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    18.09.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    𝐢𝐫𝐫𝐞𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐛𝐥𝐞 𝐟𝐢𝐱𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧

    “ooh, flood it like a tidal wave, ooh, see I'm just tryna misbehave,” ─ tidal wave; chase atlantic

    ╰─➤ ft: dom!childe, zhongil, diluc, kaeya, aether

    ╰─➤ synopsis: your like an addictive drug he can’t run away from, and he desperately chooses only to indulge into his mindless ways with you forever.

    ╰─➤ tw: size kink, unprotected sex, overstimulation, dacryphilia, belly bulge, praise kink, creampie/breeding kink, petnames, sub!reader, established relationships, slight mirror sex, slight yandere intentions, horrible writing.

    ╰─➤ an: please, do not interact with this if you aren’t above the age of 18; this is my first time writing something based within the Genshin Impact, so please don’t bring harsh criticism towards me; this isn’t proofread fully, but soon will be reupdated; i might have done more justice towards Aether, because he’s truly underrrated. this work basically is just small scenarios from various genshin men.

    ╰─➤ minors do not interact !!!

    perhaps he was an sadistic, a man who got off so easily seeing his doting woman so casually writhe around doing the most simplest tasks that it undoubtedly lingered an creeping sense of desire coursing through his body that others would deem weird.

    would that really make him mad? studying your every slight movement, taking note of how your body was becoming needy for just affection, specifically he believed would be his own feelings of adorning touches and words.

    you were an rare purity, no argument could change his mind that you were more than heaven sent and blessing that was graced upon him.

    and they would come to the conclusion to make it to you. you were simply his, right? you wanted him the same as he did you? well then, let him have you…

    ࿓ childe

    “can’t even keep your eyes on me, can you?” his teasing rand through your ears, the reminder that it’s been so many hours since he started fucking his cum inside you.

    “too much..!” such nonsense, he barely stuffed you enough to be considered full and knew you could endure more of his seed. truthfully, his cum was leaking out of your tightly, small hole, but that wasn’t satisfying enough for him. not when it was dripping out instead of staying in. it irritates him deeply that his seed was going to waste.

    aren’t you joyed? knowing the possibilities that you might even be carrying his offspring soon enough with how he devoured every inch of your pussy with his cock. his smile crept onto his face seeing your face contort to pleasure, eyes shut with tears brimming through.

    he could cum alone from just watching you squirm under him all so helplessly from his cock continuously reaching your womb. it was such a shame you can’t see how cute you looked, drool smearing your swollen lips as he would rearrange your guts without mercy.

    “wanna breed a baby inside you, start a family of our own together with you,” he laughs gently, raspy voice ringing your ears. his smile widened seeing you vigorously nod at his statement. he knew you felt good with his cock filling you up, the bulge appearing on you stomach was proof enough as it slides in and out smoothly due to your slick wetness and mixtures of both his and your cum.

    the wonderful mere thought of you having swollen breasts and belly carrying his child, showing off proudly how you belonged to him where the proof was noticeable, by the archons, it has him thrusting his hips even much harder till he was balls deep, making you scream out from pain and pleasure.

    “going make sure your swollen up with carrying our child.”

    ࿓ zhongli

    “no more, please, no more…!”

    “we’ll have to have an in depth conversation about your relentless nonsense of whining later,” he so calmly spoke, rubbing his hand against your stomach as his cock kept nudging your cervix, pounding you deeper into your both shared mattress mercilessly without giving you the chance to catch your breathe.

    zhongli wasn’t one to indulge into his selfish desires nor needs, but with you, nothing was certain. you gave him an overwhelming urge to hurriedly claim what he treasured most, give witness to everyone’s eyes whenever they look over your body and see what he’s marked. normally, the very thought of breaking his fragile darling would harshly haunt him, but you were too tempting.

    days like this; where his emotions would control him and unfortunately bare glimpses of how the hunger within the eyes of mortal men rake your body up and down causes him to only rely on you to help him with the frustration of pent-up anger building up within him.

    besides, wasn’t this want you wanted as well? having your pussy stuffed fully with his cock?

    he clawed at the bedsheets beside your head, pushing his length inside further while you cry out how deep it was and how you couldn’t handle so much more, when he certainly knew you could. you’ve done so before, and you will again.

    but even he was reaching his limits; however, he wanted one more, just one more. he wanted to see how your face would contort to pleasure after another orgasm, how your pretty face twists in pleasure while digging your nails into his shoulder of fair skin, warm walls sucking around him, clenching him like your life depends on it.

    “my darling, taking me so well,” with his close proximity you could feel the heat from his body, your legs trembling from the intensity of cumming over his hard length and thighs, his cock twitches inside you at the unholy noise you made from the delicious aftermath.

    everything was too much, nearly unbearable to handle coming from him, but you always found a way to adore what he gave you. his flushed, softened cock leaves your aching cunt, gently rubbing his thumb over the seeping load of both his and your cum.

    “my love, your always so gracious for me.”

    ࿓ diluc

    “you’ve taken it before, and you’ll do it again.”

    “but, I can’t! please, I can’t.”

    “don’t blabber such nonsense,” more whimpers escaped your bruised lips as his cock inches slowly into your soaked cunt while gripping your hips tightly as his chest pressing against your small back, towering over your petite form.

    diluc has always presented himself as an gentlemen with his calm and collected personality. so much so that no one in their right mind would imagine him possessively holding onto someone like you. although, he has his reasonings.

    compared to him, or anyone, you were sadly weak. your smaller frame made you an easy target to everyone who posed a threat to your very being, and diluc being the so kind man he is, locked your in his home to protect you.

    you were grateful, weren’t you? he asked nothing in return for his kindness, only that you become his other half, and you did so amazingly good. but when you whined endlessly about how you couldn’t take the entirety of his cock that pushed through your much smaller pussy, he couldn’t help but feel annoyed by it.

    he didn’t like it one bit, not when you always endured his sweet givings to you like a good girl. crystal clear tears clung onto the tips of your lashes, streaming down your cheeks and from your chin. through your peripheral vision, you catch how pleased he appears with yourself over how stuffed your cunt looks with him hitting deeper inside.

    any whining attitude you had before disappeared within an instant, replaced by unabashed moans. his flushed tip soon leaving your weeping cunt only to push back in even more, brushing harshly against your cervix with an pleasing glint adorning his red shaded eyes.

    warm breathe fanned over your cheek, his hands roaming over every part of your body in slow motions as he watched your thighs trembling and hips going forward in an attempt to flee from his coming onslaught of thrusts. you truly did look adorable.

    “look at you now, clenching on my cock so desperately.”

    ࿓ kaeya

    “you truly are an divine blessing.”

    kaeya breathes we’re heavy and raspy, voice hoarse from whispering your name against your ear, hips rutting nicely onto yours. he’ll press kisses on your neck, spilling praises and ‘I love you’s’ over and over while he thrusts harder.

    even as you grip his hair to try and pull him off you, your begging him to stop since you’ll end up making such a huge mess staining the sheets—for him, he’ll keep going. he had the urge to test your limits repeatedly, seeing how further you could handle his thrusts.

    “I’ll take care of you,” he’ll murmur softly, placing an open mouth kiss onto you lips. “you’re so perfect…” wrapping his arms easily around your small frame, his toned chest fitting perfectly onto yours.

    his usual flirty and teasing attitude was nothing more than him covering up his act. behind that plastered smirk he wore everyday in front of everyone was really him trying to wash away the pain he burdened himself with. truthfully, kaeya believed no one could see right through him and his actions, until you made your way into his life.

    you were something he couldn’t wrap his head around, breaking down his walls and revealing how broken he really was deep down. to him, you were beyond that of even the archons themselves. every lingering touch you laid on him made his being swirl in different directions, your soft words drowning him into an blissful state of tranquility, and how you comforted him after telling you how he hated himself and everything he did.

    there seemed to be no way he could make it up to you for what you’ve done for him, even when he rams his cock into your right hole, praising you for being his one and only for just him. rutting wildly into you, he kissed your forehead and spill his cum inside you over and over and over again until you have a swollen tummy, all filled with his cum, and even then he continued pushing you further passed your limits.

    “flawless…” he murmured, cock twitching as you clench onto harder. you could barely say anything without slurring simple words of pleasure, but that doesn’t matter; he’ll lap up whatever mess you make from your puffy cunt, the drag of his length against your sensitive walls enough to make shy moans leave your lips.

    you cried out when all the sensations became too much to handle. he exhaled shakily at how your walls spasmed all around him, and tightened his bruising grip with his arms upon your waist. your lover was happily fucking you through your ninth orgasm of the night, greatly pleased by how your body responded so positively to him. he didn’t know what to say what he was thinking for you to know.

    finally, kaeya pulled his hips flush against his, and a sound akin to a low whimper left his lips when he emptied his last seeds inside you as a final blooming blow.

    “you came so beautifully, my little darling.”

    ࿓ aether

    “stay still, my love.”

    aether drinks up your moans as he continues to suckle on your nipples, massaging your chest while you sit in his lap. he’s been sucking and abusing them for minutes now, light petals of purple and pink blooming on your skin from his mouth alone.

    “aether..!” you whined softly, and the blonde pulls away with a small pop. he licks his lips while staring at your now swollen nipples. “you’re extra sensitive today, love.” he hums as his fingers flick the delicate numbs.

    “what’s wrong? don’t tell me you’re tired.” he chuckled, smiling when you nodded you head vigorously. “but I still haven’t gotten any milk.” he mumbled out loud, and his grin only widened when you squirmed in his lap.

    it was no secret that you was his spouse, since he would desperately always make time for you since you helped him the moment he stepped foot in Mondstadt. this world he once believed was nothing but down right cruel with their archons and power obsessed people actually did have one person with such a beautiful heart; and he was the right one for you.

    he effortlessly picked you up and laid you across the bed, spreading your legs further apart with his slender fingers as pressed kisses down your chest and stomach. “maybe if I filled you with my cum,” he lifted your dress up and plants an kiss to your soaked panties. “that will give me all the milk for me…”

    the blonde focuses on stimulating you through your thin panties, rubbing light circles on your hips with his thumbs gently. “such cute ones you wore for me… unfortunately, they have to come off.” cold air hits your core as aether ripped off your panties, a soft hum of satisfaction coming from him when he sees how tempting you look.

    he prods softly at your hole, whispering out loud how soft your cunt is squeezing his fingers. you were delightful from his point of view, tears clinging to your lashes and smaller hands compared to his attempting to push him away while his onslaught of pleasuring you was becoming too much.

    everything about you was absolutely alluring in his mind when he saw you in this way. the beautiful expressions was something he thrives off; so erotic you make just only for him; the perfect face that his spouse should be giving him, one that’s overwhelmed and innocent-looking. you look so cute with the way you’re so mindless right now.

    deep down he knew you wanted him to fuck you until your cute hole was abused by his cock, and swollen with his cum bulging your womb.

    aether doesn’t hesitate to pull out his cock and press it against your entrance. he notices how your nervousness lingered in your eyes at the very sight. even after many countless times where he would surprising fit himself into you, that built up panic would rise.

    “shh…it’s going to be okay.” he murmured softly, sealing a sweet kiss onto your lips. “will you allow me to fuck your cute hole?”

    an soft whimper and nod showed him of your acceptance, he pushed his cock inside, your warmness nearly made him cum right then and there. he’ll bring your arms around his shoulders and guide your hips.

    “thats it, love…roll your hips just like that…ngh.” he’ll make sure you feel the entirety of his cock, moans and praises spilling from his mouth about how he can’t wait to see you carrying his child, breasts filled with your milk and starting a little family together in Mondstadt.

    you’ll like that, right? having all his cum inside you, and one day soon holding his child for everyone to witness that he was the one who knocked you up. and him being the good husband that he is, he’ll make sure that happens.

    “can’t wait to fuck you full of my cum…”

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  • incorrectgenshin
    18.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Raiden Shogun: This info is outdated anyway, FWIW

    Zhongli: FWIW means...?

    Venti: folga wooga imoga womp

    #incorrect genshin impact quotes #incorrect genshin impact #genshin impact#incorrect quotes #character: raiden shogun #character: zhongli#character: venti#source: 4chan
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    @ennoe​  sent   an   inquiry   :   ''i feel safe with you. i always have.'' from aether to Zhongli
     ‘   i’m   pleased   to   hear   that   ,   traveler   .   ‘   zhongli   wasn’t   one   to   lie   ;   certainly   he   wasn’t   now   .   to   hear   such   a   confession   truly   brought   him   some   form   of   contentment   ;   joy   even   .   amber   irises   met   gold   ,   and   his   hands   stilled   in   place   .   causing   the   tea   within   the   archon’s   hold   to   spill   over   just   a   tad   .   ‘   i   hope   i   will   continue   to   do   so   during   our   time   together   .   ‘
    #❪  。゚♜ . ˊˎ-      ...      CH.      /      ❛      ZHONGLI      .
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    17.09.2021 - 42 minutes ago
    #chit chat#hypersimpdrifter#🔑 anon #digital art is so awkward!! #it reminds me of the time my friend and i were drawing zhongli and childe in a purposefully awful way #and i was using a tablet and drawing digitally was so odd #it felt stiff to me as well whereas it’s much easier to draw with pen and paper lol #T_T so i completely understand your point
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  • aces-art-posts
    17.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    haven't had much will to draw so i'm reposting old art and my most recent

    feed back is welcomed

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    Take care kid XD

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    Characters: Diluc, Kaeya, Childe, Venti, Zhongli, Albedo, Xiao, Scaramouche, Kazuha

    genre: fluff

    synopsis: when someone is getting a little too close for their liking.

    TW: a little possessiveness


    even though he tries really hard to hide it, he can get jealous pretty often

    most of the time he would just give you subtle glances to make sure your not uncomfortable

    sometimes he silently stares at the person but not before making sure you don’t see him

    if they get too close, he puts his hand on your shoulder and finds an excuse to talk while glaring at the person


    he is definitely not afraid to step in, in public to let people know your his

    interrupts your conversation with a loud entrance

    VERY passive aggressive

    constantly smiling at the other person…not in a good way

    he might even clap at whatever that person is saying in a sarcastic way to mock them


    usually when the both of you are in public, he lets everyone know that you’re his openly

    but if someone brave did decide to step up, he would casually join the conversation

    after, he would approach them with a smile on his face and lowkey threaten them

    he would definitely let you know how much he hates it when other people try to take you away from him


    he would probably be very sad and pouty while hugging you from behind

    if the person doesn’t leave, he might just start telling them off until they do

    usually would just drag you away from that person to spend time with him instead

    lots of him hugging you tightly in public not caring about what others think


    sometimes he can be quite oblivious to someone flirting with you

    however he does get jealous

    when he does he tries hard to keep his composure and stay calm

    he would make sure your alright after the person leaves

    giving you light hugs and kisses expressing how much he loves you


    he would notice immediately that someone is flirting with you

    his eye twitches

    usually tries to come up with an excuse to leave with you to get out of the situation

    prefers to not cause a scene but will not hesitate to step in if he sees your uncomfortable


    lowkey very petty but he means well

    he’s visibly very irritated and angry

    if he thinks the person has crossed a line he will take you into his arms and teleport

    sometimes he doubts himself if he’s enough for you

    he thinks he’s not enough for you and doesn’t deserve happiness


    will not even try to hide his disgust for the person

    arrogantly cocks his head to the side

    he will try his best to make the person uncomfortable either by mentioning pda or private things

    sometimes he just hugs you from behind and kisses your neck to make the person leave


    he would get jealous a moderate amount

    usually he would just think it was a friendly conversation but if he sees your uncomfortable he steps in

    wraps his arm around you and calls you different pet names to send signs that you were taken

    if it doesn’t work he pulls you away so he doesn’t have to cause a scene in public

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    17.09.2021 - 58 minutes ago

          “Cause everytime we touch, I get this feeling and everytime we kiss I swear I could fly -- can't you feel my heart beat fast? I wan-- ...” 



          GODS NOT AGAIN.

    #[ mHFSDHFDSHFHSF i will forever love that this is the inside joke between them and zhongli ] #[ only reason is cause it came up on my playlist and sylvie went through the 5 stages of grief ] #[ back to writing i go tho ] #IC.
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    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • kanaunfinished
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    WDYM the weapon banner is a scam

    It has been nothing but nice to me. Especially since the next characters I’m interested in are Baizhu, Yaoyao, and Ayato who I’m sure Mihoyo won’t release until 2.4 and that’s my earliest guess. Gave the engulfing lightning R2 to Rosaria.

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  • escalaregalia
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    “I don’t understand what you mean... “butt dial” and “booty call” are literally the same phrase but with different synonyms. How can that be taken the wrong way?”

    #( open starter ) #ch; zhongli
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  • pastelshroomsart
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    corpse bride but make it xiaoventi and emily is chongyun so I can also feed my xiaoyun hunger

    #im already making a character list #but I dont know who Venti’s parents are gonna be #since zhongli and ningguang are to be xiao’s #genshin impact#xiaoventi#xiaoyun #writing this at 6 am what is sleep
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  • tiredscara
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    please look at me!

    tartaglia x fem!reader
    angst w/ comfort.
    mentions of: hate sex, yelling and crying
    a/n: no idea how i came up with this story idea but i guess i did

    “childe, y’know i love you right?” you said tiredly next to your beloved on the bed after another round of you guy’s hate sex phenomenon, “yes i do.” he said, no emotion or expression on his face as he said it, he acknowledged it no matter what mood he had on his face, he acknowledged that you loved him.

    “then why do you hate me so much?” you whispered trying to get a grab at his hand, he moved it away avoiding every amount of affection you tried giving him, he’s been doing that for as long as you can remember, he always avoided your affection but why?

    you got on top of him, not for anything sexual but to try to convince him to love you back for once, just once, he turned his head away from you to avoid eye contact, he grabbed his head and forced him to look at you, “LOOK AT ME TARTAGLIA!” you yelled loudly, not caring if the neighbors heard, you just wanted him to care, “WHAT’S THE POINT OF US?”

    childe had no words, he just looked at you shocked, “YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME, WHY DATE ME?” you yelled even more words that childe was trying so hard to process but they came out so fast that he didn’t have any time to process anything coming out of your mouth.

    “YOU WON’T EVEN HOLD ME.” everything you were saying childe knew was true and yet he tried so hard to avoid the truth, you didn’t let yourself cry, weakness wasn’t needed right now, anger was filling your heart up for the past 5 months, it spread like a wildfire in a forest, that wildfire burned out a while ago, you were done with him, you didn’t wanna deal with him anymore but somewhere in the ashes left of your heart, you still had the strength to stay with him.

    “I CARED FOR YOU SO MUCH AND YOU WON’T DO ANYTHING FOR ME.” you continued yelling at him in hopes of reaching to that one spark in his heart that will hopefully make him realize how much he hurt you, you let go of his face a while ago and let him look away from you because you knew you couldn’t force him to look at you forever but you wanted him to look at you still, “I LOVE AND CARE FOR YOU SO PLEASE LOOK AT ME!” you let out that final blow and stopped, you were still on top of him.

    you started showing signs of falling apart into a burst of tears so you let it out, you let childe see it all, let him feel terrible, let his heart fall apart at the sight of someone who loves him so much crying because of his actions, you felt a hand on your cheek wiping your tears away, you brought your own hand up to hold that hand, it continued to rub its thumb on your cheek, did you finally spark a light in his heart? did you do it? did you finally get what you wanted? you opened your eyes to look at him, he was looking at you, he wasn’t looking at you with hatred, he was looking at you with love and care, he treated you like a porcelain doll like the ones zhongli would gift you.

    “did i finally light that spark, you idiot?” “you did, come here.” you were wondering what he was implying, he held you there for the longest time, exactly what you wanted, you wanted his love and affection and you finally got it.

    “thank you childe.”

    THANK YOU FOR READING!!! i had a headache making this but i’ll take some medicine in a bit💪

    #genshin impact#genshin#genshin fic#genshin angst#genshin childe #genshin impact childe #📄 fics. #genshin zhongli #genshin impact zhongli #zhongli#childe#genshin tartaglia#tartaglia #genshin impact tartaglia
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  • p6ntera
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    happy birthday ♡

    game: genshin impact

    art: Qing11502143

    cc: koutachis

    song: freaks - surf curse

    twitter, Instagram, editing groups


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  • tojisms
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    my god theyre almost exactly the same

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  • ghastoby
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mmm zhongli sketches -v-

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  • enden-k
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    does it sound silly when i say that the fact my most favourite character in genshin (childe) is the only character i won the 50/50 twice in a row makes me feel so loved......

    #i got him to C1 so easily while i had to pay zhongli for constellations like #THIS SAYS A LOT #im remembering this and just go <333333 i have feelings for u as well sir...... #myountalk#personal#genshin tag
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  • visuos-art
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    tired albedo

    too much experiments lately ,,, ,,

    don't repost without credit 💜

    Twitter: @visuos-art

    #art#art commisions#genshin albedo#albedo #albedo x fem!reader #albedo x y/n #albedo x kaeya #kaebedo #kaeya x albedo #genshin impact art #diluc genshin impact #genshin impact kaeya #genshin impact#genshin kaeya#genshin kaebedo #genshin impact albedo #childe#zhongli fanart #attack on titan #yelena snk #aot x reader #genshin impact fanart #xiaoven#kazuha#gorougenshinimpact#gorou fanart#kaeya alberich#lgbtq#digital art #genshin impact smut
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  • hantii
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    It is baby's first time cosplaying Genshin Impact! I was so happy to cosplay Zhongli! His outfit and hair and colour pallet are just so on point and ahh isn't my Venti adorable?

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