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  • showsseriesnstuff
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    first look at alt!legends. they’re literally all so hot????? can 7b come any faster please!!!!
    #legends of tomorrow #lot spoilers #legends season 7 #alt!legends #sara lance#astra logue#nate heywood#spooner cruz#zari tarazi#behrad tarazi #but where is alt!ava #i need her #also i don’t think they’re robots??? #idk what are they #omg not behrad holding a gun :(
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  • roonil-wazlib-in-the-tardis
    02.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Look, I just MISS THEM OK?

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  • legendspatrol
    02.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Zari 1.0: *goes to 2044 and donates massive amounts of Zari 2.0s fortune to various charities to Punish her for some infraction or another*

    Zari 2.0: *Literally doesn't even notice*

    Zari 1.0: I fuckin Hate Rich People.

    #legends of tomorrow #incorrect legends of tomorrow quotes #lot shitpost#zari tomaz#zari tarazi#Z2
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  • showsseriesnstuff
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago
    lmao not this scene leaving me speechless..
    not spooner foreshadowing with the “if it was me…”
    i can only imagine how gwyn must be feeling 😞 he must be protected at all costs!!
    zari’s “i’m not gonna die in a factory” was very on-brand of her lol
    crying @ sara’s line 🥲 i love how she sincerely intends to keep her promise to ava 🥲🥲🥲 i’m not ok i will never be ok
    also, they didn’t have to kill bishop like that!! that was cold and ruthless and just plain dark 😭 bishop’s salute in the end tho 🥲🥲
    #legends of tomorrow #lot spoilers #legends season 7 #ava sharpe#sara lance#avalance #sara x ava #astra logue#spooner cruz#zari tarazi#behrad tarazi#gwyn davies#gideon lot#gary green#nate heywood#bishop lot#rip bishop #you will be missed #maybe #still crying over bishop’s death rn
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  • legendspatrol
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Gwyn: Who John?

    Ava: Oh he's just an old member of the Team.

    Zari, cathartically cheerful: He's dead to me.

    #legends of tomorrow #incorrect legends of tomorrow quotes #lot shitpost #zari x john #zari tarazi#gwyn davies#john constantine#ava sharpe
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  • legendspatrol
    01.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Behrad and Jonah Hex definitely explored each other's bodies

    #hes so much less repressed than Zari 1.o he wouldve taken one look at that cowboy and spread that bussy wide open #legends of tomorrow #behrad tarazi#jonah hex
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  • legendspatrol
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Rewatching Season 3 and it's actually a Crime that the Zari 1.0 doesn't use the Totem to fly anymore and that Behrad and Zari 2.o never have.

    #legends of tomorrow #it was SO COOL #zari tomaz#zari tarazi#behrad tarazi #the nerfed the air totem so HARD after seson 3 and i do not get it
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  • showsseriesnstuff
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    One thing I loved about LoT 7.07 are the women. I just think that they-
    #legends of tomorrow #lot spoilers #legends season 7 #ava sharpe#sara lance#spooner cruz#astra logue#zari tarazi#gideon lot #i really loved 7.07 #it was so empowering #and inspiring#<3#esperastra#avalance #look at them dancing theyre so smol #🥺 #astra patting ava’s head 🤏🏼 #well i can skip arm day #i can’t feel my arm #that’s what they said #lmao#zari stress-eating #lol i feel her
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  • blueberryexistence
    30.11.2021 - 2 days ago

    two lyrics in "galway girl" by ed sheeran that remind me of Zari

    "she fell in love with an english man"


    "while her brother played the guitar"


    the whole song just gives me Zari vibes

    #zari tarazi#zari tomaz #legends of tomorrow season 7 #legends of tomorrow season 6 #legends of tomorrow season 5 #legends of tomorrow
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  • showsseriesnstuff
    29.11.2021 - 2 days ago
    i really loved how the episode was directed tbh, especially with their wide shots and their smooth transitions and amazing panning of the camera (not to mention the montages we had!!)
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  • showsseriesnstuff
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Rosie the Riveter

    another one of their montages!! the wide shot in the end is really cool i love it
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  • zarisdonut
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    When they took off w the time machine, gideon asked “where to?!?” And the team said “home!” So that makes me wonder where Gideon is gonna take them cause maybe she takes them to tahiti 2021 like they planned or somewhere else since it was a stressful situation 👀

    #legends of tomorrow #legends of tomorrow spoilers #legends of tomorrow gideon #sara lance#ava sharpe#zari tarazi#behrad tazari#nate heywood#spooner cruz#astra logue#gary green
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  • supergay-supergirl
    29.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    zari 2.0's character gets so much sadder when you realize that she shares all of zari 1.0's history up until heyworld.

    she was bullied her whole childhood. when she was 9, the sneezing dragon video went viral. she's called the dragon girl which means she probably created her social media presence shortly after, with the dragon thing as a launchpad.

    and just like. think about what that does for a kid. she grows up with no friends and suddenly gets millions of fans who adore her for the persona she puts out.

    so it makes sense why z2 defends her career path to behrad so insistently. it's not just that she put a lot of work into building her brand and she's proud of it. it's that for her, the dragon girl was the first time she ever got the attention and admiration she'd been lacking her whole life.

    #legends of tomorrow #zari tarazi #zari 2.0 #superspeaks #zari 1.0 #zari tomaz#:((( #feels in this heyworld tonight
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  • mymycorrhizae
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Nate following the custom of turning down food before accepting it (requested by @avalonsilver)

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  • lesbianteenn
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    I might post this on AO3 but thought I’d ask for some criticism here first to start of strong.

    Avalance - Supercorp

    High school AU

    It’s part of a MUCH bigger story but this is a little intro to what life looks like for the characters. Hope you enjoy :)

    Sara was having a horrible day, she had woken up late, forgot to pack her bag the night before and her first class went horribly. There was a speck of hope when she entered AP history, she didn’t mind history and her teacher was very passionate about the subject.

    The hope left her body when she saw someone standing at the desk of Mr. Druce. Ava Sharpe turned in the direction of the door, her pissed expression seeming to turn impossibly worse. She turned to face Mr. Duce again “What is she doing here?!”.

    The anger finally catched up with Sara when she heard that and she stormed towards the desk. “I could ask you the same thing, Sharpe”. Mr. Duce sighed and said “Like I was saying to Ms. Sharpe, she got transferred to this class to trade with a student”.

    Sara looked around and asked “What student?”

    “Ms. Alex Danvers requested it for Ms. Kara Danvers”

    “That girl with the big eyes and glasses?”

    “What a specific description, Lance” Ava sneered. Sara was about to give Ava a piece of her mind but Mr. Duce decided he had enough “Both of you sit down and if I hear one more remark you both have to write 8 pages about stuff you love about the other person”. Sara closed her mouth REAL quick and Ava grimaced at the thought of having to write about her ‘love’ for Lance.

    The class went by normally, except now Mr. Duce’s stories were disturbed by annoying questions from a certain Ms. Sharpe. Why couldn’t Ava just shut up and listen to the teacher go on and on about his interest in communism or something.

    Sara immediately stood up when the bell ran and walked to the cafeteria. “Guess, fucking, what” She said, setting her food down on the table and placing herself between Nate and Zari. “Kara switched classes with AVA SHARPE”. Zari let an “oof” and Amaya said “I’m sorry, I know you guys get along like Zari and Constantine”. Zari grimaced “Really? In front of my food?”. Amaya snorted and threw a napkin at Zari who avoided it, smile clear on her usually stoic face.

    Sara looked at her friends, it was kind of funny how neither of them has noticed the flirting. It was obvious to everyone around them but they were painfully oblivious. Sara had watched them grow closer when chaos had entered Zari’s life. Finding out you have a brother you didn’t know about was not something that can be taken lightly.

    Zari stuck out her tongue at Amaya turned to Sara a second later, ignoring Zari’s challenge to continue. “Is there anyway to change this?” Amaya asked Sara. Sara shook her head and swallowed her pizza bagel “It was requested by Alex, she is way too stubborn to change her mind”


    “Yeah you know her?”

    “A Little. She doesn’t even have AP history tho, why would she do that?”

    Nate, who had apparently been listening, chimed in “Kara transferred to my class, Lena is there too. I actually had class with them this morning, it was almost painful to look at the oblivious longing looks they give each other”.

    “Ohh” Amaya said, she smiled “Those two are very cute together”. Zari nodded and the irony didn’t slip past Sara, apparently it hadn’t slipped past Nate either because he looked at Sara with a smirk.

    They talked a bit about Kara and Lena and some other stuff, like picking out a college. Sara had never thought this far into the future. She had been a big trouble maker in the past years so her hopes of going to a college had dimmed. But last school year she and her friends had started less trouble, well maybe that’s a big statement. They still pulled pranks but the pranks were at least 50% less extreme.

    Sara looked around the table at her friends, Zari, Amaya and Nate were talking excitedly about colleges. Mick had set a piece of paper on fire and was now staring at it, mesmerized. Ray and Jax were talking about some engineering project they were working on. Sara felt a small smile creep up onto her face, these idiots had helped her. They had been there when her mom left, Sara’s world had collapsed and she had taken it horribly. Zari and Amaya were at Sara’s almost everyday for weeks, Nate sometimes joined and brought some games they could play to distract Sara.

    She got woken up from her thoughts by a bump on her shoulder, Zari looked at her “You okay?” the girl whispered. Sara nodded and gave her a reassuring smile because, maybe for the first in a long time she was genuinely okay.


    In further chapters the super friends play a bigger part and get just as big of a part as the Legends.

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  • blueberryexistence
    28.11.2021 - 3 days ago

    Zari + Whipped Cream Parallels

    #zari tarazi#zari tomaz #legends of tomorrow season 7 #legends of tomorrow season 3 #legends of tomorrow season seven #legends of tomorrow
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  • legendspatrol
    28.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    Ava: Can you please stop referring to the team as “the fruit bowl?“

    Zari: Aves I love you and You're one of my best friends but I Physically Cannot do that.

    #legends of tomorrow #incorrect legends of tomorrow quotes #lot shitpost#ava sharpe#zari tomaz#zari tarazi
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  • lbbutch
    27.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    I can’t wait to see how their personalities are like.

    I wonder if Nate have those big arms bc Gideon wasn’t able to replicate his ability to turn to steel so he is super strong instead 🤔

    Imagine evil Gary???? I can’t kakdjdjdk

    I’m obsessed with evil Zari already 😍

    Are Evil!Avalance together?? are we gonna see them getting together?? I would love to see evil version of themselves falling in love 🥰

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  • sophiainspace
    27.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    For Flash Rarepair Bingo 2021 - Zari Tarazi/Iris West - high school newspaper AU

    “I can’t do this.”

    In the hall, Iris stares down at the line of lockers. At one open locker in particular, an explosion in pink and mirrors. And its owner, surrounded by a shield of laughing, hair-tossing popular girls.

    Allegra gives her a wry look. “You wanna come out from behind that pillar, Iris? You can’t talk to her while you’re hiding.”

    Iris is not hiding. Nope. She’s just waiting till Zari Tarazi is gone. Then she’ll go back to the Central City High School Citizen office and get on with her life. “I’m thinking about it,” she lies.

    Allegra sighs. “Look. If you won’t do this, I will. But this is gonna be much less convincing coming from the photographer. If we’re gonna persuade Zari Tarazi to help the school paper, we need the request to come from the editor.” She grins at Iris. “Sorry, hon. You’re the one with the cachet.”

    Iris goes back to staring. A few of Zari’s clique have drifted off to class. She’s now leaning back against her locker, chatting to - oh, it’s Astra Logue. Well, she’s a mean girl, but she’s kind of okay to Iris in chemistry class. Maybe Iris can handle just her and Zari…

    Who is now re-doing her makeup. Iris rolls her eyes as hard as she can. “This girl only has fifty thousand followers on Instagram because she’s beautiful.” Very beautiful, but still… “Who makes a living from their looks?”

    Allegra barks a laugh. “I could go off on a long list of influencers and Hollywood celebrities, but you wouldn’t like it.” She gives Iris a friendly little push. “It’s gonna be fine, Iris. The Citizen needs Zari Tarazi. She’s gonna win us High School Newspaper of the Year - I just know it. And if you can just convince Zari that she needs us too, we’ll be in business. Easy peasy.”

    Iris swallows a frustrated noise. “We don’t have a gossip column for a reason, Allegra. Why can't we keep it that way?"

    You’re building a great paper out of that drab journalism classroom, Iris, but we’re missing whole segments of market share in this school." Allegra reaches into her camera bag, clicking pieces together. "We need to grow our audience.”

    “I regret encouraging you to take that business class,” Iris mutters.

    Allegra laughs. “No you don’t.” She pulls out her phone, shoving Insta in Iris’s face. Zari's face looks back at her, with a practiced, plastic smile to match the one Iris wears, so much of the time. But her eyes are lovely. Which is not the point. “Look, Iris. Even if you don’t love the Dragon Girl, thousands of people do. Zari’s got the makings of a real influencer. Some of that popularity can filter our way. All we have to do is ask for her help.”

    “Ugh. ‘Influencers.’” Iris does the air quotes. “Empty-headed, self-obsessed beautiful people with nothing to say and a huge platform to say it. They only care about being famous.” Iris looks from the picture of Zari to the real thing, who still isn’t making any moves to get to class. Influencer. Sure, she’s pretty. Eyes so beautiful, it’s kind of irritating. But beauty is all Zari's got. “Utterly talentless. It’s not like they work to get where they are. It’s all luck and lip fillers.”

    Allegra laughs and swings her camera bag over her shoulder. “Iris, you snob! I can’t believe you’d say this stuff about a successful businesswoman - since that’s what you want to be, too. Look at that girl - total bosslady. She’s got everyone under her thumb, exactly like you— Oww!” Still laughing, Allegra cradles the arm Iris has just poked.

    “Fine,” Iris concedes. “I’ll talk to her. If I really have to.”

    "Told you I'd win." Allegra heads off towards the journalism classroom. Over her shoulder, she calls back, “You gotta stop thinking light entertainment is too lowbrow for us, Iris. Give the people what they want!”

    Sighing, Iris steps out from behind the pillar. She takes a deep breath. One step at a time, she starts making her way to Zari’s locker. “I can give the people what they want,” she mutters under her breath. “But does it have to be— Zari Tarazi?” Iris says the last couple of words out loud, and plasters on her best reporter smile.

    The moment Iris reaches the locker, Zari and Astra stop talking. Suddenly, it feels like a roomful of eyes are on Iris. Zari blinks at her as if she's just noticed a fly on her sweater. “Yes?”

    Iris keeps smiling. “Iris West, editor-in-chief of the Central City High School Citizen.”

    Astra covers her mouth, barely trying to hide that she’s holding in a laugh. Zari, at least, looks like she’s taking Iris a little more seriously. “That school newspaper the journalism class does?” she asks doubtfully. “What do you want - an interview?”

    Iris gives her a practiced, enthusiastic nod. “That’s the one. And actually, no.” Zari’s face falls. She starts to turn away. Iris is going to need to go straight to the hard sell, then. Internally cursing Allegra, Iris rushes to get the rest of it out. “We, uh, we wanted to offer you a position. If you’re interested.”

    This time, Astra laughs out loud. “A position? At that geeky little rag? Oh, please.” She pats Zari possessively on the arm, allowing Iris a single dismissive glance. “Miss Tarazi is far too busy and important for nerd nonsense like that.”

    But Zari has caught Iris’s eye. “What kind of position? It’d have to be worth my time.” She’s about to talk a big talk - Iris can feel it - but there’s curiosity in the slight twitch of Zari’s lips. “I’m sure you’re aware of just how massive the Dragon Girl socials are. This small town girl has already hit the big time. We’re being courted by all the brands, and our devoted fans aren’t going to want to see me doing community service unless there’s a point to it.” She leans back against the now closed door of her locker, a thoughtful look in her irritatingly gorgeous eyes. “So, Iris. Just what could your little paper offer me?”

    Iris grits her teeth, and makes every effort not to show it. “An editorial position.” Zari’s eyes sparkle - and, oh no. Iris can feel her professional smile softening into something much more natural. “The Citizen is looking to grow our audience. With your experience, we thought you’d be the perfect Fashion and Entertainment editor, Zari. You'd get to write - share your in-depth opinions on everything from new release movies to the latest trends. Now that's real influence.” Iris holds out her hand. “What do you say?”

    Zari's real smile, unencumbered by the image, is a whole other kind of beautiful. Iris regrets the thought immediately, but it's too late. “Well,” Zari purrs, “how could I resist an offer like that, from the prettiest journalist in the school?”

    Iris can feel her heart racing in her chest. It’s like the first anticipatory moments on a rollercoaster, slowly beginning to climb.

    Astra scoffs.

    Zari ignores her. She reaches out and takes Iris’s hand. Iris was expecting a handshake. It’s a surprise, when soft fingers weave between hers. Iris looks down at a beautiful set of nails, painted in five different colours, interlaced with her own. Iris didn't know she'd been holding her breath, until she lets it all out in a sigh.

    Iris feels a squeeze on her hand, just once, before Zari lets it go. “Offer accepted,” she says cheerfully. She reaches down for her sequin-studded book bag. “Let’s go for coffee and talk about it, hmm? Say, 4pm, after school? I know you live in that awful little journalism classroom - I’ll meet you there.”

    In a wafting cloud of expensive perfume and genuine laughter, Zari sweeps away. Followed by Astra, who gets in one last scowl at Zari over her shoulder.

    Iris leans back against the lockers. Just as she’s getting her breath back, Barry Allen rounds the corner, with Behrad Tarazi on his heels. Barry flashes his most adorable best friend smile. “Hey, Iris, you joining us for lunch? It’s hot dog day!”

    Iris glances at Behrad, and back to Barry. “Hot dogs sound good.” As they head for the cafeteria, Iris smiles her most professional reporter smile at Behrad. “I just offered your sister a job.”

    Behrad snorts. “Oh, that’s gonna go well.” He tilts his head at Iris. “You serious? A job at the Citizen?”

    “Yep.” Iris can’t help grinning at his doubtful expression, before she fixes her reporter smile back into place. “So, Behrad. Tell me everything I need to know about Zari.”

    And that's a wrap!

    #that's a line! #thanks for reading - been a fun rarepair month #flash rarepair bingo 2021 #starnews#newshacker#zari tarazi#iris west#allegra garcia#astra logue#ficlet#my fic#moodboard#my stuff #the flash fanfic #legends of tomorrow fanfic #none of us can queue this alone
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  • svenni-le
    27.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    does anybody have a link or know of somewhere i can download legends of tomorrow s3-s7 episodes in 1080p?

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