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    Kissy Monsters

    pairing: husband! Yuta x wife! Reader genre: fluff word count: 0.7k words summary: Yuta has a stubble. warnings: lots of kissing

    Inspired by the above picture of Yuta.

    Nothing beats being at home. That was the thought running in Yuta's mind when he entered your house. It's been four days since he last came home and since it's his day off tomorrow, he just wanted to be with his family again.

    A wide smile can be seen on his face when you opened the door for him, quickly enveloping you in a hug. "Did you finish your schedules?"

    He nodded, removing his beanie and jacket. "I finished the recording for the radio show." He leaned in to kiss your cheek. "Are they sleeping?"

    You shook your head, getting the fabric from his hands. He grinned before kissing you again on the cheek and headed to the kids' room. "Yuta, you have a…" But you shrugged when he disappeared to the shared bedroom. It wouldn't matter anyway.

    You're done with the nightly tasks and was thankful that Yuta came home early to tuck the kids to sleep. You already finished showering and was brushing your teeth when he came inside the bathroom. Your husband smiled before standing next to you and holding your hair while you spit the toothpaste from your mouth. "Are they asleep?" You asked, wiping your mouth with the towel.

    Yuta nodded, putting some toothpaste on his own toothbrush. You closed the lid, squinting your eyes at him and he just laughed. "Is it your day off tomorrow?" He nodded which made you grin. Maybe he can cook the breakfast for tomorrow.

    When Yuta finished brushing his teeth, he sighed while looking at himself from the mirror. "Why is there something wrong?"

    "Is the stubble really that bad?" he asked while staring at the small hair on his chin.

    You giggle. And you thought it wouldn't matter.

    “But I like your stubble. Reminds me that you’re still human.” He only stared at you dead in the eye. “What’s wrong?”

    “The kids don’t want to play kissy monsters.”

    A giggle escaped your lips. “Don’t you think they’re too old for kissy monsters?” But he pouted that made you sigh. Well, Yuta isn’t always at home so this must mean a lot to him. “Do you want me to shave it for you?” But you were already getting the shaver and the cream.

    It reminds you of when you were still dating. Yuta would be asking you to shave his stubble and you would always whine that his hair grows long so fast. Like before, he carried you to sit on the sink counter and placed both his hands on both your sides. You put the shaving cream on his jaw then to his chin, asking if it stings but he would just smile. “Why does your hair grow long fast? When was the last time you shaved?”

    “Maybe because I’m a pervert.” You giggled before taking the shaver. Yuta smiled as you focus on what you were doing, repeatedly asking him to tell if it hurts. “Y/N, will you marry me?” he asked that startled you. But not like before, you didn’t cut him. You remembered that this was the same scenario when he asked you to live with him before getting married. Is he reenacting that time? “If I ask you to marry me again, will you still say yes?”

    A smile crept your lips, fingers trailing on his jaw and chin to feel if there are still stubbles. You put the shaver on the side before placing a quick kiss on his cheek. “Of course.”

    He leaned closer to kiss your lips, sucking your bottom lip as he pulled you closer. Your fingers thread on the strands of his hair as he slipped his tongue inside your mouth. You were breathless when he pulled out, smiling at you. “My payment for the shave.”

    You grinned before holding his cheeks and kissing his lips in quick smacks. “My change.” You said in between kisses before squealing when Yuta carried you in his arms and gently dropped you to bed. He was already removing his shirt when you laughed, “Yuta, we have to get up early tomorrow.”

    He groaned, hugging you. “Then…” he trailed off, looking at you. “Kissy monsters?”

    You giggled before nodding. Your family surely wouldn’t outgrow the affections.  

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    23.10.2021 - 58 minutes ago
    yuta being the most annoying scorpio who loves drama and exposing people (but that’s why we love him) ♡ ↳ d-2 until yuta’s 26th!
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    23.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    all winwin does is talk shit about being good at sports and then whining when he loses GKLJSKLFJ

    #andthen there's yuta at the other end of the spectrum owning up to his smack talk #.txt
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    23.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    nct 127 polaroid pobs from aladin!

    hey, i just wanna keep taeil’s, so i’m selling the rest!

    7 sgd — pink (ty, jh, dy, jw, mk)

    6 sgd — green (jn, yt, hc)

    i’ll give slight discounts if you get 2 or more!

    you can even take all 8 for 50 sgd

    worldwide ok — paypal payment only! i will be mailing from singapore so please check if your country’s open to receiving mail from singapore.

    updates in the replies :’)

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    ©️ NCT 127 Instagram
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    23.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    For You (yujoy au)

    warning! slight violence, mentions of blood, near deaths word count: 3.3k (can't remember the last time I wrote something this long)

    "Daddy!" Sooyoung turned to see her daughter run away from her, ending up in her father's arms. "I'm so happy you're here!"

    "Of course princess, wouldn't miss it for the world." Yuta kissed her cheek before they nuzzled noses, a small cute action that was common among the family when showing affection.

    Sooyoung sighed and followed behind, Yuta smiling instantly when seeing her. "And how's my beautiful wife?" he cooed, but the look on her face told him otherwise.

    "Mina, why don't you go get ready for the game with your friends. Do some stretches OK baby."

    The little girl smiled nodding, giving both her parents kisses before running off to her team's wait zone. Once she was out of sight, Sooyoung turned back to Yuta with a frown, and he knew exactly why.

    "Whatever you have to say, let's wait until after the game." he said about to take her hand, but shocked when she moved away. "Come on love, you know I didn't mean to miss out the pregame..."

    "That's not the point." Sooyoung said strictly. "You know very well than to go on missions during her games, you promised you'd stay for her then. I know you can't give her a lot of time Yuta, but isn't that why you promised to not miss a single football event?"

    Yuta sighed and moved closer, pulling his wife's body in for a much needed hug. He was gone for almost a week, and delayed his return, all he wanted was to lay in bed holding his wife and daughter to himself. But he knew the promises he made, as a mafia father he figured this was the least he could do. Besides, he couldn't have been any happier seeing his little angel pick up the exact speciality he had as a child until teen years, and now he hoped she'd continue with it long term unlike him.

    Sighing as his hands grasped her, Yuta kissed his wife's hair before pulling away. "I'm sorry Sooyoung, you know how much I regret it. I wish I didn't have to but there was an emergency and I couldn't leave or else we'd lose some good people."

    Sooyoung furrowed her eyebrows listening to his reasoning. She had to admit she married an amazing man, the most caring she's ever met.

    She just wished he'd care for her and their daughter like he did for his crew.

    "Well nothing can be done about that now. Let's go, today's the semi finals. And I hope you have nothing for day after tomorrow, the finals are on remember. Mina would give up if you don't come."

    "I know..." he sighed tiredly, but a smile immediately replaced it when seeing the game start off.

    The couple sat with smiles amongst the other parents, Yuta cheering every now and then whenever his daughter scored a goal. Just as he wished, his daughter was becoming a football prodigy like himself back in school.

    As expected, her team won. Yuta ran down to the field and carried her into the air and spun her around, then started kissing her face all over. "Daddy's so proud of you Mina, you're the best daughter anyone could ever ask for."

    He never let her down from his arms and carried her back to the car after saying goodbye to her friends and teachers. Her medal hung around her neck as she now sat with her mother while Yuta drove them home, Sooyoung taking many pictures to send to their families.

    Once they reached, both father and daughter went to take showers while Sooyoung prepared dinner. Yuta helped Mina first before sending her out and showered himself. He finally felt so relaxed, he almost dived into the bed and disregarded dinner. But Mina had been awaiting for him on the bed, so he threw out that idea and followed her to dinner where her mother prepared her favourites.

    "Wah! Thank you mummy!" she kissed her mother cheek as Sooyoung placed the last dish on the table.

    "If you win the finals, I'll bake your favourite cookies too. And we'll go to the theme park just as we promised."

    Mina squealed in excitement, repeating how much she loved both her parents over and over. Yuta chuckled as he took seat next to her and kissed her head.

    "Even if you don't win, I'll still be proud as long as you give your best. And I know you will."

    "Would we still go to the theme park?" the young girl asked, making her priorities obvious to her parents who simply laughed.

    "Well, depends on how well you play."

    "I'll be the best player in the whole world!"

    "Why isn't daddy here yet?" Mina was on the verge of tears, while Sooyoung was seconds away from making an angry phone call. They had been waiting for Yuta for thirty minutes at the field but there was so sign of him, even his calls getting cut off.

    Sooyoung feared this, not only because she was mad that he couldn't come to Mina's games thus making the child upset, but also because she didn't know how to respond to their daughter. Yuta never wanted her to find out what her father did, and Sooyoung always made sure she never figured it out.

    But sometimes she ran out of excuses and could tell Mina was sick of the subject changes when she couldn't answer. Sadly, that was the only thing she could do now again.

    "Mina, go get ready. I'm sure he'll come soon. You know he'd never miss your games. And don't let this distract you, you're the best player remember."

    Sniffling, Mina nodded and hugged her mother before running off to her teacher. Sooyoung waited for her to be out of sight before making another call to her husband, again going unanswered.

    "Damn it Nakamoto!" she cussed. "You better hope you're dead or I'll kill you myself."

    What Sooyoung failed to realise was exactly the thing she was hiding from Mina.

    His job.

    More specifically, how we was now stuck in a building trying to escape the several oppositions wanting to kill him and his member.

    "I should never have agreed to this." Yuta grunted again. "I'm late for her game, I promised. Do you realise how upset they're gonna be with me... Are you even listening Doyoung?"

    "Shush!" his member held his mouth shut. "You'll get there in time if you could just help me find a way to escape for God's sake and stop talking!"

    Yuta grumbled and continued to help Doyoung find a way out from the map of the building he held. The mission was supposed to be simple, which was why he took the last minute decision of taking over Kun's place as the latter called sick. But instead they fell into a trap and now were locked up. They hid in a storage room, using the minimum light of their torches to find any secret way to escape.

    After some thought Doyoung figured out a way and explained to Yuta. The two got ready and made a run for it, sneaking past as many men as possible. They finally reached a window and jumped out, dodging any injuries thanks to their vests.

    Just as they reached their car parked away in a hidden spot, a loud gunshot rang through their ears. Doyoung froze in fear, taking a few seconds before checking himself. "What happened?" he turned to Yuta, who was quickly getting into the passenger seat.

    "Doesn't matter. Let's go, drop me off at the school. Hurry!"

    Knowing his temper, Doyoung knew it would be best to just drive off quick and drop him off at the football game. He drove, but couldn't ignore an odd feeling in himself. He turned to Yuta who simply fidgeted in his seat, which he figured was from the adrenaline of the mission and the need to get to the game.

    It wasn't until they reached the school, once Yuta left the car, that Doyoung finally turned to the seat and looked, and his eyes widened as fear took over.

    "And Red House takes the trophy for elementary division football thanks to their player's awesome strikes, as always the amazing Nakamoto Mina!"

    Yuta smiled as he just reached the edge of the field, watching the players in red jerseys run to his daughter and hugging her, the coach carrying her up on his shoulders to celebrate. He walked closer, noticing his wife run down the steps of the bleachers towards the crowd of kids.

    "Sooyoung..." he grunted. His voice was almost lost, but he pushed himself closer to the crowd. "Mina. Daddy's here." he managed to say, but not loud enough over the cheers.

    But one voice managed to get all their attention.


    Sooyoung turned her eyes widened at the sight of her husband limping towards them. Their eyes met and he smiled weakly.

    "HE'S HURT!"

    She looked beyond him and saw Doyoung running towards them. Her eyes went back to Yuta and noticed his left hand inside his jacket, over his right waist. She didn't have time to process as he finally fell on his knees, Mina's voice bringing her to reality.

    "Mummy! Let's go! He's hurt!"

    Doyoung quickly held him from behind before his head could hit the ground, Mina reaching first before her mother. "Daddy! Daddy wake up please!" the young girl cried shaking his chest. Sooyoung came behind her, still in shock and unable to say anything.

    "We have to take him to base, Taeil hyung can heal him." Doyoung said, pulling Yuta's body over his back. "I'll take him, you follow me behind Sooyoung."

    Sooyoung nodded and they ran in the directions of their own cars and we're quick to get on the road, Sooyoung following behind Doyoung like he had instructed. The car ride was silent and full of tension, Mina not even daring to ask what happened or why.

    What the child did notice was how they were suddenly driving out of the town, through a secluded area, and finally reached big gates through which she could see a much bigger building. "Mummy..." she finally spoke softly. "Why are we here? Daddy should go to the doctor..."

    "Daddy's friends are doctors here. It's better for him than to wait." Sooyoung answered without missing a beat, as if she had prepared for this question before hand.

    Which she of course had in case they ever needed to come here.

    Doyoung stopped the car at the steps in front of the main doors, and Mina watched as another man who had been standing there ran to the car and carried Yuta out while Doyoung drove away. Sooyoung parked next and came out with Mina, running behind the man when another came to her.

    "Here Shotaro, park it for me. Thanks." Sooyoung said and received a nod before they ran either directions. She followed behind the man carrying Yuta, who she guessed was Taeil from behind, until they reached a white room.

    "I'll do everything I can from here. You just wait outside." Taeil instructed her as he shut the door. Sooyoung peeked through the small window on the door, finally processing that her husband was really fighting for his life now. She sank to the floor as tears started streaming down her cheeks, a small hand wiping them off then hugging her.

    "Don't cry mummy. Daddy will be fine, he's strong remember."

    Sooyoung turned to her daughter and smiled, knowing it was best to stay optimistic for her at least. She moved to sit next to the door leaning against the wall and brought Mina to sit on her lap and wait.

    "Mina!" the two turned to see Winwin, the only person Mina actually knew and was close to among the rest of Yuta's gang. "Wanna go eat with me? I heard you won, so I'll treat you, then we can rest while your dad heals, OK."

    Sooyoung knew he understood the situation, and if there's one thing Winwin was good at it was distracting Mina during times like this. Mina jumped giggling and ran to his arms, not bothered to ask her mother, though Sooyoung didn't care since she knew she was safe. She nodded and mouthed thank you to Winwin who smiled back sadly and carried the child away with him.

    She didn't know how long she had been sitting there, it felt like hours as she dozed off against the wall. Though it was really just one after which the door opened again, and she got up at the noise and immediately turned to Taeil.

    "He's healed, but it's hard to tell when he'll wake up. He held the pain for way too long, and even forced himself to walk... He's really too much."

    Sooyoung let out a deep sigh, thanking Taeil as she walked into the room and watched her husband's lifeless body lay still with a mask over his face. Flashbacks hit her as she remembered this exact image she faced, the day she found out about his work when they were still dating. He had apparently been calling her name in his unconscious state, and that was what really kept her to stay with him.

    She knew he loved her, and she couldn't break it off when she did so back, even if it meant sacrificing a normal life.

    She sat next to his body on the bed and held his hand. "I hope you know you're in for a big one once you wake up." she spoke. With no response, her heart hurt more and she couldn't help anymore as a year left her eye. She brought his hand up and kissed it, then held his palm against her cheek.

    "Fine, I won't scold you.... Just wake up, please... We have to celebrate Mina's win..."

    Mina finished up her food as Winwin helped her with the last few spoons of soup. "Let's eat ice cream after this, my treat since you won the match." he cheered clearing up her plates with the last spoon.

    Mina ate, then looked at him sullenly. "Is daddy going to be OK?"

    Winwin paused as he pushed her plate away, then looked at her with hopeful eyes. "He'll be fine. The uncle taking care of him is a really good doctor, he's helped all of us. If your daddy loves you a lot, he'll force himself better if he has to. You know how much he loves you, and how stubborn he can be." he joked, relieved when the young girl smiled.

    "Daddy is very stubborn. I always have to drag him for dinner, he's so lazy he doesn't like to get out of bed after work."

    Winwin laughed along as she kept telling stories while he pulled out ice cream from their fridge, and continued to listen while eating their ice cream. Once they cleared up their bowls he planned to take her to his room, but the young girl was just as stubborn as her father.

    "I wanna go to daddy, please!" she whined sitting in the middle of the hallway. Winwin sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, but gave in thinking Taeil was probably done by now. "You sure are as stubborn as your daddy." he grunted quietly as he picked her up and walked back to the medical wing of the building.

    Once they reached he quietly opened the door, scared to disturb, though Sooyoung was sitting up next to her husband's body and smiled seeing Mina.

    "Go ahead, I'll see you later." Winwin put her down and left. The young girl walked to her mother and sat on her lap, touching her father's lifeless hand.

    "Will he be OK mummy?"

    Sooyoung sighed holding Mina tighter. "Let's pray baby. He'll be with us again soon."

    "What happened to him?"

    This was the question she feared. She never wanted to disclose Yuta's life to their child, and Yuta had made it very clear neither did he. It wasn't like he did anything bad, if anything he was fighting the bad. But it was dangerous, and having the woman he loves know was bad enough for him. That he couldn't stop because he loved her too much to let her go, and he didn't want his child to have the same stress at such a young age.

    Mina loved her father, despite his odd timed absences, but those only seemed to make her grow more attached to him.

    "Someone hurt him, and he didn't say it because he wanted to come to the game badly."


    "A bad man."

    "Is it my fault?"

    "Oh no baby!" Sooyoung cupped her chubby cheeks, "It's just him being stubborn, it's not at all your fault. He loves you so much, he just wanted to be there."

    "But why wasn't he?" Sooyoung was caught in a dead end. "Where does daddy always go? Everyone else's daddy comes to the games, why does mine have so much work?"

    "Well... He works hard so we can always live without worrying about money."

    Another lie. And Mina knew it.

    "I don't want that, I want him to stay normally..."

    She finally confessed. Sooyoung never thought this is how she felt, or that she'd ever open up like this. Blinking away the tears forming, she pulled her child closer to her, hugging her to her chest.

    "You'll know when you're older. But for now, I'll tell daddy what you said, that you just want him around more. You're right baby."

    The two sat around longer, unaware of the man being awake. His eyes were still closed, but he heard everything, and it hurt him more than the any gunshot or broken bone ever did. And he knew what he had to do. It would upset some people, but he knew this was the only way.

    I left, for you For your safety, for your future, for your life to be better I love you both too much to have you stuck in this any longer You don't deserve this, and it's my fault So I left, for your mother, for you Happy birthday my dearest daughter, remember I'll always love you and only you two I never thought I'd ever say this, but I wish my life was different I wish I could have given you the normal life you wanted I promise one day I'll return, and as a normal father For you

    Tears welled up in Mina's eyes, as well as her mother's who held her tight as they read the letter together. It's her fifteenth birthday, and she opened the gift her mother had discovered in the closet back at their old house before they moved out ten years ago.

    After he left.

    The gift had an envelope attached, and as much as she hated it at the time, Sooyoung decided to follow it's instructions of giving it to Mina on her fifteenth birthday, and kept it hidden until today.

    "I miss him..." Mina sniffed into her mother's chest.

    "Me too... I hope he's safe." Sooyoung pecked her head. She picked out the necklace, with the initial of her husband's surname, and put it around her daughter. "He hasn't seen you in so long, let's hope this necklace will help him recognise you."

    Mina smiled at her mother, and Sooyoung realised he wouldn't need the necklace to recognise her. Not when she wore the same smile on her face as he did. One that healed her heart whenever they were together.

    The two headed out for dinner, to a fancy restaurant as Sooyoung promised her daughter. A waiter took their order, and they talked amongst themselves when he suddenly came back with a cake.

    "We didn't order th-"

    "You're wearing the Nakamoto necklace," the man cut off Mina smiling, " you must be our owner's daughter. It's from him."

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    Who in nct hates their job the most?

    #txt #I say yuta and jaehyun #probably jaemin too the few times I’ve seen he looks annoyed
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