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  • hellachoppter

    #ahh the good old days #i miss this energy #it was so fun and cute #i need them to bring this enthusiam back #and also for their management to get them more gigs and interviews #give them redbull before they go on or something #prettymuch#zion kuwonu#brandon arreaga#edwin honoret#nick mara#austin porter
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    a journey

    #ksjdhd caleb just not giving a fuck #if you fall you fall im just gonna watch #prettymuch#zion kuwonu#austin porter
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  • all i’m saying is that if zion kuwonu wanted to get married i would be down

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  • Don’t Be Like Me- B.A


    Word count: 1k+

    Warning: possibly cringey angst.

    Note: I would’ve given you more but that would have ruined the entire fic even more that I already fucked it up.


    A year ago, he could’ve done whatever the fuck he wanted. He answered to no one. He only made music and only listened to himself. He didn’t have to worry about coming home at a decent hour. What the hell was he thinking committing to someone?

    He walked down the dark street, his headphones in. His head was spinning at the words thrown around back in the house he shared with his girlfriend. He didn’t think you would have fussed about it as much, but what the hell did he know?

    Nothing he ever did made you happy. You wanted clothes, accessories, money? He gave it to you. You wanted fame and fans? You had them. Yet you were never satisfied with what he had to give you. You had everything that he had to give. What else could you want?

    You were sitting on the floor, head in your hands over the shit that you had argued with Brandon over. Things had been thrown, words had cut each of you. You had gotten angry over the smallest things but you knew that there was a bigger problem that remained unspoken.

    You stood up and picked up the shards of the glass that you’d thrown earlier. You swept up the broken pieces of what you thought was your relationship. Then, you called your best friend.

    “Zi? I-I think I really messed up this time. I think I pushed him too far. He’s not gonna come back to me”, you stuttered through jerky sobs, wiping at the tears on your face.”

    Zion sighed on the other side of the line, rubbing a hand over his face.

    “Shit, y/n. Where is he?”

    You sniffled, “I-I don’t know. He left and he hasn’t come back.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ll get the guys and we’ll go look for him.”

    You thanked Zion and finished tidying up the house that you had shared with Brandon for the past few months. You turned off the lights behind you as you slowly made your way to your shared bedroom.

    Looking around, you took in the signs of the shared room. Brandon’s sneakers near the closet door, your jewelry box on the dresser, your shared chest of drawers. You had tried your best to make it work, you tried to adapt to his life and his lifestyle yet you never had all of him. He still ran from you when you said “I love you”. He would distance himself from you, staying late in the studio until you were already asleep or staying with the guys while you woke up to an empty bed.

    Brandon’s phone rang. Time and time again. He didn’t want to answer it. He just wanted to think. What was he going to do? What was he going to say when he went back home to you?

    “Brandon, if you don’t get your ass in this car, I swear I’m going to kick your ass.”

    Brandon shook his head. He swore that he could hear the joined screaming of his band mates. He shook it off, knowing it couldn’t be them.

    He turned around as he heard a pair of heavy footsteps approaching him. A large hand landing on his shoulder. Brandon took his headphones out as he looked up at Zion.

    “B, she’s worried about you. Go home. Talk to her.”

    “Zion, I fucked up. I told her shit that she didn’t deserve.”, Brandon told him.

    “I fucking can’t do this shit anymore! I can’t fucking breathe! I knew I was getting in way over my head. I should’ve fucking stopped this shit as soon as I saw where it was going. Fuck!”

    Zion shook his head. “Then apologize. She’ll understand.”

    Brandon sat on the curb of the street, and looked at his hands. “I can’t. I can’t face her.”

    You sat on the edge of your bed, making the hardest decision that you think you’ve ever made. It would be the best thing for the both of you.

    You walked to the closet and pulled out your suitcase. Then you painfully started taking your clothes out of your drawers, and filling up the empty suitcase. Your eyes clouded and you bit your lip to keep from sobbing.

    You emptied your drawers, before finally closing the large zipper around your suitcase. You wiped at your eyes and wrote Brandon a note. Then you placed it on his nightstand before grabbing your suitcase and walking towards the front door.

    I’m sorry if what I had wasn’t enough. But I’m so tired of giving”.

    Before you could make it to the front door, it opened revealing a somber Brandon.

    “You’re-you’re leaving?”

    You looked down at your shoes, eyes clouding over again. Shrugging, you responded. “I think it would be better for the both of us. We need space to decide if what we have is worth trying to fix.”

    Brandon looked up at you, shaking his head. “I don’t have anything that I have to figure out. I don’t want you to leave. I’ll give you whatever you want, just don’t leave”.

    You forced down the lump in your throat. Even after the fight he still didn’t understand the problem.

    “Brandon, I don’t want the money, or the fans or the fame. I don’t fucking want that. All I wanted was you.”

    “But I’ve been here the entire time.”

    “Yet you were never fully mine. Look, I don’t want to stay and wake up one day and look into your eyes to see that you’re not happy. Maybe I wasn’t able to be that for you, and if that’s the case, then this will let you find your happy. Even if it isn’t with me.”

    Brandon stared at you, pain behind his eyes being relieved as tears escaped his eyes.

    “Don’t do this. Don’t be like me. Don’t run away from all of this. This house? It means nothing to me. Is it home? Yes, because every single time that I Walk through the door, I come home to you. You are my home. Anywhere that you go, I’ll go too. That’s because I love you.”

    You looked away from Brandon, your body shaking. You didn’t think that you’d ever hear those words returned. Yet, those words just hurt you.

    “Bran-Brandon, don’t”, you whispered.

    Brandon walked up to you and he grasped your chin in between his fingers.

    “Don’t run from this. From us. Let me show you that tomorrow, five years from now, and thirty years from now I will always express my love for you. You won’t lose me.”

    “What-what if that’s not enough?”, you hiccuped.

    “Let me show you that it will always be enough”.



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    A/N: this song is so fucking cute and I couldn’t help but attempt to write a little something for it I know all I write is fluff I’m sorry I’m working on it but anyways I’m kinda rusty so hopefully this doesn’t suck and y’all like it♥️———————————————————————

    “Wait you’re serious? You really think aliens built the Stonehenge?” Brandon shrugged and took another sip from your shared and now nearly empty wine bottle. “Makes sense right? How else did those big ass rocks get there?” You giggled and covered your face as the mental picture developed in your head, turning your giggles into full blown belly laughs. “Why’s that so funny?” Brandon laughed with a confused expression across his face. You gasped and attempted to speak between fits of laughter, your cheeks flushed as you wipe at your teary eyes. “I just-just see these little green guys all trying to pi-pick up a rock with hard hats on.” He laughs and shrugs again “Safety first right?” You finally compose yourself and try to catch your breath. “Okay, your turn.” He slumps down the couch until his head is in your lap. You comb your fingers through his soft dark curls as you think and his eyes softly close and he breathes a contented sigh. “What if…” You take another sip of the sweet liquid “What if…we never met?” He chuckles softly his eyes still closed. “I’d be waking up drunk in someone else’s bed.” “No I’m serious B like…” His eyes flutter open and meet yours, gently urging you to continue your question. “…like who would we be if we never met?” He lays silently in your lap for a few moments, contemplating his response. He takes the bottle from your hand and sets it on the table in front of the couch as he swings his legs over the side of the couch and sits up. “C’mere baby.” You shuffle over to him and he wraps an arm around your waist to steady you as he guides you into his lap, your thighs on either sides of his hips. You loop your arms around his neck and he gently swipes the hair from your face before wrapping both arms around you. “Now, I can’t speak for you but for me? If we never met…I wouldn’t be who I am today, who you’ve helped me to become. I’d have missed out on so many good things. The ways you helped me grow and become a better man an-and achieve my goals..honestly baby without you who knows if I’d even still be singing. I mean… shit…I wouldn’t even know what love is if we never met.” “You love me?” You smile blissfully as his words reach your ears. He smiles back, mirroring your expression. “Yeah, didn’t really wanna be fuckin wine drunk when I said it but yeah I love you baby.” You lean into him, pressing your lips to his and he pulls you tighter to his body. You smile softly against his lips as you notice the way the wine has mingled with the taste of him, making a heavenly combination. You break away and scoot down his body, wrap your arms around his ribs and nuzzle into his chest. “I love you too.” He kisses the top of your head and squeezes you gently before resting his cheek on it. “B?” He hums in acknowledgement. “I’m really glad you won’t be waking up drunk in someone else’s bed.” A soft chuckle vibrates deep in his chest. “Me too baby.”

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  • the beautiful irony of most wlw beanz being in either nick or zion’s lanes

    #when they exude the most ‘no homo’ energy #im sorry im laughing idk why this is so funny to me #its fuckin amazing #like you think youre a lady killer when most of the girls in your lanes are gay shdjddhdhfhdjfhf #i fuckin cant #prettymuch#zion kuwonu#nick mara
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  • You can’t get enough of me


    “Soooo are you gonna just sit there and stare at him from afar forever like a puppy or are you gonna shoot your shot?”

    “Leave me alone Eddie.”

    “No bro, for real. Why don’t you just say something. He’ll never know if you don’t say anything and you know he’s crazy about you.”

    “Not like I am about him. I’m his “favorite” sure, but being someone’s “favorite friend” isn’t the same as them being crazy about you, and you know that Ed.”

    You picked up another shot, downing the liquid and feeling it burn your throat.

    “Whoa killer. I think someone’s had enough.”

    “Lay off Zion, don’t you you have someone else to annoy?”

    “What the hell? What did I do?”


    You didn’t mean to snap at him, but just as he walked into the kitchen you saw his girlfriend walk in. She was everything you weren’t. Tall, slender, her face beat like a model. She was perfect, and a complete bitch to everyone including Zion.

    “Nah what’s wrong tell me? You know you can always talk to mamas.”

    “No, I’m gonna make my self scarce, Your bit- your girlfriend just got here and I don’t feel like arguing.”

    You grabbed your cup and worked your way through the crowd.

    “What the hell was that about?”

    “I think you need to talk to her Zion. Not tonight, but soon and alone bro.”

    It was around noon the next day when Zion texted that he was on his way, you were going to get food and there was no way he was letting you cancel.

    “So you wanna tell me what all that was about last night? You avoided me all night.”

    “Did not.” You said as you pushed your food around your plate, avoiding all eye contact.

    “Is it My girl? Do you not like her?”

    “Ha, Z you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who does.”

    “The fuck is that supposed to mean?”

    “Nothing. Never mind.”

    “You’ve been different for like a month. If it’s her just say it.”

    “Yeah, okay fine. It’s her. She’s rude, she thinks she better then everyone. You should hear the way she talks about you when you’re not there Zion. She orders you around and you just do it. She’s mean to the guys, she a total bitch to me, how do you not see it?”

    “When was she ever a bitch to you? Cause all I’ve ever seen is you be rude to her.”

    “Excuse me? I was nice to her, she rolls her eyes when I speak. She shoots me death glares every time I stand next to you or talk to you, she interrupts me when I do talk. Not to mention she’s always making fun of your friends Z. I know you think she’s doing it in a funny way like we all pick on each other, but she’s not.”

    “Wow. You really think I’d let her be a bitch to my friends and to you? You don’t know me at all. I think you’re just jealous.”

    “Of what? Her plastic ass body? Can you just take me home? I don’t really feel like dealing with this shit.”

    You opened your wallet dropping cash for your food and walked out to the car waiting for him.


    “Nick it was awful. He defended her completely and acted like it was me with the problem. I don’t get it. He said I was jealous. Jealous! Can you believe that?”

    “Honestly ma, I think you are a little. But you’re not wrong about her. I think you should just let it go. You deserve to be someone’s first choice.”

    “I’m not jealous. I’m just, well okay. Maybe I am a little, but it’s only cause I love him and want better for him.”

    “And you think that’s you? I think maybe you need to want better for yourself too.”

    “Maybe you’re right. Thanks for coming over. I really needed someone to lay here and vent to.”

    “Of course, you know I always got you.”

    “Will you stay with me? I hate falling asleep alone and my roommates out of town for the night. Zion was suppose to stay with me, but I’m sure he forgot.”

    “Of course. If she’s gone all weekend I can stay, just gotta run to the house and grab some stuff.”

    “No, just the night.”


    “Yo bro, where you been? I was blowing up your phone all night.”

    “I was doing what you were supposed to.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?”

    “Think really hard bro. Where were you supposed to be last night? Who’d you make a promise to?”

    “Fuck. She didn’t remind me. You coulda said something. So what you decided that I slipped up so you’d just wedge yourself in there? I told you bro when I first met her, she was off limits.”

    “I don’t think you really get to say that bro. You got a girl what do you care who she’s with? She’s just a friend right?”

    Nick walked past Zion slamming his bedroom door.

    Zion was hot on his heels, but he decided to take up his issue with you instead. He grabbed his phone writing out a text that was sure to get you going. He knew you did that to make him angry and he wasn’t about to keep his mouth shut.

    “You coulda just reminded me. You ain’t gotta get caked up with my friends to get back at me for your own jealousy.”

    “Fuck you Z. You made a promise to me, I didn’t ask you do anything. You know how scared I get staying here alone and you said you’d stay with me. I shouldn’t have had to remind you. Nick was here for me, so get over yourself. You have no say so in who I’m “caked up” with.”

    “Yeah? We’ll see.”

    You’d be lying if you said you weren’t slightly concerned. Zion had the ability to really cause an issue when he wanted. The last thing you wanted to do was fight with him or have him fighting with Nick. So you decided to just make yourself scarce for a while.


    “Sooooo are you coming to the party Friday? I think you should. It’s been weeks since we’ve seen you.”

    “For what? Zion and me aren’t even talking and Nick, well if I’m being honest I think maybe Nick likes me.”

    “Do you like him?”

    “I absolutely adore Nick, but you know how I feel about Zion. Edwin even though he’s being a complete asshole I love him.”

    “Well then I think you need to make him see you. Hang up the jeans and hoodies and come get your mans.”

    “I don’t want to compete with her.”

    “You’re not, your showing him what he’s missing.”

    You felt oddly confident. For hours Edwin with the help of Brandon drug you through the mall trying on fit after fit. You finally settled on a black and yellow body con dress. You were no size 2 like his girlfriend, but you filled this dress and then some. It hugged and tightened where you needed it. You let your hair down and curled it, put more make up on then the boys had ever seen you wear, even though it was still light by most people’s standards. When you walked in to the party everyone stopped to tell you how amazing you looked.

    Brandon and Edwin were standing off by the kitchen giving you giant smiles and thumbs up when they saw you. You made you way over because you needed a drink badly, you hadn’t seen Zion yet but he sure had seen you.

    “Uh hey.”


    “You look um, when did you- where…”

    “You good Z?” Brandon asked with a smirk on his face.

    “Yep. You look really good mamas.”


    “Missed you. Can we um maybe catch up later?”

    “Sure Z.”

    He leaned down wrapping his arms around you tightly. He smelt amazing, feeling his body against yours was something that you could never get used to. He smelt heavenly, the hug seemed to be lingering, but Zion pulled away dragging his hands from around your back to your hips.

    “Imma go take care of something, but I’ll be back.”

    You were absolutely buzzing, you took a shot and made yourself a drink befor you made your way around the house with Eddie most of the night. You could feel eyes on you all night, but you couldn’t find Zion. You’d lost Edwin in the crowd when you left to get another drink, but to your dismay Zion’s his very skinny, very perfect girlfriend had just walked in the door with her friends and she found you before you could find anyone to buffer her.

    “Wow. Someone’s desperate for attention.”

    “Excuse me?”

    “Oh honey, what did you think was gonna happen? That being the best friend would somehow get you the in? That maybe if you dressed up he’d notice you and want you?”

    “What the fuck is your problem with me?”

    At this point people were starting to look, they’d all been honestly waiting. The tension was between Zion’s girlfriend and best friend had only gone unnoticed by him.

    “I don’t know what you’re fucking problem is, but literally no one here likes you.”

    “Honey the only person I need to like me in this place sure likes me a whole lot. Unfortunately for you he’s the one person you want to like you, but he never will. You’re just not pretty enough.”

    “God you are such a bitch. You know-”

    “Hey! What the hell is going on?”

    “Nothing babe, your friend was just being rude as per usual.”

    “Are fucking psycho? Zion she’s lying. She came up to me and started talking shit.”

    “I heard what you said to her. Yall both need to chill.”

    “She literally was belittling me in from of everyone are kidding me? Ask them, ask anyone! You know what it doesn’t matter I’m leaving.”

    “I think maybe that’s for the best.”

    “Wow Zion. You’re really something you know that.”

    “I just don’t see why she’d do that. All I heard was you about to go in on her and then she said something back.”

    “I really can’t believe you Z. You were right, I really don’t know you.”


    You got out the door as quick as possible, you slipped off your shoes and headed straight to the street, you walked down about 20 feet before you sat down on the curb and cried.

    You knew you looked terrible, make up for sure running down your face. You reached for your phone as you tried to order yourself an Uber, but your Password wasn’t working and the tears wereny helping.

    “God could this night het any worse!”

    As if right on queue Nick rounded the corner calling your name.

    “Are you okay? God I heard about what happen ma.” He quickly wiped at your tears and pulled you into his body hugging you, naturally making you cry harder.

    “She was so cruel and he just let her.”

    “I’m sorry baby, I’m so sorry. I wish I’d been there.”

    You looked up at him pathetically when you heard “baby” fall from his lips. He wiped at your tears again before leaning and kissing you softly.

    “Yo what the fuck! Are you kidding me right now?”

    Zion’s voice rang out into the night. At that point the only thing that could be heard was the distant thumping of the bass from the party.

    “Zion just leave okay. You’ve done enough tonight.”

    “Bro are you serious? You know she doesn’t want you right? You’re at best a consolation prize. I second choice if one at all. And what’s up with you? When did you start dressing like this? You’re telling me I’ve changed, you’ve changed everything about yourself! So you tell me is it true? You have feelings for me? Cause that’s what everyone is saying, but then I come out here and your making out with someone else.”

    “Fuck off Zion! Don’t talk to him like that.”

    “It’s okay, you don’t have to defend me. I don’t care what he has to say.”

    “You guys deserve each other. I’m outa here bro.”

    “I can’t believe I ever wanted to be with you. Fuck you Zi.”

    Zion stormed off, you could see the tension in his shoulders and his hands were clenched at his sides.

    “Can you take me home? Please?”

    “Of course.”

    The ride back your place was quite. When you pulled in Nick shut the car off and turned to you.

    “Nick listen, I- I don’t want you to think that I’m using you. I adore you, and honestly if anyone deserves my time it’s you.”

    “But you love him.”

    “I did. After tonight I don’t know anymore, but I can’t just jump into something with you. I hope you can understand.

    “Of course I can Ma. Do you want me to walk you to your apartment?”

    “No, it’s okay. Thank you though.”

    “Are you sure? I don’t mind.”

    “You know what, yeah. Come up? Have a drink?”

    “I’d love to.”


    You’d been laying in your bed with Nick for about an hour. Just going over the night and how you felt. He was more then understanding of how you felt. He helped you unzip you dress and told you that you were just as pretty in your oversized sweats. He made you laugh till you had tears in your eyes, but most of all he promised you that you’d come through the other side of this.

    “I know it hurts right now, but I swear it’ll be okay. You guys have been friends a long time. You’ll make up, he’ll come to his scenes.”

    You leaned closer to nick and he swung his arm around you hugging you and kissed you forehead. Before you could get a word in your bedroom door swung open.

    You sat up quickly taking in the site in front if you.

    “Bro are you fucking kidding me? Nick man we’re friends but your fucking pushing your luck.”

    “Zion, get out.”

    “No. I’m not leaving. He needs to fucking leave. We need to talk.”

    “There’s nothing to talk about. I invited him here, he’s wanted here you aren’t!”

    “I don’t care, he needs to get out.”

    Nick turned to you, jaw tense but with a softness in his eyes. “Listen I’m gonna go, you guys should talk. Call me if you need me okay?”

    “Nick you don’t have to go.”

    “I know, but remember what I said. I’ll talk to you later.” He leaned over kissing your head and grabbed his jacket off the bed. Watching him pass Zion made you cringe. You hated that they were fighting because of you. When you heard your front door close you looked back to Zion who was leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and his head down.

    “Well you wanted to talk so talk.”

    “You think this is a joke? You just running around throwing yourself at my friends cause we’re fighting.”

    “Excuse me? Nick and I are friends. I wasnt throwing myself at him.”

    “You kissed him!”

    “He kissed me! He comforted me after your girlfriend picked me apart and you did nothing to protect me. She embarrassed me in front of everyone and you let her!”

    “You called her a bitch.”

    “I called her a bitch after she said what she said Zion! Do you even know what she said to me? Or do you not care? You only care that maybe Nick likes me and if I hook up with him, I won’t be just waiting around for you all the time.”

    “Ay you wanna whore yourself out like that it’s your choice.”

    “Get out!”

    “No. I’m not done talking to you.”

    “Well I’m done talking to you Zion. I’m done with you. You’ve changed and I don’t want to be friends with who you are now so get out and leave your key.”

    Zion realized he’d come in here all wrong. He wanted to tell you he was sorry. Tell you that Eddie pulled him aside told him the truth and what his girlfriend had done to you. He wanted to tell you he always liked you too, but he walked in and found you laying next to his best friend and he was filled with a jealousy and rage he’d never felt before. He was the one you curled up with on bad days and he’d fucked it up. He hoped you’d call, but when the following weekend approached and he hadn’t heard from you he knew he had to fix it. Being as stubborn as he is, he never left his key. So he made his way to your apartment and let himself in.

    He couldn’t help but smile. Your body was adorned with a long shirt, more than likely one of his. You hair pulled up out of your face with little strands flying everywhere. The broom in your hand was being more used as a prop to dance around and sing with, then actually being used to clean.

    You were always this cute if he really thought about. You were beautiful, the curves of your body, the way your skin always seemed to glow. You were perfect to him, he wasn’t sure why it never dawned on him before. You were right in front of him the entire time.

    You were coming to the highest note in the song, sung by Nick of course. You spun around on your heels and were completely startled to see Zion standing in your door frame, smile on his face and arms crossed.

    “Nah, keep going. Probably gonna need to replace Nick anyway so let’s hear ya hit that note.”

    “Alexa, power off.” The music stopped, the room filling with tension immediately. “What are you doing here?”

    “You’re really cute you know that?”

    “Zion, don’t.”

    “Okay, I thought maybe we should talk about the other night.”

    “Okay. What do you wanna talk about first? How you showed up at my house in the middle of the night and kicked out my guest who also happens to be one of your best friends? Or how you were rude, screamed at me and basically called me a whore and blamed me for being bullied by your girlfriend?”

    “Ex girlfriend. And yeah, yeah we should talk about all that.”

    “Well I said everything I had to say the other night. And I feel like you did to, so maybe you should just go.”

    “I miss you. I don’t want to go. I want to talk about this all of it including the terrible dance moves. Cause you need help mamas, and I happen to be a decent dancer.”

    “Caleb leave me alone. I’m not in the mood for the cute shit.”

    “Is that my shirt?”


    “The shirt you’re wearing. Is it mine?”

    “Why do you care? God! Why are you like this? Look you were a real asshole Zion. You let your girlfrie-“

    “Ex. I broke up with her. I was wrong and I admit it okay? Mamas I should have dumped her on the spot the moment she said that shit to you. I’m sorry that I didn’t. Can we please try and move past this though?”

    “Z, I don’t know. You really fucking hurt me and then you were horrible to Nick.”

    “He knows better.”

    “What do you mean by that?”


    “Fess up Caleb.”

    “When I met you, I told them all you were off limits. I don’t know why, I just did. He knew not to fucking kiss you. He did it to piss me off.”

    “Yeah, cause someone liking me is just ridiculous.”

    “I didn’t mean it like that. I just, he did it to make me mad. I know him, he knows that I was trying to figure shit out and he just… God can you just trust me on this?”

    “No, I can’t. I don’t understand why you’d even care. You clearly don’t want me, so why would anyone wanting me piss you off Zion?”

    “Because it just does! Maybe I do want you.”

    “No, you only think that because you’re jealous. You think if I’m with Nick you won’t be the person I spend all my time with. You won’t be the center of attention.”

    “No, that’s not true mamas. I don’t just want you cause he does. I know the timing might seem that way, but I’m for real.”

    He closed the distance between the two of you in three short steps. The way his lips pressed against yours was everything you dreamed of. His hands felt like silk, the way he gripped your legs slinging them around his waist as he lifted you up. He had no idea the effect he had on you.

    His lips attached themself to the column of your throat making your nails dig into his biceps causing him to moan into your neck.

    He made quick work of lifting the shirt off your body. He laid you down and kissed down your chest as his hands trailed down to the band of your underwear slipping them off. You reached down trying your best to get his off and sliding them down with your foot. You grabbed his face brining it back to yours to kiss him again clinging to him as he slid into you in one fluid motion, causing you back to arch. He slid his arm around you as you did bringing your body closer to his. You were completely lost in his touch you grabbed at him, kissing his shoulders and arms, you’d uttered his name under your breathe and gasped at each thrust of his hips. The world around you completely lost.

    “You’re so perfect you know that?”

    “Zi, please stop. Let me up, I need to get dressed.”

    “Why? Just stay in bed with me. We can do it again and again and again.” He left a kiss on your neck and chest with each word.

    “Just admit it. You can’t get enough of me.”

    “I can’t. Now that I’ve got you, never gonna let you go mamas. I mean it. I was dumb as fuck for not realizing it sooner baby.”

    “You need to make all this right with Nick.”

    “I know, I will. I owe him as big of an apology as I did you. I’ll do right by him and by you. You’ll see.”

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    to list out the nick names I have for my lane

    • Bubs/Bub
    • Baby
    • Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    • Babyboy
    • Baby daddy
    • that ain’t DaBaby that’s my baby
    • Goof
    • Pretty boy
    • Z
    • Zi
    • Dumbass
    • Headass
    • Pretty baby

    I’m gonna stop there bc I have too many names for my boy😂

    tagging @sunshinekuwonu @noshamenion @pm-whipped @snapbackcake @honeybunchcalum

    #tagged #sorry it took so long i’ve been working #prettymuch #didn’t add daddy z but👀 #pm#zion kuwonu
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    AN: Wrote this a while ago for a prompt. Can’t remember which prompt exactly, anyway here it is.

    Zion watches you enter the elevator. His perspective gaze lands on your puffy eyes, swollen. The slight run to your nose and the way you hugged yourself to the side of the elevator.

    This would be a good time for him to leave, after all it was his floor. But he’s trapped in the metaphorical sense because he’s finally close enough to you. And for the last six months, that feat alone seemed nearly impossible to do.

    There were days, sure. When he came close to meeting you. Finally sucking up the courage to introduce himself but they were in awkward circumstances. For whatever reasons you only seemed to come to this apartment building during late nights. Only to leave early mornings, hair disheveled and clothes a mess.

    Being honest, as an adult himself, Zion could assume what happened. And he wasn’t here to judge, he too had his handful of booty calls and late nights in between satin sheets with names and faces he couldn’t recall.

    What bothered him though was how the guy you crept to some nights out of the month treated you like second pickings. And because life has a funny way of doing things; Zion was there to accidentally hear the guy say some pretty nasty stuff. How you allowed it and why you continued to stick around was beyond his ability to fathom.

    Of course, Zion’s erratic brain replays the night, wallowing on the words and your expression. Even from his distance near his front door he could make out the silhouette of your features. The way your lips arched downwards showcasing a frown. The way your eyes shimmered with unreleased tears. And he would hold himself back, fists drawn and half a mind to curse the dude out. But he never does, you were a stranger. A passing figure arguing with neighbor he would have to see for at least two more years, per the contract he signed.

    Zion’s grappled by his thoughts that he fails to register your question. Somewhat shaky as though you were barely holding on.

    “What you say?” Zion questions, glancing in your direction. His eyes flick to your face to really look at your features. The ample lips coated in glossy tint. Pink powder traces your almond shaped eyes, but they look faded. Remnants of last night.

    “Which floor?” You inquire, a slight edge to your words. Though Zion takes no offense, nodding in understanding. But he doesn’t say much. Only eyes you deceptively as though trying to read you. “I’m going down so if you are too that’s fine.”  The words hang in the air, with neither of you adding more.

    Zion taps the bottom of his foot, leaning against the corner of the elevator rails. His hair’s gotten longer over the past months, comes close to covering his eyelids. “So, do you live in this building or something.?” 

    Zion knows you don’t, but the silence starts to become stifling, so he smothers it with small talk.

    You laugh, amused more by your own thoughts. You can assume that he’s seen you around the apartment a lot, otherwise the inquiry would’ve been randomly provoked.. “No, not really. I just visit my—–.” Saying hookup would be weird. “Friend sometimes.” You decided on just saying that instead. Careful to draw the boundaries.

    There’s a sudden shake. The elevator lights above flicker before going completely dark. And the elevator feels as thought it’s halted. When the silence fills the elevator again neither of you are quick to say anything first. Darkness engulfs both your figures but the illumination of Zions phone blares inside the pockets of his pants.

    “Are you okay?” You hear Zion question and you automatically nod. Though of course he can’t see you. “What about you?” Your eyes blink trying to adjust to the darkness. “There’s the emergency button, maybe we should click that.” You tried to refrain from panicking, controlling the way you phrased your words. Zion agrees, so you flick the emergency button. Hearing a static sound at the end of the line.

    “Hi.  I think the elevator’s stuck and it won’t move. Plus the lights are off.”

    The voice that responds is deep and warm. “Yes, we’re sorry about that. It’s actually an apartment wide black out. The elevators don’t work across the building .” The person on the other line pauses. Speaking to someone on their end. “And a lot of people called in to report already. So you’re not alone.. We’ll figure it out and fix it as soon as possible.”

    Relief floods your core, at least now you know helps on the way. You shuffled cautiously across the elevator, trying to find a railing to lean on. But because it was dark you couldn’t see exactly where you were moving towards. Your hips, more specifically your ass presses against a warm frame. Pushing up on Zion’s bubble. Zion coughs, trying to act nonchalant but the feeling was too much to ignore.

    “Are you trying to turn me on or are you really just that oblivious?” Zion breathes the question down the nape of your neck. Brushing the strands of hair not swept up into your messy bun. He’s half tempted to press further but he holds himself back.

    His breath against your exposed skin sends tingles and you shutter slightly. “Sorry, I can’t see, and I feel like I’m floating or something. Just needed to find some support.”

    Zion replies back, edging more on taunting. “If you wanted to press up on me, you could’ve just asked.” Although your line of vision isn’t directed towards him, the way he expresses it makes it seem as though he was smiling.

    Your hands guide up, uttering a quick “excuse me.” Before touching his face Following the lines of his lips to feel his smile. Zion’s skin feels soft and warm. “I could do more than press up on you.”  Your fingers trail his cheeks, then his lips again.

    “But maybe some other time. When we’re not surrounded in darkness.” You teased, letting a fluttering giggle escapes your lips.

    Zion laughs back, “Bet. I’ll take you up on that offer next time.”

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    Pick a playlist (I picked my “bedtime bops” playlist) to shuffle & share your 23rd song in the que!

    I tag @fanqirl-les @cncopmhoe @reveriekuwonu @soft-collins & anyone else who wants to try it

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    quarantine couple! post a pic of you and the celebrity you’re quarantining with!

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  • Warnings: through the clothes shenanigans, heavy kissing, oral (f and m receiving) , Z being soft

    You hate parties. You always have, always will- and Zion knows that better than anyone. He can see the dejection written all over that soft, familiar face of yours, annoyance hidden between the tight furrow of your brows.

    His breath is warm against your ear, and you shiver against his side as you begin to feel increasingly tempted to burrow yourself in his hoodie altogether.

    “Too many people here, huh?”

    “Yeah, and I’m cold.”  You scowl, a chuckle falling from his plump lips as he throws a long, heavy arm around your slumped shoulders, pressing you closer to the heat of his body.

    You rest your head against his shoulder, and the smell of cologne brings you comfort, along with the scent of dryer sheets- the snuggle ones specifically, he refuses to use anything else. You love him more for it. 


    Your eyes threaten to close, just before you hear his voice, the octave low enough to send vibrations through his chest, the sensation causing a stir in your belly.

    You push the wandering thought to the back of your mind as a hoard of people begin moving towards the small leather couch you and Zion are sat on, a blunt resting snugly between the fingers of the party’s host.

    “C'mere mama.”

    Strong hands gently grip the small of your waist, your feet moving faster than your brain as you find yourself sitting atop Zions firm thighs, his broad chest pressed against your back. 

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    #ohmg my first long imagine #I hope it wasn't TRASH #zion kuwonu #zion kuwonu x reader #zion kuwonu x reader smut #zion kuwonu smut #zion kuwonu fluff #prettymuch x reader smut #prettymuch#zion prettymuch #prettymuch x reader #prettymuch fluff#brandon arreaga #brandon arreaga x reader #brandon arreaga smut #brandon arreaga x reader smut #brandon arreaga fluff #edwin honoret #edwin honoret x reader #edwin honoret x reader smut #nick mara #nick mara x reader #nick mara smut #nick mara x reader fluff #nick mara fluff #austin porter #austin porter x reader fluff #austin porter x reader smut #austin porter x reader
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    #thank god he finally showed his face #i was fucking dying #pretty ass boy #prettymuch#pm#zion kuwonu #that aint dababy thats my baby
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  • okay but why’d they put nick is such a big coat when he’s already so small? he looks like me when i used to play dress up with my mom’s clothes

    #why...do him so dirty??? #where’s his thicc figure??? #where is it?????? #prettymuch#nick mara#zion kuwonu#brandon arreaga#edwin honoret#austin porter
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