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  • cobraonthecob
    28.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    alright y’all. what’s your headcanons for when Zuko and Katara come home to each other (i.e. one of them was sent to another nation for something)

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  • yiangchen
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i just discovered this short tsr zutara fic from 2014, and i have no words. it’s so good. and the ending...THE ENDING.

    #trust me #drop what youre doing and read it rn #a masterpiece#zutara#atla#zutara fanfiction
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  • mademoisellesarcasme
    28.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    doing a close rewatch of certain AtLA episodes as I screencap bits and wrap up my talk and

    1. The Western Air Temple is a masterpiece of an episode story-wise and 2. if you look really closely at the veeeery end when Zuko is settling in and has his little flashback to Iroh’s “destiny is a funny thing” he smiles at it and then stops smiling

    and then sees Katara at the door and then gets a dopey little smile again (and then she opens her mouth and threatens him so it vanishes real fast)

    #i tried to screencap it but it wasn't worth the minute effort it'd take #this is a zutara post #atla #now to be clear i think everyone immediately post-canon needs a Break and Lots O Therapy #because the final scene is 'one solid relationship and two ticking time bombs' in the shipping category #but i CAUGHT THIS
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  • lennythepope
    28.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    at this point i see atla shipping discourse and i think none of you deserve to watch children’s shows

    #zutara people are just children’s cartoon version of reylos #annoying and LOUD #zukka people are annoying. you’re all annoying #stop watching things with shipping goggles you freaks
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  • yiangchen
    28.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    anyone got any post war zutara recs??

    #maybe something less known since ive likely read most of the popular zk fics #zutara#atla#zutara fanfiction
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  • moonxkitsune
    28.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I finally did it

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  • sereena1996
    28.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I've been a die hard Zutara fan but since I can't make amazing artwork like my fellow Zutarians I made some Lockscreens 💖

    #zutara#zutara Lockscreens #zuko x katara #katara x zuko #zutara forever#zutara supremacy #god i love zutara #Zutara wallpapers
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  • thesavagedaughter0627
    28.09.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • hanadoesstuffwrong
    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Queen Katara, Master Waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, Hero of the Four Nations, and Ruler of the Fire Nation

    So here's my take on Katara's royal regalia. I did see that post abt how Katara must boil while wearing South Pole furs in the Fire Nation temperatures. But if u think abt it, pretty much everyone you see in the upper-class fn- bar Ty-Lee- is always wearing full body, layered clothing, suggesting that maybe the really hot weather might not be constant. Anyway, I also figure this would be her super, super formal look, and she'd wear basic comfy clothes like her casual s3 ones during her downtime.
    I love Queen Katara headcanons, like how she'd create progress in education and gender equality and stuff, and also maybe help Zuko move the FN towards democracy. 'The Painted Lady' laid it all out so well what kind of ruler she would be, even to her lifelong enemies. I also imagine her having various epic nicknames given to her like 'The Midnight Queen' or 'The Lady of the Ice'.
    Another thing that I had in mind when I did this is "what if katara was crowned instead of Zuko, since she was the one who won the agni kai against Azula". I think it would be such an interesting future story, showing how she handles being the ultimate authority over her former enemies

    [Reference from a study sketch by Twitter user @ skwndcifTm]

    #katara#zutara#queen katara #fire lady katara #i'm not a big fan of that title but i guess it fits in the tag idk #my posts#atla#my art
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  • k-lionheart-art
    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Zutara <3 modern au

    By K-Lionheart

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  • slpytea
    27.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    The Wild Claims You | E for Explicit | 3/12

    Summary: A wolf wanders into the dragon's den. For @zutarasmutweek.

    Zuko blinks again. Perhaps his sight has been damaged for good.
    Only apparently it hasn’t, because she is still there, in the exact same spot he’d left the four-legged creature just hours ago. She lays naked on her back, an expanse of rich umber skin and thick, untamed mahogany tresses. There is a rippling shiver in her limbs, likely from the sharp morning chill. Her nose twitches, and in the next second long curling lashes start to flutter.
    The woman wakes up with a heaving gasp; wrenches her body upright and wraps trembling arms around her chest. Smears of dried crimson litter her all over, scratches and bites covered in ruddy patches of dirt. Dark blood matts the roots of her locks along her temple. Her stare, wide and wild, is lightning-strike blue.
    Human. [ x ]
    #zutara#atla#atla fanfic #zutara smut week #zutarasmutweek2021 #zutara smut week 2021 #lliyk
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  • thevictorianghost
    27.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    Has anyone else seen this????

    (It’s from CBR.com, btw.)

    Honestly! Why should Katara as a character be boiled down to her likability??? Because she’s a girl and she’s not allowed to do anything wrong??? Why should she be nice, calm and peaceful all the time when no one else in this entire show is?? Has anyone said this about Sokka or Aang or even Zuko?? Has anyone analyzed their behaviours to see how... how... how their behaviours ruined their likability???!

    This makes me so mad.

    So much so I’m going to rebuke this example by example. I’ll extract sections of the article here so you don’t have to read it over on the CBR website to understand my rebukes.

    Let’s go!

    1. Katara gets jealous on Kyoshi Island

    “When Team Avatar makes a stop at Kyoshi Island so that Aang can ride the giant elephant koi, he quickly becomes a local celebrity. As the reincarnation of Avatar Kyoshi, the islanders are happy to provide the group with anything they need. Aang lets this newfound power go to his head, which ends up making Katara jealous of him and the attention he is getting, particularly from the village girls.
    In reality, Aang just wants Katara to hang out with him, but she instead acts like she doesn't care about him or what he does to make him feel bad.”

    So let’s go with the actual conversation between Katara and Aang during this scene in The Warriors of Kyoshi. All transcripts are from the Avatar Wiki.

    Katara: [Turns around in surprise, but is happy to see that the poke came from Aang.] Oh, good! Can you help me carry this back to the room? [She moves the pot toward Aang.] It's a little heavy.

    Aang: [Holding up his hands to fob off with the offered pot.] Actually, I can't right now.

    Katara: [Slightly irritated.] What do you mean, "you can't?"

    Aang: I promised the girls I'd give them a ride on Appa. Why don't you come with us? It'll be fun!

    Katara: [Resumed filling the pot with more vegetables.] Watching you show off for a bunch of girls does not sound like fun.

    Aang: [Disappointed.] Well, neither does carrying your basket.

    Katara: [Annoyed.] It's not my basket. These supplies are for our trip. I told you, we have to leave Kyoshi soon.

    Katara and Aang’s argument is NOT really about the girls. It’s about how they have responsibilities. The Gaang has to leave Kyoshi, not only because Book 1 Zuko is after them, but also because Aang has duties as the Avatar, like mastering the four elements, and Katara also wants to learn waterbending in the Northern Water Tribe, too. Aang’s selfish behaviour and ego boosting with his fangirls is keeping them from doing the right thing and moving on.

    While Katara may seem like a killjoy, she is also right. 

    2. Katara Harbors Unresolved Anger Toward Her Father

    “The team regroups after their defeat at the end of the second season, adding new members to Team Avatar, one of whom is Katara and Sokka's father. However, Katara acts less than pleased to have him around, despite not having seen him in years. She is short with him and snaps even when he asks the most innocent answers.
    She seems to not even realize it herself, as Aang asks her outright if she's mad at her dad, and Katara tells him no, confused as to why he would ask that. Of course, some of her anger towards her father is understandable, as he was absent for the majority of her life, but she takes it a little bit too far.”

    Breaaaaathes in…

    Breaaaaaathes out…

    Katara has abandonment issues that come from her trauma following her mother Kya’s death. Not long after her mother was murdered in cold blood, Katara’s father and the other men strong enough to fight leave the village, leaving the women, the elderly and the children in an incredibly vulnerable position. At eight years old, Katara became a huge part of the village’s social structure and supported what little remained of her family, to the point where Sokka sees only Katara’s face when he thinks of his mother.

    Here’s the conversation he has with Toph in The Runaway:

    Sokka: When our mom died, that was the hardest time in my life. Our family was a mess, but Katara? She had so much strength. She stepped up and took on so much responsibility. She helped fill the void that was left by our mom.

    Toph: I guess I never thought about that.

    Sokka: I'm gonna tell you something crazy. I never told anyone this before, but honestly? I'm not sure I can remember what my mother looked like. It really seems like my whole life, Katara's been the one looking out for me. She's always been the one that's there. And now, when I try to remember my mom, Katara's is the only face I can picture.

    Katara has been holding their entire family up for years. And now that Hakoda is back in the picture, he thinks everything will go back to normal? That after years of trauma, of pain and of suffering, she’ll forgive him and he’ll be the boss again, taking charge and keeping the kids out of the conflict?


    God forbid a young traumatized girl (or ANY girl tbh!) has anger issues about being abandoned over and over and over again, only to be left in charge. Her complex emotions make her human!

    3. Katara Is Blinded By Rage

    “When Zuko offers to help Katara find her mother's killer, she jumps at the opportunity. Aang and Sokka both try to convince Katara that finding and killing him is not the right thing to do, but she refuses to listen. She and Zuko embark on a manhunt across the Fire Nation, and Katara ends up using Bloodbending, something she had sworn to never do again.
    At this point, she is too consumed by the thought of revenge to even think about her own morals. However, in the end, upon seeing the sad life her mother's killer is living now, Katara changes her mind and leaves him whimpering in the rain.”

    At this point, A LOT has been said about The Southern Raiders. But I will say this: Katara’s rage is not all-consuming. It is efficient and it is justified. Katara’s anger makes her the person she is, it pushes her to fight Pakku so she can learn waterbending, it pushes her to try and free Haru’s father and the other earthbenders, and it pushes her to save a small Fire Nation fishing village as The Painted Lady. Katara’s rage is fueled by justice.

    Even if you could say Katara uses bloodbending against her own better judgment, which might be true, she never actually uses it like Hama did, against innocents. The only man Katara bloodbends is an elite-trained soldier part of an organization that has been committing genocide in the Southern Water Tribe for decades. I have no sympathy for that man.


    Oh, and by the way. I know someone whose anger is all-consuming. You know who that is?


    In the Avatar State.

    Yet no one criticizes him for it. 


    4. Katara Lies To Her Friends & Disrespects A Local Legend

    “During the third season, the team stops at a Fire Nation village located in a swamp that has been polluted by a nearby factory for the Fire Nation's military. Initially, this was meant as a pit stop to resupply before moving on, but Katara is deeply moved by the village's plight. She decides to take matters into her own hands.
    To ensure they can stick around a bit longer, she feeds Appa purple berries to change the color of his tongue and convince the others that he is sick. This buys her time to disguise herself as a local spirit called "The Painted Lady," and steal food and medicine from the factory for the village. While her goal is selfless, Katara lies to the others about her intentions and impersonates a spirit, both problematic aspects of her plan.”

    Speaking of Katara saving a small Fire Nation village, here is this ridiculous argument about how Katara’s actions in The Painted Lady are supposedly wrong. I don’t care if she lied to the others about her nightly activities, she did it for a good cause! It’s not like Aang in The Warriors of Kyoshi who only wanted to boost his ego by showing off to his fangirls. She’s actively trying to save people’s lives and she ends up destroying a Fire Nation factory! With Aang’s help!

    Besides, no one tells Batman off for lying about his secret identity!

    And even then, Katara knows lying is wrong and she apologizes for it! She even apologizes about impersonating their local spirit!

    Katara: I shouldn't have acted like someone I wasn't, and I shouldn't have tricked you. But I felt like I had to do something. It doesn't matter if the Painted Lady is real or not. Because your problems are real, and this river is real. You can't wait around for someone to help you. You have to help yourself.

    AND EVEN THEN, that same Spirit doesn’t seem to mind having been impersonated by Katara, does she? After the Gaang helps the village people clean their water, The Painted Lady herself appears to Katara at night. 

    And what does she say?

    The Painted Lady: Thank you.

    This argument doesn’t make any sense. 

    5. Katara Does Not Trust Zuko

    “Late in Season 3, Zuko joins up with Team Avatar to plan out how to take down the Fire Lord. Aang is open to the idea, as he said previously that he could see them being friends, Toph hasn't fought against him before and he doesn’t seem to be too bad to her, and Sokka trusts Zuko. However, Katara is not on board with this idea at all.
    She is still hurt from when she confided in him in Ba Sing Se and believed that he might really have changed, only for him to turn on her and Aang during the fight with Azula. Katara agrees to allow him into the group but she doesn't trust him and essentially tells him that she will not hesitate to kill him if he threatens Aang.”


    None of the other members of the Gaang have an emotional bond like Katara and Zuko have. They shared something so personal. They shared their similar traumas, everything they had in common. Zuko let Katara touch his scar. 

    Katara herself says it was a foundational part of their relationship (not in those words, of course) in The Western Air Temple.

    Katara: This is just like when we were in prison together at Ba Sing Se. He starts talking about his mother and making it seem like he's an actual human being with feelings.

    And then Zuko turned on her.

    And Aang died.

    And Azula conquered Ba Sing Se.

    That is all Katara knows until Zuko shows up in The Western Air Temple. She doesn’t know he’s redeemed himself, she doesn’t know he fought Ozai during the eclipse, and she doesn’t know he’s genuine when he wants to teach Aang firebending. She only knows what he did to her. To them.

    As she says in the episode, too.

    Katara: The thing is, it worked. I did feel sorry for him. I felt like he was really confused and hurt, but obviously, when the time came, he made his choice, and we paid the price. We can't trust him.

    But do you know what happens in The Southern Raiders? 

    Zuko makes it up to Katara. He wants her to find closure for her mother’s death and he offers her just that. 


    He goes to Sokka to find out what’s wrong with her, he takes her to Yon Rha, and he brings her home. He leaves everything up to her, he lets her decide, he lets her take the lead. After that, he knows she doesn’t have to forgive him. He just wanted to give her what his fight against Ozai gave him. 

    Again: closure. 

    And Katara actually forgives him. Zuko validated her feelings. That’s all he ever did. And she knows that. Katara puts their past behind them, tells him she’s ready to forgive him, and hugs him.

    And they never talk about it ever again. 

    So what happened to “Katara does not trust Zuko”, huh?

    6. Katara Drives Toph Away

    “From the beginning of their relationship, Katara and Toph were always at odds with one another. Toph's heavily independent attitude did not mix well with Katara's desire for everyone to work together and share the workload. However, Katara tries to be nice at first and gently suggests to Toph that she should help out a bit more.
    Eventually, the two explode into an argument, and Katara unloads on Toph about how she really feels. This leads to Toph temporarily leaving the group and wandering the wilderness alone. Luckily, after a friendly chat with Iroh, Toph returns and helps the group defeat Azula.”

    Do I have to remind you all that the Gaang was sleep-deprived, stressed and angry during The Chase? No one was at their best. And it’s even admitted that Katara told Toph gently that she had to help. Their argument after that was all caused by Toph for being stubborn and not adapting to their group dynamic.

    But apart from that. Why is Katara blamed for Toph’s decision to leave?

    The actual conversation in The Chase goes like this:

    Katara: [Irritated.] I'm just saying. Maybe if you helped out earlier, we could have set up our camp faster and gotten some sleep [Shouting.] and then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation!

    Toph: You're blaming me for this?

    Aang: [Desperately.] No! No, she's not blaming you.

    Katara: [Angrily.] No, I'm blaming her!

    Toph: Hey, [Shoves Aang out of the way.] I never asked you for diddly-doo-dah. [Points her thumb at herself.] I carry my own weight. Besides, if there's anyone to blame, it's Sheddy over here!

    Aang: [Sitting on Appa's tail.] What? You're blaming Appa?

    Toph: Yeah, you want to know how they keep finding us? [Grabs a handful of Appa's fur and lets the sheddings blow away in the wind.] He's leaving a trail everywhere we go!

    Aang: [Jumps down to face her.] How dare you blame Appa! He saved your life three times today! If there's anyone to blame it's you! You're always talking about how you carry your own weight, but you're not. He is! Appa's carrying your weight. He never had a problem flying when it was just the three of us

    Toph: [Stomps the ground, launching her pack into the air which she catches.] I'm out of here.

    Really, it’s Aang who is the last straw in this conversation. He’s Toph’s student, he’s the one who asked her to join them, so she’s really his responsibility. He puts himself in their argument, tries to tone it down unsuccessfully, then yells at Toph for accusing Appa of being at fault.

    Why isn’t Aang also blamed for Toph leaving?

    And even if we go beyond their fight. It doesn’t matter who’s at fault for Toph leaving. No one really needs to be blamed. Toph took the decision herself to leave. No one told her to go. She did it herself. 

    It doesn’t matter who’s at fault because Toph took the conscious decision to leave! That’s what matters here!


    7. Katara Puts A Scroll Before Everyone's Safety

    “During the first season, the group comes across a band of pirates selling various collectibles and knickknacks, including a Northern Water Tribe Waterbending scroll. Aang attempts, rather poorly, to haggle with the pirate over the price of the scroll, but is unsuccessful. As a result, Katara decides to steal the scroll instead.
    Sokka tries to explain why this is a bad idea but she and Aang decide to use the scroll anyway and teach themselves new techniques. When Aang is able to easily pick up the new techniques, Katara becomes annoyed that he is better than her. She tries to learn the moves on her own, but the group is attacked by the pirates along with Zuko and Iroh.“

    Okay, sure. Katara stole the scroll in The Waterbending Scroll.

    But it wasn’t just a scroll.

    This was a Water Tribe waterbending scroll. It was an important part of her culture. She only took back something that had already been stolen from her in the first place. I’m not going to talk about the very heavy, very relevant topic of reparations because I’m not BIPOC. This isn’t my place to talk about it. 

    But my point still stands. 

    Katara didn’t just take any scroll. 

    And even if that scroll wasn’t, somehow, relevant to Katara’s culture, it was still relevant to their quest in Book 1. It was their only way to teach Aang any amount of waterbending before making it to the Northern Water Tribe. She didn’t steal it for fun. She stole it to use it for its original purposes: teaching waterbending. Whereas it would have gathered dust in that pirate’s ship. 

    I mean, she also stole it from pirates, so there’s that.

    And Aang is thrilled when he learns she took the scroll and they use it to teach themselves waterbending.

    Honestly, that scroll is probably the reason Katara was able to beat Pakku in the Northern Water Tribe in the first place! Because she was disciplined and taught herself waterbending enough to fight a grown man and a Master!

    Besides, no one holds Katara responsible for the pirates after the end of the episode, anyway. Honestly, Sokka, Aang and Katara hold Zuko responsible for it in The Western Air Temple!

    Toph: All I know is that while he was talking to us, he was sincere. Maybe you're all just letting your hurt feelings keep you from thinking clearly.

    Katara: Easy for you to say! You weren't there when he had us attacked by pirates!

    Sokka: Or when he burned down Kyoshi Island!

    Aang: Or when he tried to capture me at the Fire Temple!

    And about the part where Katara is jealous of Aang’s prowess as a waterbender? What does she say at the end of The Waterbending Scroll?

    Katara: Aang, I still owe you an apology. You were just so good at waterbending without really trying. I got so competitive that I put us all in danger, I'm sorry.

    Katara acknowledges what she did wrong and apologizes for it.

    And Aang replies with:

    Aang: It’s okay, Katara.

    Moving on.

    8. Katara Is Directly Responsible For Zuko's Capture

    “In Ba Sing Se, Zuko and Iroh took a new direction in life. Rather than continuing to pursue the Avatar, the two settled down as humble tea shop workers. However, Katara, upon seeing Zuko, rushes to the palace to warn the Earth King, believing that he is only there to capture their group. Unfortunately, Azula has taken over the palace at this point, so she captures Katara and uses this newfound information to her advantage.
    Then, after the two are imprisoned together, she lashes out at Zuko, still under the impression that he is evil, despite the fact that he is just as much of a victim of Azula as Katara is.”

    Oh, please! 

    Katara thought she was doing the right thing with the knowledge she had at the time. How in the world was she supposed to know Azula, Mai and Ty Lee were hiding behind the Kyoshi Warriors’ makeup? How was she supposed to know the Earth King’s palace, virtually the world’s safest location, had fallen? And how was she supposed to know Iroh and Zuko had turned their life around? She wasn’t there to witness any of it! The last time she saw them, they were in the burning village in The Chase and Iroh was hurt. Way before Ba Sing Se. And even then, she offered to help Iroh when he was injured!

    Katara: Zuko, I can help!

    And of course, she wasn’t going to trust Zuko after everything he’s done to hurt them in Book 1! Again, she wasn’t there to witness his amazing redemption arc, which was only completed in The Western Air Temple, and, as said earlier, was only completed as far as Katara and Zuko’s relationship was concerned, in The Southern Raiders, one season later!

    Sigh. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Right, Katara?

    9. Katara Takes On The Motherly Role

    “While traveling through the Fire Nation, Toph decides to use her blindness and Earthbending skills to the team's benefit. Fooling everyone into thinking she is a helpless blind girl, Toph uses her Earthbending to scam street scammers and win huge amounts of money. As Toph's schemes get more and more out of hand, Katara advises that they all stop this at once.
    Toph gets angry at her for acting like the "mother" of the group, which angers Katara. She accuses Toph of acting rebellious because she actually misses her own mother. This feud divides the group until they are eventually forced to reunite to take on Combustion Man, an assassin hired by Zuko.”





    Remember The Desert? Aang was gone to look for Appa, Toph’s earthbending couldn’t help because of the sand, and Sokka was high on cactus juice. Who was the one who took the lead and saved them all from certain death? 


    Remember basically every time they had to set up camp, prepare food, do the chores to keep them alive during the Gaang’s journey around the world? Who was the one who wanted to keep them fed, safe and clothed?


    Remember who was the one who took care of the family after the men left, whose trauma entirely relies on her taking on responsibility for everyone else because no one else did after her mother died?


    So anyway. 

    Katara was criticized for her actions in The Waterbending Scroll endangering the group’s safety, but Toph’s actions - endangering the group (even before Katara’s plan eventually backfires), since they were in the Fire Nation and she brought attention to them - aren’t criticized?


    10. Katara Believes Jet Over Her Own Brother

    “During their travels in the Earth Kingdom, Team Avatar meets Jet and his band of Freedom Fighters. They rebel against the Fire Nation soldiers that occupy the area, sabotaging their operations and attacking anyone associated with the Fire Nation, including a defenseless elderly man. Katara is smitten with Jet as soon as they meet, and he keeps her on his side even after Sokka voices his concerns about Jet.
    Katara doesn't believe her own brother, refusing to believe that Jet could do wrong. However, she eventually sees the truth for herself when she discovers Jet's plan to blow up a dam and flood a nearby town being occupied by the Fire Nation.

    Sure, Katara was naive. Jet was a manipulative pretty boy who appealed to Katara’s better nature by sharing his trauma with her, trauma she empathized with because she, too, has lost her parents to the Fire Nation, dead or not (the last one with whom Katara shared a moment like this was Haru in Book 1, who turned out to be an ally) and on whom she had a crush on. 

    Katara: What about you?

    Jet: [Katara and Jet come to a halt as the rest pass.] The Fire Nation killed my parents. I was only eight years old. That day changed me forever.

    Katara: Sokka and I lost our mother to the Fire Nation.

    Jet: I'm so sorry, Katara.

    But she wasn’t the only one who believed Jet over Sokka. 

    Aang did, too.

    He figured out the truth first, of course, and believed Sokka after he saw the blasting jelly barrels they’d have used to blow up the dam.

    Aang: Hey, those are the red barrels he got from the Fire Nation.

    Katara: Why would they need blasting jelly? [Zooms on Aang, who is horrified.]

    Aang: Because Jet's gonna blow up the dam.

    Katara: What? No, that would destroy the town. Jet wouldn't do that. [Aang opens his glider.]

    Aang: I've gotta stop him. [He takes off.]

    Katara: [Less convinced.] Jet wouldn't do that.

    Katara still trusted Jet because she had an emotional connection with him that Aang - and obviously Sokka - didn’t have. Aang found him cool and all, but he wasn’t as moved by Jet as Katara was.

    Jet wasn’t just a crush. 

    He was a friend whom Katara deeply trusted.

    And she paid the price for it.

    You can blame her all you want for not believing Sokka about Jet. Okay. But after that, can you blame her for not trusting Zuko? 

    As I said: damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    So anyway. A lot of these arguments can be rebuked by:

    These important character development moments stemmed from Katara’s trauma and only make her human and complex

    Aang also did it but he wasn’t critiziced for it

    Toph was in the wrong and she wasn’t criticized for it

    And Zuko was in the wrong and he acknowledged it and made an effort to make it up to Katara

    I’ll finish this since it took me all afternoon and I’m tired. 

    I’ll finish with this:

    Leave my girl Katara alone.

    #katara#zutara#katara stan#long post #not really zutara but i dont trust many parts of the fandom so #articles like these explain why people have internet brain rot nowadays
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  • thesavagedaughter0627
    27.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I wrote some crack inspired by a discord conversation so I’m just gonna leave it here.

    #crack fic#zutara#cultural exchange #this is gonna become a whole series yall #and I’m not even mad about it #my muses have spoken
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    27.09.2021 - 13 hours ago
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  • zutarawedding-zine
    27.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    We are happy to finally reveal who the contributors are for the Zutara Wedding Zine and give you a little preview of what they have been working on!   

    First up is tismoonie who has drawn a lovely post-proposal scene of the happy couple!

    So... who would propose first and where do you think they would do it Zutara fandom? Would it be: 

    A) Katara in the Crystal Catacombs

    B) Zuko in the Turtle Duck Pond

    C) Katara in the Oasis 

    D) Zuko in the City of Omashu

    Comment to tell us your answer! 

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  • authorjoydragon
    27.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Modern AU ideas- ATLA high school edition (sukka, zutara, Azulaang, jetlee) Brought to you by the multishippers chaotic discord!

    Zuko and Azula are theatre nerds.

    Sokka flirts with literally every girl but nobody takes him seriously.

    Toph gives off a nonchalant vibe but she’s one of the top students thanks to all her private tudors.

    Azula competed for the president position on the robotics club. Sokka would have beat her if he wasn’t so bad at public speaking. She’s also president of the debate club.

    Aang isn’t the most studious, but he has pretty good grades. He’s a total jock, even record breaks at a ton of swim meets. He loves to play in most sports and goof around with his buddies. The teachers love him though so he hardly ever gets in trouble.

    Sokka aces tests but doesn’t do any homework and therefore doesn’t have the best grades. Katara berates him for not trying harder. She strives to be top of her class, of course.

    In fact, Katara and Azula are both teacher’s pets. They compete for the #1 academic rank and are arch rivals.

    Zuko studies his ass off but still has bad grades and Azula likes to shove her 110% scores in his face. She teases him to ask Katara for tudoring lessons.

    Aang is the most popular kid in school, he’s so charismatic everyone loves him. He gets secret admirer letters in his locker daily. (He has a crush on Katara, but knows that she likes Zuko…)

    Sokka and Suki are rival team captains for several different sports teams throughout the year— basketball, volleyball and soccer. They make bets and tease each other and everyone wishes they would just shut up and date already.

    Toph is in the wrestling club and is buff as hell. She likes to lift weights and show off. She frequently challenges the guys to a weight-lifting contests (and wins).

    Katara is captain of the swim team. She is in just about every club and extracurricular because it’ll look good on college applications. (She also receives a lot of love letters.)

    Azula does not like team sports because she doesn’t play well with others. She does her martial arts alone. The ONE pairing sport she will play is beach volleyball pairs with Suki— only because Suki won’t mess her up.

    The one time they lost is because Aang made her a giant sign and cheered for her. Azula got so flustered she kept messing up. (Katara dared Aang to do it… Aang can’t help but notice how cute Azula is when she blushes.)

    Jet is the quarterback. He has an on and off relationship with the head cheer leader, Ty Lee.

    Mai is in a sharpshooter club. She dated Zuko for a while before realizing she was a lesbian. There’s no hard feelings between them, and Mai even helps Katara and Zuko get together.

    Aang and Azula are both naturally good at everything they try and they get super frustrated when somebody else is better at it.

    Zuko loves his art classes but if anyone tries to make fun of him for it they’ll be dealing with his little sister.

    Toph and Aang cause a lot of chaos and have prank wars. Sokka is usually at the end of these pranks.

    (Feel free to add on in reblogs!)

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    it’s 2021 and i’m still mad that we didn’t even get ONE hug between zuko and katara after the final agni kai, like what the FUCK is up with that

    #zutara #HE THREW HIMSELF IN FRONT OF LIGHTNING FOR HER!!!!!!! #if u think that katara wouldn’t tackle that boy (gently of course so gently) YOU ARE DEAD WRONG #the people deserved a zutara hug!!!!
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    this is why katara took zukos fanny pack

    and a bonus: 

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    [fic] We All Become

    ~For @zutarasmutweek​ day 2~

    Title: We All Become Rating: E Pairing: Zuko/Katara Word Count: 11 134 Additional Tags: Tentacles/Katara, Tentacles/Zuko, Tentacles/Zuko/Katara, Consentacles, Anal, Pre-Established Relationship, Married Couple, Spirit Shenanigans, Soul Bond, Tender Tentacles, Porn and Feels, SO MANY FEELS, Zuko is trying his best, PWP, Vague Horror Vibes, Eldritch Horror

    Summary: Her husband might be more attuned to the spirits than her, but Katara is the one with the knack for finding herself in these situations. Besides, everything turned out just fine last time. What could possibly go wrong with dealing with an even older, more resentful spirit? The Banyan was full of love and warmth, but the Ancient Deep is cold.

    Author Note: ‘Cause, you know what? We always need more tentacles! This one is literally just some super sweet tentacle ravishing with a side of religious experiences and some sickeningly in love married Zutara. But really it's mostly Zuko’s insecurities, there’s a lot of those XD Technically a sequel to my tentacle fic ‘Become One’ where Katara finds enlightenment in the swamps. Which, yes I still need to finish and post, but the excerpt is here. But all you need to know is that Katara’s been tentacled by the Banyan before her and Zuko got together, and it was a wonderful encounter.

    [Read on Ao3]

    #Zutara#Zutara fic#Zutara smut#Tentacle#Tentacle/Katara#Tentacle/Zuko#zutarasmutweek #Zutara Smut Week #Zutara Smut Week 2021 #0rigo writes#consentacles #Tender Loving Tentacle hours! #look this one might be my fave okay #*slaps fic* this baby can fit so much feels in it!
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    (give to me) sweet sacred bliss - ch. 2

    Written for @zutarasmutweek, so once again, no 🔞🔞🔞.

    Chapter 2: more than a woman, more than your lover

    Pairing: Zuko/Katara

    Rated: E

    Chapter Summary: In which Katara shakes things up and brings up an unexpected proposition for her husband. AKA the Dom!Tara Agenda, where Zuko is all too happy to let her take control. Takes place when they're married and in their late 20's / early 30's.

    Tags/Content Warnings: Aged Up Characters, Inappropriate Use of Bending, Explicit Sexual Content, Shameless Smut, Fluff and Smut. NOTE: Specific, detailed CWs are listed at the beginning of each chapter. This one contains bloodbending (sort of) and it’s entirely consensual.

    Read on AO3

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