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    Hera, Zeus, Hestia, Demeter, Ares, Poseidon, Athena, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hermes and Dionysus.

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    • Apollo: All of my clothes keep disappearing, and it's creeping me the fuck out.
    • Hermes, wearing Apollo's hoodie: Spooky.
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  • Hera: You’re too young to be in love.

    Hebe: Let me just remind you that when Romeo and Juliet met, Romeo was 16 and Juliet was 13.

    Ares: Sis, six people died and it lasted three days.

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  • Zeus wants you to think he’s all high and mighty, but he is ironically always the first one to run or hide when danger strikes or he doesn’t get his way.

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    One should not forget that Hera is as much a victim as she is the bad guy. When the gods were still very young, Zeus proposed to his sister Hera and she rejected him because she knew he would not remain faithful to her. So he made a storm and transformed himself into a cuckoo. Seemingly injured by the storm the cuckoo fell into Hera’s chambers where she scooped him up and treated his broken wing. He then changed back into himself and raped her. Ashamed of what had been done to her, she agreed to marry him.

    To understand this and her behaviour later on, one has to understand Hera’s role. She is not only the goddess of marriage, women and family, she is also forced to uphold all the expectations and obligations people heaped upon women back then and to a lesser degree nowadays. Especially back then people would have expected her to be the perfect wife, faithful and fertile, as well as the pure virgin, eternally innocent. Forced into marriage by these expectations, she was stuck with an unfaithful husband she did not love, while she had to be loyal and quiet.

    That doesn’t excuse all the horrible things she did, but it may help to have an understanding of how the goddess of marriage and domesticity felt, being stuck in a nightmarish example of the thing she swore to protect.

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  • My Gods and Goddesses names and character notes


    - Is very family oriented and adores spending every moment with them

    - Can, and will, get emotional at even the least likable characters death if they have even one redeeming quality

    - Is enamored with all the beauty and joy the Natural Order has brought to the world, if it was still just her life would be boring and dull

    - Goddess of emotions, she no longer has control over as many things as she used to because she gave them to the Natural Order

    - Spends a large portion of her day making sure that everyone is doing fine and is having a good day

    - Has made a rule against herself to never meddle with her family’s emotional state with out their knowledge or consent, no matter how much it pain her to see them miserable

    - Has been trying to build a better relationship with Father since her stubbornness in her youth is the reason he’s in so much constant pain

    - Indulges in media with Dementia as a good bonding activity, it gives them a lot to talk about when she visits

    - Physical appearance is a middle aged woman’s figure made of constantly molten gold, her eyes are palladium with large indents as the pupils

    - Is very optimistic and supportive of the Natural Orders work even when it causes her humans to experience immense pain and loss

    - When each member the Natural Order started out she would give them constant support to boost their confidence in their ideas of how to affect human existence

    - Recognizable symbols are a mask portraying a specific emotion, the image of a person encouraging someone, a person shielding other with their body, and wedding bands


    - Is the walking example of ‘Stoic Giant’ as said by his granddaughter Dementia, Grandmother gifted him with the ability to feel a mix of pride and happiness at that. A wonderful memory that he will forever hold onto with a portion of the pride given to him by his perfect wife

    - Has read and memorized every word of published and unpublished literature ever put to rocks, stone slabs, wooden slabs, wax on slabs, into the dirt or sand, into the clouds, onto paper, onto a screen, into code, made into books, written as notes that never become public, ever spoken as an idea that’s never acted upon, or ever made in any other way. Unfortunately there’s quite a lot of pornography and sexual fantasies that he just forms into a manuscript and gives to Ember since she enjoys sharing it with her followers

    - Is monogamous in his relationship with Grandmother since he finds it illogical to not care for his wife when her longing for a companion is the entire reason for his existence. His life has a meaning, humans spend so much of their life preparing and figuring out theirs, but he has an immediate answer and is fully prepared.

    - Spends a large sum of his time with Poppy since she has a very similar interest as him, she helps contribute to what becomes universal truth.

    - Physical appearance is that of a middle aged man with long hair, a large beard, and his body is made of the nova of a failed star Grandmother attempted to make him with. When in mortal presence he is what the person believes to be that most well respected media creator like a well liked author, or more modernly, said persons favorite artist

    - God of poetry, literature, library’s, moral philosophy, speeches, discovery, maps, and the written word.

    - Physical exercise is part of a healthy every day life so he never refuses to play with Zeus or Beowulf

    - Has mocked the inaccuracies of stories and plays with Dementia since she finds them just as irritating

    - The best he can do to vocalize any form of emotion without the intervention of his wife is to say “Logically, I should feel…” and describe how he should feel at others actions or words

    - Benjamin gifted him a robe made from super novas weaved together as a fabric decorated with large blue stars, it’s one of his most treasured possessions as a kind gesture from a family member that had a lot of effort used to make it

    - Enjoys writing his novel on the fundamental truths of the universe with Poppy as a trusted Co-Author

    - He also enjoys reading what ever little ideas the Natural Order comes up with. What ever little stories and ideas that they want to share with him, he makes a good second pair of eyes since he isn’t motivated by emotions in his actions or decisions

    - Has been given the title “The voice of reason” by the Natural Order

    - Prefers media where the fantastical and reality meet to, hopefully but almost never, make a creative, interesting, and more diverse world that the human world unfortunately doesn’t have

    - Recognizable symbols are scrolls, books, and a quill dipped in ink

    The ends and beginnings, creations of Grandfather and Grandmother


    - Unsurprisingly, his blasted “Creators”, the very beings of emotional views and logical views almost never see eye to eye and their arguments spawned him

    - Very quiet in between conversations with the occasional groan or moan of pain from his malformed body

    - Understands masochists the least when it comes to humans. Who enjoys being miserable?

    - Can and will curse anyone who makes a mockery of his wife, no one is safe

    - Physical appearance is a bloody red, some patches are dried, some are fresh. He started small, just a haze of petty arguments, but as wars kept happening over and over again he’s body got more detail. Made of the limbs lost in battle and the bodies of soldiers and innocents that were the victims of his blade. If a human could see him they could make out any one of the bodies that are reaching out, as long as the removal of their head was the reason they died, or else the head could be anywhere else.

    - Is in constant pain and every time his victims endures an injury he gets the same one that then instantly heals to make room for the next, but the pain from it never fades or dissipates

    - Physical contact with his wife acts as a sort if pain killer to numb his pain, this has led to an arrangement between them where they follow each other to work hand in hand. It makes the others job much quicker and easier as well so they both win

    - Still has yet to stop apologizing for decapitating Mother the first time they met and hates the scar it left, to which he’s reminded that his action gave him a son. Still feels awful for it though

    - Gave away his power and jurisdiction over many things to his children to offset his load of jobs to do as War around the world, it also means more time with the wife

    - God of armor, fatherhood, shares weaponry with Dementia, shares government status with Dementia and Beowulf, the sparks of war, rebellion, dark ages, fallen empires, and execution

    - Adores each child he has with Mother but loathes his creators, he would never stop his children from having relationships with them because of his hatred but will not spend a second he doesn’t have to with them

    - Does genuinely love Mother outside of her being the only thing to give him relief. He loves her stories, her mannerisms, that little spark in her eye every time she talked about her followers, her sympathy and care for every human, and her undying faith that they’ll become better people then they were before. It just makes him beam

    - Recognizable symbols are his flaming sword, a corpse, and two clashing weapons


    - Adores every moment where she’s by her husbands side

    - Hates arguments, disagreements, violent disputes, any form of confrontation frightens her beyond belief

    - Wears a white lily flower crown from Rose and Cathrine that she never takes off

    - Physical appearance is an older woman in a pure white wedding dress covers in diamonds, at the center of her chest is a large whole with a pure white light burning at the center. Her body looks like white wax but feels like silk, with the one uneven red line from her decapitation, another physical quality she wasn’t made with is her flower crown made of lavender, white lilies, with red, white, black, and blue roses from Rose and Cathrine. She has yet to remove it

    - Hangs onto her husband arm constantly and never stops giving him compliments and telling him about all the things he missed out on while working

    - Dances a waltz with Father every evening, Dementia provides the music for each dance out of a respect for the genuine love between them

    - Goddess of treaty’s, bonds, arranged marriages, children, faith, hope, mother hood, safe havens, refugees, fashion, and oversees all Benjamin’s choices as her, unfortunately and she hates thinking of him that way, lesser but more responsible half

    - Is completely incapable of expressing aggression, anger, or anything in her husband’s warehouse it’s become his job to be her “anger translator” In return she gives him breaks on her end to make civil wars to help with his work

    - Can’t help but giggle when Dementia makes goofy shapes and images behind Father

    - Makes an effort to have a decent relationship with Grandmother and Grandfather but their respective over-the-top views on both her husband, that they literally made her for, and her children’s mere existence just causes problems that have to be dealt with and argued on every day.

    - Puts her role as a mother and wife before everything, god help the man with enough hubris to think his prayers are more important than her family

    - Recognizable symbols are her flower crown, the flame at her chests center, and the silhouette of a woman comforting a son and daughter

    Father and Mother’s children, the Natural Order

    Dementia/Wars Shadow

    - Is the embodiment of the fears, outcomes, and spoils of war.

    - Goddess over the night, riches, weaponry, mental health, death, lies, disguises, affairs, and famine.

    - Physical form is a silhouette of a human woman with smokey hair moving in correlation with her head. Her entire godly body is covered with yellow snake eyes, so many they appear to be scales on her skin.

    - Her eyes can close and shift into independent mouths with unique voices, when she needs to make one coherent voice for conversations she’ll have hundreds of her eyes form one and then form a mouth. If good eye contact is wanted she’ll make two symmetrical eyes along with a mouth.

    - Has the ability to make smaller versions with only three eyes, two to see and one to become a mouth, so that she can have multiple voices singing with her like an A cappella. The smaller ones are more human sized and make for good spies.

    - Also rules over the better subjects of life, romantic love, art, music, marriage, and childbirth due to how all of it can come from Wars inspiration, that she also rules over

    - Very unhappy that most of her worship is mostly on her “bad side”, not a fan of murder and blood sacrifice

    - Adores human romance and the heights they go through to make it work on both ends

    - Has watched every cheesy romance movie made and doesn’t regret a minute

    - Adores mythology and humans views on their gods

    - personally likes the Greeks with how insane their legends got

    - Notable symbols are yellow snake eyes and the shadow of a performer

    Benjamin/The First Star

    - Takes on a very reminiscent appearance to that of a seraphim from the Christian religion on top of a wax like male body

    - Very prideful

    - God of parties, wine, the day, nobility, law, trade, townships, and every star in existence.

    - Very flamboyant

    - Adores his sister for the opportunities she routinely opens for him

    - Loves the aesthetic Christian mythology has, mostly because they based angel of him in a visit to earth

    - Adores Mother and Father, they gave him life and are nothing but proud of how he runs things. It’s become a game with Father making the worst possible situation and then Benjamin finding the best possible solution, or which ever one fixes the most of Fathers problems

    - Gave himself the name Benjamin after Benjamin Franklin, the more recent name change amongst his siblings

    Zeus/Powerful Nature

    - Physical form is pulsating electricity and storm clouds forming what looks like a young boy

    - God of earthquakes, land slides,typhoons, tsunamis, floods, thunderstorms, radiation, lightning storms, tectonic plates, energy in all forms, and black holes

    - Talks very fast and trips over his words constantly

    - Adores his younger sister Poppy for turning his destructive force into something to benefit humans

    - Loved Zeus’ aesthetic, minus all the rape and affairs, and decided to name himself after him. They both are gods of similar things

    - Enjoys playing games and sports with his siblings, he’s nether opposed to a silly bet once in a while

    - Notable symbols is his sledgehammer and cloak made from cumulonimbus clouds

    Mari/Calm Nature

    - Is very understanding and sympathetic but can throw fits of rage in intense situations

    - Has a deep and booming voice

    - Appearance is fully made of water and full of all sea life that has existed swimming inside her body, her form is shaped as a large muscular woman with a blob of physics defying water that flows similar to how hair in a ponytail would. Her eyes are also bioluminescent like Roses

    - Her body has accumulated all the ships and treasures lost to the sea over the course of history, due to most of its weight its stuck at her feet. But it gives room for aquatic plant life to grow for her animals

    - Goddess of sailors, the oceans, sea life, rain, islands, and precious stones. Although she has to share custody over animals that dwell in both the water and land with Catherine and Beowulf

    - Spends free time dancing and reading poetry with Grandfather

    - Adores the varied stories about the unknown of the ocean and what horror lie in its depths, especially H.P. LoveCrafts take

    - Loves listening to sea shanties with Dementia

    - Recognizable symbols are waves, her trident, and a destroyed ship

    Ember/Destructive Nature

    - Adores Rose and all the beautiful things she brings into the world and always feels bad when her flames destroy large swaths of her land

    - Has a pet phenix named Ash that was a gift from Rose

    - Goddess of fire, forges, lust, passionate love, cooking, baking, and addictive habits

    - Physical appearance is the form a person finds most desirable in a partner made of blue flame with white flames as the eyes with orange pupils, to animals during fires she appears as a fox made of the surrounding fire

    - Is very confused on how her fathers sword is engulfed in flames that shouldn’t have existed before she was born

    - Her voice is is always louder than is appropriate or necessary

    - Loathes the fact she can’t properly show physical affection like hugs to her siblings because she stands a strong chance of burning them or being snuffed out, it mainly affects interactions with Rose and Mari

    - The only one in the family who can physically keep up with Zeus while playing

    - Recognizable symbols are two humans embracing each other and fire

    Rose/Growth and Natural Evolution

    - Has been nicknamed “Daughter Nature” by her family and enjoys it

    - Unsurprisingly she is the Goddess of trees, plants, harvesting seasons, wildlife, but also has associations with plagues, pestilence, and natural diseases.

    - Is more of the kind Mother Nature depicted in most media, unlike her Aztec counter part that was inspired during a godly mid-life crisis

    - Her appearance is a mossy body with the figure of a thin child with flowers of various origins growing on her head to humans but to animals she appears as a large male deer with green fur and oak branches in place of antlers. In each form her eyes are made of bioluminescent stones that have a brighter glow where her pupils are.

    - Naturally growing ‘doorway trees’ are trees she has planted herself on earth. They’re her favorite tree formation

    - Is followed throughout her life by each gender of every animal, extinct or not,

    - She has a special place in her heart for her peacocks, Duke and Duchess simply for how beautiful they are

    - She is constantly in poor health due to her power over diseases

    - Wears an excessive amount of jewelry made from geodes

    Poppy/Technological Progress

    - Very similar train of thought to Grandfather

    - Works routinely with Zeus because he helps power or acts as a willing subject to her experiments

    - Spends most of her time with Mari and Rose to study and observe their animal companions

    - Goddess of language, progression, science, mathematics, the periodic elements, teams, writings, evolution, and natural selection

    - Body is made os scrap metal from old machines, her eyes are pure radioactive material, and her hair is the concentrated fumes from liquid chemicals and chemical mixes

    - Has an afterlife dedicated to the human men and women that had long lasting effects on the scientific community and had great potential to do so. She’s the second of two in her family to actually create a personal afterlife for devote followers.

    - Carries a journal with all her notes and answers to her research that she has conducted on every possible question about life and the nature of living beings

    - Has Tuesday’s reserved for chats with Grandfather for more ideas on what to research next, the two enjoy cosmic latte during these meetings

    - Her long term goal is to find the answer to the meaning of life, so far the possible answers are death, the afterlife, and the urge to do fundamental good for the community that raised you. Interesting but the search continues on

    - Unlike her recognizable counter parts, she isn’t emotionless. She has a strong belief based on scientific fact that emotions shouldn’t be ignored or suppressed because doing so can cause emotional problems, mental problems, negative complexities that stunt proper growth in multiple forms. She does her best to avoid those factors that can harm her metal state

    - Takes the real life appearance of the person you respect, admire, or look up to generally. If you don’t see anyone other than yourself it means that you don’t hold anyone higher than you in those categories

    - No matter how she tinkers and attempts to improve her mechanic body she can never get rid of her stutter. She wants to get rid of it so her vocalized ideas are easier to understand, other than that she has no physical problems

    - Recognizable symbols are her journal and the human mind

    Beowulf/Dominant Roles

    - Is a very happy and supportive person, most support goes to his twin

    - Has a tendency to take things too seriously, especially when people are beginning to abuse their status and the power that comes with it on earth

    - God of leadership, honor, hospitality, hunting, absolute monarchies, conquest, empires, diplomacy, predator animals, territory, and land boundaries

    - Shares jurisdiction over animals that both hunt and are hunted with his twin

    - Is a lesser important part of the machine that makes the family and accepts it gracefully, like any level headed leader would

    - Is very generous and humble with his family on all maters where they had to meet, most respect goes to Dementia and Benjamin due to the spoils of War and Peace having a large impact on the kingdoms he has cared for

    - Created loins for his twin because of her love of felines, prophesying the creature taking a kingly title to give her an animal she had jurisdiction over that would have a title that signifies importance

    - Loved Nordic culture and the Norse gods. He took the name of a legendary hero that meant “bee wolf” which meant “bee hunter” which meant “bear” a fitting name for him

    - Has appeared many times in the form of a white wolf with blue eyes, in these scenarios he was leading soon to be legendary hero’s to their destiny or aiding a man in hunting for food. For more serious matters he appears as a lean, pale man with blue eyes bearing a wolf skin outfit, a wood cutters axe, and his iconic silver gauntlets.

    - Recognizable symbols are his silver gauntlets with sapphires decorating the hands back, a white wolf, and an axe. Each symbol donned while in human form.

    Catherine/Submissive and Equal Roles

    - The notable youngest of the goddesses

    - Has a soft voice

    - Goddess of prey, sanctuary, slaves, workers, trained animals, domesticated life styles, stealth, secrets, and hospitality

    - Is gifted with a talent for stealth, she uses her gift to terrify her family while they are working on new creations

    - Has a pet lion gifted by her twin, the first name he was given was king due to his prophecy but is currently named Heracles.

    - Has a soft spot for the Egyptians for their long standing love of her favorite animal

    - Created the polar bears as a gift to Beowulf that combined his love of bears, his aesthetic of pale colors, and his love for the cold into one living creature

    - Takes the animal form of a lioness while in human form she resembles a child in well fitting clothes that the viewers highest ranking leader would wear, such as the clothes of the emperor or the lands ruling monarch. Her more specific features are a tanned, freckled face, with green eyes and orange hair.

    - Notable symbol is a lions head

    Needed notes on how their world works

    - Father and Mother, though made by the same couple, aren’t actually related. Father was created from their arguments and them lashing out at each other, while Mother is their actual child made to bring War to an end

    - The Natural Order were made in the order ‘twins-triplets-twins-twins’ to keep the “all beings have a equal and opposite” aesthetic that I enjoy

    - The Natural Order are actual siblings and are actually related

    - The only ones with a proper after life is Dementia and Poppy

    - Dementias is made of fundamentally good people who choose to live their lives as their own without the belief that a greater power was judging them at every turn, mostly atheists, and a large sum of histories most impactful individuals and people’s whose names are still told to day. It also has famous authors, musicians, play writers, poets, artists, past incarnations, and other people she personally likes. It’s multiple worlds that their souls can live on where they live in what resembles “The Good Place” with everyone else who left their mark on the world in one way or another.

    - Poppys after life is made up of the best scientific minds, inventors, and engineers. It’s a place where they can continue their pursuits for knowledge without the livings restrictions like risk of death, physical damage, and an endless amount of perfect specimens for human or animal testing

    - There’s a long standing wager on which god or goddess worship has the most impact on human behavior and evolution. The rule was “no more personal visits to earth, you have to reincarnate in a human body and give them the powers you have to change to course of history as they see fit.” And as human devote their lives to one aspect a god rules over or devotes the many significant moments that make up their lives to many gods, the gods who prosper from their actions receive a certain amount of points they all agree on fairly. The one with the most points at the end of human life gets to redesign the universe in their image and sever the others ties and effects on the new humanity they create.

    - Dementia currently has the most points due to her jurisdiction over life and death, both because humans live longer than ever with a lot of people dying and being born each day, and the terrifying amount of wars, serial killers, human sacrifice, and deaths from natural disasters throughout history.

    - They had a cult following on earth before but after they stopped visiting in their own bodies it died out after a couple generations, their influence still lives on in many cultures around the world with her appearance and very similar deities to them appearing around the world

    @tallysgreatestfan @nerdy-shy-readytocry @ash-bushes @coldnickelpsychicuniversity

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    Fairy Tail Greek God AU

    Natsu - Zeus

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  • Zeus: I would never say that, not even as a joke, that my wife is a bitch and I don’t like her. That is simply not true-

    Zeus: My wife is a bitch and I like her so much. She is a dynamite 6'0 foot greek bitch and she’s the best.

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  • Zeus: “What do I like about Hera? She’s beautiful.”

    Hera: “Hahaha. I love it when my husband forgets that I have a personality.”

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  • Zeus x The Ghost of Christmas Present

    Requested by Anonymous who said “they’ll never win”

    #Zeus #ghost of christmas present #ducktales#Ducktales Crackships
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    Zeus is a magical cat that is part of my OC (my story is originally in french but i’m gonna make more english parts :D)

    Insta: dan.drw

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  • (Zeus and Poseidon dressed up for a Halloween Party)

    Zeus, dressed as an olive: We look like idiots.

    Poseidon, dressed as a bottle of olive oil: Yeah, but we’re fancy idiots.

    credit: @write-it-motherfuckers

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  • Family Dinner

    Aphrodite: I want to say something.

    Aphrodite: [clears throat]

    Aphrodite: I know neither of you want me to be an actress. Hera doesn’t because she never made it and she knows I’m more beautiful and more talented.

    Hera: You selfish piece of garbage.

    Aphrodite: [clears throat] And Zeus doesn’t because he thinks the only thing actresses are good for is putting out.

    Zeus: No, no, no. I said they were all whores.

    - Hollywood S1:E3


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    (Celeste: And because Zeus thought he did very well he painted Aries as constellation in the sky!)


    (Celeste: “I, Zeus, award Zeus a price which Zeus made for Zeus’ great Zeus actions.” Normal, right?)

    Celeste calls Zeus out

    #my favourite dialogue so far #acnh#acnh screenshots#acnh blog #animal crossing new horizons #animal crossing #animal crossing switch #animal crossing blog #german#ac celeste#zeus#ivory port
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    • Zeus: Am I right, Hera?
    • Hera: I’m almost certain you aren't, but to be fair, I wasn’t listening.
    #zeus#hera#greek gods#greek mythology#incorrect mythology #incorrect greek gods #incorrect greek mythology #s: buffy the vampire slayer (tv series) #zeus x hera
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  • Zues/Dayton Harlon

    The god of lightening

    Sexuality: straight

    Modern occupation : business owner

    Personality: he can be a good guy and friendly when he gets what he wants. But can also be very aggressive.

    Face claim: Omari Hardwick

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  • #//hes kidding he could see zeus was straightn’t from the moment he met him #atlas answers#zeus
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