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  • What if an Aries ran a girl gang?

    They’re fierce, brave, and motivated.

    Get her on a mask, phone case, or an art print at Redbubble.

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  • during these stressful and hard times, this uranus retrograde comes in as an opening to do something creative, fun, it relaxes and helps you get in touch with your feelings it sort of creates this window enabling us to be more comfortable with expressing our affection and feelings toward our closest ones and loved one

    but in those loved ones I would someone very important - our own selves, it is in Taurus, so taking care of ourselves is a very important thing and we should shed light on it - not just during this retrograde but it is an excellent time to start; new romance, friendships, fun, intimacy, relations, charisma increased

    artistic and creative breakthroughs - over-all it is a very cool, beautiful, lovely, sprayed with glitter and pink, easy-going, fun also a great time for trying new things while following your gut instinct and intuition

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  • I…..

    Really want to make a group chat with one person of each zodiac just as like…. a little psych experiment but also — imagine how badass the group would be and the different dynamics/views….


    Hmu if anyone wants to partake????

    #i’m a capricorn #witchythings#zodiac #may delete later idk
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  • The Zodiac Series - Aries, “The Ram” (21st March - 19th April)

    Influences on Temperament

    Season: Spring - new beginnings and youth, pairs with the cardinal modality being the start of the season that acts as an initiator. This can explain the impulsive and sometimes aggressive actions of the sign, along with their creative tendencies.

    House: 1st House - the self. This house is focused on personality, physical appearance, and self-image.

    Ruler: Mars - governs motivation, initiation, aggression, confidence, inner drive, physical strength and stamina, what you want to achieve, and how much of a risk taker you are.

    Polarity: Positive - self-expression, and an outgoing nature. Aries is self-supportive.

    Quality: Cardinal - leaders who are active, energetic, restless, and creative. The Initiator.

    Element: Fire - someone with lots of pure energy, creativity, and passion. Can also be destructive and/or healing.

    Best Paired With: Libra - another cardinal sign, paired with air. This sign is supportive (the opposite end of Aries’ self-supportive polarity). Libra tends to be the peacemakers that can calm an Aries and remind them of the logical aspects of a scenario (although both can be emotional).


    Symbol: ♈️

    Representation: Ram’s Horns

    Tarot Card: The Emperor

    Colour: Red

    Metal: Iron (Fe)

    Stone(s): Amethyst/Diamond


    Known to be quick thinkers and born leaders, Aries are competitive, brave, active, efficient, and energetic.

    They are described to also be impulsive, impatient, and aggressive due to their passion and ability to feel things so deeply.

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  • Moon Signs as shit people from my life with that moon say:

    ~Aries moon:

    “We should be logical and rational in this debate”

    *5 minutes later*


    ~Taurus moon:

    “I am here for you whenever you need me”

    *123 texts and two missed calls later*

    “Sorry I was watching this new show, it’s about………..”

    ~ Gemini moon:

    “Honestly I don’t get it. I am a good hearted and giving person”

    *someone attempets to take a french fry*

    “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. How dare you, you evil fucking trolll…”

    ~ Cancer moon:

    “Trust me this one is going to be different”

    *toxic relationship, burning clothes and countless screaming and crying later*

    “I’ll never talk to [person’s name] EVER AGAIN”

    *one day later*

    “Guess what?! I just got back with [previous person]. No it’s different now. I know I set their shit on fire and they slashed my tires but it’s a new day today”

    ~ Leo moon:

    “Like honestly I know I am destined for success. Like I’d look good being rich or whatever. Like I am a hardworking person and I deserve it”

    *ask them how’ll they get the money*

    “Sucking dick and playing dads”

    ~ Virgo moon:

    “No one ever helps me do anything”



    “no no no no NOOOO. STOP”


    “I’ll just do it on my own, no one knows how to do shit these days”

    ~ Libra moon:

    *after arguing with their partner/crush for 30 minutes*

    “Damn I love that bitch”

    ~ Scorpio moon:

    “[persons name] asked me where were you”

    “I just said you’re dead”

    ~ Sagittarius moon:

    “I would love for you to open up about your life”

    *person opens up*

    *inside their head*

    “I didn’t know she doesn’t have ear lobes. How does she wears earrings?”

    *speaks in the middle of an emotional moment*

    “How did you get earrings without earlobes? That’s like wearing a bra with no tits?”

    ~ Capricorn moon:

    *Goes to work and someone says hi*


    *Invites them to an after work hangout with coworkers*

    “No thanks. It’s enough I got to pretend that I like you here and it’s already a lot of work, so unless I’ll be paid overtime for that, I wont be seeing you for free”

    ~ Aquarius moon:

    *someone accuses them of being cold and distant*

    “Well I am not cold and I am here standing close to you, which reminds me, who are you again?”

    ~ Pisces moon

    “Sometimes I just look up to the sky and think wow, that bitch empty”

    “They lied to us, the sky doesn’t look as shiny as it does in pictures”

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  • #i even corrected your grammar #zodiac#ask#scorpio mars#petty#zodiacrant
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  • and now, you’re still you

    but the schism is me.

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  • image

    Virgo sun Taurus moon

    Virgo Sun Taurus Moon people are composed, stoical and adamant. They are the most fully developed out of all the Virgos in the zodiac.

    Honest and true traditionalists, they will never give up the conventional ways. Many will turn to them because they are wise and can provide sound advice that has been carefully analyzed.

    These natives are strong, grounded and trustworthy. They are big worriers and what they want the most is security and to have a stable life. While they have a temper, they are also able to easily calm down and gather their thoughts.

    It’s not that they’re very ambitious, they just prefer to let life happen. Many will see them as too dull and precise, but they are very soft and fun when you get to know them.

    They think sensitive people are weak, so they’ll hide this side of them under a serious exterior.


    Originally posted by solitarymoment

    Their values are all traditional and they strongly believe in them. The old-fashioned approach is the only way to go with them.

    People will love them for being sincere and honorable. It doesn’t matter how tough and pretentious they seem on the outside, you can be sure they are gentle and kind.

    Unfortunately, they think that if they’re compassionate they become weak. So they will hide. But many close friends will know what they are trying to do.

    However, they are not initiators or big dreamers. They are more about keeping things working and in good order. Serious, you’ll never see them playing any games. They are direct and don’t like change.

    Virgo Sun Taurus Moon lovers want perfection. They need to know how stuff works, no matter if it’s about their love life or work, in order to fix it.

    All these Moon people need from a lover is to be faithful and to not cross their limits. And they will be the person who can be counted on. However, don’t forget they hate change. Also that they’re stubborn and it can be impossible to rush them or change their opinions.

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  • Quick astro observations 🟡

    Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion

    🟡 Chiron can be crucial in relationships, if it’s in a close orbit. If you have Chiron aspecting someone’s personal planet (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars) or Ascendant it will be quite apparent. For example: if it’s Chirom square Mars, they might constantly remind you of your childhood hurts with certain actions, behaviours. It can become quite triggering.

    🟡 Chiron can hurt in the long run. People enter or pursue a Chiron relationship when there is a sign from the other person that they can somehow heal the other person. Or help them heal. Or where there is “fixing” dynamic. Though, here the saying “hurt people hurt other people” rings true as well.

    🟡 For example: Chiron conjunct Mars can indicate Mars person has trouble showing confidence, asserting themselves.

    🟡 Venus square Chiron can show that the Chiron is the “last option” for love for the Venus person.

    🟡 Venus doesn’t just relate to what we attract and love, but also to money. Venus aspect Pluto in a natal chart can show individual who is secretive or very private in how, when they spend their money and on what. It can also point that you obsess over your money, even material items, possessions. And that you are being very strict about the fact that this money is yours or that piece of clothing belongs to YOU.

    🟡 Meanwhile Venus aspect Jupiter could overspend money (positive aspects) or dislike spending money on others or giving it out (negative aspects).

    🟡 In synastry if you both have Sun in each other’s 8th house, it can point to issues with father. You both might have estranged or bad relationship with your own father. It mighz be that the father never validate you or praised you enough. Or even hug you on days other than special occasions.

    Credit: Tumblr blog @astroismypassion

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  • Sometimes I wonder if this zodiac thing is actually true or if it’s just supersticions

    But then I remember my dad is a gemini, which explains a lot about him

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  • this ask is for @tima-panwar who asked her opinion on leo moon in 10th house and lilith trine moon.

    hiyaa babe !!

    moon in leo in 10th house :

    the first thing that comes to my mind is theatrical. not in a bad way though. leo moons usually express their emotions with a flair. it is always interesting for me to watch a leo moon. you will be very charming and charismatic , and will intuitively do well in social gatherings or when the attention is focused on you. you tend to possess a great sense of humour too. you literally embody the sun , when at your sun. people will always leave positive, refreshed and happy after they have interacted with you. in my personal experience ,lunar leos are less brash than leo suns , but leo moons are more focused and ambitious than their sun counterparts. whatever field you may choose to take up a job in, yoe will definitely have a strong inner drive and urge to succeed there. you want to achieve a high position in society here, with this placement. your honesty and great sense of humor is what make people feel charmed by you. even though leo moons tend to avoid public displays of emotions, leo being a fixed sign, i feel like you might be prone to some emotional outbursts in public since leo mc people are known for their theatrical and jovial approach to emotions. also since your moon is conjunct your mc, i feel like you will feel emotionally satisfied by the work you do. in other words ,you will do only the job you feel like it is satisfying to your inner self and soul.

    as for lilith trine moon, i’ve already answered an ask just like this. here is that post :


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  • Acuario: Estaba viendo un caricatura japonesa, y aparecían dos chicas que eran amigas.

    Acuario: Hay algo que me molesta con eso, siempre que aparecen amigas así, una molesta a la otra tocándole los pechos.

    Acuario: Digo ¿Qué chicas hacen eso? Me parece una mierda.

    Géminis: Si, bueno, es incómodo de ver, pero tal vez si pasa en Japón.

    Acuario: ¿Y no crees que es muy raro? Se debe de sentir muy raro.

    Géminis: No lo sé, deberías probarlo para saber si se siente raro.

    Tauro: Yo lo haría por ti si quieres.

    Acuario: ¿Hablas enserio?

    Tauro: Si.

    Acuario: Bien. Entonces hazlo.

    Tauro: ¿Ahora?

    Acuario: Si ¿Porqué no?

    Tauro: - Pone sus manos sobre los pechos de Acuario, y se quedan mirando ambas fijamente a la otra -


    Acuario y Tauro: - Ambas se ponen rojas después de un momento y apartan la vista, Tau aparta sus manos -




    Géminis: ¿Y bien?

    Acuario: Fue totalmente extraño.

    Tauro: Sí, creo que no deberíamos volver a hacerlo.

    Acuario: Definitivamente.

    Tiempos de escuela

    Sólo quería comentar que una vez ví un vídeo de una chica mexicana que había ido a vivir a Japón y decía que eso si pasaba, pero que lo hacían con chicas que tienen pechos muy grandes. Saberlo, es raro.

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  • image

    I’m a sucker for zodiac signs–I needed to- 😔♓♈❤️

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  • image

    Me: Why. Why there.

    My paranormal side: What are you trying to spell out

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