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    i need you closer

    warning: nsfw, contains a LOT of smut, hot tub sex/sex in a hot tub, oral fixation, overstimulation, marking, breeding kink.

    It's a clear, starry night, a contrast to the chilly fog that was seeping through the lush forest ahead of you. It would have been pitch black if it weren't for the bright full moon. From the hot tub, you watch your boyfriend scurrying across the deck to get into the warmth of the water. "You should've worn a robe at least before coming outside, Younghoon," you laugh as he climbs, rather noisily, into the tub. "Wow thanks for telling me now, how helpful," he retorts, teeth chattering slightly. He sinks into the water and lets out a huge sigh of relief, "Thank god, my nipples nearly froze off."

    You laugh again, shuffling over to sit next to him and wrap your arms around his broad shoulders, bringing him in to lean against you and share some of your warmth. "Thanks for bringing me here, Younghoon, it's all so beautiful," you say, still blown away by the incredible trip he's booked for you two. "You deserve it, nothing but the best for my baby," he smiles at you, turning his face to kiss you once before wrapping his hand around your waist and pulling you closer, deepening the kiss. You move against each other languidly, lips colliding and moulding to each other, tongues caressing and hands roaming.

    Without breaking the kiss, he turns you around so your back is against the side of the tub. Putting his knee between your legs, he places his hands on your hips and grinds you against his thigh as the kiss grows more intense. The heat of the hot tub only encourages things to heat up more as you moan softly into his mouth, slowly progressing until you pull away for air. He kisses your jawline and neck as you slide the straps of your swimsuit off your shoulders so they slip under your breasts. When you guide him, with a hand on the back of his head, towards your chest, he chuckles, saying, "Shit, you're so hot," before placing his mouth on you and suckling you roughly.

    You bite your lip, his tongue feels hot as he rolls it around your nipples. He takes his time, lapping away at each breast, digging his teeth, leaving little marks along his wake, and gliding his wet lips over the perked buds. Burying your face in his soft hair, you let the scent of his cologne overwhelm you. He continues to suck and lick your tits harshly, his hands trailing up your bare thighs underwater, at the same time, to rub his long fingers over your clothed pussy. Younghoon presses your clit hard, smiling in satisfaction when your body jerks forward in response, his main focus still remaining on nipping and licking away on your tender nubs.

    With his lips still wrapped around your left nipple, he lifts you up so you're sitting up on the edge of the tub. He places a kiss between your chest before kissing his way down over your stomach and stopping in front of your core. Quickly pulling off your bikini bottom, he prods at your drenched core, muttering in a low voice about how pretty your pussy is, making your face warm up at the praise. He slides his fingers in gently before thrusting in and out of you at a faster pace. He reaches deeper inside you, curling his fingers to increase your pleasure.

    Your thighs twitch when the heel of his palm continuously slaps at your clit with each thrust of his curved fingers. He goes faster, harder until you're gripping the deck handrail for dear life, your loud mewls interrupting the dead quiet of the night. Sensing you were close already, Younghoon thrusts his fingers even deeper and faster, brushing against your sweet spot until you can't take it anymore and you come, hard, so hard that your arousal drips down his fingers, creating a mess. He quickly replaces his fingers with his mouth, lapping up all of your cum like it's water and he's dying of thirst.

    He continues to eat you out throughout your orgasm and even after, making you whine from overstimulation. Hands pulling your folds apart wider, his plush lips find your clit, sucking and kissing it vigorously. "Mmm fuck, you taste so good baby," he hums, the vibrations of his low voice hitting you deep in your core. He plunges his tongue into you, sucking softly as he pumps his tongue in out and around, enjoying the way you're gripping his hair tightly. His tongue fucks into you rapidly as you chant his name between your gasping moans.

    You feel your high approaching again, your eyes flying shut as Younghoon urges you on, pulling your body closer so his face is further into your pussy and his nose is pressed up against your clit. You grind up into his face, sighing and tilting your head back, nearly screaming as your second orgasm of the night washes over you. "Oh my God," is all you can gasp out as your high sustains, Younghoon's tongue unrelenting as he continues to lick you dry. You squirm under his steady grasp as the overstimulation turns painful, pushing his head back. Thankfully, Younghoon pulls away, wiping his face and lips with the back of his hand.

    "Having fun? " he smirks, wiggling his eyebrows at you as he sits in the water again across from you, hand around his erection, jerking himself off. When did he even take his swim shorts off? You must've really been out of it. Still breathing hard and shaking slightly, you shoot him a look as he laughs. After coming down from your high, you start to feel cold and sink back down into the hot tub. Once settled, you bring out your arms towards him and beckon him over with your hands. "Ready for round 2 already? " Younghoon teases as he makes his way closer to you. "You didn't even get a round 1," you pout empathically, pulling him into your arms and hugging him around the shoulders.

    He takes your legs and wraps them around his waist, wasting no time. "God, I'm the luckiest man in the world," he smiles fondly, pressing his lips against yours to kiss you again. The kiss quickly becomes intense and hungry as he takes his hands off the side of the tub and glides them down the expanse of your spine before smacking your ass. "So beautiful," he murmurs against your lips, taking his cock in one hand and pushing it, rather easily from how turned on you were, into you. He doesn't bother easing you into it, he pounds into your overstimulated pussy like there's no tomorrow, knowing this is exactly how you like it.

    "You're so good to me," he mutters under his breath as he moves his head down to suckle on your nipples again. He takes turns licking each of your hardened buds, making you moan into his hair, as his hips continue to roll against yours. You're so overwhelmed with pleasure, you involuntarily arch your back so he could push even deeper. Younghoon groans when he feels your nails scratching down against his back as he pistons into you over and over, water sloshing from the force. You couldn't believe how quickly you reached the edge of your peak again. "Come for me baby, you can do it, one last time," Younghoon soothes, voice strained from how close he is too.

    You moan loudly as you come for a third time when he hits you with a particularly hard thrust. The pleasure is too intense as you tremble uncontrollably in his arms, his cock twitching still inside you, riding you through your orgasm. "My turn, baby, I'm gonna fill you up so good," he grunts loudly as he climaxes, shooting his hot cum deep up inside you. He falls against you, panting as his cock spurt out more and more. You two stay like that for a while, Younghoon nuzzling into your neck as you stroke his hair, lightly kissing his forehead. "I love you so much, you know that? " Younghoon whispers. You pull him tighter against you, "I do know - I love you too, pretty boy."


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    [Date of this post: 210921 • Time: 08.20 AM]

    POV: They lost a bet against you, so you made them wear these costumes. They were clearly not that happy but had no other choices. You told them that they could either pay her $20 each or wear the costumes she found for them, and they chose the costumes. You walked around the street, with the both of them looking like this.

    #tbz#the boyz #the boyz younghoon #tbz younghoon #the boyz chanhee #tbz chanhee #tbz pov post #pov
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    🍞 younghoon icons

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    Masterlist || ♡xdarkestdesirex♡

    follow my insta for updates

    mafia au featuring BTS, Stray Kids, The Boyz, VIXX, Got7, and TXT

    summary | y/n mood board | cheong members

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    the boyz reaction to :: when they are going to kiss their s/o then sneezes

    a/n:: man I almost never write kissing but thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone and to try something new! Also if anything below the cut especially for Jacob is gone or is repeated just don’t mind it tumblr just hates me!

    genre:] fluff

    pairing ;; the boyz x (I think) gn!reader

    warnings :: mentions of food + spit(?)

    wc: 0.8k

    was it requested? yes, thanks anonnie!

    ✧ 이상영 ✧

    Well for Sangyeon's situation it was mostly just you pecking him throughout the day. So finally when he was done with his work and finally had time to pour all his attention on you he called you over and was going to kiss you back when he sneezed. He laughed a little bit then continued and gave a tiny kiss on your cheek.

    Jacob Jacob Jacob ... well it was probably a cuddly day where all you want to do is cuddle but sadly you couldn't because it was Tuesday and you both had jobs. So as soon as you both had gotten back from work the cuddly mood came right back. And when he was going to give you a kiss he sneezed a really cute one ( i don't know man it was just cute ) and he giggled but continued to give you two kisses.

    Jacob Jacob Jacob ... well it was probably a cuddly day where all you want to do is cuddle but sadly you couldn't because it was Tuesday and you both had jobs. So as soon as you both had gotten back from work the cuddly mood came right back. And when he was going to give you a kiss he sneezed a really cute one ( i don't know man it was just cute ) and he giggled but continued to give you two kisses.

    Jacob Jacob Jacob ... well it was probably a cuddly day where all you want to do is cuddle but sadly you couldn't because it was Tuesday and you both had jobs. So as soon as you both had gotten back from work the cuddly mood came right back. And when he was going to give you a kiss he sneezed a really cute one ( i don't know man it was just cute ) and he giggled but continued to give you two kisses.

    ✧ 김영훈 ✧

    Hmm for Younghoon ... ( let's pretend that yes y'all are still dating but your an actor and there's a kissing scene ) honestly you and younghoon had no worries because y'all already kiss a lot so I mean no biggy. *cue* You were off-camera taking a break you knew that there were cameras everywhere because they were filming a reality show for tbz. But anyways you guys were in a lazy mood after filming you guys were about to kiss when the door opened and he then he faked coughed and reached for a bottle of water.

    ✧ 이현재 ✧

    Hmm, Hyunjae... for him he would be hugging you and just being lazy with you while talking about your day. And you guys even had a pillow fight with invisible swords. The things that this relationship does for fun ( this is the weirdest relationship and I'm for here for it ) anyways you were having a staring contest when you wanted to win so you were going to give him a kiss when he suddenly sneezed.

    " So did I win? "

    ✧ 이주연 ✧

    JUYEON anyways . . . ya'll be on a little cafe date when ya'll be chilling listening to music, eating some food, and joking around. But then it set in that in a couple of days you wouldn't be able to do this again for a long time. So he went in to peck you on the lips when he sneezed and you swore you heard crows for a second but you finished the kissing in the end.

    ✧ 문케빈 ✧

    Kevin, Kebin, Kebin hmm you probably don't get too much pda with him because he prefers to just not to show them out in public, but don't worry he makes up with that when it's just both of you with cuddles. It was another day that he was making up for it but it was kinda awkward day but regardless he was going to give you a tiny kiss when he gave a sneeze and although he started to twerk and ... He's good at twerking.

    ✧최찬희 ✧

    new. Okay, that seems so sad looking anyways you and chanhee had gotten in a slight fight, and currently, the mood had lifted to a lighter mood, and currently, you were submerged in comfortable silence. And you felt so sorry that you felt as you had to do something more than just apologize so you went over to kiss him on the cheek, but you sneezed so after a moment of silence you both started to laugh.

    ✧지창민 ✧

    Changmin ... well for him, he was somewhat in a bad mood because his members lied to him again . . . so yes he was kind of salty but that is okay kind of you knew how to deal with him most of the time. But he was still in the iffy mood. So you went to kiss him on the cheek because he looked like he needed one. But ... he bit your shoulder then sneezed then kissed you ... what a weird day.

    ✧ 주학년 ✧

    Haknyeon was honestly just wanting food. I mean you were both bored and what else are you supposed to do when you are bored? Eat food of course. So currently you were on the delivery app choosing what food you wanted to eat or what haknyeon wanted to eat you had already made ramen. When you were bored so you did that one lady and the tramp thing with the noodles. But he sneezed then continued to steal the noodle.

    " My noodle :("

    ✧ 김선우✧

    You were in a kissing battle with him all day simply kissing each other than running away. And it was nearing nightfall and it was continuing. You were simply finishing some homework/work when Sunwoo was coming behind to attack you with a fury of kisses. When he sneezed and you said eww with a human representation of :( when he replied It's holy water. ( do you know what I'm referencing too?)

    ✧ 손에릭✧

    eric eric eric eric okay I'll stop now. Anyways you were currently in dreamland and having the best time of your life imagining your paradise. While for eric he was trying to wake you up but you wouldn't budge so he was trying things annoying you or at least trying to. It got to the point where he had one last idea and that was kissing you. He stared at you before attempting to kiss you but ... sneezed. You woke up covered in spit and with a deadpanned face. 

    "sorry ^^||"

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    lee sangyeon — maturing, calling your lover darling, pearl necklaces, cooking with your lover, stepping into a warm shower, quiet chuckles, soft kisses on the cheek, rainy sundays

    jacob bae — high school sweethearts, tracing knuckles with your thumb, eye smiles, hoodie hugs, singing the song you wrote, buying new guitar picks, playing with hair

    kim younghoon — the thrill when you first meet, feeding you cake, waking up with the sun, bringing you flowers, petting dogs on the street, long walks in your neighborhood, eye contact

    lee hyunjae — empty movie theaters, cloud gazing, unpainted nails, facetime calls, talking about your good day, ice cream on a warm afternoon, borrowing jackets, sleeping on the train

    lee juyeon — random videos of each other on your phones, new clothes and fitting room mirror selfies, skipping rocks, hand holding, falling asleep after cuddling, passing a test, watching cat videos

    kevin moon — witty comebacks, sweet notes on the refrigerator, giving advice, braiding each other's hair, uncontrollable laughter, dirty converse, motivation at midnight, random texts

    choi chanhee — holding his face in your hand, calm days, art museums, singing your favorite song, kissing the palms of your hand, buying you little gifts, warm baths

    ji changmin — colorful sweaters, lemonade, dancing on the bed, pretty school notes, sticking your tongue out, friendship bracelets, taking deep breaths, tracing freckles, sour candy

    ju haknyeon — tickle attacks, sticking your head out of the car window, late night pizza orders, cool sunglasses, first kisses, grocery shopping, making friends, laughing on the phone

    kim sunwoo — your crush accepting your confession, water balloon fights, deja vu, traveling somewhere new, spicy ramen, beaded bracelets, polariods, rollercoasters, milkshakes, coloring

    eric son — smiling in your sleep, warm towels, sweet cologne, teasing kisses, rings, piggyback rides, multi colored hair, concerts, cracked phone screen, finishing a long book

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    #the boyz#tbz #the boyz younghoon #tbz yandere ask #yandere asks #tbz yandere ask for 🧸anon
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    ❛ ⩩ making out with tbz !

    warning : suggestive content under the cut !

    ✿ — sangyeon. his intentions are usually innocent enough, cupping your cheeks and giving you a sweet peck randomly. he lets you further the kiss, tilting your head to deepen it and sliding your arms around his neck. he strokes your hair slowly while kissing you, lips moving at a slow pace; he likes taking his time with making out.

    ✿ — jacob. sweet, innocent kisses. he would cup your cheek so gently and lean in, placing a tender peck on your lips, pulling back and smiling at you lovingly. you would be the one to kiss him again, and again, and again until you're pulling away breathlessly, beaming at each other.

    ✿ — younghoon. his first few small kisses serve to test the waters, but they soon become deeper. pecks turn into tongue, and he loves pulling away when it starts to get very heated to see the look in your eye, then crashing his lips back onto yours. you run your hands through his hair a lot, tugging on it occasionally.

    ✿ — hyunjae. definitely the type to give you a few, teasing pecks everywhere except your mouth, just so he can see you pout until he gives you what he wants. he'd let his hands linger over where you wanted him to touch you while making out, and wouldn't do anything until you take them in your own hands and place them where you want.

    ✿ — juyeon. 8/10 times, a simple kiss will turn into an entire heated make-out. he would most likely pull you on top of him because he likes being able to feel you on him. keeps one hand on the back of your head, the other hand resting on your waist, squeezing occasionally and whispering little praises in between.

    ✿ — kevin. lazy make-outs with kevin are a must. you could just be lying in bed together, watching a movie when kevin starts littering kisses all over your cheek/neck. soon, the movie is forgotten as all your attention is focused on kevin's lips, hand on his cheek, kissing him deeply yet slowly.

    ✿ — chanhee. making out with him is very playful. one of his main aims when making out with you, is getting a reaction out of you. he'll do things on purpose, just to hear a pretty sound come from you. for example, if you're making out with him, he would pull back in the middle just to hear you whine and try and reconnect your lips.

    ✿ — changmin. make-outs with him are usually easy-going and soft. they spring out of nowhere, one of you initiating it with a brief peck which soon becomes longer and more purposeful, changmin's arms wrapped around you tightly, hugging you into him as you kiss him deeply.

    ✿ — haknyeon. loves when he can kiss you against a wall, leaning down and pecking your lips sweetly before your wrap your arms around his waist and pull him closer, biting down on his bottom lip. always pulls away to gently brush some hair off your face with a loving look in his eye.

    ✿ — sunwoo. he loves messy kissing. runs his hands all over you, from your thighs to up and down your back. 90% of your kisses with sunwoo involve tongue, he loves swiping your bottom lip with his. he likes to control the direction of the kiss, sometimes even taking your hands and placing them around his neck, or just pulling you onto his lap.

    ✿ — eric. loves kissing your neck while making out. his lips would trail from yours down to your jaw, then to your neck, tongue peeking out to lick at the skin teasingly, sometimes nipping at it. soft whispers of "you're so pretty" in between kisses, small sighs when you suck hickeys onto his skin. he always giggles and buries his face in your neck afterwards.

    #the boyz#tbz#sangyeon#jacob#younghoon#hyunjae#juyeon#kevin#chanhee#changmin#haknyeon#sunwoo#eric #the boyz angst #the boyz drabbles #the boyz x reader #the boyz fluff #the boyz smut #the boyz imagines #the boyz reactions #the boyz scenarios #the boyz headcanons #the boyz blurbs #tbz fluff#tbz imagines#tbz headcanons#tbz smut #tbz x reader #tbz scenarios#tbz suggestive
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    My hoonie 🥺💕 have a happy Chuseok! You're working so hard and I'm so proud of you~

    #theboyz#younghoon#hoonie #so out of the loop but i know its chuseok
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    "y/n, listen to me" vampire!younghoon tried to reach out for your hand, but you quickly backed away from him.

    "i know you can't drink my blood because it's against the rules, but that doesn't mean you can just order me around to kill people and take their blood, for you" you were on the verge of crying and your body was trembling.

    younghoon brushed his hand through his hair, frustrated. he knew what he did was wrong but he just couldn't help it.

    younghoon tried to reach for you again but you held up your hand in front of him, motioning for him to stop.

    "listen to me, y/n"

    "i almost got caught younghoon" you shook your head.


    "i never knew you were this selfish" you pointed to him.

    you told him everything you weren't able to before. at this point, it was just you talking and him just standing there listening to you pouring out everything in anger. but, even younghoon has his own limit.

    "no wonder she left you"

    and that was the last straw.

    "don't make me hurt you y/n!"

    the sudden yell from him made you startled. you stared at him, tears were running down onto your cheek.

    he had promised not to hurt you, knowing how you were abused by your father before. but now, he said it like it was nothing, like it's the most common thing to say.

    he sighed as he looked at your shaken state.

    "i wish i could turn back time and never allow you to stay with me" you said, making your way out of the house, not even bothering to look back.

    and that was the last time younghoon ever saw you.

    #kim younghoon #the boyz younghoon #younghoon#younghoon imagines#younghoon scenarios#younghoon drabbles #the boyz fanfic #the boyz drabbles #the boyz angst #the boyz #the boyz au #the boyz fanfiction #the boyz fic #the boyz imagines #the boyz x reader #the boyz scenarios #tbz
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    the state of being ruined.

    Lies. Destruction. Death...

    Y/N had no idea what world she was being hidden from. When her father suddenly died everything changed. Soon she'd be met with a gory awakening of what was really happening behind closed doors. Could she learn how to be a leader to a group of blood raged men?

    A mafia au

    featuring six different k-pop groups


    Stray Kids

    The Boyz




    can Y/N handle the heat? or will everything fall into ruins?

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    boys over flowers: one

    masterlist / profiles / two

    member: younghoon

    synopsis: a scholarship student stirs change by transferring to a prestigious university for korea’s wealthiest students. the school’s “it” boy and the new girl immediately take a dislike to each other while the latter begins to adjust to her new life.

    tag list: @geniejunn @wooyoung-a @cloudskyu @w8nuzone @bb-fic-rec @xushisuxi @from-xero @propollis @nycol-ie @junjungsunwoo @avniluthra @karsohn @changmin-wrlds @jae-bam @lilacdreams-00 @niafics

    a/n: here’s to the start of a new era ! 🥂 (for both the characters and us 😉)

    #deobiwritersnet #the boyz fluff #tbz fluff#younghoon fluff #the boyz social media au #tbz social media au #younghoon social media au #the boyz smau #tbz smau#younghoon smau#the boyz#younghoon
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    🍞 younghoon icons


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