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  • afternoon tea!

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  • This is hard.

    Not many of you know, actually barely any of you know this, but I’m in the very tiring process of trying to write a fanfic, specifically focused on Azula. I have always had an inclination to write, and I have written things before actually, ranging from book fics to fics on movies and TV shows. I’ve always had plot’s just pop into my head, ideas for stories, expansions on different characters. Entire plot points for a fic I’ll never write, and if I even write it and post it it never stays online for very long. Maybe 24 hours at most. 

    I have several reasons for that, one being the bane of all writers : feeling like your work is not “good enough to post” or not up to the level of other writers that you look up to. That’s one of 2 reasons this is hard for me to post, but I’ll probably discuss my second reason later on my other posts that none of you should read and I actually mean that literally. Not sarcastically. 

    Look, moral of the story is, I have this scene, it’s a scene I wrote many months ago actually, I wrote it pretty early on when I got the general idea about this fic that I’m writing. I’m not a hundred percent sure if the scene will change or if it’ll even stay considering this fic has only just begun to be seriously written as a full fledged fic and this is an early, EARLY version of a scene idea that I came up with. And when I say early I really mean that I honestly wrote this scene roughly 5 months ago… Anyways I just want to see your opinion, what do you think of this particular scene? Is it emotionally investfull? Do you feel like you could honestly see something coming out of this? Is it well written? Does it feel like Azula? I know it has some flaws but again this was an early scene idea. 

    It’s a pretty short scene. I have no idea where in the plot of this book I’m even gonna put this, if it even makes the final cut, but it’s here. For your viewing pleasure and for my mental torture if I actually post this outside of the Google Doc that this was written in. I guess here it is: The scene is called Lies. 



    Could possibly contain triggering content, I’m not posting this so that you may relive your biggest fears or incite a panic or anxiety attack so if you do NOT want to read further than this. DON’T WORRY. I won’t feel bad, I understand and it’s okay!

    Contains childhood abuse and trauma. Graphic depictions of abuse.

    Please for your sake don’t read farther than this.




    “I lied for you. I lied for you!! I lied to his face, I told him you killed the Avatar! I told him how you had taken the Avatar down yourself so that Father wouldn’t fry you the minute you stepped in the room.” 

    The room grew uncomfortably hot, the torches flickering blue, flashing every so often. Zuko shifts in his seat, eyes wide, every word feeling like a punch to the gut. “I didn’t- I just-“ he stutters out, desperate to recompose the situation, mind burning with many questions. His eyes soften with that stupid look of pity. He makes to move towards her but he’s pushed away. 

    “I didn’t care that everything I worked for in the last 3 years could possibly go down the fucking drain, I didn’t care if I lost my position as Crown Princess, I didn’t care! I wanted you back, so I lied for you. And then you left, again. You left and you didn’t even say goodbye, no warning, no letter, nothing.” Breathing raggedly, tears stream down her face as she stares at him. 

    “You took the time to write your girlfriend a letter, but you couldn’t take the time to write me one.”  A laugh echoes through the room, it’s a shrill noise. Azula trembles, no longer able to stare him down. Zuko stays quiet, no longer sure of his own stance. 

    “And then you have the audacity to ask me why I was so damn ready to kill you. Do you even know how I found out you were even gone?” Her gaze levels him, raw emotions on full display. 

    “I walked into the throne room, ready to argue in your defense, to tell father that it wasn’t your fault. That the water peasant had more than likely saved him. To tell him I should have acted faster, responded quicker to Uncle’s retaliation. That it wasn’t your fault that they escaped with his body. He was furious. He informed me then and there that you had outed me to him. That you had left.” 

    “Father, the problem has been neutralized, we no long-“  She ducks, narrowly avoiding the bright flames headed in her direction. A heavy silence befalls the room. It’s at this moment that she registers the state of the room. Her father’s robes are scorched in small parts, hair standing on ends. The banner that once hung behind his throne now lies on the floor, a blackened heap of red fabric. Ozai’s eyes blaze, barely holding back in their uncontained fury. Frozen, she silently wonders how this happened. The temperature rises, the flames surrounding Ozai part as he slowly makes his way over to her. She stands stiffly, unsure of what to do next. To look him in the eyes is insubordination, to look away could be cowardice. Her gaze finally settles on a spot just above his shoulders. 

    “I wondered how anyone had made it through, how anyone had even managed to even find father’s chamber. I was so sure of the plan I had put in place to prevent anything like this from happening. To keep the palace safe, the staff, our guards, the capital. I never thought it was you.” 

    Ozai breaks the silence, “Princess Azula, it has come to my attention that you may have submitted a false report on the circumstances revolving the Avatar’s death.” He steps closer, his looming figure producing a menacing shadow over her much smaller frame. She opens her mouth to speak, somehow still managing to sound regal despite the lump in her throat.

    “As far as I was aware, the avatar was dead, I watched myself. It is possible the water peasant may have been able to resurrect him.” 

    Control, hands behind her back as she stands before him. She breathes in a small breath, unsure of what this all means. His hand grabs a hold of her chin, retching her gaze towards him, his grip is bruisingly hard. 

    “Who killed the avatar?” Shit. 

    She keeps her composure, gaze hardening, “Zuko killed the avatar.” 

    His grip tightens before pulling her closer, his beard tickles her neck as he whispers in her ear, “Liar.” 

    The room stills for a fraction of a second. Her heart stutters to a stop as she feels the color drain from her face. She barely registers the harsh slap that comes her way before she’s on the floor. Ears ringing, disoriented, Azula scrambles to get back up, sorely aware that it would all be worse if she didn’t. A million questions race through her mind. How’d he find out? Who told him? Where’s Zuko?

    “I- where’s Zuko?” The question slips out before she can clamp her mouth shut. The pounding intensifies, fear lace her words. 

    “Gone, your traitorous brother came here during the eclipse, he managed to escape with his life, claiming that he was on route to help the avatar defeat me.”  An annoyed look passes through his eyes before they re-focus on her. She feels herself tremble, having a hard time focusing on anything more than those last few words. He left. Again. The cold feeling of betrayal grips at her heart. 

    The pain doesn’t register till much later, having passed out shortly after having a vase smashed on her head. Slowly Azula gets up, hand grazing the back of her head before staring at her blood covered fingers. Noticing the darkness that filled the room she sluggishly makes her way across the underground throne room. A small burst of fire reveals a passageway. She takes the concealed route before making it to her office. Eyes glazed as she locks the door behind her before placing the key on the desk. Grabbing her medical kit from the lower cabinet on the desk, she makes her way to the small bathroom. 

    Slowly she takes her armor off, taking time to unstrap the various buckles holding the armor in place. Wincing as she lifts her arms, unsurprised to find a rather large, nearly black bruise just above her first rib. A possible fracture. She lays the armor and crown to the side with the promise to scrub it down later. Trembling she begins to quietly wrap her ribs, taking care of any small cuts along the way. All while making a small mental list of what would need make-up and what would be fine as it was. 


    Once finished she moved back to the office, setting the medical kit down, before grabbing a bottle of spiced brandy and proceeding to drink some as a painkiller. Absentmindedly, she grabs the small golden hanging dice, toying with it before settling on the small couch near the back of the room. Tugging the blanket, she carefully wraps it around herself, placing the bottle on the floor as she does so. She wonders briefly how training will go in the morning, knowing she only has a few more hours of sleep before training began. Her grip tightens on the dice, determination settling in her empty stomach, before she feels the exhaustion claim her to sleep. 

    “The one time I lied for you and you threw it in my face.” Comes the quiet whisper from Azula. 


    Well, that’s it. That is THE scene, can I promise that I will 100% use this scene or that I will actually write the book, sincerely, no. But I’m trying my hardest. Not only to write but to keep it posted, this is that experiment. If this post is gone in a couple of days, it’s because I took it down. And I’m sorry if I do.

    Don’t be afraid to put your honest opinion, I promise I don’t mind!

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    Today I offer you zutara brainrot, tmrw who knows?

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  • After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island where we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time.

    #I’m SURE this joke has been made already #but I couldn’t help myself it’s too perfect 😌 #atla #avatar the last airbender #zuko#azula#ty lee#mai #I personally think the Beifongs are the kardashians of the avatar universe but if the shoe fits
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    Sokka would absolutely be the camp counsellor that everyone including Zuko would have the BIGGEST crush on, and nothing can convince me otherwise.

    I’ve had this camp counsellor AU knocking around in my brain for a while, and after far too long I finally finished this piece! I have this whole cheesy cutesy backstory imagined for them - they’re cabin leaders together, sharing a bunk and absolutely not sneaking out late at night to sit on the docks together drinking hot chocolate and cuddling under the stars. Maybe one of these days, I’ll actually write something for this, but in the meantime, enjoy Sokka and his absolutely horrendous socks (thank u @autisticzukka again for the awful suggestion ahdksjsj)

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  • the search makes ozai marrying ursa a big deal to “combine the two most powerful fire nation bloodlines” (sozin and roku, obvs) and for what?? he got a daughter who was batshit and burned herself out at 14 and a son who couldn’t bend worth shit for the majority of his life. what the fuck did it even do for him.

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  • Many people who watched ATLA are probably familiar with the scene in Zuko Alone where young Zuko sits with Ursa right next to the pond in the palace garden and asks her “Hey Mom, want to see how Azula feeds turtle ducks?”, then proceeds to throw a loaf of bread at a turtleduckling. 


    We’re generally taught to sympathize with Zuko here and people usually dismiss this as Azula being cruel to animals, but we never really witness her treating animals badly, nor is it ever mentioned in regards to her character. We don’t even know whether Azula used an entire loaf of bread or just a morsel, so Zuko could’ve exaggerated it. No, I think it’s something different altogether, not necessarily driven by her being bad to animals for the sake of it.
    The main - and obvious - purpose of this scene is to highlight Zuko and Ursa’s relationship by mirroring it in turtleducks, which is a loving and caring mother protecting her child from harm. 
    This is one of the major themes in the episode. But the thing is Azula has seen this already, she knew Zuko was being treated better by their mother, she even makes it evident in The Beach episode. She felt rejected by Ursa and craved her attention.

    But what does it have to do with throwing bread at turtleducks?

    The answer is probably be simpler than it might appear to be. She dislikes the turtleducks because they remind her of her mother and brother’s relationship, feeling jealous for them, even. Because as I’ve mentioned before, they are meant to mirror each other. Mom turtleduck is Ursa, young turtleduck is Zuko. The turtleducks have a mother who loves them. Ursa always jumped to help Zuko. And Azula has seen the turtleducks for long enough to notice the similarities. 

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  • A super-excited Zukka hug (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*✲゚*。⋆
    + Top10 pictures taken moments before disaster!

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  • 1 x 15 - Bato of the Water Tribe

    i’ve never, not once, seen someone unpack what is going on in this frame and I am TIRED of waiting. ok well no i’m not actually going to do the unpacking because i have no idea where to even start. I just want someone to explain why the animators had zuko grab katara’s dress like this when he saw she might fall off the shirshu

    #zutara crumbs for you #also this is my actual first post on this blog lmao #zutara #also im not actually shipping the characters at this point in the series so dont come for me #zuko obviously was still actively trying to capture aang and he had just gotten Sokka and katara paralyzed #🤠🤠🤠🤠#zuko
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  • ❤️🥰💙🥰❤️💙🥰🥰❤️💙🥰❤️🥰💙🥰💙

    I just remembered the Zutara fandom is the most diverse fandom ever, I am filled with immense joy and gratitude!


    #this happens to me all the time #zutara#atla#katara#zuko #zuko x katara #avatar the last airbender #avatar the legend of aang
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  • Fun reminder that Jee is most likely dead and we lost one of the coolest characters who accepted Zuko because of ZHAO so fuck Zhao

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  • Non comprehensive list of characters I think are ace/on the ace spectrum bc ace awareness week:

    1. Obi-wan Kenobi (specifically Demi)

    2. Lucretia (TAZ)

    3. Bruce Wayne (Grey Ace)

    4. Natasha Romanov

    5. Will Byers (I know most ppl in stranger things fandom think he’s gay but idk he acts like me when I was a kid and I’m grey ace soooo)

    6. Zuko (idk grey ace I think)

    #don’t come for me #just opinions #most of them I think are grey ace/Demi but yeah #I’m fine with ppl not thinking they’re ace but they always seemed like it to me!! #ace tag#ace#ace week#asexuality spectrum#batman #obi wan kenobi #lucretia#will byers#zuko#natasha romanoff
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  • zuko, gesturing to aang: the real hero is the avatar

    weirdo zuko stans who allegedly understand his character better than anyone, on their way to claiming aang is selfish and zuko is more heroic:

    #atla fandom problems #zuko#zukaang #ok now im done i promise lmao
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  • #anti maiko#zuko#mai#atla #avatar the last airbender #avatar the legend of aang #anti bryke
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  • Sokka: *phone starts ringing*

    Katara: *looks at Caller ID*

    Katara, laughing: You’re 22 years old and you still call our dad ‘Daddy?’

    Sokka: *answers phone while making direct eye contact*

    Sokka: Hey Zuko

    Katara: *chokes on drink*

    #sokka#zukka#zuko #incorrect avatar the last airbender #incorrect atla#katara #katara is done with sokka #incorrect atla quotes #incorrect zukka#avatar#atla #avatar the last airbender
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  • Rodeo AU anyone?

    Barrel racer Zuko x Rodeo Clown Sokka because I miss rodeos. 

    I’m sorry I couldn’t come up with a better joke that also makes sense for y’all city slickers. 

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  • image

    it’s not a finished piece but i’ve really enjoyed working on this and wanted to share ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🎉

    also me: *works on a background for an hour just to Gaussian blur the hell out of it*

    click for better quality <3

    #the end will (hopefully) be unexpected lol #but anyways #i love he <3 #my posts#my art#zuko#atla #avatar the last airbender #digital art#sketch#avatar#atla art#atla fanart#sabellumm
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  • tomorrow: this, cleaned up.

    #lel #drawing posts i've pinned on pinterest #they're mostly tumblr posts honestly #aang is missing an arm i'm just noticing #zuko#suki#sokka#aang#atla
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  • i believe in zutaraang supremacy

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