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    evil tvxq make music

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    ↳  𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐫 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠 𝐢𝐟 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐬𝐚𝐯𝐞 ღ

    ↳ 𝐝𝐨𝐧'𝐭 𝐫𝐞𝐩𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞!

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    hymn of the high seas, chapter 3

    fic title: hymn of the high seas

    keywords: pirate au, siren au, enemies to friends to lovers, fem!reader, siren reader, pirate ateez, hurt/comfort, fluff

    relationships: romantic y/n x wooyoung, platonic ot8 x y/n

    general warnings: language, violence, mentions of blood and death

    taglist (reply or send me an ask in case you want to be added!): @bangtanxberm @hwaillight​

    author’s notes at the end!

                                                        ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    previous chapter / next chapter (none yet!)

    chapter title: the brig

    word count: 4k

    Dite’s head pounded, and her left shoulder throbbed painfully as she tried to move, causing her to flinch. Why was her shoulder hurting? Quickly, she realized the scents around her were unfamiliar. She could smell the salty ocean air, but it was distant. Other scents which she couldn’t quite identify mixed in. As more of her senses came to her, Dite also realized she was laying on something far too soft to be the rocky bed of her underwater home. She was also covered by something equally soft, and uncomfortably warm: beads of sweat rolled off her skin. Panic started to seep through her, and she wiggled her toes, and that in turn caused another wave of horror to crash over her: why did she have toes? Where was her precious tail?

    Her eyes burst open and she shot up, now sitting up straight on whatever she had been laying on. For a moment, her vision was blurred, the light inside of whatever the place she was in blinding her and she blinked fast, trying to adjust her eyes to the light. 

    Slowly, her eyes adjusted and she saw that she was in a small, unfamiliar room. She noticed that she had been laying on a bed with cotton sheets, the soft object that almost gave her a heat stroke being a blanket she had been covered up with. She was dressed in a light cotton shirt that hung off her frame, clearly too big for her and drenched with her sweat.

    ‘’Hi Miss!’’ A high-pitched voice chirped. Dite whipped her head around, and without even giving it a thought, launched herself towards the source of the sound, determined to claw off the face of someone she assumed to be a kidnapper of hers: why else would she be in this unfamiliar environment? The figure screamed, and the door leading to the room burst open, and soon Dite was roughly yanked away. She was hissing and snarling, struggling against whoever held her by her arms, kicking and thrashing against them.

    ‘’Oh my fucking God, siren, calm down!’’ 

    A voice that sounded oddly familiar grunted behind her, and Dite looked at whoever was the brave soul daring to attempt to detain her, and she then saw a man with bright red hair.


    The memories from earlier flooded in, and Dite stopped thrashing against the human. Right: because of her mother, she was now on a ship filled with humans. She had transformed because she didn’t feel like spending the journey with them in a metal tub, trapped like a pet fish. Dite winced, reminded of the pain in her shoulder as the initial rush of adrenaline fizzled out. The human loosened his grip, only to grab Dite again and pick her up as she nearly fell forward on her face, legs giving out.

    ‘’So you’ve calmed down? You almost tried to maul poor Sam, he’s just a kid y’know.’’

    Dite looked up, and now saw that the figure she had launched herself at was, in fact, just a human child. She would never admit it to anyone out loud, but secretly, at that moment, she was glad the red-head had arrived just on time: while she couldn’t do as much damage in her two-legged form, she’d still feel bad about trying to hurt a child, even if the said child was a human being.

    After the whole ordeal was over, Dite was allowed to go on the deck to see her family who had apparently swam alongside the ship the whole time she was unconscious. Much to her chagrin, she had to be supported by the red-haired human as they trekked up the wooden stairs as her legs felt rather wobbly, a combined effort of the exhaustion the transformation caused and the pain in her shoulder, as well as the fact that she had not taken her two-legged form for months. 

    As they finally arrived on the deck, Dite noticed the sun was already beginning to set: she had been unconscious for the entire day. The redhead next to her scanned the deck, looking for someone. His eyes then landed on his target, and he loudly yelled: 

    ‘’Captain! The siren is awake: I warn you though, she’s a rather prickly case, would’ve probably clawed off Sam’s face had I not arrived.’’

    Dite glared at the human, feeling slightly offended.

    ‘’Hey! It’s not my fault you just dumped me in an unfamiliar room alone and confused: I bet you would’ve done just the same!’’

    The redhead only shrugged coolly in response, and Dite ground her teeth in frustration. She could already tell that sailing with these humans was going to be an excruciating test of her patience.

    ‘’Dite darling, you’ve woken up!’’

    ‘’Dite, come here!’’

    She heard the voices of her mother and Ligia coming from below, and momentarily forgetting that she was not at her peak mobility, took a rushed step towards where the captain stood. As a result, her still wobbly legs gave out, and she gloriously fell on her arse, a loud string of curses leaving her lips as she accidentally leaned weight on her sore shoulder. She heard snickers around her, and glared at the surrounding pirates who then quickly busied themselves with whatever they had been doing.

    There was a sound of approaching footsteps, and a hand was outstretched to her. The skin covering it was rough and calloused, small scars running over the palm. Dite looked up and saw the captain peering down at her, crouched over with his other hand placed on his thigh as he offered a hand to help her get up. She desperately resisted the urge to snarl at him: if it wasn’t for the stupid captain and his stupid ship, she probably wouldn’t have been in this mess in the first place.

    Sucking it in, she grabbed the captain’s hand and let herself be pulled up. Once she stood, she noticed this gaze was locked on her face. She narrowed her eyes, annoyed at the unreadable expression coating the human’s features. Dite huffed, and this time slowly, wobbled to the place he had previously stood in. She could still feel his gaze on her back, prickling at her skin. His cool, grey eye made something inside her tug: like a memory she couldn’t quite grab. It frustrated her even more, making her further determined to avoid the human captain as much as she could.

    She placed her hands on the wooden railing and looked down at her family, her mother and Ligia looking back at her. Their eyes matched the sky around them as the sun set beyond the horizon, the golden amber burning like their eyes possessed tiny suns in themselves.

    ‘’Dite!’’ Ligia had smiled, and Dite couldn’t stop her own lips from stretching into one, too. Ligia’s happiness was contagious: she seemed to light up everything around her. Dite supposed that came from being the family’s youngest: everyone doted on Ligia like she was a small child, even though she had never been one, not in a sense in which other living creatures were children. 

    They had spent a moment discussing, during which Dite had still attempted to protest against the whole agreement. She had been lowered down on a small boat, the red-haired human accompanying her because apparently they didn’t believe her to be capable of lifting herself back up, which was probably true anyway.

    ‘’Can’t I just go back home with you?’’ she pleaded to her mother.

    Doris had only given her the signature gentle but stern smile.

    ‘’Don’t you see it, Dite? This is the perfect chance for you to find out what happened to Queen Thea,’’ her mother mused.

    Dite scrunched her nose, a crease appearing between her brows. Honestly, she couldn’t care less about the stupid siren goddess: The Queen had been long gone at the time when she was born into this world, and Dite personally thought Thea had simply chosen to abandon her subjects. Why else would they need to suffer from the hunts?

    Still, despite her not saying anything, her mother seemed to know what Dite was thinking, because of course she would. She didn’t possess psychic abilities as far as Dite knew, but then again, the matron held many secrets.

    ‘’And maybe you could discover something about yourself.’’

    And that Dite could not protest against, knowing her mother was probably right. It didn’t make her feel any less annoyed though, quite the opposite: the fact that her mother knew exactly what she needed to say to motivate Dite frustrated the younger siren to no end.

    They spent a moment discussing various things, her sisters explaining how Dite had been carried under the deck for her wound to be tended to, and how her family, too, would leave their home for now as the ocean had whispered about the arrival of the navy to Doris. 

    Then, the time for farewells arrived. Dite bit hard on her tongue, determined to not spell any tears in the presence of the humans. The sentiment was not shared by her family, however: her sisters had openly sobbed, caressed her hair and skin and planted soft kisses on her forehead. 

    Much to her disdain, Dite also noted that while she had been unconscious, the bad blood between her family and the pirate crew had apparently fizzled away. The sirens happily waved at the humans, and some even blew kisses for the crew as they each dove under the surface. Ligia and her mother were the last ones to leave, Ligia’s hand still holding Dite’s own in a tight grip as tears continued to flow down her cheeks.

    ‘’I’m going to miss you, sister,’’ she sniffled and squeezed the hand she was holding. Dite gave her a light squeeze back, choking back on a sob. She would not cry: her pride would simply not allow for it to happen.

    ‘’Ligia, go join your sisters now,’’ Doris softly ordered and after a last tearful look and a squeeze of hand, Ligia, too, disappeared from Dite’s view as the jet-black head plunged into the cerulean waters.

    Doris then turned to Dite. She put her hand over a pearl that sat at the column of her throat, just where her collarbones met, and pulled it away from her skin. She then dropped the pearl onto Dite’s opened palm. 

    ‘’Dite, my darling child: remember, that no matter what happens, whatever you discover, you will forever be my precious child, have been ever since we found you on that stormy night all those years ago. Let this pearl remind you of us wherever you are: we are always with you, even if we may physically be apart.’’

    It took everything Dite had to not burst into tears at that moment. Her eyes glistened as she looked into her mother’s golden ones, the gaze in them as warm as the sun that had almost dipped below the horizon. She could only muster a small nod, and clutched the pearl tightly in her hand. Then, after kissing her forehead and giving her the last gentle smile for who knows how long, her mother, too, dove deep down into the cerulean waves. 

    She didn’t even register when the boat was hauled back up, an a-hem shaking her out of her thoughts. The redhead had hopped off the boat and onto the ship’s deck, and held his hand out to support Dite. She was still in a whirlwind of emotions, and thus didn’t even bother snapping at the human, grabbing the outstretched hand without protest and let him help her back on the ship.

    So here she now stood at the deck, eyes raking over the waves that softly crashed against the ship. She had put the pearl inside the pocket of the pair of brown pants she wore: they were much too large for her, the legs folded up at least four times so that she wouldn’t trip on them. She was barefoot, as there were no boots her size, and considering she could still barely walk on her own, shoes too large just didn’t sound like a good idea. 

    The floorboards creaked as a sign of someone approaching. Still too emotionally drained to get angry, Dite simply looked over her shoulder at whoever was arriving to torment her next. The captain walked towards her, with two men in his tow. At first, Dite didn’t think much of it: only after she saw the menacing look in the two other human’s eyes did she become alert, turning to face the trio approaching her.

    ‘’Grab her,’’ the captain announced and in a flash, the two men were at her side, pulling her hands and feet together and tying them together with a rope. Dite’s eyes widened, and soon, her longing for her family was replaced with a familiar surge of anger.

    ‘’What,’’ she began, eyes narrowed, ‘’is this supposed to be?’’

    ‘’Yesterday, you tried to kill one of my crew members: today, you attempted to harm another one. I simply cannot allow someone as dangerous to walk freely among my crew. You will get to spend time in your own, private company down in the brig,’’ the captain announced.

    Dite’s face twisted into a snarl as realization sunk in. The captain had pretended to be cooperative as her mother was present, clearly afraid that despite possessing the Tear, it wouldn’t have actually been enough to stop a whole pack of sirens from attacking him had they been determined enough.

    Her screams fell to deaf ears as she was carried back under the deck, thrashing and screaming, woving to get out and personally gouge out the captain’s visible eye. She was unceremoniously dumped on the damp floor of a cell at the lowest deck, and winced as her injured shoulder slightly hit the ground. She looked at the retreating backs of the men, blood boiling.

                                                              ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    ‘’Only San and Seonghwa are allowed down at the brig for the time being. We are still assessing how dangerous the creature is, and I cannot take the risk of any more of you being injured,’’ Hongjoong announced. 

    Wooyoung still thought the whole idea was pure madness: what was stopping the siren from singing them all to their deaths if the captain’s attention slipped even in the slightest? Who knew what other powers she possessed as well, maybe she could simply open the cell door and slit all their throats open during the night. He was simply happy that San and Seonghwa, the most experienced members of the crew, were tasked with taking care of the creature’s wound and feeding her.

    Sometimes, Wooyoung really envied the boatswain and cook’s abilities to sleep through even the loudest of ruckuses. They had only gotten up at dawn, when Wooyoung had been told to go and wake them. After explaining the situation, Yeosang had responded in his usual, cool way of not really responding, just nodding and accepting the facts. San had immediately fussed over Wooyoung, lamenting about how the injuries on his hand would affect his work down in the kitchens.

    ‘’It’s unfair that only Seonghwa and San get to go,’’ Yunho whined as he sat on top of the spreader on the foremast, ‘’I have so many things I want to ask her about! Honestly, the captain locking her up in a brig is a bit too extreme, if you ask me.’’

    ‘’Do I need to remind you that she tried to fucking drown me?’’ Wooyoung asked, staring at the navigator incredulously. 

    ‘’Yeah, and after that I stabbed her, so I’d say we’re even!’’ Yunho grinned, swinging his legs back and forth. Wooyoung thought that the siren probably hardly felt like they were even. If anything, when she had been carried to the brig, she had looked like she would sink her teeth into anyone who just came within a reaching distance. 

    ‘’You keep telling yourself that,’’ Wooyoung muttered and watched as the last rays of sun set beyond the horizon, the orange-and-red scenery slowly replaced by a deep blue one. It strangely reminded Wooyoung of the siren’s eyes.

                                                              ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    San snorted as the siren snarled loudly when he arrived at the brig, a bowl of warm soup in his hand. 

    ‘’If you stopped throwing tantrums each time someone came down here, maybe Hongjoong would actually let you out.’’

    Five days had passed since the Aglaea had sailed out of the Siren’s Creek with an angry fish-woman accompanying the crew. Despite his words, inside his head, San could hardly blame the siren for her attitude. If he was placed into the brig after being forced to the ship in the first place, he’d act a lot worse than just hiss angrily each time someone approached him.

    When Wooyoung had informed him that they had a siren onboard, San was hardly surprised. The captain would’ve never docked into Siren’s Creek, not when port towns such as Asine provided much better coverage as well as the opportunity to stock on supplies. The quartermaster telling tales about sirens as they docked was hardly a coincidence either: Seonghwa, too, probably sensed that Hongjoong had bigger plans in place.

    The siren was glowering at him from the corner she sat in. Her knees were drawn into her chest and her hair partially fell over the deep midnight eyes. It was dark down in the brigs, and the sole torchlight San in his other hand barely helped him to see. He placed it into the holder on the wall and approached the cell. He then crouched down and slid the soup inside the cell, looking at the siren silently.

    San couldn’t really understand why some of the crew feared the siren so much: to him, she was more like an angry stray cat than a dangerous, mythical creature. Any living creature, human, animal or magical, got aggressive when they felt threatened, San had learnt that much during his lifetime.

    Slowly, carefully, the siren treaded closer to him. Once she was closer, she seemed to relax just slightly, as she properly saw that it was San who had come down. Over the past five days, San had made it his mission to slowly build her trust in him. After all, it was rather difficult, trying to care for someone who acted like a stray cat trapped in a dead end. Finally, she sat just next to him and picked up the plate and placed it on her legs, quietly spooning the soup into her mouth. San found it interesting that a supposed creature of the deep ocean could use human tools such as spoons with such ease, as if she had done so for her entire life.

    She noticed San staring and her midnight eyes met his dark ones, one eyebrow raised.

    ‘’What?’’ She asked then, and San’s eyes slightly widened. The siren had never spoken to him before, preferring to communicate first with hisses and snarls, and then after the first two days, with silent, accusing glares.

    ‘’Wow, she can talk,’’ San replied, and she scoffed.

    ‘’Of course I can talk: I just didn’t see a bunch of bastards who decided to throw me into a dark, mouldy cell worth talking to.’’


    Both went silent again, the siren continuing to spoon the rest of the warm soup into her mouth. She was sitting with her left side facing San, where the stab wound caused by Yunho was. Seeing as the shirt she wore was still white, the wound was probably healing up quite nicely. It had taken the combined effort of San, Seonghwa and Hongjoong to change the dressings so far, two men holding her back while one quickly did the work.

    ‘’I’m just relieved she was out when I had to stitch it up: I don’t know which one of us would’ve been in a worse shape, her or myself, had I attempted to do it with her conscious,’’ Seonghwa had said in a rather exasperated tone after the first changing operation.

    An empty plate pushed against his foot, signaling that the siren was done with her meal. She still stayed close to the door, stealing glances at San, clearly waiting to say something. San cocked his head to the side, expectant. He felt like he was a child again, about to gain the trust of a stray cat.

    ‘’I don’t understand,’’ she finally muttered. 

    ‘’Yeah, I’m gonna need you to elaborate a bit further on that.’’

    The siren pinched the bridge of her nose, probably searching for the right words to say. A quiet, annoyed sigh escaped her.

    ‘’I don’t get you. Your captain hates me, and the other guy, the black-haired one, clearly fears me. Yet I sense nothing like that from you. Sure, you talk like you have a stick up in your ass all the time, but I can tell it’s not particularly because of me. Why? I tried to kill your friend: if I was you, I’d be currently trying to strangle me on the spot.’’

    San looked up at the wooden planks, where the lower gunning decks were. He personally thought it was a rather lousy piece of design, placing the ship’s weapons just above the brig, like a prime example of a safety hazard.

    ‘’Well, to first correct you, I don’t think the captain actually hates you. I don’t think he likes you either, though: to him, you just...exist, I guess.’’

    ‘’So basically he cares about whether I’m of use to him or not?’’

    ‘’I guess,’’ San shrugged and continued:

    ‘’As for Seonghwa, his father was a fisherman: he’s scared of all the creatures of the sea, because the tales have been embedded deep into his brain, taught to fear anything in the waters that isn’t human. So don’t take it too personally.’’

    ‘’I didn’t say I minded him fearing me. It’s quite nice, actually.’’

    ‘’Right, I forgot you hate everyone but your siren friends. Anyways, as for me, I sort of get you. Your kind has been hunted for so long, and the past two decades have been especially rough: sirens used to be hidden, as if you were invisible, but now it seems like you’ve just materialized out of thin air and all the navy needs are hints about where to look.’’

    ‘’That’s because sirens were invisible to the human eye unless they wished to be seen: then the stupid goddess went ahead and disappeared, and now we just have to be really good at hiding or swim for our lives,’’ the siren interjected.

    ‘’Oh. Interesting.’’

    San made a mental note to discuss this newly-obtained information with his captain and Seonghwa. If sirens could now easily be spotted, avoiding them in the future would surely be much easier.

    ‘’Anyways, as I was saying: I get you, I’d be pretty pissed off too if someone I thought would be dangerous to my family came into my home. While it is rather frustrating that you’ve reduced my apprentice to only being able to stir soups for a couple of weeks, I can get over it,’’ San continued his explanation.

    The siren furrowed her eyebrows, and her face went just slightly pale.

    ‘’That bastar--erm, I mean that man, he’s your apprentice? He makes the food I eat?’’

    ‘’Yes, but don’t worry: Wooyoung hasn’t poisoned anything, even though he feels extreme reluctance towards cooking it.’’

    She eyed him suspiciously, clearly not trusting his words. San couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped him: she reminded him so strongly of the stray cats in the docks, right down to her crouched stance.

    Then, San heard a bell ringing above him. It was the time to feed the rest of the crew: he usually brought food down to the brig while the others were busy working on their daily tasks to avoid drawing attention.

    ‘’Well, it seems like duty calls, I’m afraid I have to leave you to enjoy your solitude yet again. The name’s San by the way, not you.’’

    ‘’I didn’t ask.’’

    ‘’Yeah, whatever: see you tomorrow, midnight-eye!’’

    San was already halfway up the stairs to the next deck when a surprisingly timid voice called out after him.

    ‘’I’m Dite.’’

                                                                ♓︎  ♓︎  ♓︎

    ‘’Come on, Y/N! Let’s go look at the stars!’’

    The same familiar voice called inside her subconscious again, from somewhere deep inside her as Dite lulled into sleep.


    omfg third chapter in like a week im on fire. not for long tho skfsjdlfkjkdf

    as you can see, this is more a heroine-focused chapter. also wohoo another character than reader or wooyoung’s perspective for the first time!!! again, thank you for all of the feedback on the previous two chapters, it really warms my heart that y’all show interest to my silly story <333 please do let me know what you think of the story so far, i’d love to hear your opinions, both positive and negative!!

    i might be able to get out one more chapter later on this week, but after that, it’s probably going to be slower updates as my break will end and it’s back to daily life with responsibilities again LMAO 

    #ateez pirate au #ateez imagines#ateez story#ateez fic#ateez series #ateez x reader #siren au #jung wooyoung x reader #jung yunho x reader #choi #choi jongho x reader #kim hongjoong x reader #park seonghwa x reader #song mingi x reader #kang yeosang x reader #fic:hoths
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    𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐞𝐳 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 — rejecting you and regretting it 

    seonghwa ; seonghwa’s the type to think you’re too good for him. he seems like the type of person to be exceedingly rough and hard on himself. he doesn’t think he’s enough for you; too busy, too tired, too out of his depth to manage a relationship — especially a relationship with you — on top of everything he else has to do. he lets you down as easily as possible, eyes wide and caring, holding your hands gently. but you don’t give up, never losing your energy while you go about your day, making his life easier in little ways. eventually, he would realize that he can be enough for you — that he is enough for you — and ask you out <3

    hongjoong ; hongjoong is busy, too busy for relationships, too busy for the attention and time that goes into loving another person, to being committed. and that’s why he’d rejected you, he really just didn’t want you to hate him for not having time for you. but now, seeing you with him in the studio, sitting beside him, all curled up in the chair and watching him work, just looking so content being there with him; he can’t help the strain he feels in his chest. 

    yunho ; he doesn’t want to hurt you; you’re his best friend, his partner in crime, his twin flame. you‘re always around each other, glued at the hip. honestly, most people already mistook you two for a young couple in love, which made you both blush and take a step away from each other. but then, it’s not you’re fault that you’re both stupidly clingy; holding hands, his arm around your shoulder, you hanging off his arm, you leaning up to press your lips to his cheek. you’re both just sweet, touchy people. it’s all platonic anyway. still, neither of you really realized that you’d slowly fallen in love with each other, how the world was so much brighter when you were together. 

    yeosang ; he doesn’t even really know why he shot you down. you were always so sweet to him, staying up with him he has to practice late, bringing him food without him even having to ask. and he does the same for you when you need. you’ve always cared about each other like that; little mundane acts of love and affection defined your friendship. he never thought that there could be something more behind those platonic actions. so when you confess to him, he doesn’t really know how to react. he’s the type to say, “thanks, i like you too, yn.” playing it off like it was a platonic confession. he keeps his distance after that, needing time to himself, and somehow; he can’t really figure out why he feels so empty and alone without you. he’s the type to come back after maybe a week and confess to you <3

    san ; san takes you for granted. he knows he does and yet he can’t really bring himself to stop. you’re always at his beck and call, always ready to do anything he asks of you. god, he knows the affect he has on you, he sees the way you shoot heart-eyes at him every time you look at him, and he loves it. he lives for the attention to give him. and part of him feels bad. he knows he’s taking advantage of you, he knows that he should show you the same affection in return, but he just can’t stop. and when you come to him, tears brimming your eyes, telling him you love him? he says he can’t feel the same way, crossing his arms in front of him. despite everything, he can’t help the tug he feels in his chest when he watches you walk away from him. when he comes around, realizing that he did love you, in his own weird way, he doesn’t tell you. he knows you deserve better 

    mingi ; mingi’s the type to feel bad immediately. he really does like you, maybe not to to the extent that you like him, but he definitely feels something for you. still, he doesn’t want those feelings to go away. he’ll think it’s just puppy love, maybe he’s just too lonely, and once he tells you how he feels, his feelings will immediately leave him. sure, it makes him feel selfish, he knows he’s being selfish, but he wants to cherish the feeling of having a crush before it goes away, he wants to feel the butterflies for a just a little more. even it means that he has to see your dejected face, the regret lingering in your eyes whenever you look at him. but he didn’t count on his feeling not going away. he didn’t count on the butterflies giving away to a soft, glowing, warm feeling whenever you were around.

    wooyoung ; wooyoung’s independent. at least, that’s what he told you when you spilled your heart to him, tears brimming your eyes when you saw him kissing someone else. “look, yn,” he’d started, exasperation clear in his voice. “i don’t want to hurt you, but you’re too needy.” looking back, he really did wish he hadn’t said that, really wished that he hasn’t brushed you off so readily. you’re so good to him, you stayed with him when everyone else left; despite everything he did to you, you still love him. i don’t know if he’d be the type to confess to you; he’d be eaten up with guilt, but he would be softer, more gentle. he’d look out for you the same way you look out for him.

    jongho ; jongho’s young and nervous. most of the time, he can hold himself together. most of the time he knows what he’s doing... except for when it comes to you. you just make him so nervous, his hands start to sweat, his stomach does flips every time you do something for him, flashing him that pretty smile of yours :( he rejects you without thinking about it, he hears your confession and immediately blurts out an answer, thinking you meant your confession to be platonic. but god, he’s so grateful when you backtrack and tell him that you mean more than that. 

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    Yunho: How would one create a secret society?

    Hongjoong: Not gonna lie, you're off to a bad start.

    #Yunho#Hongjoong#ateez#incorrect ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop quotes #atiny#kpop
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  • shuhuas
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
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  • multidreams-and-desires
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #GHOUL YUNHO SUPREMACY #rose answers #my precious moots #miliquetoast
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  • hongjoongdaily
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Happy Joong & Yunho Tuesday =)

    #hongjoong#yunho#ateez#atiny #cr. logo #joong & yunho tuesday
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  • anya-fe
    19.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
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  • dailykoreanpop
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ATEEZ announce special online concert 'ATEEZ XR SHOW [Fever: eXtended edition]'

    ATEEZ plan on celebrating their fanclub's 3rd anniversary with a special online concert, 'ATEEZ XR SHOW [Fever: eXtended edition]'.

    Set to be steamed live this coming November 14 at 3 PM KST, the 'ATEEZ XR SHOW [Fever: eXtended edition]' is expected to unveil the hidden story behind ATEEZ's 'Fever' series, beginning with the existence of the 'Cromer' which plays a key role in connecting the ATEEZ universe, as well as the 'Tree' which made an appearance in each of the 'Fever' comebacks.

    According to reports, the show will utilize XR technology during both the live stages as well as through the VCR segments, connecting each piece of the story organically.

    Meanwhile, ATEEZ and their fans, ATINY, will be celebrating the fanclub's 3rd anniversary since its founding on November 17.

    Credit: Allkpop 

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  • onshinw
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    !ateez pack!Yeosang, Yunho e Jongho .

    ˖ don’t repost | please like or reblog if you save/use ˖

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  • dailykoreanpop
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    [211019] ATEEZ’s official twitter update:

    [📷] ATEEZ ZERO : FEVER Part.3 '에이티즈' 사진.zip ⠀ 
    약 한 달간,에이티즈와 에이티니가 함께하여 꿈만 같았던 행복한 시간 🥰
    앞으로도 에이티즈와 에이티니가 만들어 갈 끝나지 않을 축제 많관Vu ❗️
    #ATEEZ #에이티즈

    Credit: ATEEZofficial 

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  • hwaegyo
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    him checking you out like this. I'd straight away pass out 😩😩💀

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  • dealbrekker
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Watch "U-KNOW 유노윤호 Hip-Hop Choreography | Momma I Hit A Lick (2 Chainz Ft. Kendrick Lamar)" on YouTube

    Anyway Yunho is coming back soon so I'm watching this for the 193848829th time

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  • xiaozpallet
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    ꗃ : LOVE STORY

    ⌕ : 19/10/2021📅

    ⌕ : capa para doação do @yunsangart & @gardenteez.

    ⌕ : em caso de inspiração, me credite.

    #capa para fic #design#social spirit #capa para spirit #capa clean#capa divertida #capa para fanfic #ateez#yunsang#yunho#yeosang
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  • bananahwa
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago
    "It’s a vertical cam?” “No, you two just have such good body proportions...”
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