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    DAD SF9 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Kim Youngbin


    Youngbin is big on affection at the best of times, but especially so with you whilst your pregnant. Youngbin can’t get enough of your bump and making sure that you feel as loved by him as possible when in his embrace.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    He liked to make sure that he could take the best possible care of you and so Youngbin tried to do as much research as possible on all of the things that he could do to help you. Whether it was a massage, doing a job that you couldn’t do, or just listening to your concerns, he tried his hardest to support you with your bump.


    Although quite a few of the combinations that you crave are a little bit weird, Youngbin is quite open to trying a few of them and seeing what you like about them. Usually once he’s tried them, Youngbin regrets how open minded he is, cringing at the taste of the foods, leaving him wondering even more why you like them.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    In the build up to your due date, Youngbin was keen to make sure that everything at work was organised so that he could take some time off to be with you. Youngbin was a hard worker at the best of times and so it didn’t take much for him to push that little bit harder to get everything that he needed to sort in order to give himself plenty of days before your due date to spend at home and look after you.


    New challenges are always welcomed by Youngbin, and none are bigger than parenthood. He can’t wait to throw himself into becoming a dad and learn as much as he possibly can. He knows it’s going to be tough at times, but between the two of you Youngbin knows the two of you are more than capable of being great parents and can’t wait to welcome your baby and start a new chapter in both of your lives.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    One of your favourite things about Youngbin’s family is the fact that his two elder sisters always side with you against Youngbin. Whenever you’re struggling to decide or you want to beat Youngbin when choosing something, they always make sure to back you first and make sure that their little brother listens to what they have to say, giving him no choice but to cave and give you what you want which you absolutely love.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    He wasn’t particularly bothered whether you found out the gender of your baby or not, and so Youngbin decided to leave it up to you. He promised you that either way you went, he would be happy, he didn’t mind too much whether you found out or not, the only thing that Youngbin wanted to know at every one of your appointments was that your baby was growing healthily as they were supposed to.


    Hearing the beat of your baby’s heart always made Youngbin feel incredibly lucky about the fact that he was about to become a dad. He was grateful for the opportunity, for the fact that his baby was growing healthily and that he got the chance to hear how they were doing, easing his mind and worries until the next appointment.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    The way he takes care of you is how Youngbin always makes sure to let you know that he loves you, he hates leaving you by yourself, whenever he can he’ll give you a hug or a kiss to let you know that he loves you rather than saying it aloud, often preferring to physically show you how he feels instead of verbally.


    The others loved to tease Youngbin about the fact that the mother of the group was actually becoming a father to a baby, not just the other members. Their comments never made Youngbin jealous, in fact he quite liked that they had given him years of practice on how to look after someone else so that he had learnt plenty of the basics to be able to do the best possible job of looking after your baby too.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    Feeling the kicks of your baby drove Youngbin up the wall, he absolutely loved being able to feel your baby wriggling around, turning into a big kid himself. Roars of giggles would always come, with his legs often kicking around when your baby kicked particularly hard, barely able to contain himself at the feeling.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    He was there beside you to give you advice whenever you needed it whilst you were in labour, he would talk you through everything and reassure you when you needed to hear his voice too, knowing exactly what to say. His words of wisdom were the boosts that you needed whenever you began to doubt yourself or feel as if you were ready to give up as a result of the pain that you felt during labour.


    Most mornings it takes Youngbin a little bit of time to wake up and comfort you, he hates waking up in the mornings, even if you’re being sick. You usually end up having to give it a few moments until Youngbin appears by your side, still slightly sleepy as he sits down beside you and runs his hand along the length of your back.


    Although he had very little experience when it came to decorating, Youngbin was quite excited to give it a go for the first time, with no greater time to learn how to paint and build then to put together your baby’s nursery.


    Youngbin was obsessed with your personality, he loved that you were the person that he got to call the mother of his child, you had all of the qualities he hoped would be passed down to his child whenever he settled down.


    He was very cautious around you after you gave birth, making sure that you didn’t rush into anything. He knew that you liked to pretend that you were fine, but after you gave birth, Youngbin put his foot down and make sure that he had as much control as possible to make sure you took your time in recovering.


    Youngbin always asks you if there’s anything that you need, knowing how difficult it is for you to be up on your feet sometimes, he’s always more than happy to pick up what you need in a much quicker time too.


    One of the things that Youngbin wanted to pass down to your baby was his love of affection, and so Youngbin made sure that your baby’s nursery was filled with stuffed toys that they would be able to cuddle up to, making sure that they felt cosy at all times, especially when Youngbin wasn’t able to hug them.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    Youngbin loved to keep your scan photos at work, especially to give him the motivation that he needed. When he felt as if he was ready to give up and go home, a look at the photo would remind him that he needed to get as much done as he could now so that he had the time to spend at home when he was needed.

    T ⇴ TEST

    The two of you had discussed having children, agreeing that it was something that you wanted at some point in your lives, although you never imagined that it would happen quite as quickly as it did for you both.


    Nothing was more important for Youngbin then your baby, and so whenever you had appointments, he was always there to support you at them.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    The three of you didn’t get too much time together as Youngbin’s sisters especially were keen to visit your baby as soon as possible, as well as making sure that they were there to look after you too when Youngbin went back to work.


    Most of the time Youngbin is patient, although he’s excited, he appreciates that your baby needs the time to grow before arriving.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    It’s instinct for Youngbin that whenever he cuddles you and your bump, he kisses you too. He always makes sure to shower you in affection, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, he’s always ready to kiss you.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his best friend, there was no one else that Youngbin wanted to settle down with.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    In the mornings, Youngbin tends to encourage you to try and stay in bed with him for as long as possible so that you can rest, he wants to keep you comfortable in bed for as long as possible whilst your baby is still.



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    04.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    What loving them feels like

    Stealing this idea from a skz reaction I read recently.

    It's sad girl hours so I'm tryna feel better.

    Youngbin: Comforting

    He just radiates comfort doesn't he? For me, somehow listening to him speak or laugh just makes me feel better instantly. And imagining talking to him about my worries definitely helps.

    Inseong: Peaceful

    He seems so in control of his life at all times, I'm envious of it. I just know that he can help me get my life to a calmer pace. And I probably just need a few hugs and cuddles from him in his boyfie outfits.

    Jaeyoon: A Romcom

    Fuck idk how but he is someone who will be cooking you something when you enter the house. Making sure you stay hydrated and happy. His cute dimple can make anyone forget their worst worry 🥺.

    Dawon: Soulful

    He is fantasy's no. 1 fan right? When he did a vlive on Sunday, I just really needed it. And looking at him and his cute face and even cuter english just brought a huge smile on my face. Him telling that he is our support, like we are theirs, was the thing I needed most tbh.

    Zuho: Silent understanding

    It's mainly those moments when you want to let it all out, but you're so tired that you just want to cry, and he is the perfect person for this. No judgement, a completely open mind, a strong shoulder and the most love filled heart. He can make me cry my worries out and make me strong at the same time.

    Rowoon: Content

    It's the soulmate shit man. He's everyone's soulmate. The way he talks and acts, his personality and intelligence, I just want to bring him home to my mom and tell her that this is the person I love. So thoughtful and hardworking, he motivates me to become better even when I'm the best at something.

    Yoo Taeyang: Destiny

    Loving him is like a kdrama. I just know it is. And he is definitely psychic when it comes to relationships so a 'What are you doing?' or 'Busy?' text is all I need on a daily basis to know that there is someone who truly does care for me

    Hwiyoung: Your happiest birthday

    He wants you to be the center of attention. The limelight is on you. You're in the center of his universe and he'd have it no other way. Always claims that words cannot describe how perfect you are. He's also someone I expect to take so many pictures of you when you don't realize. And he savours such moments, when you are your happiest. Genuinely he'd have it no other way.

    Chani: New

    Never a dull moment with our sloth. He is the most intuitive in a relationship. Like a special sense awakens when it comes to you. He is also one to give you multiple surprises, not necessarily big grand ones, just small ones. Like an impromptu date or picking you up from work whenever he can or ordering your favorite food when you've been working too much.

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    03.10.2021 - 1 mont ago
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    26.09.2021 - 2 monts ago

    SF9 as boyfriends

    Disclaimer : this is just a fictional work, also my version and my opinion of the members so it will be vary from them in real life.

    P/S : English is not my mother language, please bare with me if there’s any grammar mistakes thank you.

    Genre : fluff


    he’s so soft for you 🥺

    you’re each other’s source of happiness

    always look out for you

    late night talks on the bed before sleep every night cuddling each other !!


    he will do something very extra just to make you laugh watch him

    actually super caring

    please compliment him a lot 🥺

    sings you lullaby when you can’t fall asleep


    hello he’s the best boyfie (hubby) out there

    prepare for his bear hug attacks !!

    so lovely and for what :’(

    he will risk his life for you lmao


    oh so both of you match each other’s energy

    goofiest boyfriend you’ll ever have

    surprise gifts for you from time to time

    you better give him the kisses he wants 😩


    protects you wherever you go lmao

    watch out he’s clingy

    so boyfie material and for what my god

    loves loves loves going on a date with you


    loves you as much as he loves his cats hehe

    explodes in uwu when he sees you playing with his cats ugh

    he’s actually kinda whiny 😂

    loves cuddles with you <3


    dates dates dates so many dates because he loves spending time with you

    wonders how is he so lucky to have you as his s/o

    smiles unconsciously every time he sees you cause man’s whipped

    both of you have a lot of affections towards each other <3


    buys you so many gifts oh my god because his love language is buying presents for you <3

    matching shoes matching bracelets matching necklaces matching clothes matching wHATEVER Y’ALL CAN MATCH

    he’s actually a childish person lmao please take care of him

    he loves playing with your hair hehe <3


    listens to you and only let you boss him around lmao

    both of you are like actual children y’all kinda bicker a lot 😭✋🏻

    but deep down he’ll do anything for you because you’re the apple of his eye

    he said he doesn’t like skinship but y’all end up cuddling up together every time lmao

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    500 Followers Event!

    First of all, I want to thank each and everyone of you for appreciating my work and actually following me 🥺🥺

    And finally, I am doing an event for this number! Requests for my 500 followers event will be open till the end of this month aka 30th September! You can send in maximum of 3 "Alphabet" prompts in one request and a maximum of 3 requests each. :)

    Send in Fluff/Smut/Dad/Dark + (Alphabet) + Member/Character/Actor in my ask box!

    Requests are closed for this event.

    The prompts are under the cut!!! 😙


    A - Admiration (What does he absolutely adore about you?)

    B - Butter (How smoothly did he flirt his way into your heart)

    C - Cuddles (How does he like to cuddle)

    D - Dream (What is one dream of his he wants to fulfill with you)

    E - Emotions (How does he express his emotions around you)

    F - Family (At what point in the relationship does he introduce you to his family)

    G - Gifts (What is the gift he loved most from you)

    H - Home (What about him, makes you feel like home)

    I - Ink (Would he get a tattoo with you? If yes then what?)

    J - Joy (What about you always makes him smile)

    K - Kisses (How does he like to kiss you)

    L - Love Language (What's his favourite way of showcasing his love for you)

    M - Moment (At which moment did he realize you were the one)

    N - Night (His favourite late night activity when neither of you can sleep)

    O - Oven (What will he cook for you)

    P - Pet Names (What's an endearing term he calls you)

    Q - Quirk (A quirk of his you just cannot resist)

    R - Reassurance (How does he make you forget about your insecurities)

    S - Song (What song reminds him of his love for you)

    T - Time (How does he spend time with you)

    U - Upset (What is he like when you're upset)

    V - Voice (How often does he compliment you)

    W - Wish (What's one wish he will wish for in a field of dandelions)

    X - X-ray (How well can he read you)

    Y - Yes (How does he propose)

    Z - Zen (How does he calm you)


    A - Aftercare (His go to method of aftercare)

    B - Back (Does he prefer your back be marked with lovebites or his with scratches)

    C - Cum (Where does he prefer to cum)

    D - Darkest desire (Something he is shy to tell you but wants to try)

    E - Evil (How sadistic can he get in the moment)

    F - Favourite position (What's his go to position to make you lose your mind)

    G - Grind (Will he cum in his pants by just humping you?)

    H - Heaven or Hell (random sexcanon)

    I - Ignite (How he turns you on)

    J - Jack off (Does he jerk off to your images in his mind while you're dating)

    K - Kink (One kink he has for sure)

    L - Location (Favourite place to do the deed)

    M - Motivation (How does he get turned on? Is it easy to turn him on?)

    N - Neck (Does he have a sensitive neck or does he want an S/O who does?)

    O - On or Off (Aka is he more Dom or Sub)

    P - Porn (How likely is he to watch porn to learn from it)

    Q - Quickie (Will he be interested in small rounds at different times or just one long lasting one)

    R - Risk (How far is he willing to experiment in the bedroom)

    S - Speed (how fast or slow is he on average)

    T - Tongue (Does he prefer giving or receiving oral sex)

    U - Underwear (Is he into lingerie?)

    V - Voice (How loud is he as a dom/sub)

    W - Weird (A questionable kink or sexual wish of his)

    X - X-ray (How often will he take pictures of you in erotic ways)

    Y - Yearning (Does he have a high or low sex drive)

    Z - Zzzzz (How fast will he fall asleep after)


    *Mention if you want it during the pregnancy, after birth or when your baby is a toddler, except for the obvious ones*

    A - Affection (What does he absolutely adore about your baby)

    B - Bump (How does he react when your bump starts to show)

    C - Cries (How easily does he calm your baby)

    D - Duty (How active will he be in his child's life)

    E - Excitement (How excited will he be after birth)

    F - Fluffy (How easily does he resist his child's puppy eyes)

    G - Gifts (How much does he spoil your child, much to your dismay)

    H - Height (How does he react when he realizes that your child is growing up)

    I - "I love you"

    J - Jealousy (Does he get jealous when your baby chooses you)

    K - Kicks (His reaction to your baby kicking in your belly)

    L - Lullaby (Does he write one or sing one he was sung)

    M - Moon (What does he do when your child can't sleep)

    N - Nursery (Did he find it difficult to build the nursery)

    O - Oreo (A food item which he and his kid love)

    P - Pet name (What does he call his little one, which is unique)

    Q - Quiz (Does he get annoyed at your child's pestering question about random things)

    R - Rose (How will he react when his kid makes something for him)

    S - Sweet (A random tooth rotting fluff headcanon about him & your child)

    T - Trip (How does he console your child when they fall down/get hurt)

    U - Universe (What secret not so secret way does he thank the universe for you both)

    V - Vroom Vroom (How often does he take your kid on Dad-Child trips without you)

    W - Walk (How does he react when your child walks into his arms suddenly)

    X - XOXO (How easily does he show affection to your kid)

    Y - Yippee (How does he celebrate your child's birthday)

    Z - Zzzzz (How does he put your kid to sleep)


    Warnings:Death, killing, hurting someone, noncon/dubcon, forced relationship? Yandere behavior. This section is applicable only for SF9 and Seo Moon-Jo (Strangers from hell).

    A - Adventure (What are some things he likes to do with his darling everyday)

    B - Blood & Bone (Would he hurt his darling on purpose if they didn't listen to him?)

    C - Crybaby (What will he do when his darling keeps refusing his love)

    D - Darkness (What's one thing he wishes his darling never finds out about him)

    E - Empty (What will he do when he has nothing left, aka his darling leaves him)

    F - Forced Orgasm (How does he react when his darling refuses sex)

    G - Grave (How many people will he kill for his darling)

    H - Home (Where does he keep his darling)

    I - Insanity (What make him this way or was he born like this)

    J - Jealousy (How easily does he get jealous when his darling doesn't pay him full attention)

    K - Knockdown (How does he treat the people in his darling's life)

    L - Love or Lust (What is the first thing he is generally attracted to)

    M - Moonlight (What is his innermost self like)

    N - Nurture (How does he care for his darling)

    O - Ownership (How does he show his ownership of you)

    P - Pain (How can his darling severely hurt him)

    Q - Queen (How well will he treat his darling after they accept him)

    R - Ring (How soon does he propose to his darling)

    S - Suspicion (How untrusting of his darling is he?)

    T - Teddy bear (How affectionate is he with his darling)

    U - Utopia (How much effort does he put in to make his darling happy)

    V - Violence (How does he vent out his anger when his darling does something they shouldn't have)

    W - Whisper (Does he prefer his darling to be soft or loud)

    X - Xylophone (What is something that reminds him of his darling)

    Y - Youth (What was his life like before he met his darling)

    Z - Zeal (For how long does he genuinely try to make his darling like him before forcing them to)

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