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    • Mckenzie: Why are Leif and Tobin sitting with their backs to each other?
    • Zoey: They had a fight.
    • Mckenzie: Then why are they holding hands?
    • Zoey: They get sad when they fight.
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  • zoeys extraordinary outfits 2.06

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    • Simon: Okay, truth or dare?
    • Zoey: Truth.
    • Simon: How many hours have you slept this week?
    • Zoey: ...
    • Zoey: Dare.
    • Simon: Go to bed.
    • Zoey: I don't like this game.
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  • Hold On To The Memories, They Will Hold On To You (A Clarkeman Fic)

    Chapter 7 is out, and I’ve finally added the “Angst with a Happy Ending” tag to this fic :))

    SUMMARY: When Zoey’s powers develop an unexpected glitch, she uses them to find answers—and comfort—as she navigates her grief and her feelings for Max. Begins after “Zoey’s Extraordinary Employee.”

    Here are the AO3 links to each chapter!

    Chapter 1: Pause
    hapter 2: Rewind
    hapter 3: Fast Backward
    hapter 4: Buffering…
    hapter 5: Stop
    Chapter 6: Fast Forward
    Chapter 7: Play

    Comments, constructive criticism, and kudos always appreciated :)

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    • Tobin: I want to seduce the dragon.
    • Zoey, sighing: Alright, roll to seduce the dragon.
    • Tobin: *rolls a nat 20*
    • Zoey: Okay, you take 15 damage.
    • Leif: Wait, why did he take damage?
    • Zoey, slamming her fists on the table: Cause it's a fucking dragon????
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    • Zoey: How petty can you get?
    • Leif: I once edited a wikipedia article to win an argument I was wrong about.
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    I just started sleeping again, and I wanna keep the health train a-chuggin’. Plus it’s a depressant. Haven’t we all been depressed enough?

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    • Tobin: [watching the clock] Wait for it, wait for it! 9:01. Leif Donnelly is officially late for the first time ever. All right, let's do this. Who's got theories?
    • Glen: Uh, alarm didn't go off.
    • Tobin: All three alarms? All with battery back-up? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
    • Simon: Ooh! He was taken in his sleep!
    • Tobin: That's what i'm talking about! Super dark, Simon, but way more plausible than Glen's stupid alarm clock theory.
    • Mckenzie: I bet he tucked himself into bed too tight and got stuck.
    • Yasmeen: Mmm, maybe he fell into another dimension where he's interesting.
    • Zoey: It's 9:00 a.m. Why is no one doing anything?
    • Tobin: Leif is a few minutes late, and we're all trying to guess why.
    • Zoey: I'd like to play. I'd say he's in line... at the bank. This is fun.
    • Tobin: It is fun, but you're all wrong. He clearly slipped through a subway grate and is having terrible sex with a mole person.
    • [Leif comes rushing in]
    • Tobin: There he is. Leif! Where have you been? We’ve been worried sick. Do you care to explain yourself?
    • Leif: I’m just 70 seconds late. It's not a big deal. Don't worry about it.
    • Zoey: Leif, you will tell us and you will tell us now.
    • Leif: ...there was a problem at the bank.
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    Iconic trios in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist [2/?]

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  • Your forehand may not be pretty, but it’s super strong.

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  • zoey’s extraordinary gif meme ♡ [5/5 relationships] → zoey & simon

    Simon is the only person who isn’t you and David who I can talk to about what I’m going through with Dad. No one else understands, and I guess I’m worried that if I let it go, let him go, that I… won’t ever feel this way again.

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    Title: Zoey’s Extraordinary Boss

    Date Air: 23 February 2020

    Written by: Sam Laybourne

    Directed by: Daisy von Scherler Mayer

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  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

    omg who even plays Wii these days?

    i aim to be this guy just so unbothered with life, no stress no worries no care in the world

    ok this song is obviously recorded and i dont really like it

    i love how max just pops out from the back of the apartment

    “A-gays” i love that

    mm yes the typical Jewish disappointment

    zoey you lowkey cant take a day off work spontaneously like that. your company is half-falling apart and your team basically doesnt know how to function on their own

    and this is just proving it what is danny michael davis doing here??

    “the charges were dropped and i am completely exonerated” AKA i bribed everyone to get off scott free

    did he seriously just compare his house arrest in a 10billion dollar mansion to NELSON MANDELA?!!

    sprqpoint is racist

    oh god zoeys “rebel” list is p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c

    ok now its getting interesting drugs

    theres no such thing as a “reputable drug dealer” zoey

    zoey dont feel pressured to do drugs when you dont even KNOW WHAT IT IS?!!

    and now danny michael davis is calling her

    oh no, oh no

    have i mentioned before how much i love the F- Intro Cut? Because i do. It gives me life.

    this is why you dont do drugs kids your boss might show up right after you take something

    uh oh shes already tripping

    uh oh the business plan is failing and max’s dad is right there to hear it all

    oh no robert is “hating” all her ideas because she turned him down

    oop hes there and she is sooo freakin hugh

    “ok fine were on drugs” oh no danny michael davis is gonna take it too??

    oh no her powers plus drugs is not a good combo

    where did all these people even come from? lmao

    danny is just a child *wiggles* “i dont want to walk anymore”

    and poor simon is so sad

    oh wow max is dad is richie rich

    yay your “ray of sunshine” is soo freakin high rn

    oh well now this is depressing zoey and her dad, danny and his company

    why is zoey crawling across a table to touch his hairless ankle??

    i actually like the name of their restaurant “Maximo’s”

    oh this number is so sad i love it

    and we have no idea what he said because Max was too busy singing and dancing

    pfft she got her floss

    yeah hes somewhat right zoey you care too much but thats who you are

    pfft jenna dumped fertilizer in rogers porsche but yeah that was really not cool of you

    and hey she did stand up for herself

    danny michael davis is selling the company? to eat jackfruit? and fire everyone? that doesnt sound good

    i love how everyone is just talking about their problems and not caring about other people

    dont say good bye to jenna rehire her and teach her how to be a normal human being

    sprqpoint is racist

    hes giving him the money! woohoo! oh he doesnt think it could work oh this is not good

    aiden and danny are getting high together with popsicles lol

    yeah it reaaaly doesnt need him he barely runs a multinational company and it is incredibly racist!

    ooh is maggie gonna rehire jenna?

    aww mo is so supportive

    woah the photo wall is so cute!!

    ooh what is simons plan?

    sometimes i forget that only zoey sees these musical numbers cuz like simon is slowly stripping in front of this press conference and only zoey sees it

    ooh hes calling it his own company good job simon

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  • Max & Zoey

    Zoey´s extraordinary Glitch (Part 3/3)

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    • 26 season 2 zoey clarke icons (128x128)
    • icons are linked in the source
    • like or reblog if you consider using/saving them
    • don’t repost, don’t claim as your own
    • if you want an icon in a different color i’ll try to make it.
    • commissions are open!
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