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  • theatre-miriko
    11.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    itadori.yuji || inumaki.toge ; general fluffy headcannon’s

    anime: jujutsu kaisen t.w: scamming mention pronouns: gender neutral movie type: trailer [h.c] request: Hey bestie <3 I’ve had a really hard week and school’s been kicking my ass- but when I saw your requests were open I got really excited!! I was wondering if you could write some fluffy itadori and Inumaki headcannons- it doesn’t have to be anything specific just some nice fluff with the pretty boys thank you sm 🥺💕 have a good day or else 😖🔪 director’s notes: HII omg you’re too kind 🤍🥺. i must admit, you’re absolutely right!! inumaki is def prettier 😌. you better have a good day too bb! hope you all enjoy this (jujutsu kaisen) trailer! ♥︎


    he is mucho mucho big on pda if you’re comfortable with it!

    yuji has his three favorite places on your body which he loves to kiss at least once a day—your nose, inner wrist and lips

    he boops your nose anytime, anywhere! he’ll even say a childish high pitched “boop” while his nose touches yours, sometimes rubbing your foreheads together when he’s especially happy

    pecking your inner wrist is something he picked up while mindlessly holding hands; bringing your hand up to his lips so often throughout the day you don’t notice anymore

    silently admiring you all while his lips are still in contact with your wrist, liking the way he can feel the small thump thump of your heartbeat

    you both know it’s silly and your way past the age to be still doing this, but whenever you find yourself on a floor with pattern boxes, without conversing you both play the game ‘where you can’t touch the lines or you’ll die’ ,you losing most of the time because of absurd yuji’s poses that makes you lose balance

    you dyed a strip of your hair pink to match with him, to which he opposed, saying you didn’t have to

    but you didn’t catch the way he smiled extra brighter when he saw your pink strip of hair the next day


    so many people assume that your relationship with toge is peaceful and serene, but miss maam it is the absolute opposite

    toge has made it clear that he does not need words to create chaos

    the more you date him the more you get roped into his antics, deal with it /lh

    it’s not common for toge to give you a surprise kiss / makeout because a) he likes seeing you zip his jacket and surprise him instead b) he prefers having your consent before doing anything of the sort

    normally when he wants a kiss he’ll just softly tap your cheeks twice :(( you instantly knowing what he wants bc of that little crease between his brows :((


    one date would be strolling through a park filled with cherry blossoms dancing all around you and the next would be trolling people on omegle ,,,,,

    instead of doing homework toge hacks scammers and screws around with them until they’re a sobbing mess 😭😭

    you saw him in action once and was lowkey scared of him

    don’t worry tho!!! he states it’s an act of justice and explains how he does it ✨

    at the end your laughing your ass off and join him

    @ theatre-miriko 2021 - all rights reserved.

    #miriko! writes #jjkmag#itadori yuji#yuji #jjk itadori yuji #itadori yuji x reader #jjk yuji x reader #itadori yuji x y/n #itadori yuj x you #itadori yuji headcan #inumaki to/ge#to/ge #inumaki to/ge x reader #to/ge inumaki x reader #jjk inumaki to/ge x reader #jjk to/ge x reader #jjk inumaki x reader #itadori yuuji fluff #jjk x reader #jujutsu kaisen headcannons #inumaki to/ge headcannons #itadori yuuji headcannons #itadori x you
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    10.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Final Fantasy XIII 2

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    30.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Final Fantasy XIII 2 NORA

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  • tomatofriemd
    21.04.2021 - 1 mont ago

    'burn those who dare to care for me' ok edgelord

    #fruitart #library of ruina #xiao#lor #my beloved <3333 xiao n yuj/n r m favorites #mightline and coloe this idk man #anyway lowell move over imma steal ur wife #her non ego desigm is also sick epic too
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  • theatre-miriko
    06.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    itadori yuji ; night routine + cuddles

    anime/manga: jujutsu kaisen t.w: makeup pronouns: gender neutral movie type: trailer [h.c] request: Hiya! I really loved your cuddle + night routine HCs for Gojo 🥺 they were so cute and nice and fluffy and aghehdjs so good. Could you do something similar for Yuuji? Because he’s honestly really needs it rn and so it’s just aghhhhh my heart directors’s notes: i had so much fun writing this !! also AJDKALM the makeup idea is actually what i do 😋 and i realised that so cute of me so i included it EHE. also since makeup isn't only for females, the reader is still gender neutral! hope you all enjoy this (jujutsu kaisen) trailer! ♥︎

    yuji and you have matching toothbrushes + holders!!! and omg he’s so thoughtful that he changes your toothbrush for you after a few months

    you own a few cozy gowns for when it’s cold, yeah? well you’re never gonna get a chance to lay a finger on them since yuji wears them every second at home solely because they smell like you

    baths !! together !!

    you have to take a shower with him otherwise he’ll sit on the bed all pouty with a towel hanging over his shoulder like “:((( babe :(((“

    along with washing your back, yuji likes to wash your hair!! he’s so concentrated with where the foam is going since he doesn’t want it in your eyes <33

    unlike a normal human 🚶🏻‍♂️instead of walking towards the bed and laying himself down; yuji jumps on with an oomph!, plopping himself down to his side of the bed childishly and waits for you to crawl next to him

    there’s polaroid of you both doing a heart with your hands under a cherry blossom tree stuck to his lamp; so whenever he goes to sleep, his eyes always find themselves straying to that picture before he shuts the light, a very warm reminder that you’re his and he’s yours


    honestly he’s the type to fully wrap his arms all over you, pulling you closer every five minutes or so because he thinks your still not close enough

    he just looks so pure and angelic while sleeping that you don’t mind his drool on your shirt

    there’s thing he does which you have to admit is really cute:

    while holding each other in bed, he’ll caress each feature on your face—if it’s the tip of your nose, your cheekbone, side of your jaw, anything.

    one time you pretended to fall asleep and felt his finger ghosting your skin

    and when you asked him what he was doing—he answered with “i’m doing your makeup!”

    by makeup he means that when touching your lips, he’ll say that he’s putting lipstick on you, on your eyelids meaning he’s putting eyeshadow

    when you both can’t sleep, he’ll ask you which color of lipstick and if you want glitter, gloss or anything!! this man has endured enough of nobara’s rambles to know what he’s talking about

    it’s the cutest thing and you melt into putty right there when he cups your cheeks—giving them a soft squeeze before peppering your face with a zillion small kisses

    he just really loves you and feels happy that you’re the last person he sees after a long day as well as being his first sight when he wakes up

    © theatre-miriko 2021 - all rights reserved.

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    05.04.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Promociones de Marzo!  


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  • thebloomingsc
    30.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Itafushi recreated as Venetian Lovers: Eugene De Blaas


    #original painting under the cut #I was feeling low so i wanted to draw some comfort :( <3 #itafushi#itadori#yuj#yuji itadori#itadori yuuji #yuji x megumi #megumi x yuji #jjk #jujutsu kaisen fanart #jujutsu kaisen art #jujutsu kaisen#jjk fanart#itafushi fanart#itafushi art#tbsc#fanart
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  • dotmo
    28.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Meditative and inner-exploratory practices are probably more needed today than they have when the ancient sages worded their wisdom. “Though man is the most adaptable of creatures, there is no limit to which he can push himself without adversely affecting this health. Life today has become of stress and strain, tension and frustration, cut-throat competition, and breakneck speed. The human mind and body find it difficult to cope with these, and mind-based or psychosomatic ailments are on the increase.” ⍆ Suman Seth ⍅

    #Suman Seth#Atharva Veda#wisdom#modern age#Rig Veda #Balance & Healing #no man is an island #or woman#yuj#yoga#meditation#innergrowth #Since the Dawn of Time #Before the End of it All #yogi#quote#citation
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    26.03.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Promociones de Marzo!  


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    26.03.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #ste yuj#personajes #citas de personajes #HashimOsmanli
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