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    23.06.2021 - 5 hours ago


    Who I Write For

    The Camboys

    Christian Seavey

    Ryan Abe

    Danny Garcia

    Dylan Statham

    William Hadaddin

    Devonte Stewart

    JC Caylen

    Oscar Guerra

    Kevin Langue

    Kian Lawley

    Crawford Collins

    Reggie Webber

    Jake Webber

    Anderson Webb

    Harrison Webb

    David Alvarez

    Why Don’t We

    The Vlog Squad

    Scotty Sire

    Todd Smith

    David Dobrik

    Jeff Wittek

    Zane Hijazi

    Heath Hussar

    Other People I Write For

    The Sidemen - Simon, JJ, Tobi, Vikk, Josh, Harry and Ethan

    Finn Wolfhard (Platonic only)

    Jack Dylan Grazer (Platonic only)

    Jaeden Martell (Platonic only)

    Wyatt Oleff (Platonic only)

    Franny Arrietta (can be a platonic fic with Daniel or on her own)

    Nezza (can be a platonic fic with Crawford or on her own)

    Ashley Besson (Could be either a Platonic/Sibling fic with Jordan and/or Corbyn included or romantic fluff/angst)

    Anna Seavey (Could be either a Platonic/Sibling fic with Christian, Daniel and/or Tyler included or romantic fluff/angst)

    Ava Stanford (Platonic/Sibling only, could include Jack)

    Isla Stanford (Platonic/Sibling only, could include Jack)

    Ryan Herron (Platonic/Sibling only, could include Zach)

    Reese Herron (Platonic/Sibling only, could include Zach)

    What I Write and Don’t Write

    What I write:

    Platonic with younger!reader (NOTE: COULD BE SIBLING!READER OR JUST A YOUNGER FRIEND) (e.g. the guys being protective of the reader)

    Angst (e.g. reader and one of the guys break up)

    Fluff (e.g. reader and one the groups having a movie night)

    If requested with a specific pronoun, I will write with those pronouns.

    I mainly write platonic fics, but I am open to writing angst and fluff.

    What I don’t write

    SMUTS (I feel uncomfortable writing smuts since I am doing imagines about real people.

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    jeff via david’s instagram stories | june 22, 2021

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  • psychowittek
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    jeff via davis’s instagram stories | june 22, 2021

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  • psychowittek
    23.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    jeff via david’s instagram stories | june 22, 2021

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    22.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    David Dobrik [01]

    "Y/n, wait stay here with me!" Kristen said as Y/n got up.

    Y/n was currently at Davids house, which for some reason everyone was there tonight. Everyone was just sitting in the living room as they all caught up since Y/n just came back last night from Hawaii. Y/n stayed there for almost two weeks.

    "Did you see any cute dudes?" Trisha asked. Jason nudged her side as the words left her mouth.

    "All the guys there were way too into themselves." Y/n said which caused them to let out a laugh.

    David was filming for his vlog, he had to upload his for his Friday vlog.

    "I literally have nothing for tomorrows vlog, just funny clips of Nick and a couple with Josh." David said

    David turned off his camera for the first time tonight, "I need clickbait, so any ideas I could use?" David questioned looking at all of them.

    "Why don't you and y/n kiss?" Kristen questioned.

    Y/n's eyes widened at Kristen as she looked at her best friend smirking. Y/n would be lying if she said that she didn't want to kiss him. Truth be told Y/n's  liked David for a long time. She has since she met him three years ago when she first moved to Los Angelos.

    "I'm down if you're down?" David asked.

    Y/n hesitantly nodded her head. Y/n wanted it to happen but she didn't want to seem desperate.

    David handed Scott his camera and told him to start recording. As he saw the red dot appear on the camera he looked at Y/n and let out a nervous laugh. He moved his face towards Y/n's . She grabbed the sides of David's face. As David's lips hit her's Y/n instantly felt fireworks. His soft lips worked against her's. His hand slowly made its way to her face. soon enough he cupped her face in his hands. Y/n broke away from the kiss and stood back. Y/n heard the screams from everyone and a high-pitched scream from Zane.

    David and Y/n both laughed at Zane's reaction.


    Everyone had left awhile ago. David was on his bed editing and Y/n was looking at my phone in the love Sack, she was also watching David fall asleep while editing, "Dave I'm bored." Y/n said getting up from the love sack.

    "What do you have in mind?" David asked while still looking at his laptop screen.

    "Let's play truth or dare!" Y/n exclaimed while jumping next to him on the bed.

    "What are we? middle schoolers?" David asked.

    "Do you have anything better to do?" Y/n asked him.

    "Whatever." He replied

    "Truth or dare?" Y/n questioned.

    "Truth," David said.

    "Boring but okay, on a scale from one to ten how great of a kisser am I?" Y/n asked him.

    "Eleven," David said.

    He looked up at Y/n and smirked, "Truth or dare y/n." David said.

    "Dare." Y/n instantly replied.

    "I dare you to kiss me again." Dave said.

    David saved his work, he closed his laptop and sat it on the floor by the bed.

    "Kiss me Dobrik," Y/n said to him.

    He leaned down and kissed her lips harshly. David held her hands above her head with only one of his hands. His other hand was roaming up and down Y/n's sides. His lips ran down to her neck and left a sloppy kiss on her a weet spot. David then kissed up her neck to her ear and nibbled. Teasing y/n by blowing air into my sensitive ear, "I want you y/n." David said.

    "Then come and get me." y/n said.

    David had gotten in between her legs. He ran his hands up her thighs to the button of her shorts. He moved down leaving kisses just above her shorts line. He swiftly unbuttoned Y/n's shorts and tore them down her body. He threw them somewhere in the room. He lifted his hands and grazed over her clothed heat causing Y/n to arch her back.

    "What do you want baby?" David asked in a cocky tone.

    "You want my tongue?" David taunted.

    Y/n moved her head up and down quickly as she wanted his hands back on her. David smirked and then cupped y/n's breasts in her shirt then sliding his hands down her sides hooking his fingers onto her underwear sliding it down her legs letting Y/n's bottom half exposed to David.

    David threw them somewhere in the room and went back to his position between Y/n's legs. He looked at her and smirked, he lowered his head into her heat still locking eyes with Y/n. He flicked his tongue on her clit several times causing y/n's head to fall back in pleasure. He continued this movement until Y/n started to buck her hips up to his mouth then he slid his tongue down to her entrance. He moved his tongue in and out of her entrance. David took his tongue out and continued to suck on her clit.

    David took a finger and slide it in her entrance. Y/n had thrown her head back onto the pillow in pleasure.

    "F-Fuck David, I want you right now." Y/n moaned.

    David stopped what he was doing altogether and looked at Y/n and smiled. He got up and moved his pants down enough to see his print. He grabbed her ankles and moved her down where he was on the bed. He didn't waste any more time as he quickly entered her. Y/n gasped as he did it so unexpectedly.

    "Fuck you feel so good." David said thrusting faster.

    David nuzzled his head into Y/n's neck letting his hot breath fan on her neck, causing Y/n's breath to hitch. He left little kisses up to her neck and blew hot air into her ear. A moan escaped Y/n's mouth. David's thrusts are getting harder knowing he's about to come undone.

    "Does it feel good?" David asked.

    "Yes," Y/n said clutching onto his shoulders and he kept thrusting.

    David just kept going and he finally hit a spot that made Y/n scream out in pleasure, "Right there." Y/n moaned.

    David kept going and Y/n orgasmed but David still didn't slow down, "Are you almost there?" Y/n asked.

    "F-Fuck, almost," David said.

    His thrusts kept getting sloppier and he finally came.

    "Told you I was a good kisser." Y/n said causing the both of them to laugh.

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    Vlog Squad Lock Screens - filters and pictures are not mine.

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  • binarex
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Vlog Squad Lock Screens - filters and pictures are not mine.

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  • binarex
    17.06.2021 - 6 days ago

    Vlog Squad Lock Screens - filters and pictures are not mine.

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    Friends With Benefits (Jeff Wittek Imagine) Part 13

    Summary: Jeff and Y/N have been hooking up for a while. The whole vlog squad assumes they’re dating and Y/N does too but Jeff doesn’t like labels. He eventually starts to express interest in Natalie.

    Note: Planning on making this a multiple part series, depending on how good it does.  You’re 21 & Latina in this (maybe) series. Also, I’d like to apologize for the typos, if there is any. I’m just illiterate lmao.  

    Note: Sorry this chapter is shorter than usual. I was running out of ideas haha. I’ve just kind of been winging it but I was thinking on including Jeff’s documentary on how he messed up his eye? Idk can y’all give me feedback if you want that.

    Word count: 1.4k

    Warnings! Pregnancy, mentions of sex (but it wont happen lol)

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

    *Jeff gets to the hospital*

    Jeff: *runs inside* Hi I need to see somebody by the name of Y/n L/n. She arrived here by ambulance with Kylie Jenner & Anastasia Karanikolaou.

    Receptionist: Only relatives can go in to see the patient.

    Jeff: She’s my pregnant wife! We’re married but we have different last names! My name is Jeff Wittek. Please please let me in.

    Receptionist: *calls the room* Hi the patient’s husband Jeff is here and wondering if he’s cleared to go up. Thank you. Here’s your tag and she’s in room 306b. I see you’re with friends but only you can go. They might let all of you in later on.

    Jeff: Thank you so much. *turns to the David and them* I’ll see you guys later.

    Zane: We’ll stay here for as long as we need to. We’ll bring anything if you guys need it.

    Jeff: Thanks I’ll keep y’all updated! *runs to the room*

    Kylie & Stass: *hears knocking*

    Stass: *opens door* you got here quick

    Jeff: Well yeah, how is she? What happened after y’all hung up?

    Kylie: Things just escalated very quickly. She saw the news and started to have a bad panic attack. You called and then she collapsed. The doctors say she’s fine but her blood pressure was super high but when we got here.

    Stassie: They almost wanted to do an emergency c-section but they saw her blood pressure went down.

    Jeff: Jesus Christ… Fucking tabloids…. Did you see the shit they said about her?

    Kylie: Oh I know they can be brutal, which is why I hid my pregnancy.

    Doctor: *walks in* Hello, you must be the husband.

    Jeff: Yeah I am. So how do you think she is at the moment?

    Doctor: I was concerned when she came in but her blood pressure has regulated itself but it looks like she was in the early stages of preeclampsia. It has to stay under control for her life and the babies.

    Jeff: Are the twins okay?

    Doctor: I took an ultrasound and luckily the babies weren’t in distress. If she was in worse condition, we would’ve had to deliver the twins.

    Jeff: Would the twins be able to survive?

    Doctor: Typically past 24 weeks gestation it looks like she’s just about 23 weeks and 5 days. I’m recommending that she be on bedrest for the remainder of the pregnancy. Absolutely no strenuous lifting. At max, 5 pounds. Avoid eating anything w/ salt at all times and no intercourse until 6 weeks after birth.

    Jeff: No sex?... Doc that’s like 5 months!?

    Doctor: I’m saying no vaginal or anal sex. Oral sex you can do but don’t be… Rough with her.

    Jeff: What about school? She has one semester left of college, do you think that will stress her out too much?

    Doctor: Well, college is generally a stressful time for anybody…. I imagine that she’s going to take it online since she’s due in April. I understand wanting to graduate in 4 years but she doesn’t need to. I don’t think an extra semester would hurt.

    Jeff: So how long is she gonna stay here?

    Doctor: At max, 2 days just to make sure she’s alright. She’ll be released on the morning of New Year’s Day. And please, I understand the need to celebrate and party but make sure she doesn’t do much activity. Also, contact her OBGYN. They’d probably want to do weekly check ups due to her condition.

    Jeff: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure. Thanks for your help. Have a happy new year.

    Doctor: You too. Oh and sense I see you came w/ a big group, I’ll request to move her to a bigger room. *Doctor leaves*

    Y/n: *Wakes up groggy* Ugh I have a headache. Hey babe, sorry for scaring you.

    Jeff: No no no, don’t say sorry. What’s most important is that you’re okay but the Doc does want to keep you here for 2 days.

    Y/n: They’re lucky I like hospital food.

    Stassie: You like hospital food?

    Y/n: Oh yeah. When my grandpa was in the hospital, the nurses would bring my whole family and I food and it was good as fuck. Also, I grew up poor. I thought any food was good.

    Kylie: Well, I’d like to stay but I have to get Stormi from Khloe’s house.

    Stassie: Yeah i have to go too, she’s my ride.

    Jeff: Thank you girls for everything. I don’t even want to think about what would’ve happened if you two weren’t there.

    Kylie: No problem and don’t worry about the hospital bill, I’ll cover it.

    *Kylie and Stassie leave*

    Y/n: So you’re my husband now?

    Jeff: Hm?

    Y/n: I heard the nurse on the phone say my “husband” is here.

    Jeff: Well, you are gonna be my wifey someday sooo...

    Y/n: You already have pet name for me *does puppy dog face*

    Jeff: Of course future Mrs. Wittek

    Y/n: What if I don’t want to change my name…

    Jeff: *Sits awkwardly*

    Y/n: Just kidding I’ll hyphen my name.

    Jeff: But the girls will have my name…. Right?

    Y/n: Duh

    Jeff: *relieved*

    Y/n: I’m sorry for scaring you today

    Jeff: Just don’t do that to me ever again.

    Y/n: I let the tabloids get the best of me.

    Jeff: I almost had a heart attack driving over here. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I lost you again. *tears up*

    Y/n: Wow you can cry. Emotional Jeff should come out more often.

    Jeff: Oh shut up.

    Y/n: *giggles*

    *y/n gets switched into another room*

    *vlog squad walks into the room*

    Zane: My little coffee beans better still be in that oven cooking cause it is too damn early for them to come out.

    Y/n: Oh god please don’t make me laugh.

    Carly: What did the doctor say?

    Jeff: She has high blood pressure and that she should be on bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy.

    Matt: Damn that’s like 3-4 months.

    Y/n: I mean, I can do basic things but I’m gonna have to stay away when you do crazy bits. I don’t wanna stress myself out.

    David: That’s fine. Your health is more important.

    Jason: When do you get discharged?

    Jeff: At noon on New Years Day

    Erin: Does that mean you’re not going to the New Years party

    Y/n: I probably will, I’ll just be sitting on the couch the entire time.

    Jeff: Well guys it’s getting late. I think she needs her rest. Y’all can come back tomorrow.

    Toddy: I’ll bring you some spare clothes in the morning.

    Jeff: Thanks.

    *New Years Day - 12/31/19*

    David: Ugh we should’ve gone out of town for New Years!

    Natalie: David, we’re all still tired from Christmas. All of us have done so much traveling. Also, y/n just got out of the hospital this morning. Being at your house is just fine. We can go somewhere next year. (Lmao)

    Toddy: I can’t believe it's the end of the 2010s. So much happened this decade.

    Matt: In 2014, we were all nobodies. Most of us didn’t know each other. Now look at where we are.

    Jason: I’m so grateful for all of you.

    Zane: But y’all so much is gonna happen in 2020!

    Carly: Erin is getting married.

    Erin: And two new little girls are going to join the vlog squad.

    Y/n: Thank you all for being my support system. I did not expect this year to be so crazy but at least Jeff and I are back together in a much better place than we were. 2019, you were a wild ride but next year is going to be even crazier cause I’M GONNA BE A FUCKING MOM NEXT YEAR!

    Jeff: You and the girls are going to be the death of me.

    *last minute of 2019*

    Heath: Guys the countdown started!

    Jeff to Y/n: Once again, I’m sorry for this year.

    Y/n: Hey that’s in the past now. We’re going to be parents. But you want to know something?

    Jeff: What?

    Y/n: It’s about to be a year to the second of our first kiss.

    Jeff: *smirks* I also remember some other things happening after that kiss

    Y/n: I love you

    Jeff: I love you too


    Y/n: You ready to be parents in April?


    Jeff: Can’t wait



    FYI the story is gonna get a lil serious cause you know MISS RONA has taken over but please give feedback on if I should include Jeff’s injury and documentary in this as the chapters go on. The subject of his injury wouldn’t be for another couple of chapters. Also, I’m going to be doing a couple of time skips to speed up the story cause I’m literally so behind.

    Comment if you want to be on the taglist!

    Taglist: @elvlogsquad​​ @siemprestan​​ @galxydefender​​ @iminlovewithenchilidadas​​ @ilsolee​​ @ranprivate​ @one-sweet-gubler​  @sunwardsss​ @shamalamashams​ @michellemxndes​ @neverland14353​

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    Katy Perry Evolves With Her Pokémon In New Song "Electric"

    @katyperry hangs with a Pikachu and Pichu in the video for her new @Pokemon inspired song "Electric".

    Popstar/Warped Tour alum Katy Perry shares her Pokémon inspired track “Electric”. The song was teased all the way back in January during a video celebrating the video game franchise’s 25th anniversary. In the video only a brief snippet of the chorus appeared at the very end. Check out the video below. Perry, who’s a lifelong fan of the games, said in a statement, “When I visited the Pokémon…

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    #wishbone #wishbonevote #poll #zanehijazi #matking #wishbonepolls #vote #votes

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    Friends With Benefits (Jeff Wittek Imagine) Part 12

    Summary: Jeff and Y/N have been hooking up for a while. The whole vlog squad assumes they’re dating and Y/N does too but Jeff doesn’t like labels. He eventually starts to express interest in Natalie.

    Note: Planning on making this a multiple part series, depending on how good it does.  You’re 21 & Latina in this (maybe) series. Also, I’d like to apologize for the typos, if there is any. I’m just illiterate lmao.  

    Disclaimer: I started this series in August of 2019 out of pure boredom and because I was a fan of the vlog squad. Since David stopped vlogging at the start of this pandemic, I stopped watching any of their content cause I was hurt that they stopped. Due to recent stuff that’s happening, I’m very upset by their actions. I feel bad for the victims from that vlog. As for Jeff, I feel so bad about what happened to him and it changes how I view David. If he truly cared about his friends, he wouldn’t be risking their lives for his vlog. He’s a 24 year old man who acts like a 12 year old. 

    As for this series, I’m going to continue on as planned. It’s annoying reading a series and it’s left unfinished. I still don’t know how many chapters this will be. I might split it up into multiple “books” or something.

    (I am so sorry for not updating. All hell broke loose in my life after my last post but I’m finally done with school! I do have job but it’ll me much easier to post from now on.)

    Word count: 2k

    Warnings! Pregnancy, Swearing 

    Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 , Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11

    Christmas Day 12/25/19

    *hears little feet running around*

    Jeff: *groans* I think my nieces are up.

    Y/n: Ugghh I want to sleep in before I kill Jonaaaah

    Jeff: Baby wake up. It’s Christmas….

    Y/n: If only you woke me up like I woke you up yesterday haha

    Jeff: Hey I couldn’t help it. I get boners in my sleep when I dream about you. You give great blowjobs.

    Y/n: Oh I know.

    Jeff: Not gonna lie, I’d fuck you rn if my family wasn’t awake. I like hearing your moaning when I go rough on you *winks*

    Y/n: Please stop talking about sex. The second trimester is the horniest trimester. I don't want to rely on cumming everyday. Makes me feel like a sex addict.

    Jeff: Hey hey calm down tiger my family is here. We can bang all we want when we fly back home tomorrow night.

    Y/n: Haha okay.

    *knock on the door*

    Jeff’s mom: Honey, wake up it’s 8am. We gotta open presents and eat breakfast.

    Jeff: We’ll be out in a sec ma!

    Y/n: So when are we going to kill Jonah? Before or after presents?

    Jeff: Let him eat his last meal and then kill him before opening the presents.

    *After Breakfast*

    Vardon: Jonah are you done with breakfast?! I want to open presents!

    Jeff’s mom: Sweety you can open presents first. The adults go last.

    Y/n: Jonah can I talk to you for a sec?

    Jonah: Um sure what for?

    Y/n: *Punches his arm* You little piece of shit told the entire friend group about the twins maybe being deaf last night!

    Jeff: That wasn’t your shit to say to the others Jonah. If our families weren’t in the other room, I’d be screaming my head off.

    Jonah: Listen I didn’t mean to..

    Y/n: You didn’t mean to??? Jonah, we saw the text messages you sent to EVERYBODY. This wasn’t an accident.

    Jonah: I don’t know what the big deal is! They were going to find out anyways!!

    Jeff: The fucking deal is that we wanted to wait until after the holidays to pass to tell everybody. Y/n let it slip last night by accident but you know what, she said it to the immediate family. She’s already stressed out of her fucking mind. I can barely sleep not knowing if my fucking daughters are going to be okay. WE DON’T WANT PEOPLE JUMPING DOWN OUR FUCKING THROATS ABOUT IT.

    Y/n: Hey hey Jeff calm down. Look at me. Shhh..

    Jeff: Don’t plan on me talking to you anytime soon when we get back to LA. You’re off of barbershop

    Y/n: Jeff stop. You don’t mean that.

    Jeff: Yes I do.

    Jeff’s mom: Honey is everything okay?

    Y/n: Uh yeah everything is just fine.

    Jeff: Yeah yeah everything is fine ma. Who’s turn is it to open presents?

    Jeff’s dad: Well all the kids already opened up and I think the next person is y/n

    Y/n: Now y’all making me sound super young… I’m ALMOST 22. *opens presents from Suzie, Marie, Karyn*

    Jeff: Your last gift is from me

    Y/n: Babe really? We just got back together?? How did you get me a present so last minute? *opens box and sees 2 little gold bracelets”

    Jeff: Well… After my talk with Karyn on Thanksgiving, I went out to get these little bracelets because I remember you told me it's a thing hispanic/Latinx people give to their kids but your parents never got one for you and your sister.

    *Flashback - November 2018*

    Y/n: So do you have any siblings?

    Jeff: Yeah. I have an older brother and sister. Karyn and Steven. I’m the baby *rolls eyes* What about you?

    Y/n: Well, I also have an older brother and sister camed y/b/n and y/s/n. And weirdly enough, I’m also the baby.

    Jeff: I got away with so much stuff being the youngest.

    Y/n: Ugh I didn’t. My brother did. My sister and I were so annoyed. Our parents WORSHIP him. He could never do anything wrong in their eyes.

    Jeff: I doubt it.

    Y/n: No, I’m serious. In a hispanic family, girls have no rights basically. We’re always kicked to the curb. My parents bought a gold chain and bracelet for my brother when he was a baby. There’s literally pics of him in it yet my parents were too lazy to get one for my sister and I. They also bought his class ring when he graduated high school! Yet when it came to my sister and I, they ignored us.

    Jeff: Damn, sounds rough. I’ll buy you a gold bracelet if you want.

    Y/n: Don’t be ridiculous, we’ve only been hanging out for like a month! I just know that I'll for sure be buying the gold bracelets or chains for my kids one day.

    *Flashback over*

    Y/n: I can’t believe you remember that. I told you that when we were first talking.

    Jeff: And once we pick out the names, we can get them engraved.

    Y/n: I really wasn’t expecting anything. I’m sorry I thought you were a terrible person after we broke up.

    Jeff: No no no, I was. I should’ve never treated you the way I did and I’ll always regret it.

    Y/n: *Kisses and hugs Jeff* Thank you so much Jeff. Te amo.

    Jeff: I love you too but hey don’t hug me too tight. You don’t wanna crush the babies.

    Y/n: Oh shut up.

    *Back in LA - 12/27/19*

    Jeff: I’m pretty sure David is picking us up.

    Y/n: I hope he’s out there already. I just want to go home and sleep and maybe hang out with Carly and Erin. I missed them. Hey, where’s the Antonyan’s?

    Jeff: They had someone in their fam pick them up.

    Y/n: Jeff, you don’t really mean it when you said Jonah is kicked off of barbershop, right?

    Jeff: No, I really meant it.

    Y/n: Hun, you two were really getting along. Y’all hung out all the time as much as you don’t like to admit it.

    Jeff: Please, can we talk about it another time.

    Y/n: Sure.

    *David arrives at the airport*

    Zane: *yells out the window* AYE HOW MY LITTLE COFFEE BEANS BEEN. IT’S BEEN LIKE 5 YEARS.

    Y/n: It’s only been a week and Jeff and I have been good.

    Zane: Girl I’m talking about the babies. I’m gonna be a great godfather.

    David: Zane’s gonna be the godfather?? That’s not fair!

    Matt: Yeah that’s not fair. I’m obviously the most mature one in the squad. It should be me.

    Y/n: *laughing* Are y’all actually arguing about this right now?

    Everybody: YES

    Y/n: *Gets a text message* Looks like Kylie texted me.

    Text from Kylie: Why didn’t you tell me about the babies? I’ll literally pay for anything you need. I’ll find the best doctors for you, whatever it takes. Please come to my house when you get a chance. I miss you <3

    Text from you: I can hang out tomorrow. I just got back like an hour ago but I’m too tired today.

    Text from Kylie: Don’t worry hun! You can take as long as you want. I’ll see you soon :)

    *Convo over*

    Y/n: Ugh who tf told Kylie??

    Zane: Oooo that’s kind of all of our bad.

    David: Yeah, we were all hanging out at my house and Stass was on facetime with Kylie and she heard everything.

    Jeff: Jesus. What’s next? Somebody is gonna reveal Y/n’s pregnancy?

    Y/n: Oh god I hope not.

    *The next day at Kylie’s house*

    Kylie: Babe! I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever!

    Stass: You’ve basically been spending all your time with Jeff again

    Y/n: I know I know. I’m sorry. We sorted things out, he apologized. Am I still a bit on edge? Yeah but at least both of us are in a good place.

    Kylie: I swear if he messes up again, he better fucking wish he doesn’t cross my path. I may not kick his ass that well but Khloe can.

    Y/n: *laughing* Stooop you’re gonna make me pee

    Stass: Soooo how was Christmas with Jeff…

    Y/n: Well…. It went way better than expected. His family accepted me right away, he took me to the bakery I went to all the time as a kid (*mumbles* wehookedupacoupleoftimes)  

    Kylie: What was that last part??

    Y/n: We may have hooked up a couple of times

    Stass: Y/n!

    Y/n: *Tries to change the subject* Kylie why didn’t you tell me you and Travis broke up 2 months ago?

    Kylie: Don’t try to change the subject!

    Y/n: What! We couldn’t help it! Toys are not the same as the actual thing. Also, I wasn’t gonna go through security with that. They were probably going to check my luggage…

    Kylie: Be honest, who was better, Jeff or David.

    Y/n: I mean…. I gotta say Jeff. David is like very sweet and caring but w/ Jeff…. I’m sorry but ya girl likes it a little rough.

    Stass: Can’t blame you haha.

    Kylie: Have you guys figured out what your plan for the twins are?

    Y/n: We both agreed that we’d learn sign language and that the girls would obviously have to learn it too. As for surgery, we might have to wait a couple months to a year old so they could get an implant.

    Stass: That sounds like a lot.

    Kylie: Don’t worry! I’ll literally find you the best doctors there are and I’ll pay for everything, no matter the cost.,

    Y/n: Thank you so much. Jeff and I make more than enough from youtube to pay for stuff.

    Kylie: I know but it would be one less thing for you and Jeff to worry about.

    Stass: We all have your back.

    Y/n: I don’t know who I’d be without all of you by my side.

    *Kylie’s phone starts blowing up*

    Stassie: Damn who’s messaging you so much

    Kylie: *Shows Stass*

    Stassie: Oh my god no

    *Y/n’s phone starts to blow up*

    Y/n: Wtf is going on. *checks phone*

    Headline: Social Media Influencer Y/n is Pregnant!

    Headline: Famous Youtuber Y/n seen pregnant!

    Headline: Y/n is Pregnant but doesn’t know who the father is!

    “The young 21 year old youtuber was seen with close friend Stass earlier today in Calabasas while getting food at Chick-Fil-a. Sources close to the youtuber says that she may not know who the father is! Her large fan base knows that she is a senior at USC and will be graduating in the Spring semester. The chances of that look slim now that she’s going into motherhood alone.”

    Y/n: Oh. my. GOD. No no no no no. Jesus fuck people know. *starts to have panic attack*

    *Jeff calls*

    Kylie: *picks up y/n’s phone* Jeff she’s freaking out.

    Jeff: Please put her on the phone

    Y/n: *still panicking* Jeff I didn’t want people to know!

    Jeff: Honey it’ll be okay

    Y/n: They’re saying so much shit abo- oh god I can’t breathe.

    Jeff: Babe?!

    Y/n: I can’t breath. I can’t breath.

    Jeff: Y/n!!?

    Y/n: *starts to fall over a bit*

    Kylie: OH MY GOD STASS CALL 911.

    Stass: They’re gonna be here in a couple of minutes. Y/n stay with us. *Talks to Jeff* We called 911. She’s having trouble breathing. Meet us at Cedar Sinai.

    Jeff: Please don’t leave her.

    Kylie: We won’t. We’ll both stay with her.

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