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    hey guys! my very talented artist roommate Zev (@zevtheartist on instagram) is selling works from this super cute zodiac series! it would really mean a lot to him (and me) if you checked it out! he’s selling them as original works, prints, and stickers in custom sets of 3 (so you can get your sun/moon/rising, or just like three of your sign). DM him over at his instagram HERE if you’re interested! 

    Original 8x8 acrylic and pastel pine board paintings: $100

    Prints: $25

    Stickers (waterproof vinyl): $4/3 stickers or $10/all 12 (stickers are currently pre-order)

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    Pay attention  to the 8th HOUSE:

    The 8th house is all about fears, taboo, the dark side of the human mind and what’s hidden. It’s connected with Scorpio and associated with Pluto, the planet of regeneration and rebirth, it suggests that we’re all able to find the key for heal our traumas and win over our fears.

    First, look at the sign on the cousp on the 8th house, here some examples (maybe I’ll explain in another post and in a more detailed way what does the sign on the 8th house cousp mean):

    Aries 8th house: fears related to taking action, defining your individuality, competition, doing something exclusively for yourself, expressing your anger, impulsive behaviors.

    Taurus 8th house: fears related to your own stability, expressing yourself in a creative way, expressing the sensual side of your personality.

    Gemini 8th house: fears related to communication, expressing your opinion, being chatty, being superficial, not feeling smart enough.

    Cancer 8th house: fears related to your roots, your family, expressing your emotions, being vulnerable.

    Leo 8th house: fears related to self-expression in general, standing up for yourself, being extra, taking leadership, vanity, feeling confident, expressing yourself through art.

    Virgo 8th house: fears related to rejection, being criticized, responsibility, respecting high standards, not feeling smart enough, being imperfect.

    Libra 8th house: fears related to cooperation, relationships, connecting with other people, love, loosing your balance.

    Scorpio 8th house: fears related to secrets, not being able to know what’s happening around and inside of yourself, jealousy, expressing your sexuality, open up, intimacy.

    Sagittarius 8th house: fear of missing something, not living your life at the fullest, being trapped, not being able to experiment and have the opportunity to learn.

    Capricorn in 8th house: fears related to taking responsibility, not working/trying hard enough, showing your emotions, open up.

    Aquarius in 8th house: fears related to showing your authentic side to the world, feeling weird, not being able to “fit in”, being different, loneliness.

    Pisces in 8th house: fears related to chaotic situations, deep emotions, love, explore your dreams, explore your spiritual side, losing yourself.

    Look at the position of Pluto in the birth chart:

    The position of Pluto in a specific house of your birth chart suggests how you can heal your traumas. Pluto can be a tricky planet, it’s connected to karmic lessons and can be challenging keeping on repeat the same lessons again and again until you change the game in a definitive way.

    Pluto in 1th house: define your identity, find your authentic self and don’t be afraid to express who you truly are, open up with others, accept unconditionally your unique way to independence is the key.

    Pluto in 2th house: find your comfort zone, guarantee yourself a stable lifestyle, develop resilience and try to set reachable goals for yourself, try to express yourself through art.

    Pluto in 3th house: speak your mind, connect with people around you, share your ideas, relationships are important for your healing journey, write down your emotions, heal the relationships with your siblings.

    Pluto in 4th house: understand and nurture your emotions, heal the relationship with your family, understand your roots and practice unconditional love, heal your inner child, feel a sense of belonging with your community.

    Pluto in 5th house: heal your relationship with your inner child or surround yourself with children, give yourself the opportunity to “act like a kid” again, work on being spontaneous and less shy, express yourself through art and theater.

    Pluto in 6th house: follow a healthy lifestyle, eat well and drink more water, do gym, work on your goals and dedicate your energy to a project or volunteering, connect with animals.

    Pluto in 7th house: establish healthy relationships with others, define healthy boundaries with others, open up, establish 50-50 relationships based on mutual respect and cooperation.

    Pluto in the 8th house: establish a healthy approach towards sexuality, explore your spiritual side and activate yourself in a direct way towards your fears, be honest and don’t fear your deepest thoughts.

    Pluto in the 9 th house: expand your horizons through  travel and education, learn is the key for healing your trauma, connect with new realities, explore your spiritual and philosophical side.

    Pluto in the 10th house: find your goals and work hard to achieve them, you can heal your wounds through a carrier that makes you feel happy and aligned with your highest goals, you need a lot of structure and to work on your approach to responsibility.

    Pluto in the 11th house: you need to find a community and work with people that shares your same view of life, find a place where you can feel a sense of belonging and community, don’t isolate yourself and open up with others, you can heal your wounds through friendships.

    Pluto in the 12th house: you need to explore with your spiritual side, work on your internal dialog, try to sleep well, analyze your dreams and trust your intuition, your spiritual gift will guide you through the healing process.

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  • Harry Potter characters as zodiac signs
    (this is based on their birthday)

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  • ASTRO NOTE PT.58 : 

    I remember stating in a post awhile back. How Capricorns especially moon’s tend to have a certain look in their Eyes. They either have a “Crazy Stare” or Melancholy undertones. As you can see pictured Syd Barrett, he had a Moon in Capricorn ( sidereal ). Look at those Eyesss…… 

    Until next time….XOXO

    Credit : Vintagegyal

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    Dreamy, Hazy, Shadowy, Misty, Gloomy, Tranquil, Relaxing, Soothing, Calming, Ethereal, Psychedelic, Melancholy, Nostalgic, Illusions, Fantasy, Imagination, Spiritual, Divinely, Heavenly, Angelic, Vintage, Antique, Ancient.

    Until next time… XOXO


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  • ASTRO NOTE PT.57 : 


    Alluring, Enticing, Tempting, Appealing, Captivating, Seductive, Enchanting, Charming, Fascinating, Irresistible, Magnetic, Bewitching, Erotic, Sensuous, Sultry, Steamy, Passionate, Lustful, Fiery, Siren, Femme Fatale, Enchantress, Seductress, Hellcat, Engaging. 

    Until next time… XOXO


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  • I don’t know if it’s just me but Fred and George definitely have some Virgo in their star chart

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  • zodiac placements with big dick energy:

    pisces rising & sun

    sagittarius rising & mars

    capricorn sun

    leo sun & mars

    aries rising, sun & venus

    scorpio rising & sun

    gemini sun

    cancer rising

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  • Weekend Horoscopes, 1.16-1.17.21

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    Aries: You want to be part of something greater but you want to feel safe, resourced. Much in your financial life, your sense of self-valuing, may be in flux but know you are not alone. Not only are plenty others suffering from uncertainty right now, but you have the potential to be so rich thanks to your communities and support network. I am not guaranteeing a windfall. I am not guaranteeing stability right away. But the more you can lean into interconnection, the more you can flow with change. 

    Taurus: Figure out the gap between where you are and where you want to be then throw it away. Take a note from fellow Taurus Soren Kirkegaard: “But now, to strive to become what one already is: who would take the pains to waste his time on such a task, involving the greatest degree of resignation?…But for this reason alone it is a very difficult task…precisely because every human being has a strong natural bent and passion to become something more and different”. Fall back into what is already within you; that will tell you where you need to go. 

    Gemini: Your may be tricky this weekend precisely because you can’t see all of it. You may fee different and unable to say why or how. But know there is wisdom in that uncertainty, whole bodies of knowledge based on our fear and not knowing. Know you will get your share of wisdom this weekend, your reason to keep moving on. Focus on all the things that can teach you; the plume of smoke from the incense, the rain drops against the windowsill. 

    Cancer: What is your relationship to surrender? I suggest you ponder that this weekend.Things that are out of your control are swirling both within and without but it’s not all fearsome; expect some boon from the mystery or simply the hands of someone else. Notice the ways your dreams are shifting or what new information is coming your way. Trust that without disruption, even the most deeply desired dream grows brittle and stagnant. 

    Leo: Who’s really on your team, dear Leo? As you get clearer and clear on your purpose, expect change and new revelations to arise, asking you to meet them. You’ll want a solid foundation that includes not just your own fortifications but partners and collaborators who can hold your joy and your grief in equal measure. There will always be imperfection, highs and lows; notice who sticks around when you’re down and who celebrates when you’re up. It will make all the difference. 

    Virgo: There is much joy to be found in routine today; buttering your bread, laying out your laundry, tending to your wounds. Perhaps something in your working life will line up or provide some new opportunity for you. Wonderful. Especially considering that your view of the world may be changing abruptly. It is advisable to keep an open mind right now, dear Virgo. And if you feel too spun out on revelations simply come back to your body and what it needs. If the belief doesn’t live there, where will it truly create change?

    Libra: Take refuge in your creative process this week; that is where the bigness lies. You may be contending with all sorts of creatures from the past and not just the immediate past but the ancient one. Sudden insights or revelations may arise, or new sources of resource may come your way. Either way, don’t forget the joy of going deep within and expressing what you find. It will help you channel the new emergences. 

    Scorpio: Those around you right now may be interesting and stimulating, but they also may be sources of chaos. It’s not necessarily a problem, so long as you spend plenty of time tending to your inner life. You have the potential to experience great riches in your domestic spaces, in your familial relations, provided you stay true to your values in the process. Maintaining this integrity will help you take any outside shifts in stride and let them change you without taking your feet off the ground. The deep into the dirt, the better.

    Sagittarius: Watch the state of your body this weekend, especially your nervous system. Notice how your day-to-day may be shifting. Perhaps the rug will be pulled out from under you. Ground yourself with repeated mantras and thoughts. Plant rituals into your routines, like lighting a candle before you sit down to work or saying an invocation before going to bed. Infuse your belief into your everyday existence and you can weather any changes that may come your way. You are a point in something larger, being woven. 

    Capricorn: You are making your own luck this weekend; the more you can act from a place of faith or integrity, the more wealth you can create for yourself. Know we are wealthy in all sorts of ways. Know you have the power of increase. The expansion is also contending with shifts in your life of pleasure. Perhaps your ways of romancing or creating are no longer what they used to be. Maybe something new is forcing you to change. Either way, you are being shown that your imagination is much bigger than you used to think. You are as big as this whole world. 

    Aquarius: Know where the power comes from, and the joy, and the faith; it is you, dear Aquarius. The light of fortune is shining directly on you, as are deeper undercurrents of revolution. How you experience nurturance, or how you understand your sense of home are undergoing great shifts, which can make you feel like the ground is liquid beneath you. Take refuge in simple things, in your own beating heart. You are learning something new. 

    Pisces: All over the place, the shadow comes out to meet us. Find ways to infuse ritual with little waves to your unconscious, to the spirit realm, while still fortifying your borders and continuing on your routine. Spend time with your roommates, neighbors, siblings. They are helping you change. And find opportunity in the dark. Your intuition is your friend right now. 

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  • Weekend Weather, 1.16-1.17.21

    Jupiter square Uranus

    The transit that occurs this weekend is one of the most important planetary connection of the month. Jupiter, the Great benefic, will form a square with Uranus, planet of rebellion and change. Together, expect outsize change, unexpected boon, and increased mental confidence. In my calendar essay on January, I talk about these two planets in relation to the their tarot correspondences.  The first of the 22-card sequence is The Fool, given the number 0 for its representation of the orphic egg of potential, and associated with Uranus. Jupiter is associated with the card smack dab in the middle of the Major sequence: the Wheel of Fortune. To quote my essay: 

    The Wheel of Fortune reminds us of the role of chance in our lives. At some point or another, we will be on our way to the top, facing achievement and recognition as well as on our way down, dealing with loss and ill fortune. The wheel reminds us that there is a rhyme and a reason to this cycle and perhaps even a divine plan. Overall, Jupiter, like this card, is meant to inspire faith both in our own ability and its collaboration with the divine whole. As it forms a square to Uranus, the disruptions we face this month are more likely to be expansive, and rife with opportunities. Spend time this month working with gratitude, the gathering of your resources, and finding flexibility in the midst of change. It’s also a good idea to reflect on what you want from the coming months. You can pull a card for each month, or use the tarot spread included in this calendar. Whatever you do, remember the immutable, the ground on which you stand, the air in your lungs, the love within and without. Stay true to what doesn’t leave and remember that uncertainty is what buoys you to freedom.

    Read on for what this weekend has in store for you. 

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  • Sun in 11th House people are lowkey Social Climbers. Always hanging out with a new set of friends. Seeing whos  “ Popular “. I like to call them the  ”Spotlight Seekers”. notable people with this placement : Marilyn Monroe, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna, KIM KARDASHIAN, Nicki Minaj, JEFFREE STAR, Megan thee Stallion. 

    Until next time… XOXO


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  • This better be important. 

    How do you answer the phone?

    Zodiac Signs and phone answers

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  • The Batfamily’s Zodiac Signs (sun)

    [Not the most accurate considering they either have various birthdates, don’t have a specific date of birth, or don’t even have a birthday. I tried my best is what I’m trying to say.]

    Alfred Pennyworth- Aries

    Lucius Fox- Capricorn

    Jim Gordon- Capricorn

    Bruce Wayne- Gemini or Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

    Selina Kyle- Pisces

    Talia al Ghul- Taurus

    Kate Kane- Aquarius

    Luke Fox- Gemini

    Dick Grayson- Sagittarius or Scorpio or Pisces

    Barbara Gordon- Virgo

    Cassandra Cain- Aquarius

    Jason Todd- Leo

    Duke Thomas- Leo

    Stephanie Brown- Leo

    Tim Drake- Cancer

    Damian Wayne- Virgo

    Helena Wayne- Virgo

    Terry McGinnis- Leo

    Matt McGinnis- Capricorn

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  • Leo Yes/No Reading


    You are looking amazing. You have accumulated skills, experience and you’ve been taking care of yourself; so the glow up is real. Stop trying to grab this persons attention and validation when they aren’t seeing your worth. They don’t appreciate you and I’m sensing a clout chaser. This person shifts friends and relationships always looking for the next thing they can take from someone to uplift their image. Dont let them drag you into their insecurity. There are plenty of people at this moment who truly see how great you are, but what truly matters is that you remember all of the work you’ve put into yourself and feel proud of it. You’ve earned it. Don’t let them put you down… NEXT 🚶‍♀️

    If the messages resonate please reblog ❤ sending you love and light on your journey 🔥💚🦋

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  • Cancer Yes/No Reading


    Don’t let others opinions disrupt your focus. If you feel that others are constantly keeping tabs on what you say, do and want; disregard their efforts to make you feel uncomfortable. You have been working hard on a new project or career path and you are on the right path. Keep going, you are on your way to finding your life purpose and fullfillment. Study hard, work hard and be ready to recieve the fruits of your labor. Follow what makes you happy not what makes you fit in.

    If the messages resonate please reblog ❤ sending you love and light on your journey 🔥💚🦋

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