about Youngbin. A knock was placed on her door. Who in the world is it? (y/n) was standing in the kitchen completely silent and debating whether or not she should open the door or hope that the person would leave. 

    Outside, Youngbin was wondering if she really was home as no one opened the door and he couldn’t hear anything from inside either. Just as he was about to turn around and go back to his house the door opened and he was standing face to face with you.  

    “Youngbin?” “Hey (y/n),” “What are you doing here?” “Well um, eh hahah-” “Oh, wait. Come inside, I have to go back to the kitchen or I’ll burn the stew,” (y/n) remembered that she was originally cooking dinner for herself and if she doesn’t check up on it, well then she won’t have any dinner to eat. Youngbin followed her inside and closed the door behind himself. “Sorry, what were you saying?” Youngbin was happy for the extra minute to think this through, would it sound creepy to say: ‘well I have been looking for you but I haven’t seen you around so I decided I would unexpectedly show up at your house to confront you on this’ yes, that would sound extremely creepy. “I was hoping you would return my jacket to me, I have been trying to see if I would run into you in school but I haven’t,” Youngbin tried to sound as nonchalant as he could and make it seem natural as to why he was there. “Oh, sorry about that. I have been trying to look for you too but I couldn’t get a hold of your schedule so I didn’t know when or where I could find you. I also tried to ask some people who either told me I had a death wish for asking for you and others who told me that you were never at school. So after I didn’t find you or Rowoon, I gave up a little and hoped for you to find me, which you did,” Okay, logical explanation as to why he hadn’t seen her around. Still doesn’t explain though why he didn’t see her around during the days the two of them have lunch at the same time or when they have a free period. “I checked your schedule too, or I managed to do so, and turns out we have lunch at the same time on Mondays and a free period at the same time on Wednesdays and I have been attending school this week, you know I can’t always skip. But anyway, I didn’t see you during any of these times,” “Oh, on Monday I ate lunch in the courtyard as I brought my own and didn't’ feel comfortable sitting alone in the cafeteria and as soon as I had eaten my lunch I went to the classroom for my next class and looked through my homework again. On Wednesday, I was in the library and I found this book that I have here on the counter and I began reading it. But I guess that you don’t really hang out at the library and you were looking for me in the cafeteria, not the courtyard, where I was,” That is very logical, she’s a bookworm of course she’d be in the library idiot why didn’t you look there earlier? “That’s okay. Neither one of us managed to find the other, sorry btw for just showing up like this,” “Don’t worry about it. It did scare me a little but it’s fine now,” She gave him a nice smile. God, does she have to try and kill me? “Oh, right. You wanted your jacket, wait here. I’ll go get it,” (y/n) hurried out of the kitchen after she had turned off the stove and put the pot with stew in it on the counter. Youngbin stayed in the kitchen and looked around. Last time he dropped her off, he never went inside the house as he only drove her there and waited in the car until she was inside. Now as he was looking around he concluded that the decor was just like you, beautiful and cosy but nothing over the top. He could see into the living room where a small stack of books were lying beside the couch, a coffee or maybe tea cup was on the table, a couple of photos of (y/n) and some others were hanging on the walls. Overall, according to Youngbin, this house was perfect for her. (y/n) came back jogging down the stairs, she tried her best to hurry as she thought he wouldn’t want to spend too much time in her house even though she wished he would stay for a while. She can’t deny that Youngbin was, is, very attractive and he did seem to be quite a sweet guy behind his exterior. If (y/n) was to be honest then she had actually been imagining Youngbin as the main male character in a romance book she was reading earlier on in the week. She had thought a lot about him. “Sorry about not giving it back to you earlier. I was looking for you but I wasn’t at the same time because I feel like I should have done something more to thank you for helping me,” (y/n) looked down a little as she didn’t dare meet Youngbin’s eyes but also because she was blushing a little and was afraid he would make fun of her for it. Youngbin though didn’t know how to react as he had two different takes on the situation. 1: Freak out over how cute she was and run over to give her a hug, or 2: Act cool and ask if he can stay for dinner as ‘payment’. No matter how much he wanted to give her a hug he decided that option 2 was much better or he’ll probably scare her away even more. “It’s getting a bit late and I’m a bit hungry. So if it’s okay with you and there is enough for two then do you think I could stay for dinner?” At this (y/n) snapped her head up so quickly she’ll probably be experiencing some pain the coming day. He wanted to stay? And eat the food that she had made? “Yeah! Eh, that would be fine. I always make too much food for only me so I usually save it for later but now that you’re here maybe we’ll finish it,” The two sat down at the table in the kitchen after taking out two plates and everything they would need. There they sat for an hour as they ate and spoke about random things. Youngbin asked her if anyone had bothered her since Friday but (y/n) said that no one had, nor had anyone spoken to her outside of lessons. She said that it doesn’t seem like she’ll make any friends anytime soon. Youngbin said that she could always be friends with him and his group. “Aren’t you supposed to be a ‘bad boy’? Do those just go around offering their friendship to anyone?” “Yes, I’m a bad boy but that doesn’t mean I’m a lone wolf who doesn’t have friends. I’m just selective when it comes to choosing who can be friends with me and you princess have the honor of being offered this friendship. Besides, Rowoon has also already unofficially invited you, I’m just officially inviting you” “True, no one truly wants to be alone. Well, I’d love to be friends with you if the others are okay with it. And no one will kill me for that right?” “Trust me, if you’re our friend, mine especially, then no one will dare lay a hand on you,” After that they exchanged numbers and Youngbin said that Jaeyoon, the guy whose care Youngbin drove her home in last week, has lunch at same time as (y/n) on Fridays so Youngbin would make sure that Jae would eat lunch with her so she wouldn’t have to be alone. 

    And so the weeks went by and soon they would have been friends for almost a whole semester. There were just two weeks left until Christmas break and Youngbin had been planning to ask (y/n) out for a whole month now and he would do it the same week they would begin the break. However his problem now was that (y/n) began avoiding him again. She would hang out with the others like normal but whenever he asked her to hang out she was ‘busy’, when he came around somewhere she was then she would leave, she wouldn’t talk to him when the entire group was hanging out. Youngbin was confused, everything had been fine until a couple of days ago when (y/n) started avoiding him like he was the plague. He asked the others if they knew anything, if she had told them about what he could have done to make her avoid him. But the others didn’t know anything either. Inseong tried to ask her but she said everything was fine between them. 

    Come two days before Christmas break and (y/n) has now avoided Youngbin for 2 weeks. And he still doesn’t know why. He was growing sick of this as he has never been good at being patient when it comes to getting something he wants. Right now, that was (y/n)’s attention and love. Youngbin was so worked up that he decided after having a talk with Hwiyoung that he was gonna go find (y/n) and just confess to her. So, we have a frustrated, worked up Youngbin. Imagine how much worse this becomes when he finds (y/n), speaking to some guy. Now that part is fine. What isn’t, according to Youngbin, is that the guy had (y/n) pushed up against a wall and the guy was standing very close to her. The worst part was that (y/n) didn’t exactly look uncomfortable. Is that why she has been avoiding me? Because she got a boyfriend? Youngbin walked closer to the two in order to try and hear what they were saying. “So, do you see? I was right. He doesn’t want you. Just be with me now,” “I told you. I don’t like you, so just leave me alone already” Youngbin was ready to charge at any moment, but he waited a second to see how the guy would react to your words. “Stupid girl. You shouldn’t have denied me -” As he was speaking he lifted his hand and it looked as if he was planning to hit (y/n). When Youngbin saw this he ran towards them to stop the other guy. “HEY! WHEN SOMEONE TELLS YOU TO BACK OFF, YOU BACK OFF. ALRIGHT? AND IF YOU DARE TOUCH HER AGAIN, I’LL MAKE SURE YOU CAN’T TOUCH ANYONE EVER AGAIN. Take it as a threat if you want, it’s a promise,” As the guy recognized Youngbin, he realized that it was a mistake messing with (y/n). He ran away the second that Youngbin let go of his hand. Youngbin turned around and faced (y/n) who was looking down at the floor. How can he still come and save her knowing that she has been avoiding him? “Can we talk? Or are you going to run away from me again like you have for the past 2 weeks?” She felt even more ashamed as he spoke those words, it was the truth but it hurt nonetheless. “Yeah, we can talk,” “Great, let’s go!” Youngbin took her hand and began walking towards the exit of the school. (y/n) followed him as she didn’t have any other choice seeing as he was holding on to her hand. He brought her over to his motorcycle and handed her his helmet. “What about you? You can’t go without a helmet” “I’m not, but you are putting that one on or holding it so I can open this little compartment where I keep a spare helmet in case I need a new one or I need to give someone a ride,” “Oh, okay. Sorry,” Youngbin felt bad for sounding so harsh but he had trouble keeping his anger toned down right now. The two got on the motorcycle and Youngbin sped off towards his house. They went inside as soon as they got there. He led (y/n) into his bedroom as it was the only sure place where the other guys wouldn’t dare come inside when it is shut. 

    “Okay. I’m trying to calm down here, I’m not too good at dealing with my anger. Why have you been avoiding me? Did I do something wrong?” (y/n) sat down on the edge of the bed while Youngbin paced around in front of her. “I’m sorry that I avoided you. You said you’re not good with anger, well I’m not really good at talking about my feelings in general. 2 weeks ago that guy approached me and said he had something to tell me. I followed with him as he said it was urgent, when he decided that it was safe to talk. He told me that he knew about my feelings for a guy and he told me how that guy wouldn’t want to be with me and I was just foolish to think he would,” “What does that have to do with you avoiding me?” “Because the guy I have feelings for might be you and the guy said that he had seen you with multiple girls throughout the last month, I wasn’t special, and if I wanted to try to see if you liked me back I should avoid you to see how you would react. The guy said that if you hadn’t done something after 2 weeks then you don’t like me so I should go out with him instead. But I told him from the beginning that even if you didn’t like me back I wouldn’t date him,” “So you avoided me because some idiot said it was a good way to figure out my feelings for you? And you believed him?” “I guess, yeah” “Idiot. If anyone is going to tell you that I don’t or that I do like you it’s going to be me, no one else. And do you know what?” “What?” “I wanna be us. I want to be with you. I’ve been planning a grand confession for the past month, with the help of Dawon and Taeyang, which might not have been the best combination but whatever. Of course I like you,” Youngbin sat down next to (y/n) and put his arm around her as he made sure she had to snuggle up against him. “I like you too,” (y/n) cuddled into his warmth, proud of herself for not running away after she confessed her feelings. Not that Youngbin would have let her get far. 

    So since then, Youngbin and (y/n) have been a happy couple. It’s a long and complicated story of how it became them but still it is somewhat romantic. Most days, Youngbin stays at (y/n)’s place or she stays at his so they don’t have to be apart from each other. But today, (y/n) had an important exam and she knew that if Youngbin was around then she wouldn’t get to focus on her studies because she would have to focus on her boyfriend. So she had banned him from her house for the night, even if he was hurt by this he understood her and promised to come and pick her up in the morning just like he did now. Many people at school were still confused over why such a cool guy would date such a ‘lame’ person like (y/n). Youngbin would say that they just don’t know her well enough because she’s the coolest, most awesome person ever in his eyes. The two genuinely love each other and they have learnt not to care for others opinions. Youngbin also makes sure that (y/n) doesn’t blindly trust anymore strangers who have bad intentions, he’s a little worried for her last year in college seeing as he won’t be there but fortunately Hwiyoung and Chani will be so Youngbin made them promise that they would look out for her. And (y/n) promised she would make sure that they would study and can graduate when the time comes. Love is for everyone. So why does it matter that he’s a bad boy and she’s a good girl? As long as they love each other, their social image doesn’t matter. And if anyone has any other opinion, they will have to get past Youngbin in order to get to (y/n). Which they never will. Youngbin won’t ever let anyone hurt his beloved girlfriend, (y/n).

    #mirisss #mirisss.writings #mirisss.favorites #mirisss.stories #mirisss.requests #sf9#sf9 youngbin #sf9 youngbin x reader #sf9 x reader #sf9 oneshot#sf9 imagines #youngbin x reader #sf9 fluff#sf9 AU #sf9 bad boy AU #bad boy au #jealousy#jealous youngbin#sf9 trauma #sf9 I wanna be us #kpop#kpop fanfic#sf9 fanfiction#sf9 scenario
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  • lost-inthedream
    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 reaction to you taking care of your 18-months-old niece

    requested - not sure if it went like it was supposed to. this is the purest fluff nonetheless.


    You had already told him about the little girl who got along so well with you. Consequently, the chance to see you and her together was exciting to him.

    "Honey, this is h/n, right?" he confirmed coming closer and smiling at her. You could see how curious he was, yet he made sure that she was comfortable with his approach.

    He sat with you and her on the floor and waited until she naturally started interacting with him. You asked your niece whether she wanted to show him some of her toys, so she handed him one block out of a colorful collection. "H/n, I'm gonna help you at fitting all the blocks together." Your boyfriend promised.


    Inseong arrived when you were feeding your niece and she noticed him before you. Filling the small spoon one more time got you distracted. Suddenly, she was pointing to the door and widely laughing. Inseong's head peeked out from the doorframe as he made faces to amuse the child he was seeing for the very first time.

    You took the chance to insert one more portion of food inside her mouth.

    "Hello, baby" You immediately knew he was not referring to you thanks to his extra sweet intonation. "No need to answer, you have to chew your food well and grow up"


    Jaeyoon ran to you right after you call him in the park with your nice in your arms. He found the baby so beautiful and captivating that he expressed it with his whole body - you know those times when he gets all bouncy "Hey there! what's your name?"

    She looked slightly insecure in her first time meeting him but she was also so curious about the bubbly guy in front of her that she offered her hand.

    "Her name is..." you answer as Jaeyoon delicately fondled the back of her chubby fingers. Then he finally talked to you.


    The first thought you had was calling Dawon as soon as you saw yourself babysitting your favorite baby girl. He is good with kids and the kids get at ease with him.

    You have the impression you have not ever seen him come this fast. Dawon was at your place in a few minutes to be with you all. He came up with plenty of ideas to play and it felt like you and he had become children again.

    "Did your aunt tell you I was coming to play with you?"


    By the time Juho came to your place, he spotted you rocking your niece to sleep. He walked towards you in silence and you winked at him with a peaceful aura. He sat by your side on the couch and observed the way the little girl struggled to stay awake, his eyelids dropping closed and then opening once again.

    He instinctively shushed her when she turned to meet his face. The man looked patient and friendly.

    After she was defeated by tiredness both of you laid back on the couch and stared at each other without words. Your head fell onto his shoulder and his voice blew "you're doing so well"


    You were showing your niece some flowers in the garden when Rowoon announced his arrival "Hey, girls!" He had the warmest smile pasted on his face and waved cutely at both you and the kid.

    Rowoon made a lot of questions while both of you supervised your niece's little exploration around the garden. "How long have you been taking care of her? Do you think she's gonna like me?"

    "She's already in love with you, silly. Haven't you seen the way she looks at you?" He held your hand and you walked closer to the little girl.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You had your hand inside a blue puppet and pretended it was speaking by the time Taeyang swayed the front door open. He got curious about the baby he had not met until then but he grew shier than her.

    "Look, h/n. Uncle Taeyang has come to get to know you. Say hello." He went all giggly once she greeted him timidly, then he finally chose a space for himself by your side on the rug. There was another puppet inside a box full of toys and you suggested him to take it.

    You and Taeyang chuckled together as she got interested in his hand too right away.


    Your cellphone rang and you picked it up to say hi to Youngkyun while you looked after your niece. She was playing with several plushies and speaking a bunch of cute nonsense to them. "Is there a baby with you, love?" he asked. You explained that you were babysitting and would not be able to go out with him that night. "What if I go meet you there?" he proposed.

    He looked a bit worried that he would disturb you instead of helping. You did so well with your niece on your own. However, he got along really well with her and you could leave them in the living room while you prepared her food.

    "I see why you love her so much, y/n!"


    You invited him to babysit with you but he initially said no. lol Not because he was being rude, he just did not think you need him. "Okay, I don't need you, but I wish you were here tonight" you coaxed him.

    When Chani arrived the baby girl was sleeping in your arms, her head laying on your shoulder and lips pouting. Your boyfriend got absolutely amazed by the purity of her looks. "Oh my! she's such an angel"

    "Yet you didn't wanna see her." you provoked. He looked at your face with a fake hurt expression and rubbed the baby's back. "I didn't say that at all."

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    ➵ sf9 youngbin x fem! reader. enemies with benfits(ish). smut, zero plot.

    ➵wc: 803 words

    ➵ warnings: smut, unprotected sex, slight degradation, fingering, piv, hair pulling, marking, creampie. everything portrayed in this writing is consensual, however be smart about having sex and do not take this as an example. If this writing isn’t for you, DO NOT INTERACT, that includes minors, of course. unedited.

    ➵a/n: i don’t usually write smut so please keep that in mind. feedback is appreciated as i do look forward to improving❤️

    this was a request by @petitebakers​

    “I thought you hated me.”

    Youngbin’s voice comes from above you and although your eyes are half-closed, you can tell his smiling. That smug, disgusting smile he saves especially for you.

    “I do,” you breathe, though your grip around his forearm tightens.

    Not a believable statement when he is quite literally balls deep inside you. Youngbin chuckles, his hips moving back leaving you almost empty before he rams back into you, causing a whimper you cannot swallow.

    This doesn’t have to mean anything. It hasn’t meant anything the past three times it’s happened. Youngbin is a de-stressor for the same stress he causes.

    “Of course you do.” He’s still amused, although you can hear that slight lack of breath before he thrusts his hips again.

    “Shut up, Youngbin,” You roll your eyes. You certainly don’t want to talk, you only want him to keep moving. To feel his dick against your walls, throbbing and pulsing. “And keep fucking me.”

    This makes youngbin halt every movement. Not before pulling completely out of you, the newfound emptiness has your pussy clenching around nothing and you thrash against the mattress, your legs closing to rub against each other wanting to create the friction you need so badly.

    Youngbin’s hand is between your thighs, keeping them apart before you can even catch relief. His head cocks to the side slowly and his fingers ghost the inside of your thigh, painfully slow.

    “Say please,” he says, his tone grave and demanding. It usually takes a little more to piss him off, but he’s not having it tonight. “If you want me to keep fucking you, say please.”

    You don’t want to give him the satisfaction of hearing you beg, yet the grip he’s got on your thighs is strong enough that you can’t possibly close them. And you need to feel something.

    “I’m waiting,” he coos, and his fingers trace a path up. Youngbin taps them slowly closer and closer to the place where you want them.

    You want to make a smart-ass remark, but your brain empties the moment his index finger teases your entrance. And he enters it so slowly it’s torture. You moan.

    His thumb moves in circles on your clit just as slow. Teasing you, testing you. And when you thrust into his hand he presses you down harder than before.

    “Desperate, aren’t we?” He mocks and adds another finger, pumping in and out.

    You like his fingers, he damn well knows how to use them. But they’re not enough, not tonight. You moan again as he continues rubbing the small bundle of nerves and his fingers pump you teasingly. 

    “Please,” you finally give in. Your throat rasps the word out while both your hands sink on the mattress. “Please.”

    “Oh look at you, begging to have a dick inside you.” Youngbin sinks his fingers on you again, more aggressive this time and when he pulls them out, you don’t have enough time to beg again before his penis is on their place, filling you up. 

    He is relentless now, thrusting hard and fast. His lips attached to your neck as he grunts and moans, joining your already uncontrollable mewls. One of your hands runs down his back, you know he is going to make you pay later for scratching him, he might leave a mark on your neck as of that moment. But your brain doesn’t dwell on the details, not when you can feel the knot forming on the pit of your stomach, you’re close to your release.

    You pull on his hair and Youngbin’s moans become deeper, wilder as he increases the pace. The sounds of skin against skin and your moans mixed is extremely sinful and you are glad you chose to reunite in your apartment instead of his. Another ‘please’ escapes your lips when his hand goes down to your clit again and finally, with a loud whimper you reach your orgasm. 

    “Good girl,” Youngbin manages to say still rutting inside you. Through the fog of pleasure you can feel his dick twitching, before he comes inside you. “Good girl.” he repeats, slowing down yet not pulling out of you even as his boner dies down.

    Your heart is racing and your body still spasms a little but you sigh, satisfied. This doesn’t happen as often as it should, you think. And immediately toss the thought aside. It already happens a lot more than it should. 

    When Youngbin pulls out and falls next to you in bed, you feel his seed seeping out and shiver. 

    “I’ll get you cleaned up,” he promises staring first at the mess and then at your face. “Let me catch my breath for a minute.”

    You still hate him, and he still hates you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do this. It’s like a small favor.

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  • rubyxninii
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    🎀𝐒𝐅𝟗 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭🎀

    Kim Youngbin:

    Jealousy ↳ (Youngbin get's jealous over you being close with Taeyang)

    Kim Inseong:

    Baby Fever ↳ (You tell Inseong that you want a baby)

    Lee Jaeyoon:

    Lee Sanghyuk:

    Baek Juho:

    Kim Seokwoo:

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Kim Youngkyun:

    Hair cut ↳ (Hwiyoung tells you he wants to cut his hair)

    Kang Chani:

    Nothing Yet!

    Nothing Yet!

    Nothing Yet!

    Sf9 Requests? Open!

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  • key201303
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    Pairing: Youngbin x reader

    Word count: 850 words

    Warnings: mentions of tiredness

    Genre: birthday drabble, comfort au, fluff

    Plot: You've tried so hard to stay awake until midnight so you could be the first person to say happy birthday to Youngbin but havin the busy weekend you've had with work you couldn't make it in time.

    A/N: Happiest of the birthdays to the best leader to ever exist 🎂❤ He deserves the entire world because he's just so damn sweet and caring ❤ I really hope he has an amazing birthday and that he can fulfill all his dreams ❤❤ Happy birthday Binnie! 🎂❤

    P.S: I'm so damn soft right now for him 🤧 sorry not sorry 🤧❤

    Taglist -> @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (let me know if you want to be added!)


    Just a few more minutes. You thought to yourself, forcing your eyelids to stay open for a few more minutes so you could jump into your boyfriend's arms when he arrived home after promotions and be the first human being to say ‘happy birthday’ to him. You perfectly knew he was fine with you falling asleep before he arrived home, he even let you know that a few hours ago when you both talked on the phone. “Babe your health is more important and you know that. It’s okay if you don’t say that before everyone else for a year.” He said on the phone, wanting to make sure you would put your health before his birthday. Little did he know you couldn’t sleep in peace if you didn’t say ‘happy birthday first.

    It kind of became a habit to say those insignificant words before everyone else when you met him 3 years ago on that karaoke night when you were trying to forget an asshole and he was celebrating his birthday with his friends. For some reason that day you felt the urge to keep in touch with him and, especially, be the one saying ‘happy birthday’ as soon as the clock hands marked midnight, just like if it were the only opportunity you would get to say it before he faded into the thin air. At first it was cute that you had that little habit but as years went by and now you shared an apartment, he couldn’t really understand why you had that innocent urge. Somehow, it felt like he would go away forever if you didn’t pronounce those words before midnight and yes, you were too afraid of losing him now.

    “Baby what are you doing here.” A soft and familiar voice while a soft hand caressed your right cheek. You fell into a deep slumber while remembering his words and how you both met, making you feel so guilty for not being able to be as energetic as he was used to seeing you. “I’m so sorry. I really tried to stay awake for you.” You said half asleep, taking his soft hand in yours and caressing it in a lovely way.

    Your sleepy eyes finally met his gleaming ones in the dark room, only illuminated by the soft light coming from a little lamp you both bought on your first day of buying furniture for your brandly new apartment. You took a few seconds to admire the amazing man that was sitting on the floor right in front of you, admiring you as well. Once again, you felt the love he held in his galaxy looking like orbs. You couldn’t help your heart rate going faster, not really knowing how to handle so much love and care. Ever since you both met, it felt like the universe finally danced in peace, like all the negative things faded away whenever you both were together. And today, more than any other day, you needed to stare at him so you could feel all your problems and stress from the past few days fade away.

    “I love you.” You quietly said out of the blue. His surprised expression made you giggle, he looked so cute whenever he acted surprised when you said those words. But this time, he was really surprised. But you, on the other hand, never said those words as convinced and confident as you did right there. Those kinds of moments are the ones when you notice and realize how much you love him. Not only because he’s handsome but because you love every single thing about his personality and soul. Even those stupid habits that makes you go mad when he forgets to clean a dish or put his hoodies inside the wardrobe. “I love you too.” He finally said, the word sincere written all over his face as he flashed a soft smile and cupped your cheeks to pull you into a soft kiss full of the love you had for each other.

    “Don’t you have anything else to say?” He said with a teasing tone as he got in the bed after getting in his comfortable pyjamas and after tugging you into the warm blankets. “Happy birthday, idiot.” You said, smiling widely yet tiredly as you snuggled into his arms and inhaled his beautiful scent that never failed to make you feel at home. “That’s my little star.” He said, tightening his embrace around your cold body, ready to go into deep slumber like you did a few minutes ago while waiting for him.

    You both met when you had a broken heart, when you weren’t the true ray of sunshine self he always loved you to be. But you definitely met right when you both needed, right when you both longed for true love and someone to wake up next to and that said ‘I love you’ without hesitating. You both longed for a loved one and you found each other right there and right then. Making his birthday wish of finding someone he could love come true.

    #kdiarynet#kpop#kpop imagine#kpop fluff#sf9 #sf9 x reader #sf9 imagine#sf9 fluff#sf9 youngbin #sf9 youngbin x reader #sf9 youngbin imagine #sf9 youngbin fluff #youngbin #youngbin x reader #youngbin fluff#kim youngbin #kim youngbin x reader #kim youngbin fluff #happy youngbin day! 🌸
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  • sxcret-garden
    22.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 Reaction | You randomly squishing their cheek

      ❀  SF9 all members x reader   ✿  genre: reaction, fluff

    Author’s note: I realize I have written basically this on my old blog too, but now that I made the effort I shall post the new version as well dkfjdalsk


    he’s in the middle of brushing Jamong’s fur when you catch a glimpse of that sight from the other room

    tall man + small dog is just a way too adorable image to you, so you sneak up to him from behind 

    he notices you as you kneel down next to him but doesn’t say anything

    smiles when he feels your fingertips pinching his cheek lightly

    it’s a smile that’s both filled with warmth and with awkwardness lol

    doesn’t comment on it and just attempts to sneak his way out of the situation kasjlfka

    when you do this repeatedly he will eventually ask if squishing his cheeks is really that much fun??

    you nod strongly and he lets you go on

    everytime your fingertip touches his cheek, you can see him overcome with a rush of many different emotions, but you just can’t tell if he likes it or hates it kasldjfök


    freezes up as soon as he feels your fingertip coming in contact with his cheek

    the awkward Inseong-laugh™ follows

    “E-excuse me…?” suddenly speaks way too formal???

    you reckon he doesn’t like it, so you take your hand away from his face

    as he’s still in a state of utter confusion, you can also see a sense of deprivation in his pupils

    until finally he asks you to do it again, stumbling over his own words in the process

    you can’t help but laugh, and then you squish his cheek

    again, he freezes up???? but then breaks out in the brightest smile???

    giggles??? but also withdraws????

    what is going on??

    “Okay, okay, that was enough…” he eventually tells you to stop and you two move on with your day

    even if you keep randomly squishing his cheek, this guy will never get used to the feeling kasjfölkas


    you’re in the middle of a sweet make-out session, when suddenly you just become super aware of his cheeks and you can’t keep yourself from poking them with your finger

    he’s a bit taken aback at first, but once he can process what’s happening, he will smile

    drops his head in amusement and disbelief likewise

    when you take your hand away he reaches out for it and makes eye contact with you

    “You have to poke the dimple!” he says and smiles

    then he guides your finger back to his cheek

    his grin grows even wider when he can feel the tip of your finger deeply buried in his dimple

    he doesn’t mind it at all, and enjoys seeing you having fun like this

    will certainly wrap his arms around you tightly after that, so you can cuddle

    he will also return the cheek-poking for sure

    will poke everywhere to figure out the softest spot and only stop once he’s satisfied with his findings


    an absolute weirdo about it (I mean… he’s Sanghyuk after all…)

    will act offended at first??? and get into a karate position???

    will give you that “you didn’t just do that”-look and just stare at a puzzled you

    for a moment you think you actually did something wrong??

    but then he’ll break out in a cute smile and hold out his cheek to you

    “Do it again. Come on!” he will urge you

    pulls a different funny face every time you poke his cheek, as if it was some kind of button lol

    eventually he will just smile fondly at you, throw his arms around you, and then affectionately mess up your hair akjdflk

    returns the cheek-pokes with great interest

    even when you’re starting to get tired of it, this guy will not let you escape akjdfölka

    sneaks in kisses in between to drag this out for as long as possible

    also bites them and insists it’s to make out the texture more accurately??

    these are his cheeks now lol


    it’s one of those days where he just won’t come home from the studio, so you decide to go see him there instead

    you find him slouched over his desk, unsure if he’s asleep at first, but when you hear him groaning upon grabbing a chair and sitting down next to him, you know he’s at least half-awake

    you attempt to cheer him up by pinching his cheek

    but he doesn’t even react kasjdfklsak

    even when you poke his cheek harder, he merely moves his head to the side slightly

    you wonder what made his soul leave his body like this, so you keep poking and squishing his cheeks, hoping to make him talk

    eventually he starts grinning and the life returns to his eyes

    sits up and asks what the hell you’re doing kaljdföksa

    “Cheer you up?” you answer, and he shoots you a thankful smile, before placing a peck on your lips and suggesting to finally call it a day and return home together


    gives you the Confused Seokwoo Face when he feels you squishing his cheek

    usually there’s no way you could even dream about reaching his cheeks because he’s so tall akdsjflksa

    but one day when you’re sitting side by side, watching tv, you take your chance and extend your arm to poke his cheek

    he looks so shocked though, poor man doesn’t know what’s happening to him when the butterflies in his stomach go crazy from the little gesture kasjdflkas

    a few days later you find him sitting all alone on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night, poking his own cheek repeatedly

    he’s very obviously trying to figure out how you made him feel so much with so little effort, but the way he looks seriously traumatized almost makes you worry

    you ask him what he’s doing and you swear you’ve never seen him so startled

    eventually you can convince him to go back to bed with you

    when you’re all comfortable, and snuggled up to him under the blanket, you squish his cheek again

    though, from the look he gives you you can tell he isn’t going to be able to fall asleep anytime soon because of all the overwhelming feelings akldöjfka


    honestly I’m sure he’ll find just watching you more adorable as you’re in the process of poking his cheek than you find him adorable 

    he’s pretty much unfazed by the poking itself, but can’t contain a broad smile as you stand in front of him, your hand extended to his face

    “What are you trying to do?” he’ll ask

    “Poke your cheeks, obviously?”

    “Babe, I have no cheeks.”

    will put his hands on your waist and lean his forehead against yours, eventually kissing you

    you take your fingertip away from his cheek in the process

    he won’t even poke your cheek back and he just??? leaves???

    even if you try to squish his cheek again, he’ll just react in similar ways

    will only return the cheek-poking if you explicitly ask him to

    as he repeatedly and in high concentration squishes your cheek, you can’t tell if he’s having fun with it or if he just doesn’t get its charm


    oh god please do not do this to him

    he will shrivel up and die if you ever poke his cheek

    will be so embarrassed and have butterflies run wild in his stomach at the same time

    blushes, smiles, hides his face, curls up into a ball of Feelings

    make it even worse by poking his cheek a few more times and teasing him about his flustered reaction

    if you keep doing this he might get used to it at some point, but only to the degree where he can keep in his feels - deep inside it will still destroy him ksdlfjas

    he won’t ever squish your cheek back either unless he’s feeling very brave

    he knows that the feeling of your soft cheeks against his fingertip, along with the shy smile you will give him are going to take him out skjalföak

    might be able to do it way into the relationship, when he’s gotten used to you, but if you only just started dating his heart won’t be able to take it

    deep down he enjoys it way too much though


    you’d think he’ll get offended if you poke his cheek out of nowhere

    but really he’ll just give you a very soft smile, and a questioning gaze, as if wondering what you’re planning to do now

    will totally poke your cheek back, and once he sees you getting flustered he will squish both your cheeks and just grin at the cute sight in front of his eyes

    the more embarrassed you become, the more he will tease you about how your attempt to make him flustered turned around on you perfectly

    will eventually give you headpats and little kisses all over your face to ease the frustration

    will also puff out his own cheeks and let you poke them again

    more smiles and giggles follow

    you feel like this was your first and last attempt at poking his cheeks, so unless he’s sound asleep next to you, you do not dare touch his cheeks again

    on the other hand he has now made a habit of poking your cheeks at completely random times just to see your various reactions

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  • sensationalfantastic9
    22.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Youngbin x Female reader


    Summary; It was youngbin birthday and you plan a date to the dessert shop that he told you about at his hometown.

    It's your boyfriend birthday today and you remember him mentioning about how good the cakes in this dessert shop from his hometown so you've plan to celebrate his birthday there.

    You decided to bring him to that dessert shop. But that's not all , You decide to surprise him by baking something for him because you know he loves it when you bake specially for him.

    Being a pastry chef you always rejected him when he asked you to bake for him because you have to bake alot during work and you only wish to take a break when you are at home,unless you are feeling extra stressful as baking actually makes you forget about your worries.

    You contacted the dessert shop to ask them for permission to use their space a week ago,stating that you wish to surprise your boyfriend and they agreed. You leave youngbin's house this morning and leaving a letter to ask him to meet you at the shop at 7pm before leaving to start your baking.

    It was already 6pm when you finish baking and you rushed to change and make sure you don't smell like baking goods when you met binnie.

    'Where have you been baby girl' he asked you the first thing he saw you before pressing a soft kiss on your forehead. 'No where special' , you gave him your cute smile before leading him in to your tables. He asked what would you like to order and you told him to allow you to do the ordering this time as he is always the one doing the ordering whenever you two went out for meals.

    You went to get the cakes and some other dessert that you've made since morning together with the present that you've prepared. When you got back you could see a shocked binnie with wide eyes and open mouth, you can't help but giggle at how cute he is. 'Happy birthday binnie' 'don't tell me you make all this' , he asked,still in shocked. 'Well apparently someone has been asking me to bake for him so....' you teased him,making him flustered.

    And you just loved shy binnie so so much,which is why you love teasing him from time to time. Seeing him happy makes you happy too. And you're sure he will be happier seeing the present you prepared for him. It was a handmade photo albums of him and you two(and jamong). 'You're the best princess, I don't know what I've done to deserve you,thanks for making my birthday a wonderful one' , he said,feeling touched by everything you've done for him.

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  • blu-joons
    22.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    DAD SF9 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kim Youngbin


    Youngbin is big on affection at the best of times, but especially so with you whilst your pregnant. Youngbin can’t get enough of your bump and making sure that you feel as loved by him as possible when in his embrace.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    He liked to make sure that he could take the best possible care of you and so Youngbin tried to do as much research as possible on all of the things that he could do to help you. Whether it was a massage, doing a job that you couldn’t do, or just listening to your concerns, he tried his hardest to support you with your bump.


    Although quite a few of the combinations that you crave are a little bit weird, Youngbin is quite open to trying a few of them and seeing what you like about them. Usually once he’s tried them, Youngbin regrets how open minded he is, cringing at the taste of the foods, leaving him wondering even more why you like them.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    In the build up to your due date, Youngbin was keen to make sure that everything at work was organised so that he could take some time off to be with you. Youngbin was a hard worker at the best of times and so it didn’t take much for him to push that little bit harder to get everything that he needed to sort in order to give himself plenty of days before your due date to spend at home and look after you.


    New challenges are always welcomed by Youngbin, and none are bigger than parenthood. He can’t wait to throw himself into becoming a dad and learn as much as he possibly can. He knows it’s going to be tough at times, but between the two of you Youngbin knows the two of you are more than capable of being great parents and can’t wait to welcome your baby and start a new chapter in both of your lives.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    One of your favourite things about Youngbin’s family is the fact that his two elder sisters always side with you against Youngbin. Whenever you’re struggling to decide or you want to beat Youngbin when choosing something, they always make sure to back you first and make sure that their little brother listens to what they have to say, giving him no choice but to cave and give you what you want which you absolutely love.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    He wasn’t particularly bothered whether you found out the gender of your baby or not, and so Youngbin decided to leave it up to you. He promised you that either way you went, he would be happy, he didn’t mind too much whether you found out or not, the only thing that Youngbin wanted to know at every one of your appointments was that your baby was growing healthily as they were supposed to.


    Hearing the beat of your baby’s heart always made Youngbin feel incredibly lucky about the fact that he was about to become a dad. He was grateful for the opportunity, for the fact that his baby was growing healthily and that he got the chance to hear how they were doing, easing his mind and worries until the next appointment.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    The way he takes care of you is how Youngbin always makes sure to let you know that he loves you, he hates leaving you by yourself, whenever he can he’ll give you a hug or a kiss to let you know that he loves you rather than saying it aloud, often preferring to physically show you how he feels instead of verbally.


    The others loved to tease Youngbin about the fact that the mother of the group was actually becoming a father to a baby, not just the other members. Their comments never made Youngbin jealous, in fact he quite liked that they had given him years of practice on how to look after someone else so that he had learnt plenty of the basics to be able to do the best possible job of looking after your baby too.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    Feeling the kicks of your baby drove Youngbin up the wall, he absolutely loved being able to feel your baby wriggling around, turning into a big kid himself. Roars of giggles would always come, with his legs often kicking around when your baby kicked particularly hard, barely able to contain himself at the feeling.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    He was there beside you to give you advice whenever you needed it whilst you were in labour, he would talk you through everything and reassure you when you needed to hear his voice too, knowing exactly what to say. His words of wisdom were the boosts that you needed whenever you began to doubt yourself or feel as if you were ready to give up as a result of the pain that you felt during labour.


    Most mornings it takes Youngbin a little bit of time to wake up and comfort you, he hates waking up in the mornings, even if you’re being sick. You usually end up having to give it a few moments until Youngbin appears by your side, still slightly sleepy as he sits down beside you and runs his hand along the length of your back.


    Although he had very little experience when it came to decorating, Youngbin was quite excited to give it a go for the first time, with no greater time to learn how to paint and build then to put together your baby’s nursery.


    Youngbin was obsessed with your personality, he loved that you were the person that he got to call the mother of his child, you had all of the qualities he hoped would be passed down to his child whenever he settled down.


    He was very cautious around you after you gave birth, making sure that you didn’t rush into anything. He knew that you liked to pretend that you were fine, but after you gave birth, Youngbin put his foot down and make sure that he had as much control as possible to make sure you took your time in recovering.


    Youngbin always asks you if there’s anything that you need, knowing how difficult it is for you to be up on your feet sometimes, he’s always more than happy to pick up what you need in a much quicker time too.


    One of the things that Youngbin wanted to pass down to your baby was his love of affection, and so Youngbin made sure that your baby’s nursery was filled with stuffed toys that they would be able to cuddle up to, making sure that they felt cosy at all times, especially when Youngbin wasn’t able to hug them.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    Youngbin loved to keep your scan photos at work, especially to give him the motivation that he needed. When he felt as if he was ready to give up and go home, a look at the photo would remind him that he needed to get as much done as he could now so that he had the time to spend at home when he was needed.

    T ⇴ TEST

    The two of you had discussed having children, agreeing that it was something that you wanted at some point in your lives, although you never imagined that it would happen quite as quickly as it did for you both.


    Nothing was more important for Youngbin then your baby, and so whenever you had appointments, he was always there to support you at them.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    The three of you didn’t get too much time together as Youngbin’s sisters especially were keen to visit your baby as soon as possible, as well as making sure that they were there to look after you too when Youngbin went back to work.


    Most of the time Youngbin is patient, although he’s excited, he appreciates that your baby needs the time to grow before arriving.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    It’s instinct for Youngbin that whenever he cuddles you and your bump, he kisses you too. He always makes sure to shower you in affection, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, he’s always ready to kiss you.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his best friend, there was no one else that Youngbin wanted to settle down with.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    In the mornings, Youngbin tends to encourage you to try and stay in bed with him for as long as possible so that you can rest, he wants to keep you comfortable in bed for as long as possible whilst your baby is still.



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  • deobienthusiast
    15.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    royal love | ljy

    • pairing: lee jaeyoon (sf9) x female reader

    • word count: 837 words

    • genre: royal!au, fluff

    • rating: G

    • warnings: self-doubt, that’s it

    • notes: I wrote this a while back and posted it on a OLD writing account I had where I did smaus. thought i’d bring it back because I do like it and think it fits jaeyoon well

    The sun peeked through the elegant silk curtains as you stretched. You laid your hand down on Jaeyoon’s side of the bed, expecting him to be there, only to be met with cold sheets. You frowned and turned as you sat up.

    “Jaeyoon?” You called out.

    The sound echoed throughout the room as you stood. Your feet hit the cold tile floor as you hissed and threw on some slippers. You went to grab a bathrobe before choosing the less expensive looking one. You walked down the halls of the big castle, greeting the workers and maids before getting to the garden house door. You pushed it open before spotting the man you had been looking for. As if on cue, he turned to look at you smiling.

    “Good morning my love.” Jaeyoon said as he walked out towards you.

    He reached for your hand as you gave it to him. He brought his hand up to his lips, kissing your knuckles softly. Jaeyoon laid soft kisses on each finger, taking extra time to kiss every part of your ring finger that adorned the gigantic pink diamond he gave you on your wedding day. Something you assured him didn’t need to be given to you. To this day, it still stunned you on how you got him to fall for you out of all the beautiful women that walked the kingdom. Jaeyoon constantly told you that none of them compared to your beauty, but you still had your doubts.

    Jaeyoon was the king. A man of power. He could have anything he wanted. Yet he chose you. He brought his large hand to the side of your face as you leaned into his touch. He could sense that something was wrong. After all, he knew you like the back of his hand.

    “What’s wrong my love?” He asked you.

    You shook your head. “Just thinking about us.”

    Jaeyoon sighed as his hand dropped. He knew immediately what you were getting at. “You are the only woman I want to be with. I want you to be the last thing I see when I go to sleep, and the first thing I see when I wake up. You’re my world. You know that.”

    You frowned as he walked you back into the castle. You both walked into the kitchen. Jaeyoon turned to his head chef quickly calling him over.

    “Rowoon,” Jaeyoon called out.

    The tall chef made his way over to the two of you before bowing with a smile. “Yes my lord?”

    Jaeyoon smiled at him. “Make your queen her favorite breakfast. Bring it to her room when finished.”

    Rowoon nodded. “Of course.”

    You followed Jaeyoon back to your shared room as he closed the door behind you. He turned you towards him as he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist.

    “I could’ve made myself breakfast.” You told him as he kissed you.

    Jaeyoon chuckled. “I forget that you will never get used to this lifestyle. My little hard worker.”

    You pushed at his chest as he nuzzled his head in your neck. You ran your fingers through Jaeyoon’s soft brunette locks as a content sigh left his lips. He lifted his head and picked you up bridal style. You let out a squeal as you clung on to him for dear life.

    “Jaeyoon!” You yelled out as he spun the two of you around. “You’re going to drop me.”

    His beautiful laugh filled your shared room as he spoke. “Never. I’d never drop you.”

    He stopped spinning and sat you down on your knees on top of the freshly made bed. You wrapped your arms around your husband’s neck as he kissed you passionately.

    “Let me explain to you this one thing my love,” He told you as you looked at him. “You are everything I could ever want and more. I don’t need those other women because I would have to marry at least half the city to get all the qualities that you have. I love you and only you. Nothing will ever change that. Do you understand?”

    You nodded. “I’m sorry.”

    He shook his head. “Don’t be. It’s partly my fault. I’m always trying to push this lavish lifestyle on you, and I know you aren’t used to it.”

    You grabbed his face as you made him look at you. “Never baby. This is never your fault. You’ve treated me better than I’ve ever been treated, I should be thanking you for that. Not sulking all the time. We love you Jaeyoon. My king.”

    You kissed him once more as he smiled into the kiss. “Anything for you my queen. I love you more.”

    He kissed you again before pulling away slightly. “Wait, what do you mean we?”

    You smiled shyly at him as you brought his hand down to your stomach. You kissed him softly as a smile grew on his face.

    “We love you Jaeyoon.” You whispered to him just as Rowoon knocked on the door with your favorite breakfast.

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  • divinefireangel
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  • inseongsfoxybae
    18.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    He hugs you and everything feels calm and quiet. His chest is your safe place, your comforting warmth, your home.

    You sigh heavily when he wraps his arms around you, pulling you securely close to him.

    "Why is my baby sad?", he asks, softly kissing your temple.

    "I just had a hard day", your murmur against his chest, inhaling his sweet scent. "But I'm better now that I'm with you".

    "I'm always here for you, honey. And I forever will", he reassures you before pulling away a little so he can look at you.

    "I love you", you softly whisper, bumping your nose with his.

    "I love you more", his lips curl in a small smile when they touch your forehead.

    You sigh again, but, this time, is relief, is safety, is love. You know you're not alone, even with the difficulties and struggles.

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  • key201303
    11.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    SF9 as best friends

    Pairing: SF9 x reader

    Warnings: This is fiction, some of the situations desbribed in this post might not be what you expected. This is not meant to mock the mebers in any way as well.

    Genre: fluff

    A/N: It's been quite a long time since I made a reaction so here I am 🤭hope you enjoy it ❤

    Taglist -> @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie (let me know if you want to be added!)




    The intelectual bestie.

    You met him in middle school

    And he has been the reason why you passed your math exams ever since then

    At first you thought he was a nerd

    But ended up loving him like he was your brother

    Older than you but probably more childish than you

    Cafe dates at Thursday's at 6pm are a must for him

    Organized af kid

    Also tries his best to convince you to organize your life

    Helps you out whenever you ask him too

    A simp for books

    He made you become a simp for books as well

    After you two had a beautifl day at a library reading such interesting books

    He's literally the reason why you love cultural things

    Super proud mom whenever you achieve something on your own

    Even if it's a boyfriend/girlfriend 💀

    Not the kind of bestie to get too jealous about you getting a boyfriend

    Unless you forget about your Thursday dates

    "I have no reasons to hate that guy/girl unless he/she makes you go back to the dumb self you were 15 years ago."


    The protective bestie.

    Probably was besties with your brother/sister before he met you

    But then he started to spend more time with you and ended up being closer to you

    Your second older brother

    Spends more time at your home than you

    Takes you out on random trips to random places

    Your parents cosider him part of the family

    Protects you quite a lot from absolutely everything

    Doesn't want to see you feeling bad because it hurts him

    He literally raised you up and taught you everything you know about life out of your little bubble

    At some point, you see him more than you see your own family

    Night escapes to go watch the stars (of course with your parent's permission until you become adult)

    Car rides to heal your heart whenever it has been broken

    Has been there for you in every single break up you have had

    He's not jealous when you talk about other boys/girls or when you tell him you want a boyfriend/girlfriend but he's scared

    Will literally prepare an interrogatory just to make sure that he's leaving you in good hands

    "If you hurt her/him, I'll kill you."


    The fit bestie.

    24/7 on the gym

    And trying to convince you to go with him because is good for health

    Mocks you when you get tired after running 5 km with him on a Sunday morning

    Sends you pics of his gym achivements just to hear you nagging at him for doing that

    Thinks you will never get a boyfriend/girlfriend because you already have him so, why would you want a boyfriend/girlfriend?

    Thinks all boys are jerks and lowkey tries to protect you from dumb people

    Doesn't want to see your heart breaking because of someone else

    Says he's the only one with the rights of mocking and teasing you

    He's actually right tho 💀

    Becomes your personal trainer with a wide smile

    Really serious and strict when it comes to doing exercise

    Tells you to send him your achivement pics just to tease you

    Will treat you healthy food after every training

    "Look at you! You're going to look even better than my ex if you keep working like that!"


    The annoying yet supportive bestie.

    You've known each other since you were kids

    Calls you every day and night to check on you

    Or maybe just to tell you a dad joke because he says texting is not the same

    You both share the same half braincell remaining in your brains

    24/7 asking you if you're free to spend time with him

    And when you're actually around him, he doesn't stop asking and doing stupid things just to see you smiling

    Your number 1 fan and supporter

    Whatever you want to do, he'll be there in the front row to support you

    Even if he's the only one

    And even if they're stupid things like buying a new plant

    Would go to the end of world for your happiness

    But will never admit it because he likes playing hard

    Both of you are really stubborn so little fights happen quite often

    But they don't last more than 5 minutes because he feels bad for fighting with you

    Though when you were kids, both of you were the hell to the neighbor

    24/7 shouting at each other and wanting to kill each other

    But missing each other so much whenever you couldn't be together

    Has been there for you in every single hard moment and so you have for him

    Doesn't get too jealous about you dating someone else but will make an exhaustive interrogatory to be sure that you'll be safe

    Probably making the boy/girl in question to run away because of his inapropriate questions

    Leaving you once again alone with him and only him

    "It wasn't that bad, it was a normal question! He/She's not worth of your love."


    The flirty bestie.

    He was your neighbor in middle school

    You have had a crush on him ever since then

    But then it slowly turned into a beautiful friendship as you notice you liked someone else

    Flirts with you 24/7 just for fun and because he feels comfortable with you and only you

    Whenever he has a problem or an issue he needs to fix, you'll be the first person he thinks of to help him out

    Late night calls whenever he can't sleep or you can't because you both feel safe in each other's presence, even if it's just through the phone

    Exams coming means him being locked in your bedroom with you as you both study for your respective exams

    Everyone thinks you two are dating but actually none of you are in love with the other

    You both just enjoy the other's presence that much

    Watching movies and dramas together are your favorite ritual, specially during holidays

    You both would probably become roommates when you started university

    He's the first one to know that you have a crush on someone

    And even though he likes to flirt with you in a joking way, he will help you get that person's heart

    Even if it means that he won't be able to flirt with you from now on

    "But I swear that if he/she breaks your heart I will go back to the pick up lines after healing you with ice cream and movies."


    The cold outside but cutie inside bestie.

    He has been your bestie ever since you entered high school

    He was the typical quiet and shy boy that gave cold vibes and so you were

    Your friendship started after you had to do a project together and found out how similar both of you were

    The only person he feels comfortable with is you

    And you're the only person that could see his true and cute self

    Even of you nag each other 24/7

    Cat cafe dates are a must for both of you

    If you ever end up being roommates, the first thing you will get (even before a damn couch) would definitely be a cat.

    Study dates are also a must

    You both just enjoy sitting there for hours in complete silence, just admiring each other's presence

    Enjoys night walks with you because of the cooler weather

    You're the only one with who he can joke around

    Actually, deep inside, he's really protective over you because you're his only true best friend and he's too afraid of loosing you

    If you ever mention you like someone or you're dating someone he will make you sign a contract saying you will never leave his side, no matter what

    "Just sign this and I'll let you go with him/her."

    Yoo Taeyang

    The aesthetic bestie.

    Loves to take you out with him just so you can take aesthetic pics of him

    But will pay back doing whatever you asked him to do

    The type of friend you can trust to tell him all your secrets and know he will never talk about them again unless you start the conversation first

    Gift him a camera for his birthday and he'll be the happiest human being on earth

    Falls in love with your best friend and ask you to help him out

    Spoils you a lot just to convince you of helping him win your best frind's heart

    You end up helping just to not hear his complaints over and over again

    Your favorite night talks are always with him, because it doesn't matter how tired or upset you feel that he will always make you feel better

    If you have an upcoming exam that is making you feel kind of anxious, he will pack a lunch box for you to make you feel better

    Feels kind of bad for not being able to do anything else but tries his best as always

    "I can't help you study but I can cook you delicious food."


    The inseparable bestie.

    24/7 with you

    Ever since you were born

    Your parents being besties not helping to both of you get away from each other

    And he being a few minutes older than you was not helping either

    Knows absolutely everything about you and so you do about him

    Summer trips together are a must

    Likes to tease you from time to time because now he's taller than you

    Your friendship was the perfect example of what soulmates meant

    Whenever you weren't together, you felt empty and even sad sometimes

    Promised you he would never have a girlfriend because he had you when you were 5 years old

    Never treats you because he says you're yonger so you have to pay

    Which always lead to a small discussion because you literally were born the same day

    Disturbs every single boy/girl that apporaches you because he enjoys seeing your annoyed face

    And when you actually tell him that you like someone, he gets even more cocky and annoying

    Only to end up helping you confess your feelings because he just wants to see you happy even if he never admits it

    "You win, but just because you are younger."


    The teasing bestie.

    Known each other since kindergarten

    You have both always been fighting against each other

    But both of you ended up being inseparable

    Nagging each other 24/7

    He literally lives for teasing and pranking you and so you do

    Have a bet on going about who would make more teasings/pranks when the year ends

    The prize for the winner being a 691666 won dinner (578 $)

    Both of you loved betting on things because of how competitive you both became when it came to betting with each other

    Can you hear his devilish laugh? Because I can 💀

    Made you set his voice calling you 'babo' (stupid) as a ringtone because you lost a bet

    Deep inside his heart, he loves you quite a lot and won't know what he would be doing if you weren't part of his daily life

    May confess you that kind of stuff at late night talks when you're feeling down

    But then will deny every single word the next day, just to tease you

    Will act all fine about you getting a boyfriend/girlfriend but inside he's panicking because he thinks you will leave him forever

    Secretely makes an interrogation session with the said person you're dating just to make him/her scared about hurting you

    "Listen you bastard, she/he is my bestie. No!! My little sister/brother actually! If you hurt her/him, I swear I'll go find you."

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