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    19.04.2021 - 3 hours ago

    by ****

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    19.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Titan Pulled an ME3...

    https://www.cbr.com/attack-on-titan-petition-change-manga-finale-ending/ Dunno what that is? Look it up sometime. But there’s no question that not only was Isayama not able to live up to the hype surrounding the final chapter, but he didn’t even attempt to come close to managing a passable conclusion.  I don’t think any amount of patching or revision is going to fix this ending, if you can even call it that. Because you got the rest of the Marley and War on Paradis arcs anchored to it. And I can safely say the story makes a lot more sense if you just forget anything that happened after they finally reached the Ocean. Everything built around the Time Loop and those Marley shits is why the series ultimately went to shit. The events of Season Four should just be considered NON-CANON. It’s totally out of touch with everything that preceded it. And it demonstrates how out of touch the man himself is.  Seeing the kind of investment put into interpreting Isayama’s intentions and symbolism is really something else. With so many plot points amounting to little or nothing at all, let’s call it what it is: Bad writing. Feels like every twist and turn was simply geared towards seeing what he could get away with or how much he could test the fans. That’s the way I see it. You can’t honestly take a story about giant mindless cannibals and treat it as a serious war commentary, that’s the ultimate delusion behind the final act. 

    Totally would support a far better ending than this, but there’s too little to salvage. Post-Ocean Attack on Titan is NOT canon. 

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  • tsukibraun
    19.04.2021 - 8 hours ago

    would the AOT men let you have a boy best friend?

    eren yeager

    you must be deranged if you think this boy would let you have a guy best friend. he’s your only guy best friend, no one else. kid would literally kill the man.

    armin arlert

    armin wouldn’t care honestly. he’d probably become good friends with him himself if they weren’t already before. if he gets too close or flirty then i think armin would address it, but other than that, he’s a chill dude.

    connie springer

    completely oblivious. probably the guy’s best friend too.

    jean kirschtien

    he would let it happen, but he wouldn’t like it. he’s not the type to be super controlling, but he would definitely be extremely passive aggressive and make smart remarks to the guy pretty often. also touching and kissing you more often when he’s around, or keeping an eye out whenever he was away from you two.

    marco bott

    are you kidding me? of course. similar to armin, he’d probably become friends with the guy himself if they weren’t friends already. he’d probably invite him to stuff as well, and even hanging out with him individually from time to time. anyone who is a friend of yours is a friend of his. (he deserves the world :’))

    bertholdt hoover

    berdolt honestly does not care, he probably wouldn’t even realize at first 💀 jean or reiner would probably be the one to bring it to his attention, but he’d probably be like “so?”. doesn’t care as long as the guy doesn’t blatantly flirt and knows his place, berdolt is cool with it.

    reiner braun

    huge. jealous. baby. he would be jealous, but he would also want you to be happy, so he probably wouldn’t say anything. he’d also probably compare himself to whoever it is, trying to see what he has that reiner didn’t. you’d probably catch on tho and remind him that reiner is fine the way he is, and there’s a reason he’s your boyfriend instead. 😊

    levi ackerman


    erwin smith

    also no.

    zeke yeager

    this also really depends. he might be cool with it if he likes him, but if he doesn’t trust him then you better believe that friendship is over. done. no longer existent.

    hello, ty for reading this!! if i should do part 2 then jus lmk! i will also be doing this with mha and haikyuu, so stay tuned! stay safe and have a great day~!

    #attack on titan #attack on titan season 4 #attack on titan headcanons #aot headcanons #attack on titan jean #jean kirstein#eren yeager#eren jeager#eren aot#zeke jeager#zeke yeager#connie springer#armin arlert#marco bott#reiner braun#bertholdt hoover#levi ackerman#erwin smith #attack on titan x reader #attack on titan scenarios #aot imagines#yuh
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  • plutowrites
    18.04.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Golden Jaeger ❀ pt. 1

     ❀ pairing: zeke x fem!reader
    ❀ summary: Your relationship with Zeke was almost non-existent; you were the waitress at his family owned diner and he was the cook but when he comes to you for a favor that you can’t deny, how far is too far?
    ❀ contains: fake dating, slight profanity, diner setting, modern au
    ❀ word count: 1.8k
    a/n: i have nothing to say except zeke on the brain heavy rn..monkee man..grr...oh also pls lmk your thoughts!! i would love to hear all of them♡

    “Since when were we allowed to smoke indoors?” Porco mumbles under his breath, coming up behind you. You feel his body press right against your back as he clumsily nudges his shoulder with yours.

    You didn’t need to look around to find out who the culprit was, it could really only be one person. “We’re not, so don’t get any ideas.” You reply, wiping down the countertop with a damp rag. You make a face when your fingertip touches an identifiable, sticky substance but you make sure to clean it off.

    “If he gets to do it why can’t I? I don’t see you t—” Porco stops mid sentence when he looks up from his phone to meet your fiery glare. You bend down to grab a spray bottle filled with a combination of clorox and other cleaning products that you can’t name and wave it in his face.

    “You don’t look busy enough, table 6 needs cleaning.”

    Porco smirks. “I’m officially off the clock princess.” He points to the owl shaped wall clock hanging above the exit door. “Sorry.” He fake pouts, except you and him both know he wasn’t sorry at all.

    “Where’s Pieck? She’s supposed to be in by now.”

    “She’s probably still sleeping.”

    “But it's 8pm?”

    “You say that like anything she does makes sense.” Porco shrugs. “I was going to ask if you were going to go to the party tonight but—” He shakes his head, laughing to himself. “—looks like you’ll be spending saturday night with monkey man.” Before he heads out, Porco sends you a final salute, still wearing a sinister smirk on his face.

    You totally forgot there was a party tonight. You sigh loudly, it’s not like you could’ve gone anyways. Besides, Connie was hosting and as much fun as his parties typically were, the police always ended up in his driveway before midnight—you doubt tonight would be any different.

    After the last of the customers leave and you clean up the mess they left behind. You make sure to mop the floors, count the money in the register, and put up all the chairs. It was only you and Zeke left in the diner, the other workers heading out early after you told them to since it was a slow night. You hum to yourself as you spray down window after window with windex until your reflection in them was clear as day.

    “You plan on working here forever?” You hear Zeke shout out behind you. You stop spraying and turn around to face him. He’s leaning against the very same countertop you just made spotless minutes ago and it’s taking everything in you not to scold him for it.

    “Why do you ask?” You reply dryly, going back to the task at hand. You could go an entire shift not speaking directly to Zeke. The furthest any communication with him goes is you shouting out an order and him grunting in response to indicate he heard it. Once the food is ready he’ll press the bell and you would serve the food to the corresponding table, that’s it. And this system seems to be working fairly well so far for all parties involved.

    “You bust your ass every time you come in here and for what? Minimum wage? Or do you get some sort of pride from being the most anal person here?”

    “Not all of us can afford to goof off like you.” You spit back.

    “And what’s that supposed to mean?” Zeke responds, you can hear the amusement in his voice—as if this conversation was nothing more than something he’s engaging in to pass the time. As if he didn’t just insult you despite how hard you work to keep this place running smoothly.

    “Come on. You really need me to remind you that your parents literally own this place?”

    “I guess you’re right but that still doesn’t explain why you work so hard, especially considering Carla loves you.”

    Your heart warms at the mention of Carla, the diner co-owner who you admire to bits. “I can’t let her down.” You shrug.

    “You could’ve at least went to the party tonight.” So he was eavesdropping in the conversation you had earlier with Porco. You wonder what else he heard from all the way back in the kitchen.

    “Are you bored? You seem bored. How about you do something productive and wipe down the rest of the windows” You pick up and throw the roll of paper towel situated on the ground near your foot at Zeke. He lets it fall to the floor.

    “Ah but I’m having fun talking to you.” He coos, sliding himself into the booth nearest to you. He folds his hands like a school kid waiting to be called on and cocks his head to the side as he gazes at you. When he catches you staring back, he smiles. “What are your plans after you graduate?”

    “Why do you care?”

    Zeke chuckles, shaking his head gently which makes the blonde mess on top of his head flop side to side. “Not one for conversation, I see. Makes sense why we don’t ever really talk to each other.”

    “No one ever talks to you.” You snort but instantly regret it. You didn’t mean to come off as rude, you hated the way you sounded.

    “Pieck talks to me.” He scoffs.

    “She talks to everyone. She’s a sweetheart.” You find yourself making your way over to the booth and sitting across from Zeke. You convince yourself you’re only engaging in conversation because you’re bored and need human interaction. Closing up the diner by yourself always made you feel lonely. “You know you can go home right? I can finish up here by myself, I’ve done it a million times.”

    “Oh trust me I’m not here to help you if that’s what you think.”

    You roll your eyes. “Then why are you still here Zeke?”

    He opens his mouth then closes it, struggling to find the right words to use. His grey eyes dart away from your face and down at his hands. A few awkward moments pass before you decide to break the silence.

    “Zeke? Why are you still here?”

    “I need a favour.” When he sees your eyebrows raise in suspicion, he adds, “It’s nothing major.”

    “Okay. What is it?”

    “Are you busy on the 24th?”

    You knew immediately that you were—that day was Carla’s and Grisha’s vow renewal ceremony for their 20th wedding anniversary and you were attending, everyone from the diner was. “Yeah I am and so are you.” You cock your head to the side in confusion, unable to pinpoint where he’s going with this. There’s no way he could’ve forgotten such an important event, Carla would never let him.

    “Right.” His long, slender fingers drum across the tabletop. “I need you to be my date.”

    A snort escapes your lips and your hand flies to your mouth. “Be serious Zeke, what do you want?” You ask, patiently waiting for him to break character and laugh with you except he doesn't. He’s staring at you with a blank look on his face.

    “I am being serious, Y/n. It’s hilarious though right?” He says, still wearing that deadpan expression. “Laugh some more, it’s only my pride on the line.”

    You finally stop giggling but the smile on your face remains. “Okay, I’ll bite. Why do you need me to be your date?”

    “Carla has been hounding me about it for months, man. Eren has his date and she wants me to have one too.”

    “What about the hundreds of girls and...milfs that show up here asking if Z is working?” You lean forward, pressing your hands flat on the table. “Why can’t you take one of them?”

    “I can’t”

    “Why not?”

    “I can’t.”


    “I just can’t! Okay? Damn.”

    You close your eyes and pinch the bridge of your nose. You’re trying to think of any way to get out of this. And then it suddenly hits you. “Pieck.” You whisper and Zeke squints at you. “Pieck.” You repeat, louder like a mad detective who just connected the dots to crack their latest case.

    “No.” Zeke simply replies, giving it no thought.

    You groan loudly, slamming your palms against the tabletop. “Why the hell not? She can tolerate you!”

    “And you can’t?”

    You ignore him. “Why not her?”

    “Because I told Carla I was dating you.” He whispers, unable to look you in the eyes.

    You must’ve heard him incorrectly, there was no way he said what you think he just said. “I beg your pardon?”

    “Y/N I’m sorry. I mistakenly told her I was seeing someone when I wasn’t just to get her off my back. I thought if I made up this imaginary girlfriend she’d drop the subject but then she kept asking more and more about her and I kept feeding into it, describing this perfect person.” He exhales before continuing. “She asked if it was you and you should’ve seen the way her eyes lit up. She was so convinced it was you, Y/n and I didn’t have the heart to tell her that it wasn’t. I didn’t know how to tell her that this perfect girlfriend doesn’t exist at all.”

    “Zeke” you sighed out in annoyance. “Did you even think this through? I go to the ceremony with you then what? We live happily ever after together?”

    “Only if you want to baby.” You shoot him a glare and he smiles apologetically in response. “Sorry. After the ceremony is over you won’t have to talk to me ever again. I promise.” He raises both hands before placing one over his chest. “I promise.”

    “How does that even work?” You groan, frustrated at Zeke’s lack of attention to detail. How could he possibly think Carla would buy this act for even a second?

    “I’ll just tell everyone we broke up. Look it doesn’t matter, let me work out everything on my own. I just need you for one day.” He pauses before chuckling, like he just remembered something. “Well, every day leading up to that day too. We still need everyone to believe we’re actually a couple.”

    You stare up at the ceiling, silently cursing Zeke for even putting you in such a predicament. You want to say no—you want to say no so badly but the vision of Carla’s face dropping when you and Zeke walk into the reception separately makes your stomach curl. You couldn’t do that to her.

    “For Carla.”


    “I’m doing this for her, not you.” You say and Zeke nods his head knowingly. “Two weeks until the 24th. We have exactly two weeks to convince everyone we’re together.” You wipe your palms on your work uniform and get up from your seat.

    “Where are you going?”


    “Aren’t you going to finish up closing?”

    “Nah.” You grin sheepishly. “You are.” You watch him open his mouth to contest but you raise your hand to stop him. “You owe me Zeke. Big time.”

    ❀taglist : @bunny-xoxo​ @peachysimp​ @ackerpotato​ @expectoscamander​

    #zeke jaeger #zeke x reader #aot#snk #attack on titan fanfiction #zeke fanfiction#zeke yeager#carla jaeger#grisha jaeger#porco galliard#pieck finger #aot x reader #snk x reader #zeke x you #zeke jaeger x reader #zeke yeager x reader
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    Yeagers in various AUs by ***

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    18.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Levi VS Beast Titan - Round 1 (Manga/Anime)

    進撃の巨人 S3 Ep. 17: Hero

    The last one got over 2k notes, so I did another. 😋

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    18.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Spicy headcanons pt 2 bc no one can stop me

    Reiner has a massive cock, i wonder if people still think otherwise (i doubt it)

    I read somewhere that porco don’t have a large cock, but a thick one (like a can) and damn i mean, true.

    Pls i read this on twitter: Erwin likes to fuck you against his office door, so when someone calls him from outside u know asking for a paper or whatever he’ll still thrusting on you but he just answers like nothings happening while he puts his palm on your mouth bc its just so good u can’t shut up.

    I’m never shutting up about Erwin, this secs position literally makes me blush when i think about it: its missionary style, but when he knows you’re a mess he puts one of your legs on his shoulder and he cross one arm behind your back grabbing on your shoulder so he can reach deep deep inside of you, like hard, that shit be doing crazy smacking sound. Also, he teases you by pulling his dick out and rubbing it against your clit (pls why am i blushing so hard)

    I think Armin would be a slut for cockwarming, like just you sitting there and maybe clunching around him on purpose.

    Eren would spit in your mouth... yk its true. And he would also take your hand and suck your fingers while you ride him, looking up with that damn mischievous smile ugh fuck him (def slaps ur 🐱)

    If you want to sit in someone’s face just call Connie, no matter the size of ur thigs believe me he does not care at all. He is probably the one chasing u around begging you to sit on his face.

    Zeke is soooo into choking, both ways. even when’s just one kiss he’ll grab your neck and you better do the same otherwise he would take your hand himself and guide it to his neck

    I really don’t have that much spicy headcanons for Levi bc a big part of me considers him ace but i do feel that he loves when you suck on his nipples, like at first you would do it but just for a second bc u didn’t thought he’ll like that, but then one time he grabbed your hair to keep your mouth in place... i think it makes sense.

    and now imma leave so i can actually focus on my uni tasks, i just needed to post this before to keep my head balanced. if u see any typos just ignore it i don’t have time 4 dis second language bullshit

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    18.04.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I need everyone to know this is 100% Zeke at Disney

    Maybe Eren too

    #zeke yeager#zeke jeager #zeke x reader #attack on titan #eren x reader
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  • kotokanai
    18.04.2021 - 16 hours ago

    Zeke colored sketch

    Kinda like the colors I used in this one

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  • just-another-evil-immortal
    18.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I can’t explain why but Zeke is like a fusion of Thorkell and Canute from Vinalnd Saga

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  • zeke-week-2021
    18.04.2021 - 17 hours ago

    I just wanted to update yall on this event, I’ll be managing everything alone since noone applied but that’s probably not gonna be a problem since I don’t expect this to get very big anyways.

    The form for prompts is still open, here it is, feel free to suggest as many as possible. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeeAS2eeCsXFRBiwg0V33fW0wmybFLBV-6OZScWV7C02ZihVQ/viewform?usp=sf_link

    ALso I’m working on the rules currently, they should be out in the next few days and once I have enogh prompts I’ll gave yall a date for the week!

    #Zeke Yeager #Zeke Yeager week 2021
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  • ghost-party
    18.04.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #ghost-party’s café ☕️ #attack on titan #aot#zeke jaeger #zeke x reader #zeke jaeger x reader #zeke yeager #zeke yeager x reader
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  • just-another-evil-immortal
    18.04.2021 - 18 hours ago

    here is more(kinda cursed?) modern AU

    - this might be controversial but Zeke is a furry, I don’t take criizism

    -Armin is both a weeb and a cosplayer, He cosplays male and female characters and got hit on by staright men even out of cosplay a few times.

    -Eren is the kind of person to punch holes in drywalls. He’s also pretty edgy and listens to metalcore

    -Floch is a 4chan troll and constantly quotes copypastas. He’d also say he’s superstraight but he’s actually gay and in love with Eren and his internalized homophobia would never let him admit it. He’s also probably on the nb spectrum but wouldn’t admit that either because internalized transphobia.

    -Annie once ate a bug in elementary school to freak outBert and reiner, she still sometimes does it when she’s alone with either or both of them. Noone ever believes them when they tell anyone

    -Reiner Gave his dick a nick name and sometimes will tell people he can’t go out because he has something planned with *name he gave his dick* which just means he’s gonna spend the evening jacking off

    -Bert gets extremly cold very fast and always wears thick hoodies and jackets, even in summer but he also sweats like hell which means he’s always sweaty. He also keeps his socks on when sleeping

    -Connie doesn’t shower, he uses deodorant as a replacement. He’s also addicted to energy drinks and plays fortnite

    -Jean unironically does the lip bite thing

    -Sasha eats everything, there is nothing which she wouldn’t eat. Once someone gave her 5$ so she’d lick the floor. She did it. She also constantly eats during class and somehow the teachers never catch her.

    -Pieck walks on all fours very often, she also sometimes randomly lays down on the floor when she’s tired. If she eats something phallic, like a banana she locks eyes with the nearest man she knows, not in a sexual way but in a very threatning one.

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  • torilovestowrite
    18.04.2021 - 19 hours ago
    title: romance in struggle
    pair: zeke yeager x reader
    words: 3k+
    content warning: n/sfw themes, ROYAL AU, ZEKE IS A KING HERE Y’ALL, READER IS A MARLEYAN PRINCESS, female-bodied reader/afab! reader, reader uses she/her pronouns, mentions of pregnancy, angst, mentions of blood, age difference (reader is 18 while zeke is 24) conservative mindset, mentions of blood, FORBIDDEN LOVE TROUPE, S/MUT, BREEDING KINK, CREAMPIE
    synopsis: in which y/n l/n, a princess of the marleyan kingdom, ends up having an affair with zeke yeager— the kingdom’s traitor who caused a huge terror for nobles in marley.

    “my little ymir, don’t you think it’s a lovely day today?” y/n rubbed blonde child’s back as both of them watched the sunrise under a huge oak tree after hanging some laundry in their backyard. “look how fresh the air is.”

    “yes! but you know what’s prettier, mama?” ymir responded happily as she held her mother’s hand, placing a small yellow daffodil on her ear, almost like an accessory. “of course, it’s you!”

    y/n looked sadly at her daughter— her eyes glimmered in the midst of the dawn; staring at her mother who had a brooding look in her eyes. all the young girl wants is to make her mother smile. even though she would let out soft giggles from her lips and smile few times ever since she was born, ymir could still see a glint of loneliness in her eyes.

    “you have the prettiest eyes, ymir.” y/n kissed her forehead as she continued to mutter under her breath, “it’s just like his eyes.”

    her daughter’s eyes beamed as she asked, “like father?”

    y/n smiled at her young child. yes, she is only five— but she’s perceptive as ever. unlike other children, ymir was sensitive towards how others are feeling around her. seems that she got her mama’s personality, huh? but there are no doubts— that ymir, her daughter, is his’; for her long blonde hair and her deep grey eyes could speak in behalf of her.

    “yes,” y/n almost cried before she could even mention him. just the sound of his name makes her guts feel uneasy. “just like your father.”

    her eyes looked upon the sky as she recalled her memories— a bittersweet tragedy that took place five years ago; right before her little ymir was born.

    “are you really going?” y/n asked the blond man as she held his wrist back in an attempt to stop him from leaving. her eyes gaze upon him— yearning for his affection; for his love— to make him admit that he would come back sooner.

    zeke yeager— an untouchable man who’s willing to use all the means in order to achieve his goals. It’s almost like the eldian man— whose kingdom has been enslaved by the marleyans for almost 20 years; has no heart.

    y/n l/n— the princess of the marleyan empire, has fallen in love with zeke yeager. she once met him while she ran away from the palace, getting lost in the middle of a dark prairie. being 18 during those days, the younger woman could still remember the cold stare that he held as she was crying in front of the lake after hearing her father’s decision. her clan wanted to marry her off to a man named willy tybur; another royalty— and to become one of his concubines in order to combine the powers of their clans— to sustain a supreme empire.

    as she was having her laments, zeke caught y/n and spoke to her; and she found a friend in him with his words filled with sarcastic jokes— yet unbelievable truths. during her free time, she would come visit the forestries in order to share her feelings, laments... and he would entertain it. slowly, y/n began having feelings for the man, craving more than of his attention— but also, his affection; his kisses and hugs.

    gladly, zeke felt the same. the two became a couple and secretly met during the night inside his tiny cabin filled with secrets. y/n could still recall the first time they kissed. it was her first, and she was glad that it was her first love for his lips felt warm on her. it was everything to a maiden like her— oh, how she wishes they could stay that way for the rest of her life! y/n loved the older male more than anything. she loved with a love that is stronger than love itself.

    Little did she know, zeke spelled danger for the marleyans, as he was one of the last yeagers— the royal clan of eldia— who were killed and burned by her own clan. aside from that, the 24-year old man was deemed as a ruthless man for robbing from the marleyan nobles and even to the point of burning their lands, just like how they have dealt with eldia two decades ago.

    but the young lady knows him well— zeke explained that he wouldn’t do those incidents simply for himself; but rather, he did it for his own people. the stolen goods that he was able to obtain were distributed among the poor eldians who were enslaved, starved, and abused by their marleyan lords who were only concerned with their own wealth and earthly riches. their desire for power made zeke disgusted. as a royalty who is in line to inherit the crown— if the marleyans did not kill his own family and abducted his brother, eren; he knows that power is needed to preserve sovereignty in a nation. but unlike them, zeke knows how to gain the respect of the people— and that is through giving back the services that they deserve.

    “i need to leave. you know how the circumstances are for me right now, y/n.” zeke sighed as he kissed the young lady’s forehead— pulling her closer and kissing her tears away.

    apparently, the romantic nights have ended for the couple— slapping them both of the harsh reality; that their clans are born to become enemies. and that they were born to be star-crossed lovers— only meant to meet; but not to end up together no matter how strong their feelings are.

    “d-don’t do this to me, zeke. please. don’t leave me just like this.” y/n sobbed as she kneeled in front of zeke— begging him not to leave; gripping his hand tightly. her hands were shaking and her cries were getting louder. the older male did not want to see his little doll depressed over this. he helped her stand from the wooden floor of his cabin; giving her a kiss on the lips.

    y/n felt like melting under his touch— his calloused hands which were much bigger than hers’ were warm; his lips and the way their tongue danced together felt warm too. the younger lady could feel his touch all over her body; as if the burning passion around their souls were bringing them together.

    zeke lifted her from the ground, holding and carrying her towards the bed that was inside his room. the blond male wanted to leave a mark before he goes to an important mission— to find his brother, eren, and to start a war against the marleyans in order to free the eldian empire and to bring back the supremacy of the yeager clan.

    he started slowly undressing y/n— their hands intertwined together as he bruised her body with his mouth; from her neck down to her belly. zeke was about to go feral at the sight of the young princess being completely submissive and compliant under his touch— it was a different kind of power to him; almost like an achievement.

    “do you want me, y/n?” he asked as y/n helped in stripping him off his fabric— unbuttoning his polo and letting the clothing fall down from his torso. he placed his hands on her now naked thighs, positioning himself in the middle of her legs as he rubbed his erected member on her glistening bud. “do you want me to deflower you, my pretty lady?”

    y/n pulled him closer, placing her hands on his back and feeling his touch as she responded, “yes, i would like to feel closer to you, zeke.”

    and he sheathed his enraged member inside her moist insides— her walls tightly clenching around his member— causing her to claw on his back as she began to adjust according to his size. zeke could see a small trickle of blood coming out from her whole where his long rod of warmth rested. to make her more comfortable, he rubbed her tiny clit with his thumb, trying to soothe the pain that she was feeling.

    as he started to do this, y/n felt herself get excited; her nipples began to stand erect— and as soon as zeke saw this, he didn’t miss the chance to put her right breast in his mouth— sucking her chest like a newborn infant.

    “y-you can move now.” y/n gave him a peck on the lips as he started to move— causing the young woman to moan because of the friction between their bodies. they were sweating everywhere— but both of them care less; they wanted to be closer together— to live in the moment; fucking as if it’s their last time. i mean, who knows? knowing what could happen the next day, what if he actually disappears from her life forever?

    his pacing began to become faster and his acts became even more merciless. his huge hands were gripping her jaw tightly as his thrusts were harsh— as if her insides were bruising. but the pain it gave her did not surpass the pleasure that she was feeling. his hands travelled down to her hips as he whispered to her ears as his breathing became erratic. “d-do you want me to breed you, my pretty woman? y-you want my seed, huh?”

    y/n frantically nodded as he gripped her hips tightly, groaning loudly while he came inside her— totally filling her insides. as he was riding his orgasm, she began to call his name loudly, letting out her juices while clenching both of her fists on the bed sheet.

    shortly after, y/n fell asleep beside him— and zeke had no choice but to look at her dearly. in his eyes, the young princess was the most beautiful woman. the blond man wished that one day, if he would be given the chance to meet her again, freedom would be granted upon them— the freedom to love and to choose the person you desire. yet he has no choice but to lament for there were shackles separating their beings no matter how much their hearts yearn from one another.

    “i’m sorry, y/n.” zeke did not realize how a tear fell from his eye. “i’m sorry that this had to happen.”

    y/n felt a strong slap on her cheek as her own father, the king of marleyans, stared at her in disgust. her mother was sobbing uncontrollably as she watched his daughter being tormented and judged by her own husband. the younger female just touched her cheek as a response to his anger.

    “you ungrateful imbecile! i didn’t know you were whoring around while—“ the king held the temples of his head in frustration, feeling a strong pain as he scolded his daughter. “what have you done, y/n?! you have brought nothing but shame to the family!”

    it’s been a month since the last time she saw zeke. after they spent the night together, y/n was left with a saddening letter— a letter of goodbye coming from the only man she loved. and she felt nothing— but only devastation for it was written:

    dear my pretty y/n,

    i just want you to know that i dearly love you and i treasure you so much. i believe that amongst all the women who have tried to reach out to me, you are the most memorable— for i have loved you greatly. i love you so much. but i’m afraid that i’ll have to drift apart from you because of our huge differences.

    you are a marleyan while i’m an eldian. the grudge that our ancestors have casted upon each other is what separated us. but in my heart, you are always there.

    i wish we weren’t suffering like this— that we were free enough to express our love.

    your beloved,

    zeke yeager

    after that night, y/n faced the consequences of being attached to him— while alone, she cried intensely during the nights; yearning for her dear lover’s presence— to see him; to feel his touch, and to speak with him again.

    a month later, there were changes in y/n’s body. she always felt sick and even gained a bit of weight even when trying to eat less. her father, the king, decided to let the palace doctors examine her body— only to find out that she was carrying a child. the news made her father furious— throwing expensive ornaments around the palace while shouting as his wife could do nothing but to weep and to calm him down.

    y/n wasn’t even speaking. she just stood there— weeping; it’s not because of the pain of being slapped; but the pain of disappointing your parents hits different to her— because she was known as a goody-two-shoes; as someone who have always obeyed them. and it’s her first time letting them down.

    “who is the father of that filthy child?!” her father asked while still blazing in anger. y/n touched her belly as she began to swallow before speaking nervously. her response earned her another slap from her father— but this time, it was stronger than the first one— obviously filled with an intense rage.

    “the father of my child... is an eldian.”

    that was the queue for her to leave the palace. after that night, y/n l/n’s name was erased from the list of the royal family members. her furious father wanted to kill her— but her dear mother begged for her life. as a result, she was exiled to a far away country where she lived alone and gave birth to her daughter, ymir. she was named ymir because zeke has always expressed his admiration towards his ancestor— an iconic woman for eldians; for she helped so much in developing and enhancing their empire.

    ymir was a loud child who always cried loudly for her needs— but y/n still loved her dearly despite all the hardships and all the judgements she received for being an unmarried mother. with her daughter being born, y/n began to protect both of themselves from the society— avoiding any news about the eldia and marleyan war— which broke out few months after ymir was born. when y/n heard of this, a spark of hope came across her body— what if zeke came out alive? what if he managed to seize his land back and is still alive?

    yet among all these years, there were nothing. nothing tried to reach out towards them— it has been always her and ymir; just the two of them. and so, the young woman, now at the age of 23, considered him dead. if he was alive, he would have been probably 29 by now— and if he managed to claim eldia once again, he would have been the king, right? then if that’s the case, he could have made an effort to find them. but nothing came up all these years. therefore, y/n concluded that zeke died during his mission at some point.

    until she heard that name again. after hanging their laundry, y/n and ymir would go to the supermarket, buying all their food and essentials. the young mother heard of his name— zeke yeager; the older women were talking about him— the king who managed to retrieve the eldian empire and took over the whole country after claiming freedom from the marleyans. apparently, the economy of marley failed after that war; as they were isolated from creating trades outside of the country as a sanction for enslaving over millions of people. the sympathy fell upon the eldian race— a now free country loved by the people around the world; and the yeager clan was known as a marvelous family for protecting and freeing their own people.

    “the king of eldia? zeke yeager? visiting a small country like ours? oh, how flattering!” the older woman chattered as she giggled at her friend while selling some freshly-ripe fruits in their stall. “i heard that he’s in search for a wife, right? my, my... only if i was a little younger!”

    at first, y/n took the news lightly. it could be a hoax, right? also, despite this country being small, there’s a very small probability of them crossing paths. zeke won’t be able to find them, she thought— until she saw a huge carriage outside of their tiny home in the middle of grasslands. y/n peeked from their house’s small window to see a tall blonde man coming out of the huge vehicle. his shoulders were broad and he has a bit of facial hair. the young lady’s eyes widened as she saw who followed. he looked healthy compared to the last time they saw each other.

    “z-zeke...” y/n cried as she looked at her 5-year-old child playing with her tiny dolls in the living room while sitting on top of the floor.

    y/n’s cries became louder as the blond man knocked on the door— waited for their response; in which ymir opened the door. zeke’s eyes widened as he gazed upon ymir. the moment his eyes landed on the young girl, he knew— he knew that the 5-year-old girl was his daughter— a piece of his and y/n’s flesh and blood. zeke hugged the young child as he cried, “i-i finally found you...” ymir, the 5-year-old girl, was left confused and speechless— but the moment she saw her mother’s face, she realized who he was— zeke yeager, the last of the yeager clan— is her father.

    few days after their small yet joyful reunification, y/n moved in along with zeke inside the eldian palace. as soon as the news spread like wildfire, the people were enraged that zeke have chosen a woman who was once a descendant of the enemy— but he loved her greatly. the whole five years that he has been fighting, y/n has left a whole in his heart— a huge hole that only her love and presence could heal. therefore, he couldn’t help himself but to find her no matter where it takes him— whether it takes him to the corners of this lonely and dangerous world or to the hands of the grim reaper.

    think of it, romance and war struggles are both different— and when it is mixed, it could hurt people. but there’s nothing better than the feeling of having your loved ones by your side after years of battle scars, armed struggles, and bloodshed with enemies.


    also, maybe after this, i’ll make a reiner smau. what do u guys think ^___^


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    Either Zekes beard is incredibly well groomed and he buys expensive styling and care products or he doesn’t know you’re supossed to wash beards, there is no in between.

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    behind the scenes of AoT;😆

    (CREDITS TO @ArtesDeAly on Twitter)!!

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    I’m again thinking about how Zeke probably had no close personal friends. Annie got kinda attached to the 104th and Hitch and Reiner was probably dragged along by Bert and later by Pieck but I can’t imagine anyone doing that with Zeke. He probably kept some emotional distance from the other warriors to make sure he wouldn’t get hurt when betraying them and didn’t try to find any friends outside of them since, again, he would get hurt if he were to betray them. The closest to a friend he may have gotten was probably Yelena but she was more obsessed with him than a friend.

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    A poor summary of Zeke's character, (Levi and Pieck are tagged for being mentioned)

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    Eren it`s you

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