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  • B-PROJECT Ryuusei * Fantasia - THRIVE

    Yuta!!! 😍

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  • ok since there’s only like 45 mins of christmas eve left for me allow me to say the following:


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  • color codes

    눈부신 하늘에 시선을 가린 채 네 품 안에 안기네 (날 늘)
    nunbusin haneul-e siseon-eul galin chat ne pum an-e angine (nal neul)

    흐르는 음악에 정신을 뺏긴 채 그대로 빨려 드네 (oh God)
    heuleuneun eum-ag-e jeongsin-eul ppaesgin chae geudaelo ppallyeo deune (oh God)

    Help me help me 숨이 멎을 것 같이 I feel
    Help me help me sum-i meoj-eul geos gat-i I feel

    Set me free, set me free 녹아 버릴 것 같이 so sick
    Set me free, set me free nog-a beolil geos gat-i so sick

    쉴 틈 없이 빠져들고 이리저리 갖고 놀고
    swil teum eobs-i ppajyeodeulgo ilijeoli gajgo nolgo

    이성을 깨부수고 제멋대로 들어오지
    iseong-eul kkaebusugo jemeosdaelo deul-eooji

    위험하니 갖고 싶고 아픔까지 안고 싶고
    wiheomhani gajgo sipgo apeumkkaji ango sipgo

    결국 너를 품으니 난
    gyeolgug neoleul pum-euni nan

    Oh my God, he took me to the sky

    Oh my God, he showed me all the stars

    Baby baby 달려들 것만 같이 come in (yeah)
    Baby baby dallyeodeul geosman gat-i come in

    Make me, make me 정신 나갈 것 같이 like it
    Make me, make me jeongsin nagal geos gat-i like it

    Oh God 어찌 저에게
    Oh God eojji jeoege

    이런 시험을 줬나요 is it a call from hell?
    ileon siheom-eul jwossnayo is it a call from hell?

    Can’t stop 대체 어떻게 그녀를 빠져나갈까요
    Can’t stop daeche eotteohge geunyeoleul ppajyeonagalkkayo

    당신이 준 절제는 어두운 블랙홀 속 갈기갈기
    dangsin-i jun jeolijeneun eoduun beullaeghol sog galgigalgi

    찢겨져 혼이 나간 채로 그저 어리버리
    jjijgyeojyeo hon-i nagan chaelo geujeo eolibeoli

    통제가 불가능해 설탕 뿌린 마약같이
    tongjega bulganeunghae seoltang ppulin mayaggat-i

    이게 죄라면 벌이라도 아주 달게 받지
    ige joelamyeon beol-ilado aju dalge badji

    미친 듯이 아름답고 다시 보니 악마 같고
    michin deus-i aleumdabgo dasi boni agma gatgo

    이성을 쏙 빼놓고 제멋대로 들어오지
    iseong-eul ssog ppaenohgo jemeosdaelo deul-eooji

    불꽃처럼 강렬하고 데일만큼 사랑하고
    bulkkochcheoleom ganglyeolhago deilmankeum salanghago

    결국 너를 품으니 난
    gyeolgug neoleul pum-euni nan

    Oh my God, he took me to the sky

    Oh my God, he showed me all the stars

    짙은 보랏빛 향길 온몸에 물들이고
    jit-eun bolasbich hyang-gil onmom-e muldeul-igo

    높고 넓은 하늘의 저 끝까지 퍼트리네
    nopgo neolb-eun haneul-ui jeo kkeutkkaji peoteuline

    짙은 붉은색 사랑을 얼굴에 새기고
    jit-eun bulg-eunsaeg salang-eul eolgul-e saegigo

    그 누가 뭐라 해도 fall in love
    geu nuga mwola haedo fall in love

    Oh my God, she took me to the sky

    Oh my God, she showed me all the stars

    눈부신 하늘에 시선을 가린 채 네 품 안에 안기네 (날 늘)
    nunbusin haneul-e siseon-eul galin chae ne pum an-e angine (nal neul)

    흐르는 음악에 정신을 뺏긴 채 그대로 빨려 드네
    heuleuneun eum-ag-e jeongsin-eul ppaesgin chae geudaelo ppallyeo deune

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  • im prolly gonna update this over time but here we goooo ksjhdfksjhdf


    • he comes off as very serious, but trust me, this boy is ANYTHING but innocent. he’s definitely made ryuji blush more than once in private.
    • actually very self-conscious about his appearance and puts a lot of work into looking his absolute best
    • actually acts very motherly towards ryuji and makes sure that he’s had enough to eat and drink and that he’s not too cold, warm, or tired
    • he can also get extremely physically playful with ryuji as well; he’ll massage his shoulders if he comes up behind him on his way to sit next to him on the couch, tickle his feet when he reclines opposite to him, and give him gentle pats on the head when he’s falling asleep or after a successful concert
    • his hands are so big and warm and his fingers are so gentle ;w;


    • is actually a huge teddy bear in private tbh, esp if he’s with tomo
    • not huge on physical touch at first; it takes him a while to open up to be comfortable enough for hugs and other kinds of friendly contact
    • absolutely hates being cold and bundles up the most he can when it gets chilly outside
    • contrary to tomo, his hands are always cold
    • prefers iced coffee over hot coffee


    • snorts if he laughs too hard (the only person capable of doing this is mikado or hikaru)
    • has arachnophobia, but not as severe as kento
    • is literally always getting annoyed by kento. like whenever he’s driving or sitting next to him but not paying attention he’ll just grab his phone and read all of the notifications that pop up on the screen
    • gets cold easily and always shivers when he walks outside in the wintertime
    • tries to avoid high-calorie foods when he can and probably has somewhat of an unhealthy eating schedule


    • probably procrastinates until the last possible minute on his assignments
    • his laugh can get super high-pitched and squeaky when he gets excited or when something is super funny to him
    • always loses his stuff tbh
    • films all of the pranks he pulls on his friends. one of his favorites was when he hid a fake spider in kento’s coffee mug and he screamed and ran back to his room
    • a bit of an airhead and never understands jokes or riddles


    • ok listen this man sheds like a MANIAC. like seriously his hair gets everywhere, you’ll find a nice-sized clump of it in like every corner of the thrive apartment
    • he probably knows a lot of random facts and methods of how to do things quickly and efficiently
    • has to touch the person he’s talking to
    • has this spot on the back of his neck that makes him squeak and flinch if you pinch or poke it
    • insanely afraid of spiders. if anything looks remotely like or reminds him of a spider he just. screams and he’s gone. not to mention the fact that yuta once chased him all the way around the block with a caterpillar. he also hates butterflies too. just anything with more than four legs and wings he absolutely hates


    • he kinda moms hikaru more than he does the other members of the group individually. even when he knows hikaru is being dramatic, he can’t help but ask what’s wrong.
    • he kind of has an intuitive sense of what the outcome of one of his bandmates’ actions are. he warns against taking action against something if he senses that there’s something wrong. he’s usually the first one to step in if he senses or when one of his friends are in danger.
    • gets scared VERY easily and jumps and screams at the slightest sound in complete silence
    • used to have severe separation anxiety as a kid; sometimes he can still get pretty anxious about being alone in public or over small things but not to the degree he used to
    • he drinks SOO much hot chocolate during the cold season….he’s gotten a couple stomachaches from drinking so much more often than not


    • he’s actually capable of laughing, believe it or not!!! except mikado is probably the only person who can make him laugh out loud
    • he comes off stone-cold but is actually a major sweetheart tbh. he loves to listen to people and is willing to spend his time watching and looking at things just to make the other person happy
    • always gives positive affirmation when he feels it’s appropriate
    • secretly loves how nerdy and how much of an otaku mikado is uwu
    • always gets his friends the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts on their birthdays or for christmas. he shamelessly spends his money on good gifts for them



    Originally posted by yamazaki-cherry

    • has snake bite piercings and an industrial but rarely ever wears them
    • wears a pair of glasses whenever he’s on the computer. he needs some help since his eyes get strained a lot
    • pulls a lot of scare pranks on kazuna, particularly those involving jumping out of nowhere and screaming in his face…….ah fuck it he pranks the whole group. one time when mikado was rushing to leave for a photo shoot he secured invisible plastic wrap around the bathroom door and mikado walked into it so hard that his glasses fell off ksjdhfskjdhf
    • it’s canon that he’s the worst driver in moons, but he’s actually like. REALLY shitty at it tbh. has caused three accidents and lost his license for six months due to property damage. also has a bit of speeding habit and is not very consistent in making turns. usually the only one available to drive (besides kazu who is CONSIDERABLY a better driver) and always freaks his friends out with his driving whenever they’re in the car
    • probably sticks his icy-cold bare toes under the shirts of his bandmates just to watch them squeal and jump away


    • has a v v weak stomach and gets sick a lot ;n; the littlest things gross him out to the point of throwing up
    • his more playful and talkative side is usually brought out when he’s with hikaru; he even ends up roughhousing with him more times than once
    • scared of bees!! always ends up running away whenever he sees or hears one
    • he’s actually a major softie and is extremely gentle with his bandmates, if kazu isn’t there he’s usually the first one to rush in and make sure the other person is okay. he always lends an open ear to those who seem like they need one, even if he doesn’t make the offer out loud.
    • probably one of the more vocally versatile singers of moons; he can change the tone and quality of his voice to match a certain characteristic or instrumental sound requested by the producers


    • bisaster™
    • when he takes his glasses off, he can notice major details (like where things in the room are and how many fingers someone else is holding up), but it’s all just a blur to him. he’s also red-green colorblind, which comes to be a bit of a difficulty when he drives
    • a very easy target when it comes to teasing, but he doesn’t usually get overly frustrated; he just yells at the other person to stop or goes on a frustrated tangent
    • probably loves eggnog and drinks it all the time during the holiday season
    • writes hilariously esoteric notes on his friends’ birthday cards



    Originally posted by b-projectkodouambitions

    • has really intense seasonal allergies (pollen, grass, pine, the whole bunch) and sneezes a ton. like one time when they were little he and his family sat down to eat and while they were preparing to get their food he got a little absent minded and just. sneezed all over the table without thinking
    • probably collected a bunch of wild reptiles (frogs/lizards/geckos) and beetles thinking that it would be something cute to share with haruhi but it scared the ever living hell out of him. that’s how he discovered that his brother was afraid of bugs
    • he probably has to pee like every 20 minutes or smth jsjjskskdk
    • very good at drawing!!! also writes lyrics in his free time sometimes
    • kind of a hoe for matcha



    Originally posted by b-projectkodouambitions

    • probably would give a kidney to save his brother’s life if need be. ah fuck it he would give ANY part of his body to make sure that his brother was alive and well skjhfsdf
    • TICKLE. MONSTER. probably does it to annoy yuzuki a lot (bc in his own words yuzuki is probably the most ticklish person on the planet) but he usually initiates attacks on akane if miroku doesn’t first skjkjshdfjh
    • also once walked around the table when everyone was playing cah and tazed their sides just to make them scream (loudest was kind of a tie between kazu/yuzuki/akane)
    • his closet and dresser probably once got stuffed to the brim when he lost track of how many clothes he had after a shopping spree…..until he found all of his older clothes in the back that he forgot to give away or put in storage
    • probably cried when he found out that santa wasn’t real



    Originally posted by ydotome

    • he’s probably the one member of killer king who’s the most fun to annoy. haruhi is the one who pulls the most harmless (well, mostly harmless) pranks on him, miroku just teases him verbally, but yuzuki is just a sweetheart to him. well, sometimes he joins up with his brother to poke fun, but he never really goes as far as haruhi.
    • that being said (and i mentioned this in my other long hc post skjdfhsdf), the other members of thrive like to gang up on him and just. tickle the shit out of him bc it’s so cute and the sounds he makes are so funny jhksjhdkjhf
    • shitty immune system. whenever he gets a cold he almost always ends up getting a fever later on
    • GIANT CUDDLE BUG. one time killer king was invited to do a talk show and in the studio there was this area full of beanbag chairs, blankets, pillows, and other soft cushy stuff. he immediately launched himself into it and not only did he leave the set looking nothing like the way it started out, he kinda crawled all over the place during the show just so he could hug and cuddle up to his bandmates for a few minutes uwu (ended up snuggling with miroku the whole time)
    • probably a big k-pop stan (or at least really loves the genre)



    Originally posted by ydotome

    • instantly turns into a teddy bear when akane hugs him ;w;
    • probably gives him piggy back rides when he gets tired too (and once did it on stage; the fans got a kick out of seeing that)
    • offers to do the rap verses in songs (if present), but isn’t too big on it
    • that thing on his ear that looks like a piercing? well, he does have that area pierced, but prefers to wear cuffs over that part due to its tendency to get itchy or infected
    • comes off as gruff and stoic, but in private he’s like. the biggest sweetheart. he’s always so touchy and soft with akane (probably bc of his muscle fetish but secretly he loves watching the smaller boy squirm and giggle under his touch ;w; slkjhfskjdhf)
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    In celebration of B-PROJECT’s 5th anniversary, each group will release their long awaited 6th single…

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  • Beware of the sheep

    I was blown away when I realized that it’s Yuta in the left corner on the KoC 2 drama CD cover. This kid grew up so fast, damn.

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  • he’s lived in my brain rent free for too long

    I’d appreciate a like/reblog if you use them! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

    ✖ do not delete my captions

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    『THRIVE LIVE2020 -MUSIC DRUGGER-』 Event takes place on November 21, 2020 at Makuhari Messe Event Hall

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  • Yuta Ashu [THRIVE]

    Icons 400x400

    Cover Facebook 350x315

    #b project muteki dangerous #b project #b project kaikan everyday #b pro#yuta ashu#ashuu yuuta#thrive
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  • [Friendship Anniversary] (Required: 1 Kizuna key) 


    “…..How to say, isn’t Yuta quite cheerful. It would be good if you always laugh like this.”

    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5

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