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  • Request:  Can you write one where David’s dating an older girl and she has a child from a previous relationship, Natalie and Erin judge her for it and question her intentions and David defends her.


    Originally posted by fabuloza

    Your POV

    Being a single mother was already hard enough especially since the father of your child was no longer apart of you or your baby’s life. So when you started dating YouTube sensation, David Dobrik, you knew there were going to be a few challenges. You told him you’d love to be apart of his vlogs but to keep your child out of the vlogs until you felt comfortable enough. 

    All his friends adored you and your baby girl (Y/D/N). Well almost everyone. For some reason David’s assistant, Natalie, and one of his friends Erin doesn’t approve of the life you had. You could kind of tell when you first introduced your daughter to the group. They were the only ones who didn’t want to hold her, didn’t seem interested at all in the conversation and kind of hung back from the group. But as you continued to bring your daughter over and hang out with everyone they started making comments. 

    “Why do you always bring your child over?” Natalie asked. You bounced your daughter up and down on your knee. You glanced over in her and Erin’s direction. David was cuddled up next to you as he dangled a toy in front of your daughter. 

    “Well, the person who usually babysits her is not in town. My parents are busy and I kind of can’t leave her by herself,” you muttered. 

    “There’s always daycare centers,” Erin said rolling her eyes as she scrolled through her phone. 

    “Your parents are still involved in your life?” Natalie asked. You shifted uncomfortably. 

    “I currently don’t have the money to put her in a daycare and yes my parents love their granddaughter.” You looked over at David, you could tell he was getting annoyed with all the questions as well. 

    “Ah, so are you just dating David for child support,” Erin said as she shook her head in disapproval and Natalie made a disgusted face at you. 

    “Whoa guys, what the hell?” David said looking at them. You held your daughter close to your chest as she snuggled next to you. You were trying to hold back the tears that threatened to fall. It hurt hearing people who were so close to David talk to you like that. Assume you were only using him for money. 

    “I’m just saying that why would she want to always be around and be in the vlogs and date you if it wasn’t for money to support the mistake she made,” Erin said letting out a small laugh. 

    “Mistake?” David said standing up, a hint of anger in his voice. 

    “Well yeah- it was her fa-” David cut her off.

    “No, it wasn’t a mistake. Her daughter is not a mistake. She’s a blessing to (Y/N) and frankly to me. I gave her the choice to not be apart of my vlogs. She has never once asked me for money or any support. She does fine on her own and works her fucking ass off to support her child,” David said his voice gradually getting louder. 

    “David, we didn’t mean it-” Natalie started. David let out a laugh. 

    “You know you two were the last I expected to judge someone. Out of all the people we hang out with who make shitty decisions everyday, who sleep around, get STD’s and do drugs and you decided to judge my girlfriend who raised a child by herself with no father in the life, who works multiple jobs? That’s a low blow guys, I’m very disappointed,” He said shaking his head as he sat down next to you and kissed your forehead. 

    “Thank you,” You whispered as you smiled at him. Your daughter put her tiny hands on your face and you couldn’t help but let out a smile. 

    “(Y/N)-” Erin started. You shook your head. 

    “It’s okay, guys. Really. I wouldn’t have my life any other way,” You whispered as you leaned your head on your boyfriends shoulder and your daughter resting her head on your chest. 

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  • Summary: David brings you to a party and you have a panic attack and he is surprisingly very good at helping you focus on him and calm down. 


    Originally posted by allthesepurplelights

    “I can’t breathe. I can’t-”

    “Just breathe… You’re okay, I promise, just breathe.”

    Your POV:

    You don’t go to parties. It wasn’t your thing. Usually when it came to David’s events or any type of party that related to your friend group you either told them you weren’t feeling up to it or go for about an hour then get the hell out of there. Parties always caused you so much discomfort and so much anxiety. And usually you could escape before a panic attack started. So the vlog squad just sort of stopped inviting you to things. 

    When it came to dinner with your friends you were always invited, but I think they picked up on the fact that you weren’t really a party kind of girl. And they accepted that fact. Well almost everyone. David didn’t accept it. In fact, every time he threw a party or knew of a party going on he immediately texted you and asked if you would accompany him. You knew he just wanted to get some bits for the vlog and see what would do if you were intoxicated but you never agreed to any of his invitations. 

    But this time you couldn’t deny the invitation as much as your mind was screaming at you to deny the offer, the look on David’s face was just too hard to say no to. You knew he was getting defeated at the fact you never went to one of his “wild” events. And maybe this time your anxiety would be okay considering you knew David and you knew MOST of his friends. Not all of them but enough that if you did so happen to panic you could stick to someone’s side. 

    You were so wrong. 

    David’s house was filled with so many unfamiliar faces. The music making the floor vibrate, people intoxicated with alcohol screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs, stumbling around bumping into you as you tried to find a less crowded area. David was somewhere amongst the crowd getting footage for his vlogs while Zane and Heath were the life of the party getting drunk off their asses. You tried to focus on one specific person but everything was starting to blur over. 

    The music faded as you started to hyper focus on your breathing. You could feel your heart beating in your chest as so many people bumped into you as you felt the room closing in on you. You searched everywhere for an escape from the living room but there were too many people around. Too many people screaming and dancing, drinks sloshing on to the floor. 

    You knew what was coming, you put two fingers against the side of your neck to check your pulse. It was racing. Your throat was all of sudden desert dry. You put a hand on the wall to steady yourself as the floor started to spin. Your breathing started to pick up as you felt your eyes gloss over with tears. 

    “(Y/N)?” You heard a voice. You couldn’t tell who it was. You just stared straigh ahead of you as you tried to focus on your pulse. But that only seemed to freak you out more. “(Y/N), it’s David. What’s happening right now?” 

    You turned your head to the side to see David standing there, he reached out towards you and put his hand on your arm. You looked around at the crowd then back at David. 

    “I’m, I, um, am having-” You stopped to take a short breath. “I think I’m having a panic attack.” He nodded and immediately pulled you into his side, snaking an arm around your waist as he pushed his way through the crowd. And considering this was his house, everyone parted like the red sea. He led you guys through a door and from what you could tell you were in his bedroom. He led you to his bed and sat you down as he crouched down in front of you. 

    “Do you need water?” He asked. You shook your head as you stared at his shoes. “I need you to look at me.” 

    Your eyes flickered to his. 

    “Tell me where we are right now,” He said. 

    “Your house, in your room,” you muttered. His hands were on your thighs. 

    “Very good, you’re okay. You are in a spacious area right now. The music is just a faded sound, you’re with me. One of your friends. A familiar face. Just take a deep breath. Can you do that for me?” He asked, his voice had a soothing quality to it. You shook my head no. 

    “I can’t breathe. I can’t-” you said as you started shaking your head as a few tears started to fall. David sat down next to me and pulled you against him, your head resting upon his chest as he stroked your hair. 

    “Hey, hey, hey, you’re okay. I’m right here. Just breathe…You’re okay, I promise, just breathe,” He whispered against your hair as he slowly rocked us both back and forth. 

    You guys stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity but your breathing slowed down and the tears no longer fell. The room was still and everything wasn’t so loud anymore. You slowly pulled away from David and took another deep breath. you sat there for a moment not really knowing what to say. 

    You looked over at him. “Sorry about that.”

    “Hey, no need to apologize. I used to get panic attacks all time. I may not be the best at helping but I understand how you feel. I’ll always be here for you (Y/N),” David said as he placed a kiss on your temple. 

    You were so glad to have a friend like David Dobrik. 

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  • I am adding youtubers to things I will write! Here are the rules:

    What I will do:

    • X readers
    • Smut
    • Fluff
    • Angst with happy endings
    • Platonic stuff

    What I won’t do:

    • Non-con
    • Anything with torture
    • Yandere
    • Anything minor x adult

    Now that you know the rules ask away!


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  • Requests

    Guys, I’m back. It’s been a crazy crazy summer! Send me requests, pleaseeeee!

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  • Requests!

    I have been MIA for awhile and not posting any good imagines. but i want to change that! So send me requests!

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  • Fandom: Real People

    Pairing: Ethan (crankgameplays) x deaf! reader

    A/N: I would like apologize to both Ethan and anyone who is actually deaf since I have no real clue how things happen and I just wanted to get this written before I forgot.

    I do not own Gif


    Originally posted by thetrashprncess

    When you arrived at Ethan’s apartment you had thought you had mentioned to him that you were coming over and since you were frequently at his house you just walked in.  

    You began looking around the rooms in the entry way for a sign of Ethan but when you didn’t see him in the lounge or the kitchen you decided to check the only other place he could be, his recording room.  

    Wandering down the hallway, you trailed your hand against the wall you listened for vibrations through the wall.

    Arriving at his recording room you pushed the door opened slowly hoping no noise was created. When he looked up you realized it did so you started apologizing “Sorry Ethan. I didn’t mean to disturb you”

    While he was replying to you he kept an eye on chat since instead of recording he was streaming, “It’s okay,  I’ll finish up and be out”

    When you nodded he turned his attention back and was met with the chat messages being filled with;

    ‘Did he just sign?’

    ‘Whoever is there he’s happy’

    ‘What did he say?’

    Instead of answering questions he simply said,  “I’m so sorry guys I have to go a friend of mine just came by. I might stream tomorrow guys.  For now let’s raid (enter a streamers name)”

    Clicking the host button he waited for it to transfer before logging off his computer and leaving his recording room.  

    Walking out to the lounge he tapped you on the shoulder, “I didn’t know you were coming over Y/N, sorry” he signed.

    You laughed softly before signing back, “it’s not your fault I forgot to tell you”


    “Video Games please”

    He didn’t need to sign okay he just smiled before grabbing the gaming controllers so you both could play a video game together.

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    Hello lovely people, how are you all?

    First of all, I wanted to say that I am so sorry for not posting anything in so long. I am incredibly busy, more than I ever thought I would be, and adding to that, I was extremely sick last week and couldn’t even keep a screen in front of my eyes. I am barely getting better now so I am sorry.

    I am trying my best to write as much as I can but I have so many things to do. I will keep trying my best though.

    I also wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for 1,400 followers, it’s actually insane! I keep being amazed by how many notes I get and how many people reblog my stuff.

    I love you all so much xxxx

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  • image

    Originally posted by rubies-and-oaktrees

    “You’re mine.” Dark purred in your ear, resting his chin on his head, tightening his arms around you.

    “Do you promise? Forever?” It came out foolish and needy, and you regretted saying at soon as the words left your mouth.

    “Oh,” the demon cupped your cheek. “Always.”

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  • image

    Originally posted by toxicbgirl

    “Top of the morning to ya, laddies! My name is JackSepticEye, and I’m here today to play some Overwatch with my absolute bestie here, (Y/N)!” Sean did his intro, shouting your name. You gave the camera shy but bright smile.

    “Happy to be here! I am, indeed the lucky human being to be gifted with the title of ‘Best Friend to Jacksepticeye’, and I am here to kick some Overwatch butt!” You replied with a grin.

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  • #notmygif

    “So…are you free next week to, um, maybe get dinner?” Ethan asked, pulling on the sides of his beanie. You grinned at him. “As in a date?” He blushed slightly, but nodded. “I’d love to, how’s Friday?” Ethan looked up and grinned, reaching out to squeeze your hand. “Friday is perfect. It’s a date.” 

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  • So I haven’t posted on here in a while, and I haven’t even posted that much and I sincerely apologise for this.
    I made this blog to procrastinate and make fun little things to pass my time at a time in life when I couldn’t really afford to do that. I’m studying acting (specifically musical theatre) currently, and the show we are doing is Aida. I am lucky enough to be playing Aida, but if anyone here is familiar with the show, it’s a LOT of work. Thankfully it opens next week and will be over by the 10th - so after that I will be able to give this blog more of my attention!
    Sorry for being slack, but I will be back on track in two weeks time.

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  • (Haven’t uploaded an imagine for a while so here ya go. Also, for this imagine let’s pretend Narcus is still together. I didn’t want to choose between one of them.)

    Today, me and Joe were invited at Jim and Tanya’s. Tanya wanted to have a little celebration for her new book, Tanya Bakes, at their place, before her actual book launch. She has invited mostly her youtube friends, including Zalfie, Narcus, Louise, Joe and I. Caspar is actually on tour with his mom for his own book right now so he couldn’t come.

    “I’m so happy for Tanya!” Says Zoë, who’s driving. Zoë and Alfie came over my and Joe’s house first, so we can all go to Janya’s together.

    “I know right? She’s been working on it for a long time!” I answer from the back of the car.

    After a while, Joe takes hold of my hand and whispers to my ear. “I love you, you know that right?”

    “Of course I know, I love you too.” I say smiling.

    Well that was sudden.

    He looks out the window and is probably thinking of something. What wouldn’t I give to find out what he’s thinking about.

    We arrive at Janya’s and when we ring the bell, we can hear Martha bark from inside.

    “Come here Martha Moo.” I can hear Tanya saying before she opens the door.

    “Hello!” She says with a bright smile on her face.

    “Hello Tanya!” We all say together.

    “Come in! Jim, Louise, Niomi and Marcus are in the living room.” She says and steps away so we can get in.

    The living room is so beautifully decorated. It reminds me of the cover of her book to be honest.

    “You did a great job Tan.” Says Zoë.

    “Oh, you know how excited she gets when it comes to throwing parties.” Says Jim who is standing next to his wife.

    “It’s true. But this is more special than just a party before my book launch!” She says excitingly.

    “What can be more specian than your new book?” I ask. I honestly can’t think of something that can be more special than her book, at least nothing that can top that tonight.

    “You’ll see. Just enjoy your night here.” She says and winks at me.

    Something’s going on and that’s happening behind my back.


    Joe has been talking to the guys for a while now. I don’t mind. Really I don’t. He hasn’t properly caught up with them for a while now. Just like I haven’t with the girls.

    I enjoy being with them. We used to hang out more. It’s just that we all get busier and busier because of youtube. But we get the chance to do crazy things. Things that we never thought that we would do. Like, publish our own book.

    The sight of Joe getting up and walking towards me destracts me from my thoughts. He looks annoyed at something. I really hope I didn’t do anything.

    *Joe’s P.O.V.*

    “You told her?” I ask Jim, when the girls left to sit on the couch.

    “I couldn’t just throw a party by myself and not tell my wife what that is about!” Jim says defending himself.

    "Hey you both calm down. Nothing happened okay? She hasn’t suspected a thing and Tanya didn’t reveal anything.” Marcus says.

    I am going to do something today. And I want it to be perfect. And I wanted my friends to be present. Too bad Caspar couldn’t be here tonight.

    The rest of the girls don’t know anything. Only Tanya knows. Well, to be honest, I can’t blame Jim, he’s right.

    “Anyways, I’m going to do it.”

    "Good luck mate.” Says Alfie, patting my shoulder.

    I start walking towards her.

    “Hey, can I talk to you for a second?” I tell her when I get near her. She nods and gets up.

    We walk to Jim and Tanya’s kitchen and she sits on the counter. As soon as she sits down, I wrap my arms around her waist and place my chin on her shoulder, my nose touching her neck.

    “Awh, what’s wrong love?” She asks.

    "Am I small?” I say, trying to sound as serious as possible.

    “Wait, I don’t get you. What do you mean?”

    “Am I short?” I explain my question and I hear her laugh a bit.

    “Joe, you might be shor, but you’re the perfect size for me.” She pauses a bit, realising the innuendo she just said. “That sounded much better in my head.” She says, making me laugh a bit.

    “But I mean it Joe. I don’t want you to feel insecure about anything. You’re perfect just the way you are.” She says, looking into my eyes.

    "I love you.” I smile at her.

    “I love you too Joseph. And I don’t want you to feel like that. Ever.” She says and I lean in, placing a kiss on her lips.

    “I really love you. And I hope you will never get tired of that.”

    “I promise I won’t.” She says smiling.

    “Great, because I am planning to tell you that for the rest of my life. Hey, can I ask you something?” I am going to do it.

    “Of course.” She answers and I get down on one knee, holding both her hand and as she places her other one on her mouth in shock.

    *Zoë’s P.O.V.*

    “I’m so glad you liked the new range guys! It’s really one of my fav… oh my God.” I say, making everyone look at what I’m looking now.

    My brother down on one knee, holding the hand of his girlfriend and one of my best friends. Is he…?

    “Y/F/N.” He starts saying, confirming my thoughts. “You’ve been next to me every single day for the past 5 years of my life. I truly appreciate that. I want to show how much I appreciate you for the rest of my life. So, Y/F/N, will you marry me?” He finishes the question and I can see tears forming in Y/N’s eyes.

    “Of course you dork!“ She says, wrapping her arms around Joe’s neck.

    "Did you plan this whole thing out?” I ask him.

    “Yeah, that’s the reason Tanya had this party in the first place.” He says, holding his girlfriend’s - now fiancè’s - hand.

    “You little evil genious.”

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  • Today, you and Joe have decided to film together. You’re gonna do the “How well do we know each other?” video.

    “Hello everyone!” Joe says and you both wave to the camera. “So today I’m here with my lovely girlfriend…”

    “Y/N!” You say introducing yourself, even though they all know you, since you have appeared on Joe’s channel before and you have your own channel as well.

    “So, today we’re doing the “How well do we know the each other” tag… Thing… Video.“ He says and you chuckle. “If you don’t know what we’re doing, we’re gonna ask questions to each other. If we get it wrong…”

    “We’re gonna hit each other in the face with whip cream.” You say, holding up a plate and the whip cream can.

    “Woo-hoo! Let’s get into it!” Says Joe.

    “So, Y/N, what was the name of my favourite snail, back in the day?” He asks you, filling up the plate with cream.

    “What?! You’ve never told me that!” You answer in defence.

    “Yes I have!” He answers back.

    “Ugh I don’t know. Freaking Edward or something.” You say and moments later, the plate with the cream is in your face.

    “I. Hate. You.” You say while cleaning up your face and Joe was laughing.

    “Okay so. What was the name of my first ever pet?”

    “Chloe.” He says. But little did he know he was wrong.

    You smash the plate on his face.

    “That’s not true! Your first puppy was name like that!” He says while cleaning up his face.

    “I said my first pet, not first dog. My first pet was Nemo the goldfish, even if Nemo wasn’t a goldfish.” You said laughing.

    “And how was I supposed to know?!” He asks and you laugh.

    “Next question!” You said, waiting for Joe to ask his next question.

    “What’s my first video called?” He asks, filling again the plate.

    “Easy. An introduction to ThatcherJoe.” You say full of confidence.

    “Dammit.” Joe says annoyed.

    “So, when I was younger, what did I want to become when I grew up?” You ask again.

    “Uhm, a teacher.”

    You hit him with the plate once more.

    “WHAT? You always talk about how much you wanted to be one!” He is obviously annoyed by the fact that he got smashed with cream for the second time.

    “Yes but I wanted to be an air hostess waaaay before that.” You laugh at how annoyed he looked. “You’re cute when you’re annoyed.” You try to make him feel better.

    “I’m not annoyed. Okay, maybe a little.”

    “Okay, for my last question. What’s the name of that Sims character I had made a while ago?” He asks.

    “Uhh, Betty or something.” You say and he smashes the plate to your face.

    “YEEES. Payback.” He punches in the air.

    “Ugh I hate this. It’s funnier when I hit you.” You say back.

    “My last question is what is my number one favourite food? Like the top of my list.”

    “Oh oh oh that’s an easy one.” Joe answers. “Fries.”

    “Yesss. You’ve had a right answer!”

    “FINALLY.” Joe sighs. “Okay so that was it for this week’s video! I really hope you enjoyed it! If you did, give it a thumbs up amd subscribe to Y/N. Because we both got pretty messy. And I will see you next week with another Sugg Sunday Special!” He said and you did the “woo-hoo part together.

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  • #notmygif

    Merry Christmas!

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  • #notmygif

    Merry Christmas!

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  • [X] -Jo

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  • Aw.. This is Dan. Lol.
    I do not take credit for the gif as it is not mine.

    Requests are not open at the moment. Will reopen June 9th

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  • I saw the gif and I couldn’t help myself with making the edit.

    I do not take any credit for the gifs, as they are not mine

    Requests are not open..
    Will reopen June 9th 2015

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  • Imagine catching Luke taking selfies.


    “And here we see a Luke Brooks in his natural habitat.” You laugh as you record Luke taking a selfie. As soon as he’s done taking the picture he looks up at you with a smile. “Fuck off!”

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    “y/n hurry your butt up and get down here!”
    “I’m coming, I’m coming!” you shouted at your impatient boyfriend.
    You and Joe decided to go on a picnic and you were just wrapping a flannel around your waist when he called for you. You finished up by put ting on a little lip gloss, throwing it in your bag, and slipping on your vans before heading out the door.
    “It’s about time you came down, I almost left without you.”
    “Just shut up and get in the car,“you said jokingly while taking the basket from his arms and carrying it outside.
    When you got to the park, you walked around for a little bit before settling on a place to put your blanket down and eat lunch. You set up underneath a tree away from all of the kids playing on the playground and the people running on the path. "So what did you pack?” you asked Joe as he started to unpack the food.
    “I made us turkey sandwiches and baked some cookies for dessert. Is it that all right?”
    “Yeah, that sounds perfect,"You say, taking your sandwich from him. You take a bite and moaned.
    "What was that?” Joe asked you, laughing.
    “Um…nothing,"you said, embarrassed.
    "That was definitely a food-gasm”
    You hid your head in your hands and you heard Joe laugh at you. The next thing you knew, you felt two hands grab your sides and lie you down on the blanket. Joe got on top of you and started tickling your stomach. He had his legs on either side of you so you couldn’t get out of his grasp.
    “Joe, stop!” you said, your face red.
    “Not until you say you love me.”
    “Ok, ok.”
    He stopped tickling you and looked at you, waiting for you to continue.
    “I hate you.”
    He gasped and started tickling you again. You refused to give in, even though you were laughing hysterically.
    “Fine, fine, I love you Joe Sugg,"you said through fits of giggles.
    "I love you two y/n.”
    He stopped and laid down next to you. You both started pointing at clouds and naming things they resembled, but instead of being normal and saying things like a bunny or a tree, you were saying weird things like a clown on a unicycle or a monkey with a snapback. You ended up staying there for the rest of the night, cuddling on the blanket, until you needed to go home.

    a/n I’m so sorry I took forever to write this, the second half of the school year was horrible and I really needed to concentrate, but it’s summer now, so I’ll be able to write a lot :)) anyways, I hope you liked it
    {request anything in my ask}


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