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    Zuko: You should get some rest. We’ll be there in a few hours. You’ll need all your strength.

    Katara: Oh, don’t you worry about my strength. I have plenty.


    Katara: Zuko, don’t worry. We can take Azula.

    Zuko: It’s not her I’m worried about. I’m worried about Aang.

    Appa rides and worrying about and supporting one another.

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  • More gay mail came in

    (Art by Emirichu)


    I love them so much! ❤️🔥

    #zuko#roy mustang #avatar: the last airbender #full metal alchemist #I love her art so much!
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    they’re gay, your honour

    +zoom in for better quality!

    Do not repost

    [ID. Two drawings in marker and pen of Zuko and Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The first picture shows Sokka winking and doing finger guns while looking sideways, he’s wearing a crop top that says “Bi” with the flag’s colours, his white chocker from the show and the bisexual flag tied around his shoulders.

    The second drawing shows Zuko looking to the left and smiling. He’s wearing a red sweater with a necklace with the Fire Nation emblem on it. He is holding the rainbow flag over his shoulders. End ID]

    #this was supposed to be a practice sketch but i loved how it turned out so here #for you zukka nation #also #is that a good id?? it’s my first time doing one so sorry if i messed something up! #my art #zuko x sokka #sokka#zuko#zukka#atla #avatar the last airbender
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  • is there a modern au zukka fic that the gaang plays seven minutes in heaven and toph KNOWS that zuko and sokka are just pinning after each so toph being toph she tells the rest of the gaang. so they rig the game and have zuko and sokka in the closet alone together.. and they just come out like 👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽

    and toph gets $30 that night

    #can someone please write this #or find something similar? #i’m going to look right now #i need details details details about what happened in that closet #zukka#sokka#zuko#atla#zukka fanfic#zukka fic #zukka fic rec #sokka x zuko #zuko x sokka #OMG THEY HAVE THEIR OWN EMOJI 👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽 #👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽#cora shit#ok bye
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  • Everyone talks about Zuko’s character development but never Sokka’s character development

    Sokka went from thinking women were weak and couldn’t do more than care for the tribe, to accepting the fact that his sister and friends are warriors as well. Suki is stronger than him and he knows it. And I appreciate this character development so much

    #avatar#atla#aang#zuko #avatar the last airbender #sokka#katara#toph
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    My true love is drawing in black & white but I couldn’t resist adding a pop of colour 💋💥

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  • Tea Shop Part Three: Zuko x female reader imagine series


    You struggle to come to terms with the reality Lee is Zuko and can’t get your head around the idea…until a dangerous close encourter shows you how fire nation Zuko really is.

    Part One here

    Part Two here

    You felt like a naive idiot. You always prided yourself on being more objective than an average air nomad, more realistic, but you’d believe Zuko was good and he betrayed his uncle and tried to kill Aang. You felt utterly bewildered and couldn’t believe the person you knew would do all those things. You made Sokka tell you all about their encounters with Zuko, every single detail, to try and get it into your head that the tea merchant you knew didn’t exist. Everything Sokka told you sounded insane but you knew it was the truth so begrudgingly you started accepting it. You were starting to see Zuko as an enemy instead of an ally and then all that work went out the window when you came face to face with him again.

    The gang had landed on a secluded part of an island with a nice lake so everyone was swimming and relaxing but you didn’t want to just lie around, you wanted to explore. So you convinced Sokka to come with you for a walk into town and the two of you set off. When you heard there was beach you’re excitment peaked and Sokka relaxed his rule on staying out of sight figuring nobody here would recognise either of you. Sokka stopped to look at bags by the beach front and you walked onto the beach happily. You stood in the sand enjoying the warmth when suddenly a beach ball came flying towards you. You batted it away without thinking and sent it flying down the beach. “Great job genius” a voice called and you turned to see a very angry looking fire nation girl. “That was my ball and now you’ve catapulted it half way down the beach”. “Sorry but it was that or get in the face so…” you joked but the girl didn’t find you funny. “Go get it” she said stiffly and something about her tone pissed you off “no” you said simply “it’s your ball”. The girl went to step closer to you when her friends walked over too and a boy pulled her away from you. You mouth opened in suprise to see it was Lee or more accurately Zuko. It had only been a few months since you’d last seen him but he looked so different. His hair was longer, he was in fire nation clothes and he looked changed…he looked good. You could tell it was definitely him by how panicked he looked, which also suprised you. Was he really scared because he thought you’d reveal what he did and who he was to his friends? Surely they knew he was the prince? Then you realised he wasn’t worried about himself he was worried about you. “Azula leave it” he called standing infront of her and you realised who this was. The gang had told you all about the deadly fire nation trio and sure enough you recognised the other two girls from their descriptions. The pale girl didn’t even seem to be paying attention but the pretty brunette looked at Azula worried. “This peasant disrespected me i won’t leave it” Azula snapped as Ty lee frowned “it’s okay Azula, those boys are bringing the ball back to us anyway” she smiled “they’re so nice”. “Exactly so let’s just go” Zuko said and you saw Azula frown at him, you were guessing he wasn’t usually an advocate for the average person. You felt his sister scanning you and knew you had to get out of this situation right now but had no idea how. “Come on” Zuko called but Azula shook her head “no”. Zuko groaned “for god sake Azula what’s your problem! Leave her alone”. Azula tensed “why are you so protective of this girl zuzu?” she asked and you saw Mai look up at that and stare at you too. “I’m not” Zuko babbled “i’m just sick of your temper, why start fights with a stranger for no good reason!”. Azula frowned as if she hadn’t even heard Zuko “you seem familiar” she said “have we met before?”. You frowned “i…i’ve never seen you before in my life” you replied trying not to touch the burn on your arm like you always did when you were nervous. She hummed still staring at you and you waited for her to realise who you were. “I’m sick of this come on lets just go” Zuko sighed and he led Mai away. “Azula come on” he called and Ty lee tugged her arm. “Fine” Azula sighed and let them drag her away. You watched them go, facinated. So this was the real Lee then? You watched him, staring at the back of his head trying to find something, a look, a subtle nod, anything that told you he was still Lee…but Zuko seemed determined not to look back at all and he walked away like he didn’t know or care about you at all.

    You came to your senses after they left and rushed away from the beach, running back up to the stalls and out of sight. You breathed heavily as what could’ve happened to you sunk in and jumped when Sokka appeared next to you. “Hey, did you get what you wanted?”. “What?” you asked confused. “The beach? Is it nice?”. “No it’s way too crowded lets head back” you stammered and Sokka shrugged “okay”. You weren’t sure why you didn’t tell Sokka what had happened. Part of you didn’t say anything because you weren’t sure how to feel. You hadn’t been angry when you saw Zuko more sad and confused. You’d felt embarassed he ignored you even if he had to do it given the company he was in. Another part of you didn’t say anything because you didn’t want the others to persue Zuko even if he was part of the fire nation and that thought embarassed you even more. You were very confused and so just stayed quiet as you walked further and further away from the beach.

    All day you ruminated over your decision not to tell the others and even with ground between you, you couldn’t get what happened out of your head. You wanted to ask Zuko why he’d helped you on the beach, shouldn’t he hate you now? Especially given your air nomad identity or was he different to the rest of his nation? Giving up on sleep you decided to go for a walk and pretended you didn’t have an exact location in mind. You knew it was stupid and risky but you headed back to the beach and arrived quickly. It was empty and you sat down slightly disappointed. You knew Zuko wouldn’t still be there but you had to check. You sighed wondering what you’d even have said to him and were suddenly glad he wasn’t here. You didn’t know if you’d be angry at him or happy to see him, so him not being here made things a lot easier for you.

    “You must have a death wish coming back here” someone called and you knew who it was.

    You turned and there Zuko was walking towards you slowly. The first emotion you felt wasn’t anger, he’d come back here too, just like you. “I could say the same for you” you smirked and Zuko sat down next to you. You sat beside one another in silence both of you suprised and confused by the situation you were in. “Why are you here?” he asked suddenly. “I thought you might come back here so i did” you said embarassed and he shook his head “no here on the island! Are you following us? Y/n they can’t know you’re here…if my sister knew who you were she’d….”. “Pft i can handle some fire” you tried to joke but Zuko shook his head “no y/n, Azula is the best fire bender i’ve ever seen, you can’t take her and you can’t let her take you”. You swallowed, you’d only been joking about handling Azula, you knew she was dangerous but hearing Zuko tell you that… “We’re not here because we’re following you” you said softly “we stopped off here and i wanted to see the beach, it was chance bumping into you i swear”. Zuko looked at you and nodded “i believe you, it was just…odd”. You nodded and watched him out of the corner of your eye. He looked conflicted, happy but not happy, sad but not sad. “How are you?” you couldn’t help asking “how is it being back home?”. “Weird” Zuko replied “it’s changed so much…i’ve changed”. “Tell me about it, the last I knew you were a tea merchant not a prince”. Zuko smiled slightly “I imagine it was a lot to take in?”. You nodded “it was but it explained a lot…your spoiled attitude for one”. Zuko smirked and you laughed. This was nice and all but you couldn’t just sit around ignoring the elephant in the room. “Why did you do it?” you couldn’t help asking and felt Zuko tense, the atmosphere now uncomfortable. “I know i don’t know you well and I know Lee isn’t really you but I still can’t understand why you’d betray your uncle? Why you’d side with your sister after all she’s done? You just don’t seem like that type of person”. Silence settled and stretched on for so long you got ready to leave but finally Zuko spoke. “You’re right, you don’t know me”. You met his eye and saw nothing but anger and hate there. You looked away scolded and shook your head feeling deflated “back to that again huh? Back to hating each other?”. “Well obviously! we’re on opposing sides y/n, what did you think was going to happen once you joined the avatar? We’re not friends”. You laughed in utter surprise “ow so if i didn’t join the avatar it would’ve been different?” you asked “stop trying to blame me because you feel guilty for the choices you made”. “You were always too prying and self rightous for your own good” he snapped “you know nothing! You’re just some waitress I worked with, you don’t know anything about me”. “Wow and there’s the fire nation prince” you smirked patronisingly “don’t know how you did such a good job hiding him before now” and stood up. “I saved you as a courtesy” Zuko called after you, his voice getting louder the further you walked “the next time i won’t”. His announcement made you so mad you shook with anger. He was really threatening you for calling him out on betraying his family? He thought not letting his sister attack you owed praise? “Good” you yelled back “i don’t need anything from you. Have fun in your cursed life traitor”. 

    Zuko’s POV

    Your words hit Zuko like a strike and he glared after you burning holes in your back until you disappeared around a corner. Even though you’d gone Zuko’s anger didn’t and he angrily sent a jet of fire up into the air with a yell. Zuko sat down on the cold bench and shivered. “What’s wrong with you now?” someone asked making Zuko jump. He turned to see Azula coming towards him and looked around to make sure there was no sign you’d been here. Azula seemed relaxed so she obviously hadn’t seen you but Zuko couldn’t believe how lucky he got, if Azula had been slightly earlier or you stayed any longer…it didn’t bare thinking about. “Hello? Does that scar effect your ear?”. “No” Zuko snapped and sighed. His temper had been bad recently and was getting worse, that’s why he’d blown up so easily. He hadn’t meant to yell at you, he’d been happy to see you and he did…had seen you as a friend. But that was certainly all ruined now he’d yelled at you. That thought made Zuko even more depressed, which he didn’t think was possible. He supposed it was best you hate him though, he was the traitor prince, he’d betrayed his uncle who only ever wanted to help him. This way he wouldn’t be able to betray you too. 

    1 month later

    You’d regretted what you’d said to Zuko as soon as your anger feded but you were still hurt at what he’d said about you. You weren’t friends and you never were…

    You decided that was the final straw and set out to make Zuko’s words a reality. Slowly you managed to lose thought of Zuko, even during the invasion of the fire nation palace you didn’t worry about seeing him, you knew now where your loyalties lied and it wasn’t with Zuko. You were done with him and getting to be okay with that.

    So after finally working all that out, when you got a visitor at the western air temple you were angry to say the least. “It’s not…” you frowned looking at the figure but it was. Zuko…and he was smiling too. “Hello Zuko here” he called waving, appearing to be as calm as ever. The others all armed themselves but you just glared. Zuko looked at you all and glanced at you last. He looked down at the intenseness of your glare and you felt proud. “What do you want here?” Aang asked. Zuko explained he wanted to join you and you snorted “seriously? Now the great prince wants to grace us with his presence?” you asked. Zuko looked at you “y/n…i’m sorry for hurting you, all of you” he said looking at everyone again "what i did was wrong and i ask you to consider forgiving me”. “No” you said simply “so thank you for coming but goodbye”. Zuko rolled his eyes “y/n just let me explain…”. “Explain what?” you asked “how you double crossed Mushi? How you hinted i’d be next?”. Zuko went quiet and lowered his head. Aang touched your arm and you took that as a sign to calm down. “We can never trust you and we’ll never let you join us” Aang took over and you nodded. Zuko’s face crumpled in defeat and you sighed in relief. You watched, glaring, until Zuko walked out of sight and went inside the temple “well done Aang” you commented. “Man i thought air nomads were all peaceful” Sokka frowned. “Well guess i’m more earth nation then” you shrugged “if i see him again i’ll catapult him from this mountain”. “Why are you so angry at him?” Toph asked suddenly and you laughed “you’re joking right?”. “No I get you feel betrayed but you were furious with him I could tell by your emotions and what did you mean when you said he threatenned you?”. “Yeah you never told us he did that in Ba Sing Sei” Sokka nodded and you frowned. “He didn’t threaten me per se and it wasn’t in Ba Sing Sei. I spoke to Zuko a few weeks ago". “What!” they all cried. Sokka launched in a lecture, Katara questioned you on safety, Toph called you insane while you just blushed. “This is exactly why i didn’t tell you!” you cried “i knew the risk but we were at the beach and he’d already stopped his sister from attacking me earlier that day so i figured….”. “What” Sokka yelled and you sighed and just started from the very beginning. You finished your explanation and Sokka nodded. “I get why you’re angry at him” Sokka agreed and you sighed in relief. “Yeah because of what he said to me…”. “No because you guys basically broke up”. “What! We did not” you spluttered “we were never dating! That’s ridiculous” and stormed away angrily.

    After a fitful night of sleep you woke up to the news Toph was gone. She’d seemed pretty sympathetic to Zuko yesterday so you weren’t suprised when she returned and announced she’d visit Zuko…and he’d burnt her. You helped carry her to the fountain and managed not to gloat that you were right but Toph sensed it. “I can feel you smirking” she commented. You frowned “I’m sorry you got hurt but I did tell you…”. “I may’ve been wrong but you’re letting your feelings cloud your judgement” Toph commented. You gaped “no i’m not!” and Katara frowned “guys….” when an explosion rocked the whole temple. Sparky sparky boom man was back, the assassin hired to kill you, and you all sought cover when suddenly the attacks ceased. “Zuko” Aang commented and you sighed, apparently Zuko was determined to prove his worth. Watching Aang’s reaction you felt anger, you knew what would happen. Zuko would save the day and that would win the gang over, they didn’t have as strong grudges as you.

    Sure enough after the attack they let Zuko approach and listened to him. Aang vouched for him but then turned to all of you for your opinions. Aang looked at eveyone, they all met his eye apart from you. Toph and Sokka agreed, Katara hesitated but she agreed too. Finally Aang turned to you  "Y/n" he said softly “will you agree to let Zuko stay?”. You looked past Aang to Zuko and resisted the urge to glare. “Y/n” Aang said softly “please, i need a firebender teacher and i really think it should be him”. You stared at Aang, those big brown eyes wearing you down, and sighed. You had to do what was right, Aang needed this and he was one of the last members of your nation, you couldn’t be selfish. You nodded your head stiffly “if you say you need him then okay”. Aang grinned at you before turning back to Zuko “okay you can join us”. Those words made your skin crawl and you stormed away.  

    It was awkward to say the least having Zuko around, all of you were reluctant to approach him but Sokka seemed to be having fun with it. As night approached Zuko asked where his room was and Sokka said he’d show him. Zuko nodded and Sokka siddled up beside you “want to show Zuko to his room yourself?“ Sokka asked "so you can memorise the location”. You smacked Sokka over the head in reply and he led Zuko away without another comment but had apparently put the idea in Zuko’s head.

    You were laid on your bed glaring at the ceiling too angry to sleep when there was a knock on your door. You sat up cautiously and the door opened to reveal Zuko. “Hi” he said timidly and you stood up “what do you want?”. Zuko blushed “i think we need to talk, privately…about what happened on ember island”. “What is there to discuss? You never considered me a friend, you rejected me and left”. Zuko frowned “y/n…it wasn’t like that”. “Wasn’t it?” you asked and Zuko frowned “well it was but y/n i’m sorry! The things i said to you were awful but i didn’t mean them! I lashed out at you because it was you, because you make me want to be a better person, that’s why i hurt you”. “Ow wow that makes it so much better thank you” you said mockingly and Zuko frowned “no, you know i didn’t mean it like that”. “Well i’m sorry i didn’t take you yelling at me the right way Zuko, did i misinterpret you calling me nosy and self rightous and saying you never liked me too? Or how you saving me was just a such a nice gesture”. Zuko groaned “why aren’t you listening i just said I didn’t mean any of that!”. “Well i find that hard to believe” you glared “you don’t get to come here and apologise and have me forgive you, i’m angry at you”. “Really you did a good job hiding that” Zuko retorted and you glared. “Get out of my room i don’t want to talk to you, ever”” you yelled and Zuko nodded “fine!” and stormed away. He slammed the door and the whole temple shook. You let out a cry of frustration and collapsed onto your bed. Zuko joining the group was going to make things complicated.


    Next part is the last one!!!

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  • Huan x female airbender Part Three (last part)


    Part one here

    Part two here

    Tagged: @feitansrisingsun@sirkekselord@sillytimetravelcomputer@linrailme​  I tagged people who asked for a part three :) 


    You and Huan travel to the firelord’s palace for his appointment with firelord Izumi but another firelord decides to crash your appointment…following the meeting you and Huan get into an argument that ends the trip in a way you did not expect

    You and Huan arrived in the firenation a week later and you grinned as Huan stared at everything like a tourist. Wanting to impress him you took the flashy route home to where your mother was waiting. It was the first time Huan had met her and you knew he was nervous given your dad’s attitude to him but he needn’t have been. Your mom had heard all your stories about Huan and greeted him with a large hug as if he was already family, sincerely congratulated him on his appointment with the firelord and enquired after his favourite meal so she could make it for him all within a minute of meeting him. Huan saw where you got your kindness from.

    You were slightly worried your small fire nation home would seem quaint in comparison to Huan’s mansion but he seemed oddly entranced by it. You saw him examining everything curiosly, from the handprints on the wall from when you decided to paint the wall when you were 3 and your dad joined in to the bizarre overgrown flower maze your dad called a garden. As Huan was looking around the *kitchen* that was really more of a culinary laboratory for you mom to experiment with new recipes you worried compared to his efficient home this would all be odd to him. You watched his face for any sign of confusion or dislike but couldn’t read his expression. When Huan held up a cup you’d made out of clay when you were 8 you burst “so what do you think?”. “Honestly I think your clay modelling needs work” he joked and you smiled “no of my home…will it be okay for you? I know it’s not Zafou but…”. “Not Zafou? y/n your homes lovely!”. “But you don’t think it’s….” you hit your head on plans your father had hung from the ceiling and frowned “messy and disorganised?”. You knew Huan’s father kept all his research in his laboratory, not on the living room ceiling. Huan smirked and shook his head “no i like all this because it’s so you” he smiled “the warm colours! The personal touches crammed everywhere! The fancy artifacts used as vases” Huan smirked noticing the firenation vase your father had been given which your mom used to hold cooking utensils “it’s the exact embodiment of you I love it” Huan finished and you blushed. “Well that’s…not what I was expecting” you commented and Huan smiled “I can tell by how red you’ve gone, I like when I make you blush”. You blushed even deeper and Huan laughed making you roll your eyes. “Come on i’ll show you your room” you said attempting to distract him but Huan continued chuckling as he followed you upstairs.    

    Given the fact the meeting was early tomorrow morning you ate and got an early night before setting out for the palace. You and Huan gave your names and were taken through so many coridoors you lost count before eventually being shown into a room with a desk and some sofas. “Wow this place is…”. “I know, i thought you were rich” you smirked and Huan smiled but you could tell he was nervous. “Don’t worry it’ll be fine, if Iroh recommended it i bet the firelord’s all for it”. “Have you ever met her before?” Huan asked and you shrugged “a few times at fire nation parties, my dad and her were friends as kids, then he mentored her son Iroh when he joined the army. Iroh was always around our home, he actually babysat me as a kid”. Huan paused “the future firelord was your babysitter?”. You paused before nodding “i guess, he was always just Iroh to us…his parents wanted him to live as much like a normal teenager as possible so he’d babysit me once a month, kind of hard to think of someone as a prince when they make you food and play doll houses with you”. Huan smirked and you smiled “but i’ve met firelord Izumi quiet a few times, and firelord Zuko and Mai once or twice at really formal events”. Huan nodded slightly reassured and you touched his arm “it’ll be okay i promise”. Huan wanted to point out how you had no way of knowing for sure but he didn’t, he just smiled and put a hand over your hand on his arm.

    The door opened and you both tensed. You jumped up turned to the leader of the fire nation “Firelord izumi” you said bowing low and Huan followed your lead. “Thank you but there is no need for that” she called “you are my guests” she said showing you a warm smile. You smiled back and she stepped closer to you both “y/n it is so lovely to see you again, how are you parents?”. “They are well thank you ma’m” you smiled. “Your father an airbender…I bet he’s making a unique mark on the air nation”. “He is” you laughed “my uncle Tenzin is not too pleased with him”. Izumi smiled fondly “That sounds just like your father” before she turned to Huan “and how are you Huan? We haven’t had the pleasure of meeting before but my son was very impressed with you, how is your mother?”. “My mother?” Huan asked “you know her?”. “Well i haven’t see Su since we were children but i am fond of her” she smiled “you know my parents and your grandparents were close friends don’t you”. You and Huan nodded “of course”. Izumi smiled “that is why when my son told me about you Huan I knew I had to meet you. I’ve been wanting to freshen up the place and who better than such close friends?”. You and Huan were slightly speechless but Izumi smiled “so please sit and we will discuss what i have planned”. You had just gotten into the plans and areas Izumi wanted art work for when the door opened. Deespite neither of you having been around him much you both recognised the former firelord on sight.  "Firelord Zuko" you and Huan gasped and you both rushed to stand and bow. “No no! You are my oldest friends children” he smiled “you do not bow to me”. You and Huan blushed and smiled. “It is so nice to see you both here” he smiled coming to stand right in front of you. He searched your faces and smiled “y/n you look just like Aang but I see the hint of Sokka and Katara in you too and Huan….well you just eminate Toph energy” he grinned “it is so nice to see you both, it’s like having a mini Aang and Toph in the palace again..i am so pleased our bloodlines are still linked together”. You and Huan smiled glancing at one another “it seems they always have a having of intertwining” you commented and Zuko laughed. “That they do! Now Izumi please continue” Zuko said taking a seat “pretend i’m not even here”. You and Huan smirked at the very idea and Izumi smiled fondly before turning back to your both “so the question isn’t if we want you but when can you start Huan?”.

    You walked down the palace steps an hour later a buzz about what had just happened. Huan had been hired to comission the palace! The palace! Izumi had given him almost full artistic freedom and a mass amount of money and resources. She had set him no time limit, her only condition was she wanted to announce him as her royal artist and keep him in her books for future works. It was an amazing first job as an artist and more than many got in a lifetime. You were chatting away about how proud of Huan you were when he stopped walking and grabbed your hands. You looked at him confused as Huan grabbed you and kissed you. Huan never liked PDA or being overly affectionate but here he was kissing you infront of the whole fire nation. It wasn’t a quick kiss either, it was the longest kiss you’d ever had and Huan had initiated it. You finally seperated for breath and Huan looked at you “thank you” he smiled “for getting me here, for being my girlfriend, for coming into my life” he smiled stroking your cheek “i…you..”. You smiled Huan’s energy running low and took his hand “i know”. Huan smiled at you gratefully and pulled you into his chest hugging you. You wrapped your arms around him slotting into him and smiled. You looked up and noticed huan was bright red which was hard with his tanned skin but none the less adorable. “Come on” you smiled seperating from him and tugging his hand “my mom will want to hear the good news!”.

    Your mom was thrilled and said you should celebrate. You agreed and took Huan to one of the best resturants in the capital. You covered the bill, despite the fact Huan was filthy rich, and just enjoyed treating yourselves ordering everything and anything you wanted. You’d both dressed nicely and you were determined to make this a special occasion and it became one…but for reasons you weren’t expecting.

    Huan loved when you dressed up but also couldn’t help but feel nervous or lesser beside you. He knew he was punching dating you but that was most apparent when you went places looking stunning and Huan wore all black or dark green floor length outfits. It was more noticable you were an odd match in moments like this and although you never seemed to notice Huan knew that couldn’t be said for other people. Case in point, on your way home you were walking hand in hand back to your house and passed some men. Huan saw their eyes fall on you in that dress and sure enough their heads turned. They were so busy staring at you they didn’t even notice Huan’s glares for a few seconds. When they noticed him they did a double take at your joint hands, clearly thinking the two of you didn’t match. Huan glared at them his muscles tightening and you felt his arm contract. “Huan?” you asked glancing at where he was looking and saw he was staring at some men. “Huan?” You repeated “are you okay?”. Huan nodded snapping his head back around “i’m fine”. You frowned seeing Huan was angry but didn’t want to press it out in the open.

    You got home and found your mom was out meaning you had the house to yourself. You and Huan settled in your room and you took off your jewellery and shoes while watching Huan worriedly. He hadn’t said a word since those men and was just sat staring into space as he expanded his metal bracelet and back again. You frowned and now in private decided to approach the topic. “Huan?” you asked laying a hand on his arm “are you okay?”. Huan sighed but nodded “i’m fine”. “Because you seem kinda…”. “It’s nothing” he said but he’d raised his voice and you frowned “what did those men do?”. Huan sighed “it’s not just them it’s everyone”. You frowned “but those men must’ve done something to make…”. “Yes they did but they’re not the only ones” Huan sighed “everyone does what those guys do when they see us together”. You paused sensing this wouldn’t be good but still had to ask “and what’s that?”. “They stare, mainly at you first and then they notice me there too and do a double take that you’re even with someone like me, i see them question it on their face, how is he with her?”. You touched Huan’s arm again but he shook his head turning away from you “no i get it, i don’t need pity y/n i ask myself that too”. “Huan but i…”. “Yeah you like me” Huan sighed “but that doesn’t change the fact you shouldn’t, we just don’t match! We’re complete opposites and it makes me wonder how long before you’ll find someone better and…”. “Huan!”. “No it’s okay honestly I’m just pleased we had this much time together”. “That’s enough” you snapped and Huan’s gaze shot back around confused to hear you raise your voice “what?”. “I usually don’t say anything because i know you’re just a realist but i won’t let you talk about yourself this way Huan!”. Huan paused “but it’s true”. “No you think it’s true because of what we’ve been taught but it’s not! Looks don’t count for shit Huan! Some people might think we look odd together but i don’t care, why would i care? I think you’re amazing, smart, funny, hot and care about me…why would i care what anyone else says or thinks? All i care about is what you think of us and I don’t want you ever feeling like you have something to prove to me Huan, ever! In my eyes you’re amazing and i see you that way, i see how lucky i am to have you and when i look at you i just want to…” you trailed off and seeing the way Huan was looking at you just kissed him. Huan kissed you back but you could tell he was still hesitant. “You really don’t see how out of my league you are?”. You shook your head not moving your face away from his “not at all, were equal you and i, i like you and you like me, what else matters?”. “Nothing” Huan agreed and kissed you again. You smiled and kissed him again “you’re incredible Huan, you need more confidence, if you could only see yourself how i see you” you sighed and Huan stared up at you “you’re just perfection” and kissed him again. Usually you’d break away pretty early on but you didn’t want to this time and neither did Huan. Things progressed further than they ever had but Huan hesitated as you didn’t show a sign of wanting to stop. “Y/n are you sure you want to…with me?’ you paused but nodded blushing "yes but if you aren’t ready then that’s okay…” you started when Huan kissed you pushing you back down “no i just wanted to make sure you weren’t just doing this for…”. You flipped Huan and pushed his shoulders down “i’m doing this because i want to, not because i want to make you feel better or because i feel bad, but because i find you incredibly attractive and i want this”. Huan redenned but his eyes sparked “okay”.


    “Do you believe me?” you asked Huan afterwards and he nodded “yes”. You smiled against his chest as his arms tightenned around you. “Good” you smiled kissing his neck, the only part of him you could reach without having to move. “You’re brilliant Huan and i am completely infatuated with you”. Huan nuzzled his head against yours and sighed happily “I am too”.

    The next morning

    You woke up with a jolt and Huan woke up too feeling you jump. “What’s wrong?” he asked and you smiled “nothing…i just wondered where we were”. Huan smiled seeing how good you looked beside him and for once thought you fit. He kissed your forehead and smiled “we’re in heaven”. You laughed and relaxed back against him “no but we did have an undistrubed night which is odd, my mother must’ve assumed you were in your room and luckily didn’t check”. Haun nodded “lucky, very lucky”. You grinned and pulled the covers over you two. “Are you cold?” Huan asked and you shook your head “no this way i can forget where we are, it’s just us”. Huan smiled and nodded “that’s all i need”.

    When you finally couldn’t hide anymore you sauntered downstairs for breakfast while Huan went to shower. You mother was sat at the table and greeted you warmly. You ate together chatting happily before your mother smiled “ow i have news! Your father’s coming home tomorrow". You smiled pleased and went to ask when his ship was getting in when your mom continued. “So make sure Huan stays in the guest room tomorrow night”. You almost chocked on your breakfast and swallowed with some effort “i’m sorry?”. “I’m not stupid y/n” your mother said raising an eyebrow “i know Huan didn’t sleep in his own bed last night”. You paled “we…we were…”. “It’s okay, you’re both adults just be safe, i trust both of you”. “You do?” you asked and your mother nodded “i’ve seen the way he is around you, he’s a sweet boy and i trust him with you, i like him for you”. Huan walked into the room and saw the way you and your mother stopped as he entered. “What?” he asked startled and you smiled shaking your head “nothing” and just smiled up at him. You took a moment to just admire Huan in your kitchen, his long dark hair still damp moving as he talked. His goregous green eyes watching you as he pulled a signature frown at your behaviour. Huan was obviously very confused but ignored it and sat down next to you. You entwined your hands and Huan smiled “what’s gotten you so happy?”. You sighed and shook your head “nothing in particular”. Huan raised an eyebrow but smiled and held your hand tighter.


    Huan stayed in the fire nation with you for many years to complete the palace renovation and afterwards decided to settle down in the fire nation permanently. He found the fire nation a perfect place for his modern art and was soon one of the biggests influences of your generation. You carried on your air bending, working as a representative of the air nation for the fire nation along side your father. You and Huan rented an excellently furnished and decorated apartment in the city and later when your duties reduced moved out to the colonies. Neither of you wanted children and instead invested in many cats and dogs, which you loved as dearly as children. Your home was constantly bustling with your and Huan’s family, your father was always popping, your cousins visiting whenever they got annoyed by one another and atleast one of Huan’s siblings was always around. You loved feeling like part of a big family but also love the quiet days where it was just you and Huan curled up infront of the fire. Huan never questioned your match again because he couldn’t. He knew something that felt this perfect had to be just that, perfect.


    So this is my last part of this Huan series! Thanks for all your support, I never intended to do a part two let alone a whole series so thanks for encouraging me! I hope you like it :) 

    #huan#huan beifong #huan beigong imagine #huan beifong x reader #legend of korra huan #legend of korra imagine #huan x reader #huan imagine#fire nation#air nation#zafou#bumi#zuko#izumi#aang#katara#toph#lok huan#the beifongs #legend of korra huan beifong #legend of korra #firelord izumi#firelord zuko #fire nation royalty #suyin#lok bumi#lok suyin#lok izumi#general iroh
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    Not the 89.1K ATLA fans simping for Uncle Iroh I-😭

    #WHICH ONE OF YOU VOTED FOR THE BOULDER I- #atla #avatar the last airbender #gaang#aang#zuko#Iroh#uncle iroh#ozai#the Boulder
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  • image

    No, this isn’t Yue 😂 This is her kid, Lueni/Sekhia (Because I couldn’t choose only one name. Which one do you prefer?). Is white spirit hair not genetic? Yeah, whatever.

    This is the first of my OC Yuko (yue x zuko) babies! Lueni is the one that stayed in the North Pole with her mom (they all got separated… In circumstances I didn’t really think about yet). I thought her traits were quite gentle and soft, but her golden eyes are quite fierce and suggest a more head-on personna. So, she’s the fiery of the two Yuko babies. She’s not rude at all, of course, she doesn’t have Toph “tomboy” personality, she’s just… Has ambitions, a moral code, and will not stop or be intimidated into giving up. Think a Slytherin. She’s a princess, obviously, chief’s family and all, but not that interested in ruling. I don’t think she could kill a man in cold blood, but she’d get damn near close of that . She’s not a leader, i think she’d prefer to work alone if she could. Hey, maybe she’d be a detective in a modern AU. I gotta draw that now

    I gave her a ponytail, for… You know 👀

    I love the white/gold combo so much

    Alternate versions:

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  • Zuko: I mean, sometimes when we disagree, you’re so passionate I feel like I’m arguing with the sun.

    Katara: What! That is totally crazy! I am super chill all the time!

    Zuko: ….

    #zuko#katara#Zutara#atla #parks and rec
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  • #zutara#zuko#katara#atla #avatar the last airbender #request#sketch#answered #zuko and katara #zuko x katara #anon
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  • So, let me get this straight.

    In the AtLAB comics Ursa writes in a letter that Zuko is not Ozai’s son… to see if Ozai is intersecting her letters from home… she writes this knowing that Ozai will read it. Let me relate that knowing that Ozai, who is obsessed with power, and shown to be manipulate/abusive towards her(in the comics at least) she pretty much tells him that Zuko is a bastard. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? And then when Ozai confronts her about this she tells him it’s a lie but she wishes it wasn’t! Like if I was in her position I wouldn’t make my abusive husband call into question my beloved son’s legitimacy??

    And then the icing on this cake of shit is the fact that when she’s banished she decides to run away with her old lover, erase her memories of her children, who may I mention are still subject to their father’s abuse! And we’re supposed to feel bad for her???? Like she got to have a reset button and took it, Azula and Zuko didn’t get a second chance they were stuck with their dad, and we see how well that worked out for both of them.

    To sum it up Ursa is a terrible parent and an okay person and the fact that Zuko forgives her is something beyond me comprehension.

    #atlab#atlab zuko#zuko#atlab azula#azula#atlab ozai#ozai#atlab ursa#ursa#urzai #anti atlab comics #atlab comics#fuck bryke#honestly tho #causing Ozai to questions zukos legitimacy #even if you told him it was a lie #you still planted those seeds in his head #and he only had your word which youve proven to be untrustworthy #so i bet ozai felt pretty justifide burnign his maybe sons face off #also ozai trying to kill zuko when he was a baby is bullshit #thank you for coming to my ted talk
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    Finishing up some old sketches, started this one back during my rewatch of atla, I saw the reference I used for this on @squaddraw s page and I was like ‘THEM’

    Yes I ship my cute poly group they’re precious and would die for them!

    #zuko#sokka#suki #zuko x sokka x suki #fight me if you hate it #the zukka movement was real #but sokkas got 2 hands guys! #disaster bi#atla#atla fanart#sokka fanart#zuko fanart#suki fanart#traditional drawing#my art#artwork #artists on tumblr #drawing#traditional art#art#queerchrysler
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  • champagne problems | zuko x gn!reader

    summary: try as you might to forget it, you’ve always known you didn’t belong in the palace. you value zuko’s happiness more than your own, so you must make a sacrifice. you just didn’t think he’d make it so hard.

    song: champagne problems by taylor swift

    “love slipped beyond your reaches and i couldn’t give a reason”


    Originally posted by firelordandlady


    • it was clear to everyone in the palace that the fire lord had never been happier. the sparkle in his eyes every time he spoke of you, how his face lit up whenever you entered the room, the way looked at you as if you were the most beautiful constellation in the night sky.
    • oftentimes you felt as if you were one of those constellations, but not for the reasons one might think.
    • because despite all the time you spent by his side, you still felt as though you were lightyears apart, separated by an unspoken distance.

    • after all, how could the fire lord stoop so low as to fall in love with an earth kingdom peasant?

    • zuko never cared for your background of course. he loved you for who you were. from the beginning of your relationship, he did his best to make you feel welcome and comfortable, constantly reminding you how much you meant to him. his feelings for you ran deep and he’d never let you forget it.

    • but to the rest of the fire nation, it didn’t matter how happy he was. you came from a poor earth kingdom city, and that was enough for them to cast you aside.

    • you always knew your past would create a rift between you and the fire lord. he tried to empathise with you since he had lived as an earth kingdom peasant during his banishment, though it wasn’t the same. he would never fully understand how your upbringing haunted you.

    • you didn’t blame him for being oblivious to the problem. everyone did their best to hide their true feelings, and you hid it from him too, not wanting him to overreact. 

    • but every night when the fire lord retired to his chambers, the whispers began.

    • “gold digging tramp”

    • “earth kingdom scum”

    • “breaking every tradition”

    • and ultimately, “just a silly little distraction for the fire lord before he settles down with a suitable partner.”

    • they wouldn’t dare say any of it when he was around, but when it was just you wandering the halls alone, their words loomed over you. you could could feel their glares piercing your skin. 

    • you tried to act like it didn’t bother you. in the beginning, you convinced yourself it would get better.

    • except it didn’t. whispers turned to echoes, growing louder and harsher by the day. and the longer it went on, the more you began to believe it.

    • the fire sages had been especially insistent on getting you out of the picture. the nation was still adjusting to the changes in a post-war world and they needed to preserve what little tradition they had left.

    • so one night, once the fire lord had retired as usual, the sages summoned you for a secret meeting. you’d always known that they didn’t like you, however you never expected what they had planned. they presented you with an ultimatum:

    Keep reading

    #avatar the last airbender #atla #zuko x reader #zuko#zuko imagine#zuko hc #zuko x gn!reader #zuko x fem!reader #zuko x male reader #fire lord zuko #adult zuko#atla headcanons#atla fic#songfic#champagne problems#taylor swift
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    Thank you, Katara.”

    “I think I’m the one who should be thanking you.”

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  • read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/39BMJr7

    by Anonymous

    Based on a prompt for the Zukka +18 Chaos Server Exchange!
    “You know what would get my dead beat father rolling in the grave? (…) A fucking tattoo!”

    Words: 2228, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

    read it on the AO3 at https://ift.tt/39BMJr7
    #IFTTT#ao3feed#fanfic#zukka #avatar: the last airbender #atla#zuko#sokka
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  • Avatar the Last Airbender: The Blue Spirit

    [ID: eight gifs from Avatar the Last Airbender: The Blue Spirit, are shown above. All gifs are titled, “Avatar the Last Airbender” at the top, and “The Blue Spirit” at the bottom. 

    In the first gif, Zuko is wearing a black outfit and his blue spirit mask, which resembles a blue dragon. He slowly shifts to the left and disappears. 

    In the second gif, Zuko uses complicated fighting stances with his dual swords and makes his way towards the front. 

    In the third gif, Zuko looks to his left and right as fire nation soldiers surround him, and Aang leaps and catches Zuko while flying with a wooden staff. 

    In the fourth gif, Zuko and Aang lift themselves from a tunnel underground. 

    In the fifth gif, Zuko uses his dual swords to attack a fire nation soldier climbing up a wall. Aang airbends two large winds against two fire nation soldiers.

    In the sixth gif, Aang balances himself on a large bamboo ladder with Zuko on his back with an anxious expression on his face.

    In the seventh gif, Aang takes off Zuko’s blue spirit mask to reveal Zuko, who is unconscious. 

    In the eighth gif, Zuko firebends a large flame towards Aang in a forest. Aang leaps out of the way. End ID]

    #aang saying: do you think we could have been friends too: breaks my heart #this episode omg #the parallels and zuko and aang fighting so well together!!! #amazing chefs kiss show stopping #zuko#aang#atla#atla gifs #avatar the last airbender #atlaedits #gifs: episode series #1x13#scheduled post#flashing
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