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  • ivecarvedawoodenheart
    20.04.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Camilla says, “Hey, reporter asked about you again,” and Jack adjusts the phone against his cheek.

    He leans against the counter. “Oh yeah?”

    “Yeah.” It’s a one syllabic shrug. “I told ‘em you had a tattoo of Wellie on your left butt cheek.”

    He laughs, says, “Payback for the GQ interview?”

    “Big time.”


    #jack zimmermann#camilla collins#omgcheckplease #i feel like they'd be at the point now where they don't really talk much but still have friendly feelings for each other #so they just start saying outrageous shit about each other but it's all super mundane #camilla has a cowlick on the back of her head #jack's pinky toe on his left foot is much shorter than the others #camilla once rigged a zipline over south quad #jack perfected the running man #etc #meanwhile shitty's like 'you fucker i asked if you wanted to get wellie tats and you said no'
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  • omg-whiskey
    20.04.2021 - 21 hours ago

    yes i love writing pre-canon stuff about jack and his parents yes it is mostly about bob because i have mommy issues that i refuse to touch <3

    #yes i do have ideas #no i probably will not write full fics ab them #anyway i have a hc that alicia zimmermann spends like a full year being really fucking pissed off at everyone #including jack and it sucksw
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  • bombasticglamour
    20.04.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • samwell-hockey-bois
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    I have a theory that Jack only likes taking pictures of these geese cause they're Canada geese named after a literal guy named Canada and that's the most Canadian thing ever.

    Gotta represent 🇨🇦

    Also...I'm 92.3% certain that this goose and the goose from Untitled Goose Game are partners in crime. Those eyes hold no innocence.

    #ngozi ukazu#omgcp#omgcheckplease#jack zimmermann #samwell men's hockey #goose#canada goose #untitled goose game meets omgcp
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  • martysimone
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Zimmermann | Botanica Teddy • in cotton voile + lace trim | Ready-to-Wear Spring Summer 2021

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  • oikaawatooru
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    ngozi ragging on jack’s “boyband bangs” and bright yellow shoes at the start of the comic and now those exact bangs and shoes having been the Thing for the last couple of years... in this essay i will explain how jack has always been both camp and also 500 steps ahead of the curve always—

    #benni.txt #jack zimmermann #jack is not a cultural reset he’s a cultural vortex without knowing
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  • insertatitlehere
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    there’s so many bob & jack content and fics lately and yesssssss please 

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  • incorrecteintrachtquotes
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jan : You're standing on this ice.

    Kevin : I'm standing on the floor.

    Jan : It's an expression.

    Kevin : It's grass.

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  • m1umiu
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    zimmermann wrap-style silk mini dress

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  • ericbttle
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    like I think Alicia and Suzanne get along great but also the idea of them dueling it out to be the best grandma is so funny

    Jack and bitty’s daughter, fresh off a trip from GA: granny baked me cookies all week

    Alicia: how fun :)))))

    a day later she crashes a Pixar movie premier with her granddaughter on her hip bc she can’t cook for shit

    Bob: why’d you take a role in a disney movie I thought you wanted to do more serious roles

    Alicia: she knows how to crochet now, Bob

    #omgcp#eric bittle#jack zimmermann#Suzanne bittle#alicia zimmermann #Suzanne would be the best gma by traditional standards #and Alicia would v much be the cool gma the kid could brag about
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  • crystallinediamonds
    18.04.2021 - 2 days ago

    Zimmermann Spring 2021

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  • leah-cultice
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Raquel Zimmermann by Chris Colls for Vogue Korea April 2021

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  • bittysthesis
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    more than meets the eye

    OMGCP Anniversary Week Day 6: Headcanons

    Rating: General Audiences

    Word Count: 5027

    Tags: Skateboarder!Jack, Canon Compliant, Background Jack/Bitty

    Characters: Jack Zimmermann, Alicia Zimmermann, Bob Zimmermann, Providence Falconers, Samwell Men’s Hockey Team, Original Characters

    Summary: The first time Jack Zimmermann thought about stepping foot on a skateboard was when he was twelve years old (aka the sk8erboi!Jack fic)

    @omgcpanniversaryweek​ @unconventional-turtle @zim-bone-me

    #omgcp#omgcpanniversaryweek#jack zimmermann#my post#my writing #skateboarder!jack #also shout out to nick for letting me use one of their oc's literal months ago #I finished writing this a while ago but I figured anniversary week would be a good occasion to post #hope you enjoy!
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  • unconventional-turtle
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Press Play

    My headcanon about what would have happened if Jack didn’t figure things out at graduation but found Bitty’s vlog a couple months later instead. 
    For day 6 of @omgcpanniversaryweek and for @parvuls who said we needed more of this trope 

    To be clear, Jack never meant to find the videos.

    Unlike the rest of the team who’d begged Bitty to tell him the name of his vlog, or Ransom who’d rallied to guest star, Jack respected that Bitty wanted them not to watch it. He understands the desire to keep some things for yourself. Or, he supposes, yourself and however many subscribers Bitty has.

    He doesn’t understand the appeal of sharing your personal life with thousands of strangers, but it makes sense why Bitty likes it. He’d tried to explain it to him once, how YouTube had given him an outlet when he was closeted back home. How it had given him people to talk to when he needed it, people who didn’t know him in real life.

    The point is, Jack never meant to find the videos. But he does.

    It’s the middle of September and training camp starts tomorrow. Jack is nervous. Fortunately, it’s not hands shaking, hyperventilating on the floor nervous. Just mind racing, can’t sleep nervous. He’s not worried about his spot on the team or his new teammates. Not really. He’s met most of them already and he knows where he stands. But… this is supposed to be his comeback. This season has to go well. He needs to prove to the Falcs that signing him wasn’t a mistake. He needs to prove to everyone else that he’s not a total failure. He does his breathing exercises and tries to clear his mind. He tries to remind himself that how he does tomorrow doesn’t determine the entire season. No amount of any of that seems to help. He still can’t sleep.

    Not for the first time, Jack wishes he were back at the Haus. If he were still at the Haus he could walk across his room and knock on Shitty’s door. He could listen to Ransom and Holster bang around upstairs. He could go down to the kitchen and keep Bittle company while he baked. He could tease Bitty about starting a pie so late but sit at the table anyways and watch him mix ingredients, and chatter about his day, and roll out dough until his own mind was quiet enough to fall asleep.

    Too bad Bitty is 40 miles away.

    Jack knows that if he called, Bitty would answer. He’d gone down to Samwell with Shitty in August, and before he left Bitty had told him to call anytime. With almost anyone else Jack would have assumed it was just a nice thing to say, but he knows Bitty meant it.

    Part of Jack feels like he needs to do this alone though. He needs to prove to himself that he can make it on his own, that he can handle this new chapter in his life. Relying on the same habits he formed at Samwell isn’t going to prove that.

    He lays in bed for ten more useless minutes before pulling out his laptop with a frustrated sigh. He’s not sure that watching cooking videos will provide the same calming effect but he figures it’s worth a shot.

    He types “how to make pie” into the search bar and clicks on the first result.  It’s fine. The woman’s voice isn’t too grating and at the very least it distracts from his thoughts of impending failure. He lets the videos auto play and tries to focus on them. It helps a little and it’s better than nothing but none of them are quite right. (None of them are Bitty).

    read more on ao3

    #OMGCPAnniversaryWeek#jack zimmermann#eric bittle#zimbits#omgcp #i kind of feel like this fic needs like 5k more words but thats obviously not gonna happen so its getting posted now #my writing
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  • thingsisayinmysleep
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago
    #the advertising algorithm #jack zimmermann #jack's awful yellow trainers
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  • omg-whiskey
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    for @omgcpanniversaryweek because i can’t get the extras of Jack with his dad out of my head


    You try your hardest to leave the past alone.

    This crooked posture is all you've ever known.

    It is the consequence of living in between

    The weight of family and the pull of gravity.

    The first time Bob feels his son kicking, Alicia is six and a half months pregnant. He hears her shouting from the bedroom and he drops the plate he’s holding into the sink and he runs down the hallway.

    “What is it?” he asks.

    Alicia is sitting in the middle of her bed and she has her hands on her belly. He sees tears streaming down her face and for a miniscule, terrible moment, Bob thinks that something terrible has happened, and then he sees Alicia grinning.

    “Bob, come here,” she says.

    And so Bob jumps over the end board and onto the bed and he kneels in front of her. She puts her hands on top of Bob’s and places them gently on top of her belly. His hands are still wet, bubbles clinging to his arm hairs and he’s looking down at his wife’s stomach and it’s quiet for a second. He feels it, faint, then stronger, movement.

    “Is that…”

    “Your son’s kicking,” Alicia says through tears.

    And they had been worried for a while, because the doctor told them they should feel him kicking around five and a half months and so far there hasn’t been anything and they had thought that maybe something was wrong.

    Bob keeps one hand on her stomach while the other holds her cheek and kisses her, both of them smiling so wide.

    “What does it feel like?” Bob asks.

    “It feels kind of like I’m hungry,” she giggles, “Or like I have gas.”

    And then Bob’s giggling too, his head resting against her shoulder.

    “I love you so much,” Bob says, overtaken with it in that moment and he presses another kiss to her cheek and then he scoots down the bed and puts both hands above Alicia’s stomach and presses a kiss to her belly, “And I love him too, so much already.”

    Alicia’s hand smooths out the top of his hair and Bob didn’t know that he had so much love in him to give and that thought… that thought’s almost terrifying.

    “I can’t wait to meet you,” Alicia props herself up on her elbows and looks down at her bump. Bob feels the baby kicking again. Bob Zimmermann has more career fights than goals, and he has more than 300 career goals. He never thought twice about getting clocked in the jaw or taking a stick to the face. Blood and bruises and bumps were part of the gig and he never questioned it.

    And he won’t question being a Dad either. He knows already that he’ll love Jack with everything he has, that he will do anything for this baby. The enormity of his love has never felt more correct, it has never felt more terrifying.

    “I’ll never let anything bad happen to you,” Bob says, his head resting against Alicia.

    Alicia laughs, hand on top of his head.

    “I don’t know if you can promise that, my love.”

    “I can’t try unless I promise first,” Bob says.

    Alicia just hums and runs her fingers through Bob’s hair.

    “Well if he plays hockey like you I don’t know how much you can keep it.”

    And Bob just smiles.

    “Helmets are better now than when I was a kid.”

    “Yes, they actually wear them now.”

    And Bob laughs, but that’s not what he meant. He’s lost teeth to hockey, drawn blood for it, come home with bruises and spent nights in the hospital. But that’s not the hurt that he wants to protect Jack from. Jack will never wonder if he’s good. Jack will know, Bob will make sure of it.

    Bob is tired, hockey does that to a man. He wonders what fatherhood adds to that, hopes he can be enough to give this baby everything he needs. Bob feels an energy that he’s never felt before every time he thinks about it. He knows now, before he’s even held his son, that he would do anything for him.

    Read more on ao3

    #omgcp#check please#bob zimmermann#cw pregnancy#omgcpanniversaryweek #this is i think a neat look at bob #and how a dad can accidentally put a lot of expectations on a son that he doesn't realize is struggling #it gets heavy but i don't think heavier than the heavy parts of canon
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  • manasaysay
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    Random OMGCP Headcanon I just had:

    The season after The Kiss, Bob plays in an Alumni game for the Habs (or Pens).

    Nothing special: teams do this all the time. Alumni play, it’s usually pretty chill, someone tries to pull a move they clearly can’t do anymore and everyone laughs at them.

    (Side note: happened to the Leafs recently. The alumni goalie did this AMAZING stretched out full body paddle save!...and then had to be helped off the ice because he was like 70 and really shouldn’t be doing that anymore.)

    Just old buddies getting back together to play some televised shinny, and not just old buddies! You get mixes of different eras with these games. Stars and journeymen from the 80s, 90s, and 00s all playing together. Bob shows up fairly regularly, sometimes Alicia’s schedule gets in the way, but he’s there pretty often.

    Super cool and super chill.

    What was different this time was Bob, who’s 60 by now, full on FIGHTS someone on the other team.

    Crowd is going wild! A Bad Bob vintage! The first Bad Bob Bout in nearly 30 years!

    And the crowd in the arena doesn’t notice because they’re so loud. But the people watching from home do

    Because one of the refs mics picks up what Bob is yelling at this former teammate he’s punching in the face

    “Nobody! Says! That! About! My! SON!”

    Bob gets kicked out of the game and the other guy is too fucked up to continue (is he older or younger than Bob? Either way, he’s too old to recover from a fight in a week, let alone like 10 minutes), crowd doesn’t care because that’s the most exciting the Alumni Game has ever been.

    After the game everyone in the press crowds Bob. And he doesn’t even wait to be asked a question.

    “My son and I are different players. When slurs gets thrown at him, he deals with it his way. And I support him one-hundred percent because he knows what’s best for himself and his team,

    But if you bring that homophobic bullshit to me? I will deal with you my way. Bad Bob’s way.”

    Epilogue 1:

    Jack tweets later that day:

    “My dad can be really embarrassing sometimes. But I’m so lucky that he always has my back. Love you Papa.”

    Epilogue 2:

    The player in question had made the quite unfortunate decision (beyond trying to use a homophobic slur about someone’s kid, and that someone being a person who earned the nickname “Bad Bob”) several years earlier to retire in the Boston metro area.

    He returned from his trip with a broken cheekbone and nose. He returned to a house that was covered in toilet paper and eggs, and spray-painted “Home Sweet Homophobe”.

    The culprits were never caught.

    #omgcp#omgcheckplease#bob zimmermann#jack zimmermann #Jack Zimmermann defense squad #Bob is the president #fictional hockey fights #Bad Bob will fuck you up #bad Bob dad bod Zimmermann
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  • sweetsummerchildchowder
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    what kind of dog would jack and bitty have? like a corgi, lab, boxer, pittie, or shepherd. these are all cute, but i present to you

    a great dane

    like it would look normal next to jack, but like be the height of bitty

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  • unconventional-turtle
    17.04.2021 - 3 days ago

    and fear gives way to pride

    The Cup Finals updates from Bad Bob’s point of view. For day 5 of @omgcpanniversaryweek

    Bob hates himself a little bit for it, but the first thing he feels is fear.

    “Me and Bitty kissed. It might be on TV actually.”

    He watches his son kiss Eric Bittle in front of god knows how many people and cameras and his blood runs cold.

    Out loud he says, “All right then! That’s all right! and I’m even more proud.”

    He claps his son on the shoulder and smiles and wishes he weren’t afraid.

    He is going to be obnoxiously proud of his son soon but…

    He remembers the feeling of winning. He knows that when you win you feel invincible. You are convinced that everything will always go as right as it went in the game.

    The only problem is that feeling only lasts until the hangover hits you the next morning. And with Jack he’s worried about something so much bigger than a hangover.

    It’s not that Bob doesn’t think Jack is strong enough to handle everything he has coming his way. His son is without a doubt the strongest person he knows. But the world is cruel, and that cruelty almost killed Jack once before.

    It’s the cruelty that scares him. It’s the what ifs turning into what wills. Because for Jack there is no going back, no undoing this, no way to avoid whatever happens next.

    read more on ao3

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  • youareapipedream
    16.04.2021 - 4 days ago

    You cannot convince me that Kevin Day and Jack Zimmermann aren’t the same person

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