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  • everythingthemoontouches
    27.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    AQUARIUS falling in love ☔❤️ with someone who does not accept insults as endearments 🤪Would it kill you to be sappy for a split second?

    Gemini having to sit still 🛼how long will you run from the chaos within?

    Sagittarius thinking about how they can fix all that is wrong with the world at 3am 🫀because they've been sunny all day and it's hard to pretend that everything's all right when it isn't

    Aries working on her impulsive tendencies 🥰 your aggression need not be a negative thing. Funnel your rage

    Taurus gazes awestruck at the moon hoping someday someone will look at her the same way 💙their meeting is scheduled 5 moon cycles away

    Virgo with her tonic water and post workout glow 🍎PS she hid the instructor's change of clothes and is waiting for the drama to unfold. Oh, the mischief she gets away with 🎭

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  • akysi
    27.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Currently working on the designs for the rest of Ura’s crew, and I figured it would help to begin testing out the circus’s overall aesthetic, starting with the logo! I wanted a “circus meets 1920s opulence” kind of look, as they go quite well together and match with Ura herself. I’ve had this as a WIP for a while and with the final product I hope it’s easy to see why, haha! Logo design is a lot of bevels, drop shadows and gradients to make it look polished. This design is also available as merch on my Redbubble!

    #art #artists on tumblr #Akysi #Art by Akysi #Katie MacKenzie #Katie MacKenzie Art #logo#logo design#graphic design#design #The Sky Mirror Circus #Starglass Zodiac#SGZ
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  • arteartema
    27.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Día 13. Cocina

    Shuo con su poderoso delantal rosa le ganó a Elliot que era mi primera opción XD

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  • anxiousbean4404
    27.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Day 26! Pisces took me awhile to decide on the design but got it done!

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  • imaokartist2
    27.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I kept my promise 😉

    These are my zodiac god ocs, no names for them yet but the rest of the zodiacs will come very soon~

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  • ayyaaa101
    27.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    💐Little astrology observations cuz why not.🦋

    ☂️ The signs easily affected by their environment are the water signs as well as Leo's and Virgos.

    ☂️Scorpios love controlling but the moment you controll them they'll be gone in an instance.

    ☂️Aries placements like coloring their hair a lot. They also tend to have eyes on the bigger side.

    ☂️Aquariuses level of closed off is the same level of closed off as Scorpio.

    ☂️Picese are the prettiest zodiac sign they all look like dolls. You can fight me on this I won't budge.

    ☂️I've seen an astro observation of scorpios looking like reptilian (not in a bad way ofc) but I agree. Example-

    Jake from enhypen a Scorpio sun and a Scorpio stellium yikes!!. Junseo from WEi also a Scorpio sun.

    ☂️ Aquariuses tend to get along with Sagittariuses well.

    ☂️Aries placements intensity is handled really well by Leo's. That's why most times they are compatible and attract each other.

    ☂️Virgo placements women tend to have pretty dolly eyes and nice lips to complement their face.

    ☂️Majority of dirty or vulgar talkers are Scorpios.

    ☂️Taureses tend to have more of a button nose but a little more pushed in.

    ☂️Leo's are big on health and on eating healthy and looking healthy.

    ☂️Mars 10th house tend to be big workaholics. They beat themselves up when they procrastinate on work that they have to get done till they end up doing it.

    ☂️Virgos and their sister sign Picese are the masters at spacing out. Especially when you talk to them...

    ☂️Geminis and their sister sign tend to be really into spirituality and astrology.

    ☂️The most all or nothing signs are Tauruses and Capricorns. Leo's and virgos as well but they are more half or all lol.

    ☂️Tauruses and Picese have the best singing voices, also Geminis and Leo's. They have such duality like they could go either suuuppper high or suppperr low.

    ☂️continuing with my last post on Aquariuses bone facial stucture Aries also have pretty facial bone structure. Example

    Haruto from treasure an Aries sun (He also applies to my last Aries observation because he has big eyes).

    ☂️Leo risings make people suchhh simps for themmmm and I'm like howwww and it's only Leo risingss. Hyunsuk form treasure has everyone drooling for him whenever they see him like what type witchcraft is tha-

    ☂️Tauruses have thick necks since that's the body part they rule over.

    ☂️Picese always be wanting to fight people likeee... I just exist and you want to fight me?? Idk if it's just me cuz I have Picese in my 7th and 8th house butttt??

    ☂️Aries are sooo witty maybe more witty than Geminis.

    ☂️Taurus placements have a sensitive neck.

    ☂️12th house placements and Picese hate having their curtain even slightly open where it shows the inside of their room. This is because they are sooo secretive and hate being seen when they want to be left alone. They like having their little secrete cave.

    ☂️I have seen a astro observation where they say that Leo's tend to have smallest waist and I agree. They tend to have a smaller lower half frame but they always have such wide pretty shoulders and I'm speaking for the females.

    ☂️Libras and Leo's are attracted to each other, it's because they are both good looking lol.

    ☂️Scorpios from my observation are the most untidy placements. They tend to be a bit messy (no hatee).

    ☂️Aquariuses are the most morally smart sign out of all the zodiac signs.

    ☂️Tauruses are the signs that show that they like you the weirdest ways. I once had a Taurus friend and we got along together and her way of showing affection was by touching my things ... yeah. And for typical underdeveloped Taurus reasons she wasn't putting in enough effort to hang around with me like how I was with her and it felt like I was so type of pet so then I made some other friends and focused on them instead😶 (don't mind my ranting).

    Niki from enhypen once again just cuz....

    Theme Song for this post 100% recommend. The singer is a Taurus btw.


    Thanks to all my followers and viewers. Please give love to this post even though it's short❤❤❤Please listen to the songs I promis they won't disappoint!!!🌂

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  • taffetastrology
    26.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    The signs as Henry Meynell Rheam illustrations













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  • griddellia-art
    26.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    Inktober Day 26: Connect

    Sun and Moon

    Day and Night

    Fire and Water

    Summer and Winter

    Prince and Princess

    They might be polar opposites, but they will always connect

    Characters + Artwork belongs to me

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  • bilalkhannn
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Musically - Video Status Maker

    Status Video Maker gives you so many amazing effects and adds them to your memorable photos that you can keep as the best collection ever in video form. This video maker app contains amazing templates where you put your photos and convert them into lyrical videos.

    Easily convert your most favorite photos into lyrical videos with the music that you would absolutely love to enjoy.

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  • cutebrands
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    #yearofox #zodiac #2021 #nyc #chinatown #chinesezodiac #ox #bkfoxx #streetart #art #mural https://www.instagram.com/p/CVeVxU3MYhQ/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • peachykeenkorben
    26.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Haters will say I've gone too far and can’t be saved

    #my art#homestuck#fantroll #Wendy Williams the killer #this joke has an audience of like 20 people but thats fine #also I did use irl Wendy's real zodiac for this
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  • rowanwitch
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pre-Raphaelite Paintings and the Zodiac Signs

    ♈︎ Aries: A Vision of Fiammetta by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1878)

    ♉︎ Taurus: Study for Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May (1908).

    ♊︎ Gemini: The Bower Meadow by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1871-72).

    ♋︎ Cancer: A Passing Cloud by Arthur Hughes (1908).

    ♌︎ Leo: Cleopatra by John William Waterhouse (1887).

    ♍︎ Virgo: The Annunciation by Edward Burne Jones (1879).

    ♎︎ Libra: Psyche Entering Cupid's Garden by John William Waterhouse (1903).

    ♏︎ Scorpio: Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1871).

    ♐︎ Sagittarius: The Crystal Ball by John William Waterhouse (1902).

    ♑︎ Capricorn: Veronica Veronese by Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1872).

    ♒︎ Aquarius: Boreas by John William Waterhouse (1903).

    ♓︎ Pisces: A Mermaid by John William Waterhouse (1901).

    #pre raphaelite#art#zodiac#zodiac signs#astrology#fun astrology #dante gabriel rossetti #john william waterhouse #arthur hughes #edward burne jones
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  • glamour-and-roses
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Saintober day 25 - Underwater

    I forgot to draw one fin on that shark and now this will haunt me forever

    #saintober#saint seiya#julian solo #knights of the zodiac #sharks#my art #fun fact: I was going to draw Sorrento by Julian's side #but I'm sick of drawing Sorrento so I replaced him with this shark #now I feel slightly tempted to quit drawing Saint Seiya and draw solely sharks instead
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  • ayyaaa101
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Astro observations since I'm bored...👀

    🥀 Leo sun's are rare in kpop groups. Cancer sun's as well but not as much as Leo's.

    🥀 Scorpios are either extremely hot or extremely cute no in-between.

    🥀Tauruses tend to have rounder faces and even though they are foodies they tend to have average to slim bodies.

    🥀Virgo placements have a thing for saggitarius placements.

    🥀 Don't know why but some Picese come off as fake along with virgos and libras no hate though.

    🥀Fire signs always have scars or are always getting hurt lol.

    🥀Gemini placements really do have pretty hands. They also tend to be good artist drawing wise.

    🥀Geminis are also they signs that get bored the quickest. Common knowledge since I've seen this in many posts.

    🥀The signs that are most likely to not belive in astrology are Aquarius, Scorpio, and Capricorn placements. They tend to be veryyyy skeptical.

    🥀I feel like you have a love hate relationship with the sign in your 4th and 7th house. My ults are al Sagittariuses 🤣.

    🥀Geminis placements really are fast typers. They are also good at multi-tasking. I have Mars in Gemini in the 10th house so I think that explains itself.

    🥀Virgo placements have a youthful look to them. They also tend to have good skinn!! Can't relate.

    🥀Leo placements have such pretty lips. Earth placements also have such pretty plump lips.

    Niki who is a Sagittarius sun but I have a feeling he has an Earth rising.

    🥀Sagittariuses have such pretty smillessssss.

    Hangyul who has a Sagittarius sun. I have waaayyy too many Sagittariuses people in my gallery😑.

    🥀Libra placements also have pretty hands since they are also an air sign like the Gemini.

    🥀The sign with the most unkempt hands from what I've seen are Aries. Maybe the reason why is because he was a boy so he didn't care about the way his nails looked but they were soo bitten up and dirty. BTW this is my observation there could be some Aries placements who have kept hands.

    🥀Leo's always have to take showers and smell the best. They are very insecure about the way they smell as well as Virgo placements. I'm going to expose my rising soooo.... I know this because I'm a Virgo rising and I have a Leo Stellium so I agree with this observation, even though I know I don't smell it's just an insecurity I'm self conscious about.

    🥀Aquariuses and Scorpios have such an androgynous look to them. They always look mixed. Pisces placements too.

    Junseo from the group WEi. He has a Scorpio sun and I'm pretty sure he has an Aquarius stellium as well. (Tell me if yall want more picture of him cuz I know you know).

    🥀Aquariuses have the best bone strucctureeeee, no arguments over this allowed.

    🥀Capricorn placements are soo strong willed like damn. And they take no shit. I'm surprised they aren't a damn fixed sign likeee.

    🥀Sagittariuses are such good communicators, they also tease wayy too much.

    🥀Cancers either have a big upper half or a small upper half no in-between

    🥀4th house in sag indicates a bigger upper half wether that be breast or backs/shoulders. I have this placements and I have sagg in Pluto and in Jupiter and I have a Leo Stellium so I think I have a veery wide shoulders.

    🥀Leo men tend to be lazier than Leo wome. The reason why is because in the wild lioness are the hunters and the lions are like the charmers who wait for the lioness to bring back the food so it's a different dynamic.

    🥀Aries placements especially females have such pretty body proportions.

    🥀Cancers have very emotional big eyes. I have a love hate relationship with Cancers.

    🥀you tend to be inlove or think of the sign in your 5th house as your ideal person or your ideal person to get along with.

    🥀The planet Pluto going in retrogradenext year will really lift the veil on the evilness in this world but especially in Amerix since that's where it's going retrograde I think. That will be the year of the saying "you reap what you sow".

    🥀 The sign in your 7th or 10th house is the sign that you find the most entertaining.

    🥀I know this is off topic but the cop in squid game was by far the best character. ( He's a Leo).

    🥀Aries placements are soo aggressive.

    🥀From what I've observed Pisces and Aquarius placements have the weirdest but funniest personalities. Let's not even talk about Gemi-

    🥀Mercury Dom people have such good handwriting. My mom majored in writing and in literature.

    🥀Leo's are extremely addicted to exercise or have image issues. They feel the need and requirement to exercise. They're always picking themselves apart.

    🥀Virgo females are such model's. Especially Virgo sun females. For example- Wonyoung


    Give love to this post❤❤ Thank you to my followers and people who like these posts and find it accurate 🌸.

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  • hoshisakurai-kawaiiartblog
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    ¡Por fin pude terminar este fanart! Mi ship favorita de todo #SaintSeiya: Ikki x Pandora
    *Original Characters:©Masami Kurumada
    Fanart:© Hoshi Sakurai
    #bronze saint#saint seiya #hoshi sakurai art #pandora#pandora heinstein#phoenix ikki #knights of the zodiac #saint seiya fanart #shipping #ikki de fenix
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  • sparklingpax
    25.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    “Saint of Ice...Elegant as a Swan...” ❄🦢✨

    I’m at episode 70 and am literally so sad rn q//////q I might actually cry :’D 

    so have a Hyoga fanart because I miss him and his magnificent self ;w; Hopefully I’ll get around to drawing the other members of the Squad™ at the moment, I miss them too,,Shun especially, he is my other fave Y’all this anime is so good but also highkey crushing my soul 💔

    Also! I tried a new coloring method, and I think I like it ^^’’ 

    So.....yea! Have a nice day/night jsdjdsj & go watch Saint Seiya y’all >:D

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