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  • river-of-wine
    25.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Every family got the

    - immortal dad

    - mad inventor brother who killed a kid when he was younger

    - upsetting to look at

    - lesbian

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  • highlifeboat
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Zoe, looking through the fridge: Mia, didn't you get any milk? All I see is eggnog.

    Mia: Tis the season, Zo! We only get thirty sweet noggy days! Then the government takes it away again...

    Rose, who's been eating her cereal with eggnog: I think I'm having chest pains...

    #ah yes mia / her girlfriend zoe / and their daughter rose #as it should be lol #incorrect resident evil quotes #incorrect quotes#zoe baker#mia winters#rosemary winters#rose winters
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  • river-of-wine
    24.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Enough about how the characters in RE8 pronounce Dimitrescu. Why does everybody in Zoe’s family say her name differently. You gave it to her

    #resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #re8#re village #resident evil 7 #resident evil biohazard #re7#re biohazard#zoe baker #even she has her own way of saying it #she says zoeh
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  • river-of-wine
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I was trapped with those monsters for three years

    Inktober day 23 - Leak

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  • mynameisjag
    22.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Because I can not start anything new, I'm just going to drop the idea here to get it out of my mind.

    Ethan taking Leon to meet the family, by that I mean the surviving Bakers, Joe and Zoe. The events have made them closer and they have pretty much adopted the man as one of their own.

    So Leon getting the shovel talk from Joe...this beast of a man who isn't powered in anyway but is still fucking terrifying. Joe whose come to care for Ethan like a son he never got and believed the father is too soft and forgiving.

    Of course he would love for his boy to have someone who could protect and care for him.

    Leon fits that, he wants to do that.

    But Joe fucking hates him. Thinks he's an asshole and even though Leon has faced all kind of shit, Joe is terrifying.

    Just them having a family get together as Joe stares down Leon, who stubborn as hell, just stares back.

    Zoe is having a blast and can't wait for the resulting fight as Ethan tries and keeps things calm and fails.

    Zoe: Living her best life.

    Ethan: Just wants to have a nice dinner, damn it.

    Rosemary: Literal Happy Baby.

    Joe: Is staring while biting into food.

    Leon: Stares back and matches the intensity.

    #ethan winters#leon kennedy#rosemary winters#zoe baker#joe baker #leon x ethan #resident evil #resident evil 7 #joe is a terrifying man and that needs to be talked about more often #joe should have been in village #he would have put an end to everything at the beginning
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  • nancydfan
    22.10.2021 - 4 days ago
    #resident evil#zoe baker#ethan winters #resident evil 7 #mrs joe speaks
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  • highlifeboat
    21.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Alcina: Why are you covered in scratches?

    Mia: *Has a flashback to when she was chasing a Lycan around the village at 2 AM after being told not to*

    Mia: I'm having an affair.

    Alcina: Hun, we talked about this.

    Alcina: Having sex alone with Zoe doesn't count as an affair.

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  • highlifeboat
    20.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Zoe: Goddamn... you!

    Mia: It's okay.

    Zoe: No! You can't just say things are okay and then they're okay!

    Mia: That's how that works. That's how you avoid problems.

    Zoe: No!

    Mia: You just say "Hey it's alright" then go about your day.

    Zoe: NO!

    Mia: I didn't pay taxes in 2016, that's alright.

    #it's funny cause it's canon mia didn't pay taxes for like 3 years #zoe baker#mia winters
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  • highlifeboat
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Zoe: I prefer people who make small dick jokes about themselves over people who make big dick jokes about themselves.

    Mia: I've got a medium dick!

    Mia: It can talk to ghosts.

    Ethan: *Wheeze* I almost spit out my tea--

    #it's not even that good of a joke it's just accurate #ethan can confirm at least one of those statements #shitpost#zoe baker#mia winters#ethan winters
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  • highlifeboat
    18.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Zoe: Did you just refer to a knife as a "people opener"?


    Mia: Should I not have?

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  • cancerian-woman
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    thinking about Zoe and how they gave her a serious storyline about assault and didn’t do anything with that. they allowed her to relate to Deja and then nothing happened with her because suddenly Kevin wanted children and that was it for Zoe’s story.

    #zoe baker #Zoe x Kevin #Kevin Pearson #this is us #zevin#Zoe Clark #she also had commitment issues overcame them with Kevin…stayed by his side…. #what was the reason #theres so many children and people out there who coupdve related to that story
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  • jewishevelinebaker
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I don’t think i’m going to color this so let’s call it done

    #aud.txt #my art #shame though what they made #resident evil#eveline posting#zoe baker #zoe is the only one with the sense to wear the wiimote strap
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  • nemain-og-mactire
    17.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Resident Evil VII and VIII Characters As Dungeons And Dragons Races, Classes And Alignments According To Némain Óg MacTíre.

    Mother Miranda: Changeling, Warlock, chaotic evil

    Alcina Dimitrescu: Vampire, Barbarian Druid (for Wild Shape), chaotic neutral

    Bela Dimitrescu: same as Alci

    Cassandra Dimitrescu: same as Alci

    Daniela Dimitrescu: same as Alci

    Donna Beneviento: Drow (homebrew), Druid (because of her garden), true neutral.

    Angie Beneviento: Magic item, living doll, draws runes to help Donna garden, chaotic neutral.

    Karl Heisenberg: Warforged, Artificer, chaotic good.

    Salvatore Moreau: Triton, Ranger, chaotic neutral

    Ethan Winters: human, paladin, true good

    Mia Winters: human, wizard, chaotic good

    Eveline (E-001): Changeling, Necromancer Sorcerer, true chaotic.

    Jack Baker: undead human, fighter, lawful chaotic

    Marguerite Baker: undead human, druid (the fucking bugs-), lawful chaotic

    Zoe Baker: human, fighter, true good

    Lucas Baker: human, fighter, true asshole

    Chris Redfield: Human (maybe), Monk, True Good.

    @luzura-blight, @dani-dimitrescu, @cassandradimitrescu99, @baeladimitrescu (hi, welcome to my ocs sideblog lovelies!).

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  • river-of-wine
    16.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Actual question for you guys, if Marguerite survived the greenhouse boss battle do you think she would’ve stayed like that or would she have gone back to normal. Her flesh might have regenerated around the bug hive since that’s her womb but would she have stayed that tall?? Would Jack Baker have to come to terms with no longer being the tallest since his wife is now 7 foot something?? Would her voice always be that way?? I am currently playing through that part of RE7 if you couldn’t tell

    #resident evil #resident evil 7 #resident evil biohazard #re7#re biohazard#jack baker#marguerite baker #I genuinely would like to hear your answers #marguerite would be able to lean on top of jack #he’s 6 foot 1 and she’s like that #what would lucas think #what would zoe think #I’m pretty sure ethan is the only person who knows about this #the strength he has
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  • river-of-wine
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Here’s a little something I’ve been thinking about for a bit that I would totally write if or when I had the time

    Resident Evil 8, same story, same events, same outcome; but Zoe is there.

    When Zoe gets that message from Mia that she mentions in the Baker Incident Report, she and “Mia” keep writing back and forth until, eventually, Zoe has agreed to spend a few days in Europe with them. She’s allowed some days off her work as a reporter and hell, she could use a rest from writing those documents and reliving those three years in the process. This is breaking her witness protection, but that doesn’t matter much to her when Ethan and Mia have a whole BABY that she absolutely has to meet. (Important to note that for this, Mia has never been the one writing to Zoe).

    Zoe loves Rose right off the bat. Being the youngest, she didn’t have much experience with kids, but she got some of her mama’s mothering nature despite never intending go have kids of her own. She is obviously overjoyed to see Ethan and “Mia” again after such a long time, and she just gushes over this new baby with Ethan and quickly appoints herself as Rose’s Cool Aunt, which Ethan welcomes.

    The whole ordeal over dinner kicks off, Ethan and Zoe are both taken into the vehicles along with Miranda and Rose, Miranda crashes them, steals Rose, we all know what happens next.

    House Beneviento and the whole JOIN ME thing at the factory are where I really think Zoe would have a chance to shine. House Beneviento in particular, given Donna’s affinity for making people see their own worst nightmares. Zoe’s just about moved on, so that would be an experience for sure.

    If anyone would like to hear more about this little au feel free to send an ask! I love Zoe and I think she and Ethan would have a great dynamic if they fit the chance to work together. Zoe won’t be on the other end of a phone this time, so she can put those survival skills to good use.

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  • highlifeboat
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Zoe: Y'know, we have a confession to make. We made up those songs on the spot.

    Mia: Also we killed a man together six years ago in Louisiana.

    Zoe: We wanted to feel like God.

    #no officer you don't understand he was possessed #zoe baker#mia winters
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  • luni-draws-crap
    11.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago



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  • mynameisjag
    10.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    It was a friendly thought, hey, maybe I can introduce two people who went through different circumstances with same consequences to each other and they can help one another out.

    Ethan had been concerned with the way Zoe had thrown herself into training, basically demanding that the team and Joe take her under their wings.

    Chris thought that Jill could use someone to talk to that could understand the loss of control under someone else's whims and being left with the memories of what happened.

    Friendship, yay?

    Except Chris forgot one thing...and after how long he has known Jill...he really shouldn't have...

    Entering the training hall with her in tow, spotting Zoe and giving a second to watch as she preceded to beat the shit out of a training dummy with her Uncle coaching not too far off.

    He is suddenly thrown back to the past and remembering a younger Jill nearly coming to blows with someone else over a poster to add to her collection. The posters all depicting the same type of model, tall, slight muscles, pretty faces and women.

    Which...is exactly what one could describe Zoe Baker...

    His mistake is far too past realized as his eyes slide over to his friend, who, even with the area filled with other people, managed to zone in on the Baker.


    Her eyes flicked over to him, smile widening, "Chris."

    "Before I introduce you, promise you won't go useless."

    Another reminder of their past, one that actual involved Wesker in a lighter memory. A mission near the beach, a bikini competition and their Captain screaming in a frantic manner over the radio for 'Valentine, get back to your post, do not become useless, do not become useless.'

    She found the competition like a blood hound and of course became 'useless' as she stood as close to the stage as possible without damn near crawling onto it. It was close, if it wasn't for security and a rope, she would have been in the backrooms. Hyperfocused on anything but her post.

    So 'useless' became an inside term.

    She ended up being reprimanded but she got the winner's and runner up's numbers, so for her it was worth it as she had strutted around the office with both of their sashes on.

    They all have had 'useless' moments...

    "That lovely lady over there with the killer jab and long legs, is that who you are going to introduce me to?"


    By now the smile as over taken her face, "Why, Chris, it isn't even my birthday and you gotten me such a nice gift! It would be such a shame to not completely enjoy it!," she turns and takes a step forward, "I would have worn my best tank top if I'd known."


    She just waves over her shoulder at him, "Don't worry, I'll put in a few good words for that little blonde you've been going 'useless' over and see if she can't help out with your terrible flirting skills. Now introduce us."

    Fuck...fine...at least he'll get something out of this time hopefully.

    #chris redfield#Jill Valentine#zoe baker#resident evil #chris: dont be a useless gay! #Jill: Jokes on you! I've been a useless gay the entire time! #I like to think when they met they just pointed at each other dramatically
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