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  • cynqell
    19.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    nina: so, inej tells me you've been ranking the crows on appearance. we wanted to say that it is blantly undermining and-

    matthias: calm down, fourteen

    nina: you can't— wait out of what

    matthias: ten

    nina: oh 😊

    inej: nina-

    nina: its called free speech, inej, look it up.

    #ik yall will say this isnt nina #but our queen would act like this soz #kindness before ego remember 😘 #six of crows #crooked kingdom#soc#ck#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#jesper fahey #wylan van sunshine #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#alina starkov#zoya nazyanelsky#nikolai lantsov#the darkling #shadow and bone #sab#freddy carter#amita suman#kit young#danielle galligan#calahan skogman #jessie mei li #jessi mei li #ben barnes
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  • grishaverse-incorrectquotes
    19.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Genya: The floor is lava!

    Darkling: (helps Alina onto the counter)

    Zoya: (pushes Nikolai off the sofa)

    Genya: As you can see, there are two types of people

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  • helniklover97
    18.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    For me Matthias, Nikolai and Mal almost every evening, later dinner, drink kvas or brandy and talk about “my wife is one of the most powerful Grisha that ever existed, and I protect her from anyone who wants to hurt her”

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  • cynqell
    18.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    inej: where were you???

    kaz: doing crime

    inej: ... well, dont tell me anything. i dont want to be implicated.

    kaz, pulling out the fking mona lisa from his backpack: ok but can you remind me where we store the tape so i can hang this up


    inej: im going back to bed

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  • helniklover97
    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    In the Grishaverse Joran remind me a lot Gabi Braun of Attack on Titan, because both of them are almost killed a person that they have been indoctrinated to hate, luckily this didn’t happen, and they learning that Sasha and Matthias are not evil or demonic.

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  • helniklover97
    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    At me Brum makes a little tenderness, I explain you why:

    Brum: I lost the man that was like a son for me.

    One year later:

    Brum: Matthias you are alive, I’m so happy.

    Two minutes later:

    Brum: Matthias has betrayed me and his brothers and escaping with his Drüsje lover.

    Months later:

    Brum: Joran has killed Matthias, justice has been done.

    Two years later:

    Matthias appears with a First Army uniform, a wedding ring, Nina at his side with a baby bump and others two children are next to him, and he has telling all he knows about ice court, Drüskelle and fjerdan defence and spy network at king Nikolai and at the Grisha, making sure Fjerda lose the war.

    Brum: okay, I will stay quiet from now on.

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  • helniklover97
    17.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Fjerda: I have the ice court, I will win the war

    Ravka: I have the Second Army, a Sankta Sun Summoner, a Shadow Summoner, a demon king, a Sankta queen who transforms herself in a dragon, a Grisha who control the life and the death, a former Drüskelle very angry for what you have do to his wife, Kaz Brekker, Captain Inej Gafha, Grisha sharpshooter Jesper Fahey and most rich man in the world Wylan van Eck are on my side. So bitch start cleaning my boots.

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  • incorrect-tsc
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago
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  • cynqell
    17.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    inej: kaz sometimes talks in his sleep. its so cute.

    kaz in his sleep: fucking fight me... square up bitch... i will destroy you...

    inej: so cute.

    #ofc inej would find it cute #this is ages after ck tho #when theyre comfortable enough to sleep in the same room #six of crows #crooked kingdom#soc#ck#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#jesper fahey #wylan van sunshine #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#alina starkov#zoya nazyanelsky#nikolai lantsov#the darkling #shadow and bone #sab#freddy carter#amita suman#kit young#danielle galligan#calahan skogman #jessie mei li #jessi mei li #ben barnes
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  • cynqell
    15.10.2021 - 3 days ago


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  • helniklover97
    14.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    Loved the scene in Rule of Wolves where Matthias telling a bedstory to his daughter about Fjerda, and the baby-girl ask:

    “Papa, is true that fjerdan want hurt mama and me?”

    And he replies:

    “Some of them yes, they want. But you have nothing to worry about it, I don’t let anyone hurt you and mama, I will always protect you, it’s what I promise to her and what I have born for, and Djel have blessed you and mama with your powers for always taking you two safe, okay love?”

    “Yes papa”

    “Now sleep, good night”

    “Good night papa”

    And when he turns he see Nina on the door that look at them

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  • black-rose-writings
    14.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    So, I was writing a fix-it (of sorts) for Ruin And Rising.

    The premise is basically that all the people, who got Alina’s Sun Summoning are not actually Grisha and when they die like the Otkazat’sya they are in their core, that power returns to Alina, a little bit with each death.

    And because I desperately wanted to avoid writing M*lina (cause ew), didn’t want the Darkling coming back until much later (for plot reasons, though the fic has Darklina as endgame) and still wanted Alina to talk about it with someone, I accidentally ended up writing Alina having a long-distance emotional affair with Zoya.

    I don’t have any strong opinions on Zoyalina, really, my opinion is that basically anyone other than Blade Boy would make a better and more interesting partner to Alina, but, you know, it just kinda works with the story. (Also, book!Alina always describing Zoya as attractive has big bisexual vibes).

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  • matt-murdok
    14.10.2021 - 4 days ago

    thinking some thoughts about Nikolai and Zoya having a daughter and naming her Liliyana. Sweet little princess Lili with her mother's power and father's devious cleverness hidden behind charm, the bane of the palace guards and scourge of the second army when she's old enough to insist that she serves just like her papa did. Nikolai absolutely cannot resist spoiling her rotten.

    #this post is not emma safe #em we really need to make a blacklist tag for spoilers for you #so i don't have to worry about it lmaoo #zoyalai#grishaverse#nikolai lantsov#zoya nazyanelsky #all of my favorite men deserve to be good dads <3 #nikolai proving that being raised a lanstov doesn't make him a terrible father #zoya getting to find comfort in family like she hasn't ever really #since even with her aunt she never got to stay put you know?
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  • cynqell
    14.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    inej: guys it's such a special occasion! look, kaz is even wearing his nicest outfit <3!!

    kaz: its the only one that doesn't have blood on it

    #hmmm #or did he just want to look nice for her #ig we'll never know #six of crows #crooked kingdom#soc#ck#kaz brekker#inej ghafa#jesper fahey #wylan van sunshine #wylan van eck #nina zenik#matthias helvar#alina starkov#zoya nazyanelsky#nikolai lantsov#the darkling #shadow and bone #sab#freddy carter#amita suman#kit young#danielle galligan#calahan skogman #jessie mei li #jessi mei li #ben barnes
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  • kolarpem
    13.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Morning Doodle: "Even this apple

    Gets more action

    Than me."

    -A poem by Nikolai Lantsov, Ruler of the Double Eagle Throne.

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  • cynqell
    13.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    crows in squid game headcanons bc we all know theyd fking wreck the game

    inej disappearing while in the waiting/sleeping room and ppl not being able to find her for literal hours

    jesper flirting will all the guards. they get so flustered and he just does it more

    wylan being like??? ok look ur schematics r good and all but DAMN theres some things u need to work on

    nina doing hot girl shit™️ the whole time and seeming like shes paying no attention when ofc shes literally dominating

    matthias just literally being himself. tries to convert all the guards when he gets bored. he has a big ass crush on nina tho and watches her while shes being her extrovert self

    kaz, meanwhile, passes all the games without trying while simultaneously figuring out how to steal all the money for himself

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  • dablackdahlia
    12.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Happy birthday to my online big sister @tricewithaz !!!!! So awhile ago I pitched this idea about MILf Zoya and DILF Nikolai and trice loved get idea so I worte it. But it was crazy long so I broke it up, this is part one and I’ll try to post part two next week.

    I’m keeping the children the same as in my Zoyalai children fics because I’m lazy and don’t want to write new kids

    Also I know nothing about Russian or European governments so we’re gonna Say they are in the USA

    Also also, no term limits in this thing because I don’t have the energy to do the work to make the children living in the White House for most of there childhood be feasible irl

    TW:SWEARING, and a whole lot of it

    President Zoya Nazyalensky

    The title meant a great deal to her

    It meant endless meetings and letters from every corner of the world

    It meant less time for your boys and relying on your ex husband more then a woman should ever have to

    It meant late nights working through treaties with your annoyingly attractive Chief of Staff

    It meant everything

    “Are you sure this is a good idea?” Koda whined

    At thirteen years old Koloda Nazyalensky was rather fed up with his older brothers schemes

    “Of course it is!” Myca said hefting three bottles of wine in his arms

    “What could possibly go wrong?” Nazariy added weaving past a staff member who gave a stern glare at the three boys

    Nazariy, Koda, and Myca had decided to suprise there mother, Zoya with some chocolates, wine, and Flowers since it was winter break and Myca was finally back from Harvard

    She had sent her chief of staff Nikolai Lantsov home an hour ago is what one of the gardeners said, so she wouldn’t b up late working with him.

    Nikolai had been the boys hero for as long as they’ve known him

    Unlike there mother who found no humor in them launching a watermelon catapult into the rose garden while she was giving a speech about climate change, Nikolai laughed his ass off

    Nazariy regularly babysat his ten year old daughter Delphinium, or Delphi as everyone calls her.

    “Well one it’s, like, 11:30 PM, and two, the last time you said that was when we lead three giraffes into Dad and Alina’s wedding!” Koda scowled

    Three years ago, when Myca was fifteen, nazariy was thirteen and Koda was ten, there father, Mal Oretsev married his childhood friend Alina Starkov

    The boys harbored no Ill will towards there stepmother. It was kinda awkward at first, seeing as she was one of there moms best friends and she was now with there dad, but then she let them get away with eating 14 buckets of ice cream in one sitting for a dare, which there father would definitely not allow

    Although, with Myca off in Harvard most of the year, and Nazariy off with whatever guy or girl that took his fancy, Koda did get kinda lonely

    After Alina and Mal got married, they moved to there childhood town in the countryside

    The drive was eight hours away. Two if you take a plane. So the boys would have to call there father instead of see him a lot of the time

    That was the biggest thing Koda hated about the divorce

    Not seeing Dad

    Koda and his mother, Zoya, had a complicated relationship

    Nikolai would say they were a storm and a hurricane, a deadly combination

    When Zoya and Koda fought it usually ended up in a big screaming match

    When dad was there he was always the peacekeeper

    When he left that role fell to Myca

    And when Myca left, and Nazariy being barely better then Koda, The fightijg was only getting worse

    That was why Koda agreeed to suprise there mom

    But now he was starting to regret it.

    “Ok Mom shouldn’t be home until 12, so we can set everything up and suprise her” Myca whispered

    “Maybe we should just go there and surprise her at her office in the morning” Koda suggested

    “Knowing Mom she’ll be to busy in paperwork and meetings to have three minutes, we’ll just go down now and do it” Myca said being annoyingly correct

    They finnally reached the apartment

    It wasn’t an actual apartment of course

    It was really just a section of the White House that was redecorated to look like an apartment

    There father Mal had it made when they were young

    It had its own kitchen, bathrooms, and was also where there bedrooms are

    Or at least the boys

    Zoya moved out of the apartment when her and Mal started fighting

    She could’ve come back when he moved out , but she never did, opting instead to take one of the White House bedrooms

    The apartment was sound insulated and the bodyguards weren’t inside the place and only stood outside the door

    It was one of the most secure places in the White House

    It looked like an upper class Manhattan apartment

    The boys set everything down at the table

    But then they started to hear a soft voice from there mothers bedroom

    They looked at each other quizzically

    There mother wasn’t supposed to be back yet

    “Ok” Nazariy started whispering, tucking a raven lock behind his ear “Mom is here early, therefore she’s probably making some important phone calls, so we can’t just set up everything”

    Myca nodded along “Ok so why if we get all of the hats and shit and presents and just burst in and say ‘suprise’” Myca suggested

    Nazariy and Myca continued conversing about logistics

    Koda always admired the tact and analytical mind of his brothers

    He was never like that.

    Koda had always been more interested in his inventions then anything

    “What if moms changing or something?” Koda interupted

    “Why would she be changing her clothes on a phone call?” Nazariy asked

    “Well what if the phone call is important?”

    “The Aztec vase was important but that didn’t stop us from seeing how many golf balls could fit in it” Nazariy recounted another one of there epic tales of brotherhood


    “Ok, I’ll hold the wine, Nazariy holds the flowers, and Koda holds the chocolates and will open the door, in the count of three” Myca relayed the plan as they stood outside her bedroom door


    “SURPRISE!!!” Koda burst open the door

    And there was there mother

    On her bed

    Messy, inky black hair spilling on the covers

    And the very flushed very blonde chief of Staff Nikolai Lantsov on top of her

    While her blazer was unbuttoned showing her red bra

    Her arms were around his neck

    Pure confusion rippled through Kodas face when he locked eyes with a very red looking Zoya



    “YOUR FUCKING MY MOM!!!?!?!!?” Koda yelled in suprise

    “Sorry! Sorry…. Uhhh we should have knocked!” Myca said as he turned away and ushered his younger brothers out the door “come on Kody” Nazariy slammed the door as soon as they were both out

    “Shit, shit,” Zoya said under her breath as she quickly buttoned her shirt

    “I thought Myca was arriving tomorrow?” Nikolai questioned tearing a hand through his golden locks

    “They must’ve been planning to suprise me” Zoya quickly reapplied her lipstick

    Of course this had to happen

    The day before she was going to tell her children about how she was seeing Nikolai, they just had to see this

    It wasn’t planned

    They were supposed to be working through some new electrical problems in the south.

    But Nikolai had brought her favorite scotch

    And one thing led to another

    “Ok, damage control, They’ll want an explanation, we might be able to only tell Myca and he could make something up to tell Nazairy and Koda” Nikolai being himself already offering solutions

    “No, it’ll just make it ten times harder to tell them later”

    Zoya gave a tired sigh

    She didn’t mean to fall in love with her chief of staff

    It was after her ex husbands wedding three years ago. Two years after the big fat divorce at the time

    She was happy for him and Alina. Really she was. They deserved each other

    But one cannot feel a little sad while seeing the one you thought was your forever with someone knew

    She wasn’t jealous of Alina, she was jealous of what they had.

    And there was Nikolai, with his open arms and open heart…. and open legs

    They hooked up that night

    They made there relationship official a year later

    And tomorrow was there two year anniversary

    And they still hadn’t told there children

    “Okay, how about we just go out there and tell them the truth” Nikolai said as he moved behind zoya

    She paused fixing her lipstick in the mirror to stare at him

    “Listen, we were going to tell them anyway, and your right, if we don’t tell them the truth it’s going to just be harder when we eventually do”

    “I hate it when your right” Zoya grumbled

    Nikolai gave the grin she fell in love with “Then I’m afraid your gonna hate me very often my love”

    Author’s Note

    I first wondered about Zoyalai as parents a very long time ago. I wrote two pieces on it you can probably find. I used the same children as you can see in here. I started wondering about them because Zoya isn’t the mothering kind of woman. And Nikolai who craves a family is kinda the opposite. I loved giving traits of Zoya into the boys. Kodas got her temper, Myca has that sense of responsibility, and I specifically modeled Nazariy off of how she acted in Ruin and Rising (with a touch of Nikolai charm) i can’t wait to write part two and all of the awkwardness that surrounds the often difficult conversation of introducing your teen kids to your new boyfriend. I went through a similair experience at one point whitch was difficult at first. I wanted to show that through my favorite fandom.

    Of course, none of this is would’ve been possible without the help and encouragement of @tricewithaz I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your gift!


    I admit that for there names I had trouble, I went through a bunch till i found the one. And for Myca, I was searching for a sound more then a name itself

    Mycanaea = My-Kuh-Nay-Uh

    Myca = My-Kuh

    Nazariy = Naz-uh-ree

    Koloda = Ko-lo-duh

    Koda = Ko-duh

    Delphinium = Del-fi-nee-um

    Delphi = Del-fee

    #zoyalai#zoya nazyanelsky#nikolai lantsov#nikolai duology #shadow and bone #king of scars duology #six of crows #grishaverse #the grisha series #the grishaverse#malyen oretsev#alina starkov#malina #only if you squint tho #birthday gift #seriously though trice without you this idea would’ve been wasted in my drafts
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  • helniklover97
    12.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    At the Little Palace Nina teaches to her daughter the opposites:

    Nina: so milaya, if I said “sun” you say…

    Baby: moon.

    Nina: yes my love, and if I said “night” you say…

    Baby: day.

    Nina: good gob, and if I said “summer”…

    Baby: winter.

    Nina: well done, last one my love, if I said “happy”…

    Baby: uncle Ivan.

    Matthias spits his tea, Genya and Zoya laughing, David smile, Fedyor get up and go to hugs his niece.

    Fedyor: That’s my goddaughter.

    Ivan compulsively squeezes a chess piece.

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  • thebubblesoutlet
    12.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Saw this photo on Pinterest this is exactly what I imagined book! Zoya looked like.

    #do not attack me sujaya is literally perfect too #like she is the prettiest #but this gal looks like fanartc #they have very similar hair tho #grishaverse #shadow and bone #six of crows #zoya nazyanelsky#zoyalai#nikolai lantsov
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  • justdaphne
    12.10.2021 - 6 days ago

    Reading King of Scars was basically like:

    - Oh my

    - zoyalai acting as a married couple gives me life 💕

    - NINA HI

    - yo I thought I finished crooked kingdom this should be illegal it’s literally the beginning of the book

    - this is like tinder lmao

    - heh?

    - why on earth would these people want the darkling as a saint? Stupidity

    - oh my god

    - *gasp*

    - what is going on

    - I uhm

    - Hanne?

    - oh okay

    - this is awkward

    - so they’re going to the fold? Is it?

    - oh a dragon


    - wait wait I’m sorry SANKTA LIZABETA? JURIS? GRIGORI?

    - oh my god this is literally a Crooked kingdom part 2 Nina novella


    - oh?

    - So basically isaak is undercover and he’s basically falling in love with a princess which is depressing coz then when Nikolai comes back 💀

    - oh what the hell

    - ZOYALAI💖





    - so that was a fail




    - oh what


    - oh. The mf is back.

    #nikolai lanstov #nikolai x zoya #nikolai duology #zoya of the lost city #zoya nazyanelsky #siege and storm #ruin and rising #shadow and bone netflix #shadow and bone #nina zenik#fjerda#zoyalai#ravka#genya safin#david kostyk#leigh bardugo#grishaverse
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