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    Neo university - part 5 (smut)

    Preview : You watch as Haechans adam's apple bobs up and down as he drinks his milkshake, having a strong urge to lick or touch it. When he stops drinking his milkshake, he licks his lips in a way that makes your thighs squeeze together.

    Pairing: Nct dream (mostly haechan) x reader

    Words: 2,1k 

    Warnings: Manhandling, language, haechan is fucking really hot, virgin kink? 


    The sound of people talking fills your ears, the strawberry milkshake in front of you, you ordered earlier, is still untouched. The diner booth seat you are sitting on is making your thighs sweat uncomfortably and you are looking down at your hand on your lap, too nervous to look at the human being right in front of you at the 80’s - styled diner. This was the first time you and Heachan had met each other since the incident at the party. Even though this feels like a date, the only reason why you two are at a diner is because you have to work on a stupid school project with each other.

    Haechan looks at you from across the table, his eyes wiggle up and down from your face to your chest. You are wearing a white basic t-shirt, but with a low v-neck, making your boobs more visible.

    Haechan clears his throat, trying to get your attention, tired of waiting for you to speak. It works and you look up at him. Even if he is just looking at you normally, you can’t help it but feel nervous under his gaze.

    You leave your hands from your legs and put them on the table in front of you. You lean your head on your hand and look at your milkshake while fidgeting with your pink straw. You try to start a conversation, “so… what do you want to do for this project? Should we write something about climate change or world hunger or-” before you can continue with your list of ideas, Haechan leans back his head on the diner booth seat, still looking at you, and lets out a big sigh.

    “Why should we care about this stupid school project? It’s so boring. You know the reason why I decided we should “study” at the diner is because I wanted a milkshake, right?” You look at him blankly, not used to people around you not caring about grades. 

    “so, you… don’t want to write about climate change?” you ask him. He looks at you like you are an idiot, head tilting to the side and his tongue poking the side of his cheek. Then he suddenly leans on the table in front of him. “Why don’t we just talk about something fun?! For example…hmm… you were at Renjuns party right? I think he mentioned that you were one of his new friends”. You look down at your legs embarrassed, remembering the things he did to you at the party. The way his hands squeezed your thighs, leaving you wanting more of him. You look up at him again, expecting a wink or a smirk, but he just looks at you normally.

    He does remember, right?

    “Yeah, I was at the party, Did you have fun?” You ask him, waiting impatiently on his answer. He shrugs and lets out a small laugh and scratches the back of his neck. “Well, to be honest, I don’t remember a single thing from the party. I was probably way to drunk”

    Oh, so he doesn't remember. Great.

    Disappointed with his answer, you give him a small smile. He looks at you, licks his lips making your stomach tingle, “Did you have fun?”, he asks you and smiles.You lean back on the diner booth seat and look out of the window, trying to summarize that night in a couple of seconds. You did have fun at the party, but sucking of Jaemin in the bathroom was maybe a little bit too much for you. But still, the thought of him calling you a slut surprisingly turned you on. You look back at Haechan giving him a small smile and laugh a little, “Yeah, I had fun”.

    He smiles at you and takes a sip from his milkshake. He is not only super hot but surprisingly super pretty too. You watch as Haechans adam's apple bobs up and down as he drinks his milkshake, having a strong urge to lick or touch it. When he stops drinking his milkshake, he licks his lips in a way that makes your thighs squeeze together. Fuck. No. This is what I didn’t want to happen.

    Before you can daydream more about the guy sitting right in front of you, you feel your milkshake splash all over you.

    Your chest, stomach and legs are all completely covered in your strawberry milkshake. It’s cold, and you can feel how the milkshake is running on your skin, inside of your shirt. You look up to see an angry Yeji, Haechans girlfriend, looking down at you with your milkshake glas in her hand, and then turns to haechan. “Who the fuck is this bitch?! Are you cheating on me Haechan?!” He stands up, very angry at his girlfriend for tormenting his first year group project partner, “Omfg yeji, can you chill for two seconds. No I am not fucking cheating on you, we are talking about a school project asignment. You know, the one that I told you about earlier?” His hands are crossed over his chest. She lifts up a finger pointing at him, “You better not be lying,” she turns towards you, “or there will be consequences”. She looks back at Haechan, flips her hair and walks away out of the diner. Geez.

    Haechan turns to you with a worried expression on his face, clearly feeling bad about his girlfriend's behavior. He takes your hand, dragging you to the diners toilet to clean you up. You sit down on the toilet while Haechan brings a bunch of paper to clean you up. He takes a small and low stool and sits beside you. “I'm so sorry for my girlfriend's behavior”, he says and lays a hand on your shoulder for stability while he cleans your neck with a paper towel. “It’s ok, it's not your fault”. You say and look down on your soaked shirt.

    That's when you see it, the reason why your chest feels so cold. You forgot to put a bra on this morning, making your niples clearly visible for the older guy in front of you. Haechan hasn't noticed it yet until he is done cleaning all the milkshake from your neck, leaving your chest and leg area left. He looks down at your chest and feels his pants tighten when he sees your hard nipples visible from your wet, now see through, white, shirt. There is still some milkshake on your skin under your shirt and he looks at you teasingly, and takes this as an opportunity.

    Suddenly he lifts up your shirt, you let out a loud gasp and you look down, not wanting to make eye contact with him. He looks at you and cocks an eyebrow. “My, my. So, you are meeting a guy, two years older than you, to talk about an innocent little school project and you decide to not wear a bra.” Before you can protest, he grabs your thighs, giving them a hard squeeze, “And you are wearing a skirt too short, making it easy for every guy to have dirty thoughts about you. Are you trying to seduce me?” He bites his lips and leans into you, his hot breath tickling the side of your neck, making you shiver.

    “Did you really thought I didn’t remember the things I said to you at the party, princess”

    You look up at him, suppressed by the things he is saying. He remembers, really?

    He slips out a low chuckle, his eyes filled with lust having a virgin first year, so vulnerable, right in front of him. He stands up from the stool and grabs your jaw so you look up at him, showing his dominance. Your cheeks are bright red and your thighs are clenched together, your pussy already so wet because of him. The smell of strawberry milkshake meets his nostrils. It makes you smell so sweet and the position you are in, underneath him, makes you look so submissive. Just so fuckable. His hand releases slowly from your jaw and grasp around your neck, making you let out a small moan.

    The thought of his girlfriend is long gone now, when he lifts you up by your neck and shoves you against the wall while kissing you aggressively. The sudden action makes your eyes wide before you melt into the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. Phants and small moans fill the small bathroom and you suddenly forget about your milkshake, lost in the kiss. While one of his hands is around your neck, the other one is slowly creeping up your shirt, up to your chest.

    You let out a small squeak when he suddenly touches your nipple. He pulls away from you, panting, and smirks, “I didn’t know it was this easy to rile you up, y/n”. Without a warning he pulls off your shirt and throws it on the floor, making your boobs visible. Feeling too exposed, you cover your chest with your arms before Haechan lifts them up, over your head. He takes both of your wrists in one hand, making you completely helpless.  

    “Has anyone ever licked your niples before, baby?” Haechan says and tilts his head, still touching teasing your niple with his thumb. Even this being too much for you, it’s hard for you to let out an answer to his question. Already a moaning mess, you look up at him and nod your head. 

    “Tell me you want me to lick your niples y/n” , he says and licks his lips. Still too embarrassed by the situation, you nod your head again, hoping that was enough for an answer. Suddenly, Haechans hand leaves your boobs and wraps it around your neck making you let out a small moan. He gives your neck a small squeeze and leans into your face, making your lips almost touch.

    “Use your fucking words, princess”

    Before you can answer him he shoves his leg between yours, and grinds it towards your pussy. You let out a loud moan when it rubs your clit perfectly, the only fabric covering it is your already soaked panty. You look up at him again, whining just by the feeling of his knee pressed against your core, already imagining how his fat cock would feel inside of you.  

    “Please lick my niples Haechan”

    He doesn't even hesitate, and begins to lick and suck your niples immediately. He can feel the taste of strawberry milkshake, making him groan. You moan at this new feeling, never felt something like this before and suddenly feel a hand creep up your skirt and inside of your panties. His mouth leaves your nilple and he looks up at you. You let out a loud moan when he begins to rub your wet folds. “You are already so wet for me, I can’t wait to slam my cock inside of your little virgin pussy”. He looks up at you with a big smirk on his face.

    You look just like a dream.

    Your lips are still sore and red from the rough kiss from earlier and a little bit of your hair is covering your face, the sweat making it stick on your forehead. You are panting and a little bit of mascara has smudged under your eyes. All this just for him, for free. Like an all inclusive buffet.  

    Before he says another teasing remark about the fucked up state you currently are in, he suddenly remebers something

    His girlfriend is going to kill him if she finds out. Haechan can’t lie, there is nothing more he wants to do right now then to fuck the absulute shit out of you, but he can’t. It’s just not right. Well, he had kissed a lot of women while being with Yeji and he had maybe cheated on her twice, but this was different. This time he felt something.

    He didn’t only feel the need to fuck you but to also to be there for you. To care for you. Haechan had never felt that before and the feeling scares him, making him drop your wrists and back away from you. You look at him confused. “Did I do something wrong” You say and take up your shirt from the floor, putting it back on.

    He looks down at the floor and up at you again. He really didn’t want to hurt you but he can’t catch feelings for a girl that is supposed to be a random hookup. Shit, he still have to meet you after this because of that stupid school project. “I’m sorry it’s just that-” “no I understand”, you interrupt, “You have a girlfriend.” you look down at your feet, shame washing over you. The sudden atmosphere change making you both uncomfortable.

    He looks at you and is about to say something before he stops himself.

    You hear the bathroom door open and then close again.

    #nct#nct dream #nct dream x reader #haechan smut #haechan x reader #haechan#lee haechan#jisung#jaemin#chenle#mark#renjun#jeno#park jisung#mark lee#na jaemin#lee jeno#zhong chenle#huang renjun#nct smut #nct dream smut #chenle x reader #jaemin x reader #jisung x reader #jeno x reader #renjun x reader #mark x reader
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    #hard hours ♡ #nct smut #nct dream smut #chenle smut #zhong chenle smut
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    #if he was in my ccp english class i would start talking like shakespeare..... #i cannot stop thinking about sitting next to him in class; if it were me i'd fail everything #he's so beautiful.. i'd give away my streak of never having a score below an A ))': #i'd be like *stares during an exam* ))': #chenle#nct chenle#zhong chenle#nct#nct dream
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    ⌗ habits for their significant other ɞ nct dream + jung sungchan & osaki shotaro


    starring: nct dream, jung sungchan & osaki shotaro

    on rotation : i guess i’m in love by clinton kane

    miso left a note! i hope you enjoy angel <3 feel free to leave any feedback :)

    ## mark lee . . . he would usually do this when he felt nervous, if he was holding your hand was in his and he was wearing a ring he would tend to take off the accessory and put it on your fingers, alternating fingers to see which fit the best. it kept his mind occupied from what he was worrying about, or he would be similar to haechan. if he was listening to someone, his hands would be occupied with fitting his rings on your fingers. he’d sometimes occupy the both of your hands to see what his rings would look. it was a mindless habit, you didn’t mind of course. the habit didn’t occur so much that you’d be bothered by it. so on days that you go out he’d definitely have you wear one of his rings before you go out just so he would be able to fiddle with it later.

    ## huang renjun . . . always draws little doodles for you. ranging from cute little animals to beautiful flowers and scenery. he loves the thought of you having something of him always with you and he thought this was the best idea. he always slip them into your bag or clothes he lets you borrow, he does it every chance he gets but if you ever catch him drawing something for you he’ll deny you from seeing it and asking who it’s for. at first you didn’t notice since the little notes of paper weren’t put in plain sight. but once you found them and your collection of them started to grow, you put them into a little scrap book you keep in your bag— something to remember him by even if he’s not with you. he doesn’t know that you know so he never brings it up but his drawings really make your day better and sometimes you look through them when you having a bad day.

    ## lee jeno . . . whenever he sees you shivering from the cold, he’ll always manage to put whatever jacket he has on around you. your back presses against his chest. which is the loveliest feeling. if he’s lucky he’ll somehow manage to put your arms into the sleeves along with his, he once tried to zip up the jacket so you’ll look like a lil jack in the sack of a mother kangaroo but the fun bicker and giggles always fail you from doing so. sometimes he’ll playfully scold you for not wearing a jacket or more layers but is nonetheless happy to share with his significant other. this also makes him unconsciously where bigger sized hoodies so he’s always able to fit the both of you, he even will double layer just so he can put the fabric around you, you never brought it up because of how cute and considerate he was being. bonus points if he wears a jacket with inside pockets so you can keep your hands warm.

    ## lee haechan . . . drawing little patterns on the palm of your hand or your thigh or arm. it’s a mindless habit he had when he was with you, his hand was locked with your until he opened your palm and started drawing shapes. you watched him giggling quietly at the ticklish feeling you had felt in your palm but soon was replaced with adoration as you laid your head on his shoulder. he would mostly do it when he was just listening into a conversation or just didn’t quite know what to do with his hands. sometimes he wouldn’t even realize he was doing it— with how often he does it, it’s like second nature for him. just to rest his hand on your thigh and just start drawing random shapes and words. you’ve gotten over the ticklish feeling and sometimes would even count how many times he would do it or try to figure out what shapes he was making. once he had wrote ‘i love you’ on your thigh and was surprised when you said it back.

    ## na jaemin . . . he always sends you photos of him— whether it is via instagram or messages he would always send you photos of what he does during the day, he can be lying in bed and just send you a photo of him posed with his rabbit or he could be biking with jeno, he’ll send you a photo. he could literally be doing anything and he’ll always send you something. always. when he sends them at random times or unprovoked. like you’ll might not have a conversation prior and he’ll just send you one— he’ll even send you one if you’re in the same room! so with all these photos he sends you obviously have them all saved to you phone; his photos taking a huge part of your camera roll. but you don’t mind because they’re like the highlight of you day. your favorite ones are ones where he has filters on, weird and cute. you love it all <3

    ## zhong chenle . . . he didn’t know when he picked up this habit but he always found himself constantly thinking of you when he’s out shopping. while shopping his eyes would fall of a certain item and instantly think of you and feel the impulsive need to buy it, so he does. at first i wasn’t a very big deal, sometimes he would just see something and be like “oh that reminds me of y/n” and buy it— it would just a single item but it slowly became more items and he’d at least leave the shopping mall with three things that reminded him of you, sometimes he’d just spontaneously gift it to you or just keep it. it would depend on the sentimental value like if it was make up you liked he’d gift it but if it was something that reminded him of his first date with you or a memory you shared with him then he’d definitely keep it.

    ## park jisung . . . your hands always gave him a sense of comfort, so he would always be holding it— no matter what you were doing he’ll always find a way to have your hands intwined with his. he would also constantly compare hand sizes with you, no matter how many times he would do it he was always amazed with how much smaller his hands were compared to yours. he especially does this with your hand under the table his hand laying palm side up on your thigh and yours just place atop his, sometimes he’ll play with them interlacing them but never clasping them together, or play mini hand games with yours while you had your palms together but ultimately his hand would always be clasped to yours.

    ## osaki shotaro . . . you and shotaro visited the park often during any season. you would always find a day and time to go even if it was just for five minutes, the first time you visited the park together it was the middle of spring. and while walking down the path of the park shotaro saw a cute little daisy on the side of the path and immediately decided you needed to have it. so he stopped walking from your side and picked up the delicate flower, he had noticed you kept walking not noticing he stopped— he didn’t blame you though he knew you loved nature and the scenery. he jogged until he was beside you and put the flower onto your ear, saying you were beautiful the second he put it on. from there it continued he’d find all sorts of flowers and put them onto your ear or in your hand, he even managed to make a flower crown for you without you noticing! shotaro thought you would just throw them away after you parted ways but little did he know you kept them, every single one.

    ## jung sungchan . . . he always left you voice memos when you weren’t able to talk, like if you were both busy that day he would find time to make a voice memo about how his day went, what he did, any fun stories he had to tell— he would tell you anything and everything in those voice memos. he thought it was a good way to stay connected with you other than video chatting and texting, he also knew you loved his voice so that was a plus :) he would also leave some in the morning or nights encouraging you to have a good day, try your best and not to stress yourself to much. he is also very punctual with his voice memos, he would always send three a day: in the morning, afternoon and night. no matter how busy his day was he always found the time to record for you always ending the memo with “i love you, sweet pea.”

    this belongs to neokive! please do not copy, repost or translate.

    #unit: nct dream #nct dream#nct #nct dream imagines #nct dream fluff #nct dream scenarios #nct dream reactions #mark lee#huang renjun#lee jeno#lee haechan#na jaemin#zhong chenle#park jisung #mark lee imagines #renjun imagines#jeno imagines#chenle imagines#jaemin imagines#haechan imagines#jisung imagines#g: fluff #th: boyfriend!au
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    — Zhong Chenle

    Character Introduction pt. 2

    masterlist — previous — next

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    Jaemin: *covering Jisung's eyes* Renjun, Renjun cover that mannequin with your jacket so Jisung can walk past.

    Renjun: Un fucking beli- Chenle *holds out his hand*

    Chenle: *puts a small bag in his hand*

    Renjun: Jisung when we get home you snort this right in from of Jaemin.

    Jaemin: No!

    Renjun: No, you thought I was playing. You babied him one too many times.

    Jisung: Can you get some from Yuta or Johnny cause I watched Chenle cut his with baking soda.

    Chenle: This is why you stay home when I meet with the Russians.

    Jaemin: What is going on?

    Jeno: Apparently everyone here sells drugs and as always I'm left out.

    #nct incorrect quotes #nct #nct incorrect texts #nct dream #nct dream incorrect quotes #nct dream incorrect texts #jeno#lee jeno#Jisung#park Jisung#Jaemin#na Jaemin#renjun#huang renjun#Chenle#zhong Chenle
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    — Zhong Chenle

    Character Introduction pt. 1

    Part i

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    — Zhong Chenle

    partially written, partially smau
    Pairing : Zhong Chenle X enby!afab!Reader
    Summary : In which two young adults will learn to protect what they treasure in a cruel world…and end up with bringing a new life into said world.
    Warnings : pregnancy, cursing, transphobia, gender dysphoria, suggestive themes (occasionally—nothing severe like full blown smut), jaemin is a bit of a helicopter friend, poor mental health, non-idol au, abortion mention, potential breakup, lack of trust in relationships, and honestly focusing on how much of a bitch the real world is… let me know if i missed something.
    Note : this fic will be made racially inclusive. i feel as if reader inserts should be made where everyone could insert themselves or any type of character. For emojis, I will use the default (yellow ✌️) so it isn’t limited to just one skin tone—the same applies to writing in hair types (or whether you display your hair or not, for religious or personal purposes), and beliefs won’t be specified other than using terms like "thank god." "omfg", and others along that line. PLEASE PLEASEE inform me if there is any area i could add to make my pieces more inclusive.
    Playlist : inspired by Petals by Hole. Fic playlist will be added later on here


    — Introduction pt. 1 & pt. 2

    i — no you’re not 1/18

    ii — no 🚫 peace ✌️ 1/20

    iii — aunty or uncle 1/22

    Will be updated every Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Please let me know if there is any issue you have with my content.
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    CROSSED. 8- the big ask😱😱

    notepad! // i am actually excited for what jungwon will do bc even i the author doesn’t know what he’s gonna do😁

    prev. | mlist.

    tag list: @eternallyhyucks @junityy @sungsungsungsung @renjunn1es

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    →club pres!renjun x publicity officer!reader

    genre: social media au, humor, fluff, slow burn, romance, slice of life, future angst, coming of age, college au

    m.list | previous | next

    an: saur close saur close to the good part 😁🤞

    taglist: @btssf9nct @resceluwu @ellie-idk-anymore @hyunsbunny @aminihhj @flower-lise @eggoyu @haknyeonsju @eboyjuni @nshitae @daegalfangirl @luvdroids @samsemsame @haechansgfreal @butterfliesinthenightsky @lyleo @jiye0n0 @haechansittinginatree @dojun00 @baekhyunstruly @cwsana @fylithia @artspling @yutashotaro @rynshyuckies

    let me know if you’d like to join the taglist!

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    is this chemistry?

    #chenle#zhong chenle#nctinc#nctcreations#nct#nct dream#chenle gifs#chenle gif #zhong chenle gifs #zhong chenle gif #nct gifs#nct gif #nct dream gifs #nct dream gif #APgifs
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    Chenle: Are you two dating?

    Jeno: NO!

    Jisung: NO!

    Donghyuck: Double negative - That's a Yes!

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    ★ NCT DREAM : how they hold your hand !

    cw. none

    headcanons, fluff, listen


    — vrvzi, all rights reserved, do not translate / copy.

    MARK LEE. he likes to grab your hand out of nowhere; catching you off guard with the sudden grip his hand has on your own. he finds the smile that envelops your face when you look down at the connection to be absolutely adorable <3 squeezes your hand if he thinks you’re nervous too :3

    HUANG RENJUN. wherever, whenever, he just wants to hold your hand all the time; he loves the feeling of being close to you. sometimes he holds just your pointer finger because he thinks it’s really cute — takes a picture and posts it on instagram hehe

    LEE JENO. intertwines your fingers and brings your hand up to his lips to give it a quick peck before dropping both your hands back down to your sides. squeezes your hand every now and then. sometimes caresses your hand with his thumb :’)

    LEE HAECHAN. when you first started dating, he would hold your hand so loosely in fear of making you uncomfortable, or even hurting you if he ends up squeezing too hard. now, he grabs your hand out of nowhere and keeps it in his hold until you practically beg him to let go because you need to use the bathroom. he’s always sad when he has to let go of you :’(

    NA JAEMIN. asks permission !! you guys could be dating for months and he’d still always ask, especially if you have a history of trouble showing affection. when you let him take your hand into his, he intertwines your fingers sweetly and gazes down at the connection. his cheeks dust a light pink shade and you tease him but he doesn’t care

    ZHONG CHENLE. grabs your hand and brings it up to his mouth, and you think he’s gonna kiss it, but he ends up pretending to literally eat it. you sit there in silence for a second, and you push him off you playfully. “no! y/n, come back, please, oh my gosh” places multiple pecks on your hand to get you to stay

    PARK JISUNG. i feel like we all know this, but he /still/ gets shy when holding your hand — he likes you so much and showing affection towards you always makes him feel all fuzzy inside. his cheeks probably turn red and his hand might be a little shaky. you find it adorable, though, sitting and watching your boyfriend silently freak over holding someone’s hand like a schoolboy.

    #nct#nct dream#nct reactions#nct headcanons #nct dream reactions #nct dream headcanons #nct imagines#nct scenarios #nct dream imagines #nct dream scenarios #mark lee#huang renjun#lee jeno#haechan#na jaemin#zhong chenle#park jisung#nct fluff #nct dream fluff #nct x reader #nct dream x reader
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    Chenle, only 3 months older than Jisung: Shut up you toddler.


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    EVOL — 24: TAIYAKI

    →club pres!renjun x publicity officer!reader

    genre: social media au, humor, fluff, slow burn, romance, slice of life, future angst, coming of age, college au

    m.list | previous | next

    an: some tough love from beomgyu <3 don’t mind him

    taglist: @btssf9nct @resceluwu @ellie-idk-anymore @hyunsbunny @aminihhj @flower-lise @eggoyu @haknyeonsju @eboyjuni @nshitae @daegalfangirl @luvdroids @samsemsame @haechansgfreal @butterfliesinthenightsky @lyleo @jiye0n0 @haechansittinginatree @dojun00 @baekhyunstruly @cwsana @fylithia @artspling @yutashotaro

    let me know if you’d like to join the taglist!

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