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  • nesbesworld
    08.05.2021 - 12 hours ago


    #also this is basically khunbam but more fantasy and am not joking #tales of zestiria #sormik#sorey#mikleo #one time when i couldn't fint khunbam dj #i decided to read dj of these two and pretend like its khunbam and it worked too well #me: *looks at mikleo* jesus fuck i DO have a type don't i?? #and apperantly it's called angy prince sub energy
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  • samsilverlight
    08.05.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Comfort Characters❤💙

    (Red and Blue Edition)

    Akashi Seijuro - Kuroko no Basket

    Rin Matsuoka - Free!

    Sōma Yukihira - Shokugeki no Soma

    Tendou Satori - Haikyuu!!

    Reki Kyan - Sk∞ The Infinity


    Sleepy Ash/Kuro - Servamp

    Mikleo - Tales of Zestiria

    Khun Aguero Agnis - Tower of God

    Minato Arisato/Makoto Yuki - Persona 3

    Shuichi Saihara - Danganronpa V3

    Honorable Reds:

    Sasori of the Red Sand - Naruto

    Karma Akabane - Assassination Classroom

    Honorable Blues:

    Nagisa Shingetsu - Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

    Aladdin - Magi

    #akashi seijirou #kuroko no basket #rin matsuoka #free! #soma yukihira #shokugeki no soma #tendou satori #haikyuu!! #reki kyan #sk∞ the infinity #sleepy ash#kuro#servamp#mikleo #tales of zestiria #khun aguero agnis #tower of god #minato arisato#makoto yuki#persona 3#shuichi saihara#danganronpa#danganronpa v3#comfort characters #i luv my chald ok #anime#manga#games #also i have too many chalds smh #suichis hair is dark blue right and rins maroon so yes
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  • spectrum-sanctuary
    08.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Tales of Asteria Scenario 6 English translations (Part 4)

    This is the start of the story update that was released on April. There are plenty of stages and videos to follow, so please bear with me as I slowly get to them.

    Translation posts: Part 1| Part 2| Part 3

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  • toc-battlequotes
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    Sorey: That Tokunaga of yours really is something.

    Anise: Yeah, I suppose you don't see expanding stuffies every day.

    Sorey: You sure don't. I wish I could ride it!

    Anise: You can! 500 gald per ride!

    Sorey: What?!

    Anise: Oh, come on! Can't you tell I'm kidding?

    Sorey: That glint in your eyes looked plenty real to me...

    #Battle Quote #Tales of Crestoria #ToC#Anise#Sorey#Anise Tatlin #Tales of the Abyss #TotA #Tales of Zestiria #ToZ
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  • tamagohimeart
    06.05.2021 - 2 days ago

    I just think they're neat.

    #talesof #tales of zestiria #tales of crestoria #monsters#egg draws
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  • rae-nger
    06.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    oh, yo... sorey is a wide boi

    #tales of zestiria #rio rambles #i just noticed tf the width on this shoulder's #he stronk boi
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  • xrainbii
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    i don’t know how i feel about Zestiria yet. i wanna say i got a quarter of the way through, and i need to go back and replay it. but i do see why Edna is everyone’s favorite character lol

    #tales of zestiria #tales of zestiria edna #my games
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  • lololotton
    05.05.2021 - 3 days ago

    テイルズオブゼスティリア アリーシャ

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  • natyshaw
    04.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    AU!Mecha (only sketch) Mikleo is a pilot and Sorey is a mechanic.  But one day, Sorey is informed that it supports a new technology ... This must have a lot of drama and angst o.ó

    #tales of #tales of zestiria #toz#mikleo#sorey #au!mecha #au#outfit desing
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  • lunawings
    04.05.2021 - 5 days ago

    Apparently I’m a PC gamer now.

    Or rather for literally the first time in my life I own a PC that can play modern games.

    Except not really because I don’t even have a controller.

    But I downloaded Tales of Zestiria anyway because IDK why not it’s $8.

    Although I had to make a new Steam account first because apparently this Japanese RPG is not available in Japan.

    But anyway.

    I got as far as this screen before I was like......


    #tales of zestiria
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  • wonderland-hearts
    03.05.2021 - 5 days ago


    We wish you luck on your journey through the rabbit hole.

    Want to learn more of join them?


    ♕ Mod Queen

    #edna #edna tales of #tales of zestiria #toz edna#edna toz#anime rp#manga rp #video game roleplay #video game rp #mfrpg#multifandom rp#multi-fandom RP #multi fandom rp #discord#discord rp#discord roleplay
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  • silent-shanin
    02.05.2021 - 6 days ago

    Did someone ask for some mermaids?

    #mermay #tales of zestiria #roseali#alisha diphda#rose (toz)#toz#rosali#alisha#tales#tales of#zestiria#mermaid#mermaids#mermay 2021#my art #they gay fish #alisha is a pink betta fish #and rose a red tail shark fish #boasting about being a shark #but she's actually a carp #they dont have nips because fish dont need nips #they're not mammals #which is also why they dont have bellybuttons
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  • nautseverywhere
    01.05.2021 - 1 week ago

    Never did I think my ass in Scotland would ever get Sorey or Mikleo as they generally didn't surface outside Japan but....I finally have them!!!!!!!

    #tales of zestiria #sorey#mikleo#sormik
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  • milkuvvay
    30.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    wallpapers: my personal favourites!

    follow me here if you want ♡
    #wallpapers#lockscreens#wallpaper#lockscreen #bungou stray dogs #bsd #tales of zestiria #tales of#dbh #detroit: become human #detroit become human #sormik#mikleo#sorey#dazai osamu#connor#rk800
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  • brave-symphonia
    29.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Since I’ve been playing Berseria lately I’ve been wondering if I should revisit Zestiria. I played it a few years ago and found that I didn’t like the combat, I didn’t like the villain, and the whole game just didn’t feel too right for me.

    But I remember that when I played Graces for the first time I hated the combat due to myself not understanding how it worked. And upon revisit of the game recently after understanding it more I appreciate it a lot more. Also, maybe Berseria as a prequel may make me appreciate the story of Zestiria a bit more.

    Also it’s 85% off on the Playstation Store. And $8 may be cheap enough for me to try it just to see the characters and story in a new light. I remember liking Rose, Mikleo, and Edna at least. I’m sure I’d appreciate Zaveid more after Berseria.

    I’m basically debating spending the $8 on the PC version or emulating the PS3 version on my computer.

    #zack talks#tales of #tales of zestiria #leaning towards emulation #i assume the pc version is better #but its free #and i already bought it a while back #so i don't feel too guilty about emulating it #might buy the pc versions #of vesperia and berseria though #so i can take screenshots and share my thoughts #if i replay them #also they're both on sale 80-85% off
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  • tales-of-asteria
    28.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    [Special Gacha] Cameo Costume Duration: 4/29 (Thu) 16:00 ~ 5/19 (Wed) 15:59

    Chance to get Bond Awakening enabled 5☆ Yuri [Luke Costume], Edna [Colette Costume], Spada [Asbel Costume] and 4☆ Leia [Farah Costume].

    The already-running awakening partners Karol, Zaveid and Ruca can be used to awaken Yuri, Edna and Spada respectively.

    This gacha features a Step Up gacha, where you pay a discounted rate to draw 10 characters and continuously raise your chances of pulling a 5☆. Each time you get a featured character, the steps will be resetted.

    In this gacha will also reappear other Bond Awakening enabled 5☆ characters. The rates of this gacha’s featured characters will be higher than other 5☆.

    A special pick up event will be held, where one of the featured characters will have the summon rate higher than the others on certain days:

    Yuri: from 5/4 (Tue) 16:00 to 5/7 (Fri) 15:59

    Edna: from 5/7 (Fri) 16:00 to 5/10 (Mon) 15:59

    Spada: 5/10 (Mon) 16:00 to 5/13 (Thu) 15:59

    For the event, the single daily pull will cost 3 Asteria Stones instead of 5.

    There’s also the paid option to get a 5☆ character with a multi gacha.

    (More on Awakening here, and on Bond Awakening here)

    Characters artes and skills details under the cut.

    Dark 5☆ Yuri fon Fabre

    Stats at LV80 HP: 20,300 | Power: 2,400 | Defense: 2,040

    Mystic Arte: 漸毅狼影陣 Savage Wolf Fury Power: 770% (Target: Single) | Hits: 10 (finish type)

    Arte1 - 守護方陣 Guardian Field Power: 220% (Target: Single) | Hits: 4 | Activation: 50%

    Arte2 - 絶破烈氷撃 Frigid Blast Power: 310% (Target: Single) | Hits: 4 | Activation: 30%

    Arte3 - 斬魔飛影斬 Shadow Fury Power: 440% (Target: All) | Hits: 11 | Activation: 20%

    Co-op skill: Dark Attack 7 + Chain Plus (attack type) Performs a dark physical attack with 210% of power. Also, the chain counter number will increase by 5 (only if the chain is active).  (wait time 00:55)

    Dark 6☆ Yuri fon Fabre

    Stats at LV80 HP: 23,300 | Power: 2,800 | Defense: 2,340

    EX Skill: The dark party members' critical rate will be increased by 25% in the dark frames

    Mystic Arte (OverLimit gauge at MAX): 漸毅狼影陣 Savage Wolf Fury Power: 770% (Target: Single) | Hits: 10 | OL: 40 (finish type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Own power +70% (1 turn)

    Mystic Arte (Awakened Mode OverLimit): 漸毅狼影陣 Savage Wolf Fury Power: 1300% (Target: Single) | Hits: 10 | OL: 70 (40+30) (finish type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Dark members' attack +70% (1 turn)

    Arte effects added by Bond Awakening:

    Arte1 - 守護方陣 Guardian Field Critical rate +50%

    Arte2 - 絶破烈氷撃 Frigid Blast Critical rate +50%

    Arte3 - 斬魔飛影斬 Shadow Fury Own power +50% (1 turn)

    (Co-op skill is the same as the 5☆)

    Wind 5☆ Edna Brunel

    Stats at LV80 HP: 24,000 | Power: 1,960 | Defense: 2,110

    Mystic Arte: ヴェネレイト・マイン Terra Mine Power: 400% (Target: Single) | Hits: 70 | OL: 44 (high hit type)

    Arte1 - ハートレスサークル Healing Circle Heal all members by 30% | Activation: 35%

    Arte2 - スターダスト・クロス Stardust Cross Power: 260% (Target: Single) | Hits: 16 | Activation: 45%

    Arte3 - レジストスレイブ Soul Syphon Wind attack +50% | Activation: 20%

    Co-op skill: Fast Guard 6 + Luck Heal (defense type) Decreases by 45% the damage taken from one of the enemy’s attacks. Also, there is a 25% chance of recovering 20% HP. (wait time 00:21)

    Wind 6☆ Edna Brunel

    Stats at LV80 HP: 28,000 | Power: 2,210 | Defense: 2,460

    EX Skill: Heals the wind members by 3500 HP at the beginning of the turn

    Mystic Arte (OverLimit gauge at MAX): ヴェネレイト・マイン Terra Mine Power: 400% (Target: Single) | Hits: 70 | OL: 44 (high hit type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Wind members' attack +30% (activated turn)

    Mystic Arte (Awakened Mode OverLimit): ヴェネレイト・マイン Terra Mine Power: 400% (Target: Single) | Hits: 125 | OL: 125 (44+32) (high hit type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Hit count +15

    Arte effects added by Bond Awakening:

    Arte1 - ハートレスサークル Healing Circle Wind members' attack +10% (4 turns)

    Arte2 - スターダスト・クロス Stardust Cross Wind members' attack +20% (2 turns)

    Arte3 - レジストスレイブ Soul Syphon Heals the wind members by 20%

    (Co-op skill is the same as the 5☆)

    Fire 5☆ Spada Lhant

    Stats at LV80 (max level) HP: 21,100 | Power: 2,210 | Defense: 2,150

    Mystic Arte: 獣皇雷迅剣 Juuou Raijinken Power: 400% (Target: Single) | Hits: 7 | OL: 20 (fast OL charge type)

    Arte1 - 裂空刃 Void Sword Power: 240% (Target: Single) | Hits: 3 | Activation: 45%

    Arte2 - 獣哮雷波 Voltaic Roar Power: 270% (Target: All) | Hits: 7 | Activation: 40%

    Arte3 - 極光蓮華 Aurora Lotus Power: 500% (Target: Single) | Hits: 5 | Activation: 15%

    Co-op skill: Fire Attack 7 + Chain Plus (attack type) Performs a water physical attack with 210% of power. Also, the chain counter number will increase by 5 (only if the chain is active). (wait time 00:55)

    Fire 6☆ Spada Lhant

    Stats at LV80 (max level) HP: 24,000 | Power: 2,670 | Defense: 2,400

    EX Skill: At the end of every turn, the fire party members that received damage in that turn will have their attack power increased by 15%

    Mystic Arte (OverLimit gauge at MAX): 獣皇雷迅剣 Juuou Raijinken Power: 400% (Target: Single) | Hits: 7 | OL: 20 (fast OL charge type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Own defense +100% (activated turn)

    Mystic Arte (Awakened Mode OverLimit): 獣皇雷迅剣 Juuou Raijinken Power: 1300% (Target: Single) | Hits: 7 | OL: 70 (20+50) (finish type) Bond Awakening Bonus: Fire members' attack +50% (1 turn)

    Arte effects added by Bond Awakening:

    Arte1 - 裂空刃 Void Sword Heals the fire members by 15%

    Arte2 - 獣哮雷波 Voltaic Roar Fire members' defense +15% (3 turns)

    Arte3 - 極光蓮華 Aurora Lotus Break gauge damage +50%

    (Co-op skill is the same as the 5☆)

    Earth 4☆ Leia Oersted

    Stats at LV70 HP: 14,000 | Power: 2,010 | Defense: 1,420

    Mystic Arte: 活伸棍・神楽 Soulstoke Celebration Power: 660% (Target: Single) | Hits: 6 (finish type)

    Arte1 - 三散華 Cerberus Strike Power: 260% (Target: Single) | Hits: 3 | Activation: 35%

    Arte2 - 八葉連牙 Super Sonic Fist Power: 360% (Target: Single) | Hits: 8 | Activation: 15%

    Co-op skill: Fast Earth Attack 4 + Chain Plus (attack type) Performs an earth physical attack with 60% of power. Also, the chain counter number will increase by 5 (only if the chain is active).  (wait time 00:20)

    #tales of asteria #tales of vesperia #tales of zestiria #tales of innocence #tales of xillia #yuri lowell#edna#spada belforma#Leia Rolando#gacha#special gacha#mod: neylakiiroisenkou
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  • hungrydolphin91
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    time for random funny screenshots of Tales games I had saved on my phone, I guess

    #tales of innocence #tales of graces f #tales of symphonia #tales of eternia #tales of hearts r #tales of the world radiant mythology #tales of link #tales of the rays #tales of zestiria #tales of vesperia #tales of berseria
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  • shyonaaisha
    27.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    Tales Channel Plus - June 2019 Wallpaper
    Source: All Resolutions
    #tales of series #tales channel plus #tales of festival #tales of symphonia #tales of the abyss #tales of graces #tales of vesperia #tales of rebirth #tales of zestiria #tales of berseria #wallpaper#TCPlus Rips
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  • toc-battlequotes
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    Zaveid: Why so glum, chum? We won! You tired or something?

    Dezel: No more than usual.

    Zaveid: So... are you hungry?

    Dezel: Just ate.

    Zaveid: Man, talking to you gets old fast.

    #Battle Quote #Tales of Crestoria #ToC#Dezel#Zaveid #Tales of Zestiria #ToZ
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  • jacamimdascostasbrancas
    26.04.2021 - 1 week ago
    HI, HOLLA, OLÁ! So, guys... Please feel free to follow me if you post about:
    # NO.6 (all medias)
    # Banana Fish (all medias but I'm into the anime)
    # Tales of Zestiria (game, anime)
    # Given (anime)
    #Kaze to Ki no Uta (manga)
    # Yuri on Ice
    # SK8 the Infinity
    # Mo Dao Zu Shi (I'll go through all medias!)
    # Owari no Seraph (I haven't caught up with the latest manga chapters yet but OOH BOY the spoilers...)
    # Artemis Fowl (obviously the books, let us not mention that horrible movie)
    # She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
    # Steven Universe (I used to post about it a lot, it's in my "steven universe" tag!)
    # Latino América stuff!
    # Indigenous related things
    I'm also into music in general, videogames of the likes of TLoU, Final Fantasy, Detroit Become Human, etc, used to post a lot about The Lord of the Rings and The Shadowhunter Chronicles, and love poetry/snippets of writing, beautiful imagery, social commentary and other things! :)
    #no.6 #banana fish #kaze to ki no uta #tales of zestiria #tales of zestiria the x #owari no seraph #sk8 the infinity #yuri on ice #given#artemis fowl#steven universe #mo dao zu shi #she ra and the princesses of power #latino america#south america#indigenous#native
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