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  • Request:  Can you write one where David’s dating an older girl and she has a child from a previous relationship, Natalie and Erin judge her for it and question her intentions and David defends her.


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    Your POV

    Being a single mother was already hard enough especially since the father of your child was no longer apart of you or your baby’s life. So when you started dating YouTube sensation, David Dobrik, you knew there were going to be a few challenges. You told him you’d love to be apart of his vlogs but to keep your child out of the vlogs until you felt comfortable enough. 

    All his friends adored you and your baby girl (Y/D/N). Well almost everyone. For some reason David’s assistant, Natalie, and one of his friends Erin doesn’t approve of the life you had. You could kind of tell when you first introduced your daughter to the group. They were the only ones who didn’t want to hold her, didn’t seem interested at all in the conversation and kind of hung back from the group. But as you continued to bring your daughter over and hang out with everyone they started making comments. 

    “Why do you always bring your child over?” Natalie asked. You bounced your daughter up and down on your knee. You glanced over in her and Erin’s direction. David was cuddled up next to you as he dangled a toy in front of your daughter. 

    “Well, the person who usually babysits her is not in town. My parents are busy and I kind of can’t leave her by herself,” you muttered. 

    “There’s always daycare centers,” Erin said rolling her eyes as she scrolled through her phone. 

    “Your parents are still involved in your life?” Natalie asked. You shifted uncomfortably. 

    “I currently don’t have the money to put her in a daycare and yes my parents love their granddaughter.” You looked over at David, you could tell he was getting annoyed with all the questions as well. 

    “Ah, so are you just dating David for child support,” Erin said as she shook her head in disapproval and Natalie made a disgusted face at you. 

    “Whoa guys, what the hell?” David said looking at them. You held your daughter close to your chest as she snuggled next to you. You were trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. It hurt hearing people who were so close to David talk to you like that. Assume you were only using him for money. 

    “I’m just saying that why would she want to always be around and be in the vlogs and date you if it wasn’t for money to support the mistake she made,” Erin said letting out a small laugh. 

    “Mistake?” David said standing up, a hint of anger in his voice. 

    “Well yeah- it was her fa-” David cut her off.

    “No, it wasn’t a mistake. Her daughter is not a mistake. She’s a blessing to (Y/N) and frankly to me. I gave her the choice to not be apart of my vlogs. She has never once asked me for money or any support. She does fine on her own and works her fucking ass off to support her child,” David said his voice gradually getting louder. 

    “David, we didn’t mean it-” Natalie started. David let out a laugh. 

    “You know you two were the last I expected to judge someone. Out of all the people we hang out with who make shitty decisions everyday, who sleep around, get STD’s and do drugs and you decided to judge my girlfriend who raised a child by herself with no father in the life, who works multiple jobs? That’s a low blow guys, I’m very disappointed,” He said shaking his head as he sat down next to you and kissed your forehead. 

    “Thank you,” You whispered as you smiled at him. Your daughter put her tiny hands on your face and you couldn’t help but let out a smile. 

    “(Y/N)-” Erin started. You shook your head. 

    “It’s okay, guys. Really. I wouldn’t have my life any other way,” You whispered as you leaned your head on your boyfriends shoulder and your daughter resting her head on your chest. 

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  • Summary: David brings you to a party and you have a panic attack and he is surprisingly very good at helping you focus on him and calm down. 


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    “I can’t breathe. I can’t-”

    “Just breathe… You’re okay, I promise, just breathe.”

    Your POV:

    You don’t go to parties. It wasn’t your thing. Usually when it came to David’s events or any type of party that related to your friend group you either told them you weren’t feeling up to it or go for about an hour then get the hell out of there. Parties always caused you so much discomfort and so much anxiety. And usually you could escape before a panic attack started. So the vlog squad just sort of stopped inviting you to things. 

    When it came to dinner with your friends you were always invited, but I think they picked up on the fact that you weren’t really a party kind of girl. And they accepted that fact. Well almost everyone. David didn’t accept it. In fact, every time he threw a party or knew of a party going on he immediately texted you and asked if you would accompany him. You knew he just wanted to get some bits for the vlog and see what would do if you were intoxicated but you never agreed to any of his invitations. 

    But this time you couldn’t deny the invitation as much as your mind was screaming at you to deny the offer, the look on David’s face was just too hard to say no to. You knew he was getting defeated at the fact you never went to one of his “wild” events. And maybe this time your anxiety would be okay considering you knew David and you knew MOST of his friends. Not all of them but enough that if you did so happen to panic you could stick to someone’s side. 

    You were so wrong. 

    David’s house was filled with so many unfamiliar faces. The music making the floor vibrate, people intoxicated with alcohol screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs, stumbling around bumping into you as you tried to find a less crowded area. David was somewhere amongst the crowd getting footage for his vlogs while Zane and Heath were the life of the party getting drunk off their asses. You tried to focus on one specific person but everything was starting to blur over. 

    The music faded as you started to hyper focus on your breathing. You could feel your heart beating in your chest as so many people bumped into you as you felt the room closing in on you. You searched everywhere for an escape from the living room but there were too many people around. Too many people screaming and dancing, drinks sloshing on to the floor. 

    You knew what was coming, you put two fingers against the side of your neck to check your pulse. It was racing. Your throat was all of sudden desert dry. You put a hand on the wall to steady yourself as the floor started to spin. Your breathing started to pick up as you felt your eyes gloss over with tears. 

    “(Y/N)?” You heard a voice. You couldn’t tell who it was. You just stared straigh ahead of you as you tried to focus on your pulse. But that only seemed to freak you out more. “(Y/N), it’s David. What’s happening right now?” 

    You turned your head to the side to see David standing there, he reached out towards you and put his hand on your arm. You looked around at the crowd then back at David. 

    “I’m, I, um, am having-” You stopped to take a short breath. “I think I’m having a panic attack.” He nodded and immediately pulled you into his side, snaking an arm around your waist as he pushed his way through the crowd. And considering this was his house, everyone parted like the red sea. He led you guys through a door and from what you could tell you were in his bedroom. He led you to his bed and sat you down as he crouched down in front of you. 

    “Do you need water?” He asked. You shook your head as you stared at his shoes. “I need you to look at me.” 

    Your eyes flickered to his. 

    “Tell me where we are right now,” He said. 

    “Your house, in your room,” you muttered. His hands were on your thighs. 

    “Very good, you’re okay. You are in a spacious area right now. The music is just a faded sound, you’re with me. One of your friends. A familiar face. Just take a deep breath. Can you do that for me?” He asked, his voice had a soothing quality to it. You shook my head no. 

    “I can’t breathe. I can’t-” you said as you started shaking your head as a few tears started to fall. David sat down next to me and pulled you against him, your head resting upon his chest as he stroked your hair. 

    “Hey, hey, hey, you’re okay. I’m right here. Just breathe…You’re okay, I promise, just breathe,” He whispered against your hair as he slowly rocked us both back and forth. 

    You guys stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity but your breathing slowed down and the tears no longer fell. The room was still and everything wasn’t so loud anymore. You slowly pulled away from David and took another deep breath. you sat there for a moment not really knowing what to say. 

    You looked over at him. “Sorry about that.”

    “Hey, no need to apologize. I used to get panic attacks all time. I may not be the best at helping but I understand how you feel. I’ll always be here for you (Y/N),” David said as he placed a kiss on your temple. 

    You were so glad to have a friend like David Dobrik. 

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  • IMAGINE doing a video with Seán and he hears you say something negative


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  • CM I

    Conor’s been a nuisance to me for as long as I could remember. It was stealing my bike when we were four, telling me santa didn’t exist as soon as he found out at six, blaming his shenanigans on me in school in all the classes we had together, and telling every guy I was interested in that I had herpes. The ones who knew Conor, dated me anyway, but Conor could have very well scared away the love of my life-I’d never know.

    Ever since we graduated school and I went to college while he focussed on music, we’d seen each other less and the only bothering he did was tagging me in pointless memes. But every so often when I visited home and our gang met up, I would have to put up with him all over again.

    “Come over here!” Jessie tugs me as soon as I get out of my uber. Our friends stand around the car parked in front of her house and they greet me while my face stays buried in Jessie’s shoulder

    “Tell me it hasn’t been half a year since we saw each other,” Sam joins the hug and Mel says something about taking a picture of us. When they release me I grab Fran in a hug even though she hated them and notice Conor wasn’t around.

    “Where’s Conor?” I ask.

    “I thought you’d be glad not to see him,” Mel exchanges a glance with Fran but I don’t understand it.

    “Just curious,” I say cautiously. “He’s never missed our mini-reunions.”

    “He messaged the group, he’ll meet us at the club.” Jessie says. “Probably already attached himself to a girl there. Let’s go before he does anything stupid.”

    “In that case, let’s take our time.” I say dryly with a hint of irritation and my friends just laugh.

    We pile into the car and eventually find the street after driving in circles for fifteen minutes. “Could that little shite have picked anything more obscure?” Jessie sighs as she parks.

    I hadn’t been to our last meet-up a few months ago due to exams and Conor had missed the meet before that so it’d been a little under a year since I saw Conor. The last time was on the weekend of my 20th birthday where he tried to shove a cupcake in my face. But there was a moment I can’t help but remember. As we were waiting for our separate ubers and he’d leaned into me drunkenly, saying something I’d never forget.

    “I think I always loved you.”

    “Y/N?” Mel snaps. I hadn’t realised the group was already to the door while I stood still on the sidewalk, remembering the way the words felt against my skin.

    “Coming!” I hurry, my heels clacking again the pavement. I catch up to Mel and we walk in silence into the club.

    “How’s work been?” I ask Mel, the silence becoming too much.

    “Been keeping me busy,” she responds quickly. “I think they went that way.”

    With that, she walks ahead of me to the bar where our friends are figuring out the drinks.

    “Hey,” I pull Jessie aside after we order them. “Is it just me or is Mel acting weird?”

    “Mel?” Jessie was the only person I felt comfortable asking since I knew she would always be objective. “She seems fine to me. Why?”

    “I dunno,” I couldn’t put my finger on it. Mel was usually silly with me, teasing me that I was becoming a big nerd. But tonight she’d been serious, deliberately cut the conversation short as if she was mad at me. I would ask her if she was alright later, I decide.

    “Ladies,” Sam approaches us, wrapping his arm around Jessie. They’d started dating the summer after graduation and it was no surprise to us. A relief actually, to see all the sexual tension built up between them for years disappear overnight. Quite literally.

    “Let’s dance?” Jessie asks us but she’s mostly looking to Sam.

    “I’ll just finish my drink first,” I smile-I didn’t feel like being a third wheel. Jessie makes me promise I would join in later and I watch them leave, now all alone. I spot Fran and Mel talking but it seems intense so I turn my back to the crowds and lean on the counter.

    “Is it hot in here or is it just you?” I hear the familiar gravelly voice in my ear. My heart beats a little faster as my back straightens in anticipation of the stupid routine Conor and I had.

    “You’re so full of shite you should probably find a toilet,” I say easily before turning to stare him straight in the eye. Except. He looked different.

    I lose my smirk and my defence as I try to remember what I was going to say to him. He looks older; somehow in the last year he’d lost the boyish look and his features were sharpened by maturity…not that he had any….and with that thought, I remember who I was looking at.

    “Still a complete arse, I see.” I look Conor up and down.

    “A bigger snob than usual, I see.” Conor retorts but it lacks his usual snarkiness too. Almost as if seeing each other knocked us out of the ring we always fought in. I sip my drink as we find our footing still.

    “How’s it going?” Conor asks.

    “The usual-going to my snobby school and doing my snobby work.”

    Conor chuckles. “Nice to know some things don’t change.”

    I don’t answer that, thinking back to what he’d said that night. He was so drunk but apparently not drunk enough to forget because a few mornings after, as I was on the train back to school I’d received a text from him.

    I was shitfaced the other night so whatever I said was just nonsense.

    The text stung a little even though I never really considered being in love with Conor. His next text reminded me why I never considered it: It’s not like it could work out anyway. You’re too freaky.

    Thanks, I’d sent back with an eye-roll emoji. And that had been that.

    But it hadn’t been just that. The more I thought about it, the more I realised that deep down I enjoyed the banter. It had become familiar, more reliable than a lot of other things in my life. I’d never miss the juvenile pranks he played on me but our banter was our own little language. And it made me realise other things too, like how it might feel to not have that…like it would make a bigger hole in my heart than I initially thought.

    “Have you been working out?” Conor asks beside me and I only barely make out the question over the noise.

    “Wouldn’t you like to know,” I roll my eyes but secretly flattered that he’d noticed.

    “No I’m being serious!” Conor says. “You look good!”

    I turn my body to him and raise an eyebrow, assessing if he was going to tease me but he seemed genuine. “I’ve been rock climbing recently, and training for a marathon.”

    Conor whistles. Well he looked like he was whistling but I don’t hear anything.

    “You don’t look bad yourself,” I comment without letting on that I thought he looked really good. Like really really really really good.

    “I’ve been making some changes,” he says casually. When I raise an eyebrow he continues, “I cut back on the alcohol but that’s cuz my label said I need to clean up my image and stop partying so much.” He laughs but it has an edge. “And I try to go to the gym but it’s…”

    “A losing battle?” I laugh. “Remember that one summer we all made a pact to work on our ‘summer bodies’ but you went for a week and missed your alarm every week after that.”

    “To be honest,” he says. “I never set an alarm after the first week.”

    My mouth drops, “You piece of shite! You had us all convinced you were struggling!”

    Conor laughs with his whole body and my breath catches with the way the room narrows down just to him. Coming out tonight was not good for my heart-I was only falling

    “I can’t piss you off now that you’ve been working out-you could probably beat my arse.”

    “Who said I couldn’t do it before I worked out?” I tease as I flex my arm. Conor’s eyes widen and he touches the muscle I’d proudly built over the last few months. His touch sends a zap to my nerves and I drop my arm back to its side.

    “That’s like-proper muscle.”

    “Yeah!” I’d lost the humour as my heart continued to race. It was just Conor. Just Conor.

    “What are you two gossiping about?” Meg and Fran appear and she shouts to be heard. I balk-for a few minutes we were actually getting on.

    “Was the world ending or were you two laughing with each other.” Fran reads my thoughts and I blush and glance at Conor who’s glancing at me too.

    “I was just getting her comfortable for the trouble I have in store later,” Conor says without the usual sauciness. The girls seem to pick up on it because they glance at one another again. God, that was getting annoying.

    “I think Conor’s finally growing a brain in that skull of his,” I joke.

    “Is that where my brain’s supposed to be?” Conor bounces off my joke and my laugh’s cut short when I realise Meg is staring at us as if we’d grown another head.

    “So Conor,” Meg says after we sip our drinks in silence. “It’s been a while since I saw your face. You haven’t sent me any vocal clips anymore of your music.”

    “I’ve been working on lyrics actually…” I tune the conversation out, Meg’s comment making me uncomfortable. I don’t remember Meg being anything but snarky towards Conor yet he was sharing his music with her. And not me. Actually he’d never even talked about his music with me, I have to remind myself. Why was I getting jealous over a stupid comment?

    “So Fran-you’re even more quiet tonight than usual.” I say.

    “I had a long shift this morning.” She groans. “Kids can be brutal.”

    “Aw,” I grab her arm. “Then your next drink’s on me!”

    “I have a weird question,” Fran says once we get the drinks. She was never one for beating about the bush.

    “Shoot,” I say.

    “Do you have a thing for Conor?”

    My drink nearly comes out of my nose as I choke. Fran hands me napkins as she pats my back and I begin laughing.

    “Why would you think that?” I ask, paranoid that my small-big crush was obvious.

    “You two are always going off on one another,” she shrugs. “Maybe that’s your way of flirting?”

    “Oh my god,” I laugh. “When I flirt, I’m a lot less aggressive! At least I hope so.”

    “So the little piece you were doing just now with him?” She raises an eyebrow.

    “Uh-wh-no?” I stutter. Fran and I stare at each other before bursting into laughter.

    “You are so bad at lying.” Fran shouts.

    “Lying about what?” Jessie shows up with Sam trailing behind her.

    “Hey! Weren’t you two dancing?” I ask, hoping to distract from the question.

    “Yeah! You never showed!” Jessie says. “And I want a drink. Non-alcoholic don’t worry.”

    “I’ll give you the seat,” Fran slides off and says she was going.

    “Not a word!” I shout out to her and she makes an X over her heart.


    “Shotgun!” I shout into the dark as our eyes adjust from the flashing lights to the night sky.

    “Aw no!” Sam complains. “You know my legs don’t stretch in the back!”

    “Should have thought of that before! Shotgun rules says it’s my seat.” I say, a little tipsy but mostly just happy having all my friends together again.

    “I call a window!” Sam frowns.

    “Where does Conor sit?” Meg asks. “There’s not enough seats.”

    “I’ll sit in Y/N’s lap,” Conor wraps his arm around my shoulders and pulls me to him so I stumble in my heels.

    “Get off!” I shove him away, the scrunchie in my hair sliding off. “Ugh.”

    “You cut your hair?” Jessie asks as we get in.

    “Yeah! Just last week. So many dead ends…” We continue the small talk as the gang piles in the back, Meg agreeing to sit on the floor as she was the smallest. I connect the car with bluetooth and put on a throwback playlist as we reminisce about the old times. Meg falls asleep and we all laugh, the boys taking snaps of her to make fun of. Just as I feel relaxed, the music goes fuzzy and a familiar voice sings through the speakers.

    “Isn’t that-“

    “Conor!” I twist in my seat and aim to hit his knee but I get Fran instead and while I apologize Conor begins singing out loud which earns groans from everyone.

    “Stop hijacking the Bluetooth!” I say and turn my music back on but Conor puts his on again and I feel my frustration rise so I turn it off but Conor just finds a way to play his music again. I cross my arms and sigh, deciding to just ignore it while Jessie starts to hum to the music. Fran and Sam are having a discussion and I feel Conor playing with my hair from the back.

    “Stop that!” I twist to see him again and he’s grinning. “Ugh, I hate you.”

    “Only because you’re afraid of how much you’d love me,” Conor teases but the words hit too close to home so I flip him off again and turn back in my seat.

    Fran and Sam get off first as they lived a few houses down from the other. Next, we drop Meg who took a few shakes and shouts to wake up. Conor says to drop him off at his brother’s and we do so but before he goes in he leans his elbows on my open window.

    “You’re gonna get run over,” I say as a car whizzes by behind him.

    “So are we doing anything later? This week or something?” Conor ignores my comment.

    “Ah I don’t know.” Jessie says. “We can all hang out after work but Y/N’s home for the whole week before she disappears on us again.”

    Conor doesn’t even look back at Jessie when he asks me, “Great, maybe I can show you some of my music then.”

    I blush, thinking he’d noticed my earlier bitterness about Meg’s comment but his face is casual. “Sounds cool,” I nod and when he’s out of sight Jessie squeals.

    “You two are so into each other.”

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  • hey there…it’s been a while. I’m Frankie, and I haven’t written on here in at least four years. But surprise, I’m back! You might notice that we’ve had a little name change… gone is Imagineyoutuberslol and welcome to imaginemultilol! I’m back again to write for 5 Seconds of Summer so if you’re into that, stay! If you’re not, I get it! I’m not opposed to writing YouTube if you request it, I’m just not gonna go out on my own to do it! So welcome back, come talk and request, and look out for some new work!

    #joe sugg imagines #joe sugg imagine #joe sugg one shot #joe sugg oneshot #youtube imagines#youtuber imagines#youtuber imagine#5sos blurb#5sosfam#5sos imagine#5sos fluff#calum 5sos#ashton irwin#ashton 5sos#5sos fanfic #5sos one shot #luke 5sos#michael 5sos#calum imagine#luke imagine#michael imagine #5 seconds of summer #5 second of summer imagines
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  • image

    You laid on the floor, a blindfold around your eyes. It was your birthday today and David was surprising you. Usually these things always went bad for you so your expectations weren’t high.

    “Okay! Take it off.” David said, placing it, whatever it was, on your stomach. You felt a pounce on your chest, two little feet and then you removed your blindfold

    “Oh my god,” you laughed, bringing your hands up to pet the furry animal. It was a puppy. “look at the baby.” You gushed, starting to play with the puppy.

    “Do you like him?” David asked, a huge grin on his face as usual. You nodded feeling overwhelmed by joy. “Well good because he’s yours.”

    Your heart dropped and you stared at David with wide eyes. Everyone laughed at your face, including David, but you were at a loss for words. David had known you wanted a puppy ever since you were a kid and to have one now…you had no idea what you were going to name him.

    “What do I name him?” You smiled, giving David a hug.

    “Whatever you want.” David smiled, kissing your cheek, “Happy Birthday, y/n.”

    A/N: I’m posting this bc I feel really bad I haven’t posted pt.2 of the fic yet. I hope you guys enjoy this for now and can wait just a bit longer! Sorry!

    #imagines #david dobrik x you #david dobrik#youtube imagines #vlog squad imagines #david dobrik gif #david dobrik x reader #vlog squad one shot
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  • Requests

    Guys, I’m back. It’s been a crazy crazy summer! Send me requests, pleaseeeee!

    #youtubers#youtube imagines#youtubers imagines #the vlog squad #the vlog squad imagine #david dobrik#youtuber#youtube#the outsiders #david dobrik imagines #scotty sire blurb #scotty sire imagine #zane hijazi imagine #heath hussar imagine
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  • Concepts:

    magnolia-among-the-stars said:Starting With A Kiss Meant To Be Gentle, Ending Up In Passion with Simon 😘

    magnolia-among-the-stars said:When One Stops The Kiss To Whisper “I’m Sorry, Are You Sure You-” And They Answer By Kissing Them More with Ethan 😍


    Anonymous said:Hi there love! Can I get Simon & number 11 xx

    Anonymous said:Reader dating Ethan and Ethan going through the readers dms for a video. Like he gets super jealous. Prompt: 11 and 25

    Anonymous said:Harry Lewis request! Harry proposing to the reader at a sidemen live show on stage😍💍 And for the prompts could you use 3 35 25 and 26 Love your writing hope this isnt to much to ask for💙


    Big thank you to everyone requesting things <3 Much love to you all. I’m really glad people are liking these <3

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  • Requests!

    I have been MIA for awhile and not posting any good imagines. but i want to change that! So send me requests!

    #youtubers#youtube imagines #the vlog squad #youtubers imagines #the vlog squad imagine #david dobrik#youtuber#youtube#the outsiders #david dobrik imagines
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  • More Than Friends - Bobby Mares

    Request:Do you think you could write something where the reader and bobby are really good friends and she lives in the house with him and the other guys and they have a movie night in bobby’s room and she falls asleep and he admits he likes her the next morning

    If you want an imagine send one in 😊 Person and concept or just some idea

    You and Bobby were literally the best of friends for the last 3 years since you moved to LA. You had been doing music for all three years and that’s how you met Bobby. You recently moved in with your best friend and your other friends. You absolutely loved it most days but today you were done, absolutely over it. You just wanted some peace and quiet with your best friend Bobby, including going to dinner, but Kian literally ruined all your plans by joining in on everything you did. Lunch? Kian was there. Hanging by the pool? Kian came out too. Now it was dinner and Bobby and you were going to go get food and Kian insisted on joining you. You rolled your eyes unsure of how much more of his dumb jokes, and constant picking you could take. Bobby laughed as his saw your eye roll, he grabbed your hand leading you to the car. Sure enough after dinner on the way home, Kian wouldn’t leave you alone, calling you names, “picking” on you the entire time. At this point you were over it. You could usually take it but today you couldn’t you were tired and you finally turned and yelled “KIAN SHUT UP. You’re so fucking annoying god.” Kian tried to make a comment back but Bobby looked at him in the rearview mirror and said “dude, probably not the best idea, right now let’s just listen to the radio.” Bobby turned on the playlist he made for you a few weeks ago and you immediately looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back at you and nodded knowing this would help you . As soon as you were home you hopped out before the car was even in park. You immediately walked into Bobby’s room and ran to his closet grabbing a sweatshirt and changing into it. Bobby knew not to come in until you told him you were ready because you always changed into comfy clothes when you knew you’d be in for the night. You texted Bobby “I’m ready but I’m not coming out right now.” You plopped down on Bobby’s bed and turned on his TV when you heard the door open. You didn’t even look because you knew it was Bobby. The bed dipped down next to you and you immediately curled into his side and he wrapped his arm around you. You immediately felt your body growing tired and you guys were halfway through the movie that you agreed upon. You looked up at Bobby, “How mad would you be if I passed out?” Bobby laughed and fixed your hair to be behind your ear “Sweetheart, you fall asleep through every movie, why would I get mad?” You shrugged “Because I do it every time.” He laughed “It’s been a long day bub, if you fall asleep you fall asleep.” You both turned back to the tv and you yawned. Your eyes started closing and soon your body was overcome with sleep. Bobby watched you sleep in his arms for a while before he himself fell asleep. Bobby couldn’t help but think about the amount of love in his heart for his best friend. He didn’t want to tell you but he also couldn’t hold it in anymore. He vowed to tell you the next morning.

    When you woke up Bobby wasn’t in bed. Instead you heard him in the kitchen with Kian and Corey. You started walking towards the kitchen when you heard “I don’t know guys, I like her a lot, I just don’t how to say it.” You heart ached. You wanted him to be yours, but you knew you would be happy for him no matter what you went to take another step when you heard Corey say “Bobby it’s Y/N, even if she doesn’t feel the same she’s still your best friend.” That’s when you froze. Kian saw you in the hall and nodded towards you “Well, looks like Corey did it for you.” Bobby turned “Y/n I wanted to tell you myself I just didn’t know what to say.” You just stared at him as you walked towards him and then wrapped your arms around him. “I’ve always loved you Bobby” You whispered into his neck as he held you back and whispered “I love you too y/n.”

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  • Shawn Mendes - he makes you feel bad

    It was no secret that long distance relationships were hard and since your boyfriend Shawn Mendes had become a household name due to his amazing singing career that was how your relationship felt. Shawn shared a home with you but he was often travelling all around the country for tours or to write and record music with the best in the business.

    You tried to travel with him when you could, you wanted to do everything you could to support him but you also worked part time meaning that there unfortunately wasn’t a lot of time that you could take off to travel with him.

    Shawn was more than comfortable to be able to support the two of you due to his rising sucess, he never bragged about this, he was one of the most down to earth people you had ever met (it was one of the many reasons that you fell for him) but he was so generous he would offer it from time to time when he saw you were stressed from work or he just wanted you by his side when you couldn’t. Despite this offer, you didn’t want to rely on him, yes he was very successful but you were your own person, you didn’t want to ask somebody else to cover your bills or ask to get some spending money. You liked the independence, earning your own money gave you but even you had to admit that there were times when you wanted to throw the towel in but you stood your ground.

    These thoughts of ‘throwing in the towel’ were whizzing through your brain when Shawn explained that he would be heading off to Australia for a whole month. Shawn wasn’t sad about being in Australia, he loved it there and he couldn’t wait to meet as many fans as possible but he knew he was going to miss you.

    Shawn had bounded up to you excitedly the second you walked in from a stressful shift - the perfect time for him to win you over!

    “Please come!” he begged pushing his bottom lip out after hearing the sigh come from your lips, you had, had millions of similar conversations like this

    “You know I can’t take the time off of work” you explained greeting him with a kiss, he wrapped his arms around you and picked you up bridal style, he carried you across the room until he threw you on the couch making you squeal

    “What are you doing!” you exclaim through bursts of giggles

    “I am holding you captive until you say yes” he grinned mischeaviously but the sparkle in his eye made it clear this was all just a big game to him

    “You know I cant” you say looking at him pointedly, you had also said this line (what felt) a million times and yet Shawn always tried to change your mind.

    “It’s a once in a life time opportunity” Shawn said with a grin on his face thinking he had got you with a good point

    “Not for you Mr I travel everywhere because I am amazing” you reply sticking out your tongue and sitting up across from him on the couch

    “Okay so maybe not quite a once in a life time but its an amazing place, you can’t deny that” Shawn argues but not in a mean way, he was just desperate for you to join him

    “No, I’m not denying it, it is one of the most beautiful places and you know I really want to go to Australia but I really don’t have the holidays at work” you explain and nearly cried at his face dropping

    Shawn’s smile completely upturned as he did a dramtic sad face as he dipped his head and hunched his shoulders over.

    You could barely control yourself as you burst into laughter, Shawn looked up at your laughs and realised how silly he looked and how he wasn’t fooling you so he was soon laughing too.

    “I just wish i could always be with you, I hate when we’re apart” Shawn explained once again pulling you into his arms, he pulled you into his lap and just craddled you there for a moment, to anybody else this would look so ridiculous right now but you just cuddled yourself into his shoulder

    “I wish I could come, maybe we’ll think about this some more okay and I’ll see if I can come up with something… no promises though!” you say finally admitting defeat

    Once again, Shawn’s face instantly changed again to a huge grin

    “I can’t wait!” he exclaimed.

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    Originally posted by dresdoodles

    Thank you guys so much! I really can’t believe that you guys like me enough to fallow me! You guys are truly the best of the best! And just a reminder that request are still OPEN!!

    #x reader#reader insert#imagine#youtube#youtube imagines#musical #can’t thank you guys enough #i dont deserve you guys #i truly love you guys #gamegrumps#bo burnham #doctor who imagine #marvel imagine #umbrella academy imagine #karen gillan imagines #robert sheehan imagine #misfits imagine #nathan young imagine
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  • #anderson webb #anderson webb imagine #youtube imagines#request#harrison webb #kian lawley imagine #kian lawley#jc caylen #corey la barrie #bobby mares imagine #bobby mares
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  • Requested?: no

    Word count: 867

    Warnings?: mentions of abuse, some curse words

    Home. A quote says “A HOUSE is made of Bricks and Beams; A HOME is made of Hopes and Dreams.” All you had was a house with a monster who lived inside. No home. No hopes and dreams left. Secrets, pain, and no escape were all that existed. At least that is what it felt like. 

    “Leave me alone. Please!” a cry escaped from the lips of a female. A female who thought she found love, but it turned sour. 

    “Why? So you can go and disrespect me again, you bitch!” was followed by the sound of a fist contacting a wall. A whimper escaped from the young lady cowering away from the dominant male who wouldn’t leave her be. The man roughly grabbed the girl by her shoulders and stood her up. “I am going out. I expect this house to look spotless before you can go out like you so desperately want,” the man spat before storming away and out the front door. The girl stood against the wall, afraid to make a peep until she heard the car engine start and the sound drift away as the car left. She sunk to the floor and the tears flowed freely. 

    An eternity seemed to pass before tears stopped and her body picked itself up. Glancing at the clock, she got to work cleaning every nook and cranny, every single centimeter of the one story house she shared with her boyfriend, aka the monster of her life. Hours later, she finally finished cleaning the house to perfection. She then raced to the master bedroom but luck was not on her side. A car pulled in, an engine stopped, and keys jangled as the front door opened. The girl rushed inside the room and closed the door softly. She made her way to the bed, laid down with her back to the door, and curled up. With her boyfriend Oliver being back home, she had no hope of going out now. 

    “Darling? You here?” Oliver asked as she cringed. 

    “Y/n?” he asked, your name now flowing from his poisonous lips. The creak of the bedroom door sounded followed by the sound of boots resonating in the room. When his eyes landed on your body, he proceeded to take off his boots and shirt before crawling in bed behind you. “You didn’t leave. I’m glad. I would have been lonely,” he whispered in your ear. Your eyes squeezed shut as his arms snaked around your waist and pulled your body flush against his. His arms and body that used to be welcoming and safe now turned into your nightmare. 

    You didn’t dare say a word as the two of you laid there in silence before your body had enough for the day. Sleep overtook you and you were left in the hands of the man you hated most.

    Morning came and the sun peered in through the translucent material of your bedroom curtains. You turned over on your other side expecting to come in contact with Oliver. Luckily, you didn’t feel or see him so you rose from the bed and started to cautiously exit the room. “Oliver?” you called but received no response. It became known that he was not there and you breathed a sign of relief. As a result, you quickly went about showering, eating, and getting dressed for the day. Once you finished, your phone vibrated and you froze a little. Picking up your phone, you saw that it was not Oliver. It was something much better. 

    “Hey y/n. Wanna meet up? I am in America and will be near where you live,” a message from none other than Jacksepticeye popped up on your screen. A smile crept on your face as you called him. He picked up almost immediately and you two set up a location. You then grabbed your bag and dashed out of that house. With no car, you made sure to stay out of the main crowds as to avoid the possibility of Oliver seeing you. Seeing Sean would make your day and there was no way you were going to let your dick of a “boyfriend” getting in the way. 

    Within no time at all, you arrived at the determined location and spotting Sean was no problem at all. “Sean!” you called happily, excited to see one source of joy in your life. He spun around and walked over to you, enveloping you in a hug. “It’s so good to see you,” you mumbled into his chest before looking up at him. He agreed with you before leading you over to one of the tables of the café you two met at. 

    The two of you ordered some food and drinks (non-alcoholic for anyone under 21 obviously) and chatted away about anything and everything you could. Of course, you hid the fact that your boyfriend was an abusive a-hole. “So how are you and Oliver?” Sean just had to ask. Before you got a chance to respond, a voice you didn’t want to hear sounded behind you. 

    “Oh, we are doing amazing Sean. Aren’t we, darling?” Oliver stated, placing his hands on your shoulders with a tight enough grip to not be noticed.

    //A.N.: Idk how I feel about this but if you have any friendly comments that could help me or just comments in general, let me know :)//

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  • Request: (a s u p e r old request in my inbox-sorry!) Byron x Spencer Sutherland’s Talk

    Y/N was taking her time carefully tucking her hair into her coat as we got up to leave the busy restaurant we’d picked for our weekly dinner. It’s been our tradition to catch up over dinner at least once a week, sometimes friends joined us, or a girlfriend if I had any at the time. Y/N rarely brought along her boyfriends-but then again, she didn’t date much.

    “Hey did you break up with that guy you were seeing? The one with the tattoo?” I ask, suddenly remembering that she had mentioned a new boyfriend a couple weeks ago.

    “No-still together, why?” Y/N zips her coat up and she slightly resembles a marshmellow with how puffy her layers made her.

    “You didn’t talk about him once during dinner,” I wrap my own scarf around my neck just as we head out. “I thought maybe you broke up. Remember that time you were dating Ryan? Or Bryan? You wouldn’t shut up about how he took you on his-“

    “Brian. With an I. He was clingy. But anyway we’re still in the early stages of dating soo, you know how it goes.”

    “Yeah, the way it generally goes Y/N, is you would be crazy for him right now.” I tease. “I would be sick and tired of hearing about him. I would want to throw myself in front of the next car coming down the road, ending my misery as you detailed your love life like you did with Brian with an i.”

    “Well not that it’s any of your business!” She shoots me a look to say she was annoyed at my poking. “But I’m just trying to stay level-headed in case he doesn’t feel that intensely! I don’t want to go too crazy.”

    “That’s your issue, woman!” I give in to the urge to push her and she bounces, in all her layers, against the storefront just as I expected. We immediately burst out in laughter, our previous conversation temporarily forgotten.

    “At least I’m warm in here!” She shouts to anyone nearby who may be judging her marshmellow resemblance. I resist the urge to push her again and quickly wipe the tears from my eyes before stuffing my hands back into my warm pockets as we walk to the tube.

    “You know, love isn’t about staying level-headed,” I continue. “It’s not really love if you can stay level-headed.”

    “Well watch me Mr. Love Guru. I’ll be the first level-headed lover out there.” Y/N juts her chin out.

    I sigh and just leave her be as we reach the underground. The ride home mostly consists of Y/N trying to wriggle out of a couple layers, complaining about how hot she was getting and all the while I laugh at my best friend’s crazy.


    Y/N’s hair is spread out around her, her bare shoulders uncovered from my white duvet tucked around her. She’s so still as she sleeps, her slow breathing as peaceful as the still morning around us. I study her face in the dim lighting as dawn approaches outside my window. I’d never noticed how graceful the curves of her face looked or how mesmerizing she was.

    She shifts in bed, now facing me. How had I never noticed how breath-taking she was?

    Her eyes flutter open like she could tell I was staring and she smiles sleepily when she sees me.

    “Last night was fun,” she mumbles into the duvet, still too tired to form proper words. The intimate vulnerability between us fills me with happiness. I was so in love with this woman.

    “Yeah,” I pull Y/N closer, hyperaware of her skin and her warmth and the feeling of her as she presses closer, wrapping her leg over mine. I kiss the top of her head when suddenly, a loud noise blares from somewhere in the house.

    “Do you hear that? What is that?” I ask Y/N but she remains peacefully sleeping. Was I going crazy? “I’m gonna go check-“

    I’m jolted with the realization that it was my phone beside me blaring out my ringtone. Just as I check the screen through bleary eyes, it stops. Who was calling me this early?

    I turn back around in bed, now silencing my phone, and attempt to fall back asleep. But the pieces of my dream start to come back to me and my eyes widen as I remember. That was kind of a fucked up dream. I didn’t even like Y/N like that let alone love her…I was not in love with her-

    Yet I can’t get the feeling of her out of my head as I close my eyes again. Her sleepy smile and the curve of her lips as well as the curve of her hips as I held her in the morning of my dream.

    “Stop it!” I say out loud. “She’s your best friend you idiot.”


    I pace the lobby of Y/N’s building, nervous about seeing her. It had been a few days since that dream and I thought at first it would fade as all dreams did but this one didn’t seem to want to leave my mind. The harder I tried not to think about it, the more I was reminded of it. I distracted myself-even went clubbing with friends to try to get it out but every time I would remember flashes of her and it drove me crazy. I didn’t know if I could see her the same way.

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  • Ben Phillips #1



    Pranking Elliott with your brother Ben. Somehow when Ben started pranking Elliott you got dragged into a video. The brofos and baes enjoyed you so much you kinda stuck around.

    *gif’s not mine credit to the original owners*

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  • Nile Wilson #1



    Helping your boyfriend Nile film his ‘How gymnasts get dressed!?’ Video.

    *gif’s not mine credit to the original owners*

    #gothicwidow #nile wilson imagines #youtuber imagines#youtube imagines #nile wilson x reader #au imagines#gif imagines #au gif imagines #sport imagines
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  • Try Guys #1


    Originally posted by eugeneleeycng


    Being the try guys cameraman and constantly having to remind them some video ideas aren’t safe.. basically babysitting them let’s be honest.

    *gif not mine credit to the original owner*

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  • image

    The first request of the blog!! I hope you like it, hun. - pearyjack


    Originally posted by lum1natrix

    Summary: Sean hears (Y/N) sing for the first time when she doesn’t realize she’s doing it.

    Warnings: None

    Words: 472

    Your phone was pressed up against a book to stand up on your desk while you face timed your boyfriend, Sean, while he was away on tour. The two of you weren’t talking, but it was nice to have each other’s presence while doing your own thing. You played quiet music in the background while you worked on a few deadlines you had to make within the next week. Sean was in his hotel room sending some important emails before he went to get food for dinner.

    Time zones were a pain but Sean always made sure to have some time to talk to you. Clicking your pen shut, you turned to your computer and scrolled through your playlist looking for a song to listen to. You picked Midnight by Jessie Ware. It played softly in the background and you checked your phone when a text message made it vibrate. It was a text from your mom and you decided to just respond after you finished. Opening Facetime back up, you looked at Sean who was typing away at his computer, occasionally glancing over to the monitor on his left. You smile to yourself and set your phone back against the book and continue to work.

    At first, it began with a hum, and then into a soft voice that brought Sean’s attention away from his computer. For a second he thought that you were talking to him and his volume was just down, but then he sees your eyes scanning over your paper and he realizes you’re singing.

    “Maybe I love you

    Maybe I want to

    Maybe I need you

    Oh, yeah

    Don’t let me fall through

    Now that I need you

    I feel his magic is never gonna fade

    I ain’t got nothing to say,” you sing.

    Sean listens to your soft voice while he pretends to still be hard at work on an email, he fights back a smile by biting his soft, pink bottom lip. It was the first time you had ever sung in front of him. Whenever he asked you usually made yourself have a funny voice or would all around say no because you were too embarrassed.

    “Don’t let me fall through

    Now that I need you

    Oh yeah

    Maybe I need you.”

    You hadn’t even noticed that you were singing while on the phone with Sean, and Sean didn’t say anything to you about it. Only a few minutes later that he said anything.

    “Hey (Y/N).”

    “Hmm?” you ask, looking over at your phone.

    “I love you, and I can’t wait to come home.”

    Your body temperature rises at least a degree from his smile, his bright blue eyes even lit up through the phone. “I love you too, and I can’t wait to see you either.”

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