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    Flexibility Training - Bottom Cheerleader Yuji x Top Coach Reader

    ((A/N: Hi everyone!!! Finally back with a new fic, brought to you by the drive to make something nice for someone I care about 😎 Trigger warnings for this fic include manipulation, including potential gr**ming behavior, dubcon, lack of prep, and mild sadism! Reader is never referred to by gendered terms or pronouns, but they have a penis.))

    As his coach, Yuji seemed to care about your opinion a lot. He seemed almost desperate for your approval, looking to you after every routine or stunt to see that little nod that meant he’d done well enough. You couldn’t help but enjoy how needy he was, honestly… he wanted to be the best, wanted to be special, and he seemed to think you were the best judge of that, so he clung to you for any little affirmation he needed. Sometimes, despite your better instinct, you found yourself using his desperation against him, withholding the praise he craved just to watch him squirm. Seeing him try harder and harder to earn your approval was a power rush that quickly became addictive… You found yourself wondering just how far Yuji would go to gain the praise he wanted so badly from you.

    You didn’t often get the opportunity to spend time with Yuji alone, but you knew that for what you had planned, you couldn’t have other students around. That was a quick way to get into trouble with the school, and you didn’t feel like explaining to them why you were caught fucking a student. Instead, you found yourself working methodically, using your position as coach to your advantage to get Yuji alone in the gym, with nobody around to interfere. Practice was on Friday afternoons after school, and this Friday you saw a chance to get Yuji alone with you for as long as you could possibly need.

    All through practice, you cast a critical eye toward Yuji, nitpicking his performance and criticizing him on every small mistake. Truthfully he was doing much better than any of the other cheerleaders on the team, but you knew that if you wanted to get him alone with you after school, he had to think he needed extra practice that nobody else on the team needed. When practice ended, poor Itadori looked more than a little dejected, and his usual energy had faded, giving way to a puzzled sadness. He looked at you with an almost wounded expression on his face as he stretched after practice, watching everyone else gather their water bottles and gym bags, filtering out of the gym slowly until you were the last two in the room.

    Your plan was going perfectly, you could tell… too embarrassed to ask in front of all his teammates, Yuji was staying late to ask you in private what he was doing wrong in practice. You approached him as he sat on the ground, stretching his tense muscles, and he glanced up from his stretch when he noticed your shadow looming over him.

    “Oh, coach! I was meaning to talk to you…” Yuji hesitated a little, brushing himself off and standing. “You were really hard on me in practice today. Am I really doing that badly?” He seemed distressed by the thought of disappointing you, and you crossed your arms, raising a brow as you looked down at him.

    “I’m glad you stayed late. I want to work with you one on one for a while… your flexibility needs a lot of work, your muscles are just too tense to reach the poses they need to hit. Your pike fell short by a mile, and your high kick looked like it was about to rip your hamstring. Let me help you stretch the tension out.” You reached a hand out, running your palm down one of his arms to feel the tense muscles in his bicep. Yuji swallowed hard, seeming almost flustered by your touch.

    “Ah.. I thought it might be something like that. Yeah, alright, I guess we’d better fix it if I’m too tense, huh?” He gave you an awkward smile, following as you led him toward the back room of the gym. It was mostly filled with weight machines, but there was a large mirror covering one wall, with a bar in front for the athletes to stretch at. You assisted Yuji in stretching for a while, leading him in some basic motions and trying to keep up the charade of a concerned coach. Then you pointed him toward the bar, motioning for him to set up for another stretch.

    “Alright, Yuji, I want you to put one foot up on the bar and bend all the way forward to grip the bar with your hands.” You directed Yuji with an ease and tone of authority he couldn’t argue with, and he obeyed quickly, bending over in the vulnerable position you directed him to take. He looked good bent over like this, with only one leg keeping him stable on the ground. You approached, placing your hands on his hips and pushing down to stretch his hamstrings, and one hand reached around his thigh to brush against the spot where the muscle strained against the skin. “Feel that? This is where you should be focusing your stretches.” With your body pressed so close to his, your hips were nearly level with his ass, and you fought to keep a clear mind as you pushed him deeper into the stretch, enjoying the whimper of pain he released when the stretch pushed too far.

    You were surprised, however, to find that when you glanced at the broad mirror in front of you, Yuji’s face was flushed, painted red with embarrassment. He looked away from you quickly when you glanced at his face, but you can tell he was staring at you before you looked. More surprisingly, when your eyes trail down the mirror, you can see a bulge starting to form in his thin spandex shorts. You let out a little laugh, derisive as you let your hand drift freely to grope at the erection straining against his uniform. “Wow, Yuji, I wouldn’t have expected this from you. Who knew my best athlete on the team was a little whore, huh?” You leaned in so you spoke directly into your ear, the warmth of your breath hitting his skin and eliciting a little shudder from the smaller man.

    “Wait, we-.. We shouldn’t be doing this, you’re my teacher!” Yuji protested, trying to straighten up and move away from you, but going still again when he realized you had him trapped. He couldn’t get down from his position on the bar with you right behind him, holding him in place.

    “Come on Yuji, don’t make this difficult… don’t you want to be a good boy for me?” A little smirk spread across your lips, and when he looked away in shame, you knew you had him right where you wanted him. A pathetic little whine slipped from Yuji’s lips, so unlike his usual voice you were surprised for a moment. It was thrilling getting to see someone so strong and composed fall apart under your hands, desperate for your touch no matter how much he wanted to deny it, and more than that, desperate for your approval. Even if he didn’t want this, you were sure he would have tolerated it anyways, if it meant gaining your praise and affection. The power you had over this man’s self-worth was intoxicating, and the knowledge that you could truly build him up or break him down any time you chose had you rock-hard in your pants.

    “Shh.. stay quiet. You wouldn’t want anyone to hear what a slut you are, fucking your own coach.” You teased him with a cruel little smile on your face, your hands taking hold of his shorts at the waistband and tearing them as easily as if they were made of paper. They were thin shorts, so it wasn’t difficult to tear them from his body with your hands alone. The underwear followed soon after, made of a thicker material but still not too difficult to remove, and soon he was standing in front of you, wobbling a little to keep his balance at the bar. You could tell he was resisting the urge to pull away or hide, and you moved your lips to his neck, dropping warm kisses on his skin.

    “You’re doing so well, sweetheart,” you murmured into Yuji’s ear, moving one hand from his hips to push your loose sweatpants down on your hips. You knew you should probably prepare him, but being rough sounded like much more fun, and you knew you would enjoy watching him wobble and struggle to walk normally in PE class on Monday. “You look so cute like this, all red-faced and needy.”

    The praise had Itadori trembling, his pulse racing right below the skin as you freed your cock from your pants. When he saw the reflection in the mirror, Yuji let out an involuntary whine, a little afraid at the sight of your cock fully erect and ready. “Are you sure that’s going to fit?” He swallowed hard, looking back up to meet your eyes through the reflection of the mirror. You lifted your hand toward your mouth and spat in your palm, bringing it back down to stroke the saliva over the length of your dick. This was all the lube poor Yuji would get, and he seemed to know it too, because he was growing more nervous by the second.

    “It’s going to fit, don’t worry. It will hurt at first, but I know you’ll be a good boy and take every inch for me. You want to make me proud, don’t you? I’ll be very proud of you if you can do this for me.” You coaxed Yuji gently, knowing without his response that he was going to do exactly what you asked. He wanted your praise and approval far too much to back out, even if he was terrified of your size and the lack of preparation. You used your free hand to position the head of your cock against Yuji’s tight hole, watching him tense nervously as you tugged him closer by the hips, You lifted your other hand from his hip, running it up his back slowly to rest on his shoulder, soothing even as you savored the fear in his expression.

    “You’re doing so wonderful, Yuji… You look so good like this, all bent over for me. Take a deep breath baby, alright?” Though you made it seem like you were going to go slowly and walk him through the pain, the truth was you knew damn well he wasn’t ready yet when you thrust in, burying your entire cock inside him without any adjustment time, bottoming out with a groan. Yuji slapped a hand against his mouth to muffle a cry of pain, fighting to stay quiet even as you split his virgin hole open on your cock.

    “Ohh fuck, you’re so tight, sweetheart. You’re so perfect, you’re doing amazing, baby.” Your voice was husky with pleasure, and your hands came down to grip his hips, leaving oval-shaped bruises where your fingers dug into the flesh as you began to move, slamming into his ass hard and fast, never giving him a moment to adjust or grow used to the feeling. He let out a pathetic little yelp with each thrust, a new stab of pain hitting him every time you buried your cock inside his ass. Still, the pain wasn’t enough to erase the pleasure that grew inside him as your tip slammed against his prostate with every thrust, abusing the sensitive spot until tears were running down his face, not out of pain but out of pleasure.

    His expression was too beautiful to leave in the moment, and your thrusts slowed for a moment as you dug into the pocket of your sweats, snapping a picture of his expression in the mirror as you destroyed his tight ass, his one stable leg wobbling as he struggled to stay standing. You tucked your phone back in your pocket once you were satisfied with the pictures, watching as Yuji tightened around you almost spastically, driving you closer and closer to climax. He couldn’t even find the words to warn you before he was overwhelmed by the pleasure of orgasm, his cum hitting the mirror in front of him as he tightened around your cock almost hard enough to hurt.

    The tightening of Itadori’s insides was enough to drive you over the edge, burying your cock deep inside one last time and filling his guts with your cum, watching him tremble as he tried to stand steady. You finally pulled out slowly, and as soon as your hands were off his hips, releasing their support, he sunk to his knees on the floor, too exhausted to hold himself up. You nudged him with your foot, urging him to turn toward you, then ran a hand through his strawberry-colored hair, tugging it as you pulled his head closer to your cock, still half-hard and slick with the remains of your climax.

    “Be a good little whore and suck me clean, alright baby?” You murmured, your head practically spinning with the excitement of having him on his knees like this, desperate enough for your approval to suck a cock that just came out of his ass. He didn’t even question it, though you could tell he was embarrassed by the order as he leaned forward and took you into his mouth, sucking the slick cum off your length, his tongue lapping the last bead of cum from your tip. You couldn’t resist the urge to embarrass him further, and you shoved his head down further without warning, watching him gag at the sudden invasion of his throat, then released his head and let him pull away, a cruel satisfaction eliciting a smile as you watched him cough.

    “That was perfect, baby. You were so good, taking it like the pretty little whore you are. I’m so proud of you for doing it without being loud and getting us caught.” You leaned down, lifting his chin and pressing a kiss to his forehead, then putting your cock away in your boxers and pulling your sweatpants back up. “Now let’s get you showered off, okay?”

    Yuji nodded shakily, and despite the humiliation of being choked on your cock and the pain of his asshole still gaping and raw from being ravaged so mercilessly, all he could seem to feel was joy. You were proud of him! The look of joy and awe in his eyes as you helped him up and led him toward the showers was enough to tell you that you would have no difficulty getting your poor little whore alone again. Hell, give it a week, and a few little insults, and he would be crawling on his knees begging to make you proud again.

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    Drew itadori from post shibuya arc, with a glitch tone to it.

    Can’t believe I mastered some decent shadowing, next up “not hands!” ahahaha….

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    trying to figure out how to draw these two

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    CastAway Chapter Sixteen

    Pairing: JJK X OC

    Word Count: 2600

    Genre: NSFW Reverse Harem

    Warnings: Sukuna smut, violence, fluff, orgasm denial, blood kink, teacher X student, adult themes

    [Characters are 18+]

    Previous Chapter // Masterlist

    I huffed softly while I laid on the ground for a few moments. Out of everything that could have happened tonight, finding myself in Sukuna’s domain never crossed my mind. With an emotionless facade covering my face, I stood and faced the familiar throne of animal bones. At the top sat Sukuna in all his devilish glory.

    He was leaning back with feigned indifference, his cheek resting on his hand in casual curiosity. It felt like I was a mouse and he was the lion playing with his dinner. The billowing white kimono he wore completely hid his muscular physique. If he hadn’t tried to kill me, I would probably be trying to sit on his lap and get my hands under his clothes.

    “Hello, little siren.” Sukuna tried to sound intimidating, but something in his tone was off.

    “What do you want?” I was exhausted, and definitely not in the mood for small talk. I wanted a long, dreamless, restful sleep. Instead, I was here. Talking to the man turned curse who tried to kill me.

    “You don’t seem happy to see me.” His tone was bland as he simply stated what he was thinking.

    “I’m tired. I want to be peacefully sleeping right now, not here.” I frustratedly ran a hand through my hair, pushing it back out of my face. “You ripped my heart out of my chest, literally, in an attempt to kill me. Why would I want to be here, in front of you? Give me one good fucking reason why I would want to be within one hundred miles of someone who tried to kill me?”

    “I can’t speak for others,” When Sukuna appeared behind me in a matter of seconds, I didn’t move. I didn’t want to see the smirk on his face. That damned smirk that always did me in. He grasped my waist and slowly slid his hand to my stomach while he talked. “But, as for myself, I see the way you look at me. Hiding your lust with anger.”

    “Is everything sex with you?” I spun around and took a step away from him. The sudden movement forced his hand off me. “It doesn’t matter how good you are in bed if you’re a raging asshole! I have had it with you! You try to kill me, then act like nothing happened and we can fuck each other every chance we get!”

    “What does it matter? You survived!” Sukuna’s answer made me scoff and turn my head to look away from him.

    “I didn’t.” I paused to consider my response. He didn’t interrupt me or tease me like I was expecting. He gave me the time I needed to think. “I died, just didn’t stay that way.”

    “I killed you, you came back. It’s in the past now. Can’t we move on?” The lightness in his tone came back due to his confidence he had the upper hand.

    “Move on? How can I move on when I’m constantly worried about you trying to kill me again?” I didn’t intend to yell at him, but I already had problems controlling myself in his presence.

    “What if I promise not to let you die until I regain my power?” Sukuna sounded like this was a win-win situation, but I couldn't imagine what he would gain from this.

    “Why?” The moment the word fell from my lips, he was standing less than a foot in front of me.

    “You’re far too interesting to die now, kitten.” Sukuna reached forward to tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear. A gesture that should be comforting made me flinch away from his hand. After what happened, I couldn’t be too careful.

    “I’ll try to forgive you, but only if you make the promise.” My voice was steady, unfaltering. A perfect mask of calm to hide my unease.

    Sukuna slowly, cautiously wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into him. I was still guarded, but I let him hold me. I let my hands rest on his chest. If someone looked at us it would appear as if I was pushing him away from me. My posture may have been stiff, but by the gods I wanted to cave in. Let him try to comfort me even if he’ll stab me in the back.

    “I promise to let you live, until the day I possess my full self again.” When Sukuna finished speaking, a sense of warmth and safety passed through me. It was the promise settling into us, binding us until it has been fulfilled.

    We moved so quickly and suddenly I didn’t realize it until my back was pressed against something hard. I didn’t need to glance up to know I was now in between the seductively sadistic curse and one of the ribs in his Innate Domain. As my gaze lifted to meet his, I could see there was something still troubling him.

    He didn’t care about the reason behind my animosity towards him. Could our last conversation have stuck with him? I thought curses thrived on human pain, sadness, despair. Why would the king of them all be concerned about his relationship prospects? To me, it seemed all he wanted was someone he could fuck whenever he wanted.

    “What are you thinking about, little one?” Sukuna’s voice was as gentle as his touch on my cheek.

    “You.” I cleared my throat and swatted his hand away. “You’re everything I want and everything I hate wrapped up with a big pretty bow.”

    I was expecting a dismissive response, even mocking, not laughter. Sukuna tipped his head back and laughed boisterously. It was the only time I’d heard him make the sound, and I was already addicted. Everything about him was addictive. His looks, his attitude, even his laugh. He drove me absolutely crazy, and yet I couldn’t get enough.

    “You looked so serious I thought it was something much more important than that.” He must have seen the immensely annoyed look on my face because he paused to cup my cheek. “You want me, I want you. It’s that easy, kitten.”

    “It’s never that easy.” I pursed my lips up at him, frustrated he was trying to simplify things.

    He responded by kissing my neck, paying special attention to the areas where I moaned louder or breathed harder. The spots that made me grow wetter with every second. Sukuna slowly kissed from my jaw, to my collarbone, then back up until he reached my cheek. He didn’t kiss me passionately, desperately. His kisses were slow, languid, teasing.

    “Then tell me to stop.” The words were a husky murmur against my ear.

    Sukuna knew exactly what he was doing. Somehow, he knew I couldn’t stop myself when it came to him. No matter how hard I tried, no matter how loudly common sense screamed at me, I craved him like an addict needed their next high. Even if I wanted to fight him, my body had a mind of its own. My grip on his chest tightened until it was clutching his white kimono as he ground his growing erection into me. The unexpected movement pulled a soft moan from my lips.

    “Tell me to stop, pet.” Sukuna knew I wouldn’t, couldn’t. He wanted me to give in, submit to him. This was the only situation I ever would.

    “No.” The plea left my lips, though it was no more than a hushed whisper dripping in lust.

    “No? Are you sure?” Despite the question, he gently ran his hand up my thigh until it reached my ass.

    “Kuna, please.” His name got caught in my throat when he squeezed my ass so hard it could have bruised.

    His only response was a low growl of approval. He dragged his nails along my skin, red blossoming in their wake, as he moved his hand into the front of my shorts. I grasped onto him tighter and arched my hips into him as he pushed two fingers inside my wet heat. He effortlessly pumped his fingers in and out of me, each movement rougher and faster than the last.

    Sukuna pressed his thumb onto my clit and began massaging it in small, fast movements that possessed the same vigor as the fingers in me. My hips bucked and head tilted back as he pushed me closer to my climax. The feel of his fingers curling into my g-spot and rubbing my clit combined to euphoric pleasure.

    Just as I was nearing an orgasm, he pulled his hand out from between my legs. Sukuna licked my juices from his skin as I looked up at him in annoyance. He grabbed my hips and spun me around before I could complain about him edging me.

    His hands were immediately pulling my shorts down then on my inner thighs, forcing them apart once I had kicked the shorts aside. He placed his feet inside mine and used them to spread me wider until he was satisfied. Sukuna pressed his hard length against my ass while one of his hands delved into me again.

    He continued to relentlessly finger me until I was a whining, begging, mess. Sukuna spent the next several minutes using nothing but his fingers to bring me to the brink of an orgasm, then stop. My legs were trembling and I surely would have fallen if he wasn’t supporting me by the time he finally let me have my release. The orgasm that wracked through me was so powerful it was painful.

    I didn’t get a second of rest once the orgasm finished. Sukuna turned me back around only to hoist me up and lay me down in the shallow pool of blood. He removed his kimono and my top while he leaned over me. My hands were on him, pulling him down to me before I had time to think.

    Our lips met in a passionate kiss as he pressed the head of his length against my entrance. He thrusted into me with one fluid, harsh motion. I cried out into his lips at the feel of him stretching me fully, completely. Gods he was massive, and he forced every last bit inside me with the first thrust. He stretched me out to the point it hurt, and we both fed off the pain.

    Sukuna broke the kiss at the same time one of his hands wrapped around my throat. He tightened his hold on me until I could barely breathe. I clutched onto his wrist with my head thrown back and my hips thrusted up into him. He pounded into me mercilessly to the point I was sure he would tear me in half.

    Every rough thrust was the perfect combination of pain and pleasure. The balance that began with more pleasure has since tipped, and yet I would be begging for more if I could speak. Sukuna’s nails dug into my hip as he held me still while fucking me as roughly as he wanted.

    I knew he wasn’t the type to care if I was satisfied, but my sounds of pleasure seemed to encourage him. Each moan, whimper, or gasp that left my lips made him fuck me harder and faster than before. It was a beautiful, vicious cycle we had found ourselves in. Every thrust made me moan, and every moan made him rougher.

    Just as I was starting to reach my second orgasm, Sukuna suddenly pulled out of me and flipped me over. I raised my hips for him as he pulled them up and harshly shoved his length back into me. He pressed a large hand into my back until I was half laying on the ground. The angle allowed him to reach even deeper within me.

    He grasped my hips with two hands at the same time I felt him grab my wrists and hold them to my back. I craned my head to look behind me. The sight of Ryoumen Sukuna naked with four arms and all four of his hands on me sent a fresh wave of lust through my body.

    Sukuna smirked at me while he pulled most of his erection out of my entrance then forced himself back into me with one swift snap of his hips. The sudden, harsh movement made me cry out and grab onto his arm. He growled quietly at my reaction and yanked on my wrists, forcing me to push my hips into him.

    He grabbed my hair with his free hand and pulled, making my back to arch at an uncomfortable angle while he mercilessly pounded into me. Sukuna thrusted his entire length into me with each movement. His nails dug into my skin to the point I was sure my own blood was running down my body and collecting in the pool beneath us.

    I felt him run a finger along my entrance, collecting my juices, before pushing it into my ass. The sudden intrusion sent me careening towards an orgasm. Sukuna started thrusting into me harder and faster than before as I began to clench around him.

    “If you want to cum, you have to beg.” Sukuna snarled without slowing his pace.

    “Please, please let me cum!” I cried out, my walls tightening as I fought the building climax

    “Come on, pet. We both know you can do better than that.” He taunted me while shifting his hips so he pounded into my g-spot.

    “Kuna, please let me cum! Please!” I begged him as the pleasure of the building orgasm began to turn into pain.

    “What did I tell you to call me?” Sukuna growled menacingly, his thrusts rougher and grip tighter.

    I immediately remembered the short conversation we had earlier. He had given me options, but I knew what he wanted. He may not have apologized for killing me, but the promise he made was the closest I could ever hope to get. My body relaxed into Sukuna as I let go of the hostility I held towards him and fully submitted, at least for now.

    “Master! Please, master, let me cum!” I screamed as my climax threatened to erupt despite my attempts to hold it back.

    “That’s it. Cum for me, pet.” His hold on me tightened as he finally gave me what I wanted.

    I screamed out in pain and pleasure as the orgasm finally tore through me. My hips bucked violently despite Sukuna’s grip. My walls clamped down around him, pulsating and throbbing.

    He groaned almost inaudibly as he released inside me. His last thrusts were powerful, but not as controlled. Sukuna let go of my hair and wrists then fell forward, catching himself before he crushed me. He held my hips to him and pressed his chest into my back while we fought to catch our breath.

    “Who do you belong to?” He growled as he grabbed my neck and forced my head back.

    “Myself.” I panted out in defiance and jerked my head to the side, but he didn’t let go.

    “I don’t think so.” His tone turned sensual as he leaned down until his lips were beside my ear. “You belong to me now.”

    He was right. In that moment, I was his. I wanted to deny it, but I knew deep down, a part of me belonged to him. There was something about Sukuna I craved to the point I couldn’t control myself around him. No matter how hard I tried to distance myself from him, a part of me would always be his. I was in deep with nowhere to go but down.

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    ‘Round Midnight | AO3

    “Hey, wanna get a drink?”

    #jujutsu kaisen fic #jujutsu kaisen art #fushiguro megumi#sukuna#itadori yuji#sukufushi#itafushi#new fic #check it outtt
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    Someone come be sad with me about how Yuji will inevitably be executed and Megumi will lose his best friend

    #jjk#jjk megumi#jjk sukuna#jjk yuuji#jujutsu kaisen#fushiguro megumi#yuji itadori#kugisaki nobara#gojo satoru #jjk sad reality #it’s going to be so painful to watch #and there’s no way they can get around it
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    Yuji: what does "idk" mean?

    Megumi: i don't know

    Yuji: haha, loser

    #jjk talks#jujutsu kaisen#jjk#itafushi#itafushi interactions#fushiita#fushita#megumi fushiguro#fushiguro megumi#megumi #jjk megumi fushiguro #megumi jjk#jujutsu megumi #itadori x fushiguro #fushiguro x itadori #megumi x yuji #yuji x megumi #yuuji itadori#yuji itadori#itadori yuuji#itadori yuji#yūji itadori #jjk itadori yuji #itadori jjk #jjk yuji itadori #jujutsu kaisen incorrect quotes #incorrect jjk quotes #jjk incorrect quotes #itadori yūji#itadori
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    80s teen lineup but make it high def! leo is the only one having a reasonable emotional response to this

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    Gojo announcing his break out from the Prison Realm by playing the Out of the Box theme song

    #out of the box! out of the box! #I’m sorry #I can’t stop laughing at the thought of him doing this because he absolutely would #jjk#jujutsu kaisen#satoru gojo #jujutsu kaisen manga #jjk manga#jjk gojo#jjk spoilers#satoru gojou#gojo satoru#gojou satoru #jujutsu kaisen spoilers #itadori yuuji#jjk fam#yuji itadori#megumi fushiguro#nobara kugisaki#jjk headcanons#suguru getou#geto suguru
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    Awe, I actually can’t believe Yuji being called “tiger” is cannon soooo cute🐯💕 I can’t w/his expression when he gets called it🥺🥺🥺

    #Now I just have to wait years to get it animated #i love him #a good boy #yuji itadori#jujutsu kaisen #jujutsu kaisen manga #manga
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    Inktobers day 4/5

    Sukuna would talk during movies I said what I said 🤷

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    imagine megumi and itadori in squid game sticking together the whole time and then having to play the marble game i’m sick

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    Goofy Headcanons for JJK

    How some of the JJK characters react to having a goofy girlfriend.

    Nanami Kento

    Honestly he thinks you’re adorable. You soften him up a lot. He can get a little rigid and set in his ways but you pull him out of that.

    You sing a lot around the house. He knows your R&B playlist implicitly and every time he wakes up to Candy by Cameo on a Sunday morning he’s a little eager to see you dancing while you clean

    You do teach him the dance to Candy because it’s essential. Plus you like dancing with him. Though you don’t actually care where you are when you start dancing. Which means sometimes when you’re in the grocery store and a good song comes on you are going to dance on him

    Nanami is often stone faced during your shenanigans. And people who don’t know him think that he’s annoyed, but really he’s trying to keep himself from kissing you. You’re just so damn cute.

    You sing your heart out to sad R&B to him. You can’t relate to the lyrics because you’re in a healthy relationship but that won’t stop you from singing to him like you’re really going through it.

    You’re literally hanging off his neck singing, “I’m not scared of lions and tigers and bears! But I’m scared of loving you!” He’s just staring at you as you hold his face in your hands. His glasses are askew from you roughly hugging him.
    Again he looks like he’s over your bullshit but he’s suppressing a smile. It’s a bit of a game the two of you play. Who can break and laugh first? It is often Nanami

    You make him laugh harder than anyone else can.

    Gojo Satoru

    The two of you are definitely double trouble. Most times the two of you join forces to annoy your friends and make people laugh

    More often than not you’re both annoying Nanami.

    The only time you work against Gojo is when Megumi is around. You know good and well Gojo has given that child nothing but grief so you help Gumi out every once in a while to humble Gojo

    When he’s in the middle of teasing Megumi you’ll step in and be like, “Gumi this man don’t even eat vegetables. Don’t let a man who probably has scurvy punk you.”

    In turn, Megumi is always on your side. When you eat Gojo’s sweets, you and Megumi unite to convince him that he ate them even if you are literally chewing the snack right in front of him.

    The two of you dance together in the apartment a lot. He’ll hear the beginning of “So Anxious” by Ginuwine and he’s hurrying to whereever you are to dance with you.

    It could be sexy and sometimes it is but half the time you’re too busy over exaggerating your dance moves and singing badly on purpose. That being said when that chorus comes around he’s grabbing your hips to grind with him.

    Honestly the only time you successfully get on his nerves is when he’s trying to come on to you and you’re still in goofy mode. He’s feeling you up while you’re dancing and instead of shaking your ass you’re really just moving your back and throwing your hair no ass moving at all

    He’s just glaring up at you while you straddle him and rap at him instead of trying to start any kind of foreplay.

    Literally will not let you touch him after you’ve played too much all day. One time when you were home alone you flashed him and pressed your boobs against the boundaries of Limitless just to fuck with him

    In public when he’s mad and won’t let you touch him you press your hands against the boundaries and pretend to be a great mime.

    Itadori Yuji

    This is a pair of cinnamon rolls if ever there was one. The two of you light up the room whenever you’re together

    There’s a ditziness between the two of you. It’s like you both share one brain cell and neither of you are using it.

    Left to your own devices the two of you get into some ridiculous shenanigans. You two found exercise balls at the school and after wrapping both of yourselves in protective gear you both hold an exercise ball in front of you and run towards each other as fast as possible. Of course you both go flying. Gojo saved you from being seriously hurt (he saw what you guys were planning and wanted to see how it would go.)

    “Yuji!” You yelled as Gojo put you back on your feet. You thanked him before running over as best as you could with all the padding and protective wear you had on. He’s laid out but sits up when you finally make it to his side
    “That was AWESOME!” The two of you are a serious hazard to yourselves sometimes.

    You both stress Megumi out. He always winds up witnessing or becoming a part of your hijinks.

    “Okay,Megumi, Yuuji’s going to throw me and then you’re gonna summon your cool bird to grab me out of the air.”
    “Why would I do that?”
    “Because if you don’t I’ll die. Okay Yuji throw me!”
    “Wait what?”

    Conversely, Gojo thinks the two of you are the cutest thing in the world and he enables all of your bad ideas and participates in them.

    You initiate random dance battles with Yuji. This is great for any time but it’s perfect for when he’s feeling down. You will come to where ever he is with a speaker and start dancing aggressively in front of him. Then when you deem your turn over you point to him. He can’t resist a competition.

    The two of you go shopping together and before long the two of you are picking out horrendous fits for each other. Just the ugliest things in the world.

    Fushiguro Megumi

    He’s so sick of you. But he also can’t live without you. He tried once, life was so depressing.

    People on the outside don’t really get your relationship given that Megumi is always scowling and you’re always smiling but it works

    Honestly you’re probably quiet around people you don’t know, but you’re so comfortable around Megumi that you’re goofy with him even if there are other people around

    You’d do anything to make him laugh, including dressing up as Gojo and making fun of him. It is a bit that can make him laugh pretty much all the time. Bonus points if Gojo is in the room.

    “Imitation is the greatest form of appreciation,” Gojo insists when he sees you in a white bonnet with the black elastic band covering you’re eyes.
    “Oh yes Gojo-Sensei,” you agree fictitiously before mocking his voice and the way that he laughs. Megumi is hiding his smile with his hand because you’re far too good at that impression

    You also do a great impression of Megumi. So when he’s being moody, you’ll sit across the room from him and mirror his facial expression and mannerisms.

    He finds it extremely annoying and stupidly endearing

    You speak in hyperbole sometimes. So you’ll go to Nobara or Yuji to talk about Megumi’s scorn. And when they ask about it it’s never as dramatic as you said it was.

    “Hey idiot!” Nobara confronted Megumi, “you told your girlfriend you don’t love her anymore?! What the hell is wrong with you?!”
    Megumi looked so confused, “No I didn’t,” he looked at you then remembered your last interaction, “I said I didn’t want to kiss her while she was wearing lipgloss.”
    “Same thing!”

    Kugisaki Nobara

    She loves you so much and has accepted that you’re a bit of an idiot. Sometimes it’s welcomed like when it’s time to make fun of the boys.

    She also appreciates your goofiness when she’s trying to film a funny TikTok or it’s been a long day and she needs a laugh

    However you play entirely too much and she will find you and Yuji playing dress up in her closet.

    When the two of you go shopping you out together the most horrendous fits and show them to her with a proud smile as she looks at you in horror.

    When she’s in one of her moods you tease her, tugging the end of her hair and arguing with her for the simple sake of arguing

    She’s the only one who can call you an idiot. If she thinks anyone is making fun of you, they’ll have her wrath to deal with

    A man once called you a stupid bimbo because you were speaking in a high air headed voice to annoy Nobara and she turned to glare at him with a look that could kill.
    “What did you call her?” She demanded in a cold voice. The guy immediately took a step back upon seeing her rage.
    You wound up having to call Yuji and Megumi to get them to help you break up the fight.

    She still calls you pretty even when you’ve molded your hair into some ridiculous style. And when she calls you an idiot there’s always a hint of a smile on her face

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    As promised, Itadori Yuuji can occasionally have a nice day fic now up on ao3

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    Yuji : *uniform with a dark and edgy color palette while being an angel*

    Sukuna : *kimono with a white and peaceful color palette while he's literally Satan*

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    Yuji loves forehead kisses.

    The way your soft lips plant the softest kiss on his forehead leaves his head spinning. It sparks an indescribable emotion inside his heart that keeps him yearning for more. It's such a simple gesture, yet Yuji feels like he could pick up Mt Fuji and throw it into the ocean. From one kiss, Yuji is filled with energy that could defeat three special grade curses.

    But when you lean back and smile at him, Yuji turns into a lovesick puddle.

    Giggling at his gaze, you grab his warm cheeks and kiss his forehead again. And again and again, until the boy in your hands lights up the dark room with his giggles and snorts. When you stop, Yuji does everything in his power not to cuddle the life out of you.

    "You really like kissing my forehead," he says with a giddy grin. His eyes hold so much love that it makes your world flutter.

    "And you really like it," you whisper and stroke his pink hair.

    Yuji hums happily, putting your hands in a cupped position and placing his chin on it, waiting for another kiss.

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