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  • killerbananas
    16.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Male-Reader Collab

    As the well of male-reader works tends to be less filled than others, I thought it would be a good idea to host a male-reader based collaborative event. So, here we are! There are multiple ways to interpret male-reader, but, in general, this is referring to those assigned male at birth (AMAB) and/or those with he/him pronouns.

    Huge shout out to @sinnerofthewalls for being the first sign up and helping get this set up!


    You must be 18+ (no anons, age/18+ clearly on profile regardless of content type submitted as I am a dark content creator)

    N+SFW both accepted (use your warning tags appropriately)

    Due: March 1st (soft, no issue accepting after this date too)

    Fandoms: Primarily AOT, all welcome

    Reader type(s): AMAB, readers with he/him pronouns

    No limit on number of times a character is chosen; groups/poly accepted

    No word minimum; any format (e.g., HCs, drabbles) accepted

    Tag: MRcollab

    Obligatory: no one under 18 in sexual situations, nothing illegal/etc.

    Just send an ask or message to join, tell me which character(s) and I'll add you below ⤵️

    Reblogs appreciated 💜

    Attack on Titan

    m!reader x Erwin - @sinnerofthewalls [NSFW]

    m!reader x Hange - @killerbananas [NSFW]

    m!reader x Historia - @killerbananas [NSFW]

    m!reader x Levi - @new-night [NSFW]

    m!reader x Miche - @axoxtxhxh [NSFW]

    transmasc!reader x Zeke - @killerbananas [NSFW]

    Tokyo Revengers


    ﹏⊙﹏ more MR works from the collaborators ﹏⊙﹏

    (coming soon)

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  • capitainelevi
    15.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Incorrect AOT quotes

    #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #levi ackerman#zeke yeager#zeke jäger#zeke jaeger #incorrect attack on titan quote
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  • blondeboyfriend
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    More lil Zekes (feat. Eren and Erwin).

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  • blondeboyfriend
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Zeke x Exhibitionism


    Previous Day | Masterlist

    Synopsis: You're the only girl in Levi's squad and Zeke decides you're the perfect person to jerk off in front of.

    Word count: 1.3k

    Warnings: Canon au, fem!reader, exhibitionism, masturbation (m), praise kink, cum play, Zeke's a tease.

    AN: I gotta thank @asilentshout for being an angel and beta reading this.

    “May I ask a question?” Zeke mused.

    It was the most words he spoke to you since arriving at the forest.

    You were seated on opposite ends of the fire. Everyone else had gone to sleep, dizzy on wine and bravado. You knew Captain Levi was lurking somewhere but you couldn’t have been more at ease. Probably something to do with the night sky speckled with stars and the crisp breeze that ebbed through the trees.

    You coughed, inhaling a bit of wood smoke.

    “I guess.”

    “What’s it like?”

    He leaned in, the fire illuminating his face. You never paid Zeke much attention. I mean why would you? You knew what he did to the Survey Corps when they went to reclaim Wall Maria. The only attention you should have granted him was stepping on the back of his heel as he wandered over to his “hotel”.

    However, in this lighting he looked handsome though a little rugged.

    “What’s what like?” You asked, trying to conceal your staring.

    Zeke was hard to ignore now that you had been blessed with such a view. His wavy flaxen hair appeared to be so touchable, you wanted to twist it in between your fingers. His grey eyes were hard to read but there was some inkling of warmth to them. You were taken by their ashen color. He didn’t look anything like the wild man people described. He looked more like a handsome school teacher with a nasty smoking habit.

    “Being the only woman. That’s got to be an experience,” he said, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket.

    He placed it between his lips and leaned close to the fire, the fire just barely tickled the cigarette before the heat became too much for him.

    “Ouch,” he yelped.

    “You could have just lit it with your hand, like just held it over the fire,” you giggled.

    “I wouldn’t have looked as intriguing though.”

    “That’s a concern of yours right now?”

    “What? I want to impress you. You’re the only one that acknowledges me outside of Levi.”

    You sat up straight. Zeke was right, everyone did basically ignore him. Any pathetic attempt at small talk went unheeded. He was a mass murderer, someone not to be trusted after all. He didn’t exactly lend himself to kindness no matter how polite he appeared.

    “Saying ‘good morning’ is hardly acknowledging you,” you muttered.

    Silence fell upon the two of you; all you heard was the crackling of burning wood. He cleared his throat.

    “You never answered my question.”

    You rolled your eyes. It was a question you resented because nothing about your experience was particularly notable. To an outsider looking in, you were a woman surrounded by men. But to the Corps, you were all simply comrades.

    “It’s nothing to write home about. I guess I’ve seen more dicks than I would’ve if I wasn’t surrounded by them.”

    You let out a little laugh. It was true, you had seen a lot of dicks. It was par for the course though when surrounded by men in these circumstances.

    Zeke smirked, the fire illuminating his face gave him a sinister glow. His eyes seemed darker than before, tinged with lust. You gulped. It was as if he looked through you, taking you apart piece by piece. You felt exposed, like he could read your every thought.

    “So I suppose seeing one more wouldn’t be much of a shock then, would it?”

    Zeke started to fiddle with his belt and pulled it off, folding it up gingerly and placing it next to the crate he was sitting on. He lowered his gaze and proceeded to unzip his pants and reveal his semi-erect cock. It bulged through his underwear. He lightly palmed it and looked back up at you. Your eyes were wide and trying to avoid contact with his.

    “You’d be lying if you said you weren’t curious,” Zeke teased.

    It didn’t matter how right he was, he was the enemy… wasn’t he? The man in front of you didn’t seem particularly dangerous, or at least to you on a personal level. He seemed a little desperate, blushing, running his hand through his blonde locks as he stroked his cock through his underwear.

    “I… I can’t d—do anything with you.”

    You felt stupid and small. Stumbling over your words in front of Zeke Yeager.

    “I don’t want you to do anything other than come sit a little closer to me and enjoy the view.”

    You cocked an eyebrow but obeyed, pushing the crate you’d been sitting on around the fire, next to Zeke. After you took a seat beside him he pulled out his cock; it seemed to spring to life once freed from his clothing. It was bigger than any other dick you’d seen in your life. It was thick, with a few veins sprawling down its length. His pubes were wild and matched his flaxen beard. You were transfixed by it, awestruck, as he stroked it.

    Zeke must have noticed you staring because he cupped your cheek with his free hand.

    “Are you enjoying this?” He purred.

    You leaned in closer, hanging on his every word, drunk on his mere presence.

    “Yes. I am,” you whispered.

    You were close enough to kiss him, the heat radiating off his face was as intoxicating as the slight groans he let out when he squeezed the tip of his cock. Throwing caution to the wind you went to kiss him. He reciprocated for a brief moment, lightly biting your bottom lip.

    Laughing as he pulled away he said, “No, no. You’re just going to watch, got it?”

    You nodded. He ran his rough thumb over your bottom lip and gave you a little grin.

    “Such a compliant soldier,” he cooed.

    Zeke lubricated his hand with pearls of precum that had dripped from his cock. He stroked it slowly, leaving it glistening in the moonlight. You wanted to know what he tasted like, what his pulsating cock would feel like in your mouth. A little droplet of drool trickled from the corner of your mouth. Plagued with embarrassment you quickly wiped it away with your sleeve.

    “I bet all your comrades want to fuck that sweet mouth of yours.”

    Your skin was flushed; you couldn’t tell if the heat was coming from the fire or some vague sense of embarrassment. You looked away. You didn’t need to think about that kind of shit. Whether your comrades wanted to fuck you or not wasn’t a subject you liked to ponder.

    “Look at me.”

    You looked back to Zeke who pumped his cock faster.

    “I can’t come if you don’t look at me,” he groaned through his gritted teeth.

    His grey eyes were fixed on you, trailing up and down your body, taking in how beautiful you managed to look despite the awful circumstances you lived with. His stroking grew faster and methodical. You savored the sound of his precum covered hand sliding up and down his glistening cock. It took so much out of you not to get on your knees and beg to taste his cum. He started to moan, not bothering to quiet them. You leaned over his lap and tried to cover his mouth much to his surprise. Zeke closed his eyes tight and tossed his head back, his moan vibrating against your hand. You looked down and saw that he had come all over his lap and you.

    You leaned back to your original sitting position and marveled at the pearly cum that dotted your uniform. Zeke stifled his laughs and rubbed the tip of his cock, swirling cum around it. He beckoned you closer and patted his hand on his knee. You took a seat and he wrapped his arm around your waist.

    “Here, for being such a good soldier.”

    He held his cum-covered thumb to your lips and you eagerly accepted it into your mouth. Zeke pressed on your tongue and you rolled it around his thumb, sucking at it like it was his cock.

    “I’m sure Captain Levi would be so proud of you.”

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  • maries-gallery
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #gentle #aot x reader #snk x reader #attack on titan x reader #attack on titans x reader #aot fluff#snk fluff #zeke jaeger x reader #zeke jaeger fluff #zeke x reader #zeke fluff
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  • earlesskitten
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    just relax. | zeke yeager.

    the war chief needs a little massage after work made by his dear guest.

    content: oil massage, dry humping, handjob, oral (f+m. receiving), 69

    a/n: this is so self indulgent. i did it based on the wet dream i had that made me fall in love with zeke. just have to say that night changed everything. pls don't judge me. and hit me everytime i repeat words.

    There are times when you feel like a little bird in a cage. You were always bored, not even the time you spend drawing things that even you don't understand, reading the books on the shelf or listening to the vinyl records (most of the time dusty) helped you to calm the feeling of loneliness every time he left. Even those little activities you did to kill time were getting monotonous and boring.

    That's why when Zeke comes home at night you get up from the cot he lent you to sleep on and greet him cordially and calmly, no matter if he asks you what you're doing up late or why you took the trouble to get up so late to attend to him, trying to pretend you weren't anxious for his arrival, even if it was quite the opposite.

    And you're in front of him: hair tousled from tossing and turning in bed and in your cotton tank top, waiting for an order or a favor - with your arms behind your back and swaying your body on your feet you notice the detail that he's tired and dejected - perhaps mentally more than anything physical.

    Then an idea occurs to you.

    "A massage?" He asks curiously, massaging his shoulder and throwing his head back. You even consider the action makes the question ironic.

    “You look tired, Mr. Yeager. I think a message wouldn't hurt. I'm not very tired anyway. It won't be a bother to me...” you speak calm and helpful. You want to think you have no ulterior motive - anyway, Zeke deserves the best of treatment. “It will be as a way of thanking you for letting me live here."

    “You shouldn't bother to do it. I just need to sleep for a long time.” He sighs. It makes it more obvious that there's something straining him. He's not saying it to worry you, or so he wants to think.

    “Aw, come on Mr. Yeager.” You take him by the arm, clearly he wants to try to put up a resistance, which is impossible for him. Your insistence is what makes him give in. He doesn't realize that you were even already leading him to his room.

    And before open his eyes again, he was now sitting on his bed.

    "You just relax and I'll take care of the rest." But there's one small detail you forgot to mention as you were already lying on his bed. "Uhm... You need to take off your clothes." You accent apologetically, a bit naive even.

    And he doesn't question that specific order either. The suspicion is still there, but coming from you it's something he doesn't really care about at all - or wants to believe it's that way.

    He reflects as he slowly gets rid of all his clothes; unbuttoning his shirt and taking off his military pants, staying in his boxers. He was so focused on the action that he didn't notice when you walked out and returned to the room with a small bottle of oil between your fingers. Even though the bottle was closed, you can still feel the glass is slippery and leaves your fingerprints on it.

    “Can you get on your stomach?” you ask, almost giving the instruction and he does as you ask, slowly settling back on his bed. “That's it...” You whisper softly, lulling him with your sweet voice.

    It's almost mesmerizing for him how you get him to squint and release all the tension in his body, as you spread your legs to accommodate yourself on his big, muscular back. The nightgown gets in the way a bit, but you just hem it to get into a better position.

    You open the small bottle and pour the liquid on her back. You spread it all over his back gently to let your hands run from his shoulder blades to his shoulders. Your hands are very small in comparison to his shapely body, so you had to strain his muscles.

    One of your breasts brushes his face as you massage along the near side of her neck. You shudder at the touch, to feel how he has a suggestive view of your chest. To distract you from the thought, you hum as you do the work, trying to get rid of the knots in his back, mot surprisingly, there are many.

    You have magic hands, he thinks. It makes him oblivious to the fact that you can see your nipples marked in the fabric of your nightgown and how your tits almost pop out of your pajamas and barely cover them. He just closes his eyes, ignoring what he just witnessed. It's like you're aware of what you're doing.

    Your panties are soaked with oil. You consider whether it's a good idea to rub yourself on him; but you dismiss it, thinking it's not the right time and turn to his thick thighs. You remember that he's still in his underwear - it would be very cheeky of you to ask him to take it off.

    You spill more oil, which drips onto her boxers which stain the fabric just the same. It's a shame, you're going to have to run your hands through there. Your hands tense up as you try to rub your hands on his thighs. They're so hard that it's even impossible to try to touch them with 2 hands. You run your hands under his boxers, playing curiously with the fabric and trying to get your palms to cover the circumference of his legs, almost touching his groin - feeling his balls. You feel your cheeks warm and that doesn't stop you from caressing him.

    “I can tell you're very tense, Mr. Yeager.” You ponder, putting your index finger to your cheek, thoughtfully. Your voice sounds persuasive, analyzing that Zeke needs to change his position. You sigh. “I think I'm going to ask you to change positions so I can do my job better.” You get up off his back to give him space.

    It's a hassle for him to have to shift. The oil on his back and the feel of his thin sheet caused him an unpleasant sensation. Sticky and sweaty. However, he still doesn't object and does what you order him to do - what his pretty guest asks him to do to please her - to please himself from the service you are providing him.

    Then he looks at you from the corner of her eye; with your pretty nightgown ruined by the oil, your cute nipples standing out against the light fabric and sticking to your body, highlighting the figure of your body. Sticky and oily. He swallows hard and keeps his eyes on the ceiling without noticing that the corners of your lips form an innocent smile - a smile of a guest pleased to serve her master. He feels his cock tingle a little.

    He is now on his back, now having a better experience and view than he is missing out on when he was on his back. You poured the oil again, now on his pecs, taking care that none of the liquid was wasted, running your hands down his arms; to relax them by squeezing around his muscles until you reached his hands, which were bigger than yours repeating the same process, but now the reverse. It's hard not to think that his big hand might touch your oily breast and squeeze it between his fingers. Ignoring the thought, you play with the palms of his hands, intertwining your fingers with yours and squeezing between them. You swallow saliva as you run your fingers down the length of his arm; pressing and sliding.

    He is so relaxed and enjoying the view. That's when you decide to drop down on his chest, on the part where you spilled the most oil. Your chin is resting on his collarbones; you don't meet his eyes because of how quickly you return to your original position, but not before rubbing your bust again, marking it again.

    “Are you enjoying the service, Mr. Yeager?” you ask cheekily, looking at him with false innocence. Zeke tries not to bite his lip at the erotic figure of your body, and the appearance that it's wet isn't helping in calming the erection that's forming. And it gets worse when you turn over on your back and bend over again.

    He tries not to let the sight of your pussy drenched in juices and oil make him shudder, but it's hard with the gorgeous view he has. He can almost see your vulva and clit through the fabric. You want to drive him crazy, have him stick his rough, hot tongue in and caress your needy entrance. You weren't helping by rubbing yourself on his abdomen, staining the fabric more as he feels more of the liquid in his groin and your hands back inside and caressing his hips underneath his boxers.

    Your fingers emphasize his movements near his groin. The hairs on his balls intertwine with each other. Passing between his crotch, you feel his cock. God, it's too big. You move closer there, curious at the way it marks on his boxers, making the erection that's forming more obvious. Tentatively, you run your hand over it. Your breathing is getting heavy and a little adrenaline rush makes you caress him, as if you were masturbating him - you are masturbating him; not in the proper way, you are just gently and softly touching his member above the fabric. Your palms pretend to be massaging when in reality they are just smearing more than they already are. The blood is pumping and you feel it throbbing - it's throbbing because Zeke wants you to end the little suffering; he wants you to release his cock and let those pretty hands made by Ymir give him the pleasure he wants.

    To his mind you are aware of what a bitch you are being - enjoying the sight of his erect cock as your hands make it twitch with torturous pleasure; but he doesn't blame you, he would be a hypocrite if he denied how much he wants his fingers to pump your clit and your folds with his thick fingers. He can't help but let out a grunt, throwing his head back.

    "Mr. Yeager?" you turn your head, intrigued by the sound he made, knowing he can't help himself as he touches his phallus on top.

    You enjoy it too much.

    He is flushed and breathing hard. At this point all he can think about is touching you - fucking you; imagining your oily tits bouncing and your pretty little pussy being fucked - too wet and shiny that it could easily slip in and slide out. It gets worse when you take off your nightgown, at last revealing the sight he wants to see.

    "Ah... It's getting too hot. I hope this doesn't bother you." You blow air with your hand hoping to cool off, even though you know it's useless and I was only doing it to provoke him.

    You go back to your business by releasing his erect cock.

    Too big.

    You massage his groin again, almost touching his balls. You bend down further so he can see your see-through pussy. She can touch it if she wants, but she's holding back. Your soft hands caress his phallus in slow movements; from top to bottom, starting by touching his balls and working your way up to the tip, which you caress with your index finger. Shit, you're making him suffer. Now you touch him with both hands. As you're concentrating on pleasing him, you don't realize that you're slowly spreading your legs, leaving your pussy on his abdomen. You shudder, but you keep rubbing his oil-lubricated cock between your palms. Your clit throbs and feels so needy. Without realizing it, you rub yourself on his abdomen, concentrating on his member.

    He can't help himself and grabs you by the hips so you can get comfortable and slip easily. You're surprised, but you keep jerking him off. It's hot and throbbing. You even feel a vein as you make the fastest movements.

    "Yes... Keep it up, cutie. You're so good for me." He murmurs between breaths and grunts. He slaps both sides of your hips; you shudder, your pussy clenches. He grabs them by the sides so you let him do the work. He slips his hands under your panties and his hands roam touching your pubes with his thumbs while his other fingers caress your folds. The oil makes his touch softer.

    It's impossible not to let out a whimper. It's hard to concentrate on pleasuring him properly if his softened hands are playing with your clitoris. So there's no better idea than to start using your mouth. You try not to choke by sticking just the tip in to eventually pump with your mouth; your tongue licks his cock just the same.

    He wants more, the touch of his fingers is not being enough to feel your pussy. He wants to taste it. It runs through his mind. Your mouth feels hot and soft on his cock - what he would give to see your pretty face full and gagging on it.....

    He tries to get rid of your panties. Realizing this, you help him lift you up a little to finish removing them. There he has the view he so desires; your little pussy soaked in juices and oil, which he has been fantasizing about tasting and getting drunk on.

    He settles in so that he has better access to your intimate part so that finally his hot tongue envelops your needy and sensitive clitoris. A little sob comes out of your mouth, which is quickly stifled by the lump inside you. He circles over it, applying pressure and servicing. You continue the blowjob, breathing heavily as you can't moan properly.

    The movements of his tongue now go from side to side, even nibbling a little on the ball. That brings you to your first orgasm. You grind your hips into his beard. Shit, he's about to feel like he's going to cum, so you lick harder. He looks like a puppy drinking water.

    He doesn't let you know when he cums and leaves your face smeared with his white cum and you know he wants more. But he prefers to see your pretty face stained with his seed.

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    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Yeager Scandal (chapter one)

    a/n: chapter two will be an interesting experience for me

    Series Masterlist

    !! slight 18+ in this chapter!!

    word count: 2,205

    You stood off to the side of the hallway, watching as Eren and Jean pretended to have a sword fight with rolled up pieces of paper. Occasionally laughing when they would let out a particularly loud, overexaggerated grunt. From the end of the hall Connie could see the commotion and came charging towards the two fighting males with his own 'sword'. Jean let out a high pitched squeal as Connie pretended to stab him in the heart. Eren barley stumbled out of the way as he walked over to you, continuing to watch the dramatic show being put on.

    Jean clutched his chest, falling to his knees in the middle of the hallway. Everyone's attention was on the two boys as Jean called out to Connie.

    "How... could you." He croaked out, his body falling over as he 'died'. Connie stood there, silent for a moment, staring down at Jean's body. Looking up, as if he were talking to the gods above. He raised his fist, a proud smile making its way onto his face as he cheered.

    "I've defeated the horse man!" He chanted, causing Jean to whip his head up to yell at his friend.

    "Hey are you still coming over tonight?" Eren asked tugging on the sleeve of your jacket. You looked at the boy who had already been watching you, a small smile on his face. Nodding your head, you finished grabbing your belongings from your locker. Shutting it, you turned to him with a smile.

    "Yes, Eren. I always do." You said, turning your attention back to the two boys in the middle of the hall arguing.

    "Take that back, Connie." Jean said, bringing the short haired male to the ground. "I don't even look like a horse!" Connie yelled in fear, attempting to crawl in your direction. He reached his hand out, eyes begging for help.

    "Y/N, help me. He's going crazy!" Connie cried out, causing you to let out a small chuckle. Eren tugged on your sleeve again making you look at him. You raised your eyebrow at him, waiting for him to say something.

    "I just wanted to make sure." He said, still holding onto the end of your sleeve. "Zeke's been in one of his moods all week, so just ignore him tonight." You nod your head, a small frown making its way onto your face.

    "Okay, thanks for the warning." You lean in giving the brunette a quick hug before pulling away. "I'll see you later tonight okay?" He gives you a smile as you start to walk towards the exit. "Oh, and no more fighting in the hall, boys."


    Knocking on the door to Eren's house, you waited patiently for someone to answer. You could hear yells from inside the house, most likely Eren yelling for someone to get the door. You let out a sigh, already knowing he's most likely playing video games with Jean and the others. And he will be for the rest of the night, until he passes out.

    The door lock clicks, signaling someone was about to open the door. Swinging open, there he stood in all his glory. The person which Eren had warned you to watch out for tonight.

    Zeke Yeager.

    He stood in the doorway, staring blankly at you for a few moments before he moved to the side. "Eren your little friend is here." Zeke yelled out to the boy, who only yelled for you to come up to his room. You walked into the house, giving Zeke a small smile as he closed the door after you.

    "Thank you Zeke." You said, beginning to walk up the stairs with the older male in pursuit behind you. He let out a small grunt, mumbling a 'whatever'. After climbing up the stairs, Zeke called out to you.

    "Tell Eren he has to find his own dinner tonight since I'm going out." He said, walking down the hall to his own bedroom without a second glance back at you. You nod your head and go to begin your journey to Eren's room, but stop when his words register in your head.

    "Where are you going, Zeke?" You asked, catching the older males attention. He poked his head out from his bedroom. A laugh echoed throughout the hall, Eren coming out of his room with a controller in hand.

    "He's probably going to get laid or something. Come on Y/N, the boys want you to play with us." Eren said, holding out the controller in his hand towards you. You let out a small laugh, taking the controller from him.

    "Yeah okay, I'll play with you guys." You looked back at Zeke who was still watching the two of you from his doorway. "I'll be there in a minute though, okay?" Eren raised his eyebrow curiously, but still nodded his head as he went back into his bedroom, closing the door. You stared at Zeke awaiting to see if he would answer your question which Eren had interrupted.

    "Look at you, being all nosy and shit." Zeke smirked, going back into his room. You let out a scoff at his words, watching as he shut his door ending the conversation there.

    "Whatever, asshole." You mumbled out, heading towards Eren's room. Outside the door you could hear small shouts from Eren, gradually beginning to grow louder. You cringed knowing you would have to force him to get off the game at a reasonable time tonight so he could get at least a little bit of sleep.

    Opening the door you saw Eren sitting in his desk chair, yelling into the microphone of his headset. "Suck it, Jean! How many times have you lost now?" Eren had a proud smirk on his face, looking up when he heard the creak of his door opening. "Oh hey, Y/N. Ready to lose?"

    "Yeah right, like I would ever lose to you." You laughed, taking a seat in the chair he had pulled up next to him for you. You could faintly hear Jean through the headphones telling you to 'kick his ass'.


    "Eren." You whispered, tiredly looking around the dark room. The only source of light coming from the computer Eren sat at, whisper shouting into his mic. Eren turned around, his eyes softening at your form nuzzled up on his bed. "What time is it?" You mumbled, looking around for your phone.

    "It's almost 2 in the morning." He said, turning back to his game and mumbled out that he was gonna go into the mic. Quickly leaving the game and shutting everything off, he got into the bed next to you. "Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up." He whispered, pulling the blanket up to his chin. Even though he could barely see it, you still gave him a small smile.

    "It's okay Eren. Did you eat anything?" You asked, reaching out to brush a few strands of hair out of his face. He nodded his head, his larger hand coming in contact with yours. You cupped his cheek, thumb gently brushing against his soft skin. "Good." His eyes closed, giving you a small hum.

    "Next sleepover, let's have a movie marathon." He said, adjusting his body so he could fall asleep comfortably. You whispered a small okay, watching as he began to fall unconscious.

    You let out a soft sigh, staring up at the ceiling. Eren's breathing becomes slow and steady, occasional snores slipping past his lips, telling you that he's finally asleep. You laid there for a few more moments, contemplating on if you should get up and continue on with the same things you do every week. You pulled the blanket off yourself, trying to sit up quietly so as to not wake the sleeping boy next to you. Standing up from the bed, you were always thankful that his floor didn't make noises when you walked. Stopping in front of the door, your worst enemy yet. Twisting the knob you slowly began to pull the door open, stopping when it started to creak. You turned your attention to Eren as he shifted in the bed, letting out a muffled groan. You stood there with wide eyes as Eren sat up, looking at you tiredly.

    "Y/N? Where are you going?" His eyes were still closed, his body swaying a little before falling back onto the bed.

    "I'll be right back Eren, I'm just going to the bathroom." You said, opening the door all the way, nothing more came from the boy as he had already fallen back asleep. You gave the sleeping boy one final glance before stepping out of the room, slowly closing the door behind you. Letting out a sigh, you closed your eyes as you leaned against the door waiting for your heart rate to calm down. "Damn you, squeaky door." You mumbled out, pushing yourself off the door heading to the bathroom.

    Standing in the doorway of the bathroom, your hand reached around for the light switch to light up the room. The light turned on, lighting up most of the hallway as you stepped in and closed the door. Turning the water on, you splashed some against your tired face. Standing up straighter you watched yourself in the mirror. Droplets of water dribbled down your face as you turned the water off and grabbed a towel to dry off with. With one final look in the mirror you opened the door and turned the light off.

    Walking back to the room, you twisted the knob taking a deep breath. As you exhaled you pushed the door open, letting out another creak as the door moved. Walking into the room, you quietly pushed the door closed behind you. Glancing around it was dark, only being able to make out silhouettes of objects nearby. Taking small steps towards the bed, you could see his body laying there.

    An arm shot out from under the blanket, pulling you onto the bed. A small squeal left your lips from the sudden action. Pinning your arms above your head, Zeke hovered over your body with a smirk on his face.

    "Took you long enough." He mumbled out as he began to attack your neck with kisses. He adjusted himself between your legs, sucking harshly on that particular spot of your neck. You bit your lip trying to hold back your moan, still annoyed at the older male. "I didn't think you'd show up tonight, sweetheart."

    "Zeke," You whined, attempting to push your hips up to create some sort of friction. One of his hands traveled down, pushing your hips down against the mattress.

    "Nu uh, pretty girl. You know who's in charge here." He mumbled against your neck, playfully biting you. He pulled away from you, ripping your shirt apart. You stared up at him in shock, wanting to yell at him for ruining a perfectly good shirt. His hands slithered behind you, unclipping your bra and throwing it to the floor near the bed. He ducked his head down back to your neck as his hands began pinching and pulling at your nipples.

    "W-where were you tonight?" You stuttered out, your fingers tangling themselves in his blonde locks. When no answer came you harshly tugged his hair back, making him let out a groan from the pain. His neck, craning up to look you in the eyes. "Where did you go?" You repeated more firmly. He rolled his eyes, pulling away from your body. Bringing his hand up, running it through his hair, massaging the sore spot you caused.

    "Why's it matter to you anyways, huh?" He teased, "It's not like we're together or anything." He grumbled pushing himself off the bed, he walked over to his closet pulling out an extra shirt for you.

    "Yeah, but there's no way in hell I'm going to be your fucking side piece." You scoffed, taking the shirt from his hands. Covering yourself up, he stood off to the side, eyeing your body still sprawled out on his bed.

    "Well maybe if you came to see me more, you wouldn't be the side piece." He sneered, walking over his desk, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. You watched as he brought it to his lips, inhaling it's sweet taste and puffing out a cloud of smoke.

    "You know that would only make Eren more suspicious, Zeke." You said, laying back onto the bed.

    "To hell with Eren!" Zeke shouted softly, putting his cigarette out. The bed dipped down from his added weight, you peeked your eyes open, glaring at him. "He may have been the first one to know you, but don't forget that I was the first one to fuck you, sweetheart." He said pinching your chin in between his thumb and index finger. "As if I'd ever let my brother come between us."

    "Zeke, I can't lose Eren. He's my best friend." You whispered, tearing your gaze away from him. He let out a scoff, his hand forcing you to look at him. Your cheeks squished together and your lips puckered from the way he was gripping your face.

    "I guess I'll just have to show you who you really belong to, slut."

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    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #spicy#aot #attack on titan #snk #shingeki no kyojin #aot smut #aot x reader #attack on titan zeke #zeke#zeke aot #zeke x reader #zeke jaeger#zeke headcanons #zeke jeager smut
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  • blondeboyfriend
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Fluffy, Fall Yeager Bros. Headcanons

    Here are some fall/autumn themed headcanons for Eren and Zeke.


    He always goes out of his way to step on a crunchy leaf. I’m talking like he’ll even walk backwards if he happens to pass by one without stomping on it. Eren doesn’t try to hide it either; he points them out to you, and occasionally will let you have the honor of stepping on them.

    He’s an outdoorsy guy and his favorite time to go camping is in the fall. He likes to get cozy around the fire, all bundled up. He buys cinnamon graham crackers for s’mores to make them more festive.

    Eren loves scary movies. His ideal fall night is marathoning them while wrapped in a heated blanket and snuggled up next to you. (However he can’t stand jump scares because he freaks the fuck out every time he sees one.)

    He loves pumpkin spice and he doesn’t care who knows it. The man drinks those lattes with pride. He’s prone to ranting about how dumb it is to say it's basic. It’s best not to rile him up about it because once he gets started there is no stopping him. (Like he’ll start talking about the history of the spice trade.)

    He likes to get the ugliest pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. He usually ends up buying a few because he can never make up his mind.

    Eren only hands out the best candy to kids on Halloween. Always full size, none of that fun size shit.

    He makes a great sweet potato pie. He has a secret spice ratio he plans on going to the grave with.


    Zeke also goes out of his way to step on crunchy leaves, but he's much more sly about it. You might notice him take a bigger step than usual to stomp on one. If you point it out to him he’ll deny it. Unlike Eren, he is fully capable of walking past one because he has some semblance of self control.

    He likes to curl up by a window when it’s rainy and read. He has a plush armchair and never sits in it normally. Usually he’s sitting across it with his legs dangling off the side, slippers hanging off his feet.

    He’s a big fan of getting a cup of coffee and taking strolls around dusk. He likes it when you join him, gives you both time to talk about how the day went (and it gives him the opportunity to smoke).

    He has a great fall wardrobe. Lots of nice coats, autumnal colored flannel button downs, expensive rain boots, knit scarves Carla made him, etc.

    He’s really good at carving pumpkins, like reeeaaally good. When they were younger Eren would always choose some complicated ass design outside his skill set and then beg Zeke to do it for him. Zeke, priding himself on being a good brother, was more than happy to do so.

    Once handed a kid a packet of instant ramen on Halloween because he didn’t have any candy.

    He is determined to figure out Eren’s secret spice ratio.

    Taglist: @kojinnie​ @babieweeb​ @celestidarling​ @erwinslut​ @eru-lloyd​ @reinersbunny​ @pompousbiscuit​ @kuroshitsujjiii​ @weepinglevi​ @sarashitposts​ @pastelwaifujazz​ @glittrkink​ @peachysimp​ @recipeforselfdestruction13​ @chocomoonx​ @adalz​ @saccharine-darling @levisquadsimp @histarean @1vitamin @erwinfckr @hannie2kay @ppbaxter @sinnerofthewalls @alert-arlert @esroh06 @asilentshout @bathtub-spider @nyctosin @aviinnit

    If your username is in bold text it means I am unable to tag you.

    Join my taglist.

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    The Yeager Scandal (Masterlist)

    Zeke Yeager x female reader x Eren Yeager (modern au)

    a/n: this is my first time writing anything 18+ so please bear with me as this will be a learning experience for me :)

    Summary: There was something about the fact that you could get caught. It excited you knowing that if anyone were to find out about this secret entanglement you could lose your best friend. Your best friend, in which you had grown up with these past 12 years.

    How would he act if he found out that his best friend, the girl who used to come over for daily playdates. Now, every time they had their weekly sleepover, she would sneak out of his room once he was asleep. Sneak away to the comfort of his older brother.

    0. Prologue

    1. Chapter One

    2. Chapter Two

    3. Chapter Three

    4. Chapter Four

    5. Chapter Five

    6. Chapter Six

    7. Chapter Seven

    8. Chapter Eight

    9. Chapter Nine

    10. Chapter Ten

    11. Chapter Eleven

    more to be added maybe...

    #attack on titan #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan zeke #attack on titan eren #aot smut #aot x y/n #aot x reader #aot eren#aot zeke#eren yeager#eren jaeger#zeke yeager#zeke jaeger#mikasa ackerman#armin arlert#jean kirstein#connie springer#sasha braus#reiner braun#bertholdt hoover #attack on titan smut #eren yeager smut #zeke yeager smut #eren x reader #eren yeager x reader #eren yeager x you #eren yeager x y/n #eren jaeger x y/n #eren jaeger x you #eren jaeger x reader
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    Attack on Titan - The Final Season Part 2 Trailer

    Part 3

    #Mikasa Ackerman#Zeke Jaeger#Zeke Yeager#Pieck Finger#Gabi Braun #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan the final season #attack on titan the final season part 2 #attack on titan season 4 #attack on titan season 4 part 2
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    Attack on Titan - The Final Season Part 2 Trailer 

    Part 1

    #Eren Jaeger#Eren Yeager#Zeke Yeager#Zeke Jaeger#Colt Grice#Falco Grice#Reiner Braun#Gabi Braun #attack on titan #shingeki no kyojin #attack on titan the final season #attack on titan the final season part 2 #attack on titan season 4 #attack on titan season 4 part 2
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    reading the attack on titan manga and listening to classical music is so intense

    #attack on titan #attack on titan manga #aot#eren jaeger#armin arlert#mikasa ackerman#jean kirschstein#connie springer#reiner braun#hange zoë#levi ackerman#zeke jeager#classical music#manga#anime #eren is kinda a dumbass #this makes reading it more fun #snk manga#sideblog #shingeki no kyojin
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    The final chapter is here as the truth that has been hidden for 2,000 years finally unfolds.

    Mappa studios has given us the teaser for part 2 of the final season of Attack On Titan. The teaser shows the major events about to take place. A massive campaign of war is about to begin. Everything began and now it has finally lead to this. There is a shocking rumor that Sawano-san is returning to the final part of season finale. Hopefully, it is true. A boy named Eren Yeager started this story that cannot be forgotten. How do you feel about this Titanic reveal? Do tell.

    Hope you all have a well day.

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    Bad Timing pt. 14

    AN: This was missing on here and I didn’t realize it until after I posted 15 so here you guys go! 

    Summery: How do you tell your best friends that you’re falling for your big brother’s best friend?

    Word Count: 5.2 K 

    Warnings: alcohol, weed, high school party, kissing, some groping (consensual) 


    Mike's house was a tad bit busier than you had anticipated. Cars lined the long driveway, parked bumper to bumper, Levi had a spot reserved towards the front, something that Mike always made sure to do for Levi, Erwin, and Hange. Levi parked his car and the two of you climbed out and trekked through the snow to Mike's front door. Even from outside, the sounds of laughter and a steady bass could be heard. Levi pulled the door open and sauntered inside, head held high and shoulders pulled back. You had noticed this behavior, whenever he was in a large group setting he would put on this brave face. You knew that he was an introvert, withdrawn, out of reach, but it had been more noticeable recently it seemed. Although it could be argued that this was the closest that you had ever been to him in your relationship. The two of you weaved through the crowd, bodies were everywhere, the small gathering that Erwin had promised was not here.

    You didn't recognize half of the kids here, you decided that they were probably upperclassmen or maybe from the neighboring district. Finally, the two of you freed yourselves from the crowd and entered the kitchen, where Erwin and Hange were mixing drinks. Mike was leaning against the counter, his back to Nanaba who was perched behind him on the counter, fingers laced in his hair.

    "Hey! Look who decided to show up!" Gelgar greeted, throwing an arm over Levi's shoulders.

    "Took you long enough." Hange snorted as she lifted her cup to her lips, Erwin was already mixing you and Levi's drinks as well. You stood next to Levi, the two of you propped against the counter, his arm slung around your waist, fingers toying with your belt loop.

    "Did you see Jaeger? He's so big! I haven't seen him in ages!" Oluo's voice echoed through the kitchen as he and Eld wandered in to grab drinks.

    "No, haven't seen him since like our freshman year, and even then he was massive," Eld responded, you noticed Erwin's expression sour, along with Levi's. You weren't sure why the atmosphere suddenly grew so heavy, as far as you knew they were talking about Eren, but that couldn't be right since he was younger than all of them.

    "You invited that beast?" Erwin turned to Mike, who was looking awful guilty.

    "Would've been rude not to, he's in town and I always looked up to him ya know?" Mike said defensively as he brought his beer to his lips.

    "But that hairball? Why would he want to hang out with a bunch of high schoolers anyway." Levi scoffed, his grip tightening on your hip.

    "I'm lost, who are we talking about?" You chimed in, eyes searching the expressions of all of the upperclassmen in hopes of finding a hint.

    "Zeke Jaeger, Eren's half brother, and the former quarterback is here." Nanaba filled you in, her blue eyes seemed a tad red and you wondered if she was crossed.

    "I....had no idea that he had any siblings." You admitted, leaning further into Levi's side.

    "Yeah, he's quite a bit older than Eren, he was graduated by the time your brother was a freshman, the only reason we know the guy is because he stuck around the summer before heading off to school to train with us," Eld explained as he shuffled anxiously by the exit, clearly not too interested in hanging around.

    "Ah, I see." You responded, he nodded tensely before leaving along with Oluo. Levi seemed tense, body rigid and alert as he watched Erwin and Mike squabble.

    "You alright?" You nudged Levi's ribs, and he let out a soft noncommittal grunt.

    "-Just cause he was a little snarky almost four years ago is not enough of a reason to hold a grudge, I swear sometimes you're like a prepubescent girl Erwin." Mike jabbed as he wiped up a spill on the counter.

    "It's not just because of that! Don't you remember when my appendix burst? Yeah, that was cause he knocked me into fucking next week in dodgeball!" Erwin was clearly distressed, Hange watched with a worried expression as the two continued to unintelligibly argue.

    "Levi, can you...come with me to the bathroom please?" Hange said finally, Levi nodded curtly and untangled himself from you without another word as he retreated down the hall with Hange. You furrowed your brow as you looked around the nearly empty kitchen.

    "Okay....I've had enough, you're both too dramatic! Come on (Y/n) let's go downstairs." Nanaba slipped off of the counter and came to grab your arm, dragging you out of the kitchen and through the dining room. You had only been in the house a few times, so the twists and turns she took were foreign to you. Eventually, you gave up on remembering where you were going and decided to channel your focus into not spilling your drink.

    Finally, Nanaba stopped in front of a door and pulled it open, revealing a set of stairs that were cast in a dark blue hue of light. She giggled and released you before jogging down the stairs. You followed and stopped at the base, the basement was much quieter opposed to the main living room upstairs. A couch was pushed up against a wall, a small kitchenette occupied the far end and a few mystery doors led off to the left. But the main focus of the room was a blonde man, with round glasses that reminded you of Harry Potter. He had a full beard and stood at least six feet tall. You found yourself clinging to Nanaba in the face of the stranger and the other upperclassmen that were smoking in the basement.

    Nanaba dropped onto the couch and you squeezed in next to her, your shoulder digging into her arm uncomfortably. The rest of the teens in the basement were laughing at something that the man had said. You assumed that he was the infamous Zeke Jaeger, he wore a simple white shirt and a pair of loose-fitting jeans. He was handsome, if you squinted you could see the resemblance to the good Dr. Jaeger, but he looked almost nothing like Eren. You wondered what their relationship was like.

    "And who are you?" The question made you jump, caught off guard. Nanaba giggled and shoved you.

    "Go on answer him." She encouraged as you tried to determine where the question was coming from.

    "....my name is (Y/n)." You said softly and the man chuckled.

    "My name is Zeke Jaeger, you might know my brother Eren?" He held his hand out to you, and you took it with little hesitation. You had learned from your brother's friends not to hesitate or else you'd come across as an easier target.

    "Yeah, he's one of my best friends actually." You said as you shook his hand.

    "Oh is that so? Ever mention his big bro?" He asked, releasing your hand with a smug smirk.

    "No actually, this is the first time I've heard of you." Your words weren't meant to come off as aggressive, but the whole room seemed to tense up at the indifference in your tone.

    "I'm not surprised, we don't....talk much." He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly and you smiled tensely.

    "That's too bad." You weren't sure what to say, with any luck he was drunk and wouldn't even remember this conversation in the morning.

    "Yeah...but enough about me, if I understand right, you're Erwin Smith's younger sister?" He said with a wink and you felt your suspicions rise.

    "That's correct, why?" Nanaba had turned so that her back was mostly to you, almost effectively pushing you off of the couch. Zeke noticed and waved you over to join him on the floor. You timidly untangled yourself from Nanaba and plopped down across from him, sitting criss-cross applesauce.

    "No real reason, just making small talk I suppose. Thought about any colleges or what you want to do after you graduate?" He asked, blue eyes steady and focused on you.

    "Hm not really, I have thought about going to culinary school, but....that's difficult to get into so probably just regular old college." You shrugged, feeling embarrassed speaking to this man who seemed to hold so much intelligence.

    "There's no harm in trying! I'm going to school in Australia and they have some good programs, I would highly recommend checking them out!" He said enthusiastically, eyes seeming to fill with a spark as he spoke of his education.

    "Really? What are you studying?" You asked, it wasn't often that you got to speak with someone who studied abroad. Most of the kids from your school stayed local or went to a basic college and then came crawling back to town in search of work.

    "Oh, I'm studying biology and some zoology as well." He said proudly, with a curt nod of his head.

    "That's really cool! I was thinking that if the culinary school didn't work, then I'd go for a conservationist type of major!" You met his enthusiasm and he nodded in approval.

    "It's a growing field for sure!" Just as you were about to answer him, the sound of the stairs creaking interrupted you, turning around you spotted Reiner and Annie descending the steps, drinks in hand. Annie blew out a puff of smoke and raised a brow at you. Reiner came and plopped down beside you with a loud over-exaggerated sigh.

    "(Y/n)! Fancy seeing you here, talking to the beast no less!" He said, his knee brushing your own, you scooted back to give him more room, you felt Annie's cold eyes on you as you did so.

    "Ah Braun and Leonhardt, been some time hasn't it!" Zeke said, eyes scanning their faces, Annie rolled her eyes and Reiner chuckled deeply.

    "How's Australia treating you?" Reiner asked, you tuned them out, instead, your mind wandered to where Levi was. Checking your phone, you realized that it was much later than you had originally planned on staying. You wondered if he was searching for you, or if he had gotten caught up in conversation the same way you had. You stood, knees creaking, and swayed for a moment at the sudden movement.

    "Easy little Smith." Zeke's hand shot out to steady you, his large hand held your hip and you froze. Zeke didn't seem to think much of it, allowing his hand to slide down and off of you once he saw that you were steady, casually returning to his conversation with Reiner. You blinked down at him, honestly shocked by the way he had touched you so casually. You turned and marched towards the stairs, determined to find Hange, Erwin, or Levi.

    "Now not so fast!" Nifa, a junior called after you, and all eyes turned to you.

    "I can tell that you aren't nearly drunk enough!" Keji, another junior agreed, holding up an overflowing shot glass of vodka. You rolled your eyes but silently agreed. The urge to slam down the shot glass was surprisingly strong, besides you had grown to hate being one of the sober kids at parties. So you crossed the room again and threw the shot back and slammed it onto the table, face twisting in disgust at the burning sensation it left in your throat.

    "Another." You demanded, and Nifa let out a snicker while Nanaba leaned forward in anticipation. Keji smirked and poured another full shot before you could change your mind. Zeke watched with a cool stare as you knocked back the liquor, lips puckering in disgust.

    "That's more like it!" Keji whooped as you stood up and swayed again.

    "You're free to go!" Nifa dismissed you and you huffed, swaying a bit before Zeke's large hand wrapped around your bicep and steadied you.

    "Where are you heading? I'll walk you there." He offered, you paused weighing your options but deciding that if you were to fall it would be more embarrassing than if you showed up with Zeke. So you nodded and pointed towards the stairs.

    "I need to find my brother and his friends." You settled, still not sure if you were technically allowed to call Levi your boyfriend.

    "Perfect, I was hoping to catch up with Erwin anyway," Zeke said cheerfully, gently guiding your up the stairs and through the dark hall.

    "You know the house well?" You attempted to fill the silence, but you hoped he would do the talking, your tongue was feeling heavier by the second.

    "Yes, Mike held a few team gatherings and I've got an impeccable memory." He said with a sly wink, hand still gripping your arm to steer you through the hallway. You emerged into the dining room, where some teens had set up a game of pong, upon closer inspection you realized that it was indeed Eren. You were startled, Erwin had made it seem as if only upperclassmen would be present, you wondered if he got in the same way you had: through your brother.

    "Eren! You didn't tell me you were cronies with Erwin Smith's younger sister." Zeke called across the room and Eren dropped his arm, the small plastic ball still pinched between his fingers.

    "Yeah, didn't really think much of it, not like you were super big on football anyway." Eren shrugged and Connie slammed his hand on the table, Sasha jolted next to him and smacked his head, the slap resonated and you giggled as he rubbed the back of his head with a dejected expression.

    "c'mon Jaeger, let's go already!" Connie demanded impatiently and Eren refocused, tuning you and Zeke out.

    "Moving on..." Zeke's eyes flashed with annoyance, the reaction was so quick you almost thought that you had imagined it.

    "Did you invite him?" You asked and Zeke hummed and nodded in confirmation.

    "I'm starting to regret it though." Zeke chuckled darkly as he led you around a corner, into the living room, where a card game was being played. Erwin was sitting on the couch, Hange perched on his lap, sharing a deck of cards with him. On his right was Levi, who was watching the game as he sipped out of a solo cup. But what made your stomach drop was the sight of Petra on his right. She was pressed into his side, so familiar, and seemed to fit just right under his arm that was resting on the back of the couch. Erwin spotted you first, eyes narrowing on Zeke's hand on your arm.

    You reached up and tugged on Zeke's sleeve, cocking your head back towards the kitchen.

    "Can you take me to get some water?" You asked, voice threatening to shake as you watched Petra toss her head back and laugh at something that Eld had said.

    "Of course," Zeke said softly, keen eyes following your gaze and easily reading the situation. Erwin gripped Hange's hip as he watched you and Zeke leave nearly as soon as you had entered the room.

    "Come on," Erwin said, gently pushing Hange off of his lap to give chase to you and Zeke.

    "Wha-" Hange began to protest, but once she caught a glimpse of your sweatshirt and Zeke's broad back disappearing around the corner she stood as well. Hange and Erwin's weight lifted off of the couch and alarmed Levi, he turned and watched them with narrowed eyes as they rounded the corner. Petra tapped his thigh, demanding his attention and he spared her a glance.

    "Hm?" He hummed, cocking a brow as she showed him her cards.

    "Which should I play?" She asked with a gleam in her eye as she shuffled closer.

    "How should I know?" Levi scoffed, wanting to follow his friends.

    "Come on Levi, just help me decide." Petra chuckled and he rolled his eyes before pointing at a random card before standing and leaving her alone on the couch. She played the card and the game continued as he wandered into the kitchen. His heart nearly stopped with the sight he was greeted with. You were leaning against the counter, Zeke standing next to you, his large frame hovering over your smaller one. Levi bristled at the sight as Zeke handed you a glass of water.

    "(Y/n)?" Levi spoke slowly, eyes narrowed on the sight of your shaking hands and flushed face.

    "O-Oh, hey..." You averted your eyes, and Zeke seemed to straighten up at the sight of Levi.

    "Yo." Zeke greeted simply, cool eyes scanning over Levi's stature.

    The air was charged with tension as Levi waited for one of you to speak, waiting for you to cross the room and lean into him, pliable as you'd been earlier in the evening.

    "Where's Erwin?" You croaked, eyes still downcast.

    "Came in here looking for him," Levi said, crossing his arms over his chest as he tapped his foot impatiently.

    "Oh..." You looked distressed at the news and you looked over to Zeke expectantly.

    "Zeke, I can go find him and then I'll send him your-" Levi marched across the kitchen, tired of waiting for you to come to him, he snatched your wrist, causing the water to spill down your front. You yelped and nearly dropped the glass, his tight grip preventing you from fighting him as he drags you through the halls.

    "Okay!" Zeke called after you, not really wanting to find out why Levi was so gloomy.

    "Levi," You said weakly as he drags you into a bathroom, door slamming shut behind you. You flinched, gritting your teeth as you placed the nearly empty glass on the counter. Levi stood between you and the door, eyes full of that same fire that he got when Hange pissed him off.

    "What were you doing with that hairball?" He demanded fists clenched tightly at his sides.

    "I couldn't find you guys! You ran off without me and he was the only one nice enough to show me around." You snapped, losing your patience.

    "You should have waited in the kitchen." Levi bit back, taking a step closer to you.

    "Why were you all cozy with Petra on the couch? Reverting back to your old habits." You snarled, and Levi jolted as if you had slapped him.

    "We were just sitting next to each other," Levi growled as you lifted your chin to meet his animosity.

    "And I was just next to Zeke. There's no reason to be angry with me."

    "Same goes for you then. According to your logic." Levi scoffed, and the two of you were locked in a stalemate as you stared each other down.

    "Glad we could come to an agreement then." You sneered, venom laced in your tone as you moved to step around him. He moved to block you, causing you to bump into his shoulder.

    "I wasn't done with you yet," Levi growled lowly as he angled to face you full-on once more, his hand shot out and his fist hit the wall next to your head, hard.

    "What else is there to say?" You glared at him, the implication behind his earlier words still ringing in your ears.

    "Not much." Levi agreed as he stepped closer so that his forearm rested against the wall and his chest was practically pressed to yours. His breath mingled with yours and you found yourself tilting your head back against the wall as he stared down at you.

    "Well...I'm waiting." You said, fighting a coy smirk off your lips. Levi growled at your snarky remark and brought his other hand up to hold you by your jaw.

    "Patience." He hummed as his lips ghosted over yours, you could taste the sprite and vodka he'd been sipping on earlier. You grunted and leaned forward, catching his lips with your own as he pressed his front fully against you at last. He angled your head to the left, tongue pushing past your lips more forcefully than the last time you'd kissed. You opened your mouth in an attempt to accommodate him, once more he pulled on your chin, encouraging you to open wider. Finally, he pulled away, a thin strand of saliva connecting you as he rubbed his thumb over your swollen bottom lip, breaking the strand.

    "See, good things come to those who wait," Levi said with a gleam in his eyes, knowing that the small disagreement from earlier was quickly fading into a bad memory. He slid his knee between your thighs, and you tensed eyes trailing over his face as he mapped out yours.

    "Don't think that you're getting off the hook from earlier." You said feebly as his thumb ran along your jawline before he pushed your head up and back. You gasped at the sudden movement, which left you staring up at the ceiling as he pressed a trail of kisses down your neck.

    "If I had wanted to be with Petra...I would have done it by now." He murmured against the skin over your collarbone as his free hand trailed down from the wall in favor of finding your waist.

    "Is that so?" You tried to match his energy as he tugged at the neckline of your sweatshirt.

    "Don't be dense." He huffed, hand slipping off of your waist in favor of gripping your ass.

    "Say it." You breathed as he brought his face back up to yours.

    "You first," Levi said coyly as his lips pressed a kiss to your jawline as he waited for you to speak.

    "I want to be with you Levi, only you. No one else." You said fighting against his grip on your jaw to kiss his lips.

    "Ah, music to my ears." Levi sighed, finally loosening his grip on your face and allowing you to kiss him. After a few moments, he pulled away and pressed his forehead to yours.

    "I feel the same, I only want you." He said airily as his nose brushed against yours, hand still resting over your ass as you leaned forwards to throw your arms around his neck.

    "Glad we could settle this." You sighed, pressing your own kiss to the shell of his ear, which was tinged with pink.

    "Ready to go home yet?" He sounded tired as he wrapped his arms around your middle, nuzzling into your hair as the two of you stood in silence. You nodded curtly but made no move to untangle yourself. The sound of someone pounding on the door made you both jolt and pull apart. Levi ripped the door open and glowered at Mikasa and Eren, both of them seemed surprised to see the two of you.

    "Oh....what a coincidence," Eren said with a meek chuckle as he rubbed the back of his neck while the Ackermans both stared each other down.

    "Keep your beast under control Jaeger," Levi growled, eyes narrowed on the brunette who raised a brow and ran a hand through his long locks.

    "I sure hope you don't mean Mikasa, cause that would just be....hypocritical." Eren's eyes drifted to Mikasa who was still staring Levi down.

    "No, not this time. I'm talking about that atrocious hairball brother of yours." Levi snapped, the animosity from earlier seemed to be creeping back to the surface. You rolled your eyes and shook your head silently at Eren who swallowed thickly as he tried to think of what to say.

    "I have no control over him. But I'll pass a message on if you like." He said with a careful tone as he spoke, face surprisingly free of any malice. It was clear that he wanted as little to do with his brother as Zeke had hinted at earlier.

    "No need, if it happens again...he'll hear directly from me." Levi's tone held all the malice that Eren's had lacked. He reached back, closing his hand around yours and pulling you past Mikasa, you shot her an apologetic glance in passing and her eyes softened.

    "I'll see you la-" You were interrupted by the door slamming shut behind the pair, the last thing you saw was her charcoal grey eyes, soft with a small smile. Levi lead you through the twists and turns, your mind was just starting to clear up from the shots you'd had earlier. Once you reached the dining room you waved to Sasha and Connie, the two were now throwing ping pong balls at one another, you could even see the marks from previous hits on their skin.

    "Sure you don't want to hang around for a bit longer?" You teased at Levi's unamused reaction to the pair's shenanigans.

    "Fat no," Levi said with a squeeze of your hand as he refocused on leaving. Or at least that's what you thought the focus was on, that was until Levi led you into a side bedroom where he found Erwin and Hange.

    "We're leaving." He announced and Hange's head snapped up from where she had been holding it in her hands.

    "So early?" She sounded tired, the bags under her eyes seemed to confirm that theory as well.

    "Yeah..." You said a bit sheepishly as you rubbed the back of your neck, hoping Levi would offer some support.

    "You could say that again," Erwin grunted his agreement as he slung an arm across Hange's shoulders and shot you a blank stare. It was clear that something had happened, but neither of them seemed keen on sharing the details with you. You could've sworn that Hange shot Levi one of those looks, you had teased them about it in the past, they had this uncanny ability to know exactly what the other was thinking, just by sharing a simple glance.

    "We'll see you in the morning then?" Hange said, shooting you an almost pained smile, which you returned just as tensely.

    "See you then," Levi grunted, wrapping his arm around your waist and steering you towards the front of the house. You knew that the trio had been going through a bit of a rough year, with the senior year coming to a close you only expected the tension between them to increase.

    "What was that all about?" You asked although you knew Levi probably wouldn't share any details with you.

    "I'd bet money on it having to do with the hairball," Levi grunted, glancing at you from the corner of his eye.

    "I don't get it, why is there so much tension between Erwin and him? I mean it's not like they competed for spots, they were barely on the same team!" You knew you were mostly talking to yourself, Levi wasn't big on gossip, in fact, he despised it.

    "That may be true, but they participated in the Model UN team together for a period of time. I think that's where it started." Levi surprised you with his honesty, you looked up at him in awe as the two of you untangled yourselves to pull on coats and shoes.

    "I guess that would make sense, but Erwin isn't usually...so petty," you said, scrunching your nose, wondering what Zeke could have done to get so deeply under your brother's skin.

    "I guess we'll never know," Levi said as he pulled the door open for the two of you and gestured for you to exit first. You sighed and nodded in agreement, having had enough drama for a whole year.

    The ride back was quick and a lot quieter than usual, seeing as Levi didn't take the time to pop in his usual CD. You were surprised, he always made time to put on music, but you guessed that he just wanted to be rid of the party atmosphere as soon as possible. So when you arrived at your dark house, you were quick to unlock the door and fill up a water bottle, as well as pop some Advil to deter headaches. Levi chugged a glass of water and wiped his finger absentmindedly on the countertop and grimaced.

    "It's been a month and this place is in shambles." He grunted as he swiped a dishrag to wipe his hands off with. You rolled your eyes but still sauntered over and leaned into him, he grunted as his spine made contact with the cool marble, but he couldn't complain much.

    "I did miss your cleaning binges," you mumbled into his neck and he hummed.

    "Let's go to bed." You pleaded as you tugged on his shirt he sighed and pushed against you, urging you to stand up.

    "Your bed or mine?" He asked a bit playfully, and you pondered for a moment before deciding that his bed sounded better.

    "Yours, my bed is getting kind of boring." You said with a shrug and he let out a scoff at your reasoning.

    "Fair enough." He chuckled lightly as he flipped the light switch off and the two of you carefully picked your way down the stairs into the basement. Levi's room was very minimalistic, technically it was supposed to be your guest bedroom. But around four years ago your mom had redone it to better suit Levi. Painting the walls grey and having the carpet torn out and replaced with hardwood floors. It was nice, and Levi made sure to keep it that way. He peeled back the comforter and held it back for you to climb under. You smiled up at him as you did so, and he followed behind you, his weight causing the bed to dip. You rolled onto your side as he did the same, your both stared at one another, breaths mingling as you shared a pillow.

    "Your hair has gotten longer." You said, reaching up and threading your hands through his hair, fingertips grazing his undercut.

    "I gotta cut it." He sighed as he reached up and held your wrist as you scratched at his scalp.

    "I kinda like it long." You mumbled with a sly smile as he leaned into your touch.

    "Well, I don't," Levi grunted stubbornly as you tugged at his roots, pulling his face closer to yours.

    "Pity." You whispered as you finally pressed your lips to his he sighed into your mouth and looped his arms around you, pulling you flush against him. You basked in his warmth, his subtle cologne, and even the smell of his shampoo. He pulled back, lips leaving yours with a quiet smacking sound, he then rolled onto his back, pulling you with him so that you were half on top of him. He slid his hand down your body and grabbed your thigh, pulling it over his hips. You nuzzled into his chest, the sound of his heart beating slowly lulling you to sleep. He absently rubbed your back, hand slipping beneath your sweatshirt before resting between your shoulders.

    "What do you want for breakfast tomorrow morning?" You hummed sleepily, pressing a kiss to his collar bone while you waited for his response.

    "I could care less." He mumbled into the top of your head and you pressed yourself closer.

    "I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there." You said, feeling your eyelids droop, he hummed in agreement and pressed a kiss to your scalp, for a moment you could've sworn you felt his lips curl upwards into a smile.

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    Oh shiiiiit


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    Attack on Titan The Final Season P2 Trailer

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    Okay so obviously the Attack On Titan manga ended a while ago, and with the beginning of the end starting January 9 (-ish?), I'd like to bring you back some memories you may have forgotten, or missed, from all those years ago, because I do miss it, because those were the good old days, and because I'm nostalgic rn;

    Back when Eren was just a kid, who wanted all the titans gone, and had just unlocked this potential to be a great hero and end life stuck behind the walls. In a less villainous way.

    Back when humanity were only behind the walls.

    Back when Miche, and Reiner were just two side characters that had little to zero content.

    Back when half the Levi fanfics had Petra painted as a mean ex, or jealous rival. She didnt deserve it, no question about it, but we needed a mean girl.

    Back when fanfic headcanons has Erwin in them, and are now he seems to always be replaced by Zeke? As if half the fandom seamlessly forgot about him now he's dead? Or that this younger generation of watchers just don't appreciate him like we used to? At least levi would never do that. (Little do you know [redacted] [redacted] too!)

    Back when Sasha was just the potato girl.

    And Jean was just a horse.

    And Hange was just a dirty, four-eyed, titan fucker.

    And Armin was just a scared kid who wanted to see the ocean.

    And the fandom universally agreed Levi was the best character.

    And Reiner and Bertholdt were just two characters who seemed to fill in empty space.

    And Connie was just- actually Connie was barely anything. Which still hasn't changed that much.

    And everyone, EVERYONE, would make what they thought were top tier Marco jokes, but then cry if someone else made them.

    Looking at it, I didn't seem so great, but compared to now, I do miss it sometimes. It was less stressful.

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