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    #demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba #mugen train#agatsuma zenitsu#nezuko kamado #zenitsu x nezuko #anime
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    #demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba #mugen train#nezuko kamado#agatsuma zenitsu #zenitsu x nezuko #anime
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    #demon slayer: kimetsu no yaiba #kimetsu no yaiba #mugen train#agatsuma zenitsu#inosuke hashibira#anime
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    zenitsu deserved to have lichtenberg figures as his demon slayer mark

    #i thought about this in the middle of church and nearly bolted upright in the middle of the sermon #kny#agatsuma zenitsu#demon slayer #no bc he didnt get a mark?? (i think i cant remember) and this would have been?? so cool?? goutouge you coward
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    Haru: Hey, dad? How do you ask someone out?

    Tanjiro: Oh, that’s easy! You—

    Zenitsu: Oh no, never ask Tanj for advice about that.

    Haru: Why?

    Zenitsu: Because your father asked me out when we were hiding in a locker when we were your age.

    Haru: And you said yes?

    Zenitsu: And I said yes

    #anime#japan#demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba #tanjiro#tanjiro kamado#zenitsu#zenitsu agatsuma#haru#haru kamado#tanzen#married tanzen#tanzen kid #haru is my name for tanjiro and zenitsu’s kid because why not lol ( also I couldn’t be that creative ) #they also have a daughter named juna because why not and don’t judge my name choices plz. like I said I am not creative with names lmao
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    Tanjiro: I’m in love with a guy who’s in love with my sister..and it hurts..

    Mitsuri: I’m so sorry you feel that way, Tanjiro. Love hurts a lot sometimes..

    Zenitsu: I only pretend to love Nezuko because I want to try and hide the fact that I love Tanjiro, yet he’s probably straight..

    Shinobu: I know how that feels..and it hurts a lot.

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    𝐊𝐢𝐦𝐞𝐭𝐬𝐮 𝐧𝐨 𝐘𝐚𝐢𝐛𝐚: 𝐌𝐮𝐠𝐞𝐧 𝐓𝐫𝐚𝐢𝐧

    — Like or reblog if you save ♡

    #kimetsu no yaiba #demon slayer #kimetsu no yaiba mugen train #demon slayer infinity train #kamado tanjiro#hashibira inosuke#kamado nezuko#agatsuma zenitsu#kyojuro rengoku#kagaya ubuyashiki#tengen uzui#giyuu tomioka#shinobu kocho#mitsuri kanroji#obanai iguro#gyomei himejima#muichiro tokito#sanemi shinazugawa #kimetsu no yaiba wallpaper #demon slayer wallpaper #kimetsu no yaiba lookscreen #demon slayer lookscreen
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    Demon Confusion ||| 悪魔の混乱 ||| Various x reader (Chapter 2)

    'Excuse me, but could I take that basket and a little straw and bamboo?' Tanjiro had asked a man. It was day time and since you couldn't be in the sun Tanjiro went to get a basket 'We don't mind. But the basket has a hole in it' the man said looking at the boy 'That's alright can I pay you?' Tanjiro asked always so thoughtful and caring 'No need. It's a broken basket' the man said 'Please let me pay' Tanjiro said as nice as he was he was equally stubborn 'No thank you. You can have the other stuff too' the man spoke shaking his head 'But I WANT to pay!' Tanjiro yelled 'WE DON'T WANT IT! What a stubborn kid!' The man yelled 'Just take it! It's only a few coins anyway!' Tanjiro yelled slamming some coins in the mans hand, then he walked towards the needed items 'Thank you very much!' Tanjiro got the items and walked back to were his siblings were.

    He arrived at a small cave, looking inside he thought he would see you but you were gone 'Hey, Nezuko were did (Y/N) go?' He asked looking at his sister worried 'Hmm? What do you mean, they should be there?' Nezuko asked kneeling next to her brother and looked inside 'HUH?! Were did they go?!' Nezuko yelled in shock when suddenly your head popped out of a hole they didn't see 'I'm right here' you spoke with an irritated face not entirely because of your siblings, but because of the sun, you used to love the warm rays of the sun, but now you looked at the day as something that can kill you.

    After a few minutes Tanjiro had made the basket more durable with no holes, crawling into the cave Nezuko and Tanjiro looked at you '(Y/N), will you fit in here? I want us to travel during the day. I'll carry you' Tanjiro explained showing you the basket. Getting out of your Mole Hole you stepped inside the basket and sat down, but you were definitely too big 'Hmm.....(Y/N) you're as big as an adult can you reverse that, and get smaller?' Tanjiro asked after a few seconds your body began to shrink until you were the size of a child. Both younger siblings were shocked that actually worked 'That's perfect! Good job' Nezuko praised as you gave her and Tanjiro head pats.

    Wrapping a cloth around the basket the two humans and demon were on their way again 'To get to Mount Sagiri, you first have to cross that mountain. The sun will set soon. And you're going to carry that huge load? And the both of you look so young it's dangerous' A lady spoke as her child clutched onto her side, both the siblings bowed thankful for her help and concern 'We'll be plenty careful. Thank you very much' the siblings said than began on their way 'People really do disappear up there. So don't get lost!' The woman yelled after the siblings, as they waved goodbye.

    The siblings have been walking for a while, earlier on the sun set so you were let out, you held both Tanjiro and Nezuko's hands, until you felt something dangerous nearby. Immediately you stopped confusing the pair '(Y/N), what's wrong?' the both of them asked stopping their movement as well facing you, suddenly Tanjiro knew why you stopped 'T-that's the sent of blood!' Tanjiro yelled running forward pulling you and Nezuko along with him 'Brother calm down!' Nezuko yelled trying to keep up with the pace 'These mountain paths are dangerous. Someone may be injured!' Tanjiro yelled as you three reached the temple.

    Tanjiro flung the damaged door open 'Is everyone alright!' Tanjiro yelled in worry but he fell quite with the scene in front of him, while Nezuko let out a gasp. It was a demon feasting on dead humans, at the sight you felt yourself begining to drool 'What?! Hey! This is MY territory! Get away from my feeding ground!' the demon spoke but you didn't care, you only stared at the bodies in hunger which made you DISGUSTED in yourself 'Hmm...? Something's wrong here. Are you three HUMAN?' The demon asked then he suddenly lounged at Tanjiro and punched Nezuko sending her back, quickly thinking Tanjiro grabbed his hatchet and swung at the demons neck 'A hatchet?! HA! HA! HA! Not bad! But a wound like this.....Will heal in no time! See the bleeding already stopped!' The demon spoke as his wound did in fact heal.

    The demon lunged at the boy again making sure his hatchet was kicked away 'You'll never do that again! I'm gonna snap your neck' the demon said not noticing a figure run up to him 'Leave my brother alone!' Nezuko yelled picking up the hatchet and jamming it into the demons head 'Ugh! You bitch!' the demon yelled in pain then suddenly brought his hand up, wrapping it around Nezuko's neck and slammed her down on the floor, making the two scream in pain as the demon began to choke them. Hearing the two cry in pain you came to your senses, and ran at the demon and kicked his head off making a dent in a tree from the impact.

    Both siblings looked at you shocked trying to catch their breaths '(Y-(Y/N)!' they yelled not noticing the headless body move to attack them, you brought you leg up and kicked it away putting a dent in another tree "I can't believe it! It just moved with it's head ripped off!" Tanjiro and Nezuko thought looking at the body horrified 'Why YOUU! I knew it one of you is a demon! Something didn't seem right! What are a demon and two humans doing together?!' the demon yelled as the body ran at the three you stood in front and connect your hands with the body in a wrestle position 'STOP!' the siblings yelled Tanjiro brought up his hatchet for another attack when he saw something coming at him from the corner of his eyes.

    Swinging it to the side the demons head bit on the metal blade and arms appeared were his ears are, grabbing into Tanjiro's shoulders ‘Get off of me!’ Tanjiro yelled then head butted the demon hard making, Tanjiro kept on attacking the threw his hatchet trapping the demon to a tree ‘Nezuko! (Y/n)!’ Tanjiro yelled looking for the two, he saw the two of you, you were in front of Nezuko as she was dangerously close to a cliff while you were trying to keep the demons body away from Nezuko.

    The demon kicked you to the side and lunged for Nezuko ‘Knock it off!’ Tanjiro ran at the demon and tackled him sending him over the cliff, Nezuko reached for Tanjiro catching him while also falling over the cliff, running you grabbed Nezuko’s hand before the two could fall to their deaths. Slowly you managed to pull the two to safety, giving them both a hug ‘Be careful’ you spoke calmly and sternly. You three walked back to the demon head Tanjiro brought out a knife staring at the unconscious demon head.

    He began te hyperventilate when a hand was placed on his shoulder, Nezuko and Tanjiro looked at the man shocked ‘You can’t kill it with that’ he spoke he had a tengu mask on. The three of you looked at him shocked, you didn’t hear his footsteps ‘H-how can we kill it?’ Nezuko asked ‘Don’t trust what others say. Can’t you two think for yourself?’ The man asked the two looked at each other “If stabbing it won’t work. We’ll have to crush the head” the siblings thought each getting a medium sized rock.

    The man looked at the two “These kids won’t do. Their kindness prevents them from making decisive action. When facing a demon. They reek of sympathy and consideration. They even feel sympathy for a demon. Giyuu these two are useless. The demon on the other hand. I can smell extreme power from them they want to help the two but they know they have to do this themselves. If they weren’t turned into a demon they would be a wonderful demon slayer” the man thought of this all looking between the three

    You wanted to intervene and do this difficult task for your younger siblings, but you knew you couldn’t always protect them, they both had to get stronger. Looking to your left you noticed the sun coming up you grabbed the basket and cloth, going to the corner were the dead humans were you got smaller sitting in the basket wrapping the cloth over your head. The man had followed you and picked up the bodies to burry them.

    Both Nezuko and Tanjiro looked at the now awake demon, they thought about how they should kill it, but didn’t with sympathy and softness still held them back, they felt the warmth of the sun and saw the demons head burn up and turn to ash ‘(Y/N)! Where are you?!’ The both yelled panicked for you, running to the temple they saw you covered and let a sigh of relief out. The two noticed the missing bodies and looked around the building.

    They saw the man praying for the deceased ‘Um….excuse me’ Tanjiro said hesitantly as he and Nezuko walked up to the man ‘I am Urokodaki Sakonji. You two must be the ones Giyuu told me about’ Urokodaki introduced himself ‘y….yes I’m Kamado Tanjiro, and this is my little sister Nezuko. The demon is our older sibling (L/N) (Y/N)’ Tanjiro introduced you all ‘Tell me what will you two do when your sibling eats someone?’ He asked with a serious voice they both stared at him, until they both were slapped by the man ‘You think too slow!’ He chided them ‘You two struggle over the simplest decisions. You could never finish off a demon before the morning. Why couldn’t you answer the question immediately? You two are too soft! When your sibling eats someone, there are two things you have to do….first kill your sibling then slit your stomach and die! That is what it means to travel with your sibling who has become a demon! But it is your sacred duty to ensure that never happens. Your sibling must never take the life of an innocent person! Do you understand what I am saying!’ Urokodaki explained ‘Yes!’ Both siblings yelled agreeing to take on this burden.

    ‘Very well….I will test you both to see if you have what it takes to be a demon slayer. Carry your sibling and follow me’ he told them. Walking back to the temple they saw you sleeping Tanjiro carried the basket while Nezuko wrapped the cloth around the basket securely, and they where off. There was a huge gap between Urokodaki and the Kamado’s “He’s fast! How old is this guy?! And he’s feet don’t make any sound! (Y/N) this will be a rough ride but hang in there. But when suffering is all you’ve ever known’ Tanjiro thought of a memory he had.

    You were stitching your kimono it had a tear in it, the fifth one this month ‘(Y/N) are you mending your kimono again? You should buy a new one’ Tanjiro spoke concerned but you just looked up at him with a smile ‘It’s fine Tanjiro I like this kimono! So instead I use the saved up money to buy you and everyone else plenty to eat!’ You spoke sweetly before continuing.

    Nezuko also thought of a memory you and her were in a neighbouring town when a guy was making Nezuko uncomfortable so you punched the guy in the face hard and his friends beat you up then left ‘(Y/N)! You shouldn’t have done that!’ Nezuko was very shocked kneeling down next to you, you sat up and she saw your beautiful face was swollen with a bruise ‘I’m fine are you ok?’ You asked with a smile even though it hurt ‘You shouldn’t do that I was fine’ Nezuko felt tears going down her face and you brought her into a hug ‘Of course I had to do that. Your my little sister I’ll always protect you’ you then stood up wobbling a bit then brought Nezuko up ‘Now come on I saw a kimono that you will look beautiful in’ you smiled walking up to the store buying the said kimono, and Nezuko never wore a different kimono after that.

    “We will make you human again! And I’ll buy you a new kimono!” Tanjiro thought “(Y/N) even though your the oldest! I’ll get stronger and protect you too!” Nezuko thought as the two continued to run. The both of the Kamado’s were panting hard kneeling on the floor trying to catch their breath ‘S…..so…..di did we…..pass the test?’ Tanjiro asked between breaths. Urokodaki slide the door open and took off the scarf around his head ‘The test is just beginning you two will climb the mountain. Leave your sibling inside and follow me’ he said the two looked at him shocked.

    They put you inside the small house laying you down on a futon ‘I promise while you two are away I’ll protect your sibling’ Urokodaki said as the two thanked him. They then began the walk up the mountain it was nighttime already and there was heavy fog on the mountain “I’m already tired. My legs are getting weak….and I feel dizzy. The air is more shallow then the one at home” the both of them thought as they followed Urokodaki, he stopped then turned to the two ‘Now you must descend down the mountain by yourself, get to my house before sunrise and you pass’ Urokodaki said then disappeared.

    ‘That’s the test?’ Nezuko asked confused ‘oh, I get it he thinks we’ll get lost because of the fog. We just have to get back before sunrise. It should be easy with my sharp nose’ Tanjiro explained then started running down with Nezuko following. Tanjiro almost tripped over a rope but caught himself, he looked around then rocks were thrown at his face making blood come from his mouth ‘Tanjiro!’ Nezuko yelled concerned walking up to her brother, then he fell in a covered pit. He got out slamming his hand on another rope, he quickly stood up looking for the trap as a log hit him in the back, sending him to the floor.

    Tanjiro stood up cursing in his head ‘Tanjiro calm down the air is thinner here, we need to get our breathing under control’ Nezuko said putting her hands on his shoulders and looking him in the eyes. Slowly he bagan to breath normally then nodded to his sister and they both continued down the mountain. They avoided some traps but still got hit by some. After some time it was almost sunrise and Urokodaki was getting a bit worried looking out the window.

    The front door slide open and there was Tanjiro and Nezuko their clothes were messy with dirt all over them and they had a few cuts on them ‘w-we made it’ they both said falling to the floor from exhaustion ‘Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado I accept you two as my students’ Urokodaki said making the siblings give him a weak smile.

    Taisho Era Secret

    (Y/N) had many men and women ask to marry them. But Tanjiro and Nezuko are very overprotective of who (Y/N) will be with. They want you to be happy.

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    when you fall asleep (Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Inosuke) *headcannons*

    i spun the wheel so don't blame me for these random choices :P here's the proof (literally in order) i present to you: the kamaboko squad


    you probably had fallen asleep on the way back on a mission with this boi

    the two of you were on a train after finishing a mission which involved beheading 2 lower demons, which you two completed successfully (nah ain't the mugen train, that shit made me depressed for an entire week so i try to make as many happoi endings as possible :))

    with the mission being so strenuous, both of you were drained out completely

    but still tanjiro decided that he should stay alert and on guard just in case anything happens (protective guy uwu)

    so while he was talking about what new stuff he had discovered or learnt about with you halfway, he just felt you swaying back and forth on the chair, following the gravity of the train

    just when you leaned forward, forehead about to make contact with the chair in front of you, tanjiro managed to catch your forehead and shoulders lightly with both his hands and gently guided you to your own seat

    he was afraid of the same thing happening again so he just guided your head to lay on the side of his shoulder while patting your head gently

    soft boi :DD

    lays his head on yours but still stays awake to make sure there isn't anymore danger

    wants to protect you forever 🥺🥺


    this lil bastard would probably try to annoy you so that you can wake up and talk to him

    both of you had just finished a mission and were currently getting your injuries tended to at shinobu's estate

    unfortunately for your case, the medicine you had to take caused drowsiness so you will feel extremely tired after a few minutes or so

    zenitsu, being his annoying self, wants to continue talking to you even after he knew about the after effects of your medicine

    also being his cowardly self, he always argues with aoi or shinobu about the medicine and how disgusting it tasted

    but when you kindly ask him to take his medicine, he would straight up have hearts in his eyes while his entire body starts wiggling and flowers start surrounding him

    "yessss y/n-chan~~~~~"

    aoi and shinobu just stares on with a '-.-' face while you just gave them a shrug, very used to his antics

    so after taking your own medicine, you began to feel the after effects of it kicking in so you decided to settle in your own bed

    zenitsu, being zenitsu, just came over poking your forehead to make sure you were really asleep and just sulked because he had no one else to talk to or cuddle with now

    after a while or so, he got really bored and went to find a chair to sit beside your bed

    plays with your hair very gently, trying to un-knot some tiny tangles in your hair, to avoid waking you up

    falls asleep on your tum tum after a while

    peace ☺

    however be prepared when you wake up

    it's chaos all over again


    man probably didn't even know it happened

    found you asleep when running around shouting "fight me", leaning against a wall while sitting upright at shinobu's estate

    immediately quietens down to avoid waking you up although his loud voice from afar made you stir a little

    spends the first 10-30 mins sitting right next to you or in front of you admiring your face (with his wide eyes and those white pong pong balls around him yus)

    1000000000000000% cute uwu

    most likely falls asleep after a few mins of staring

    he would probably make himself comfortable on your lap and place your hand on top of his head so that he feels more secure and safe

    sometimes your hand just unconsciously runs through his hair even when you're asleep

    welp if he doesn't fall asleep then he would carry you bridal style to your own estate/apartment (depending on what time period you want it to be) and tuck you in as gently as he can in bed

    in the end he would just throw the blanket on you cos baby got frustrated on how to unfold a blanket

    joins you under the sheets and soft cuddles >.<

    boi you're in for a surprise the next morning

    "ino, why did i wake up with the blanket covering my face and not my legs?"

    #tanjiro kamado#kamado tanjirou #kamado tanjiro x reader #inosuke fluff#inosuke hashibira#hashibira inosuke#demon slayer#headcannons #demon slayer headcanons #anime #kimetsu no yaiba #kny#kny headcanons #kimetsu no yaiba headcannons #zenitsu x y/n #agatsuma zenitsu#zenitsu agatsuma#kamaboko trio#kamaboko gang#kamaboko squad#kamaboko gonpachiro#fluff #demon slayer oneshots #demon slayer oneshot #kimetsu no yaiba oneshots #kimetsu no yaiba oneshot #cute#couple #tanjiro x reader #tanjiro
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    Kimetsu Academy meets Tokyo Jujutsu High: The Exchange (Demon Slayer: KNY x Jujutsu Kaisen)

    Gif does not belong to me :)

    “Listen up, you little shitheads!” Mr. Shinazugawa shouted at the class.

    It was too early in the morning to be getting shouted at as you sat next to one of your best friends, Tanjiro Kamado. You were a high school first year alongside him but apparently all the first year high schoolers were going to get a little surprise.

    “We have some visitors from some damn religious school coming so you better be on your best behavior. Don’t want them thinking we’re gutter trash.”

    You couldn’t help but roll your eyes. You knew Kimetsu Academy wasn’t the best school; there were many rumors about it, especially after taking in the kid who lived with boars. Inosuke wasn’t that bad of a person, he was one of your friends. Well…actually…you tolerated him more often than not. He was more of Tanjiro’s friend than yours.

    “Heads up! They should be here any minute!”

    “I wonder how many students there are,” Tanjiro told you quietly and you nodded in agreement.

    “I bet Zenitsu is hoping for all girls,” You joked causing Tanjiro to crack a small smile. It was no secret that Tanjiro’s other best friend loved every single girl he laid eyes on.

    You turned your head when there was a knock at the door followed by it opening.

    “Hey there!” A white haired man entered and behind him were three kids. “Wow, don’t you all look miserable,” He joked chuckling.

    Shinazugawa-Sensei growled at that comment (alongside Tomioka-Sensei, he was tough) before shaking his head. “Class, I’d like you to meet the students of Jujutsu Academy,” He said a bit unenthusiastically.

    “I’m Satoru Gojo,” The white haired man who was wearing sunglasses introduced. “And these three are my lovely students,” He introduced nodding at the three behind him. The black haired boy looked less than enthused to be there but the other two looked extremely thrilled. “We can’t wait to tour your school!” Gojo exclaimed.

    “This is going to be a fun day,” You whispered to Tanjiro who chuckled and you glanced behind you to check on Zenitsu who was already ogling at the girl from the other school.

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    3 step of kyojuro

    #How he pleased with his meal❤️ #Kimetsu no yaiba #Rengoku kyojuro#Kamado tanjiro#Agatsuma zenitsu#Hashibira Inosuke
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