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    Virgos are interesting to me. my observation of them is that they are all very hard on themselves. They have big goals but sometimes get lost during their journey. They always find their way back tho. Also, Virgos can be shady as hell and they don’t like when you tell them about themselves. They love hard, but will cut you off if necessary. They’re EXCELLENT at ignoring tf outta you and they know how to hide their feelings very well (some don’t tho lol) .Sometimes Virgos stay in situations longer than they should, but they’re smart and usually find a way out. Some of the closest people to me are/were Virgos so the love is strong but I cant stand them sometimes either lol

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  • Why The Signs Will Cut You Off

    You are all perfect.

    Combine all the actions, mix with any period of time, equals a recipe for GONE

    These are observations/experiences, not tested/proven theories!

    I love you all

    Aries: You wear sweatpants in public with them too much, you text back too quickly, you disagree with too many of their statements, your world revolves around them, you compliment their friends far more than them, you congratulate anyone who wins that’s not them, you don’t cheer them on while they’re leading/winning, you don’t change things up frequently, you stopped wearing make up and doing your hair, you don’t like to go to any and every event, you’re not 1000% confident, you tell them what to do in public, you always have an attitude with them

    Taurus: Trying to make them a spontaneous person with their decisions, constantly being late, forgetting to call, pushing wild unplanned surprises on them, your cooking gets worse and worse, so does the sex, bug them daily about what they should try that’s new, you don’t take no for an answer, you don’t take things slow, they need some space to focus on their self-care, you’re taking up too much of their time and energy

    Gemini: You’ve fallen into a predictable routine, they’re not curious about you anymore, they’re getting bored of your stories, the excitment they once felt has faded, you only have a small range of topics to talk about, you don’t like to try new things, you don’t like meeting new people, you don’t give them constant attention when requested, the texting is boring, you always agree and never have your own opinion, you’re scared of confrontation, you give them an ultimatium out of jealously “you say he’s just a friend”, you’re not able to hold a phone call for at least a hour

    Cancer: They’re scared you’re going to leave them first, abandonment issues, you haven’t texted them back in 6 days and they’re pissed and finally snapping randomly, you where insensitive too their venting, you blew them off on an important day, you gossiped about them or your relationship problem, you ruined her favorite childhood t-shirt, you insult their closest friends or mom, you don’t care her nephew has a cold, you don’t like their partner, you lied, their gut tells them to leave because they know you have that one secret they won’t like

    Leo: You insult them frequently, you keep trying to improve them, you say the words “bad hair day”, you don’t act classy on your date, you chew with your mouth open, you compare them to other people, you don’t notice their new outfit, you don’t congratulate their accomplishments, you don’t know how to cheer them up, the fun fun fun slows down, you don’t ask them about their interests as much, they’re not your main focus of discussion point, you make them look bad, you seem distant and they think it’s them

    Virgo: They don’t believe in your “morals”, you’re never following or listening to the plan they’ve made, you like to play hooky from your responsibilities, you’re shaking up their routine drastically, everyday is becoming too unpredictable for them, you’re too care-free, you don’t fill your schedule up enough, you’re not organizationally driven, your life is a mess, you sound like a broken record, you’re too ambitious and leave them behind in the dust feeling like last place, you’re not lookin 100% stable

    Libra: You blew them off waaaayyyyy too many times, you preassure them to choose when it starts out as a simple no, you don’t use your manners in public or private, you yell a lot, you have a new choice for them every single day, you curse in family friendly public areas, you tell kids scary stories because you think it’s funny, you don’t like kids, you always speak over them during a friendly debate, you state unchecked facts constantly, you tell their friends or family innapropriate stories/jokes, you don’t say please and thank you, you have horrible fashion sense

    Scorpio: Trying to fix everything for them, prying into their personal life, looking at their phone when they get a text, asking personal questions constantly, asking them to re-tell stories over and over again, tell them their enemy at that time “has a point”, you see or talk to their partner without their permission, you asked for some space, you started being in control most of the time, you told one of their secrets, you talk about trends to them constantly, you can’t be silent for at least a hour, you tell them you’re not sure what you want romantically with them

    Sagittarius: You ask, “do you like me?”, you write them love poems, you text them, “can we talk?”, you always want them to stay home, you don’t like to go to parties, “what are we?”, you don’t like breaking the law, traveling annoys you easily, not liking hiking, not willing to risk anything, you want a short engagement and kids immediately, you ask them to meet your parents on the second date, asking “want to go out?” after 2 weeks of sex, not having 3-18 life philosophies, getting offended at crude/trashy humor, being insulted at anything vulgar, not being generous to people, not being willing to drop all your plans for anything they come up with in the moment

    Capricorn: You always want them to take a day off, when you don’t put them before everything when they’re free, when you don’t praise their work accomplishments, when you don’t appreciate them working 12 hours straight, when you don’t set big goals, when your goals aren’t at least as high as theirs, when you don’t have a resume, visiting them at work unexpectedly the day the boss was in, big crowds, big parties, last minute blind date, “are you sure?”, having a non-conservative sense of style, not having a job, you don’t use the planner they got you, success isn’t important to you

    Aquarius: Shedding a tear, “I hate politics”, talking about emotions constantly, not having a non-typical unique sense of style, not being able to keep up with conversation about any topic in the world, not having organizations that you believe in, not supporting causes, having no beliefs, not fighting for justice, not protecting weaker people, not 100% committed to ANIMALS, not being able to be friends for years and years before considering a relationship, being too sexual with them too quickly, being pushy, prying, not being a social butterfly, texting often, calling, asking to hang out, trying to make the first move, not watching the news, being an open book, "it was love at first sight”

    Pisces: You keep breaking your promises, you’re always late, you’re a bad listener, you don’t give nearly as much as you take, you’re constantly bursting their bubble with negative reality checks, when you make constant small talk, when you doubt anything that’s not society’s “normal”, when you only listen to music in the car or working out, when everyday has to have something scheduled, you don’t like tv time, you don’t like dirty humour, you’re critical, you don’t like laying down, you’re very serious, a comfy couch isn’t important to you

    Being single is very rewarding.

    Don’t look for love, love will always find you.

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  • coming from a gemini stellium (but taurus sun and libra rising)

    aries: generally nice ppl and i vibe well with them! but sometimes they need to stfu

    taurus: most of my friends are tauri so i vibe well with them but sometimes damn stop being so damn stubborn (also @ myself)

    gemini: geminis carry such a weird chaotic vibe imo? but i like it

    cancer: absolute cuties, 100%. but stand up for yourself.

    leo: i know i’ve been bitching a lot about leos in the past but i actually do love em. they generally carry good vibes and make funny jokes. would recommend. but sometimes stfu

    virgo: bruh this one virgo girl used to look at other ppls phones to catch their passcode to then write it down in her document. so yeah also in general i dont vibe well with them. bye no offense tho

    libra: i admire how passionate they are about stuff but y’all are getting on my nerves way too easily

    scorpio: my favourite sign. i admire how connected they are to their emotions in a good way, where i am not. but also i wanna tell them, it’s not that deep dude

    sagittarius: oml i both fucking hate and love you. 3 of the sags i met loved giving advice and trying to help people, but they failed miserably lol. good intentions but bad execution imo.

    capricorn: i hate you end of story

    aquarius: i love your jokes and company but i hate how shallow you are

    pisces: I HATE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (exception for my pisces cousin though)

    dont come @ me

    #astrology#zodiac signs#zodiac#aries#gemini#taurus#cancer#leo#virgo#libra#scorpio#sagittarius#capricorn#aquarius#pisces#mine #zodiac signs as people i know #aesthetic#sort of #anyways i dont hate ALL capricorns but a vast majority of them yes #and i must say that this is a bit exaggerated i dont actually judge ppl on their zodiac signs
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  • June Lessons 🌺

    Aries: watch the way you respond to certain things. good things will happen if you believe they will, not everything perceive to be true actually is.

    Taurus: don’t let other people’s opinions change you. you are you and you are whole. listen to only those who you value, the rest can be left.

    Gemini: the way you see the world is how your world will be. if you’re always negative, you’ll always be looking for it. the world will get dark. but, if you’re positive, watch the world change for you.

    Cancer: live authentically. don’t change to fit other people’s perception of you or you will get lost in all the versions of yourself that you’ve become.

    Leo: reach out when it’s hard, don’t feel like a failure for being in a bad place. you’re not a burden.

    Virgo: put down your guard, try your best to let people inside of your world. not everybody will misunderstand you like you assume they will.

    Libra: remember to keep the people in your life who make you feel good. the ones who don’t, don’t belong there and it’s time to stop giving them excuses.

    Scorpio: remain strong about your opinions. however, don’t forget to listen to others. there may be something you can learn.

    Sagittarius: it’s okay to be afraid and to hang onto other people. this does not make you weak and the right people will be there to help you.

    Capricorn: have faith when things get hard. no feeling is final and it’s never impossible to get back to a good place.

    Aquarius: feeling like you’re not good enough is only in your head. there are seas of people who think you are incredible and worthy. don’t be your own worst enemy, it never leads to anything good.

    Pisces: do not let people convince you that being passionate is a bad thing. speaking out is something that far too few people do, and you are amazing for doing so.

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  • Gossip Girl characters as Zodiac Signs

    ♈️Aries: Georgina Sparks

    ♉️Taurus: Lily van der Woodsen

    ♊️Gemini: Dan Humphrey

    ♋️Cancer: Rufus Humphrey

    ♌️Leo: Bart Bass

    ♍️Virgo: Serena van der Woodsen

    ♎️Libra: Eric van der Woodsen

    ♏️Scorpio: Blair Woldorf

    ♐️Sagittarius: Nate Archibald

    ♑️Capricorn: Chuck Bass

    ♒️Aquarius: Jack Bass

    ♓️Pisces: Eva Coupeau


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  • image

    ♊︎ Gemini Sun ☼

    The Self & Spirituality - Queen of Wands
    June is your month to be passionate, ambitious and extroverted, increasing your social tendencies. Anyone is trying to belittle you? Nope, you know your self-worth. They can try to bring you down, but hell. 
    Spiritually, you will be more interested in new spiritual paths, trying new things.

    Love & Relationships - Strength 
    This month some of you might realize how solid and strong your relationship really is and that it can surpass any hardships. If you had some struggles recently, your struggles are going to be overcome this month, strengthening the bond you have with each other.
    If you are single, a person with strong Leo placements might make their way into your life! Now is a good time to meet someone new.

    Career & Finances - Three of Swords
    Your job is causing you great pain in June. You might lose your job, be bored and discontent with it or have some issues with your co-workers. If you do experience issues with your colleagues, try to solve them by communicating, having an honest conversation can sometimes do wonders. 
    Financially, it doesn’t look to good either. Try to make a plan on how to secure a budget in case things get gloomy.

    ♊︎ Gemini Moon ☽

    The Self & Spirituality - Queen of Cups, Two of Swords
    You are seeking harmony and balance in your life, while being highly loving and gentle. You are a good listener, having an open ear to the troubles of your loved ones. You might find yourself trying to avoid confrontations at all costs.
    Spiritually, your psychic abilities and intuitions are on their peak. However, you won’t get there unless you find the balance within you.

    Love & Relationships - The Hanged Man 
    The relationship you are currently in might leave you having to reconsider it. You might be feeling unhappy and discontent. If you are happy with your relationship, there is a chance your partner is the one being unhappy. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing as long as both of you are willing to work things out together as a couple.
    If you are single, you will have to learn to let go this month. Let go of your ex-partners and situations that are still in your mind after such a long time. Don’t let things from the past let you down.

    Career & Finances - Six of Swords
    Changes are coming both to your career and to your finances, however, it is not certain whether these changes are good or bad. If you want to know more, perhaps checking out the readings for your other Big Threes will bring clarity. Don’t be scared of these changes. Changes are natural.

    ♊︎ Gemini Rising ↗

    The Self & Spirituality - Page of Pentacles
    Commitment is something that might describe you quite well for the month of June. You are starting new projects, setting new goals and planning ahead. You will be down to earth and reliable. 
    Spiritually, this month is a month full of new experiences for you. You want to further your knowledge. Now is a good time to start getting into divination and Tarot Reading. 

    Love & Relationships - Three of Cups, Ace of Wands, Nine of Pentacles
    You are about to enter a new phase in your relationship, be it moving together, becoming exclusive and deepening commitment or even proposing/marrying. Whatever step it is you are taking together, it is certainly a reason to celebrate. Your relationship is incredibly harmonious and loving. However, don’t forget to give your partner some space and give some space to yourself as well. Learn from mistakes from previous experiences.
    If you are single, be brave and reach out to the person you are interested in. You will be attracting a lot of attention this month, because of your sensuality.

    Career & Finances - Four of Cups
    Your job is boring you, making you perform poorly. Try to find some ways of motivating yourself, until you found a solution to your situation.
    Financially, you might find yourself comparing yourself with others. Don’t do that, if you do this, you might miss important opportunities. And remember that your conditions might be totally different and not even comparable.

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  • accio–jesse

    Hello there. I was wondering if I could request a moodboard for someone with a Scorpio Sun, Pisces Moon, and Cancer Rising? I love your stuff.

    Thank you 💛 Hope you like this!

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  • Libra: Listen, I don’t have a lot to my name right now, but I do have one thing.

    Leo: Self respect?

    Libra: No

    Libra: Taste

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  • image

    ♉︎ Taurus Sun ☼

    The Self & Spirituality - Six of Pentacles
    This month you will be strong, energetic and reliable. Calm, patient and deeply caring, like the archetype of you Sun sign!
    Spiritually, reach out to other people. It will be very beneficial, whether you are teaching them or they are teaching you.

    Love & Relationships - Seven of Pentacles 
    Finally, all your effort you and your partner have put in your partnership is paying off. Your relationship will improve slowly, but steadily. You establish more trust and your communication will be better than ever. Honesty will be paying an important role, even little lies are not a good idea. 
    If you are single, be patient. Someone might enter your life soon. Perhaps not in June, but the event will not be too far away anymore. 

    Career & Finances - Nine of Cups 
    You are aiming high - and with good reasons. All the effort, all the work have been worth it. You are finally very close to your goal, both financially and career-wise. Even your higher-ups are noticing this - be ready for some praise! 

    ♉︎ Taurus Moon ☽

    The Self & Spirituality - King of Pentacles
    People around you will depend a lot on you in June. Your friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, even strangers. You are oozing stability, reliability, generosity. 
    Spiritually, this signifies that materialism has played an important role to you until now, but in June you will connect more with your spiritual side. Now is the time to expand your horizon and knowledge.

    Love & Relationships - Four of Pentacles 
    Either you or your partner will be acting overly possessive, focused on money or being jealous, stressing your relationship. In case you don’t love your partner anymore, you will be confronted with the fact that perhaps you are still in this relationship out of practicality and stability. Alternatively, one of you is still hurt by past incidents. In this case, communication is key. Try to talk to your partner and resolve past issues once and for all.
    If you are single, you might have issues in June with letting go of issues of your previous relationship, making it difficult to consider getting into a new relationship, even when presented with the opportunity. 

    Career & Finances - Nine of Swords, Nine of Pentacles
    You will not be happy with your job and career in June, being bored and missing something essential. Perhaps you will be close to a burn-out, requiring you to take some rest or time off. 
    Money might be tight this month, however this will be only temporary, because financial independence will be coming your way soon! Chin up!

    ♉︎ Taurus Rising ↗

    The Self & Spirituality - Ace of Wands
    This month you will be more driven and individualistic, coming across as more fiery and energetic. New ideas and plans will come to you naturally, as your creativity is at its peak.
    Spiritually, a new spiritual path might show itself in front of you, as well as opportunities for new experiences.

    Love & Relationship - Temperance 
    If you have a partner, your relationship will be truly beautiful in June! This relationship will be full of love, trust, commitment and respect for the significant other. If you had some tension before, there will be good news finally! You might be able to resolve your issues, rewarding the both of you with a harmonious union.
    If you are single, you are required to adjust you life in such a way, that there will be room for a partner. If you succeed in doing that, you might attract someone with soulmate potential!

    Career & Finances - Seven of Pentacles 
    Your hard work is paying off, rewarding you adequately this month. Things will finally go well for you. You are very close to your goals both career-wise and financially! 

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  • image

    It’s pride month so my target is make content all month and this first piece I just really wanted to draw Scorpio again and I couldn’t get the ‘depending on the time of day the French go either way’ line out of my head. Scorpio isn’t Bi or French but let’s face it Taurus would sing this line and point at whatever soul entered the room.

    #zodiac signs all 13 of them #zodiac signs#Scorpio #pride month 2020 #Day 1#art
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    ♈︎ Aries Sun ☼

    Self & Spirituality - Two of Pentacles 
    You will find yourself again and again in situation where you are required to roll some punches. However, you won’t mind, because you will find yourself with an extra portion of confidence. You will master everything that life is throwing at you at the moment. Sometimes risks need to be taken.
    Spiritually, you are required to find balance in your mind, body and spirit.

    Love & Relationships - Three of Swords
    There seems to be some tension between you and your partner. This doesn’t mean the end of the relationship, though there are some important issues you should be addressing in your relationship. Face the problem together in order to tackle them. 
    If you are single, your insecurities are stronger than ever. There are things from the past and previous relationships you are not ready yet to let go off. Ask your friends to support you in these stressful times. You don’t have to go through this alone.

    Career & Finances - The Empress, Seven of Pentacles, Nine of Cups
    This is a good time for you when it comes to your career. Your hard work is finally paying off and your wish might come true. There will be opportunities of promotions, new projects and leadership positions for some of you. Or you might get an offer for a well-paying job in the beauty and fashion industry. If you are unsure of your career, things might get clear for you during this month.
    Financially, there will be a nice boost to your income, because you will be rewarded for your hard work, more than ever. Now is a good time to invest. Listen to your intuition, if you are sure you can trust it.

    ♈︎ Aries Moon ☽

    Self & Spirituality - The Tower
    It might be harder for you than usually to control your emotions in June. There might be outbursts of anger and other emotions, disturbing yourself and others around you. If you don’t want to hurt others, take deep breaths before reacting and remember that you don’t want to hurt your loved ones. 
    Spiritually, you might find yourself forced to reconsider your old beliefs and letting go of them. This might be painful, but necessary to open up new spiritual opportunities and doors for you.

    Love & Relationships - Knight of Cups
    This month you might be able to take your relationship to the next step, deepening any kind of commitment you and your partner might have. There are good and romantic news coming your way! Definitely an exciting month for you.
    If you are single, you will be very much in love with the idea of love, which might lead to some issues. Don’t lose reality out of your sight! If you are realistic, you might find great opportunities for real love.

    Career & Finances - Page of Pentacles
    There will be a new path and opportunities for you both financially and career-wise. In June, you will be setting the first stones to success! Don’t let any opportunities go to waste. You are dreaming big! 

    ♈︎ Aries Rising ↗

    Self & Spirituality - King of Cups
    You will be emotionally balanced this month. You are sweet, loving, caring and generous. The King of Cups is a person that radiates a quiet authority, which is hard to miss. Stay diplomatic and try not to get involved too much in other people’s businesses. 
    Your spirit guide is sending you clear messages. Stay focused in order to not miss them. This month you will learn to be able to listen to your intuition well.

    Love & Relationships - Seven of Wands
    You might find yourself having to fight for relationship and love quite a lot this month. Either you will have to fight any issues and challenges in your relationship together with your partner, or there might be a third party being involved. Standing your ground will be key here. This is also the case if you are still single. Don’t let anyone undermine you. 

    Career & Finances - Three of Pentacles 
    Job commitment plays a significant role for you this month. You are very determined and hard working, putting a lot of effort to reach your goals. The good news is that your hard work will not go unnoticed! 
    Financially, there is still a lot for you to learn when it comes to managing your finances and your budget, but this month is giving you great opportunities to do so!

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  • Hated by many

    Wanted by plenty,

    Dislike by some,

    Conftonted by NONE 🤷

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  • Gemini: I’m telling you, Molotov cocktails work. Any time I had a problem and I threw a Molotov cocktail, boom! Right away I had a different problem.

    Leo: He makes a strong case.

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  • Fire signs!

    I love you guys

    But you guys have got to stop doing this unhealthy habit:

    Making all the attention in the room about yourself. To the point that you don’t even care what anybody has to say. As long as they get to hear what you have to say. Sharing is ok, but we do love your party starting skills you hilarious outgoing jokesters

    Water signs!

    I love you guys

    But you guys have got to stop doing this unhealthy habit:

    Guilting people who don’t verbalize their emotions. Some people may never have even been taught how to do so. Prying for emotional reactions puts people on the spot and may push them away. Silence is ok, but we do love your listening ears you snuggly warm teddybears

    Air signs!

    I love you guys

    But you guys have got to stop doing this unhealthy habit:

    Never making sacrifices, especially when it comes to your partnerships. Let people know up front that you have a terrible time truly committing and especially opening up emotionally. Being cherished is ok, but we do love your brains logical ways you witty clever geniuses

    Earth signs!

    I love you guys

    But you guys have got to stop doing this unhealthy habit:

    Not learning to live a lil! You guys think life has to go one way: your way, according to your plan. Every next step has to be carefully thought about, detail by detail. Winging it is ok, but we do love your smoothly ran operations you tireless ambitious forces

    You are all perfect.

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  • Important Reminder

    Aries: should be anti-racism

    Taurus: should be anti-racism

    Gemini: should be anti-racism

    Cancer: should be anti-racism

    Leo: should be anti-racism

    Virgo: should be anti-racism

    Libra: should be anti-racism

    Scorpio: should be anti-racism

    Sagittarius: should be anti-racism

    Capricorn: should be anti-racism

    Aquarius: should be anti-racism

    Pisces: should be anti-racism

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  • My Taurus sun, Scorpio moon and Sagittarius rising conflicted rn.

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  • Who is your marvel boyfriend ?

    Aquarius : Tony Stark

    Gemini : T’Challa

    Aries : Peter Parker

    Taurus : Thor

    Cancer : Clint

    Leo : Bruce Banner

    Scorpio : Loki

    Sagittarius : Deadpool

    Pisces : Nick Fury

    Virgo : Steve Rogers

    Libra : Bucky Barnes

    Capricorn : Peter Quill

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