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    23.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    chanhee you want a dog? I can bark 🙄🙄 /hj

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    23.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #the boyz imagines #the boyz x reader #the boyz scenarios #the boyz fluff #the boyz reactions #the boyz#tbz imagines #tbz x reader #tbz scenarios#tbz fluff#tbz reactions#tbz #sangyeon x reader #jacob x reader #younghoon x reader #hyunjae x reader #juyeon x reader #kevin x reader #chanhee x reader #changmin x reader #haknyeon x reader #sunwoo x reader #eric x reader
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  • anonymousuno
    23.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Sangyeon and Qiang have a moment

    “Hyung?”  Qiang jumped a little at Sangyeon’s soft voice.  He wasn’t aware that anyone else was home.  He hadn’t been feeling well physically today and he didn’t sleep well the night before so, he had asked if he could take the day to rest up before it got worse.

     “What are you doing here?”  Qiang asked.  He could tell something was on Sangyeon’s mind.  He looked more tired than usual and as if he had been up all night. “Sit,” he said, sitting up on his bed and patting the spot next to him.  Sangyeon sat down next to him, resting his chin in his hands with his elbows propped up on his knees.

     “Talk to me, Sangyeon-ah, get out of your head,” Qiang said quietly and Sangyeon took in a deep breath and stayed silent for a few moments.  Qiang didn’t say anything, patiently waiting for the boy to start talking.  He knew he was trying to gather his thoughts and words without having a breakdown in the process.

    “Am I good leader?”  He asked suddenly and Qiang was taken aback by the question.  “You most definitely are.  You’re the best leader and you have strong qualities.  That’s why voted for you.”  Qiang said and Sangyeon sighed again.  “Sometimes I think we should have made you the leader.  You know so much more than I do.  And you stay so calm.  We can never tell when you’re stressed or worrying.”

     Qiang chuckled, patting his knee and giving it a squeeze.  “I worry and stress just like the rest of you.  And I would suck as a leader,” he said, half-teasing, but more so being honest, “I wouldn’t be able to carry this team as much as you do.  And you know more than I do about a lot of things, Sangyeon. What brought all this on?”

     Sangyeon let his shoudlers drop and he stared at his feet.  “I just feel like there’s so much I can’t do.  I feel like I have no control.  Hwall left and we’re still trying to establish ourselves.  And we have Road to Kingdom coming up soon.  Then working on the new album.  There’s just so much.”

     He buried his face in his hands and Qiang wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him to his side.  “If there’s anyone capable of juggling all of that out of all of us, it’s you,” he said honestly.  “We’re here to help and for you to lean on.  You don’t have to take all of it on yourself.”

     “And Hwall left and made the decision that was best for him, Sangyeon.  We know that and I know you know that.  Do we miss him and wish it could be different?  Of course, we do.  But he needs to focus on his health.”  Sangyeon sighed, falling back onto the mattress.  “I know, I know.  I just feel like I’m lacking sometimes.”

     Qiang laid back with him, both of them staring at the bottom of the bunk above them.  “You’re not lacking in my eyes and I know if you asked everyone else they’d say the same thing.”  Sangyeon smiled a bit, agreeing with him.  “What can I do to help?”  Qiang asked and Sangyeon shrugged a bit.  “Nothing really.  I guess I just needed to get it out instead of keeping it in my head.  I feel a lot better.”

     Qiang smiled at him and patted his shoulder.  “My ears are always open when you need them.”  Sangyeon laughed, closing his eyes.  “What about your bed?  Because I’m too exhausted to get up and move over to mine.”  Qiang laughed.  “I guess that’s always open too.  Though if Eric comes back tired and grumpy I’m not sure he’ll appreciate it being you in my bed instead of me.”

     Sangyeon only shrugged, already half-way into dreamland.  “He’ll get over it.  I just need a few minutes.”  Qiang smiled warmly at the boy, pushing him to get him fully on the bed and covering him with the blanket.  “Take as long as you need.  We can go for lunch when you wake up.  Come up with a game plan for the next few months.”

     Sangyeon smiled.  “I’d like that.”  

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  • ithinkilikeit-reactions
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Boyz “You watch them jerk off”

    The Boyz Masterlist                                  Group Masterlist

    Ask:  It's a kinky one, but how about The Boyz reacting to the reader watching them jerking off/playing with sex toys? 💓💓

    A/N: This is.... really dirty. My mind really took over on this one. So this is your warning.


    He was loving this, the look on your face, the way your eyes alternated between his face and hand on his cock. He couldn’t help himself but chuckle. “Look at you, you look like an eager puppy.” 

    You pouted, you just wanted to touch him so bad. Sangyeon could see that, the eagerness in your eyes as you watched him and well, he was feeling generous. “Come here.” He said, using his free hand to gesture for you to come near. You abided and got closer, not touching him just yet but had a feeling you knew what was coming. After all, you had behaved yourself. 

    “You’ve been good, so I’ll let you finish me off.” His voice was serious, watching as your hand carefully trailed up his bare thigh. Your fingers wrapped around his cock gently and you made sure to look at him. Afterall, eye contact was essential to him. 


    Jacob only really did this when he was incredibly needy, otherwise you were there to satsify his needs. Which was why you didn’t think twice when you entered his room, but why you were so surprised to see his cock in his hands. Sweat dripping down his chest, frustrations from practice really having got to him.

    “Oh shit.” He cursed, noticing you walk into the room but also not being able to stop his hand from moving. He was just so close, he couldn’t bring himself to stop. “Don’t stop on my account.” You said softly, dropping to your knees in front of him. “Were you that needy?” You asked him, stroking his thighs as he started jerking himself off even harder. Jacon let out a whine, one he himself would consider pathetic, one that you would say was beautiful. 

    “Fuck- when you look at me like that- I.” He choked out, throwing his head back as he felt himself cum, splaying over his stomach as he moaned out. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” You smiled, standing up and kissing him on the forehead. You were about to walk away, when he pulled you back. 

    “You’re funny if you think I’m done after that.” 


    It was cute, how unsure he was at this moment. Gently stroking himself as you watched. For Younghoon being so big, he looked so small and shy in this moment it just turned you on more. 

    “Come on, don’t get shy on me.” You told him, sitting at the edge of the bed. Younghoon’s eyes locked on yours, only mustering a whimper before he looked away again. Jerking off when he was alone was one thing, but jerking off in front of you... he was so turned on that he was embarrassed of it. He felt pathetic and that made him even closer to cumming. 

    “You’re close aren’t you?” You asked, creeping closer to him and drawing your hand from his ankle to up to his thigh. The closer you got to his length, the harsher his whimpers got and the more his hips bucked. “Oh yeah, you definitely are.” His hand slowed down and you ran your pointer finger over the underside of his cock. 

    “Please finish me off, I can’t take this.” 


    Jaehyun looked at you with hazy eyes, hand lazily stroking his cock as your own hands did a number on yourself. Yes, this is exactly what he wanted when he suggested mutual masturbation. Especially with the way your eyes scanned his body, it made him cocky. 

    He continued to stroke his cock, a little faster now and watched as your pace faltered. “Keep up.” He said, voice not giving in once even despite the pleasure he was feeling. You couldn’t help but whimper and shut your eyes, feeling close yourself as your hands worked over your core. “Look at me.” Jaehyun’s voice was commanding and you couldn’t help but listen. 

    Your eyes went directly to his hand, wishing it was on you rather than pleasuring himself. He could tell that you needed him, which made this all the more fun for him. Jaehyun leaned over to you, placing his face close to yours. 

    “If you’re good and cum with me, I might help you out later.” 


    He wasn’t particularly shy, especially not about this. Juyeon didn’t even flinch when you entered the room while he had his fist around his cock. No, he more gave you a look that told you to either leave or sit and watch and well, you obviously chose the latter. 

    Listening to his moans and watching the veins in his arms get more prominent, you were getting needy yourself. Especially as he locked eyes with you, practically smiling as he did so. You were having a hard time just sitting and watching, fiddling with your hands before dropping down to your knees in front of him. 

    “You want to take over? Don’t like watching?” He asked as your hand reached out for his length. You nodded and he sighed, allowing you to take over. Hissing as your hand wrapped around his. He teased you, now you were going to do the same. Or so you thought, until he grabbed your wrist and made you look him the eyes.

    “I let you take over, doesn’t mean you can tease.” 


    Kevin was quite insecure when it came to you watching him. It was one thing for you and him to have sex together but another if you just wanted to watch him. But he pushed that aside, because he wanted to please you and well he didn’t regret it. 

    “You look so good.” You praised, as he pressed his back to your chest. Your hands were running over chest, shoulders and stroking his face, but not where he needed you. “I bet you’d feel better than I look.” Kevin retorted, hoping his taunts would get you to touch him instead. You laughed a little watching as he picked up the pace. 

    “Hmm, nice try.” You said softly in his ear, dragging your nails over his chest lightly as you did so. Getting a moan in response as watched his hand pump even harder. Why this was so hot to him, he had no idea.

    “You’re evil.” 


     Chanhee thrived off of attention like this, there was just something about being the center of attention and well, he knew he looked good. Especially with the way your eyes followed his hands every move. 

    He looked so incredibly good but sounded even better, God you could watch him touching himself forever. But you wanted to touch him so bad, you couldn’t help but reach out for his cock. Only for him to pull away and tut at you. 

    “I told you not to touch.” Chanhee said and sat back down. You just wanted to make him cum, you just wanted to hear his pretty sounds and you wanted to be the reason for them. “Please.” You pleaded and he shook his head, stroking his cock slowly, teasingly. 

    “If you would’ve asked first... maybe. But now, no.” 


    In this moment you were wondering why you had agreed, letting him tie you up so that you wouldn’t be tempted to touch. Yet here you were, still tempted to touch as your fingers fidgeted behind your back and well Changmin could tell. He could tell and he was enjoying it.

    “You don’t like just watching, not being able to touch me huh?” His words were strained, jerking himself off quickly as you sat in front of him. You shook your head in response and he couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m enjoying this though, you look so needy.” He said between moans, knowing just what effect he had on you right now. 

    “I’m so close to cumming.” Changmin said and watched you squirm at his words. You just wanted to touch him so bad, you wanted him to touch you so bad. You felt like you were losing and he was just so amused. 

    “Watching you like this just turns me on more. It’s fun to see you struggle like this.” 


    He was trying to get caught, it was something he was into that you still needed to discover and boy did you discover it. Seeing him sitting on the edge of the bed jerking himself off, simply nodding a head in your direction with a smile. It caught you off guard but you, adjusted quickly and sat next to him on the bed. 

    His hand didn’t slow down as you wrapped your arms around him from behind. “You wanted me to watch didn’t you?” You asked, running your hands over his stomach and listening to him his. You kissed over his shoulders too, moving your lips up and by his ear to kiss his sweet spot. “Mhmm.” He responded to your question, finger tips swiping over his slit and making himself moan. 

    “Hmm, maybe you should make yourself cum then, if you wanted to get caught so badly.” You mumbled into his neck, watching his pace pick up and hearing his sounds get louder. God, this was so hot and the fact that he liked being watched like this. 

    “I’m so fucking close.” 


    When you told him you wanted to watch him, he felt himself get shy. But he would’ve been lying if he said he didn’t like the thought. Especially because Sunwoo loved your eyes so much. Particularly now, that you were on your knees in front of him and looking at him like that. 

    He was so hard and turned on he was almost angry, stroking his cock and letting out grunts as he did so. You dragged your tongue over your lips and blinked at him again, eyes locking with his making his hips buck. “You knew what you were doing when you asked this.” He moaned, leaning down to kiss you quickly and not taking his hand off of his cock. 

    You watched his hand and licked your lips again, the action not being unnoticed by Sunwoo. He was trained on your facial expressions as you watched him and the fact that you were so turned on watching him, made the tension is stomach get even more intense. 

    “Fuck, you like  to watch as much as you like to swallow. Open your mouth.” 


    He didn’t understand, he would much rather have you touch him or just have sex with you in general. Eric didn’t understand the appeal, but he tried it because you asked. He didn’t understand the appeal, until he was close to cumming and feeling your hands everywhere except where he wanted you. 

    “I thought you said you didn’t like this.” You teased as he whimpered under your touch, his hand not letting up on his pace. He wanted to cum really bad. “I don’t. But this feels so good.” He whined and you allowed your hands to move over his thighs. You dug your nails into them lightly, enough for him to feel it and hiss. 

    That was the straw, the thing that made him cum. Eric’s thighs started shaking and cum coated his stomach and thighs as he whimpered.His eyes shutting and you smiled, petting his hair. He was having a hard time opening his eyes after that, but he managed and looked at you with hooded eyes. 

    “I- hated that. But fuck, we should do that again. Maybe I watch you this time.” 

    A/N: This absolute pure filth like absolute filth. I haven’t written something like this in a long time. @kpoporacle I hope you like it!

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    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    collab call!

    this month, I’ve been on deobi tumblr for a year! I was thinking about hosting a tbz collab to celebrate that~ would anyone be up for that? I plan to do ot12 and some kind of college theme... details aren’t decided. just an idea!!

    let me know if you would be up for that... 🥰

    #the boyz#tbz #the boyz collab #tbz collab #the boyz college #tbz college#tbz au #the boyz au #sangyeon #the boyz jacob #Jacob#younghoon#hyunjae#juyeon#kevin moon #the boyz new #chanhee #the boyz q #changmin#haknyeon#hwall#sunwoo #the boyz eric
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  • l-mirae
    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago

    the boyz - confirmed rising signs & guesses

    - confirmed -

    jacob - leo

    pluto in tight trine with his asc subdues the fiery energy associated with leo. he's dabbled in a lot which reflects his aries mc

    sunwoo - scorpio

    he seems cold & chic initially with asc tightly squaring his moon. leo mc is star-quality which is v true

    eric - pisces

    sweetheart placement. pisces asc can have clueless moments so their friends j want to protect them

    - guesses -

    sangyeon - libra

    he could be scorpio rising but i think it's libra. even with libra asc he could have sun & mercury in the 1st house which makes sense since he's so entertaining & a good leader

    younghoon - virgo

    it would make sense for him to have venus in the 1st house since he's so charming & handsome

    hyunjae - scorpio

    he's so magnetic, i feel like it's scorpio. he would have moon sextile his asc, which would make sense because he's known for being caring & (initially) shy

    juyeon - capricorn

    it could also be sag but i think it's capricorn. 1st house stellium is so powerful he's indeed the main character

    kevin - gemini

    he's so artistic which would suit pisces mc, & he can be quite random. this would make his asc conjunct jacob's sun which can indicate close friendship

    new - libra

    he seems very venusian ? this would make his asc trine his neptune which is ethereal vibes

    q - aquarius

    puzzled honestly for his but my instinct is aquarius since he's quite eccentric & unique, & nothing seems to shocks him

    haknyeon - aries

    he's enthusiastic, & isn't shy when meeting new people. he could have capricorn mc which would make him known for endurance & a hard climb to success in his career

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    23.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    [ 1:21am ]

    The storm is raging outside, large raindrops pattering violently against the glass panes of the window. A bolt of lightning rips across the night sky followed by a clap of thunder as you cower deeper into Younghoon.

    His arms around you are comforting, warm and you can feel his hands holding onto you tightly but not roughly, his embrace gentle. You bury your face deeper into his chest and you try to focus on his heartbeat and the soft tune he was humming melodically to you instead of the storm outside.

    Younghoon notices you trembling and he falters, his eyes shining with concern. Immediately, he hugs you tighter as he leans down under the sheets, his soft lips brushing against your forehead. You feel his gentle kisses and the way his fingers rub softly at your arms. Your heart flutters despite your fear and instantly, you feel warmer, less terrified.

    “I’m here, y/n. I’m here to protect you,” he whispers softly.

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  • difcore
    22.06.2021 - 17 hours ago

    ᜊ eating u out , the boyz !

    WARNINGS + WC + GENRE . smut, 914. bf!tbz, manhandling, dom x sub themes, cunninglings & oral fixation. from an my old blog @/wonwrld.

    ꤥ sangyeon !

    you don’t even have to ask. sangyeon will do it cause he bored or when he just feels like being all over you. his tongue always is so slick and smooth on. he is usually rough with you, he groans and nips at your folds + clit. he likes to inflict pain unless you tell him otherwise.

    sangyeon on the softer side will just caress and kiss all over your slit. he’ll be slow but just a bit rough, it’s what he’s used to. you think his facial features are hot, especially when he’s really into it. it turns you on and makes you cum harder.

    ꤥ jacob !

    he doesn’t think he’s hot and that’s a problem. he doesn’t normally give you head but when he does he doesn’t hold back. he can be a bit rough but he usually a soft boy. he won’t mind manhandling you a bit of you try to close your legs.

    you always admire jacobs back when he’s going down on you. his back makes you feel things, it’s just something about it that switches a light in you, the sounds you make encourage him to keep going. since he knows he’s making you feel good.

    ꤥ younghoon !

    a softie on the outside but a demon on the inside. he’s the one who asks you to tell him how it feels. says things like “daddy is making you feel good huh?” and will push his fingers inside of you all at once.

    the softer side of him is usually a lot of foreplay, he’ll kiss and tug at you through your panties. he holds onto your thighs and make sure he licks every part of you clean.

    ꤥ hyunjae !

    another softie on the inside. he will be shy talking about it but his action will prove all of it wrong. he doesn’t hold back, he’ll eat you out like he’s eating his last meal. hyunjae doesn’t play about pussy.

    you always pull his hair and he loves it. it makes him go harder and faster. your moans and cries also help him get you closer. he’s a big be on edge it squirting, so he won’t stop until his mouth is full or until he feels like you should cum.

    ꤥ juyeon !

    this boy is a devil. he goes hard and doesn’t stop until he’s satisfied. he’ll have your pussy throbbing and have you limping just from a few fingers and a bit of tongue. he’s so cocky eith it as well.

    he’ll start off slow and goofy with it. then it’ll turn serious, you know he’s into it when he hand starts to clutch in your stomach. basically telling you to prepare yourself without actually saying it.

    ꤥ kevin !

    he tends to be soft, to take care of you and focus on making you feel good. he takes his time with it, which you enjoy, kevin isn’t a very calm boy but he’s a sweetheart when touching you.

    on his harder side, he’d just run his hands on every part of your body, sucking hard on your clit + slit. he wants you moaning loud but he doesn’t go overboard.

    ꤥ chanhee !

    he’s a baby, but don’t let that fool you. he’ll listen to everything you tell him. he’s a baby but he does know how to make you feel good. he can work his mouth like wonders and that’s something you adore about him.

    however, he can quickly change and just devour you like he never has. once he’s into it he’s really really into it. he doesn’t stop even after you cum, you taste that good to him.

    ꤥ changmin !

    yet another soft baby, he’s really sweet and always asks if your okay with something or if can touch you. he’ll slide a finger into your hole and start to gently lick your slit + clit.

    he will tease and edge though, he likes seeing you suffer but only to his advantage. the long you last the hard you cum. he wasn’t a his hands face and blankets to be covered in your juices.

    ꤥ juhaknyeon !

    juhaknyeon has some thick lips. he uses them wisely and will make out with your pussy. he’ll make you wet just from a single glance at your pussy, so imagine him actually touching you.

    he likes you suck and pull on your pussy lips. he doesn’t hold back either, he will moan and grunt against your pussy just to run the vibrations through your body.

    ꤥ sunwoo !

    he can be a bit shy at first, but that’s all hidden once he’s actually looking at you. he’s a talker, he will telling what he’s about to do and still catch you off guard. makes you stutter when you’re trying to praise him for how good it all felt.

    he will devour you, his tongue moves very faster. he’ll pull away just to lick his lips and wink up at you then go back to work. he shakes his head and goes completely feral.

    ꤥ eric !

    another fast tongue. he doesn’t talk a lot but boy oh boy does he put his mouth to work. he hallows his cheeks and let’s out sounds signaling he’s enjoying it way to much. he usually keeps his eyes on you.

    he curses a lot and makes you tell him who you belong to. “who’s pussy is this? hm?” he would ask you as he’s kitten licking harshly on you clit. his hands are pinning your legs down so that you don’t move.

    #work on main #lsn.works #prism.nw #tbz imagines#tbz smut#tbz drabbles #the boyz headcanons #tbz headcanons #the boyz scenarios #juyeon smut#sunwoo smut #eric sohn smut #kevin moon smut #younghoon smut#kpop smut#hyunjae smut #the boyz smut #lee juyeon smut #juhaknyeon smut#changmin smut#chanhee smut#new smut#sangyeon smut#q smut #jacob bae smut #the boyz #kim sunwoo smut #lee hyunjae smut
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    #theboyz#tbz#theb#deobi #jacob the boyz #the boyz jacob #sangyeon#younghoon#hyunjae#juyeon#kevin moon #new the boyz #chanhee #q the boyz #changmin#haknyeon#sunwoo #the boyz eric
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    younghoon update 👍
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    Younghoon - Campus life
    #빵빵 #yeah I stole that from chanhee #btw how does younghoon always look so soft #he reminds me of kisses ob the forhead earl in the morning as soon as you wake up #ok that was specific #btw idk do even younghoon's hard stans exist??? #ive never seen one i think #bbangbis are usually like deers wandering around #ok i dont know what's with me and my comparisons this morning but still that's the feeling they give me #btw hes so pretty and simple 💕💕 #and the colors of this photoshoot finally brings their skin colour out #like honey #i love it #younghoon#the boyz#tbz
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