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  • verycharismaticdragon
    06.05.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    You know, today I’m thinking how the scene that makes me go ‘oh Soulmates’ about wenzhou the most is… not at all romantic, and perhaps even kind of messed up from a certain point of view.

    It’s the scene from chapter 48, when Zhou Zishu is nearly unconscious from injury. And Wen Kexing remembers how Great Shaman said that if Zhou Zishu rids himself of his martial ability, there is a chance to save his life. Zishu, of course, refused; but at this moment, with Zhou Zishu not in any condition to defend himself, Wen Kexing is tempted. If he does this, he can keep this person he’s come to love, and would his martial ability even matter? Wouldn’t Wen Kexing take care of him for the rest of their days?

    And then Zhou Zishu stops him with one single sentence: “Others don’t understand, but do you not as well?”

    Aren’t you the one who knows me?

    Wen Kexing stops; he does understand; he is; so this single line is enough to return him to his senses.

    But what really grabs me about this scene is that Zishu leaves it at that. There is no anger and no unease, not even admonishment for trying to take advantage of his vulnerability… because the thing is, Zishu also gets it. Zhou Zishu understands Wen Kexing, knows more or less his reasons for wanting to do this – that it comes from the place of caring, not malice. So he lets it go.

    This scene stuck with me, I think, because of how easily it could be spun into conflict – how this could become a misunderstanding between them, how it could be used to feed into Zhou Zishu’s trust issues… but the narrative simply does not go there. Because understanding each other is the core of these characters’ relationship, and creating a conflict here would go against it.

    #if the relationship of Knowing does not extend to characters' worst impulses is it really a relationship of Knowing #wenzhou#wen kexing#zhou zishu #tian ya ke #tian ya ke meta #tyk#faraway wanderers #the tangent that i didnt go on in this one is that zzs separates Living from Surviving and wkx does Not #and that is why he is tempted here at all #but that would be a whole another meta tbh
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  • tyk-wordofhonor-kinkmeme
    06.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Do you need a fix it fic after the Word of Honor finale? Full of All of the Emotions after reading the Tian Ya Ke novel? Come to the AO3 Collection (or follow us on Tumblr)and add a prompt or fill one! There's already 29 great prompts ranging from #UtterFilth to sweet and fluffy and multiple pairings!

    *please reblog to help spread the word*
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  • naniya27
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ok back to cute sketches, another mermaid au wenzhou, what if they met during childhood and baby wkx saved baby zzs when he fell down to the water?

    Pencil on paper because I’m so tired of looking at my screen for working

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  • pawsnread
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #fanfic#fan fic#fanfiction#fan fiction #shan he ling #word of honor #tian ya ke #faraway wanderers#wenzhou #wen ke xing #wen kexing #zhou zi shu #zhou zishu#writing
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  • inosuke-chen
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    WORD OF HONOR Chinese BL series

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  • la-muerta
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #I made a thing #my translations #wenzhou video edit #wohdaily#wenzhou #Word of Honour #山河令#温客行#周子舒 #Achilles Come Down #Wen Kexing#Zhou Zishu
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  • verycharismaticdragon
    06.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    zhou zishu x asking people’s consеnt before saving (or not saving) their livеs

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  • verycharismaticdragon
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    The other watched him in silence for a very, very long time. “Will you… leave me?” Smiling lightly, Zhou Zishu shook his head.
    Like his life depended on it, Wen Kexing clenched his jaw, grabbed his hand, and forcibly propped himself up. “Live… why wouldn’t I want to live? Why couldn’t I live?! All those shameless, vile people of the world get to live, so why… why can’t I…? I have to…”
    He could no longer easily get his breath back, body swaying as he panted nonstop. Zhou Zishu sighed, sealed up his main acupoints, then picked him up in his arms, going off the mountain.

    guess what wip i remembered

    #wenzhou#wen kexing#zhou zishu #tian ya ke #tyk#faraway wanderers#天涯客#charismaticdragonarts #the less of zishus face is visible in any given picture the more he comes out like i imagine him what about it
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  • eijie-cavies
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Word of Honor Ending thoughts.

    Alrighty, I think the time has come to talk about the ending of Word of Honor, it has been a wild ride being with the show and patiently waiting for new episodes. I can say that Word of Honor is one of those shows that DELIVERED and did not waste my time. 

    it’s not a masterpiece by a long shot but the heart and dedication put into this production just shone through and I know even we as viewers could see that. As a farewell to the drama that kept my BL loving heart alive i’ll be analizing the ending, from episode 34 to the end. i might talk about episode 37 in another post.

    and without further ado, let’s analize.

    I will be dividing this analysis into 4 parts:

    1st: The right things we got from our last theories.

    2nd: The wrong things we got from our last theories.

    3rd. The plot and why I think it doesn’t take away everything formt he show.

    4th: two part endings.

    Part 1: The Right

    The first thing we got right is the timeline. Shen Shen and Da Wu stood up in defense for Wen Kexing’s rushed plan. They needed to execute it in the heroes conference as the important people of the martial arts world would be there to witness everything. Shen Shen had stepped up to confess that the fake death was needed to let Zhao Jing’s guard down which worked wonderfully.

    To add to that, Da Wu also confessed that he was a part of the reason why Wen Kexing did not tell Zishu, and this was because he needed to rest and not get into a fight.

    this lead to our second theory being right, Wen Kexing was understndably worried and decided to just not tell him the plan, it is unclear if Da Wu knew of the entire plan or if he was only told some of it like A-Xiang, that would explain why he did not get to stop Zhou Zishu from leaving thinking everything would be okay as long as he gave the medicine to Zhou Zishu to cure any fatal wounds.

    I think that about covers the right theories we have, now for the pther side of the spectrum which are the theories we got wrong.

    Part 2: Wrongs

    First we have Chengling and shen Shen, we were wrong in theorizing that it was Ye Bai Yi who told him of the plan, instead he was told of the plan by Wen Kexing when he returned to Shen Shen to explain everything to him (Keep in mind this is when he had finally rescued Zhou zishu and Chengling undoubtedly finally knew that Wen Kexing was the ghost valley chief after he was dropped off) 

    So this could potentially solidify our previous theory that Chengling sent that messenger in haste after he was told, it was already too late to call that messenger back when Wen Kexing explained. So what probably happened was Wen Kexing dropped Chengling off to Shen Shen, saved Zhou Zishu while Chengling was told of Wen Kexing’s identity prompting him to send the messenger and then finally Wen Kexing coming back to explain everything, and so that led to Zhou Zishu going out to search for him.

    Second it was Wen Kexing who went to Ye Bai yi to negotiate on things and what to do to execute the plan. Wen Kexing only wanted to expose his enemy, not kill hundreds of people and this convinced Ye Bai Yi to help him, in return Wen Kexing will eventually shut down the ghost valley.

    i think that is all we have for the wrongs, there is no clear evidence if the letter about the heroes conference is a clue to justify our last theory but I think it was just basically a warning to Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu and let them know they may be potentially in danger of being hunted down by Zhao Jing.

    and now we go to the last part. The plot.

    Part three: The Plot.

    Despite the Romeo and Juliet style of things, I don’t think it takes away everything that we had built up with the characters. If you take away the “Not telling Zhou Zishu;’ about the plan part it wouldn’t changed the fact that they were all in constant battle for the armoury key. in my opinion I think the writer made the safest route to lead to the ending. the conflict may be forced and I think there could be other plots that could have worked, but in their environment and how things are in their situation everything fell OUT of place and INTO place at the same time. If you think about it, if Zhou Zishu had not taken out the nails there would be no drive or urgency to go for the armory to shut down scorpion would lead to scorpion king realizing he had been cheated of the key and would undoubtedly lead an army to capture Wen Kexing. and the cycle would continue UNTIL they get the key. If Zhou Zishu had not killed the scorpion King and everyone in their alliance on that mountain they would not have been able to reach the armoury in time to heal Zhou Zishu as neither of them actually knew JUST where the armoury is. everything fell out of place (episode 32-33) then fell INTO place (34-36) and despite which ending you prefer it is up to you to choose that is why we were given the first and second (true) ending. Ye Bai Yi had also started withering the moment he started eating normal foods and is happy to live the rest of his life eating happily after he had finally completed both missions he had in mind.

    now we move on the the last part.

    Part 4: Two Endings.

    Okay, admittedly the ending in episode 36 left SO MUCH questions rather than answers and that was what drove fans scratching their heads in confusion and going “What just happened?” only to be bombarded with a second ending that completely said “Fuck it we going the immortal route, let’s give them a happy ending” 

    The reason for the first ending is an ambiguous open ending. nothing was made clear and specified of the two masters that practice the cultivation technique made it out alive, and even Xiaoling wad depicted as a motherly figure even though Chengling said that he only saw her as an elder sister. the producers and screenwriters opted actually to have only one true ending and that was the two of our main leads being immortals. BUT this did not get past cencorship (sadly) the reason for that weird cut in the was because they had planned to to put the true ending after the scene of the kids walking away from the frame but since you know cencosrhip and everything. BUT if you look closely, Chengling’s lines are EXTREMELY over dubbed, if you take a look at AvenueX’s video where she talked about the ending and the dubbing and why it was confusing to the fans (Bless her soul) She had stated that because of production reasons again they had to cut out at least 3 to 4 minutes of the ending to please the censorship, they refused to have a sad ending of course and so with a lil bit of dubbing magic or vaguely translated words, they played the ending and made it an open one for the audience to interpret (this is one of the ways they had manipulated the loopholes of cencorship) and with hardcore Wenzhou fans getting their happy ending for episode 37 Thus concluding the story of Word Of Honor.

    thus now we come to a close to our analysis for the last 3 episodes of the drama. Thank you so much for reading this far. if you guys have anything you want to talk to me about i am open to hearing your opinions, ideas and even future discussion topics that you want me to do. But until then i will now close this analysis and giving out gratitude to everyone who worked for WOH. more power to the cast and staff and more power to Youkou with loads of other shows in the future. Thank you once again, Peace.

    #wenzhou #word of honor #shan he ling #faraway wanderers#wen kexing#zhou zishu#zhang chengling#analysis#plot breakdown #come cry with me about Wenzhou TvT
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  • stellahibernis
    06.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Today I'm thinking about the confrontation between Zhou Zishu and Xie Wang in episode 35, and specifically from the point on when Xie Wang says that surely they can make a deal that's something other than all of them getting killed. I think he expects to come on top of it since he's used to playing on people's greed, he expects it to be some kind of a bargaining game. Zhou Zishu surprises him by not wanting the thing everyone has been after since the beginning, making it at the same time an ultimatum and a deal that gives Xie Wang exactly what he wants at a small price of losing the satisfaction of killing someone.

    Xie Wang is silent for a really long time, and I think it hits him because all he wanted for most of his life was acceptance and love from Zhao Jing, and in the end all he got was the knowledge that no matter how much he said he loved him, Zhao Jing would always sacrifice him on the altar of power. After that, Xie Wang probably believed what he wanted was impossible and all he had left was a quest for power even greater than what Zhao Jing had dared to imagine as a way of getting back at him and building up his sense of self.

    Yet, here is Zhou Zishu, obviously not at all interested in the glazed armor and the potential power that comes with it. All he cares about is taking Wen Kexing with him, and Xie Wang is confronted by the fact that love and devotion like he wanted actually exists, that there are indeed people ready to choose their loved ones above everything else. It just wasn't possible between him and his godfather.

    In the end, all he can do is to call Zhou Zishu's choice boring, but quite frankly, he's just trying to convince himself.

    #word of honor #word of honor meta #zhou zishu#xie wang #shan he ling
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  • sixteenthshen
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    wenzhou phone wallpapers i made for my phones, posting in case anyone wants? 

    fan photos: twirling wenzhou 夕拾云屿海; lantern hug 起意·9291;  white unknown 

    #woh concert#wenzhou #word of honor #wen kexing#zhou zishu #i had this fanart of wz kissing #but then i had to hide my screen #so.... #it won't fit an iphone 100% fyi #it's 1440x2960 #i made it to match my largest phone resolution
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  • faraway-wanderer
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    "The shooting is over, the concert is over, so are we. It's over!"

    Zhang Zhehan breaks up with his not-so-secret lover, Gong Jun, without giving him any reason or closure.

    Will they find a way back to each other despite all odds?

    Six Degrees Of Separation on AO3

    Six Degrees Of Separation on Wattpad

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  • pawsnread
    06.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Zhang Zhehan Sketch Event Day 36



    #shan he ling #word of honor #tian ya ke #faraway wanderers #zhou zi shu #zhou zishu#my art#chibi art#fan art#fanart #zhang zhehan sketch event
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  • velvetsilkmilkandhoney
    06.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #cdrama #word of honor #tian ye ke #faraway wanderers #shan he ling #Shl#lao wen#wen kexing #wen ke xing #wen yuan#Simon gong#Gong jun#Wenzhou#zhang zhehan #zhang zhe han #zhou zishu #Zhou zi shu #Zhou zhishu #Zhou zhi shu #Ah xu#A xu#Zhou xu #Source: Nina LaCour
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  • insouciantchthonian
    06.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    my only thoughts on the WOH ending:

    crossroad demons from supernatural would have a field day with wenzhou, what with each of them bending over backwards doing all the things they swore not to do (lying; leaving the other behind) in order to keep the other from death. have you ever met two soulmates who are so smart and powerful but so dumb around each other??

    The demons would be like: "I bet if we put the other one in mortal danger I could convince this one to give up his eyebrows in order to save them." "Just his eyebrows? What about his soul, or memories? his ability to love? ya know, regular demon deals?" "Oh but I already got his soul; his firstborn; his name; his every third breath; his right to wear pastels on thursdays; his martial arts at for one moment when he least expects it; the memories of his parents, and his ability to feel his soulmate's touch. If I took away his memories or his ability to love, how the heck could he keep making these stupid deals? I'm invested now, I wanna see what else he'd give up for that dumbass.... and I heard, Jenny down the street? She has the same contracts with the dumbass for this dumbass. *sighs happily* I love being a crossroads demon. These guys will fill my quota and provide me with free entertainment forever."

    #word of honor #word of honour spoilers #woh #wen ke xing #zhou zishu#wenzhou#shl#tyk #shan he ling
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  • velvetsilkmilkandhoney
    06.05.2021 - 8 hours ago
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  • saiyuki729
    06.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I have been keeping up with this beautiful drama called Word of Honor.

    I dont make many post here but this is a drama that I found was a gem even though it has to go through a lot of obstacles.

    And now that both actors had said their goodbyes.

    By changing their Weibo profile picture. I have to say goodbye to both Axu and Lao Wen may their happiness be everlasting. To GongJun and Zhang Zehan, may they prosper on their future endeavors. Hoping for their health and wishing for great fortune keep going their way.

    Thank you GongJun and Zhang Zehan

    Thank you Word of Honor

    #word of honor #shan he ling #zhang zhehan#gong jun#wen kexing#zhou zishu
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  • eijie-cavies
    06.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Ye Bai Yi just basically said.


    #shan he ling #wenzhou #word of honor #faraway wanderers#zhou zishu#wen kexing#ye baiyi #Frustrated immortal in-law
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