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    07.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    When You Feel Insecure About Your Stretch Marks ~ SF9 Reaction


    At the sight of your body turning as Inseong walked into the room, he knew that something was wrong. As you remained silent, he knew he had to explore for himself, peering around to see exactly what you were hiding.

    “Why are you shielding your stretch marks from me?” Inseong asked outrightly, confused as to why you had decided to turn so shy around him.

    Your shoulders shrugged as Inseong pulled you towards him, “they’ve always just been something that I’ve not felt confident about to be honest.”

    Inseong pressed a kiss gently against your waist, “I don’t want you to ever feel like you have to hide any part of yourself around me. There’s nothing that you should ever feel insecure about, I adore you as you are.”

    “I’ve never known not to feel insecure.”

    Inseong smiled back across at you, “then why don’t you let me show you that there’s a way not to feel insecure about them.”

    “Do you really think that you’ll be able too?”

    “I won’t stop until I can show you that there’s no reason to feel insecure, the person that you are right now is perfect.”

    “You’re far too kind to me sometimes.”


    His head shook as you explained to him why you had hidden your stretch marks, unable to believe your reasoning. Youngbin never wanted you to feel insecure around him, especially over something so small too.

    “Can I tell you why I don’t think you should hide them now that you’ve finished?” Youngbin asked as soon as you fell silent before him.

    Your head nodded back at him, “I can’t promise that I’ll listen, the more that I can hide these stretch marks away from the world, the better.”

    Youngbin spun you around so that your marks were on show in front of him. “I want you to be confident around me and proud of who you are, especially your body, you should never feel bad about this Y/N.”

    “I just don’t think it’s nice for you to look at.”

    Youngbin shot a glare across at you, “isn’t that for me to decide Y/N? Because I don’t see any different, stretch marks or not.”

    “I just presumed that you’d find it strange.”

    “I promise you that I don’t. Stretch marks are natural, and they’re a part of you, I’d never make you feel bad for that.”

    “I really do appreciate that Youngbin.”


    You wanted to pull away as Jaeyoon’s hand trailed along your stretch marks, but his grip was strong and determined to keep you in place so that Jaeyoon could prove to you that your marks were nothing to worry about.

    “I love these about you,” Jaeyoon whispered across to you, “they’re a part of who you are, they tell a bit of a story about you as well.”

    Your eyebrows knitted together in confusion as Jaeyoon spoke, “how could you ever say that you love something like stretch marks, are you crazy?”

    His head shook back at you with a chuckle, “these stretch marks are just a part of who you are, and that’s exactly why I love them about you, every little thing that makes up you is perfect in my eyes Y/N.”

    “You’re just saying that to be kind to me Jaeyoon.”

    His head continued to shake, “I’m being serious, there is not a single thing that I would change about you right now.”

    “Do you mean that? Because I would be able to.”

    “That’s because we always beat ourselves up, and it’s up to others to show that there’s no need to do such a thing.”

    “I can always rely on you to pick me up.”


    A tight hold on your hand immediately reassured you as you showed Sanghyuk your stretch marks after he had caught a glimpse. For so long he had wondered why you had hidden away, and now his question was answered.

    “I hate that you’ve felt bad about this for so long,” he whispered across to you, “you never needed to feel shy about this in front of me.”

    Your head nodded as you listened closely to what Sanghyuk had to say. “I’ve always berated myself for it, I didn’t want someone else to do the same.”

    Sanghyuk let go of a sigh as your eyes fell away to look down to the ground, “I would have never made you feel bad about who you are, your stretch marks are a part of you, they share something about you.”

    “Not necessarily something that I want to share.”

    A soft smile was sent across to you by Sanghyuk, “it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a part of life, everyone gets them somewhere.”

    “Have you ever had stretch marks, honestly?”

    “Of course, my body has grown over time too, you’re human, and those marks just prove that you are too.”

    “You’re right, it’s just being human.


    Your body jumped as you felt a hand wrap around your wrist, pulling you back so that you were stood in front of Juho. You followed his gaze, noticing that his eyes had landed on your waist, right where your marks were.

    “You’ve always hidden those from me,” he whispered, glancing across to meet your eyes, “you made it seem so much worse than what it is.”

    Your eyes widened as you glanced down at your stretch marks, “they are huge Juho, you don’t need to say that just to try and make me feel better.”

    His head shook as he pulled you even closer towards him, “I would never just say something like that to make you feel better, I really do mean it. Your stretch marks are no big deal, especially now that I’ve seen them too.”

    “I always worried that maybe you would think less.”

    Juho offered you a smile as he snaked his arm around your waist, “there is no way I’d ever make you feel bad about who you are.”

    “I wish that I could change them about me though.”

    “You can’t think like that, this is just who you are, all of the parts of you that have come together make you perfect.”

    “Now you’re just being too kind.”


    He looked blankly across at you as you scurried to hide your stretch marks, failing to see why you were so nervous to show Seokwoo such a side of you. He wasn’t bothered at all, not that you should have expected anything less.

    “Am I supposed to say something?” He chuckled as he met your eyes, “were you expecting me to be mad about this or something?”

    Your shoulders shrugged in reply, “it’s something that’s always played on my mind, and it felt like the right time to show you something that troubles me.”

    Seokwoo took a couple of steps forwards before taking a hold of your hand, “you don’t need to be troubled by those, it’s nothing, and certainly doesn’t change anything in my mind, its such a small part of you as well.”

    “Do they really not faze you about me in the slightest?”

    Seokwoo nodded back at you, “I would never let something so small change my opinion of you, that would be ridiculous.”

    “I wasn’t expecting you to be as kind as you are.”

    “There’s no way that I could ever make you feel bad about who you are, especially when it’s something you can’t change either.”

    “Thank you, I really needed to hear that.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You immediately spun to your left as Taeyang walked into the room so that your stretch marks were well hidden. You thought that you had done well, but the fast jump had captured Taeyang’s attention as he looked to you.

    “What are you up to?” He questioned, immediately sensing that there was something going on with how anxious you looked across at him.

    You shook your head as he took a couple of steps closer towards you, “I’m not doing anything, I was just trying to decide which shirt I should wear for dinner.”

    Taeyang continued to approach you, holding onto your hand and spinning you around, catching your stretch marks out of the corner of his eye. “You’ve always been a terrible liar Y/N, I know exactly what was wrong.”

    “I’d just rather that you didn’t see them at all.”

    Taeyang shrugged as he stared down at them, “why would you ever feel the need to hide these from me, it’s no big deal, it’s just human.”

    “I don’t like how they look, especially on me.”

    “If it makes you feel any better, I still think that you look great, your stretch marks are a part of you, they make you, you.”

    “I guess you have got a point there.”


    Your eyes widened as you realised exactly where Youngkyun’s hand was trailing, and as your body tensed up, he knew straight away too that he had managed to find a part of your body that you weren’t feeling good about.

    “Don’t shy away,” he whispered as you caved into yourself, “stretch marks are nothing for you to feel ashamed about, you know that right?”

    Your head shook as Youngkyun moved his hand away, “I’ve never liked mine, they’re so obvious, it’s the first thing that anyone sees when they see me.”

    He offered you a weak smile as he rolled across to lay beside you. “They were far from the first thing that I realised about you, because you are so much more than just a few stretch marks against your waist Y/N.”

    “They’re the worst thing about me though.”

    He reached across and took a hold of your hand, “so, why don’t I tell you about all the good things about you instead to focus on?”

    “Are there any things that you can find about me?”

    “I don’t think we even have enough time for me to tell you the endless number of things that I just adore about you.”

    “Let’s narrow it down to just one.”


    You watched on in complete silence as Chanhee lifted your shirt back up to reveal your stretch marks, keeping your shirt in place as he lifted his own up too so that you could see the few marks that he had around his waist.

    “We all have them,” he tried to encourage with a soft smile on his face, “even I do, I just keep mine well hidden so that no one else can see them.”

    You took a step closer so that you could look at the stretch marks that Chanhee had too, “how do you have them? You work out so hard, that doesn’t make sense.”

    His head nodded in reply to you, “that’s exactly the point that I’m trying to make, no one should be embarrassed about having stretch marks, even the people that you don’t expect to have them probably do somewhere.”

    “I had no idea that you would have them too.”

    He slowly lowered the material of your shirt back down, “they can just be another thing that the two of us have in common.”

    “Do yours never play on your mind though?”

    “I’ve learnt to love them I suppose, they’re a part of me that I can’t send away, so I’ve just got used to it by now.”

    “Maybe I should do the same.”



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    23.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    SF9 Christmas with their own family

    requested by @inseongsfoxybae

    Characters: Husband! sf9 + female reader (though other than the word mother there is nothing that restricts the gender of the reader) + their children💟

    c/n = your child's name

    Author's note: Merry early Christmas you all. I wanted to post it before December 24th so it can warm you already.

    There is no reference to weather because, you know, different people celebrate Christmas all around the world.

    Even though the imagines are short, I wrote them with love.

    There is pure fluffy right under the cut


    He starts with his favorite Christmas activities pretty early. Both because he is eager to enjoy such a season with his family as well as because he wants you all to relish it to the fullest together.

    Once you and he have some time you go shopping without thinking twice. You do not have a very tight list of items to take home for the decoration. Anyways Binnie has already mentioned Christmas-themed clothes to dress your little sunshine with as you count the days to go until Christmas. You two make sure to show your kid the advent calendar every morning, they are still learning the numbers. "Look, we're almost there!"


    You know he is in his Christmas mood when he wakes you up with songs of the season. That together with his bright smile surely means he is possessed by the Christmas spirit.

    Your child is still a baby but Seongie can imagine them getting older and looking at the pages of a beautiful family album. Of course, you find an average-sized present under the Christmas tree, wrapped with candy-colored paper and having your child's name written on it. A brand new, special album to fulfill with the current and the numerous Christmas photos you all will celebrate together.


    Jae gets all about decoration. Your child's eyes glittering to capture everything is his favorite part. Your husband wants Christmas signs everywhere inside and out of your house. You catch him asking for your baby's opinions so many times. It is really enjoyable to you because sometimes Jaeyoon does change his mind thanks to the way that little being looks at him. "I got it, C/N. I'm gonna place it here instead."

    Once you all are done, you sit to admire your nice job and rest. Your child does not take long to drift off on his lap and you jest "look, they're more exhausted than us!" Jaeyoon strokes their round cheek and voices softly "of course they are"


    As soon as your child can understand stories and gets fascinated by Santa and Christmas myths, Dawon sits with them to write a proper letter (in his own words). "Don't you think we should say we're sending warm hugs? It's really cold there on the north pole".

    Of course, your child is as energetic as your husband, thus your little one makes mistakes numerous times throughout December, such as breaking glasses or kicking a ball at your neighbor's flowers. So they get truly worried that they will be on the list of naughty children. You and Dawon always make sure to reassure them nevertheless "Honey, I know you've got a precious heart"


    Ju has just slipped a Santa hat your on your child head, now both you and your husband admire as that smiley little being caresses the white fur around it. You are not only looking actually, your cellphone is in hand to record the happy scene unrolling in front of you.

    Your baby cannot walk yet so it was easy to settle them on the couch next to a bunch of Christmas items. You are done filming so Juho gets on his knees to take perfect pictures. Your little girl/boy loses interest in the red hat and directs it to something else, which is the plushie wearing a Santa set that Juho's parents have sent. "Your grandparents will love these pictures!"


    Your husband gets back home and you can see he is in a rush when he quickly lays a peck on your lips. "Hold on Seokwoo. what's happening?" He then holds back and looks into your eyes with kindness. "I'm sorry. I just passed by the park downtown and they already decorated it for Christmas. C/N will love to see it". You immediately forgive him but not without joking. "I see. But what about me?"

    In no time you all are inside the car on your way to the park and your child keeps asking his dad to say how big the Christmas tree is. "Don't you wanna see with your own eyes, bunny??"

    Yoo Taeyang:

    The majority of cookies you prepared together in the morning are shaped like pines and snowflakes. However, your husband made a few hearts while you and your kid worked together. "Why hearts?" your child asks without a clue. "Because I love you and mommy, boo"

    When it is time to eat your sweet masterpieces, you all sit together and your little one has fun feeding mommy and daddy. A lovely Christmas animation is playing on TV but sometimes you do not pay much attention because your kid has something important to say. They are precious!!


    Youngkyun loves to lie down and cuddle with you and your sunshine child to watch Christmas movies or read stories. The fact that Children believe in magic without any doubt gets him smiling like an idiot. You all have a hard time putting your child to sleep on Christmas Eve "I wanna see Santa's reindeers"

    "What about Santa himself?" your husband chuckles rubbing their belly covered by a blanket. After a while, you and Hwiyoung are staring at your asleep child with fond eyes, too amazed to get up and bring the present to under the tree.


    Waking up on Christmas day gets the love of your life in a lazy yet cheerful mood. Your baby was complaining in their own language inside their crib and Chani rescued them so you can be all together in bed. You smile at the sight of the two most precious people in your life wearing matching Christmas pajamas. Then you remember you are wearing one too.

    "I thought they were hungry but I guess they just missed us" Chani deduces almost whispering. His voice is still failing to say anything. He carefully lies the baby between both of you and watches them snuggle onto you.


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    17.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 reaction to their special other going full dom all of a sudden


    Warnings: specific warnings will be added before the scenarios.

    Pairing: sf9 x gn reader - is openly or implicitly charactered as a switch in all the following scenarios

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    warning: manhandling

    Our leader does not mind being dominated in bed but you and him usually set a deal beforehand. You tend to naturally decide it while you are still making out. Sometimes he is in the mood to be in charge, other times it is your turn. It is clear by the way you touch/grab each other or whisper something to rile up one another "Will you obey me tonight?"

    Tonight, without any warning you pull him onto the couch before placing yourself on top of him. He wants to ask you what the hell is happening but you are already forcing your lips against his and it is so exciting to him that he does not protest, the kiss goes as dirty as you want it to be. His body gives in and you can even shift the man to the position you prefer, his amazed expression is a pleasure alone.


    warning: public teasing

    This one likes to surprise and be surprised here and there. But, in fact, there are not too many attitudes he does not expect from you. No panties on when you two are celebrating the anniversary of your relationship? that was not in his plans but he kinda wanted something like this to happen sooner or later.

    On the other hand, he won't expect it to go crazier than this. "You aren't allowed to touch me until we get back home" you voice with a cocky smile and it almost set him into flames. No touch under the table, nor in the car. You slowly drive him nuts during your dinner but he loves it, his member gets hard and leaks inside his pants. He acts slightly brat but just enough to have you giving him a killing look.


    warning: handcuffs

    Okay, Jae is really versatile. He wants to enjoy sex to the fullest and changing the functions you perform with each session sounds perfect to him. You often call him when you know he is on his way home to egg him up and inform the mood for the night. He does the same as well, asking you to be ready when he feels like going hard on you.

    But this time, you fooled him. You are waiting for him with handcuffs in hand and the baddest bitch expression. "Is it for me?" he asks, mouth hanging open. You answer nonchalantly while pulling his hands to restrain "Don't ask me stupid questions." he automatically gets at your mercy, bitting his lip and anticipating more.


    There is no way you are in a relationship with Sanghyuk and you have never dominated him. At some point he asks you to do so, only to get on the hell of your nerves because he is a devilish brat. In any case, every time you are his dom it lacks a surprise factor and he is quite at ease with whatever happens.

    Until you finally decide you have to be more assertive with him. You grab his face by the jawline and narrow your eyes to make him behave. "Do you think I'm kidding, Sanghyuk?" His expression goes from confident guy to a lost puppy and you almost chuckle at that. He apologizes for not listening to you. His lips catching your attention as he does so.


    I am going to be honest. when it comes to dom/sub dynamics, He is the one who calls the shots. In other situations, when you all are tired yet horny, you tend to focus on the pleasure for both of you, you feel yourselves without any power being claimed.

    you have this day when his battery is really low and you do not match him. Juho is just so sure you all will just lie down and coordinate lazy strokes with thrusts. On his mind, only leisure blowjobs and a slow penetration show up. Little he knows you have other plans for him. You straddle his hips all of a sudden and lock both his wrists onto the mattress with your hands. Your weight works to hold his middle. "Are you kidding me, babe?" he asks. You smile at his muddled expression and shake your head with a pinch of sarcasm. You are thinking of overstimulation too, right?


    Your sexual routine with Seokwoo is basically you spoiling one another. Perfect, huh? He is so talented at turning you on whenever he is in a mood as well as he won't say no to your charms. When he is feeling more powerful and demanding, he likes to hold the nape of your neck as you sit on his cock, but nothing too harsh. He definitely is not used to wild stuff.

    You know he will be shocked when you'll tear his shirt open. You want to see him stutter at your action. One or two buttons fly away at your sudden tug, he looks to the direction they land then stares back at you. "Holy Shit! I'm- What was it?" At first, he is unable to enjoy the wet path of sucks you leave down his chest but then he closes his eyes and waits to see where it is going to end.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    I cannot say Taeyang is not used to be the submissive one in your intercourses, friend. But you are overall a sweet dom to him, praising and stroking his chest in between a few commands. Both of you use to finish long sessions with satisfied smiles and love confessions.

    But still and all, tonight after he looked so gorgeous and provocative on a broadcast you could not contain the wild spirit inside you (omg). You pressed him against a wall as soon as he got back home "You better take me with these clothes" you affirm with both hands sprawled on his covered chest. You know how much he struggles to keep clothes on when he is aroused. It surely will be torture but he is willing to follow any of your instructions because you are such a queen.


    warning: choking, mention of degradation

    Another big switch. Youngkyun is cool with it, he cannot ask for a better partner so he is often moaning how much he loves you no matter which function he is playing. If you were a good girl/boy and moaned loud for him, he will say the words. On the other hand, if you bossed him around (while he acted brat), he will equally kiss you and love you with cheesy confessions afterward.

    anyways, your bossy attitude may level up and you grab him by the throat. Quickly you witness a wave of panic cross his eyes. "Y/N" he calls with effort, not sure about what to say. The perplexity does not let him fight you though. It is the right time to say he was a bad boy way too many times. He is likely to buck his hips towards you in the process, too aroused to control his own body.


    warning: slapping

    Okay, sex with Chani can go to wild proportions because he is quite curious. Boy likes to watch porn and some of his ideas come from it. You all use to vary concerning positions and places but you are pretty chill about dominance. It does take a place in your sex life but he is a soft dom and so are you.

    There is this night when you are bouncing on top of him and he is enjoying it so much that he let simply props his head against the headboard and lets you be completely in control. His groans sound heavenly by the way. You don't know why but you want him to look into your eyes so badly that you slap his cheek. His face becomes even redder but his eyes glimmer to you. "Fuck, do it again"

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    10.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 going down on you when you are busy

    Finally the counterpart for this post

    Pairing: SF9 x female reader

    Warnings: oral (obviously), curse words, fingering, teasing. All the activities written below are consensual even when it's not clear in the narrative.

    This is NSFW so read under the cut


    He does it as a reward rather than to win your full attention. Seriously, you do not really need to stop what you are doing once he spreads your legs to give him access to your folds. "No worries, baby girl. I'm just giving you what you deserve for being my favorite person.

    The first time he does it, you do not believe he is going all the way for real. that's because he starts slowly, barely teasing your intimate area with his fingertips. But hell yeah, he pulls your panties to the side and exposes you to him, his tongue immediately licks you for your surprise. "yummy".


    Totally does it for your attention. "You're working on it for hours, baby. Don't you think it's time for a break?" In case you do not give the said break he is gonna force you to. He steals your time, girl. This is his way to both convince you and have fun, this is also a little revenge.

    Your negative answer to his suggestion draws some bitterness in him so he stays there slightly pouty. His palm caresses your thighs as he ponders whether he does what is crossing his mind or not. He ends up pinning you by the thighs while his tongue goes wild to make you moan loud.


    Okay, he has this belief that you will drop everything to let him fuck you whenever he showcases his muscles and stares at you with the filthiest expression. Therefore you can see how disappointed he is when you insist to make him wait while you engage in some task. His gaze sets a laser at your body but you fight the urge to give up on your things.

    He starts kissing and brushing his lips against your skin through the clothes. Attentive to your reactions and searching for the minimal hint of weakness. Your body cheats on you and he chuckles "baby, you're adorable". A peck is sensually laid over your clad sex before he goes freak.

    ➹ Dawon:

    Being interrupted in the middle of your activities to have a quickie is not unusual to you and Dawon. He is a tease as well as you are irrefutable to him, too desirable to his taste. However, today when you offered to put your cellphone to the side and climb on top of him, his response was different. He shakes his head and stops you from getting rid of the device.

    You incline your head and analyze him. As he slides your bottoms down, your cellphone ring to announce a new text. "text back, doll" he orders with cock smile. You place one leg on top of his shoulder and do as he said.

    ➹ Zuho:

    You are lying on your stomach on the bed writing on your planner and concentrating in order not to forget anything. You feel the mattress sink softly so you greet Juho "hey, love. I'm almost finishing"

    "I won't rush you" he replies with a dulcet tone. His palm starts to rub your butt and you doubt his words slightly shaking your head. Your legs stop from dangling in the air at the moment he dares to uncover your skin. Besides, his heavy breath can be heard. A combo to take you away from your focus even before he slides two fingers inside your pussy.


    There is that drama you are so obsessed with that you cannot stop watching. On the other hand, Seokwoo cannot wait to do something else. Something that has to do with your honey and his mouth. He starts with soft bites on your thighs that do not take much to turn into suctions. Nothing to mark you nonetheless. You taste right in every inch of your skin.

    "What the- ?" you are unable to finish the question, shocked at his big lust eyes out of nowhere. He is already trying to move you to remove your bottoms as if you would not notice it. "Don't mind me. I'm just bored"

    ➹Yoo Taeyang:

    Good luck trying to mind your business when Taeyang is thirsty for you. A friend called you to tell you some juicy gossip and you are eager to know all the details. You answer the call and start to talk with them all giggly while your boyfriend stares at you, a certain extent of jealousy clear in his eyes. Yet, there's an evil hint in the way his eyes shine.

    He unbuttons your shorts and kisses your low stomach before removing the piece of clothing from his way. This episode implants a new kink on him and consequently on you, who often find yourself muffling your moans during calls from then on.


    Mostly goes for it when you are with a book for hours. He loves the idea of dragging you away from fiction with a wave of pleasure. "How's the story going?" he asks leaning his head on your shoulder and peeking at the page you just turned.

    He seems to be satisfied with your quick comment on the last events, but the way his hands palm your hips and slip for your crotch says otherwise. He draws a few gasps from you just stimulating you through your pants. Once you open your legs wider he accepts it as an invitation to lie between them.


    Okay, It just happened to me to think this is a kink he has already got. Going down on you when you are studying is just tremendously appealing to him. This little shit may even taste you in the middle of your zoom classes. "You should turn off the camera for a while, baby princess," he whispers casually showing up beside you but being careful not to be captured by the camera.

    "What do you mean?" you ask only to see him bending his knees to place himself under your desk. If you do not stop him or something, he will start right away. He does not even tease, his mouth starts to work immediately.

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    03.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 reaction to you taking care of your 18-months-old niece

    requested - not sure if it went like it was supposed to. this is the purest fluff nonetheless.


    You had already told him about the little girl who got along so well with you. Consequently, the chance to see you and her together was exciting to him.

    "Honey, this is h/n, right?" he confirmed coming closer and smiling at her. You could see how curious he was, yet he made sure that she was comfortable with his approach.

    He sat with you and her on the floor and waited until she naturally started interacting with him. You asked your niece whether she wanted to show him some of her toys, so she handed him one block out of a colorful collection. "H/n, I'm gonna help you at fitting all the blocks together." Your boyfriend promised.


    Inseong arrived when you were feeding your niece and she noticed him before you. Filling the small spoon one more time got you distracted. Suddenly, she was pointing to the door and widely laughing. Inseong's head peeked out from the doorframe as he made faces to amuse the child he was seeing for the very first time.

    You took the chance to insert one more portion of food inside her mouth.

    "Hello, baby" You immediately knew he was not referring to you thanks to his extra sweet intonation. "No need to answer, you have to chew your food well and grow up"


    Jaeyoon ran to you right after you call him in the park with your nice in your arms. He found the baby so beautiful and captivating that he expressed it with his whole body - you know those times when he gets all bouncy "Hey there! what's your name?"

    She looked slightly insecure in her first time meeting him but she was also so curious about the bubbly guy in front of her that she offered her hand.

    "Her name is..." you answer as Jaeyoon delicately fondled the back of her chubby fingers. Then he finally talked to you.


    The first thought you had was calling Dawon as soon as you saw yourself babysitting your favorite baby girl. He is good with kids and the kids get at ease with him.

    You have the impression you have not ever seen him come this fast. Dawon was at your place in a few minutes to be with you all. He came up with plenty of ideas to play and it felt like you and he had become children again.

    "Did your aunt tell you I was coming to play with you?"


    By the time Juho came to your place, he spotted you rocking your niece to sleep. He walked towards you in silence and you winked at him with a peaceful aura. He sat by your side on the couch and observed the way the little girl struggled to stay awake, his eyelids dropping closed and then opening once again.

    He instinctively shushed her when she turned to meet his face. The man looked patient and friendly.

    After she was defeated by tiredness both of you laid back on the couch and stared at each other without words. Your head fell onto his shoulder and his voice blew "you're doing so well"


    You were showing your niece some flowers in the garden when Rowoon announced his arrival "Hey, girls!" He had the warmest smile pasted on his face and waved cutely at both you and the kid.

    Rowoon made a lot of questions while both of you supervised your niece's little exploration around the garden. "How long have you been taking care of her? Do you think she's gonna like me?"

    "She's already in love with you, silly. Haven't you seen the way she looks at you?" He held your hand and you walked closer to the little girl.

    Yoo Taeyang:

    You had your hand inside a blue puppet and pretended it was speaking by the time Taeyang swayed the front door open. He got curious about the baby he had not met until then but he grew shier than her.

    "Look, h/n. Uncle Taeyang has come to get to know you. Say hello." He went all giggly once she greeted him timidly, then he finally chose a space for himself by your side on the rug. There was another puppet inside a box full of toys and you suggested him to take it.

    You and Taeyang chuckled together as she got interested in his hand too right away.


    Your cellphone rang and you picked it up to say hi to Youngkyun while you looked after your niece. She was playing with several plushies and speaking a bunch of cute nonsense to them. "Is there a baby with you, love?" he asked. You explained that you were babysitting and would not be able to go out with him that night. "What if I go meet you there?" he proposed.

    He looked a bit worried that he would disturb you instead of helping. You did so well with your niece on your own. However, he got along really well with her and you could leave them in the living room while you prepared her food.

    "I see why you love her so much, y/n!"


    You invited him to babysit with you but he initially said no. lol Not because he was being rude, he just did not think you need him. "Okay, I don't need you, but I wish you were here tonight" you coaxed him.

    When Chani arrived the baby girl was sleeping in your arms, her head laying on your shoulder and lips pouting. Your boyfriend got absolutely amazed by the purity of her looks. "Oh my! she's such an angel"

    "Yet you didn't wanna see her." you provoked. He looked at your face with a fake hurt expression and rubbed the baby's back. "I didn't say that at all."

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  • blu-joons
    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    When It’s Your First Time Seeing Snow ~ SF9 Reaction


    The smile on your face immediately grew as Inseong took a hold of your hand, watching as you stepped out onto snow for the very first time.

    “It feels strange, right?” Inseong chuckled as your eyes looked across at him, stamping over the same spot of snow several times.

    Your head nodded in response to him, “I didn’t think that the snow would actually be so soft,” you laughed, letting go of Inseong’s hand so that you could start running around in all of it.

    “Wait for me,” he called out, “I thought you said you wanted to build a snowman.”

    “Keep,” you yelled back, bending down and taking a scoop of snow into your hands, “we’ve got to hurry before the snow all melts away.”

    His head shook as he followed behind you, “the snow won’t melt away that quickly, we’ve got plenty of time to build a snowman Y/N, I thought you said you wanted to take it slow, embrace it.”

    “I am,” you argued, “this is slow for me you know.”

    “Unbelievable,” he laughed, kneeling down so that he could begin to roll some snowballs too, “and I thought you might hate the snow.”

    “No way, I’m having the time of my life right now.”


    Your head shook as Youngbin returned to you with a snowball rolled, looking across at the one that you had built, comparing the sizes between them.

    “I told you that you had to roll a big snowball for the bottom of the snowman,” you scolded, “how is my one bigger than the one you’ve done.”

    Youngbin held his hands up innocently, “you must have just rolled around more of the garden than me. Why don’t we make your snowball the bottom and mine can be the middle instead?”

    “It’s my first time in snow,” you reminded him, “I wanted this snowman to be perfect.”

    “He will be perfect,” Youngbin quickly assured you, “it’ll be perfect because the two of us are building it, and it’s your first one too.”

    You raised a questionable glance across at him, “if the scarf that I bought doesn’t fit around the snowball that you’ve built then I definitely won’t be happy, do you know that?”

    “You’re never usually this bossy,” Youngbin laughed.

    “I can’t help it,” you protested, apologising across at him, “once I’ve gotten used to the snow, I promise I won’t be so harsh.”

    “That’s right, blame it all on the snow, I see.”


    You ran back as Jaeyoon called out your name from the front door of your apartment, holding up yet another jacket for you to wrap around your body.

    “You’ll catch a cold just going out in that,” he warned, zipping the jacket up around your frame to make sure it was secure around your frame.

    You stepped back as Jaeyoon grabbed his coat, taking his time in putting it on. “Can you please hurry up? I want to start walking around and you are taking far too long to get ready right now.”

    “Don’t rush me,” he laughed, “the snow isn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon.”

    “You never know,” you teased, grabbing his hand and pulling him out as soon as he had his coat zipped up, “the sun could suddenly come out.”

    His eyes rolled at your enthusiasm, “I know it’s your first-time seeing snow Y/N, but surely that doesn’t mean that you have no understanding of how the weather works either.”

    “I’m too excited to pay attention to you,” you chuckled.

    “I can tell,” he muttered jokingly underneath his breath, “but don’t worry, the snow is sticking around for a little while yet.”

    “Stop talking now, we’ve got a snowball fight to start.”


    You couldn’t help but call out Sanghyuk’s name as you opened up the curtains, blinking several times to make sure that you weren’t just seeing things.

    “What is it?” He asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, slowly waking up after jumping upright at the sound of you calling his name.

    Your head shook as you turned back to face him, “it’s snowing,” you whispered in disbelief, smiling widely as he raced up to join you. “I’m finally getting to see snow for the first time properly.”

    “It looks so pretty outside,” he mused as his arm moved to wrap around your frame.

    “I can’t believe how beautiful it looks,” you hummed, resting down against his shoulder, “it’s so much nicer than I ever thought it would be.”

    His eyes looked down, admiring the look of awe in your expression. “We could go out in it if you want to, I’m sure there’s plenty of winter jackets in the back of my wardrobe somewhere.”

    “Are you happy for me to wear one?” You asked nervously.”

    “Of course,” Sanghyuk chuckled in reply, “I want today to be the first day that you get to go out in the snow, I’ll keep you nice and warm.”

    “I really want to go out with you for my first time too.”


    Your eyes immediately went wide as you felt how snow it was out in the snow, sighing in relief when Juho stepped out with a scarf in his hand.

    “I told you that it would be cold,” he laughed, wrapping the scarf tightly around your neck, “you’re going to need some gloves out here too.”

    Your head nodded as Juho went back into the house to pick some up before slipping them onto your hands. “You were taking way too long to get the coats out; I couldn’t wait all day to get out here.”

    “The snow wouldn’t have melted that quickly,” he reminded you with a chuckle.”

    “I know it’s your first-time seeing snow, but you don’t want to remember your first time with frostbite,” Juho continued to joke at you.

    Your head nodded as he scolded you calmly, running his hands against yours to give them a little bit of extra warmth. “I’m not going to get frostbite now that I’ve got you looking after me.”

    “Exactly, now you’re warm enough to enjoy,” he smiled.

    “Come on then,” you encouraged, pulling Juho further into the snow with you, “I’ve waited so long to enjoy this moment, let’s go!”

    “I’m coming, don’t worry let’s go and have fun.”


    His eyebrows knitted together as you immediately fell back into the snow, moving your arms and legs around to start creating your own snow angel.

    “What are you doing?” Seokwoo laughed as he caught up with you, glancing down as several shy giggles escaped you in excitement.

    Once you were satisfied with your angel, you sat yourself up, holding your hand out for Seokwoo to take. “I’ve always seen other people making snow angels, I wanted to understand the fuss.”

    “Let me help you up,” Seokwoo chuckled, helping you stand, “did you get the fuss?”

    “I’m definitely cold now,” you pouted, cuddling into his side, “perhaps I underestimated just how cold the snow would actually be.”

    His head shook in reply to you, “I did warn you that you needed to be careful,” he scolded, squeezing you tightly against his side, “at least if nothing else your snow angel looks pretty cool.”

    “The excitement got the better of me,” you protested.

    “I can tell,” he teased as he felt your body shudder beside him, “maybe we should head back in, warm up, then come out again.”

    “No way, I’ve only just got out here, I’m not going back in.”

    Yoo Taeyang:

    A hand pulled you back just before you managed to step foot into the snow, spinning around to come face to face with Taeyang with his phone in hand.

    “We’ve got to take a photo to be able to remember this moment by,” he chuckled, squeezing your hand to encourage a smile out of you.

    You smiled weakly to the camera, struggling to contain yourself as you glanced behind you at the snow. “Can you please just let me go and run around in the snow? I don’t need a photo.”

    “You might not, but I do,” Taeyang complained, placing his phone in his pocket.

    “Can I go now?” You bounced around, relieved when his head nodded back at you, letting you go so that you could step foot in the snow for the first time.

    Taeyang soon followed behind you, admiring the wide smile that was on your face as you embraced the new feeling of snow underneath your feet. “How does it feel to finally experience snow?”

    “I feel like I’m on top of the world,” you laughed in reply.

    “What do you want to do? Snow angels? Snowman? Snowball fight?” Taeyang asked you, but to each suggestion your head shook.

    “I want to do everything, and just run around too.”


    A snigger came from you as Youngkyun’s eyes went wide, spinning around to look at you before glancing down at the mess of snow in front of him.

    “Is that the game that you want to play?” He questioned, shaking his head at the innocent smile on your face, “a snowball fight Y/N?”

    Your head shook as he bent down to pick up a handful of snow. “I just wanted to see what it would be like to throw a snowball, I’ve never done it before,” you protested, stepping away.

    “I’m not going to feel sorry for you that easily,” he warned, moving towards you.

    “Don’t throw that at me,” you quivered, pointing to the snowball that was forming in his hands, “it’s my first time in the snow, it’s supposed to be fun.”

    Youngkyun’s smile grew as he refused to take it so easily on you, “seeing as you wanted to throw your first snowball, I think it’s only fair that you get hit by your first snowball too Y/N.”

    “Just do it gently then,” you asked sweetly of him.”

    “I will,” he vowed as he neared you, only to pelt the snowball directly across into your arm. “I’m sorry, that just slipped out my hand.”

    “This is war, you better start running now Youngkyun.”


    A loud groan came from you as a hand rested against your shoulder, slowly shaking you away, calling out your name to hurry you up too.

    “You’ll never believe it,” Chanhee grinned as your eyes opened to immediately meet his, “it’s snowing outside, come take a look.”

    You immediately shot out from the bed, throwing the duvet to one side as you raced across to the window. A sharp intake of breath came from you as you saw the snow, “wow, it’s beautiful.”

    “Isn’t it just amazing?” Chanhee agreed, wrapping his arm around you, “it looks so fun.”

    “Can we go out in it?” You questioned, bouncing up and down on the tips of your toes, “suddenly I don’t even feel tired anymore seeing this.”

    His head nodded in response, pressing a kiss against the top of your head, “we can’t just go out in it, we’ve got to wrap you up so that your nice and warm, you don’t want to be getting ill.”

    “Can I steal one of your jackets?” You grinned.

    “Of course,” he mused, tapping against your waist, “but only because I want to make sure that you stay nice and warm outside.”

    “Definitely, it’s not the fact that you’re a pushover at all.”



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  • rubyxninii
    29.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    🎀𝐒𝐅𝟗 𝐌𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭🎀

    Kim Youngbin:

    Jealousy ↳ (Youngbin get's jealous over you being close with Taeyang)

    Kim Inseong:

    Baby Fever ↳ (You tell Inseong that you want a baby)

    Lee Jaeyoon:

    Lee Sanghyuk:

    Baek Juho:

    Kim Seokwoo:

    Yoo Taeyang:

    Kim Youngkyun:

    Hair cut ↳ (Hwiyoung tells you he wants to cut his hair)

    Kang Chani:

    Nothing Yet!

    Nothing Yet!

    Nothing Yet!

    Sf9 Requests? Open!

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  • sxcret-garden
    27.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Zuho | Perfect

      ❀  SF9 Zuho x reader   ✿  words: ~1.9k   ❀  genre: fluff, comfort in a way?   ✿  prompt: “You know, if you’re not ready-” - “Let’s just - let’s just practice.” (from this list)

    Desc.: You have been dating your boyfriend Juho for a while now. However, because you don’t have any prior dating experience, you’re feeling unsure about a lot of things - one of those is your first kiss.

    You’re walking with your head slightly tilted down, eyes focused on the pavement in front of your feet as you take one step after the other. Your fingers are snaked around his, and you feel the warmth of his palm against yours. You’re on a shopping date in town, meaning today should be a happy day, but you can't help but feel the pressure looming over you and tugging at your shoulders. Juho raises your hand in his to point towards an accessory shop across the street. You know he can sense your discomfort, and that he’s probably attentively looking for things to cheer you up with, and though you’re thankful, you also feel a little sorry about the situation.

    “That looks like they might have stuff you like!” he remarks calmly, while leaning his head a bit closer to yours. To a bystander it might look like he’s trying to make sure you can hear him over the noise of the people around you, but with the way he’s giving your hand a gentle squeeze along with his words, you have a hunch he just wants you to know that he’s there for you. 

    You let him pull you along with him to the crosswalk, and after crossing the street you stroll a few meters back to reach the shop he pointed at. 

    “Want to go in?” he asks, watching you closely as you start to observe the displays of the shop, searching for things that tickle your urge to spend some money. You nod eventually, and he opens the door for you, letting you enter the shop comfortably. You’re naturally drawn to some simple bracelets, each in a different color and with a small pearl or other kind of ornament attached to the string. Juho’s expression shifts from surprise to understanding, and he smiles when he stands next to you, letting his eyes scan the shelf you’re looking at. 

    “You like simple things like these, don’t you?” he comments and you merely nod. In your mind you have already picked out your favourites, and are now trying to choose which one to get for yourself. Coincidentally, or maybe because he can read your interested gaze, he reaches out for one of those. “We can get one each,” he suggests. “Like couple bracelets.” 

    “But are you okay with that?” you ask, and you lure a short laugh out of him.

    “Why wouldn’t I be? We’re a couple after all.”

    “Yes…” The bracelets had distracted you for a while, but now the pressure on your shoulders becomes noticeable again. Juho too seems to feel it, so he shoots you an encouraging smile. 

    “So, do you like them? Or do you want to think about it again?” he asks, diverting your attention back to the bracelets. You give them another look, and suddenly it seems like they’re just perfect - maybe it’s because your boyfriend ended up choosing them for you. Either way, you nod.

    “No, I like them.” You extend your hand to take one of them from him, but he doesn’t let you.

    “I’m paying,” he simply states, getting ready to walk you to the register. 

    “Are you sure…?” you ask, and he nods.

    “Of course,” he adds, putting sincerity behind his words. 

    The reason why you’re so uptight today is because of your last date - or more precisely, what happened at the end of it. Now, this is your first real relationship, so you’re nervous about a lot of things, even though you constantly try to tell yourself not to overthink. Juho knows about this, and even if you hadn’t told him it wouldn’t be hard to sense how worried you sometimes get. So, he always tries to make things as easy for you as possible, being thoughtful and making you feel comfortable in any way he can think of. It was probably you really feeling like you can relax in his presence that led to him leaning in for a goodbye kiss, but the regretful look on his face after you avoided his touch still makes you feel all kinds of bad. You know you shouldn’t let this affect you so much, you were simply startled, and probably not ready for it, and that’s okay. But still, the circling doubts in your head wouldn’t stop ever since that day. 

    “Do you want to put it on right away?” Juho’s question tears you out of your head for a while. You’re in the process of walking out of the shop and he’s holding up the cutely decorated paper bag you got from the shop to store your purchase in. 

    “Sure.” You answer and the two of you come to a halt on the side of the street. He takes one of the bracelets out of its packaging and holds it out to you, to which you raise your arm. You let him carefully put it around your wrist and adjust the length for you, making sure it fits just right so you won’t lose it, but that it also doesn’t cut into your skin. You enjoy the way he focuses on you like this for a while, and the way his knuckles accidentally - or maybe not as accidentally as he makes you think - brush against the skin on your hand wakes up the butterflies in your stomach. When he unwraps the second bracelet, you take it away from him before he can simply slip his own hand through it.

    “I’ll do it for you,” you mumble, and with a thankful expression on his face he lets you put it on for him. 

    Your shopping date eventually comes to an end when the both of you are starting to feel hungry and he offers to cook the two of you a quick meal at his place. You remember the first time you two went to a restaurant together and somehow the food ended up being anything but good, so you eventually left still hungry and he made you some ramen at his place. Even though it was such a simple dish, it seemed like the most delicious meal you’ve ever had, so from then on you preferred having his food over eating out or ordering something when the two of you are together. 

    You’re sitting on the couch in his flat, occupying yourself with entertaining his cats while waiting for him to finish cooking. You offered to help him out, but he insisted on letting him do the work, as there wasn’t much to do anyway according to him, so you ended up playing with the felines instead. After a simple but tasty dinner, some fried rice with a “special seasoning” that he refuses to tell you the recipe to, you feel full and content.

    “Thanks for the food anyway,” you say. “But one day you really have to teach me how to make this!”

    “I will, I will,” he assures. When he reaches out for your hand, possibly to put some emphasis on his promise, he suddenly gasps. As he wraps his fingers around your arm to lift it up, you see what made him so shocked. When you were playing with the cats earlier, one of them must’ve gotten their paw caught on your bracelet, as it’s about to fall off. Juho quickly fixes it for you, seeming more relieved than you are about it not being torn, and then he shoots his cats a glare across the room.

    “It was one of you, wasn’t it?” he interrogates them, as if they would give him an answer. He lets out an exasperated sigh. “No… this isn’t right. You shouldn’t treat a guest like this!” Your boyfriend is about to get up from his spot on the sofa, when you stop him, an amused smile on your face.

    “They’re not gonna listen to you anyway, Juho,” you tell him. From the way he only lets the tension in his body go after several seconds of reconsidering you can tell that it’s hard for him to accept the harsh truth. You put your hand on his shoulder in an attempt to comfort him, and a moment later he reaches out for it again to check the bracelet thoroughly one more time. You lean in as well, so you can have a good look too, and after confirming that it still looks just like when you bought it a few hours ago, you lift your head, planning to appease him. However, your words just won’t come out when you realize how close your faces are to each other now. And he too seems to be aware of it, as his facial expression softens once he makes eye contact with you. You quickly but slightly turn your head the other way when you notice his gaze dropping further down to your lips.

    “Sorry…” he immediately mutters, but you shake your head in response.

    “No, I’m sorry… I shouldn’t be like this,” you answer. You can feel him reaching out for both your hands now, placing them in between the two of you and covering them with his huge palms. 

    “Don’t say that. You know, if you’re not ready-”

    “Let’s just-... let’s just practice,” you eventually suggest, shooting him a regretful look.

    “Don’t force yourself, Y/N,” he says, picking up one of his hands to brush a stray strand of hair behind your ear. 

    “I… I guess I’m just scared because I’ve never… kissed anyone and… I don’t know how to go about things…” you stammer, and your voice fails you when you feel him tracing your jawline with his fingertip, until your chin is placed lightly between his thumb and index finger. 

    “Are you sure?” Juho asks one more time, and you force yourself to nod, despite the way you’re getting nervous to the point you feel like your chest is about to burst. You shut your eyes tightly, but when you feel his lips merely brushing against yours for no longer than a second, you suddenly feel the tension leaving your body. Your clenched up facial expression relaxes, and so do your shoulders, your fists, and your heels that you had unconsciously lifted up off the floor of his living room. You feel him kiss you again once he’s sure you’re feeling alright with what he’s doing, and somehow it’s surprisingly easy for you to fall into his slow but careful rhythm. The warm feeling that comes up so often when you’re with him arises in your chest again. You feel taken care of, and you let yourself fall into his touch, trusting his lead and the way he holds you after pulling you closer. Your lips part eventually, and you open your eyes a little delayed, only to find your boyfriend already smiling fondly at you.

    “Was that alright?” he asks. You can’t form words quickly enough to answer, so you just nod and throw your arms around his broad shoulders, burying your face in his neck. You can feel him exhale warm air on your skin when he lets out a short laugh. “I’m glad,” he says.

    “I’m sorry this took so lo-” you attempt to apologize, but he simply shushes you, cutting you off. He puts his hands onto your shoulders to bring some distance between the two of you, so he can look at your face properly.

    “Don’t be,” he whispers. “It was perfect the way it was to me.” Your words reassure him, and you give him a smile, before he pulls you close so you can rest your head on his chest.

    “For me too,” you state. “It was perfect for me too.”

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  • blu-joons
    26.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    DAD SF9 A⇴Z HEADCANON ⇴ Baek Juho


    If he had nothing to do, affection with you was always the answer to cure his boredom. There was very little that Juho loved more than the chance to just stay by your side for a while and enjoy the way it felt to hold you and your bump.

    B ⇴ BUMP

    Throughout most of your pregnancy, Juho was pretty much glued to your side as he cuddled up to your baby bump. He couldn’t help but curl up around your bump whenever he had nothing to do, he loved taking the time to make sure that his baby knew that their daddy was there with them whether that be through touch or the sound of his voice.


    Juho knows how bad your cravings can be from time to time and so he decided to empty out one of the cupboards in your kitchen and turn it into a snack drawer so that whenever you were craving all you had to do was go over to the drawer and get what you wanted, easily satisfying your craving at the same time too.

    D ⇴ DUE DATE

    Once your due date passed, Juho sympathised with how keen you were to get your baby out and be more comfortable again. The biggest thing that he encouraged you to try was walking, he had always loved going for walks anyway, but after reading about the benefits of walking whilst pregnant he hoped that it would help to try and move things a lot much quicker and encourage your baby to make an appearance.


    Juho couldn’t wait to settle down and start a family with you, having dreamt about it for a little while. Although he liked to close off about his dreams from other people, by the smile on his face when you told him that you were pregnant, you could tell that he was excited. It took a little while for him to open up to you about how happy he was, but as soon as he did, you knew the two of you would be alright.

    F ⇴ FAMILY

    One of the things that Juho looked forward to the most was actually telling your families that you were having a baby. He knew just how excited everyone would be for the two of you, often picturing in his mind how wide everyone’s smiles would be. When the time eventually came to share your news, Juho could barely contain himself, making everyone very suspicious of you both until you explained what was going on.

    G ⇴ GENDER

    The two of you couldn’t make up your minds when it came down to finding out the gender as neither of you really minded. Eventually your minds needed to be made up though, and so you ended up flipping a coin just before you went into the hospital to decide whether you would find out the gender or not.


    Listening to the sound of your baby’s heartbeat often inspired Juho when it came to his music, recognising certain patterns and tapping along to them, knowing that they would be perfect for certain bridges or verses that he had been working on, with your baby unknowingly being the final piece to the puzzle.

    I ⇴ “I LOVE YOU”

    He tended to show you that he loved you the most through romantic gestures, whether that was running you a bath, or just cuddling up to you and massaging your bump, it was the little things that Juho did in taking care of you that really reminded you time after time just how much he loved and appreciated you.


    One of the things you loved was that people could never quite tell whether they made Juho jealous or not with the comments that they often passed as he usually remained quite blank. You were the only one who could really pick up on when he was feeling jealous, being able to tell by the look in his eyes whenever he didn’t appreciate someone making a joke about your pregnancy or getting too close around you.

    K ⇴ KICKS

    He loves to try and push things when it comes to your baby’s kicks, if he feels them kick just once then he will try his best to encourage them to kick again, going over and over until you eventually have to tell him to stop because your baby’s constantly kicking is getting uncomfortable for you to deal with.

    L ⇴ LABOUR

    Although Juho is a little overwhelmed seeing you in labour and in so much pain, he’s very strong and able to push his own concerns to one side in order to be there for you. He was incredibly supportive whilst you were in labour, paying lose attention to everything that you had to say to him, whenever you needed something, he got it, or whenever you needed to hear his voice, he would sing a song to try and distract you.


    Being around sick was far from ideal for Juho, however he couldn’t leave you alone in the mornings, ignoring how he felt about the situation and making sure that he was there for you. He would sit close enough to be able to comfort you, without feeling too grossed out by it all, pretending to be fine just for you.


    Getting creative with your baby’s nursery was another one of Juho’s favourite things about your pregnancy, he had so many ideas and he couldn’t wait to get started, planning everything to come together perfectly.


    Juho was obsessed with your hands, he loved how you would always grab for him whenever he was nearby, and you felt your baby kicking as you hated feeling all of their kicks whilst he often ended up missing out.


    He took the best care of you after you gave birth, spoiling you almost as much as he spoilt your baby. There never felt like there was enough that Juho could do for you to make up for what you had hone through to bring your daughter into the world, and so whatever you needed, he would be more than happy to do for you.


    Juho always had an interest in how you saw your future being, the sort of characteristics you wanted your child to have, both of yours and of his, as well as the physical features of yours that they would inherit too.


    Your pregnancy gave Juho a lot of inspiration when it came to writing music, he spent many late nights once you were fast asleep beside him with his notepad in hand, writing down any lyrics that came to mind as he watched over you, putting song after song together with so many emotions going on in his mind.

    S ⇴ SCANS

    With your scan photos, Juho loved getting creative, trying to come up with something interesting that would mean that you were able to keep your photos for memories, eventually coming up with a little something that you’d be able to keep in your baby’s nursery so that you could keep your scan photos safe.

    T ⇴ TEST

    The wait for the test to give you your results felt like forever for the both of you. When the timer went off, neither of you could quite bring yourselves to turn the test over and see if you were pregnant or not.


    Juho always made sure to accompany you to appointments knowing how much you hated ever having to go to those things all by yourself.

    V ⇴ VISITS

    The two of you gave yourselves a couple of days to get used to being at home with your baby before inviting your families round to visit you all, taking things at your own pace without being pressured by others.


    Most of the time Juho was very patient, understanding that he had nine months to wait for your baby whether he liked it or not.

    X ⇴ XXXX

    Whenever he hugged against your bump, Juho would always make sure to kiss just around the outside of it though, trying his best to catch the outline of your bump so that it felt as if he were kissing the both of you.

    Y ⇴ YOU

    You were his inspiration, Juho couldn’t believe how well you coped with pregnancy.

    Z ⇴ ZZZ

    At night when you’re resting you often hear Juho talking in his sleep beside you, usually talking to your baby rather than you, letting you know that he’s dreaming about a time in the not-so-distant future with your baby.



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  • sxcret-garden
    22.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SF9 Reaction | You randomly squishing their cheek

      ❀  SF9 all members x reader   ✿  genre: reaction, fluff

    Author’s note: I realize I have written basically this on my old blog too, but now that I made the effort I shall post the new version as well dkfjdalsk


    he’s in the middle of brushing Jamong’s fur when you catch a glimpse of that sight from the other room

    tall man + small dog is just a way too adorable image to you, so you sneak up to him from behind 

    he notices you as you kneel down next to him but doesn’t say anything

    smiles when he feels your fingertips pinching his cheek lightly

    it’s a smile that’s both filled with warmth and with awkwardness lol

    doesn’t comment on it and just attempts to sneak his way out of the situation kasjlfka

    when you do this repeatedly he will eventually ask if squishing his cheeks is really that much fun??

    you nod strongly and he lets you go on

    everytime your fingertip touches his cheek, you can see him overcome with a rush of many different emotions, but you just can’t tell if he likes it or hates it kasldjfök


    freezes up as soon as he feels your fingertip coming in contact with his cheek

    the awkward Inseong-laugh™ follows

    “E-excuse me…?” suddenly speaks way too formal???

    you reckon he doesn’t like it, so you take your hand away from his face

    as he’s still in a state of utter confusion, you can also see a sense of deprivation in his pupils

    until finally he asks you to do it again, stumbling over his own words in the process

    you can’t help but laugh, and then you squish his cheek

    again, he freezes up???? but then breaks out in the brightest smile???

    giggles??? but also withdraws????

    what is going on??

    “Okay, okay, that was enough…” he eventually tells you to stop and you two move on with your day

    even if you keep randomly squishing his cheek, this guy will never get used to the feeling kasjfölkas


    you’re in the middle of a sweet make-out session, when suddenly you just become super aware of his cheeks and you can’t keep yourself from poking them with your finger

    he’s a bit taken aback at first, but once he can process what’s happening, he will smile

    drops his head in amusement and disbelief likewise

    when you take your hand away he reaches out for it and makes eye contact with you

    “You have to poke the dimple!” he says and smiles

    then he guides your finger back to his cheek

    his grin grows even wider when he can feel the tip of your finger deeply buried in his dimple

    he doesn’t mind it at all, and enjoys seeing you having fun like this

    will certainly wrap his arms around you tightly after that, so you can cuddle

    he will also return the cheek-poking for sure

    will poke everywhere to figure out the softest spot and only stop once he’s satisfied with his findings


    an absolute weirdo about it (I mean… he’s Sanghyuk after all…)

    will act offended at first??? and get into a karate position???

    will give you that “you didn’t just do that”-look and just stare at a puzzled you

    for a moment you think you actually did something wrong??

    but then he’ll break out in a cute smile and hold out his cheek to you

    “Do it again. Come on!” he will urge you

    pulls a different funny face every time you poke his cheek, as if it was some kind of button lol

    eventually he will just smile fondly at you, throw his arms around you, and then affectionately mess up your hair akjdflk

    returns the cheek-pokes with great interest

    even when you’re starting to get tired of it, this guy will not let you escape akjdfölka

    sneaks in kisses in between to drag this out for as long as possible

    also bites them and insists it’s to make out the texture more accurately??

    these are his cheeks now lol


    it’s one of those days where he just won’t come home from the studio, so you decide to go see him there instead

    you find him slouched over his desk, unsure if he’s asleep at first, but when you hear him groaning upon grabbing a chair and sitting down next to him, you know he’s at least half-awake

    you attempt to cheer him up by pinching his cheek

    but he doesn’t even react kasjdfklsak

    even when you poke his cheek harder, he merely moves his head to the side slightly

    you wonder what made his soul leave his body like this, so you keep poking and squishing his cheeks, hoping to make him talk

    eventually he starts grinning and the life returns to his eyes

    sits up and asks what the hell you’re doing kaljdföksa

    “Cheer you up?” you answer, and he shoots you a thankful smile, before placing a peck on your lips and suggesting to finally call it a day and return home together


    gives you the Confused Seokwoo Face when he feels you squishing his cheek

    usually there’s no way you could even dream about reaching his cheeks because he’s so tall akdsjflksa

    but one day when you’re sitting side by side, watching tv, you take your chance and extend your arm to poke his cheek

    he looks so shocked though, poor man doesn’t know what’s happening to him when the butterflies in his stomach go crazy from the little gesture kasjdflkas

    a few days later you find him sitting all alone on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night, poking his own cheek repeatedly

    he’s very obviously trying to figure out how you made him feel so much with so little effort, but the way he looks seriously traumatized almost makes you worry

    you ask him what he’s doing and you swear you’ve never seen him so startled

    eventually you can convince him to go back to bed with you

    when you’re all comfortable, and snuggled up to him under the blanket, you squish his cheek again

    though, from the look he gives you you can tell he isn’t going to be able to fall asleep anytime soon because of all the overwhelming feelings akldöjfka


    honestly I’m sure he’ll find just watching you more adorable as you’re in the process of poking his cheek than you find him adorable 

    he’s pretty much unfazed by the poking itself, but can’t contain a broad smile as you stand in front of him, your hand extended to his face

    “What are you trying to do?” he’ll ask

    “Poke your cheeks, obviously?”

    “Babe, I have no cheeks.”

    will put his hands on your waist and lean his forehead against yours, eventually kissing you

    you take your fingertip away from his cheek in the process

    he won’t even poke your cheek back and he just??? leaves???

    even if you try to squish his cheek again, he’ll just react in similar ways

    will only return the cheek-poking if you explicitly ask him to

    as he repeatedly and in high concentration squishes your cheek, you can’t tell if he’s having fun with it or if he just doesn’t get its charm


    oh god please do not do this to him

    he will shrivel up and die if you ever poke his cheek

    will be so embarrassed and have butterflies run wild in his stomach at the same time

    blushes, smiles, hides his face, curls up into a ball of Feelings

    make it even worse by poking his cheek a few more times and teasing him about his flustered reaction

    if you keep doing this he might get used to it at some point, but only to the degree where he can keep in his feels - deep inside it will still destroy him ksdlfjas

    he won’t ever squish your cheek back either unless he’s feeling very brave

    he knows that the feeling of your soft cheeks against his fingertip, along with the shy smile you will give him are going to take him out skjalföak

    might be able to do it way into the relationship, when he’s gotten used to you, but if you only just started dating his heart won’t be able to take it

    deep down he enjoys it way too much though


    you’d think he’ll get offended if you poke his cheek out of nowhere

    but really he’ll just give you a very soft smile, and a questioning gaze, as if wondering what you’re planning to do now

    will totally poke your cheek back, and once he sees you getting flustered he will squish both your cheeks and just grin at the cute sight in front of his eyes

    the more embarrassed you become, the more he will tease you about how your attempt to make him flustered turned around on you perfectly

    will eventually give you headpats and little kisses all over your face to ease the frustration

    will also puff out his own cheeks and let you poke them again

    more smiles and giggles follow

    you feel like this was your first and last attempt at poking his cheeks, so unless he’s sound asleep next to you, you do not dare touch his cheeks again

    on the other hand he has now made a habit of poking your cheeks at completely random times just to see your various reactions

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  • seokwoosmole
    18.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    I'm so not ready for SF9 to enlist. I know they have to do it and I have no qualms with that. But as a fan whose therapy is music, I'm a bit sad and anxious :(

    #together #I've never experienced a group enlisting #I mean I have #both Taemin fr shinee and Jseph fr kard are serving rn #but I've never experienced a group enlisting in which none of the members have enlisted before #therefore I'll have to wait yrs until they're all finished #Ig kard fits into that category but I heard bm doesnt have to enlist bc he's technically American so after taehyung comes back they're done #but sf9 #none of them have gone #there's 9 of them #wow #I can't imagine they're going one at a time #that would take forever #I assume like 2 at a time rt? #tbh that would make most sense to me #cuz lets say binnie & inseong go first #That's a rapper and a vocalist #dawon zuho hwi and chani will hold up the rapper line #jaeng dawon rowoon and yootae will hold up the vocal line #inseong has such a big voice but the rest of the vocal line is totally capable of nailing those belts and falsettos #it breaks my heart to think 1 will go alone so I think 3 should go next #it makes sense strategically too #ik they dont always enlist in the same branch of the military so it might not matter if they go or not #but that being said there's no point in me analyzing this whole situation over Tumblr but a girl's gotta cope somehow🥲 #anyway #next would be jaeyoon dawon zuho #I don't think having 3 of any position gone at the same time would be beneficial esp the vocalists #so next would be rotae #then hwiyoung and chani our precious maknaes #so 4 groups
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  • deobienthusiast
    15.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    royal love | ljy

    • pairing: lee jaeyoon (sf9) x female reader

    • word count: 837 words

    • genre: royal!au, fluff

    • rating: G

    • warnings: self-doubt, that’s it

    • notes: I wrote this a while back and posted it on a OLD writing account I had where I did smaus. thought i’d bring it back because I do like it and think it fits jaeyoon well

    The sun peeked through the elegant silk curtains as you stretched. You laid your hand down on Jaeyoon’s side of the bed, expecting him to be there, only to be met with cold sheets. You frowned and turned as you sat up.

    “Jaeyoon?” You called out.

    The sound echoed throughout the room as you stood. Your feet hit the cold tile floor as you hissed and threw on some slippers. You went to grab a bathrobe before choosing the less expensive looking one. You walked down the halls of the big castle, greeting the workers and maids before getting to the garden house door. You pushed it open before spotting the man you had been looking for. As if on cue, he turned to look at you smiling.

    “Good morning my love.” Jaeyoon said as he walked out towards you.

    He reached for your hand as you gave it to him. He brought his hand up to his lips, kissing your knuckles softly. Jaeyoon laid soft kisses on each finger, taking extra time to kiss every part of your ring finger that adorned the gigantic pink diamond he gave you on your wedding day. Something you assured him didn’t need to be given to you. To this day, it still stunned you on how you got him to fall for you out of all the beautiful women that walked the kingdom. Jaeyoon constantly told you that none of them compared to your beauty, but you still had your doubts.

    Jaeyoon was the king. A man of power. He could have anything he wanted. Yet he chose you. He brought his large hand to the side of your face as you leaned into his touch. He could sense that something was wrong. After all, he knew you like the back of his hand.

    “What’s wrong my love?” He asked you.

    You shook your head. “Just thinking about us.”

    Jaeyoon sighed as his hand dropped. He knew immediately what you were getting at. “You are the only woman I want to be with. I want you to be the last thing I see when I go to sleep, and the first thing I see when I wake up. You’re my world. You know that.”

    You frowned as he walked you back into the castle. You both walked into the kitchen. Jaeyoon turned to his head chef quickly calling him over.

    “Rowoon,” Jaeyoon called out.

    The tall chef made his way over to the two of you before bowing with a smile. “Yes my lord?”

    Jaeyoon smiled at him. “Make your queen her favorite breakfast. Bring it to her room when finished.”

    Rowoon nodded. “Of course.”

    You followed Jaeyoon back to your shared room as he closed the door behind you. He turned you towards him as he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist.

    “I could’ve made myself breakfast.” You told him as he kissed you.

    Jaeyoon chuckled. “I forget that you will never get used to this lifestyle. My little hard worker.”

    You pushed at his chest as he nuzzled his head in your neck. You ran your fingers through Jaeyoon’s soft brunette locks as a content sigh left his lips. He lifted his head and picked you up bridal style. You let out a squeal as you clung on to him for dear life.

    “Jaeyoon!” You yelled out as he spun the two of you around. “You’re going to drop me.”

    His beautiful laugh filled your shared room as he spoke. “Never. I’d never drop you.”

    He stopped spinning and sat you down on your knees on top of the freshly made bed. You wrapped your arms around your husband’s neck as he kissed you passionately.

    “Let me explain to you this one thing my love,” He told you as you looked at him. “You are everything I could ever want and more. I don’t need those other women because I would have to marry at least half the city to get all the qualities that you have. I love you and only you. Nothing will ever change that. Do you understand?”

    You nodded. “I’m sorry.”

    He shook his head. “Don’t be. It’s partly my fault. I’m always trying to push this lavish lifestyle on you, and I know you aren’t used to it.”

    You grabbed his face as you made him look at you. “Never baby. This is never your fault. You’ve treated me better than I’ve ever been treated, I should be thanking you for that. Not sulking all the time. We love you Jaeyoon. My king.”

    You kissed him once more as he smiled into the kiss. “Anything for you my queen. I love you more.”

    He kissed you again before pulling away slightly. “Wait, what do you mean we?”

    You smiled shyly at him as you brought his hand down to your stomach. You kissed him softly as a smile grew on his face.

    “We love you Jaeyoon.” You whispered to him just as Rowoon knocked on the door with your favorite breakfast.

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  • fairy-seong
    30.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader x kim seokwoo

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual descriptions, mentions of threesomes, idk whatever the hell this is supposed to be because the initial draft got deleted and i feel like shit writing now

    kinktober day 30 prompt: threesome

    “Aren’t you the cutest?” Seokwoo giggles from the doorway.

    You turn your head, eyelids fluttering open at his sweet voice. His eyes follow the way your hips grind down, fingers inviting him into bed. Seokwoo tilts his head to the side when a moan escapes your lips, a low grunt following closely.

    “You always have fun without me,” Seokwoo smiles down at you, fingers caressing your rosy cheek when you throw your head back.

    “She got a little too needy waiting for you,” Juho grunts, bucking his hips up to match your fast pace.

    Seokwoo’s gaze switches from his friend back to you, eyebrows raised in confusion.

    “Is that so, you little nasty girl?”

    You bite on your lower lip, one arm pulling Seokwoo down to your level. Another moan spills into the room when Juho bites your neck, his thrusts slowing down for a moment while Seokwoo snakes an arm around your waist. His fingers trace your hips, thumb circling your clit with a sly smile.

    “Come,” you purr, locking lips with your other lover. “I need you too, Seokwoo.”

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  • fairy-seong
    20.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    kim youngbin x baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: smut, suggestive, maybe fluff (?)

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, smut, suggestive scenes, mentions of polyamory

    kinktober day 20 prompt extra imagine: polyamory

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they both treat you like you are the most precious thing to grace this earth. Where they both want you to feel as loved as a goddess.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they would both take turns pleasuring you while the other one watches, almost like an unspoken competition to see who makes you moan the loudest.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they both undress you slowly, kissing every inch of your skin on rough days. Their fingers caress your skin, whispering how much they love you and how proud they are of you. Drawing a bath for the three of you, intimate moments turn into hasty kisses and naughty touches underneath the bubbles. They hush your moans with their lips, hands gripping each other’s bodies hungrily. Their thrusts are so slow as they embrace you wholly.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where you spend almost every weekend in Juho’s studio. Late-night three-way make-out sessions turn naughty and you could swear you saw Juho press the record button once you started moaning their names.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they had a rough day and you are not about to let your precious lovers stay mad. You drop to your knees taking their dicks out, soft doe-like eyes watching up as you take turns licking and sucking each of them. You jerk them faster, with rougher movements whenever you hear their low groans. You don’t need to ask them where they want to cum; they always love doing it on your chest, painting your boobs in white with low growls about how hot you look.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where you and Juho play with each other while Youngbin watches and tells him what to do. He sits across the bed, lustful gaze demanding Juho to fuck you harder as your face is buried in the pillow to muffle your moans. Youngbin’s arm reaches for yours, fingers gently caressing the back of your hand, whispering how well you are taking all they are giving you and how he can’t wait to fuck you even harder.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they take turns overstimulating you and bringing you to the edge with simply their fingers and mouths. They won’t stop until they have you shaking, your safe word blurting out between loud cries and fingers gripping their shoulders. They love it when you’re begging; they love it, even more, when they turn their pretty princess into a mess with smudged lipstick and tears running down her rosy cheeks from too much pleasure.

    Polyamory with Juho and Youngbin where they never let you go sleep sad and angry. They never let you end the call without whispering they love you.

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  • fairy-seong
    16.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions nothing much really, soft shortie

    kinktober day 16 prompt: morning sex

    The first rays of sunshine found you, and Juho embraced, your hips rolling against his lazily. You brush the brown strands out of his face with a half-smile, the remnants of sleep still in the air.

    You lean down, allowing your head to lie on his chest as you grind down on his cock. Juho’s hands were guiding your hips gently, his eyes watching the way your pussy hugged him even this early in the morning.

    “Did you have a pleasant dream?” you ask as you ride him a little faster.

    A moan escapes your throat before he gets to answer and for a moment he forgets the outside world exists. It was you, him, and these messy white bedsheets.

    You lift your torso, placing both hands on his chest for support, nails gently scratching his skin. Juho groans when your nails graze over the hickey you left last night in a daze of pleasure. His hips push back into yours when he feels your walls clenching around his cock. This felt too good to be true, you felt too good to be true.

    “What are you thinking about, baby?” you smile.

    Juho responds with a smile of his own, eyelids falling shut when your pussy clenches around his cock again. God, you were so wet he could feel you dripping down his thighs.

    “Was your dream that good?”

    “Not as good as this,” he smiles again as you lean down to press a kiss on his lips.

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  • fairy-seong
    15.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: smut, romantic if you squint

    trigger warning(s): sexual depictions, a teeny-tiny pinch of angst, a very soft juho and reader

    kinktober day 15 prompt: make-up sex

    Juho’s embrace found you with your heart pierced by venom and tear-stained cheeks.

    “I didn’t mean to,” he whispers into the crook of your neck.

    The room was still cold, a nice contrast to the warm palms moving along your sides. You lift your hips off the mattress, helping Juho lift your oversized shirt. Wearing and hugging his t-shirt to sleep after your sudden breakup a few weeks ago became almost a habit.

    Juho took all you threw at him that time, from the gifts he bought you to the harsh words swirling around his mind like a tornado. You could barely remember why you argued in the first place, but it went too bad, too suddenly. Slammed doors and arms thrown in each other’s faces. Mundane habits turning into poison until neither could take it anymore. And he left.

    But now he was here; his silhouette heavy on top of your much smaller one when he leans to cup your face.

    “I am sorry,” he whispers against the thin air between you two.

    “I am too.”

    His lips move around yours as gently as a feather, almost scared you will falter away if he kisses you too hard. You hook one leg around his torso, Juho lining his hardened member at your entrance. A long sigh goes past his lips when he slips inside. It has felt like an eternity being apart from you, unable to feel you next to him each morning.

    He wants to whisper how much he missed you, how much he loved you, but every word paled compared to the way you softly moaned his name while he rocked his hips inside you. His nose brushes against yours, lips kissing away the salty tears falling down your cheeks.

    You weren't sad anymore, but you were crying. Maybe of happiness that he was in your arms once again, maybe of relief that he still loved you, or maybe because your heart felt like home in his presence.

    “I won’t leave again, I promise you.”

    His voice is choked as he speaks, struggling to hold in a sob watching you so frail and beautiful underneath him. How could he ever break up with you when you were all he loved? Only a mad man would do that, but maybe he truly turned mad that day.

    Your fingers find their way into his, holding them a little tighter each time Juho’s thrusts became too much. You whisper his name like a mantra scared for the moment to go away; scared his body will fade away and you will be left alone in this cold bedroom again.

    “I won’t leave,” he repeats once more, sealing the promise with a kiss.

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  • fairy-seong
    14.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    baek juho x fem!reader

    genre: suggestive, smut

    trigger warning(s): sexual actions, very suggestive, use of restraints, kinda sub-idol, dry humping, mentions of over-stimulation

    kinktober day 14 prompt: restraints

    Your lips are pressed to his wrists, the pink chiffon ribbon gently decorating his arms. Juho chewed on his plush lips, a shiver running down his spine when you grind your hips against his again. You feel him getting tense as you kiss his fingertips one by one.

    “Relax, baby boy,” you smile, fixing the ribbons locking his hands to the headboard. “I will take good care of you.”

    Juho’s eyes widen at your giggles, hips pressing down on his erection as if you hadn’t been teasing him for what felt like an eternity.

    “That’s what I’m afraid of.”

    You bring your fingers closer to his clothed member, rubbing him through the thin fabric. Your chest is pressed against his, your warm bodies embracing each other. He knew whenever you took control; he ended up on the verge of tears, orgasms rushing one after another. From his mouth to his cock, your lips were leaving their trace everywhere, making him go crazy.

    You never give him what he wants and Juho has to retort to low groans and mindlessly grinding his hips up in hopes you will touch him.

    You don’t.

    But you let him see how wet you were getting by moving your underwear to the side.

    “Lean back and sit pretty baby.” you tilted your head to the side when Juho’s nails scratched the fabric tied around his wrists again.

    Freeing his cock only made me whine. He wanted to be inside you, to feel your pussy clench around his length like it always does. You smile, lowering yourself on top of his cock. Your folds brush over his tip, another moan escaping Juho’s red lips.

    “If you’re a good boy you will get everything,”

    “And if I’m bad?”

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